Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 10, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Steel Pennies Fool Many But Not NEWS WANT ADS A Keal Bargain! I'm' diilv 63 Vim ('ml 35 \\'in'ds, '.Poo Announcements IL J.tiNt Anil Found SUM of nioiK-y lost, lietHVcn St;U<'^rliH-.-iy -Garage on Elm St. and South Jluin St. .Reward. James U'lialen, 2.10 Park avenue. Tel. 12 Business Employment J» Ili'lli M'linti-d—Mnk- or Fenmlu 1'xKT TIMK nKi.r KOI; ' 'AGK FACTUKY. AU.MOUR CO, WATKKBl'RY. MONUMENTS Sfipoinl pi-ices on All Mvniuriali •V. RICHARDS 200 So. Mnln St Naupatuck Gu:hrio «-is tlif capital of OkUi- liomn. until .1913 wlvin it was uhani;- c'd to Oklahoma City. Automotive Contractors i-i AutiiM l'\>r Siih:; — J.'LYMOUTH ; .;i) Sii'.es Service Parts, Accessories Mnlcolin "\V. !3t;uT Corp, •ISS Watcrtowii Ave. Duxl 0-l.t-IO' u; Autos Wanted A safe place to buy" :i rcl- \Va tci'l m ry, 'Inc. 'IS2 Wn.torto\vn Avenue. , Dial -I-MOD I'Al'KK JIANGING and Fulntlng:. Cotu,'17 Cedar Street, W. P. Tel. Merchandise Merchandise SJ8 ]|onf*c?iokl Articles JFuuil And.Fuel U'OO.l) fur sale fur sttivc, turnur.i; iind fireplace. Harry Edwards, Burton Rorid, Beacon. Fulls. Phone NatijfatticU 4-W7. Idaho rallies seventh in (.he U. S. in proclucLion o! wool.' COMjpr.JEXK Ii o in u fiirnislilnt,'s bought for cash. prices paid ror electric refrigerators, washers, and stoves, regardless of condition. Francis Furniture Co. .-1-10 NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone' 3000 For Sale Mm l r or l-'OI'U fjiinil.v liinisc for sale-. CiMi :• il !oo:ition. in excellent cond ::on. Bru.-^.i throughout i)-.'. hi:r:u-r. .[''ronta^e siifficlcn fo:' ex:ra lot. Priced ren«on:ibly Add:<'.- ; > H^t^ "J." cur^j ol' Xuii' for >'INK room, --family Jioust ,j;iU\ irai-rigo and nice burn. lot. M< enough Tor 3 more h< Dimcntions 125x170. Puces on 2 road.-i, Nice location. Patsy Labn d'.o. Realtor, 172 Hlf,-h St. Phono .W» or 3-1 .IS. i'iin. inn- fainllj- douse ln- cuti'ii "t! North Mnin streot, hot w,i;er .''nrruice, hur<i\vood floors. Toiophone '-'610 o J-JICIIT riJOin, 2-fJiinlly .-VII iRif.-ov^jiU'nt.t, in ^rood condition. :-cd- .iranigc and lai'Ke lot, Pric j'.Ti'o Al^o IS-room 2-fu.mlIy hui;.- ; i;. Kitr.'iKO and rxtra liuiUI ins Int. Price t-ij.300. A. Shoplej TO;, ^-ix;. TUO family Inmsi- on Highland avt'.'UiO. T\\'o fariiily house on f<:i.itI fii-cct. Kotir ruuni, one family house, 1 iicro lar.d on \Voostoi- strivi. Pi-ice S3.300. John Hualy. Tel. 5031. THItMK yi-:ir nld four-mom niml- ci n hou.-e for sale in Xau^atuck i with i-uul furiuici:. Venetian Ijliiuls I ,'ind inl.'nrl linolfism in kitchen j mid limhroojii included. I'rice j Sfi.soo. Call r>-,iu, Xaujrattick. Pope Meets GIs • On The Air Today BABY_-Car scuts, I'luy pens, foulbi- netts, cribs, high chairs, Kantvvct maltressos, toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Wnterbtiry ON'K white cniunel kilc.heu oil. T, J. ATont'ambault. Union City. Tel. 2MS3. JRcal Estate Wanted "H \\'an(t-(l Ti> Bnv ONK. Two and thrci- K'untecl. fur Ti7l. BOSl. family lmnw>. i.i ;tn<l !o;.s u '(•; IIAVI-; HI;VI-:US fur i.-j-.-f family houses. Jos. V. liosko. Z l.'nion St. Tel. -IPSii-SaM. In Wanted To Kent TIIKKI-; or Knur ruonm w:inli*(l by working couple with one child. Phone 115-15. Announcements •x Ills lluliness 'I'oiio Pius XII is shown as he addressed Allied soldiers itiirini; the rvcfru unprecedented general audii'iu't- in Home. The Pojie said in Part, ""s'ou kntnv only too well (he dun- K'-rs and uncertainties of life in war. One tiling ni.'ike certain, keep always and everywhere elose ti> ('mil," U. S. Signal Corps photo from .News of the Day News re,-I. (1 liter 11:11 ional) Nazis Reported , To Have Executed More Persons •t-.OO p. ill. WOK—News; Gambling Ram- blinirs \VEAF-\VTIC-Eackstagc Wife WATR-WJK—Correspondents Abroad •1:15 p. in. WABC—Homo 3: rout Matinee WEAF—Ste'.la Dallas W-AlTR-WJZ—Don Norman Show WUK—Rambling with Gamblinif '•1:30 p. in. WABC—Or? the Record U'JilAF—Lorenzo Jones 4:45 p, in. VVABC—Ray bcott Show WEAF- WTI C—W ickl c r B row n UMZ—Hop WATR—sustaining Music ,3:00 j). in. VVABC—Fun with Dunn WEAF-WT1C—When a Girl Mur- rio-5 WOR—Unuiu Don w-jji-W.-Vi re—Terry and Pirates 5:15 p. til, ! i WEAF-WTIC—Love and Learn, \VJiJ- Dick Trivcy WOR—Chick Carter WATR- Melody Koview ij:;id ji. in. WEAF-WTIC—Plain Bill \\ ..VH-WJii- -Jack Aritistroiii,' WAtsC— I'nree Si-stcr:; VS'OK—Tom .Mix Show 5.--I5 p, in. U'ABC—Wilderness Kcad j WliiAP'-Wi'lC—Front Payc Far! rull ! WATK-WJZ—Sea Hound I WATR-WOr,-- Superman «:(IO p. ni. WOR—News; l-rayer Wh.'AF. -Jack Arinur \\' J •/-- U'Al'j-;-!, Vi-1 U- U' IC.-\ t'— WABC—Major Bowes Show »:15 p. in. WOR—Screen Test. !t:30 |). in. WABC—Dinah- Shore Show WTl'C—Village Store WATR-W.J2—Spotlighi. on J';i-mofi WOR—Starlight Soren.-uic ' I();(K) p. JH. WABC—Front L:.;:.e \S'EAF-WTTC—Hnrry Suvoy Show .—Raymond G. Swing:. .10:15 |). in. —Duncing Discs': News WJ2—Transcription; C. Hicks.. WEAF—Dramatic Sketcti ]l);:JO |>. m. . WATR—Joe E. Brown Show WABC—Here's to -Ronv.xnce WEAF-WrrC—March of Time 11.-()» p. in. ALL, Stations—News J1:15 ji, m. WATK-WJ2—Ray j-lonlc' WJZ—Chu Cho A-Iartinex \VAEC—She]) Fields Orch. \\'.EAF—A. J,. Jr., II ::w p. in. WABC -Viva America! U'OK—Lombardo Orch. \\'!-:AF-\VTIC—New World .Music VVATH-WJZ—Soldkr.i 'wiUi \V:n; I-. 12:o() .Midnight VATR— Sign Off VJZ—.N'ew.s; Olson Orrh. VABC-'News; .Dunham Orrh. \\'EAF—Niws; Roy Shield Co. W(Jl-:— Galloway, siron;: Uivns. IILACK Gtiuiwootl comhinalion oil and gas range. SiluniGlow burner. Hot water heater. Call 20V32. Merchandise \V:intciI JT<> Buy. DIAMONDS And Oi«I Cold «ou>flit. Watch repairiJig our specially. GRAND JEWELRY 112 Grand Struct Dial 5-0082 CAS H r ° r Yc ""' MCSICAJL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca 'Music Co. 203 Bank ,1-1122 MlscefTuncoiiN Education 3t r«ocal Private Instructor* , DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC . STUDIOS—WATBY. 4-5028 053 South Main—II. Wilson Street; .. Piano — Voice — JIandoJin Children, AOulls, Advanced. Beginners. K.upid Piano Course for Adults Services 38' Services Animals CKIliS — Vouthbcds, cliifforohcs, carriages, Play Pens, E;jssincls. Largre selecUon of toys. Lowest | prices in 'town. I SEA CON KIDDIE .CENTRE I 73 GRAND ST. Wttay. j Ciilt:<; And Swine 3PI.CS for sale, $!J.IH) and up. Also pullet and broilers, 3 months and up. .7. Mezzo. Tel. 5378, Pond Hill. Services ;OOr.7£nATOIi .store; Ice Ix>v for sale. Good bargain for quick .sale. Apply 108 Meadow street. Wnnscd To Buy BANK n;ife deposit Ijc.ves wanted. Highest, cash prices paid. Wire collect write or pJiorc what you have to orfor. J. E. Mu.rph.ey, Republic 008-1, 815 Yeatmnn Ave., Webster Groves 10, Mo. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP \V<; Ijii.v, sell, cxch:uij;c, arid repair nil kinds of instruments. ,Cow- cst pi-ices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Main St., Walby, Conn. Molten silver absorbs 22 tim";s its volume in oxygen. T'rofi.'ssi'onal Son-ices GJIAIJOSKJK'S Radio n«-pair Shop. Kaclios expertly repaired, moderate prices. Phone OG37. CUSTOM KK . Spc.cjol . 2-picce Suite GKIFFJX UPHOLSTERING- $r>9 CO. 1090 iIFKK'S Bicyclo Shoii. \V<; repair. jjHint, ctf. C:ill 5,)70. Excellent workrnanshjp. 355 So. Main. KXCJEIXK.VT TNG and slip covers. Amnzinply low prices. Allen's Upholstering .Studio. Maslercraft artists. 1 Grand St. W.-ucrbury. Dial 4-0615 33 \Vai)U;cl To Kcndor Service* ELECTRICAL. JRcjiiifrltiK- Servlca Appliances n. specialty. Bay Decker, -102 N. Main St. Tel. 4000, ODD JOB PAINTING A. J. Kudzma. Call Naugr. u^"tcr 0 p .m. ATTKNTION J£It»tr«liw Owner* —Repairs, genuine parts and nervier. By bonded Klcctrolux .Man. I. Nisscn, 3 T>.res» Av«. Telephone 4822. 40 Cleaning And Dyeing KIEVMAN'S 's Great Dry Cleaning Firm, o"ers it-s first class dry cleaning not only in family bui, blanker.**. rug:s And er specialties in K-iis field. KIEVMAX'S 76 Church Street BVX SAWl'KR J5v JlOY CRANE VOU YANKEE FOOL.' THIS IS MAJOR YAMASAKI'S\ PULLING A GUN ON ME AESSSZZ?^^ YELLIWG FOR KELP — THAT'S A FINE WAY TO Tf?fAT AN ADMIRER. HE'U YOU/ YES, OF COURSE—UNLESS I HAP!>EN Y TO RON WHEN I HEAR HIS CAR COMING. O,VELL,WELL/ HE LEFT HIS SAMURAI SWORD. PUT THAT DOWN.' NOW, LOOK, ANGEL, THE MARINES CHARGE us iiso FOR THESE THINGS. I'M A SUCKER K)R COLLECTING JAP SOUVENIRS. AND, BESIDES, I MAY NEED (T. ISTTA KliTT LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is to jrivi.- notice that !. Jo- S'-fih K,-try.-', of 3.T \Vashinfrton St., i.'.Tion City, .Vauiwuic-k. Conn., hnvi.- fii"'l an .-ipplio-itjon dated July 31, 1M-I. u-ith the Liquor Control Coiu- misiMion for a tavorn be."r |)ormit '•vi' tht.- sale of alcoholic liquor on thf pn-tnl.-Ts. -ir> Acicloi'iion St., I'nion City. Xii\iKnt\ick. Conn. Tin- llU::;i|r-.'s IS OWIlod hy Joseph Kiit- rys, of ;'."i WiishiriKton St.. Union City. .Vanuatu, -k. Conn., and will h' 1 '-ondixicfl hy Joseph Kniry.s-. of •"i"' \V;t.--hii!L-f<ifi St.. L'/iion City, N,iii^'. r i ! uf.-k, Ct'nn., as jMM-niitLor:. JOSKPIf KETKYS, l>.-ilrd: July 31, ici.|.|. S-l & S. Bi'i-n, Switzerland. Aug. 30 -( O'P) - -Swiss I'l-ontinr repot-tri .say the Gcrniatis have executed the rela- tios ot' ei,i:iu liiKli \V'c:hrniacht of!ICIM-S who were han^'cci in Berlin las; Tuustlav for jilouingr to kill Hitler. The victims are said to include wivns, children, parents — even cousin* uncl intimate friends. Til,? reports indicate tho executions «'occ carried oiit within tuw tiour.s or the deaths of the con- t;pirat<jrs. ! Many German civilians .ire nn- i clersiuoil to have been placed on trial for complicity in tho plot. An u'iiciiJ eommuniqui.' disclosing their fate is expected to he issued soon. II Lost And l''ouml KT book, loxt. flji.s (!oll[>ons, n rcfisti-ation, driver's license, ney. C.'all at S'.'~ Xorth Main U'nion Citv. TWO IJr.'iintrr'o. MUSM.. Aui,'. 30—(UP) •-A youi:^' jrii-l and hoy h a v c- drfiwued within I wo hour.-, of each other in ihr s'imc l.-L!\e. Twclvc- ynar-rild RiLa .Miits'on of Qulticy died ,-it a \Vvytnouili hospital af- I.LM- br.'in.i; rescund I'rom Sunset Lake in South fclt/iintroc-. Later, thi- body of 13-y.ear-old I2rii';st C:^- t*.'Ilttcci of Somcrvillc wa^ reco\'- crocl. Th-: 1 n-n wr-ro not to,Tot!ier. Only South -American country with both Atlantic and Pacific sna- ports is Colombia. PRIVATE BUCK MARSHALL ISLANDS *»fc 0:i; \VTIC- Osew.s \VA 1'li—Music Tor Uiiiin,; \V1CAP—Serenade to America U'JX-• lilael and .-'.'Ihert \VABC-Tod Husin;? ^VO.R—Newsrcul 0':.S!I p. m. \\'OK—News V -,'AiiC—%\ : AV.E Program \VATR-.News; St-renoile \VKAK —Serenade; Bill St--r:i ^V•J^— W.T.I-? Band wrrc—Strictly Sports li:-l,j ji. in. WOK—Sinn Lomax; Sports WABC—World Today \VJZ- Xews >,'i^.-\.t—Music You Want 7:iw |>. in. , ^VEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WABC-—1 Love a Mystery WUK—Fulton Lewij, j i-. U'ATR-WJ ^—Musical Mysteries ~.*l,j ji, jn. WOR—-Victory is Our Business WAEC—1'asking Parade \Vir,AF-\VT IC --News of the World 7:30 p. in. WOR—Con:':dunti.i,'ly Yoi:rs W-ABC—Mr. Keen WATR—Drania Series \VJZ—Dinin-- and JcjUors WTIC-VVJCAI'-—-Charlie Chan ~:t!~i p. in. \VOR—Answer MJI-II WATP.-W.JZ--OPA 'I'alk H:0() p. in. WI3AF-WTJC--Those \Vu Love WABC—Suspense \V.1X-\VA'l'l'-i —Watch World Go By U'O'R—Nuws H:lij p. m. WATU-WJZ- -Luni 'n' Aljnor WO.P.-Nick Carter M:.'JI) [>, in. WOP.—-Quiz Show WABC—Death Valley Days WATR-WJZ—Town MeuthifT WEAF—Music of thu Evcninfr fi:00 p. m, WOR—Gabriel I-Jeattcr WEAF—Music Hall Pork Loins, Hams, Canned Fish Will Again Be Rationed Washinmon, Ail^-. 30- -('UP) — Pork loins, h.'irns anil c.'iniuid fish «o b.-icit tin the ration list Sunday. The Office of Price Administration says puint values are beinfr sIa|i|>oU hack on pork loins and ha:iis. \\'holi; hams avern^u values a seasonal declini; in bulclierinjy. The now jiork values ranjrc from four to oit,'hi points per uouncl for loins rind two to nine points Tor hams, Who.'e hams average vaucs fire abniu two points hiffhiM- than Hie level that prevailed before pork was removed from the ratio list. ! At tlv; s.'ini.; time, utility prra j or Ijcof anrl lamb v.-ill be mod ' point-frco. But point values fo i cnnnv.ereial. vrood y.r.i.1 choif<: buut j steaks and roasts will continue ;i j thrir present high hvi'l. ; i'^oinl. \-alues will ho increase for cheeses and for processed but tcr and counlry-bLitter. Cr.j.imerj butter will retain its present value The point value on. cheese i bcinfr raised beoausc civilians ar buying fastor than is allowabl, under the supply ai;oi.-a;.nd by th< War l''ood A«ministrai ion, The ra linn coat >;oe.s up from t.w;i to Toui points |,nr ii'iuiK.! !.(» s!i.»v^ purcliascs Ch"ddiir .-'lid C"lhy chocses wil RO up to lli points, cream and Nctif fi six, and S\viss. Liinbur^- er fi.nd Jtalian to ei^ht. The new \-a.luny will continue IhruUK'h Sr-ptoiiibor 2nd. JJOV KILMCI) Bedford, Mass., Au«. 10—(UP) — A five-year-old boy ha--' boon hilled by a passing truck. David S. Beyer of Bedford died after falliafr beneath the vehicle. [SOME DUMB LX'Ci I BROUGHT ETTA LASTNK5HT AND PAN . • ... .--«—|7H/2U,' t ^^ hir.' ••t*i MIYA VJHAT 7DVOUE F5NCE .* ND IS SHE GOING .TD.GcT A BAWLING our.;' { SAID HE FELL ASLEEP PAtl, KOBrNSON /WHAT S| DO VA M~ AN 'Kit TOO.? BUY WAR BONUS AXU STAMPS Getting Closer To Paris By ROBERT STOKM IF THAT <SUY CROP5 HANCS/ LET Wl/v, HAVc [TrisM.-Vi'rrnetJNg SLAZINS, BLUE-JAW'S MEN DASH curj\"ro TI^B M ' ^^^^smm eia ••§»; - ; i^^:^«»—^-^s'-i Wfe •••isSfc-x^ate-.'K.ii^i.fl- ' '^^m^^ BAUNEV GOOGLE .VXD SNI7FFV SMITJ-I BILLV 1>E BECK STopr-SHUX, SLOVJO OOWM \X)U\STLE ''VAOLLER, GOOGLE I'CA ft CITIZEN OF OP TW---UH DKICK BKADFOJiU lly W-II.I.r.\M KtTT GRAf O.K.. SANDV - NOT A SOUL IN SIGHT-YOU CAN RISK A; PEEK OUTSIDE.' G0.6H, BRICK, WE SURE ARE UP PLENTY-HIGH.'t Y£S, BUT NOT HALF A6 GOOD TO AE A6 THAT BALCONY I BELOW THIS WINDOW.' TME PALACE PARK LOOKS PURTY FROM Y UP WERE ll/GGS AN'IJ SKKETJSJ1 YOU PLAYED 10 GAMES MONTLI AUD vjow ALL OF TUEM EACU FCG A 25<t SIDE &ET AkID STILL YOUP CLU6 T(?eAS- "Wf UCY IS IW TUE ^.e, RED FOR.p^._ 0 ^V*iS^^i "' ^ ure w« might have a little timo to play in the sand!" ' ^ „ AJ ,^A V _ J ^ ^X* -\n Atnrrienn ;;rn-Ofi':! c:ir IHOVRS thron<;|i Hie riiCuntly occupied MUJ-- (in Mir. riisul In I'aris, Tlic sin'ii mi tin- riKhl imlic.-itos Ilia dif« to AliTi'on 'and Paris, wlticli i« ^c",'! Irili'inctcrs, or nlionl; IfiO inilex ilislitiit, Latest reports place MIL- Ymik forces within 1UO mill's of I'aris,'U- S, Signal Cor]is JKudioplioto. (Interiiutional SoiuiUphoto) TMATS IMPOSSISLET-YOU" OOSUT TO HAVE «& S.-SP IM TUE &LACfi- YOU BE'r'TH CHECK UP ON YOOC CLU& x TEASURF-Rf WELL Uo\y OO YOU ACCOUMT FOC A^c 1 .^ 0 DEFICIT WUEW YOU SUOULD SHOW A . r— ' 5p PLUS &ALANCE-' By WAtLV BISllOr 1 COULDNT RUN FAST EWOOSH WUEM WE &COI4E <SENSMYECS WINDOW IM TUE LAST GAME .' -JlA |i-~^f

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