Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 10, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Five Thirteen Conn. Men Are Reported Wounded In Action Aug. .10—CUP)— The Nuvy di'|KU-tmrtU >:inriouncoH that Marine Private First Clii*; Rich- iiixl S. Allc.-n of .Itijt Compo i-cvul. Wi'slpoi't. hiiM hrirn. wounded in iirtu'ii. Additionally. th:.« riiuiioji of 12 Coniifuticut men wounded In fijjht- ini; in till' I'Jurupi'tm. MiidlU'rrun. .•iin. inul Soiitliwusi. fni'lric urittis, lire announced by the Wur department. Wound cnsiuilCic.i In the European iirru sii-i-: 1'rlvatu Stanley L. C'.euver of 27 ClfiiiUde avenue. lliii-Uoril. Private 1-Vter P. Cl.vne of 3-l(i ShrrniiijJ .-trt'ot. Now Haveiv. TfirhnicUin L'Mftli Crude John D. Gill <>f 'J',' Muthew.iuii street, Jow- vtt City. Ami Private Viral Class Earl W. Thompson of 1-M Purk terrace, H;irtfurd. Srvrn wonruU'U in tho Muditor- i-iiiivun ui't-n fitftuiiiK uro: f'rivuct! StephiMi. Buriiu.iy of 5X> I'iin- street, BridKeport. Private Andre U BibL-au of (1 Gii'iiridtre --^tri-'i't, VVnturbtiry. Private Alle M. Crar.imatlca of W Spftir street, TorrinKlon. (Vivace Snlvatoru Oujirnlfri of ','('• Chamborlaiii street, New H:i- Vfll. First Lieutenant Wilfred K. T,u:ij; of Wilton road. West Kidj;efieli.l. Second R o b e r t J. Martin of 13 Ced;ir street, Mail' rhi-sU'i'. Private William E. Murray of 3 Court plaCt;. Middlftown. And Private First Class John K, OmlriuU of 11 West street, New Britain. Ami Private First Class William C. Cibusky of 202 Warn.'! 1 , street. Brids.'i'purt. was wounded in tho Pacific area. Iriving Berlin Home Antrricii'n Ix'M-loved nni K »i m-i, Jrvlnj; Uerlin is shown on his ur- rlvul In New York, following u four-months overseas (our wUli the GI .show, "Tlii.s Is tlu< Army." Tin- show |>l:iyrd In Home, just u Week lifter the Eternal City's eiipdin- hy tin- iilh Army. (In- More Than 500 Nazi Submarines Have Been Sunk \Vusiiir.jaon, Aujr. 10—(UP)—An Anglo - American report. rt>ve;ils that TiOu German submnrinps hru-e h»'t-ii Miink sinnt; the war bej;an. Th.- first roport oa the iivcr-all rotnl of u-boat ---in)Jinj,'S wxa issued jointly niitht by President 1-ioosi'Vflt and l^rime MiaiM- («•!• Churchill. Sinci' D-Day— the report s;iid — 17 t.-ticniy subs hav*.' bet-n sunlt whilf atCi'-iiiptinir :o Interfere with oros^-chiinnt.'l shipping to aid thi- Allied invasion. Dnrinf' July, it udd'-d, L'-boat siitningti w> substantially j^reiLter than rm.-n'hacu ship losstrs. BEACON FALLS Corrc.«i>on<li:iit'M Large Attendance At St. Michael's Church Carnival s re Mi Anothor Inrpe ottuntlnnce wa corded las', nifrlit nt the St. ch:if>!'s cliurch carnival and bu'/.anr bf>inK lu-lcl ovcry ni^'ht this wei^k :it Noe's rii-kl. Tliu t-vont is prov- iiiK Citif o!' tlu> most^Muccrdsful in tlu> history of the; parish, rind RDV. J(-ronio Cook, pustor of th*. 1 cliuroh »'.xU'nd-s his tluinks and appi'(Vci:i- tion to .111 %vho :iro making ttu» uf- fair so out*tundin[;ly successful. In Full KlviT Mrs. Frank Smith of Railroad nveiuie is visiting with I'eiativi's in Pall River. Mass. Many Killed By Avalanche Visitln.; Ili-rc Knsipn and Mrs. Michael Hualy ,'iro Lhe quests of Mr. and Mrs. William Hoaly of Main street. T.n- sii.;n Hcaly has just returned from a lour of sea duty. Suldier Visitor Staff Soixi;riiu ICtlsvard Johnson of llie United States Army is sponcl- inK a furlough \vith his parents Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Johtiuon or' Bethanv. Syntiayo, Chile, Aiiff. 10—'UP) — One hundred and 05 persons are believed buried beneath the.- double avalanche that cavcfided over a mining runuiuinity in Chile Tuesday ni^ht. Kadio (•!• ports sny 2!' bodies hnve been, recovered from the crushed workers' IXiri'iickH. Korty-elKht pc.rsonu —all injured serioUNly---were taken out Of the wrecked buildings and mar.y oth- i-rs wi.'i'i! treated for slight injuries. At least 17 hoirdes '.vot'o destroyed by the clisiustcr. The mining 1 oen- t'-r is located in the. heart of the Andes ut (in altitude of 9.000 feet. Soldier I'runioteil Word has been received here to the effect that Staff Sergeant Ignatius Chi'.'OKki has recently received a promotion to sergeant technician. Ser.u'eant Chicoski is now believed to bo stationed in ISnfrlatul. 1-ut is reported to have talo'n part ;n tho invasion of I'"rance. Letters From Our Readers Fort Dix. N, J. Au«. 8, 10-1-I, A'aiiKJittick .Daily Is'ews, Dear I'Yi(.'nds: f nin writing you a few words to thank you for your kindness in sending me the littlu ndtc- book. It will come in rather hurtcly here in the Army. Wi> have been stationed here about six weeks now and I like It very much, Us near homo and I can fret home and see the folks once in a while. There ure a number of Nrtuffn- tuck boys here stationed In different outfits throughout the division. This is a K''"at change from Texas u'lu.-re \ve svere stationed about tf> months. T/ie country here In Ihe Knst's is God's country. Well I this is about all I have for nosv HO I think I will close. Thanks aK'iln for your Hi'' 1 Good luck to all of you, Sjs't. T. J. Sullivan. N'D liinco Frluay Thoi'O will be no binRo party on Friday at St. Michaels "church clue to the parish carnival being held ihis week. 10-Quart Cold Pack Canners In u I,Imili'd Qiiiintity Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NKAItY BUILDING Tel. 5212 BABY DIAPER SYSTEM Is At Your Service— Diapers Are Furnished .St-rvicird mill Dollvrrwl Uy Culling Wat^-rliliry «-«7M Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment BOMB 'KM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — Dcciui Kccords SWAN ELECTRIC CO. IS CIIUUCH ST. TKI.. 2574 BUV AM> SAVK AT TIIK HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL. 4M80 BOCCO RADO, Frop. ISrfilrM llflixlil III Gifts from Clync'M . . . and «n does everyone else. Drop in at CLVIS'E'S. Just few stops from Exchangd Place for restful, leisurely gift shopping. CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 IfurrfHon Avc. Wanted Part or fnil time help, male or fomalP. No experience necessary. CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TKL. 3678 Clix Blades HAIR NEEDS GLORIFY" YOUR HAIR WITH: Kr einl Shampoo Clix Razors . . 39 C PALMOLIVE Shave Cream 39 C and 27 C Both "Brushlcss" and "Regular" blended of palm and olive oils to give a ricli, soothing hither that quickly wilts the toughest beards. COLGATE Shave Cream Thoroughly cleans scalp and hair. TON 10 UP YOITR .HATR WTTM Special Drene 1 Qc and No other shampoo leaves hair .so lustrous, yet easy to manage. LOVELY' NEW MARCHAND'S Hair Rinse Mm [UNSES I W I Makes your hair more interesting, Not a bleach. . . not a permanent dye. Enjoy cither "Brushless" or "R;ipid" for quick, clenn, cool shaves. They soften tough whiskers in a jiffy and make shaving a pleasure. USE THIS SPECIALLY BLENDED Mar-O-Oil Regiihr for tiortnal htttr Super foamy lor oily hair 49 C and 49 C 20 £ and 10 C TI-MOAT V^-UR- 1-IAIf-t r PO Vaseline Hair Tonic For improviiiff (In? condition of the scalp and dressing the hair. KEEP IT HANDY! Vaseline io c JAR Jo-Cm* Hair Pomad« For dry or unruly linir. IQc HAVE LOVELY NAILS! Dr. Ellis REMOVER AND Nail Polish lft c I W HACK All newest shades. HAVE THAT "SKIN YOU LOVE TO TOUCH" iVooabuty. Cieam* \ ic 30c BE GLAMOROUS! USE WONDERFUL '* iPowdei 5 9 and COMPLETE BEAUTY CREAM* O:LY SKIN CREAM* VANISHING CREAM SPECIAL DRY SKIN CREAM ooavulySoap 3 fol 27 e POPULAR SCENTED Talcums TRY MINER'S PATTI-PAC Velvety glamour in cuke for in ALSO LIQUID MAKE-UP BASE 25 C andlO C Sec bom much lovelier you look than ever, before. . Sec how these exquisitely dainty scents help to refresh you on sticky clays. All your favorite brands. STOCK UP ON Puffs EACH Get several of these soft, velvety, peach-colored puffs. They're made of half velour and half brushed rayon.' . FOR BEAUTY USE MAKE-UP BY THE j 25 Odo-ro-no (tops perspiration, moisture tnd odor. EACH Created by men who make up the Hollywood Stars. Regardless of price YOU CAN'T BUY BETTER: * Eyebrow Pencil * Gloaming Cr««m * Dry Skin Cre»m * Foundation Cr»*m * Dry Roug» * Lipiticlt * F«c» Powd*r USE THE COSMETICS THAT STAY ON! Qet 2bon $uan Now you, too, can have a gloriously ilivc complexion . , . soft, glowing »nd romantic . . . that will stay frcih and lovely for hours without conMant retouching. Accentuate your charm . . . stay vivacious . . . young-looking! Discover this exciting new DON JUAN MAKE-UP TODAY. Lipstick .... I0c-25c Creme Rouge— lOe Dry Rouge lOe Face Powder. IOe-25e BE SURE TO GET Hinds for Hands 25 C and 10* /I HONEY OF A LOTION TO KEEP HAXDS SOFT.' HAVE LOVELY HANDS Jergen's Lotto 7V *> 39° Try it for bands, face or ft after-sharing lotion, DENTIFRICES TRY COOL REFRESHING Colgate Powder Use it to sweeten the breath. 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