Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 8, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1968
Page 7
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[-.Monday, April 8,1968 SIDE GLANCES By GILL FOX CARNIVAL n (AftK) STAR, Printed By Offset By DICK TURNER FLASH GORDON ' ^W¥M f «n ,--:nnd ytir^j M*?t Ifc&JSL,' '4 '/$ IX.I 6, Mt«, l~ TM l.| (!', f.l OH FLASH HAS ACTIVATED SOME OP £<5ON'S "WNI- BUS " MITTERS AMP THEM WITH RAUCOUS 0IS56NANT MUSIC ...TORTURINS THE EAfiSOFESON BLANT'5 gNSLAVED SUBJECTS. TH£ CONFUSION SRtAKS HYPNOTIC 5PELL.. FLASH A^J^T •' , >, 'fwfe dfiiL iow«*ii*ij • •, CONFRONT EACH OTHER lM ''i / ^ THE BORN LOSER By ART SANSOM "I know I h«iven't given you a date yet, Millard, but you're still my very favorite permanent-type backlog!" OUT OUR WAY By NEG COCHRAN "Maybe things were a lot cheaper 35 years ago, Cramps, but people didn't have the credit to pay for them!" SA.V, MAVBE SCME # THAT £Ml£K£M */O HOW ABOUT APP16 PI6 AMO-A I/COME OSJ, WART,--DOM'T) /MOT FOR ME ,THEV AIKO'T.' IF \ II II I^T *^1T TMPPF" AKIPi ^^"^ I T-i_lCrDe l« AiiVy-^-»^\r-»ni»tru ' 1 1 JUST SIT THERE AMD MAKET FACES AT THE IS AM V GOOP IW 'EM. T AlW'T EMOUGM TO MAKE UP I SPINACH AMDTURWIPS.'j ( FOR TH'6OOP IT TAKES OUTA J! EATUP--THEVRE? ' \ GOOD FOR. V rp ME- TO FORCE 'EM DOWN.' QUICK QUIZ Q — How early did pews appear in churches? A—Pews did not appear in churches until about the 13th century. In earlier days people stood or knelt for the various parts of a service of Christian worship. In Europe the Eastern Orthodox churches, in many instances, are not equipped with pews, but the people stand for the long liturgical service. Q —W h i c h 20th • century f American president did not ' attend college? A—Harry S. Truman. TIZZY BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG oeaoeo TO Give vou A QAISE, ON CONDITION x- TMAT VOU ( OON T ACCEPT — — WMAT'S TMEftE TO TMlf^K OVECl? W6LL, I'D LIKE TO MAV6 SOM£ TIMS TO THINK IT OV6Q by Kate Osann ALLEY OOP OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE UM.YA'S, CLYDE, BUT EVEN WITH 'A „: THOSE OBVIOUS APVAt-JTAG&6 ij \1 1-4 AVe A LOT OF HARD WORK - iHE A,E> OF ME /— HAK- KA£F /•— CAN-/[ I'M CURRENTLV PREPARIM6 A ?|/'DlPATt-::nE- ?KOP)l POSiTiON PAPER ON RULE'S HAVt- , cLAivv. Ht -u-tOuLDlV FOR OUR NATIOMAL POOL YOUR LjkBt'OJNC' MMLr:TiC)V.__, TOURNAIvSEMT / If Ml "| A.NL? COMPL f'Tt LV, (.ONCbPf O^V &F. LiFVAHl.L .' / /•' , ' <' M,& & ! : WW l! ?'-•:/fffliwi V <• •» J«u -'" ••« at '- °"j By V. T. HAMLIN YEH, JOE, THAT'S WHAT IT IS ...A f BUT THAT'S PTERODACTYL! I IMPOSSIBLE... ...THERE HASNT BEEN l^V**?"** 0 **^ MAKES POC'S T1ME- A PTERODACTYL. X...OR AT LEAST \ MACHINE LOOVC ON THIS PLANET / THAT'S VWAT WE \ PRETTY GOOD, FOR OVER FIFTY I WERE TAUGHT I DOESN^T IT? MILLION YEARS... V BACK AT MINES.' CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER NO. HE GOT AWAY BEFOfJE HI5 TH' COPS I PE5CKIPT10XJ W$ E-ROAPCA5T! WARBED V Af 4 HOtP-UP POE5KJ-T RATE*«UR HI- ^^ A PRASWETJ ^ JACKER, 'Dee Dee has done a lot of traveling, but it's been only on the school bus!" I HEAR MR. B06ER WAS OFFERED flOO.OOO POR PATA. HAP REPOR.TEP HE 5U5PECTEP TH GUY... AWO TO L£AP HIM ow: LA5T NIGHT IT RftIP OFF1 TH 1 RAT MADE HI9 OFFER, AMP WA9 WE PUNWO YET WOT FIRM HE REPRESENTED'. HUNOERP GRAWP.EHT I HOPE ALL OUR PROJECT STAFF ARE ABOVfe k TEMPTATION)! BUGS BUNNY By RALPH HEIMDAHL PRICILLA'S POP By AL VERMER / BUTCH JOMES IS APTER ME, ( SYLVESTER'. IP HE ASKS, 'IM I TOOK A BUS TO LAKEVILUE'. y . .. V/HAT WAS \ THE NAfAE OF \ THAT CITY AGAIN, SICE? I SHOULD HAVE TOLD M3U 1 HAVE A HAVE VOU SEEN THAT MANGY I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT RAIN SEEPMNG- IN,' I'M WORRIED ABOUT MASHED POTATO SANDWICHES SEEPING OUT/ U TME DIPLOMAT. OUR TOP WATERPROOF RA^^4 CAN FRECKLES By HENRY FORMHALS THE WILLETS By WALT WETTERBERG f a ((•5 PONiE CAME FROM WIMoTiP OF A PREH15- [,. TORIC PTEROPACTVL----AND OUC LOCAL MU5EUM HAS PDF A PRICE OM tVE-^ POME tT / WiLL i TELL PRICE, YOUP BETTEK sir DO\VN sou T^E- ) ETTEK / you BEEM ^NlQW.Nj TO FAlNiff , W IHt k) NU, l«l 1 x «•' ' '^•i-- V^ *=%a^ ^^~' ^ '' "-*••- ^i**^^'ri EEK & MEEK By HOMER SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI ' VOUV6 J'JiT A PERFECT, GUCT- V.

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