Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1928
Page 6
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ins Ifi *'"" n^' 1- r> tf* dirL*Uvn o B. fvrfras. JOT «w»i fsjvwttenwj^t for C' to Ming M- tt\m to file brief* dilft fstjf rtmrfi murf un-i Hon from p«ying salaries to legislator*, urtutof th,»,t since fhe has fttlled to reajijwrUrm tJ-»e It is «n unconslllntUmnl Ix>d7 «M# *o pass a raiid las? for th<* imy- wcnt of OTlRrJrs of Its mpmbfrs. An attacl? H}x>n Hi" q<in wnrrnn'o nets pnssrt) by thp ift.'-t by which the governor othrr conKlitutlonnUv ctprtrd are tmrrrd Ironi ouster pro- nn(5fr Ihf quo wsrra.nfo law. was di-mis-'-fr.! by thp court today. Maror fujtb'r rtrpoHr n«-*i/,n b"- t«V<-n ncvir.^t 'tr* pin? U ffr-i'i^ «rr* rr><><;'- jo prr-rn! H i»c^'n. '•it-! ' VVr ^ni n«' b=*r di^nc'ins (^ in HP? tin* in v ! |v hound o'«r to tim ifntd )>n' •'n't* thTiklB-^T '•fturnrd nn in 'it n^»tn'» him. h* m^T ( t« ir PRESIDENT ANB WIFE MAERIEB 23 YEARS AGO TODAY . Oct. 4. — (A.P.) President ntui Mrs. Coolidjm iodny thf-'.r--- tinrnty-thlrrt ntini%Ti/,ary—their last one in the White House. The yhnd both cnirfully avoided sjicciftl preparations for the occns- ton, telling frirnrts (hnt they wished to observe this day in the same .manner as they had obscn-ed al previous ones, ever since the firr.i They wished it to be n quiet Jam 31y occasion free Jrom nil show o artificiality. Mrs. Coolidse left the l>ed.slde o her sick mother in Northampton Mass., Tuesday to continue her prnc tice of twenty three years standing of being in her own home ever fourth of October. The ohsence o their son, John, was the only chang which Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge wer. forced to Kubmit to In their year!, observance of the date. They both awaited with casernes however, a message from'John"from New Haven, Conji,. where nc is now. working. They also expected to re ceive this afternoon greetings from their more intimate friends. Othei wise it was understood that they preferred to enjoy the occasion undisturbed. Simply $ign and send coupon below *TUNNiY AND HIS BfclDE ENJOYED PICNIC FOR TWO Perugia, Italy, Oct. 4—(U.P.) — Gene Tunney end' his bride spent the first day of their honeymoon on a picnic for two. They. !*•(» the hotel where they arc Staying at 11 a. m. today, carrying e lunch with them. They expected to explore the lovely Italian countryside until evening. The newlyweds were so eager to btart their holiday program that a Blight drizzle did not hold them back. T-helr stny Jri Perugia had the added delight of attractive place r*visted lor the ride, the former Mary Josephine 'Lauder. She spent & holiday in Perugia two years ago and It was assumed they would traverse the same walks and favorite nooks she discovered, with herself as guide. Last night at the Hotel Brufnne the newlyweda sat in the darkness of the porch, watching the twinkling lights in the distance until a late hour. 1X5CKPORT PASTOR WAS CALLED TO I'KBANA M. E Urbana, 111.. Oct. 4—(ATM—The -Jfcfm*sal-Bttff^pasIoFof the Methodist church at Lockport, N. Y., has been selected pastor of the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church of Urbana, which is affiliated with the Wesley Foundation of the Umvers ity of Illinois. Mr. Burt .succeeds Bishop James C. Baker who has been- traiiBferrrc to Korea. KEClfttEO" $1,074,870.70 LAST MONTH Washington, Oct. 4— (U.P.) — The republican national committee reported to the iu>u§* and senate campaign expenditures Investigating -ec«mtttee-tcday that ' collections' in Btptember totalled $1,074,870.70, bringing the total amount collected to $1,743.289.70. Sale on Uncalled For Suit* $14.75 Sbi"ty«five «ttite to pick from. . , 4 f fejs lor ten -days only. M. Manfield -to stop headaches Amazing new harmless tablet has been discovered ki Germany's scientific laboratories HTHE trouble with the old i pain treatments is their danger to the heart and other vital organs. But now thanks to thorough German science there is a safe new way. In Europe it is a sensation. We call it Neophen. It is an almost tasteless tablet. Doctors' case records show that even the indescribable pains of cancer yield" to its action. Simple headaches, neuralgia, female pains, rheumatism and all other causes of distress have no chance with Neophen. The «wWi first harmless -way Please note that Neophen contains no opiates, no pnenacetin, no acetanilid, no caffeine, no aspirin. Even for infants in Neophen Ptbtf't Purifrtd § AiHidopyrtne THE HARMLESS'NEW TRIUMPH OVER PAIN Containing proper dosage, it is safe. It stirs up the sweat glands—causing that helpful flow of perspiration so desirable in colds and fevers. It quickly eliminates from the system. There are no nervous after-effects. Makt test today The Neophen formula, printed on every package, will receive your pharmacist's or physician's endorsement. Some of Germany's greatest scientific minds labored years to work it out. So for yourself—or some suffering dear one—we urge a trial. In five minutes, usually, you will note results. Tubes of 12 four-grain tablets are SOc at drug stores. Or If you would first try Iree, just present this: FOB FREE TRIAL FORD IIOPKIN8 COMPANY 1» K. Third St., Sterling, III. Give use free trial puck ft of Nrojihen. Name , Address scildj .00 Down Balance on very easy terms places a Every Home Should Have One. Made in several styles. Come In lor Free Harry G* Thomas ELECTRIC SHOP Teeth That Fit We sprcUUw on ptoU! work, a* Pi ,r «<M*i*J$r*feM Wore nsmreg your twin nttcnucd to. Our rittws hnve thai Ifr* tooth appearance. that cannot be detected from the natural teeth. Saamlrantion free Get your work done at our Sanitary, Mwlcrn, Pcr!cc?«j? equipped office. Good Set of Teeth 515,0® Gold CmWW , . K 00 t« S7 M Ofo-llkc Plate* |17JT - 22 Kant fin* OoM Mays (8. 0. White) *r tow *4'__.'_. Bridge Work or Teeth without Plates $549 fc» St.OO Silver Fillings $ijx> B p Other Work In Proportion. Free .When ri»tws Are TELEPHONE MAIN fUo Twin City Dentists Established 1801—57 teara ol Ooedl Dentistry. Open t A. M. to 8 r. M. Offices Closed Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 P. M. DE. A. B. rOOLEY nR . G EO. E. KRUKGKR 31654 First ATC. FJppfc Bldg., gTEBUNG. ILL. V You, will find it a Real Motoring Pleasure to regularly use our Oil, Gas Greasing Service Our station is centrally located—Easy of access and courteous attendants add to the joy of coming here. Try it and be convinced. Learn the meaning of our slogan— : v "Satisfactory Service With 'A Smile" D , yir «————«-•« «/V Station Cnmfi.imf.nl9 All Around Sth St. and Ave. A Sterling Now Here For Your Victor Records Come in and hear them "My Angel" „„._, T?-—:?__**5*.S*__ -..- -i-i-aar-i—ir-:i_""i"P 1 "^" " With Jesse Crawford at the Console Jes&o Crawford makes two of his most beautiful numbers to date from a i»if <jf movie them* songs. You'll find novelty and *P- pealiog bagtJty Of «fffi(rt p "^Jgela Mia" and "Out o! the Dawn," Guitar, mariioba, tt» hiona^^ce, and whistling add to the rich- •*f fljTSt My Angttl (Theme song of tlwy&i&llon picture production, 6tit*t Angel) Hp« Organ witli QuSt«F and Vlbr^plioce Out of the Dawn (Theme soajf Ot the motion picture production, Warming Up) with Male T^o^jMtarimba and Whtetling . ' .'•'-- • Jesse " No. %m&, 10-ioth Seme Bay—Soutewher* <W^J8' Meet Again)—Walta (Theme song of ths metion pict With Vixajl Refrain NeajKOlUn Nl«bta (Oh, Night of Splendor)—Waltz (Theme song of the motion picture production, FiMiU) With Vocal Retraia The White's With Vcwai m Sb^owi With Vooil 't Give ¥«*« — T«« tt»t E^vrl Carroll's VamUes) Jstony thought rnsyJw AL BmHh or Herbert HOOVER h*d! com* to BTSRWrKO wiwn all of A SUEMDEN the other MORNING we henrcl a HULLABLOG outside of AUTOS honking and cowbells, AND singing ami ft GENERAL Hurrah pftradc AND so. along with OUR customers we nil FLOCKED to the door to BEE what it wtvs and WE thought for a minute THAT nil tho chming was ABOUT the new E. & W. suit a FELLOW out there ImU ON, but then we saw THE bride, too, and WE all realized that THE excitement was caused BY friends of a newly MARRIED couple -who wore •COMING from their wedding BREAKFAST and so we all BETTLED back to our COUNTERS again and we COULDNT help thinking HOW pretty that brlda LOOKED and how nice the GROOM looked, too, In HIS E. is W. THEY both have our BEST wlsh&st .At.the E. & W,» also all the new blue and grey shiddw atripes, A wonderful array- of coloritif. An advantage you hai?e her« < is choosing from a wide selection of pat^ terns, f ht new double breasted vest for men predominates in style. 1 New Back-Skein Blazers and Shirts A new revelation in wind-proof garment for outdoors men. Boys' Department *» - ' JBL ~ y.bit this Section—Mrs. Hoover in charge. Boys' New Suits, Overcoats, MackinawsaM Leather Coats, Blazers and Blouses, Underwear and Hose, Shoes and Athletic Footwear. Wonderful newliues and new displays. Hundreds to select from and at a saving over last year. You'll be pleased when you see. the new findings. $6.95 $4.85 Guaranteed Blue cor* duroy sheep lined coat, sheep collar and belt all around ; leather bound j sizes New models, new patterns, finest of all wool jersey suits, button-on p^nts. Sold last season for 6.50. To see theto is to With long and golf trousers and vest, all wool. Ages 0 to 16 years.

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