Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 8, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1968
Page 9
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Monday, April 8,1968 RubinoH's Violin Plays Second Fiddle Rubinoff's famous $100,000 Stradivarius violin played "sec* ond fiddle" to an instrument made by Harden Lamb of De« light, but the maestro played both with artistic distinction at a concert in the Hope High School auditorium last Friday night. After the skilled violinist had delighted the small but appreciative audience with familiar selec* tions ranging from "Clair de Lune" to "Jalousie," he called Mr. Lamb to the stage, put aside the "Strad," and unveiled the new violin. He, then, completed the concert on the instrument made by Mr. Lamb over a period of one year in spare time from managing the feed mill at Delight. The performer, brought to Hope under the auspices of the Hope Rotary Club, was highly complimentary of the instrument made by the Arkansan. Mr. Lamb told this reporter that he had been making violins about two years, the instrument which Rubinoff had played was his second completed one, and he was in the process of constructing a third violin at the present time. Auditor Says Sheriff's Books Wrong MORRILTON, Ark. (AP) Harry L. Frese of Little Rock, a certified public accountant, testified Saturday that the records of Conway County Sheriff Marlin Hawkins indicated Hawkins had taken credit for the same item more than once in a number of instances. Frese said he had audited Hawkins' record last fall but had changed credits to charges against the sheriff after a "further examination" of the records. Frese said that $9,974 should be added to the traffic fines and bonds that Hawkins has not accounted for from 1963 through I960. Hawkins is charged in a taxpayers suit with misappropriation of county funds. Frese said excessive credits accounted for most of the $9,974. Frese testified in December that Hawkins failed to account for more .than $63,000 in traffic receipts during the four years. Hawkins testified that the funds went to pay four justices of the peace and Prosecutor Phillip H. Loh, who tried the cases in traffic court. Hawkins also said cash refunds to motorists accounted for a considerable amount. Frese used 33 tables he ted prepared in liis testimony. He added charges of $4,376 for 1963, $2,157 for 19G4, $2,124 for 19G5 and $1,316 for 1966. Snuill Army The Encyclopaedia Britannica of I860 reported that on the eve of the Civil War the Union Army consisted of slightly less than 13,000 men. However, the militia totaled more than 2.7 million. HOPE (AftK) STAR, Printed by Offset New Saffewoy Store Opens far Business HOW Arkansas Declares Drinks Sold at Spa m - mm \,OSt WOtCS ,„._„„,„. , ., WASHINGTON (AP) HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) A state legislator notified the director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Saturday How nig & that mixed drinks we / e Arkansas members of Congress being served ta Hot Springs. were recorded on recent roll " He wanted me to come to calls: Hot Springs immediately and Senate s t op t ne dispensing of mixed On amendment, rejected 37- drinks at Coy's Steak House," 38, to establish quotas on the ABC Director Barrel Hu»hes import of dairy products: Not sa id later voting- Fulbright, McCleUan, «i told him that the men were On amendment, adopted 53-36, not available at this time. It in the form of a substitute bill appears to me that he should to provide a 10 per cent sur- have reported this incident to charge on income taxes, curbs t^ local po ; ice> or even the on federal spending, extension state Police if he needed im- of automobile and telephone ex- me diate assistance." cise taxes, an end to the tax- - Hope Star Photo This is the front view of the new Safeway Store which opened today in Hope. Their Grand Opening celebration will be held in a few weeks. Showers Are Damaged ls Re P alred in Arkansas Johnson Is o Pixie Polittiallv By JOHN ft. Sf AM Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Foster Johnson is a political pixie With no particular place In the spec* trum of Arkansas politics. He may be the only candidate for any office who does not claim support from any organized group. Yet he Is aiming for one of the top offices available — the Senate seat held by Sen. J. William Fulbright. Johnson said he will file during the last week of this month to oppose Fulbright in the Democratic primary. Fulbright already has filed for re-election. Shooting high is not new to Johnson. He made his first bid for political office against Sen. John L. McClellan two years ago. McClellan trounced him. Undismayed, he started six months later laying the groundwork for a campaign against Fulbright. "A lot of people are telling me, 'We took you as a joke last time, but we're taking you seriously this time,' " Johnson said In an interview. In the last 18 months, Johnson has visited all 75 counties, nailing up "Foster Johnson" PARAGOULD, Ark. (AP) The L. A. Darling Co., damaged Wednesday night by high signs wherever he went. Post- winds, resumed production here j ng s jgn S bearing only a namo By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS today. Showers and thundershowers The plant employes some 400 are expected over most of Ar- persons in the manufacture of a cabinet fixtures. exempt status of municipal industrial development bonds and establishment of import quotas on textiles in the absence of Held on Million Dollar Deal LITTLE ROCK (AP)- Frank kansas through Tuesday as low pressure system drifts slowly southeastward across the state. The U.S. Weather Bureau said precipitation would develop along the low pressure system front as it moved through Eastern and Southern Arkansas tonight. Penalty in Kidnap Law Ruled Out The w-is a device used successfully by Jim Johnson prior to the 1966 campaign for governor. Discussing support, Johnson said, "I don't want to be aligned with any group. I just want to represent the people." Reminded that organized labor endorsed him in his race against McCleUan, he said, "Yes, and they would have endorsed Jack the Ripper." He said some of McClellan's WASHINGTON (AP> D • j ii ., . , * . *1C OO.1U OVJIliC Ui *TJ.\/VAGA.fcU.il ** A low pressure wave develop- death penalty provision of the suppor ters are for him this 5 in Texas may cause pre- ^* e ^h_^clnipin^ law was year _ McClellan and Fulbright agreements: For -- McClellan. E. Consezzitan, 71, who moved Against — Fulbright. to Pine Bluff recently from Los On passage, 49-24, of bill au- Angeles, is being held in Pu- thorizing government indemnifi- laski County Jail on a charge cation of owners of fishing ves- of issuing a false $1 million sels seized by other countries bank draft at Calexico, Calif, and prohibiting U.S. aid to coun- Consezzitan was charged in tries seizing American vessels an FBI complaint with executing on the open seas and refusing to pay compensation: Against— Fulbright, McClellan. House On passage, 279-102, of bill to tax international air tickets and reduce duty-free customs allow- account at the Anchorage bank ances for returning travelers: after the draft was sent to Alas- For passage — Gathings, Ham- ka. Consezzitan, who is under merschmidt, Mills, Pryor. $5,000 bond, is awaiting a preliminary hearing. a draft in California Feb. 19 for the transfer of $1 million from an account in a bank at Anchorage, Alaska. The California bank was notified that Consezzitan had no ing 111 iexa.S may ixLUot: yre- -—•>««-»&" n*uu.14/1115 IU.YK ,*uo year cipitation to spread back north- ruled unconstitutional today by often ' ward over much of the state the Supreme Court. issues, by early Tuesday, the bureau fo a 6-2 decision, the court said. said tn e provision, enacted by Temperatures will remain on Congress in 1934, discourages the mild side for the next two the exercise of basic constitu- days with cloudiness decreasing tional rights, by Wednesday. The provision says the death Low temperatures reported penalty may be imposed only on around the state this morning the recommendation of a jury, ranged from 40 degrees at Fay- The high court reasoned that etteville to 54 at Texarkana. this discourages trial by jury High temperatures reported and encourages guilty pleas oppos ite positions on "I'll say I'm definitely a hawk on Viet Nam," Johnson said. "I don't think we had any business over there in the first place, but we're over there, and I feel like we should fight the war to win or get out completely." Johnson described Fulbright and some of his fellow doves, namely Sens. Robert Kennedy, Sunday ranged from 66 at Wai- since the case is thereby taken E ' Mc c arthy ^ Wa ' tinf Rirlo-n tn.Stljoi Tovflrkflna. out nf.A,JUEV.'S,.hands^.-,.,-.-,,M»-^..-..»ww....&i., - .-..,*...«.' A, *...•*,,'.,„..,. it The Year Of The Buffalo Bill Ridge -to 81 >at Texarkana. out o.f~a~jury's Rainfall reported around the state in the 24-hour period ending at 6 a.m. to-day included .04 at Walnut Ridge and 1.91 at El Dorado. William F. Cody began his career as a messenger with wagon trains, and went on to become a driver, Pony Express Rider, guide, Chief Scout for the United States Army, Indian fighter and international showman. As Teddy Roosevelt once described him, "he embodied those traits of courage, strength, and self-reliant hardihood which are so vital to the well-being of the nation." The legend of the American west is filled with the exploits of Colonel Cody and his rifle. On more than one occasion, the fates of both were importantly joined to help deter- mine the outcome of what has come to be known as the American Odyssey — the open ing of the last Frontier. In 187-1. "Buffalo Bill" Cody wrote to the Winchester Firearms people, stating he had tried and tested nearly every gun made in the United States, and for general hunting and Indian fighting, their improved rille was "The Boss." How fitting that "the gun that won the west" should play a small but important role in the establishment of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming. The Center houses the nation's most extensive collection A? cent of his era, they are traditional 30-30 repeaters in both carbine and rifle styles, with bead-post front sight and semi- buckhorn rear sight. The hammer, trigger, loading gate, forearm tip and crescent butt plate gleam with nickleplate. The barrel and tang are inscribed respectively: "Buffalo Bill Commemorative," and in the colonel's script, "W. F. Cody — Chief of Scouts." Each of the rich American walnut stocks are polished with a high- gloss finish, and will have an official Buffalo Bill Memorial Association commemorative medallion embedded in the stock. Each rifle comes equipped with a nickle-plated saddle The Negro Community "HMorse 'as "detriments to "this " country" because of their positions on Viet Nam. Johnson said that only about 30 per cent of the Arkansas voters have any real interest in the Senate race and that 85 per cent of these are anti-Fulbright. "This doesn't mean they are for me," he said. "But officials JSSKISS: r-i? VwF 5 Heve ttey a re free. - Goeth/said ^SSLt'thfLT^ lot of people By Ester Hicks Phone PR7-4678 or 447 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY it. EVERYONE 1 ALL EXISTING CONDITIONS COVERED NO WAITING PERIODS Even conditions known to exist will be covered (except obstetrical cases and these are covered after nine months of continuous family membership). NO PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS REQUIRED and no health statement needed either. NO JOINING FEE or other added charge during this enrollment period. NO AGE LIMIT New liberalized plan to supplement Medicare open to people over 65. SPECIAL OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD ENDS APRIL 15 RUSH COUPON BELOW FOR WES INFORMATION *•••••••••••••••••••• • ntsin..... i.inr ranct t. BIIIC CUICI ft INC mm CALENDAR OF EVENTS Adah Chapter No. 18 of O.E.S. will hold its regular meeting Wednesday, April 10 at 6 p.m. All members are asked to be present and on time. COMING AND GOING Mr. and Mrs. Roy Loudermile has as recent guest her sister, Mrs. Ian Obbtt of St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Obbtt has returned to SU Louis, accompanied by another sister, Mrs. Cora Ebberson, who is under the care of a doctor there,, CALL PR7-5416 BLOCK BOOKKEEPING SERVICE fl&R BLOCK LOCATION (Only 7 Days Left.I INCOME TAX ARKANSAS BlUE CROSS & BtUi SHIELD, INC. 6TH & GAINES / LITTIE ROCK, A8K. 7??03 Please send FREE INFORMATION about how I can join during your Special Open Enrollment Period which ends April 15, 1968. NAME AGE ADDRESS C)Ty ..._ , ARKANSAS EMPLOYED AT ... THERE ARE EMPLOYEES WHERE I WORK. IF YOU FARM FOR A LIVING. CHECK HERE D i • of the records and momentos of Buffalo Bill, including the Congressional Medal of Honor. His most cherished honor however, was the name "Prairie Chief," bestowed on him by his conquered enemies, the Sioux. The Center also contains Indian, cowboy, transport ma- tenul, and other artifacts of Western Americana. Most of the several thousand items are irreplaceable The Buffalo Bill Commemorative ntle is similar to the early Winchester repeaters that were so much a part oj' his exploits on the plains Reminis- ring. Each commemorative rifle sold will provide a royalty to the Association This cooperative venture between industry and a national association dedicated to the historical public interest is indeed a unique manifestation of the Old West's traditional spirit of free enterprise. Thus, "The Legend of Buffalo Bill" lives on in the hands of American sportsmen who own a Winchester "Buffalo Bill." Walt Disne\ won the most Oscars in the motion picture fjfki. MORE DAYS To See H & R BLOCK I W« j uo oni«t accurate p<tpo'0hon pf «y«fry Io« r»twrn. I' I; w« rrok« any firor» thof coil )0u ony penalty or inftttit. 1 w« will pay the p»npl(y pr inlr'tit. America's Largest Tax Service with Over 2000 Offices FTTH*. 107 South Urn f tr»*t Behind Cox Drug Store Phone PK7-5416 Ot'fk'e Hour&: Weekdays 0:AM- 9:PM Sit. & Sun. 9:AM- 5:PM •No Appointment Necessary U.S. CURRENCY AND COIN IN CIRCULATION 1961 1962 1963 Reaction of Teachers Discussed During fiscal 196? and the first six months of 1968, U.S. coin production was limited to composite or clad-type coins. The growth in total number of coins produced in the 18- month period slackened substantially—an indication that the shortage had been alleviated. The smooth changeover from silver to clad coins has proved the value of money is not determined by gold or silver, but rather if money can adequately perform the economic functions for which it is designed. gress toward the goals of Ar- Jcansas teachers is blocked for any significant period of time there will be "militant and disruptive actions" by the teachers. "As long as we make measur- LITTLE ROCK (AP) - For- able and significant progress in rest Rozzell, executive secre- the attainment of the objectives tary of the Arkansas Education of the teachers of Arkansas, Association, says that If the pro- they will continue in my opin- " ion, to work for their attain- here at home. I think charity ment in a persistent but pro- begins at home. A lot of people fessional manner/' Rozzell told in this country are more unfor- about 80 persons attending an tunate than some of those over- AEA political clinic, seas." Rozzell said he was simply Soft-voiced and articulate, stating a fact and that his state- the 53-year-old Johnson's cher- ment was "not a threat." ubic face and balding head Rozzell said the answer to the make him look more like jolly coming aggressive action by King Cole than a politican but teachers lies in "directing the he is determined to be taken impending militancy into con- seriously as a politican this strutive channels. He said poli- year. tics is the universally accepted "I can win if I get enough course, publicity," he said. Johnson owns a music pub- The sour fruit of the African lishing company, but he has baobab tree is called monkey' been in semi-retirement, except bread. It is edible and yields .for political forays, for several cream'of tartar; ^ ' years. ^^mmmm^mmmt*mmmmmmmmmmmmm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*^mm*mmmmtmmmmmmmmm-mmmmml I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^ BARRY' SPECIALS PRICES GOOD MONDAY. TUFSDAY WPDMFSIUV ernor's race, a lot of voted against Jim Johnson rather than for Winthrop Rockefeller." Johnson said he will run even if another hawk, former Gov. Sid McMath, gets in the race. On domestic issues, Johnson said, "I'd like to see us cut foreign aid and spend the money DECKERS PICNIC LB. Rib Steak Fat Back 5 u, 95* HSSr LETTUCE Lemons Red Potatoes HEAD DOZ. I LaCELLO, BAG DEL MONTE CHUNK FLAT CANS DEL MONTE WHITE CREAM STYLE CANS KRAFT ASSORTED 'GLASSES SHORTENING LB. CAN HERSHET BARS REGULAR Kotex BOX,

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