Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1928 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1928
Page 5
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TUIT-T HTT »b>t**. &?r* A3b*«-H VoHt, era! -rrrf ftffc fHnjwr, and a !<*•»% ftf ew fw a wfoft'B *W Ft AtkUwon, WH JNb*. DaTt?*fe im-p m t*n ntdt to match, h«r !»t#rtrtteg!«J with bnby Tb« gnwn of her attends WM , of raw Wi». which color ,s^i®?e* was carried out In other dp- tail* of t»«r attirp, and she, like her : .tiitwr, csnTlsd a bouquet of ro^w. tyjtosi tfwir return to this section, ..Mr, and Mrs. Daniels will make fltrtr horjse with the proom'« par- mm, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dsnlcls, tm«1 spring, when they will .jnove to the farm owned by Mrs. A I,, ooe. *nd the srfdom's parents will msfce ttoeir home with them. CfftmCH AFFAIRS -A ba«r meeting was h*!d by the soda! Circle of the Rock Palls Con- church Wednesday a In the home of Mrs. F. A, on Second avenue. Plans for *aoth«r rumnmsre sale were made wual business was deposed bf. The president, Mrs. W. B. Bris- appotnted Mrs. Trager chalr- of a committee to purchase a , range for the church kitchen. members were present at meeting of the Woman's Social JjAuxUiary from the Rock Falls Meth: ^Uft church, Wednesday afternoon Mrs. H. E. Zlegler on Third ivenue. The monthly business was ^attended to, and pl&ns talked over """ .year's work. Refreshments ? were served during a social hour by -MM. Zlfgler and Mrs. Dick Sullivan. / The mid-week prayer service will Jot be held this evening at the 1 Church of the Brethren. Instead a large number of the people will go to Polo and attend the evangelistic services at the Church of the Brethren there. Next Sunday evening a. program will be given at 7:30 o'clock in the Church of the Brethren, by the Deputation team from the Young People's Tabernacle of the northern district of Illinois. Mr. Rittanhouse of 3Mtt Morris win be' In charge. FEDERAL AGENTS BAID URBANA PEIMK PARLORS Urban*, m, oct 4—(A.P.)— Federal prohibition agente, among them • ^°^ immfn ' «iWed two alleged boot|. -kJgjlng establishments .hem and ar- I reated seven persons after engaging to a light with two of them. The CQuad placed- ita prisoners hi the Champaign jail and left town at jmce with their evidence. THiJtJ) STRKKT 35c Mum, SPECIAL LOO Full Pint Genuine Rumian Mineral OH 6 Oc POMFEIAN POWDER $0e Day Dream Face Powder PALMOUVE SHAVING CREAM 21c NOT SO SOUR—fivwy fall sotrth- rn CaliforniB celebnttes Uie feitl- l of Uje grape, or "Vendemia," as t is called. Senorita Amapolo del Vondo, 10, a Spanish belle of Ban Bbrlel, was chosen queen for this •ear's festival. It doesn't remind BS \t all of that old fable of BOOT {rapes. DOUBLE ACTION Sam© Price for over 3S year& bigfi priced brands UILL.ION8 Of POUNDS U8ED BT OUK QOVBRHUBMT 60c De Miracle, bottle 35c Odo-ro-no, bottle 1.00 Princess Charming Depilatory Powder ..'.... 50c Non -Scents 50c Non Spi 25c Glycerine & Rose Water lie PERFUMES 35c Huskers Lotion . .17c >0c Jergen's Lotion.. .31c 35c Frostilla Lotion.. 23c 30c Almond Lotion.. .IQc 30c Bay Rum Lotion. .10c 30c Witch Hazel 14c Jasmin, 1 of. .......4.71 !4 Dram tSc Styx 3.i9 U Dram 15c L'Origan 359 U.Dram ......I5c Emeraudo 3.29 1 A Dram I5c Paris , 3.29 % Dram ......ISc Chypre ....3JI9 % Dram 15c L'Amaint H Dram LOO COTY'S Perfumes Original purse size, Powders & Talcs. SOc Milk of Magnesia . 19c HOUBIGANT Coty's Face Powder ; .. 60c Java Rice Face at owder ....36c 60c Djer Kiss Face Powder ... 75c Three Flowers Face Powder ... 50c Raspberry Rouge 35c Harrow's Liquid Neil 29c LOO Coty Lipstick 50c Boncilla Pack of Beauty 39c Narrow and Extra Narrow- Wide and Extra Wide A booa to the women of Aiaerlea many of wfcom b«T« been ebllged to either pa; high prlce» or take pwriy fitted nbota. Io» a^ Be iflagw ^ lfljd thai jra Poll pint Elixir. Iron, Quinine and Strychnine ............ 75c Cold Tablets, Cough Syrup—Both for 75c Sore Throat Gargle 41c Genuine I JW Aspirin, £> sriin Tablets, EolUo of 108 Quelque Fleur, Ideal, Vi Dram Dram.,.15e 15c HUDNUT Dram... We Three Flowers, % Jasmin, % Dram Oardcnla. % Dram ... Jonkee Clover, Vt Dram CHEBAMY . .Iftc CappI, % Dram April Showers, *& Dram. .28« 15c Pennyroyal Tea .. .Sc 15c Senna Leaves 9c 15c Catnip Herb 9c 15c Hops 9c 15c Tansy ......... .9c 15c Chamomile 9c 15c Sage 9c 15c Juniper Berries .. .9c n a -«ii«B 8 [T*» ENNA_ JETTICKS Stepping Out With the New Styles in vatent tittadttt to nmtch y&ur J. Bell Co, Here you mwmt styles in me are tee. We have Md»~-in the Dandruff Remover Sfiompoo removes every ruff in a Biggie application. Don't apologue for dandruff. Remove it this ample, effective way and keep your gcalp your HOj&iiiil hAV« OOu&K it possible for you to have tuiy of these and other world famous perfmoes in Ifrc to Z5c bottle* — fined for yoa from original bottles while yoa wait. YOB will find here many famous brands of toiletries too numerous to list — Oeauville, Harriet Hubbwd Ayer, Karess, Vltjtay, Corday, etc. f Shaving Needs 35c Palm Olive Shaving Cream 50c Mennen'a Shaving Oream S9e S5c Kolas; Shaving Cream -S7c 50c Qillette Blades ..31e 42c Gem Blades •.•**« Me Autostrop Blades ..... .3ib S5c Eveready Blades Me .21o Full-size 75c box FACE POWDER With each purchase of a 75c jar of SMeul Cap Wonder ^en^e This spedd iotrodoctory offct — - is made to acquaint you with the real merits of Mad Cap -Wonder Rouge and Face Powder. M«d Op TPux Pcwdct-ij ddJghtfofly blcodcd, tad cut&tty of the wy 6aett unported iagttdieao. Oa your Aitt, Med C«p dingj with d*iuty sofioeM— • it * delicate tognocc Dugcts piwaflth;. The powder Choke of any popeks wtll WONDER ROUGE <Betmtiji& . . . and Benefits ...the Skin ( Foot Needs | Quix Com Pads $4o QuUt Callous Pads ,,,,,, .450 M«d Csp Wonder Roog*-»iH euy oo *11 dbr-if is w«erMoof--«uirub*it>o£ Ptoducc* eooes from a ftint bliuh » <fe«j> briluwiot to rait your OHnplerioa. Protect* the tkifl tod will not «0«g* the pote*. Don not coat the skin, but develops your mtunl cotoe. __________ Tttcr»Ar*Tu>»Plea*iMg Shade* Dark 1.00 Mignonette Paw Powder ... BOc Luxor Faco Powder COo Kraaoy Body Powder ...., tll , 2tc Mcnnen's Talc 25c Hygienic Baby Tale ............. 35c Hose Talc, 13 os. 29c Narclasus Talc 59c 34c 39c 18c IDc lOc 50t Hind's Honey & Almond Cream 29c 50c Stillman's Freckle Cream „ 75c Theatrical Cold Cream S§e 60c Pompeian Rouge. .$9c 65c Berry Freckle . Ointment 54c SOcJMadamJButterfly . Cold Cream IQc 80c Madain Butterfly Vanishing Cream . .IQe 1M Dartderine Needs ! 29c lOc 50o Pebeco Tooth Paste 25c Coamet Tooth Paste *0o SqvaWs Tooth Paste 60c Tooth Brushes, Art Color Handles.. 60c Pepaodent at , 39c 33c 50c Joro Shampoo .. .39c 15c Amami Shampoo :7 for 89e 1.50..Van.Ess .....>wJMfe:. 50c Lilac Vegetal ....17c 75c Eau De Quinine..^? 50e Cacoanut OH Shampoo 27c | Home Remedies j BOTO FOR 75c Buy the Rouge—one 75cjar—aadpt thej*U-ii& Box of Face Pbwder FREE One to a Cmttotssr ^ —- --— ' ••-"— w *r *•• go/t and luatroua hy ge*. | ular application*. I for Bunions- Me Ufte On Th«ir F««t arslato Murtti*. acUtka. litatU« It iu« sew 8U« i fti»ou» |a tft» but for Mriptiwa to&tiduw («la aa P««»«d^ te »l*s» tt w f«n8ral public Ikreugii Hurtto «««Utaui uo w«at to ftwl sgilo tJw }oy wtd «fe«p .oundly «t Citrate -flf."."" • Magnesia lOc 35c Hiukle's Pills 26c Beecham'a at 75c Bellan'a at «)c Pheuolax at 17c 17c 59c 21c FOUNTAIN 2 Year Guarantee, The Safe Antiseptic A safe, non - iiritatlng solution particularly adapted to the T«<juife. menu of personal hygiene. Valuable as a gargle. Corrects purifka the mouth. $1.00 bottle, Gum L PkB .iOc Diapepsin .... 1.25 Aspirin. 100s 1.00 Beef, iron & Win* 1.50 Fellow's Byrup of f Hypophosphites ....U 1.3& Absorbtoe Jrr. bottle TOc- Sloan's - liniment; bottle 47c Make Your Skia Ivory-White Dayi la to 8 Aajt vivid, »llurlay beauty to the ikin in « »»(», t)»tur»l w • jr. It brmf a whiteatM and vel- ¥ e » y »m-joll}orga up trom uudtr- u«»th Uio (Urb- w (Hi her- gro»o trory-wUlle — *li t r » o * ot ruujb a « • i redan* lxU» out. Kow — la Jot* to 0 dajri jrou t«ii have Ih* mdiajil. mllk-whltd tkla you «4 only u> f»- mou* twautit*. T»w»a rccttlu u« d. U«e GEaVAtSfi OaA- KAM LOTIOH r*Cia . JU-EACM a (0 tt d»jf». TUen. ij not eicaply d*. lighted. ;our tuotuy will &> r»- Soeclal WOMEN'S VAGINAL 2 Year Guarantee, to Mhy Settiag Up Ni|Mf quickly aJJevUt* GcttUys , B»ck*eh«, BJaddw neaa. BurniBf. Oroia or .Palna, of functional typ«. try th« Cyntex 48 Hour Test, Used by over half a milltoa sufferer*, often with aroajdaif results. Tbla new. aucoeaiful method la recom- by wortd". largest drug Don't giv« «j>. start tt* te*t today to quickly afleviata painful eoaditioaa, «Je.»i» weU., and: f«,l fiOi of ^j, or east not Money DISCOVERY UgfyEed You be » ytctiin. if you OB tfc* fee* aad beiweeu tern. ---.;- Kofox SHAVING CREAM Lipstick Waterproof—it stays on. A g0rg«oii| new or» so natural It Hatters every com 50c

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