Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 9, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1968
Page 2
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Tuesday, April 9, SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Engagement Announced HOPE (ARK) STAR, PHtttti ft OffSit Calendar of Events TUESDAY, APRIL 9 home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart, The Guernsey PTA will meet Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium, New officers for 19G8-G9 will be in« stalled, We will have classroom visitation. The students will have their science projects and art exhibits on display. The Ruth Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday April 9, at 7;30 p.m. in the home of Miss Floy Honea, 621 So. Hervey. Co-hostesses will be Mrs, Alice Roach and Mrs. Mable Hanson. Members and associate members please attend. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 The Newcomers Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, April 11 in the home of Mrs, Verdon Ken* nedy on South Grady with Mrs, Datidall Leister, co-hostess, BRIDGE CLUB MEETS Branches of redbud graced the home of Mrs. Charles Harrellon April 5 when she entertained her Friday Bridge Club. After the two tables of club members had concluded play, Mrs. C. C. Lew» is and Mrs. R. E. Cooper were the high scorers, A salad plate was served with coffee for refreshments, ROSE GARDEN CLUB HOLDS METTING "Mums," the word and also the program, was presented at the Rose Garden Club meeting Friday, April 5 in the home of Mrs, Charles Stone. Mrs. Carl Bram* lett gave much helpful information on the subject of chrysanthemums. Five members home of Mrs. Curtiss Urrey and Mrs. J W. Fulton, co-hostesses. The Brookwood PTA will meet Wednesday, April 10 at 3:15 p.m. preceded by the Executive Board meeting at 2:45. The program speaker will be Charles Gough. All parents are urged to attend. The John Cain Chapter, DAR, will have a luncheon at 12 noon Wednesday, April 10 at the Heritage House. For reservations call Mrs. Frank McLartybynoon Tuesday, April 9. Regent Mrs. Paul Klipsch will give a report on the state conference as part of the program, Garland School PTA will meet Wednesday, April 10 at 3:15 in the school auditorium. The guest speaker will be Mr. James Harden. He will be speaking on the subject, "Quality in What We See, Hear, and Read". Plans for the hamburger supper will be discussed at this meeting. All parents are urged to attend. THURSDAY, APRIL 11 The Hope Ladies Golf Association will meet at the Hope Country Club at 12 noon Thursday, April 11. Members are asked to bring a sack lunch. During a routine business meeting, the president, Mrs, Ned Purtle, directed the procedure. Mrs. Stone and her co-hostess, Mrs. Jim Andress, served cake and coffee to 12 members at the social hour. EXTENTION HOMEMAKER'S CLUB MEETS Perrytown Extention Homemaker's Club met Thursday night, April 4 at Perrytown City Hall. The president, Mrs. D. D. Fairchild, presided over the meeting. Opening prayer was led by Mrs. Avery McKinney. Mrs. Sammye Martin brought the devotional. Mrs, James Worthey showed how to make a net bag to hold small items, so they won't be lost or torn in your washing machine. Mrs. Jean Jones had the lesson on clothing. She showed different kinds of material and told how to launder and take care of your clothing. Each one answered roll call by naming a new fabric they have used and liked. There was one new member, Mrs. Aubrey Campbell and two visitors, Mrs. Glendon Bearden and Mrs. Avery McKinney. The meeting was closed by repeating the collect. The hostess, Mrs. Clyde Winemiller, served sandwiches, cookies and punch to the 10 present. MISS LINDA CARROL HUCKABEE Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Huck- now a junior at Henderson State abee of Hope announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Linda Carrol, to Jakie Dewd Honea, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvel Dewel Honea of Prescott. The bride-elect, a graduate of Hope High School, is a freshman psychology major at Henderson State College, where she is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. Her fiance is a graduate of Smackover High School and is College majoring in physical education. The wedding will be an event of May 31 at 8 p.m. in the First Methodist Church with the Rev. Everett Vinson officiating. No cards will be sent. Miss Wonderful recommends STRAPS FOR HAPPY STEPS Truly young—truly fashionable—these styles with straps tiny or wide— up front or back. Straps are the happy going ones (and so fine fitting!) Miss Wonderful says "try them!" PLATINUM BLACK PATENT ,, ORANGE PATENT WHITE PATENT onderiul YOUNG SHOE FASHIONS Advertised in COSMOPOLITAN, CLAMOUR and SEVENTklN PLATINUM BLACK PATENT $12.00 PLATINUM "A Family Shoe Store April 17 in Washington with lunch served at the Block-Catts house. Mrs. J. W. Branch had a biography of David Owen Dodd, young Arkansas hero, wliich she presented in a most interesting manner for the program. Coming, Going Mrs. William Greenwald has _._ returned to her home in Connec- Chapter, UDC,"wenf to lhe"citf. ticut after bein g with her mother, Bank Lounge for a business Mrs * w - p< Sin&leton, who is a patient in a local hospital. Operation Mother Goose PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) State and federal crews will begin Operation Mother Goose Thursday. They will use boats and helicopters to lift more than 1,000 goose eggs from their nests before water begins backing up behind the John Day Dam on the Columbia River. The eggs will be taken to Kennewich, Wash., for artificial incubation. After the geese hatch, they will be placed in nests along the Columbia. UDC CHAPTER MEETS After a luncheon at the Town and Country Thursday, April 4, members of the Pat Cleburne iter, UDC zens meeting and program. The chaplain, Mrs. J. J. Battle, and the president, Mrs.H. C. Whitworth, led in the ritual. Mrs. Whitworth also announced that a district meeting would be held The quickest cure for a school-ager with the sniffles is an unexpected day off. By "BILL" Just about everybody in Jiles County knows Stanley Marcus . , . President of Neiman Marcus in Dallas ... and he says , . . "We have three fashions . . .the mini, the midi and the maxi.The choice depends on the person and the occasion." As far as Raley's Style Shoppe is concerned we are selling mostly the midi which covers the knee . . , practically everyone we know is happy with the in« between . , , Manufacturers and Designers say , , , "The maxi is too much bulk , . , to much skirt . , , too impractical for the average wo. mm, It is better for after*five. . , Others say . , , "It is for Juniors who have never known long skirts , . , except for playing dress-up, The long skirts make the mature woman feel "dowdy", These are a few of the midi reactions we heard about at market and so far, the many, many resources of Raley's are staying with the short skirts, Like, for instance , , . the new L'Aiglore Originals, They are normal lengths, washable fabrics, crisp, new, smart and so wearable 1 Priced from $18,00 right on up, You will find sizes, styles and prices for every woman, We are proud to tell you we have the L'AIGLON ORIGINAL line exclusively at ENGINEERING from Page One that it "was not feasible to reroute" around the slide area because It was in line with the river bridge. Leathers said a rock dam was built between the road bed and the river to prevent any future slides, "1 hesitate to guess how much it cost us/' Leathers said, He added that Dave Gedney of Washington, a bureau expert on slides, was scheduled to be in Arkansas this week to check the area to see if he believed corrective measures had been virtually assured, "It was Just one of those things that happened," Fender- grass said, "You can't fight nature," "We don't think this was any monumental engineering blunder," Pendergrass added, The engineer said he did not believe the slide caused any delay in the construction work because the damaged area was repaired during the winter months when construction does not go on anyway. "I think we are still on schedule," he said. "We contemplated it to be a two-year job and We are about two-thirds completed," he said. Pendergrass referred to the Interstate 30 construction between Malvern and Arkadel- phla. He said it should be ready for traffic by this fall, providing Arkansans with interstate travel on the highway all the way from Little Rock to the Little Missouri River near Prescott. He said only a six-mile stretch between Social Hill and Rockport, south of Malvern, remained under construction on the Malvern to Arkadelphia link. Leathers said the slide affected only between 600 and 1,000 feet of the road bed. Leathers also said that the site of the slide was at the closest point to the river but that he was not certain of the distance involved. MINISKIRT from Page One fers the worm's eye view. Whenever a miniskirt looms on the horizon, he pretends to drop something on the floor, so he .can bend over and glance up. ;"Just as I thought— she's wear' ing her cerise garters," he announces later to an all-male audience in the washroom. THE PURITAN-He can't help staring at the girls, but it bothers his conscience terribly. After looking at three miniskirts in a row, his guilt bothers him so much he phones his wife and says, "Darling, I love you, I love you, I love you. I think about you all day long." THE ROVER-To Rodney the grass is always greener in the other pasture. "The birds incur office are all dogs," he declares. So, when there are no executives in sight, he moves his swivel chair to the window, takes a pair of binoculars out of his desk, and stares at the girls in the skyscraper across the way. MR. BIG HIMSELF-The boss thinks the new girl in the stenographic pool is wearing a miniskirt that is simply too scanty to fit office standards of propriety. "Twice last month I called her in to bawl her out or fire her," he tells a palatlunch, "But, heck, after all, Fm a leg man at heart myself. Each timo I just sent her back to her typewriter with a $2.50 merit raise." WIN AT BRIDGE warded. Hubby Didn't Hear Bidding ton.} 2nd Street Saenger THEATRE TONITE STARTS WEDNESDAY ADM. .75-1.25 7;PM The Jungle is JUMPIN'with JOY] Walt Disney tFungle Bool •Wat Km WAI.T PANSY'S OfttfuT ncmicot.ot***^ By Oswald and James Jacoby Q— The bidding lifts West ttflfih East S«ttlh NOttfM 9 A K 109(5 ¥AK 1032 «S 4KQ8 WfeSf EASf (D) *A54 *QJ87 ¥9876 *J54 • 862 • AK7 4J103 *A64 SOUTH 632 *Q • QJ 10943 49752 North-South Vulnerable West North East South I N.T. Pass Pass 2 4 Pass 2 • Dble 2* Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 J . 44-441 54 1 . You, South, hold: 4K«,?9?8$ 94.12 » 10 4*6 What do you do now? A*-i*3*s. ¥011 told your stof.v uhen you bid three spades. forurs QUESTION You pass and your partner doubles. What do you do ttow? Answer tomorrow Jan Barna writes from Montreal, "Knowing your sense of humor, I thought you might appreciate what happened in our weekly duplicate game at the Chateau Bridge Club. "I was sitting South and my wife North. East opened one no-trump, but I wasn't paying much attention and thought that he had passed. When West passed also and my partner bid two clubs, I thought she had opened with a forcing bid. Incidentally, her two-club bid was the Landy Convention showing both majors. "When I replied two diamonds, West doubled. I don't know exactly why, but I guess he didn't really have any reason to do so. Anyway, my wife bid two hearts and, in typical husband fashion, I jumped to three no-trump. East doubled and West opened the jack of clubs. "Dummy's queen lost to East's ace and a club came back. West played the 10 and I was in dummy with the king. I led a diamond, taken by East's king. A third club was won by my nine and I cleared the diamond suit. East had no defense at this point and, for want of seeing anything better to do, led another diamond. I cashed my diamonds and the last club while discarding down to the ace-king-10 of hearts in dummy. East made the mistake of letting a heart go, so I overtook my queen of hearts and made an overtrick at my sally doubled contract. "My wife asked if I were crazy to bid three no-trump against an opening no-trump with my five points, and for the first time I realized that I had not heard the opening bid. The best I could do was to apologize to my wife and our unfortunate opponents, but I did not give back the top score." We have heard of many instances of a player not hearing an opening bid. Most of the time, the result is catastrophic. We are glad to learn that this time the failure to pay attention was well-re- Follow the thompiofii (a budge. Get ybuf copy af iataby's tett-paeked bodklet, "Win At Bridge," dvoi/ob/e to rtodtn »t (Name Poptt) bf tending fduf time, addtest with tip tide end SO tentt to: (Name Papet t Add tea, City, State) ot (Name Paper, Bex 469, bept. A, Radio City Station, New Yttk, W.V. 10019). The Boston Post Road, which is now part of U.S. No. 1, was marked with milestones by Benjamin Franklin in 1753. LARRY ELLEDGE Pvt, fi«l Lafry w, Elledge, son of Mr, and Mrs, Henry Elledge of Patmos Bt. lhaseoni* pleted eight Weeks basic training at Fort Polk r La, with the In* fantry. tie will continue advanced training in electronics at Forst Polk, He was recently promoted to Pvt, E-2, HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel AN ENCOURAGING ANSWERTC don't go awayt Any time you A DISCOURAGED GIRL feel a fable coming on, let me know and I'll make space for it.-H, Dear Helen: Before my boy* friend went in the Service, he gave me his ring and we pnn. mised to wait for each other, Her wrote every day, and so did 1; for a while, but then I met and*', ther fella and my letters kind* of slacked off. ^ I began to think it was too? long to wait, and sent his ring back, saying we'd see, when he' got home. I was awfully busy^ and didn't get around to answer'-" ing his letters, but lalwaysknew^ he'd be coming home to mejr About a week ago, I broke up' with the new boy, and decidea my No. 1 fellow was best, so! wrote and told him so. Toda£ I got a letter from him saying' he is engaged and will be mar-^ ried this month. I now know £ love him and I can't lose himv What can I do?- JILTED . Dear Jilted: Send him a card 1 of congratulations, and keep itf mind w ho jilted who first.— H? Dear Helen: I believe ever^r person should be able to wear: what he or she wants to wear^ This, tsr, not.;;i3Q' itt;;dUr Muse,,, Tonight my parents decided tot go play Bingo. My dad came out*' in white pants and a white sports'" shirt. When my mother saw this she refused to go with him until he changed pants. She said they were for summer only. Do you think my father should wear what he wants to, or take Mom's orders — ON DAD'S SIDE 'Dear ODS: Let's put it this way. A smart little wife would put the clothes she wants her husband to wear on the most accessible hanger—and let him think they were HIS idea. — H. Dear Helen: This is my answer to the girl who was "Discouraged" because her brother told her boys date for only two reasons. THE FABLE OF HARVIN Once upon a time, in a land as far away as the dog swims, there was a wonderous place called "Datin'." Now "Datin' " was inhabited by two kinds of people—the HEs and the SHEs, known collectively as "Daters." They followed two principles: No. 1—The HEs met the SHEs only to see what they could get; or No. 2— They mixed for the Security of the Steady. And all was sweetness and light 'cause all Daters followed the rules even if they didn't agree. If they objected they might get doorknobed to death. Well. . . in this place of "Datin' " came a brave young HE called Harvin, who right away met up with this SHE, name of Febbie. But alas, poor Harvin, being a newcomer from the "Land of Toys," didn't know the rules. He asked Febbie to meet him/ not for What He Could ,Get or for Status, but just 'cause he liked her. Well, of course, soon as word got out, Harvin was doorknobed to death. But you know, just like J. Washington and his apple tree, Harvin's idea lived on. And would you believe it? To this day the HEs still remember Harvin's idea and now they use all three reasons for asking the SHEs to meet them. . . Cause there are so many HEs following in his footsteps, that they ran out of doorknobs!-FOLLOWER OF HARVIN Dear Follower: Hey, you've got a good thing goin' there— Here Are Some Name Brands You Will See In The arade Herman Marcus Dresses Mr. Eddie Justin McCorfy Mize Mode Henry Lee Gay Gibson Helen Whiting Marty lee friiufe Grace Gay/or Betty Rose Suits frfwcrrf Barry Joe Franks Youth Craft ALL From

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