Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 4, 1928 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Thursday, October 4, 1928
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, t *•* mUTH DOUBLED AND IN ALSO HIT A DOUBLE The Fourth Inning Ruth Hooked Owe of Sherdel's Slow Ones for Another Double And Mensel Knocked a Hom« Eon Into The Bight Field Bleachers? Musi By William J, Chipmnn. (Associated Press Sports Writer) York. Ott. 4.— <A.P.)—For to its basetoail life. New Ycrt a "home t*-am" town today ths embattled Yankees pluatwd in their Harlem rirer citadel fcgatofet an expected onslaughts by * L ~ St. Louis Cardinals. Father rbocker was !n ths first stage its fifteenth Modem World but it might well have I the |3&i ef for his first, with 75,000 marching upon the Ruppcrt an eager to yell the home on to victory. SJcatlons of Indian summer sun- Inc fired the baseball spirit as it not been fired for years past this vicinity. The ominous |shfw!ow of Wee Willie Sherdcl. lie left-handed magic, remained the path of the Yankees, but ew York fans were willing to string Waile Hoyt— -and the sort fight with which the Hugmen themselves along to the aerican League pennant by their bootstraps, Cripples Improved. The Cardinals still were favored take the iserles; but word had {spread over city of the gay capers [Yankee cripples cut at the tsadlum I yesterday when the sunshine finally japeared and really gave them a [chance. Earl Combs was' definitely lOUt or the fight, with Benny Paschal [And Cedrlc Durst scheruSed to alternate In his place, but the other [Yankee cripples were up and about I and the Babe was almost playful. in bulk showed" a disinclin- Strike one, called. Ball one, low; Frisrh took Bcngough'R hopper and tossed him out. N« Rons, No Hit*. No Error*. ThM Inning. Cardinal*—MHranvllIe up. Strike or,?. csiJlM. Ball one, high. Ball two. outside, rifii! three, inside. Strike two, called Foul. Foul. Ruth took Maranvillc'r, fly. Shcrdel up. Ball one. inside. Strike one, called. Shertfrl fouled out to Dugan. Douthit up. Bengough took Douthit's pop fly over near the Cards' bench for a thrilling catch. No Rons. No Hit*. No Errors. Ynnkrw—Hoyt up. Ball one, low. outside. Maranville made A wonderful one hand catch of Hoyt'g pop foul near the left field boxes. Paschal tip. Strike one, called. Ball ation to keep an all night vigil for • unreserved seats. The New York [bleacher patron has learned that I an early start to the stadium on day of a game will place him 20.000 fortuaates—who a world scries game for Ftrtt En Line. Taylor. 74-year-old Texan, the honor of b«lng the first in for the bleacher tfckete. cheer «**e «i tho Yan- were tossing the ball around picture men anajpahotttd tiaittUa »* be w out c the - umpires discussed ind rules with Capt Prison ot Cardinals and Coach OXeary of ! Yank tea. Ruth got* a good hand as he hobbled out to right field. He JUoped perceptibly as he trotted along. There was some delay until the photographers could get off fchft iieW. - -Royt wanned up leisure- Jy in the box. First Inning. Cardinals — Duotbit up. Umpire Owens insisted that photographers one, outside. Ball two, Douthit snnrc-d Panchal'n high fly. Koenlfj up. Foul, strike one. Strike two, called. Frlscli tossed Koenig. No R«ni, No Hits, No Error*. Fourth Inning. Cardinals — Tho crowd Meranvlllc as he walked cheered to the bench. High up. Strike one, called. Ball one, outside. Foul, strike two. Ball two, high. Ball three, outside. High fanned, swinging for the third strike. Friarh up. Strike one called, Frisch popped out to Bengough who raced to the screen to make the catch. Bottomley up. Ball one, Inside. Foul, strike one. Bottomley grounded out to Oehrig, unassisted. No Rons, No Hits, No Errors. Yankees—Ruth up. Strike .one, called. Ruth got a double Into center field, hooking one- of Bherdel's slow balls. Oehrig up. Ball one, outside. Ball two, outside, Sherdei tosed out Gehrlg at first. Ruth holding second. -Meueel -up.- J3&n one, low outside. * Ball two, low, outside. Foul, strike one. Ruth and Meusel scored, on Meusel's home run into the right field1»leachers._ The:crowd went into an uproar. lazzeri up. BaU one, outside. Foul, strike one. Laager;! .,,_"„ .. _. the plate! Dugan up, Ball one, ou£ tide.- Ball two, low. Strike one, caUiKL J^aranville went back twae's hoist. Baas, Two Hits, No Error*, felfth Inning, Cardinals-^The boys in the left field stands -whooped it up for Meu- oel while Ruth also came in for big hand for his second double of the game. Hafey up. Ball one, outside. Strike one, swung. Strike two, caU«L This was a faat ball on the outside of the plate. Ball two, low. Hafey struck out for the second ;lme. swinging for the third strike. Harper up. Ball one, outside. Ball be off the field before he permitted two, high. Harper singled into left Hoyt to pitch the iirst ball. Douthit polished' his bat with some dirt and stepped to the plate. Ball one, inside. r- 8fcrike~one, -called.- This- was a fast one on the inside: foul, strike two; ball two, high, inside. Douthit out. Lazzeri to Oehrig. High up. The Yankee outfield came close. Foul, strike one. High sent ap a high Oy to P&schaL Prlseh up. The crowd applauded the New York boy, Ball one, high outside. Strike one, called. -This JS&s a dree curve over the plate. Ball two, high. Sail three, outside. Strike two, called. {tat- Koenig threw out Frisco at field for the Cardinal's first hit. Wilson up. Foul, strike one. Strike two, swung. Wilson forced Har- pers-Lazsert to-Koenig.- MaranviU^ up. Strike one, called. Ball one. Wilson went out stealing, Bengough to Koenig. No Boos, One Hit, No Errors. Yankees—Bengough up. Frisch raced in fast to take Bengough'i roller and tossed him out. Hoyt up. Hoyt got a hand for his fine pltcli- two. swung., Foul. Ball three, low, in- Sans, No Hits, No Error*. Yankees—Paschal up. Strike one. Ball one, outside. This was Foul, strike two. This a long drive into the left field Paschal filed out to Hfrfe up. Strike one, called- twor—eaUe&— Bfeerdel was the, corners of the plate and outside. Bail one, two, outside. Hafey Koeaitfs fly. Ruth up. The Cardinal outfielders backed up. BaU ,«», taj&fe. Strike, one, c*lled. Ball Rutn got « double in- £ir$t- h.tti one, called. Ball Strife* two, called. Ball ball ball two this one; A high one to Kan, Two Second •rtUaals—-The scored on Gehrig's "eid bleacher Strike one, s; strike two. had Meusel seat fee bleachers cheered auttt to th« ky up. Ball one, odled. Hoyt ________ swung. f to bjt tb* cripiile but Fotd. Bottomley wa» » tewe on b&Jis, the lourtlt being low and 09 the Inside Foul, striice QQ& Bifiki! . swung. Hafey fsuiaed, Uktag strike. > Harper up. Foul, strike one. *ere working the hit Harper iouied the filed Wit to. Paschal. * oytside. Hoyt Itot. Se Cnmc, Haley long »^ near up. JEtell inside. . BU'ike Ball two. high. side. FouL Hoyt rolled weakly to Prisch and was thrown out at first. Paschal up. Strike one. called. Ball one. outside. Ball two. low. Paschal pop filed out to Harper. No Bans. No Hita, No Error*. WILLIE SHERDEL SIIMMAEY] T-—^—,——^~, ,.,..._.„___/ iiw ce Of The Farmers Overcome If The rtblicang Win J'«y Byron Prire K?orifi(pd TiT-w Staff Writer) 'rifirrk. *J. P.. Or*. •!. —<AP.) ton! month o{ the Uw> Promirieni lawyer Was One Of The Men Mwrdercd In Intr-rior (U.P.) -Four murder*, belirrrd tn ' of political onsin, occurrr-d on rsn>}>siig:n with Co Jim York—Van iir.n«1 ' klndllns to firebrand' Rn(mo«itv tcfn — Russian nd trmty receh-ftl. York — M.«*> West Man." ra.idcd who play, ' Infrrest In liquor huslnww, agriculture still drmu-Rnrt on? of thrm nishtof Sfpt<-m!srr30at S«n Murm.i Malone, N. Y. — Governor Smith about 15 m«e5 «oi!thwr^i of Jinote- 1 orrien? invwtlgafion info report of ga, it berntne knnirn hw today. | firir.ttlrmlin? by utat* police of Mn-s- mm murd^-rrd werp; wna robbi nbout ""rH«!».l murder " cor th*. HberM t«rty. Ret, Th" Jour s J«nn Carlo.< ' MrntlHa. a prominent Irvaryrr of, loot in two daylight hold-ups. glng very henvllv on the wheels o! . , „.., ~ . " candidacy In the rior- ! Mnnnpua. ! Ashrr. Okla.-Three rob bank, Wd- northwest. j NOIM- of tho bcxli^i ravp Indira- ' nn P lr "? casntrr nntl preRlclcnt. Ju»t as the democrat* have awak- , tlons of robhrry and thi. 1 ^ Ird BU-J Fortljrn ened nt the iseriousnesH of the anti- i thorifiw to believe that ths immlrrs- Belgrade — Albanian troops kill Smith movement in the ?=outh, so Jmd bc-cn commuted a.i a result of | fight Jugoslav soldiers on Jugoslav republicans here In the north- 1 the tension of the presidential race. ; soil. ' states no longer speak of j Only the barest details have, anti-Hoover farm movements as! reached Manaeua, owning to tlwj -Retiring Archbishop of *_ .1 »m.vUi. They realize that thrmiRh Poor cowm«nlca«ons from the in- reception, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Da-. Innd. NeHhc-r tlw marine hcadquart- . Muana—Rjvcra reviews result* of kotas they must turn in and fight, j CIT, nor the American electoral com-i fivr >'<"ftfs in power, outlines pro- and they are doing it. mission has received offlclal advices! by Both. Wor*h Dakota Is one of the slates of the murders. The electoral commission an- both parties are claiming Just! nounced, however, lhat the murders with much earnestness. But hnrt not affcctrcj the rrglstratlon in-i OH twch macs tnese Claldas arc cou- • asmucn as llK-y nad been committcd t B *""," Sport Wcstbury. N. Y.—Argentina teats U. 8. polo team. 10-7. R»lMrtKH-e-~earazen defeats with a reminder that much work remains to be don« before election day, and there arc leaders among republicans and democrats alike who eay quite candidly, when they speak privately, that if the elec- |ion were held today it might very turn out a horse race. Thus has tradition become distributed in a state which four years ago stood by Coolidge In the face of the t«aFollette crusade and gmve Davis but 13,000 votes out of a total of nearly 200,000. Governor Smith recently has traversed the state..and hla western flings at the republican farm policies were br6adciu>Tln : er~the north-; ', west. On his trail liave come a j vj swarm of republican spellbinders, in- j eluding Senators Brookhart and J Borah, "preaching Hoover. The outstanding state leaders of }organ (sa tio£vs, are, in turn. redoub- Itag their pleas that Hoover be defeated. Had Trying; Times. Although North Dakota was not hit by the period of in tlie farm states, bar far- axsd busteesf s*an aevesr-thn- Jess Have fussed ftirotigh some try- "~g times. ' SUM* tfovember 1. 1820. them have b*tm 367 Krmanent 'failures among North Dalbta banks. Land values decreased, Prohibition is talk- far from the %-oting Rrn»r.. The registration continues heavy. Wednesday was the fourth registration day anJ while no figurrs were available, there was n good turnout. There were no disorders reported, Both the liberal and con-wrvatlve parties claim good majorities, but] indications were tliat the registration was running very close. Hoover-Democratic Movement Has All But Ended Says F. D. Roosevelt ed about, but with no great enow the navy who was nominated of confidence on either side. The state is rated normally dry, yet a large percentage of its country population Is German and wet. The re%S0us issue has had little public nretaicenoe. Cardinals — Maranville up. Ball one. Inside. Foul, strike one. Mar- »nviU« was trying to cyt the iall into right field. BaU two, inside. Maranville filed out to Ruth, who took the ball near the foul line. Sherdei up. Ball qne, outside, Foul, strike one. FtouJ, strike two. Hojrt was working very deliberately, tak- ? ing his time between each pitch. Foul. Foul, FouL Bheniel miaedjha third strike. Doutblt up. |teU one, low. Strike one, called. Haft burned this one across the heart of the plate. Foul, strike two. Ball two, outside and low. Ball three. This one curled around Douthit's head. Douthit was ticketed to first. High up. Strike one, swung. High filed out to Meusel. Bans. Ne Hits. No Errors, Yankees—Koenig up. Ball one. outside. Strike one, called, Sher- dei tossed out Koenig at first. Ruth up. Strike one, called. Strike two, F1IXT ATTACK He Will Start Second Tour Next Week In The East And May Reach South Warm Springs, Ga^ Oct 4--(A.P.> —On Ure eve of his departure today for Columbus, Ga., Cleveland, Ohio, and Boston, to speak on behalf of the democratic national tic- la*. Franklin D. Roosewtt said the southeastern states, wcuM give Governor Smith a large marjortty on election day. The former assistant secretary of he navy who was nominated by New York democrats tliis week as candidate for Governor declared the "so called Hoover democrat" movement in South Carolina and Florida, Alabama and Georgia had all but collapsed. On the basis of observation in the two weeks he lias been in the south, Mr. Roosevelt was of the opinion that the only Hoover vote from people "who formerly called themselvss democrats" in those states would come from a handful who will vote "not for Hoover but against Smith e« the simple anil clear ground that the latter is a Catholic." Asserting that he also had favor- Birmingham—Houston wins Dixie series. Chicago—White Sox bow to Cubs In city scries opener. Chicago—Jockey Shropshire hurt In fall during Lincoln Fields race. Lexington. Ky.—Contender lowers a world's record to 2.08 '.4 in grand circuit. San Francisco—Sacramento and San Francisco both win, remaining tied for Pacific Coast League pennant State Peoria~Th* Illinois convention of the Disciples of Christ elected the Rev. L, a. Huff of Taylorvllle as president: Mrs. O. U. Collins, Peoria, vice president; the Rev. U. H. Jen- aer. Niantic. secretary-treasurer, and the Rev. E. H, Clifford, East MoUne. press secretary. Chicago—Western republican headquarters announced that State Senator James J. Barbour of Chicago would *d4ress a - republican mass meeting at Rock Island Oct. 9. Brownlnfi—Coanty *»- gan an Investigation of the death of James Day, aged fishwmac, whose chacred body was found In the ruins of his houseboat Friday night. JOCKEY AT Democratic Ohairman Declares Prices Have Far Outrun Their Vaiues Democrat Says Hoover And Smith Have Same Ideas On TJhe Jkyilaaue New York, Oct. 4.— (AP.)— Jolm J. Baskob. democratic national chairman and prominent stock mar- By Gordon K. Shearer (United Press Staff Correspondent) fcet operator, in denying any aetlv-• ity in the present "bull market," jjgrfyipttfi today that security prices have so far outrun their demonstrative values that a- "material readjustment is necessary" before they will -again be attractive for in- calted. This on*, outside. was a floater. Ball two, low. Ball Ball euWde. »*Hgi»i, three, inside. Sherdei was feeding —— —**— to Ruth. tstktog « third strike. Geh- qp. Ball one Utsicte. Foul, Bail two. Inside. Frisch Ochrif at first. Bnr«rs. went in stand*. U Halt-y ujx fly iv Meusel, to the sm. This opinion of the former chairman of the finance committee Qf Genera} Motors Corporation is in sharp aentr&st to optimistic views he hks'held for some time previously. »-. "News paper statements and gos- Muskogee Okla Oct HertttlHooVer wS have 4 — ator Joseph T. Robinson, democratic nominee for vie® president, said to his third Oklahoma address h«re last night. "I agree with every word of Hoover's acceptance declaration against By D. Harold Oliver. (Associated Press Staff Writer) Albany. N. Y., Oct 4 — Governor Smith is proceeding with the mapping out of, his future campaign plans along lines which he believes are most effective in tlie light ol experience gained from his i ir.ft two weeka invasion of the west. White keeping silent on the number of speeches he expects to deliver on his second swing beginning JQfiKt weak, and where th*y will take him, tins democratic presidential nominee la expected to chart his Republican Candidate To Forget Politics Today To Watch Races By Kenneth O. Crawford. (United Press Staff Correspondent) ante reports from North Carolina.) Chicago. Oct. 4—(UJ>.)—Senator Mississippi, Louisiana. Texas and; Charles Curtis, one time Jockey, will Oklahoma, the New York nominee i watch the races today from the oth- believed that "a flood of scurrilous • w side of the rail as a potential next and disgusting" literature in tne j vice-president of the United States, south will prove to be a blessing be- ] He will be the guest of Stuyve&ant cause^at_hnri resulted for the first • JEteabody, president of - the Illinois j time in a generation in a definite j Turf Association of the Lincoln!___« «.»^^™,», democratic campaign organisation! fields track and for this .one day! MRS. OALDWELL Persistent Work Done Along la«t Coast, His Advisers Say By Jamrt L, Wrst ! Prrw StAff Writer) Wsyhin^ton. Oct. 4 ~-<A.PJ— ffts nttrntlon wnUrrd now upon th* present rxingnticlM of tJw eamjmlgn, Herbert Hoorpr is lra*insr to the future his ptrcisp program for the closing d.^ys of the pre*t4ftnt!9.l con* tost. His chief concern for the tteae being is the eastern sector of the cean- try from which he rpwlvtd varying reports as to the ouiSook. SOIBK of are of R very pcssirotetJe nature while others are leas gloomy. Assessing the whole, trffi WpuBH- can presidential candidate ia con- viriet'd that the n ' fiaht te atong the eastern Atlantic seaboard, from Jersey's shores to the point where brgln.1 the rock-lined coast of Maine, and his efforts arc directed toward strengthening the party ramparts there. Leaders In that section belisye. that his personal vlsiu io New York City nnd New England will be ot great benefit. ^Voiv Ks ciG£c$t&3ury Such party warhorses as Moses of New Hampshire and Reed of !%nn- sylvanla, have frankly told the candidate that persistent work must fcc done in the east if the party ia to hold ground which ia national elec- tufas it usually has been reasonably certain of long before election day. The situation in the south also Is one to which Hoover is dlrcctips gome of his fncrglgf gnd his .person^ at bid for support in that section will be made Saturday in his visits to Elizabethton and Johnson City/ Tenn.. in both of which, towns be will make addresses. While the candidate himself Is directing much of his energies to the territory lying to north and south of his personal headquarter* here, the west ia by no means betas; neglected, with the campaign thtrc. bdng^p^^d vigorously fiy Benator Curtis. viCA-preaidential candidate, ami by Sen»tfflr WlHiaw jg, Botsfc, of Idaho, who is isowRrins much ~* tfee territory tmverssl bj{ tixs cratlc presldeatiaj csndidste, .!. ; On his U'lp to mtzabBtbtun; oporr which he sets out tomorrow Bight.* Hoover will be accompanied by Mn. Hoover, their son, Herbert, Jr.. and George Akerson, his personal assistant. There will be a brief rear platform talk at Bristol. Va.. tha first stopping place. Leaving Bristol, tit It a. m., the special train will proceed to Childers where the party will traas-- fer to automobiles for a trip through the principal streets of EStrabctrtton, Early in the afternoon Hoover will, proceed to the fair grounds to speak; at 3 p. m. Entraining again at Elizabethton, at 5:15 eastern standard time, tho Hoover npsrty will "proceed-to John-eon City. After a second Address Rt the soldiers home Hoover will motor into Johnson City to be the guest of the Chamber of Commerce at A dinner. He will depart at 7:15 p. m. central standard time, arriving ia Washington at 8 a m. Sunday, after an ab- of exactly 33 hours. . to work for the jjaUonal ticket,. j will forget his campaign for the I Mr. Roosevelt will address a dem- : second highest office in the land. i ocratic rally at Columbus. Ga.. to-; Curtis has only two hobbles, poll-' night and speak In Cleveland on i ties and horse racing. Knowing his' Saturday. . ' - THREE TOWNSMEN TENNESSEE BAit SMITH ATTACKS PREVIOUSLY HAD ATTACKED SMITH weakness for the sport, friends here Roanoke, Va.. Oct. 4.— arranged a visit to Lincoln Fields, j Democratic county headquarters He will be taken to tlie track. 39 j here made public last night an af- mlles distant, in the private ear of fivavli hi which It was charged thafe J. B. Ford, president of the C. and ali (AJP.) — Ql\ % aftemoou. spoke last night -at Memphis, Tetin Oct •* comae around the eastern half of j William D. Upsbaw robably takuig a dip, speaking tour in Missw^ppt ,„ ,,„-!„ „. , south" before touch- position to tha candfdiai af GovJ HoQverTCurfvt8 dub - 1 " states, and then ernor SaiiUi. has been denied the with speeches to! right to speak in Goodman Bates- states, ville and Slarimlie. town of Bates- charged Mrs. Willie W. Caldwell, repubUcaa committee womaBTtor giiua. in a speech last April, mad« Au-! a direct attack against Governor , «.^,n«u Theater to members and ! Alfred ~E. Smith, democratic "nom>« op-!?^^^J^,;.? Wtt ^-^^ ri <^h!«.J«~««_«'.w» «^fc*^a lUgh£r trip WiU take * nd the nominee will dis- the ^^ Cathullc i^teeUve Caldwell was quoted "D»'t »et Al Smith, as saying: slum vill« yesterday to to said, " do not understand that Gov. Biulth takes any different view. "The point is that it is a far sip which "have accredited recent j itched construction to say that Mi-, spectacular advances in certain se- Hoover's expression is a declara- cumies to my activity in the stock market," be said, "are entirely without foundation for two very good certain that he will reserve th« fintil week of the campaign for a whirlwind finish in the Atlantic seaboard states. His speeclies then be in more rapid order and . f will be confined to the strip between Boston and Baltimore, as «e!l as those cities, with New York getting th*- ftaal adflress on the fiaturcJiiy night before election. of the tuur "speak W. a. EUis tx>- Wh ! re SW:aker at a Definite announcement, schedule for tha n»ixt tion against modification of the _. —,.,™e .— coastituUan resi»«ting prohibition."! will be m&4e by tte~ governor" mu£ rtobirwJa quoted Bira, Mabel W«l-! sell to a few days. ker Willebrandt as having sstiA that reawna. "In the first place, skice I have} prohibition "tias not had a chance"! TIT ft Tflf 1% f 1? taken this position as democratic owing to attempts, first to enforce | W uationul chairman I hav.e not been Ut through "fanaUtjs" and then "fee- near my office and bave not pur- bte" efforts, "some x of them to crooked as to be a burning dis- the chased any stock wiiateoever. "In the tecond place, it ia nay opinion that security prices have so far outrun demonstrated , values, earning power aud dividend Jeturus that a material readjustmeiit if ru;.- before they wiB agitiu be attractive to the prudent investor. The course of the bond market is a good indication of where tiie' investor stands in relation to present security prices. Dividend return* are; low and money ratty are high." (K31AM TEIF SUNDAY Berto. Oct. 4— <AJP,>-~-Th* new Oraf W0 rse said: "You ... „ wsv ^ diUona toan thoae which"prevail ~™" i repuMcan centers like with respect to violations of tha prohMtioa laws. USAMATIC CKJTfC rASSEO AWA¥ IN flight FATE OF DUT0H liticml leader of Holmes county told .™KrT 8 ^ by motor The Memphis CommerdW-ApiJeal ?* ht Bl ^ rt s »> eeches « that the Georgian^dlLot be G&ty ' Where te wili te iward m Goodman, whUte SJw?riff Brldgt-s dsdaned tiiat use of the courthouse at Starfcvilie would not be available to Up&haw. "Tin; atiii-Staith organization is paying exj>emes, and I am not receiving repuhUeau money," declared in a telephone to The Ccwawaei'eial-AsH "I thought tMa was a fee country devou-d to th* idteals of and I did not towiui had adopted toeuul tacUss." «.. * whom he called the j to the White House." fitted man la the United States J The affidavit was made by Geo, _,..„, ! V. Kelly, TassseU county Curtis will tour north-1 raiser and said Mrs. ipping for; speech was delivered at en route to Va., April 21. 192a Another affldm- ne principal ( vit made by W. B. Leslie. pubUatier rally. of the Clinch Vatoy News, said thai he li&d retid Kelley'a affidavit and that he believed "the same to b* substantially correct." IS New York, Oct. 4.— (A.P.) —The gak-laahed north Atlantic today of the Dutch Freigh-! UNKNOWN TODAY TBIED TO WIFE WIEE, BOTH DEAD hfld Miisiisippi j ter Celaetw, reported ainkiug with ", An atteinpt to ratupw & di»wnig«t govtwn-' her crew of 85 men. .. radio aerial wire Irom a powtr Faces Murder Charge Speeding to her rescue was the 4.000 volte cau«<i ttw~de*t& United States oo Sujodity. It . Attempt ta celiect s » «febt led to ' Uw e«ort The Ctemf on the A *"** on hour. Tr*«kr ra*k. which off Moot*u« of Hew York, Oet. «~-(|j.|».).. are mure titan to unuef cvuuvatwaisu. <;f * ck i * . eoi- r ol many olBrwdway'i, wort I«m- tic phra**, dted ot tout <tt- which to to tr pilot* UM! by to as j* w his wile *t~ itiaptn« to ttomv* tt» seulfaaics with, a BM>P ^vtiKii^. He f*ii 1U4 our, aeted lint SIM* %»! &g bi* wlfa w&n^d tiiss tii/nt tfa*» wiie' was alive U d*i*gkid off tiw mop b&twite aiMt twtet^d *roiutd Ms I*** taken to uiofctmis wh^t { wut itiil u<t>uud tuus. wfaiie hi* %il» sinp sprmog a ted teak, fbey; UEUT«W hu ju taa «Jkw$ tu« <usd m* " 1 " I ^' S up by tbe SteMMs* {ceivwi- th« iuH Uttm of «tw it. theia uito 3U«- wto

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