Pasadena Independent from Pasadena, California on August 5, 1966 · Page 1
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Pasadena Independent from Pasadena, California · Page 1

Pasadena, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1966
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Jnbepenoent WEATHER TODAY Sunny-860 Complete Weather News on Page 2 IN SPORTS : Pirates Lead Dodgers Stlfi" , In Third. Page. 23... San Gabriel Valley's Only Morning Newspaper PASADENA, .CALiFORNIA; FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1966 S. Brands Steel Boost Inflationary I (C) New York Tints' K(i Srtlr lj. WASHINGTON The White House branded as "irresppnst-. ble'J" arid "mflaliuiiaiy" Thursday a steel price increase; but' the'increase spread across the industry anyway. ' i Alter 'he increase had become all but industry-wide by mid-afternoon, but only then, the' ; White House termed it "lniia-tionary." .The increase is 53 a top on sheet .steel,' a rise' ot bout 2. per cent on this major jteel product, .' The ."irresponsible" charge eain'e at midday from Gardner Ackley,' chairman' of the Council ci' 5 enn'mic Advisors', who had consulted 'with the President. Ackley complained that four companies, including TJnitcd States Steel Corp., had raised their prices without responding to, his ' telegraphed .request of Tijesday evening to talk' the matter over with the goverh-mehY first. He said "This is not an. hour in -which this business leadership of America can take pndc.. Bethlehem Falls In Line GARDNER ACKLEY . . . talk request ignored President Would Get Added Power Senate Votes to End Air Strike for 30 Days Plans Revealed For 'Black Power' ' C) New York Timei JS'twi Service- ' f rHTHAnn ' A tibsitior, naber. written last winter bv dis-l sldeht! members' of the 'Student Nonviolent Coordinating ' Com mittee (SNICK), and still considered confidential, shows. that the , organization's new "black power" philosophy -was the. iproauct or. months ot planning. v-v jcancept fo 'become available to. m noiisim?. .But even as he was issuing . his statement Bethlehem Steel Corp., company that did confer with Ackley Thursday n-.orriinir, announced its pnee in crease. And the last. two impor tant producers, Republic ant Kaiser. .made their move Thurs day afternoon,', long alter : the Ackley statement. . At the end of the day only Wheeling Steel Corp., a minor producer, had ailed to announce B nrice increase. Unlike the "eth er companies, Wheeling had not even received a telegram from th pnvemment- !The . worfe'iriflatlonat'y'LiWa'S used after the price 'increase had become eencral bv Bill D. secretary, wno saia ACKiey naa "no question in his mind bu.t that It will contribute to inflationary pressure.'- ... Term Avoided Wednesday,' .as the' price !n-f crease began to spread,- the White House had. avoided this term. "I kribw,';' said Moyers, ."that the .President received the1 news witH considerable ' concern that the Dublin interest had been vi olated. He feels that one of (he prices you pay for the kind of free society we have is that from time to time a decision by business or labor is not in cordance with the national in terest- as the government lt."v Food Probe Ordered NEW YORK fUPD-Aericul- lure Secretary Orville Freeman ordered a fr-r.eral invesHgaui Thursday of skyrocketing pri ces of such food staples bread, milk, butter and but' said nrice controls would not be applied except as a last Tt was used bv the dissidents resort." to reverse' the student commit- "i "Jew nete 10 ieu tee, policy on the ro,e of whiles' f 2mSon in the.Cml Ilighls movement.' , . tn do aboul pi.k.ei jvi.-i. nm .. increases across the nation that. I have put a dent in the "It 'we-are to proceed towardihousewife's hudKet and helped1 liberation, we must cut our- boost -grocery chain profits 21 selves :off from the. white, peo-tier cent in the nastvear. ple,".the document says. "We He. said he had asked the must form our own institutions, Federal Trade Commission ercniL uiiiws, lAf-us, ijLiurtiM v n inant- a uiuiuur write our own mstor- investleatlon with emphasis on a three cent a nound iumo tn Approved WASHINGTON (UPI) The illause approved an amendment to' President Johnson's'., civil rights bill Thursday .to make It Illegal for' real estate agents to try to. scare white. Owners . into sellmR their homes to Negroes. -The. lactic is known as' "block busting." . In " general, thepartii iuincridmenl would make itties." Illegal for real estate operators :"Negroes would instinctively bread prices and a similar nine to use tactics "to induce or champion all-black teams if trieytm the price of a quart of milk, otiomht tn ItiiWd" ' lirimd1 Axmniui .n.whitn nv T.rfulmni. Hi said farm nrice increases American Killed By Terrorist Bomb crates for the -(civil -rights) .movement as it-,doesior..b(ise-. ail;, a mystique. must he cre-fed'.wnereby Negroes, can Iden tify with the movement."' The members who' prepared the paper also said they expect- ed to be accused .of being "racist" birt were prepared to' give up -while' financial support because ; they felt such support Ould "entwine" them "ui the tenlacles of the . while .power complex that controls tnis try." . - Paper Alternates i cnmTjiled bv a mm'n-iitlPP with at least some plans for the FTC investigation divercent views, the Daoer is id- a day after the Senate Erhard Back in Bonn As Crisis Mounting owners into-selling !oilt,.'pn the nantly .white teams," the paper, could justify no more than a i-n mi i .1 ,.,. might 1. 'savfc'tf'The samVhnrielhln-Nip- half ' cent Increase -for bread moving into the neignoornooa. ...The amendment was., ap proved by vofceyy:4be House cohtinued'ntSattf 'oil he hotly contested open:;&upa'ncy section oi tnc civil ngnis oin. ;-House leaders", were, hopeful) of keeoine thoVhoiislrie- sectionl 1ri the bill after a .bare onevote victory Wednesday .'on .one key Veviiion.' The'' vole was' for approval of a loophole' in - ihe bill', that would exempt most mdivuduauy owned, homes .from the ban oh discrimination .' in hriusine sales . or rentals.' j The anti-blockbusting amend ment was olfered by . Kep. .Irmafhan Rinpham. D-N.Y. The House defeated, 139 to 96, an amendment by Rep. Harlan Hagen, D-Calif., .which would have eliminated all existing 23 million housing units covered by the antmiscrimina-tion section and- applied it only to. housing built aHer . enact-jmerit of the measure. TEAfA WORK Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eife, center, are flanked by Dr. Herherl Moffsee, left, and Dr. Oliver Thresher, right, al the christening ceremony for the Ei(e quadruplets who were jborn June 3 ;in. Ihe Philadelphiq- FrankfolS Hospilal, The physicians were in ititiW of-Thfe' delivery Vo'rJThe quarJfuple'bVe namerJ,'"frdrri ,"ili'e 'Teft, "AfaV,' Gerard, Beth ' Anne and Colliy Anne. Their father is a detective sergeanl in the Philadelphia police department. The couple has four other children. and a penny for milk, fiiVestljjfttlon T-aiinehed In Washington, thVKTC said, it haa launcnen me invesiiga- tion. ' FTC Chairman Paul Rand Dixon said the investigation would center on milk and bread prices. But he admitted that even though there were reports of Increases in the two staples -ParaHonji pImvIwmw offlrialu made a token navment of from various parts .of . the m Thursday on their 530,000 debt fo Ihe Internal Revenue nation- there si ill was no! nDr.; enough "definith'e inforniation"! were optimistic during a OH-minule meeting in the lu iK.ii iiuw ii'uraiiiaiu lJ",Pasadena office of the IRS that nises nai u.ii. jDmeraenev Drderams won Tlie secretary announced; mnnpv snnn and Token $1,000 Paid On Playhouse Tax terfiatcly conciliatory, and angryl toward whites, but alt ot those who joined in writing, tt .concluded that whites should, have at best only a minor role in civil SNICK: See Page S BOGOTA, Colombia (UPI) A .terrorist bomb believed to have been olanted bv Coremu- m -v vrt ti-. v sm-ice nists exploded late Thursdayl BONN Chancellor Ludwig afternoon in the crowded Erhard interrupted his vaca-j American-Colombian Institute, I ton Thursday and returned to kiilinz an American teacher Bonn to deal with the mounting and" three other persons. Eight economic and political probles otJier persons, including two tnreaxenmg nis government. America;, were fniured bv the! The Chancellor', who started powerful, blast. ' hls holiday at his country home ronce wentniea trie aeao;in uavaria only last mm, Arnerican as Robert SmetekV 33' of Milwaukee. Wis., an' English teacher at the Institute who was also the manager of the cafeteria there. wiL remain here for two days far" talks on the legislative program he will submit to the Bundestag when it reconvenes in .mid -September. Ad Rents House-On First- Day "I rented my 3-bedroom home the first day and the phone continued to ring as late as midnight," 'states Mrs. A. B. ;Shrouder, 9231 Rose St., Busemead. If you, have a home to rent, rent it fast with a quick action Independent, Star-News classified ad. To place a classified ' ad, phone ' 7M-0311, 681-4S71 or toll free 5-2434 from Monrovia, El' Mante and Covin a. 'exchanges. Agriculture Committee submit ted a resolution calling for such an Ino'.nrv. There bill before, the House which would, create a 15-member House investigatory committee. 'This investigation," -said Freeman, "will determine ex actly where and to wham the! consumer pays his food dollar when he buys bread and milk and other food items that make1 up the market basket. I have: some ideas, but I am going to' give the ideas to the investiga tors so the mvesligation will he helped and not hindered. jTeeman ruled out price .000 from the city last year. Meanwhile, lie Golden Anni- ry Fund, to commemorate has been established to accept " Lainr rnnirihntinns. nlihoufrh nolhara this weekend. Oilier fiesta Triivul Guide Rodeos Top Old Spanish Days Fiesta By RUSS LEADABRAND Three days of rodeo will hign- solicitation has begun as yet. William A. Olson, trustee and PLAYHOUSE: See Page inrovide enonch money iprevEM the government lrum closing the lamed institution. While Pasadena IRS director David Iuie chose to release statement regarding future IRS action, he listened patiently Playhouse officials outlined' the plans to raise funds to clear the debt. These plans include a publi campaign to be sponsored jointly by the Playhouse Association id The Independent and falar- Ncws, offering the community cr.ance to help save the Play house llirough emergency etin-j tribulior.s. Details will he nnunced Sunday. Jnoiice arrested f ve leaders of ti, Tmr,r They also include a network !,.- .nt,n-;(;nn nnriu the , 6 ,, r controls at the present time but telclhon to be held approxi- did not rule th'jm out altogelh-lmately Aug. 27. Albert Mc- Askcd f the Johnson C ecrv. Playhouse executive administration was unalterably producer, said negotiations have! Five Opposition Leaders Seized By Kenya. Police Itll rtf York Tirm-i News Service NAIROBI, Kenya Tn a ser- of dawn swoops 'lliursday. iCC arrested f ve leaders Of Tim flranun. mr,frp Trnllpv .enyas oppoiiuun pauy, me Museum generally cranks highligfils include El Dcsfila de Ninos, the parade of Ihe chil Idren. Big Bear's Old Miners Days will lie marked again this year by -mile wild burro derby around Big Bear Lake. Old timers will stage a Clementine fash ion show. A parade is also on the bill of fare for this week end. Trouble Foreseen In House (C) Nrw Yoik Tlraii J'ewi Errtlci WASHINGTON - The Senate voted Thursday to send striking airline mechanics back to work I for 30 days and gave the Presi dent power to keep them there for another 150 days. The bipartisan measure, de-iribed as a compromise whereby Congress and the President would divide any political blame lor breaking the strike, was passed by a vote of H to 33. The bill was sent to. the House, where there was less certainty that it would pass. IThe House Interstate and For- Commerce Committee am nounced it would hold hearings at 10 a.m. today. Fifth Week The Senate acted as the strike by 35,400' members of the International Associaton of Mach- ists dragged-into its fifth week agninsf . Eastern, National, Northwest, Trans World and United airlines. The possihiliiy of legislation has all but eras&j any hope of negotiating an agree- ient in the meantime. The measure was passed af ter the Senate voted, 51 to 36, to support it rather than a hill proposed hy the Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee. The commitee bill would have put most of the responsibility on Johnson hy authorizing, but not directing, him to end Hie strike for up to ISO days when ever he saw lit. Several senators Thursday criticized Johnson for not telling them whether he favored legislation to end te strike, and aid lie was trying to get Con-ress fo assume full responsi bility. Secretary of Labor W, Willard Wirt7 said last week lhal ihe administration neither favored nor disfavored a bill. opposed to any kind o price controls, he replied: "No, 1 didrvt say tnat. l said price controls would he a last resort' started with network manage ments and unions for the bene fit telethon. It will be produced! through the 225-mcmber Playhouse Alumni Association, with seats lo be sold al &. Under option, meanwhile, Is! 90-minute television special! featuring the Playhouses his tory over the past 50 years, eh stars as William IIol- den, Robert Preston and Ray mond Burr taking pari. ihe iJlayhouse also has an- iplled for $50,000 in financial as sistance from the City of Pasa dena. Action by the Board of pty Directors Is expected Aug. lid. ihe Playhouse received 520,- iKenva Peoples Union (KPU). Tliev were . out in detention without trial under powers giv- en by parliament recently lo President jDmo Kenyatta. The KPU leaders were taken1 from their beds and driven to unknown destinations. T h el KPU's top three party presi dent Ogmga Udinga, general secretary Denis Akuma and publicity secretary Aehierg Oneko were still free Thursday evening. Those arrested included Od-lnra's orivate secretary Olu- lande Koduol; general secretary d( Ihe powerful Kenya 1'etrol- Workers Union, Ochola Makanyengo; and general secretary of the East African Com mon Services Civil Servants! Union, Pefer Oooko. one of the vintage trolley cars on Sundav ard runs it back and forth on a short slrctcn ot Irack. If yon are there on Sun day afternoon Ihore is no atl mission chances are cood you ;couId go tor a ride, uozc-ns oi: old streetcars to admire here in Ferris. Wirtz Denial Sen. Wavrie Morse. D-Ore., who Introduced the compromise bill Thursday, told the Senate shortly before it passed that Wirlz had told him by telephone less than an hour earlier that 1 the Senate was acmpr to act, he favored the compromise bin over the committee bill. Wirtz later issued a statement denying that. The Senate passen its conv promise bill after heeding tiie impassioned pleas of its Democratic and Republican leaders to turn aside a motion by Winston L. Prouty, R-Vt that STRIKE; See Page 6 '.CIVIC CENTER CRASH ' Cdr'dindl Air Liriti twin-engined. ..Bttchcroft 115 tn pilci of dirt in back of th California 1 -te -AP 'wltDl1o Notional' Guard carorj, left, after losing power and crashrpfl In San Jo Civic Center on oirpoit approach. 1 INSIDE The Independent Russell Baker ......19 Classified 30-36 Comics 37 Mike Connolly .....15 Dear Abby 14 William A. Doyle ...28 Editorial 18 Financial 27-28 Joe Hendrlckson . ,.22 Virginia Kay lfl Russ Leadabrand - .19 Lee Merriman 18 Hay McDonnell 21 Puzzle of Day 31 Walter T. Ridder ...19 A, Shelmvold 26 Society ..10-14 Sports 22-25 Dr, Stelncrohn 19 Theatres 15 TV-Radio .....26 Vital Statistics 30 Where to Dine ...16-17 Your Birthday 32 Telephones: Pasadena area (formerly SYcamore) 796-0311; East Valley (formerly ZKnlth) 445-2434; Los Angeles (formerly MUrray) 681-48TTI. Easy Does It-Column Sunday If your children come home Sloman is actually a wield- f, nilnvinj at!iY.. er ot a barbed w:t a ions noon and ask what It means f ick shaped something like a that "Easy Sloman's back," barbecue fork With it he you can reassure them and might prod the city fathers tell them not to fear. Easy Sloman is a very fun ny man. . He is going fn make the pages of the Sunday Independent Star-News a brighter place with his column. He is going (o come into your house and make you into providing drinking troughs for horses on downtown Pasadena- slreels, he might pro-mole bikini bathing suits, and he might ask for more hills in town for skateboard riders. While he hates amateur poetry he is a great Shakespeare fan and is rumored to have memorized long passages of laiiEh, If vou are thoughtful "Twelfth Niehl" which he you will tell your neighbors, chants in Ihe morning during and perhaps you can all gath- his Zen exercises, er around onco'a week and a thoroughly uncommon read Easy Sloman's new col- man, cue. with an eye to the 'umiv together and laugh in peephole o! the world, Sloman unison. This is called Group Ther. apy. will be here Sunday to tell; you how you'd better shap up before It's too late.

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