Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 3, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1928
Page 11
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~« pV-.-.-^-- ^77 ,4'1 ^,—'• hs? •?«?%• tralta ha T****?! o-* 1. }«?« A i.WTJj? »!-;. f>ii! ",? "" nv of K<*r>*:>!V Tr-vn TVf! i *•<;> r-.t-.n. 7hls rcJ^tlrii, !» T wt>i;M rnf*.T» ft rBr on Hn-.-pmb-r 1 <>? bi!' Pf!,(X>0.or>o to Cin*!pf-r>fn! i hild fn his frsn lm«.fs Oh. m*st«- «f tlw thing t-r!'r:p-!-f--i i»-j'h 3 1 s noo or*) h!.-«h*j jrrf0*? rooming tj-cf »-lH b»- «t ) rr-nnty, brlf!?». fn T j ftnn tVwsr'STiv of OrlinTli?" i Bid |9,3PO. 35. ». RrrSnmf. COH , taw* St not. In *U ft* jtrsci tnvvHn^M St <t. 7-« t.o 1 1-4 icjs for rrnntriirllcn nf jnt*. Ws!fiu» Cr«-k. to h» Y 70. Jti?f, n ,.- K j rc ,,,.,i t Employment COL. LINDBERGH IS STEONG- FOR HOOVER Mist rri«.n'< fti- , I'ffl of her J!f*. JiJ'srt of -th? child railed lifter! tr."lB of'r 81. QS. H. ,1. M'.i'Ufr «!!«, »3 y." r«lit 3!0 I./y.-ust 8*., st t.?i« i !r ff-e*. ts'.ihpd. A rn tn . — I*-dy's (lark form*/! ff.u h«'. lrtbmi.n«M> dl«*r<'-<- Flrv!" i T3«-M. A utomof lr?€ ror BR! ring, with four (Kirrphlri-v J..11. Phort* oB3. it WCTXON p^ry <f*y Mils wprk unsold on all u«*d cars. This wf>fk itjf *t our new "uswl rot" kw.ntlon service department, 1207 E.-i»t tl% St. that rrMly locks fifod/run* fine. JtJIOK with rcintrr enclosure. JGLET ton truck, cab and fp*f£i bom body, xiwtl very Mule, nt ftg fjarttig. 8e« It, Ii reconditioned "Chryslers." tl nnd *errice<l. IKY OTHER CARS, nil styles r,lrr:; |atl<| price*. Remrmber $25 a day rc- lutrtlon every day thin wcrk. Conir j f>ALK:-.MAN, y. Terew end good ! ft A !, F ? f M A N"~t i "**• i f "h i p h""irn «1»~ T i 'he o f j r'njH.ry f»»fl and pouitry (iirrrt to th* rnrwumfr. This S« n re*I opportunity for a live wire. Must poKtfw * knnwl<xiK« of poultry oil- turf. Territory '« P'jton nnrt vicinity, fi?* Mr. Morton nt. Hofpl Nnehmn, TMxoT). ?!]. br-f-.T-fsrn 7 p.n<1 10 oVlrx'J?, Friday, OH. S. iBJH. RAI/F^MAN to H"ll ;i!:.rh BTR'Ie Sine of poultry ff-rri ntvi poultry fiiippllr* direr t to t!)?* consumer. Thl« l«i a rrsl opportunity fur n live wlr«. Must poRsrjs n kunyi'vli;" of poultry culture. Trrritory Is Uixon and vicinity. Hr- Mr. lionnn Rt tlntr-1 Wscrnrm, niton. Ill . r>r>f.' l !-en 7 ntnt 10 p. m. YOi'Nd MAN ior liKht- r.uwioor" work by loral irtnll coucorn. Oood proposition for live hustler who has a mtmi! amount tfi invest. C»n start nt once. Writ", f'.M.B.. earn Oaswtt*. COMFFTKNT niaUl for fcenensl JiGUBe- work. r)cn':f furnish reference*. Cull 1713 or wrlto Mm. D. B. Boga&rd, 203 W. Krvrnth t;t. J-I.UF.HLY LADY uV'cnrTtb7~chiltff(;n ilurlni: Klclitli CASH FOR DEAD ANIMALS «.St DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL COMPAWt day. Inquire B01 West BELL MOTOR SALES d ckr an4 «*rv1ce depart n*eut. 1207 S. Fourth St. Salim ctrpnrtmpnt, 434 Locust St. VALUES ALL THIS WEEK Hw.,a»w«. coach, extra good in every D*|y- NASH special sedan, used very llt- |tl«, price is no consideration, must go tala week. gnjDEBAKEIt coach, in perfect way below actual i 1034 model six cylinder tourings, IpttotuJ from 4300 to C42S. Here are |roal valuf*. Don't overlook them. CO DO DOE coupes at 8238 and 1275. sedan, an unusual value ut f$835. conp«, «tart*r, motor good. »SO. ' "~ MORE. uub~~vd"~ i& Y&dli££ttt& CXtT OffCf' if at all interested in a good IT; We, have thrse carloads of new in and must hav« is your oppoi. *. CTTY MOTOR CORPORATION CARS i CHEVROLET coach, slightly used demonstrator. In perfect me- condltlon. CHEVROLET .sedan, excellent ape in every way. Ride in it. CHEVROLET sedan, used very * as demonstrator, run less than I £000 miles and carries a atanclard FORD tudor sedan/ good con[•Ution and very reasonably priced.. CHEVROLET touring, motor | {completely reconditioned. touring, good shape, cheap. TELEPHONE 688 JYO-SMITH CHEVROLET SALES 618-515 LOCUST-8T. motion, outnUle work* Write "O," fnri^ Gfi'Ttto. KXl'EHItNCED fiiufilc mnn to work on Tiirm. Mnrfe Tyiie. l*'j rnUrs west of Rock Fftllv ifOU5E-TO-HOUHE"iwil'rRp*op!.e"to"w!i Edlnon MaKda lamps. Apply at Pree- mnn's Electric Bhop. HOUBEKEEPEir"wnntedT Wrlte^ P.~O". Box 8S. Hock Fnllii. NldHT~CLERK"ftt" irot*fa«ltrMlddie Bgcd m»n CASH for dratl nrii or 385-W. Brtnnder'fl Work*. 6!.r'-llnt:. Phone 10'3-J bid. c*rtlf)M rhrrit for t^npf-t of thf r.? trt*lr hidi. r pf 1 ? on th« cirpcittloii of m rontrxr/t. required hy tns Commtwion'rrii! to l?» asblw to o? Ds»t*d ft'. Princeton. Illinois S«r ober 23. 3P28. ' ' Jumys Fletcher. Clerk of the Or«-?n Rlvpr Speclnl I>ralno);« District of Burr^ii enci Whlfp'UJf Covjistle? nnrt Btste of Iltlnol.o.' Sept. 26, Oct. n, 10. I FOR 1.17' 1.31- Rooms and Board wJlhnnt Uonrn <5S MOUFTRN front Bleeping room."404 W. Fourth Rt. Inquire .Til Kant Fourth a*,., Rode Fall.i. NICE WAHM ulef piruf roorri",~cio«e"TnI Very rcnponable. 404 Eiutt Fourth 8t. lioonifi for Uous*ke«pln8 CM TWO lurnlMHXl liousc'ReepIng "roomn, one nleepln^ room, bonrrt if deslretl, close In. «03 Fourth Avp. CTNFTjnKIBIIED" Kiuuif, luf hoitfickecplng. 603 W. Bixth St. T'WO".MOL)EilN 'fiirh'iiihcd "tooim' for - hoUMfceeplng. 301 Fifth Ave. Steal Tavern. MU5BLEAGEBr huly to help with housework. Asa L. Scott. Onlt. ftitiiatloh* St POSITION as hbutekVcper, by "hilddie- 6tjcd lody, in homo of one or two adults. In exchange for few weeks room anri board. Write H.U.B.J., care work or cleaning by tho hour. Phone 804-R. i IOU8E WORK~b"y ~day~or~ "hour7"CalI _botwe*n a and 4 p. m. Phone 335. FIVE ROOMS, modern and garage, about one block from Elks club. In- qulre B. L^ PeOroff, 321 LKJCXWI 8t. ^-^^^^^^-.;- ; -.-;.-..T.,^.-.-,- ;^ PIVK^ROO"MS^ud~^athTl«S"lioubie Fifl&nClQl bouse^-partly modems-No—gar»g«, — Call Oaulrann' Ac'Plocfc. *Bu*lnes« Opportunities' BMALL restaurant for bale or rent ^pttava^jtll.. doing line buslne ccipta" about »70 per day, _ ulghts. L«aee 3^i ye*rs. rent M5 per mojlth, for quick sale will take US09. Owner going south. For further particulars write Brown'* Lunch, 313 Hadteon St., Ottawa, 111. LtTHCH ROOM at 230 First 8t., Book Falls. Fully' equipped and ready for business. Instruction Dancing, Drumatlo 41 -cordlan, harmony and composition tnuElit by..JjQiua Belaan. artist of national reputation, over Sick-ford'a every Sundr.y ajftsraoou ana Moa- dgy.____ _ KtroteTSitroctlon 49 i4EN~^Eeafn barbering~""at~Moler 7 s". Easy to learn. Quick to benefit from. Write. Moler, 612 N. State, Chicago. Live Stock Dogs. Cats, other Pets 47 FIRST-CLASS canary singers, also fe- malea.'Chaira wanted to cane. 607 K. Second St. Phone 1696-M. N will you flu4 a selection and clowd used cara at eucb |Ttti-*ctlve pric«8 as you will find at a's. Our floor aalesmaa la. at .service, OLTMAN MOTOR CO. HASH roadster, 6 disc mounted on side. touring. »25. Advanced six coach, only en this oar, see it and i touring, cheap at 6100. 4-ttoar coupe, good shape , 4-jiaswsifier coupe, A-l out. ^ GM*ta. 1925 coach. 1B38 Star 6 *edan. Be- iltioaed and pttotd to move kly. Drive them. V. £. Brown aalea. na w. Tulw et. iUon. heater and otlier extras. buy for winter. Priced Cail Sift W. n«w. p«lut. good ut««, « Mr. cimsais, lltloo. Bets ClUf Jo)ia at O*k MOTOR INN GARAGE iUAY AMP THIRD a quick |burt. E. KteUou, 400 SALE OR TRADE — Two big maree, weight 1400Jba. Sound, good work- em. 308 AVe. A. Rock ~—Poultry u^a SuppUw" 36 IJVK DECdT~d^cka7"Ohai»T ruff, second houw we«t of school. Wanted—Ute SO SHIP w£EKLY~I4it stock at McCarthy* feed *tore. Phone 835-W or Tumploo phcna. 3oi|iping Asen. "~~^erchta^^ r—^ "for Sale plow and All in good condition. A. O. Hoak, 111 W. Third 8t. SPECIAL ten duy sale good grade aec- oncl-class woven wire fence. HorUi- weetern Barb Wj£«_Comp*ny HI^DTHIC"1|C .. p.. in good yu^af^f A **-i^/ Maw*«jja>. TJ a^« ^*.. UA nyuu ahepe. Cheap if taken at onc«. 412 Ave. K. Phoue 1550-M. FURNACE WOOD, 8S per load; also pie pumpkins, 60c per doaea. Phono County 808-2. BECOirDliANb'hot air CANNTNQ PEARS, JoJaathau apples" tmna picked and sorted. Heury Thorn*. 2ii mile* BoutheaBt of Hock VaUa. Phoae Couixty 633-2 ^~"" "~ . aiao Waun of horasse. John Jtkct;, Co ^— ^«_. _ t ^ ^ &p- atid t>«*.rki. Hermau Berg, free- road. ftiOiitt 7S7-J. McOue. Coualy 074-3 Apartmcrits nnd lKl»is~ 74 FIVElJOOM "RpartrneiuV f ully'raodSn'; nt 607 Ave. C. Phone with RftrBgp, 1068-W. " Fanas^Bn<5_Lah(l for RCJU JS FARM, 100 acres, northwest "sterling, with ample 6. O. pasture and hay- land for stock. Very reasonable runt and term lease to right party. W. B. UcCloy, Uou»e» for Bent JJ ___ _ __________ MODERN seven room house on ficv~ Double garage. Phono enth Ave. 1B72-W. Call Oaulrapp'A'Flocfc. SEVEN ROOM modern house, after Oct. 17th. Phono 1353-R. jUa'rage*'"'foF"Kent. RAOfc la. Phone 741. Falla, close" \Vanted .to Kent 81 TWO OR~THRSB furniaheid rooms In modem home, downstairs. Must be a nice place. Can furnish reference. _Fhbne County 8ii4 -13. For Sate lor «4 YOUTi BELlfVE It's a bargalnT 6*v- en room bricks, modern, S city lots, 1.10 acres fruit end garden. Oarage, chicken house. 1000. You csn't duplicate for half again the price. Wen- gcr, realtor. *l60~CASH.~balance like rent, your and five room cottages, half block from pavement. I* H. Oltmanna, jRock Falls. WVK.ROOM house, partly modern7oa Seventh Ave. Price $2200.1. B. Snavely, Lawrencfl Bldg. Legate tn th« District Court of tlio 8t»te« for thp Northern I Illinois, Western DUMion. In thfi matter of Roscoe C. Msthls t»nkrupt. In bankruptcy. No 1002. To thp Honoral)l<! Oeoryp A. C*r penler. judge nf the District Court o the United Rtntps for trip Northrri Dlntrlct of Illinois, Western Division Roncoc C. Mathls of IVophntstown in the County of Whltenide and Slat*, of Illinois, in Mid district, respectfully represents : That on the 20th day of June, las pn.»t. he w*s duly Rdjudged banknip under the nctn of congrew relatlnE to bankruptcy: that he has duly eur- rcnrtered nil hlB property «na "right* of property, nna has fully compllec with all tho requirements of said nc(« ana of the orders ol tho court touch- Ing hlu bankruptcy. Wherefore he prays that he may be decreed by the court to havo a ful. discharge from all debts provable against his estate under Bald bankrupt acts, except such debut as an cxcept«l by law from such discharge Dated this 25th day of September A. 0. 1928. Roscoe C. MathU. Bankrupt Northern District of lUlnolu. Count v of Whltealde. BS. Roscoe C. Mathls. being duty sworn deposes and says, tnat ho is the petitioner named in the foregoing petition, that he haa read tha same and knows the contents thereof; that the same ia true to the knowledge of deponent, except as to those matters therein stated to be alleged on Information end belief, and as to'those matters he believes It to be true. (SEAL) . *«*» C. Mathte. NOTICE TO ROAD CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals for the .following gravel road work will be received by tha undersigned until 2:30 o'clock P. M. October £2, 1038, und then publicly opened and read at a meeting to be held at the Town Hall in the Village of Coleta, in the Town of Genesee, County of Wblteslde., and 8t*t« of Illinois, For dragging, crushing the oversize travel down to one Inch, and loading the same Into truck*, from the "Oee- bey" gravel pit. also known us the "Mound," In the Town of Jordan. Quantity required, about 2900.00 cu- 5lo yards. Gravel to contain not over 13 per cent of sand, and not over 30 per cent of dirt. At same — - —— place proposals will be received for hauling the abov« quantity of gravel and placing the «~oa-«»B<l;—Average-haul r about ,. mllea. The Town of Genese* will spread the gravel. A certified check on some solvent bank in the sura of 9700.00 must accompany the bid on hauling, and a check for »500.00 must accompany the >iii on the preparation of tha gravel. The checks must be made payable to tha order of the 8up«rvi*or ol Towa of Gteneeee, In hla official capacity, The Towaahlp reserves the right to reject any or all bids. A bond equal ,o the amounts of the contract* will ba required oi tha successful bidder*. Plaoa and specifications may be seta at tha off lots of the Co. 8upt. o! Jighwaya. J. G. Ctpm. Commissioner, and th« Town Clerk, John A. Byera, Coleta. J. C. Crom, Uigbwuy Commuisloner. C. L. Kuvitas, Supervisor. John A. Byerg, Ek-pt. SiS, Oct. a, 10 of JUoyd B. Sbover. -~,™ The undtraigned naving been appointed tt(I«ululatr»tor of tfef *8t*te of Lloyd £. atiover, dec**»*d, 'late of the County of WUHesUlii and the State of lUluuis. hereby gives notice that ha will 1 appear before Shfi. Coimty Court of Wliiteslctsi County, at the Court House in Morrison ut tha Deal, on tiuj Hmt MwiOay tn . aeitt, at which tlau) ell ^^^__ havhig claims ag&lmit said wtate 619 notified and requested to attend for t^e purpose of having the estate req'uired to Huike 10 the unuw- of 8«pt#£E&«r algfled Jtels<l this Ju 0« iSSfl. O. V- Loi&g, . bfociduu, -, r ,. 3«. Oj^, 8, tp ~KOTirE'TO~toSTi*(NflBiif of Beptcmber. 1938. C. P. Rodee. Notary Public. District of Illinois, County of White- I. SoBcoSi^B. Mftthis. m ^, - «™ nworn, «cp<»e aad eay that I have sot been dlsenangiKl as a bankrupt. In voluntary procowUngij, within air yean of the date hereof. ROSCOB O. Mjithla Subscribed and eworn to before me thin 25th day of September. IMS. ~" (SEAL) C. P. Rodee, Notary Public. ORDER Of NOTICE THEREON Northern District of IlllnoU, Western Division, es.: On-thla first day of October A. D 1028, on reading tho foregoing petition, it !• Ordered by the court, that a hearing b« had upoa the emme on the third Monday of April A. D. 1929, before said court, at Freeport in said district, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon- and that notice thereof b« published tn The Sterling Gazette, a newspaper printed in said district, and that all known creditors and other persons tn interest may appear at the atmo time and place and show cause. If any they have, why the prayer ot aald petitioner should not be granted. And "it la further ordered by the csurt, that tha referee ahall aena by mall to all known creditors copies of said petition and thta order, addressed to them at their placea of residence . Witnew the Hpnorabto George A. Carpenter. Judge of eaid court, and the seal thereof, at !t*eport. In aald district, on tha first day of October A. D. 1038. (8SAL) ChMriea Ut, Batw. Clerk. W. K. Tic*. Deputy Clerk. Oct. 8 NOTICE or SALE or KEAL «.„.„ By virtue of ait order and decree of the County Court of Whlteelde County, BUnots, made on ths petition of the underaignad, Jrwln K. Leita, ad. HUntstrator of the estate of Raymond .J, 1*1 tz, deceased, *or l*Mr*-to-»ell-the real «stat* of wlrt deceased, at the October term, A. D. 1628. of aaid court, to-wit: on tha first day of October, 1928. Notice la hereby given, that on Wednesday, the 31st day of October next, between the hours of 10 o'clock tn the f ojrenooti uud 5 o'clock la the afternoon of «*ld day. at to-wit: 2:00 p. m.. at tha premise*, 1001 Fourth aveauo. la th« City of sterling. County of Whltaado mod State of Illinois the followtng d«oib«d r«U e*Ute belonging to the «ttet« of B*yoaaud J, Lelte. detw>a«d. to-wtt: Lot number Pour («) la Block number Six (8) la K. D. LeFevre'B Second addition to the city of Sterling. Illinois, Will be &old to tha highest and beat bidder. Terms of *ala: Tea gtsr cent cash cm day of sale, balance when &*!« is approved by court and deed delivered. Irwia E. Lelta, AduiinUtrtttor October 1, 1938. ft. W. X. Mltch*01, Attorney. Oct. 3, 10. 17, 24 Corn- r>*^. Murnh Mtsy , Ot:t. WOT. D*r. .Tun. Klbr,— Oct. I>c. Ilclllrr. Oct. Hflv. DPT. !2 IS I 2 RO 1422 .84 13 12 12.35 ia.72 13.R5 13.76 33.85 1«.75 1437 13.83 ', Of?. 3_fA.P.> on»l ChftrJpi A. Undrwr^h .., t*Ifphon«l .HrrLKTl Hoover thai, ... rssd R strong f^^IJns; thp flrrMon nf j l!i? TFpuhlUail prrsiflrniin! rRjidicj- Rtn "id of suprrmf Import a nrs to lh» country " ! The Lindbergh message, wnt from j New York, and made public at republican hwndQuarteni. Bsildr "I have recently flown to St. Louis rrTfRF.«i i. Oct. 3.~(A.P.>—-Butter clow: snd !»'. KTK! in psch fiit chrek a !" rrlwl SyhU. tnd clutdi- r-,-5 him to h*r h*srf. Fwirfully »h« ent*r*d tli« offlc?»s r>f 8n«fSl. PutWTwin and Mn!h*H, snd *.*kpd for Mr. Fcteram, a ffntienoan who handled dlvrrrces with rare BTJT! rj}*rrrtJon. [ &-fi; Jfftfi-. Kov., 81 1-2. D»<:.. 3l"7-B." H.Ol'R MARKET Mlnncapoll*. Oct. 3.— (A.P.)-Flour 10s lowrr. In cariond lot*. Family PatfiitR quotp<l at $6.78136.(53 a barrel in fiR ib. cotton sackB. Shipment *9.721 barrels. LIVESTOCK I MVCffTOfK nr. s. Dcpsrtment of Acrlculture?. ChlcaKo. Oct. 3.—(A.P.)—Hogs re celpU 13.000; market mostly «t««d to JOc higher than Tuesday; to $11.30. paid foraeferal loads of choice 190-340 Ib. weights. Butchers, medium to choice 250 350 Ib.. 810.16'* 11.35; 300-360 Ib • 10.25st 11.30: 160-200 Ib., aiO.OOa 11.30; 130-160 Ib., $9.25& 10.78. Pack ing sows, *9.35«j 10.25. Pigs, medium to choice 80-130 Ib., »8.78a 10.00. Cattle receipts 10,000; calves 3,000 mostly steady market on yearlings *n light Bteera and well finished hcavlw In batween weighty steers fairly nu meroufl, weak; other classes mostl steady with catchy untven trade on fat cows and butcher*; top steers am yearling*, «17.&0. Slaughter classes: Steers, good and choico 1SOO-1SOO Ib.. »14.25w 17.50; 1100-1300 Ib., 8143 (* 17.50; 850-1100 Ib., »HJI56» 17.60 common and medium. 850 IV. up iPed yearliniw. Rood and choSoc. 560- SSOTb.. 81*.50(3 17.78, Heifers, good and choice. 550 Ib down, «133Sgi 17.00; common an medium. $7.75® 13.76. COWB. good and Choice, *OOOQH.7J comifcon and medium, 87.50^8.00. •' Low cutter and cutter, ao.loa74H Bulls, good and choice (beef), 40.80 jlo.7g; cutter to ciedlu&>, Vealera (milk-fed) good and cboiot 116.80® 16.78; medium. »I3.509IB^O, • — — «>• •-»• '", Aj-AKrvi* v«4**p V&&.W Q lull-wad commcnr»8.SO l §I8.7«J. Stcoker and feeder steera, good and choice, all weight*, tll-60® 13.60: ccsa mon and medium, 88.50® 11.60. Sheep receipts 25,000; fat •>_ - — — -i- — i—*rfmr-**f *«BV f **mVI Blow. 10 to as cents lower; bulk d«*lr- able natives. $13.00® 13.36; nothing <5olng on fat westerns: ohecp eteady feeding lambs dull. Lambs, good and ehdG*, 82 down. mwJIum, . . , a 12.35; cull and common, $7.50 g Ewea. mediotn to chcrtc*. IBO Ib down, *B55e0.7B; cull and •1.76 9S.QO. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK CO. S. Oepartineat of Agriculture) Hamas City, O»t. 3^-{A4«.)-~H receipt* fiflOO; fairly act'.w. 10 tola «nta higher; t<?p »11.00. on choice aso-aeo ib. Butchen,. midlum^S holoe 3W-S50 Ib,. »1055«H^O; 200 ,. ISO Ib., «10.36®11.CO; 160-300 Ib 180-160 ib.. Cattta reoelpta 7flOO; calm slow, ateody to w?»k; prtma 1008 ib * ——^ >nr r* V^P^I. , j^j. imflp AUVQ tO, yearlings. JIS.IO. Heifer*,, good and choice. a«o Ib. down, f 19.00018,00; •omrtton and medium, 48JU& 13.0(3, V^alera, milk-fed, medium to choice • Q ""™* MM: cull and common, «900 fitocker and fe*<ier etwn ;ood and choice, all weight*. $10.78® 3.80; common and medium, ft7.75@ Sheep receipts 18,000; lamb* around 35o Soww; aheep weak to 36c tower, -ambs, good and ~ choicer aia.00« 13.15; msdiuai. »n.oo a 13.00; cull and common, 68.00 n ll^o. Kwea, medium w chMfifeJaa lb» down, ESTIMATED KJKCEIPT8 CWea«o, Oct. 3.— (A.P.)— B«ttmat*d veafcsek rewipta for tomonwr: CatUa §.000. Hog* 20JDOO. PRODUCE THE MARKE'IB GMAIW CUICAOO Cbicaga. Oct. 8. gratia (AJ?.) — Today% am i, »143 12. " a No. h >l-13l-2; saiujil* ,<*SKii*it, 01.00; KG, « , yeltow, M); Wo. of proposal for bid* for - - „- eojcuttructiaii of uu eimay,isucy gau-, Ho. 6 y«lio»', the ' ' ' ' 88; »a. € t,. «|«0:-I(B. -3 Ho. * -9; Wo. 8 CUICAOO Chicago. Oct. 3. — (A.P.) >roduc« toarkot quotations ar« m tvl ows: Live poultry steady; receipt* e ears; owls, 381-3; Bpring». 29; roo»t«rB. 21- urka. 28^30; clucka, 29; gees«. XI. Butter unchsnged; reoeipta 4,176 ubs. «B» uncbauged; receipts 0 148 casea. ' Potatoes, receipta Ifa cars, on track 79 c«rs, total U. g. shipments 1020 »rs- trading fair, market dull. wt«on&in **cked round wWUa. 8ft ifes iaaou nacked Iri*ii Oobbteni, 60 « 60. MimMHwta and Wwt|i Dsiiotst tacked B«4 River Oitioa, ».90&1.00. bouih Dakota m&u& «»rly Ohio*. Ba •,i'M- id«tio sacked Rurals, • to quality. tttv lows: Butt«Mr «*tf», &8 i --J; e»». FINANCE NEW YORK NTOfKft New York. Oct. .1.—(A.F.)—Th« un- «ip«ct«ily larflo incrwss* in stocfe exchange member lo*n« brought n flood of eoUlng orders Into the ntock market o?tr night. Riving opening price* » weak undertone. Chrysler Motors nnd Wright Atronautlc»l each broke nbout * point* on the first sale and Radio. Hudson. Allied Chemical, Murray Corporation,- Montgomery Wnrrt and International Combuistlon fell 2 to 3 points. The gain of •4*3.000,000 in stock exchange member loans In September WM th* larj*oi monthly incrcR»u on record, and brought tho total above »5,BOO,000,000 for the first time. This huge 8»in. coupled with the warnings against securities speculation by several speakers at the annual conven" tlon of tha American Bankers Association In Philadelphia, cau»*d heavy wiling by frightened investor* and •peculators. Commercial advents quickly broke 6 points. Murray Corporation, A. M. Byers and Montgomery W»rd extended tntlr lottoa to 43-4 point*, and Colorado ;p"uel, Johns Manvllle. Timken Roller Bearing. Allied Chemical, Ckmeral Motor* and Sears Roebuck •old down 3 to 4 points. Several large bloclui changed hands In th« early trading, TJT. 8. Steel common opening with a block of 7,400 aharw at 1M, off 3 points. " TofeTgn exchahge» opened mUsad'y. with «t«rlln|: cablsa again quoted at the year's low level ot M-84 7-8. LOCAL MARKETS 8TEHLINO MARKETS (Reported by Dillon Corn. 7«. Gate. M. dv. Such » darling, naughty crrn.- (Sybil dtscusswi h?r cs*e with Mr, Uiff, v.lth InncK'ent, long iashf 1 , nnd jPrtcrsnn. and lesms c«rt*tn as h!ii*> as pained rhlnn. I Ins? posslbiliUe*—In the nrxt ThrtP wns p-ompthlng of his Jnth-! t*r.) SOVIET BUSSIA HAS AGEIED TO TBEATY Wft*hinirton, Oct. 3— (U,P.>—Soviet Ru.«»iR hew officially joined the group of nations agreeing to renounce wsr as an instrument of national policy. That action was tsksn Monday when the French <mibs«y hfre, s«rt- ing for the Moscow ewemment, deposited with t}u» «t«t« departaatnt & document formally sigRlfyinj Bus* sla's ftdhcrenoa to th« KelJosts antiwar treaty, tha United Press wu iniormed today. The noUoe of »<ihrrT>nwt t«it«s te- mje with the great powprs on disarmament and sevwely criUdzes tfe« treaty Kself. to rpRlitcr. Tti«» moi'p I BW & campaiRn. the inorp strongly I fef! that your clpclson is of sypretns im- porttnc* to the country. Youf qualities ns a man and what you stand for irffardlrss of party make roe fefl that the problems which wiU come before our country during th« next four years will b« best solved under 3*our leadership." SECRET SERVICE MAN WITH JOHN OOOUD01 New Haven. Conn.. Get 3.—(A.P.) •—Ruawll Wood, secret sen-ice man, WSLB back in his acouetomed $>)w« today—at John Coolldge'u side. Wood, who ha* been John's constant companion since he entered Am- harst College, was recalled to Washington shortly after young Coclldge entered the employ of the New Haven road here several weeks ago. It ia believed that the accident in which John drove Governor John H. TrumbuH's machine into another car. sending two persons to » hospital, may have had something to do with Wood's reassignment &a his bodyguard, HOOVER ADOBESSlD YOUNG REPUBLICANS Washington, Oct. 3r-(UJP.)—The full development of commercial aviation will assure the Independence of the United States In peace end In war, Herbert Hoover toM a delegation ot ynunB rejmbttcsns who Cow from New York to Washington Wednesday to meet the republican presidential nomine*. Widespread lisa of airplanes is bringing out courage and annihilating time and distance, Hoover aald. Be.pointed oat the necessity for government assistance to assure the future expansion of aviation. Opium Worth $1,500,000 Seized OB The Uncr New York, Oct. 3— (AJ>.)— Three thousand cans of opium with ft bootleg value of $1,800.000 were 0ete- ed on the Dollar Ltnc Bt*«mer President HwriBon which docked *t Jerwy city yesterday. It becaata known today. Customs officials reported thai the seizure w*a the largest of smoking opium ever made at an eastern port Four Chines* members of the crew, Including th« ehip'8 bottswdn, were arrested charged with attempted smuggling. It WM mid that the steamship of jwo3dm»tely 9400,000 M a molt the (seizure «nd arrest*. BAJ1JO OV«RHA10LING. RADIOS afaoukS bo orerbaulwS carefully tn the auttrmn to get best result*. Battery connections, tube* and ground coanecttoza should all beecwnined «nd put In ahap«. XR wrier to *ett& E»t*te of Willlun Peanwo, di«ceue4, ttw «a»4«aJ«md wiS, oa Thursday, Oct. 11,1928 O'clock V, M., at an paid Bell at public sale tha farm landa known as the William Pearson farm situated about a rnllen North of Cottonwood Corners and about midway between Morrison and Pultoa, eaid farm described as follows, to- wit; The South half of the South West quarter of Section twenty-one (31); the North half of the J^rthw^LaygjrtgrjBQjLthe Southwest quarter ortfcs ^ Northwest quarte vt Beetle® NO. twenty-eight (28) ; the North 120 acrea of the Northeatt Quarter of Section twenty- nine (29) in Township twenty-two (33) North. Range 4 S&zt ol the 4th P. M-, la White- £ide County, Illinois. 320 acres, CITY PROPERTY Also the residence property situated at 609 North Orange Street in the City ol Morrison, Illinois, described as follows, to- wit: The north half of Lot No. twelve (12) in the Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter of Section eighteen (18). Township twenty-oae (3D North. Range five (5) Baas of tha 4th P. M.. &s platted and recorded in Book thirty (30) on page 360 of deed records ef Whiteside Gomsty, 111., excepting a part of said tract described as follows- Commencing at the Southeast corner of the North half of a*id Lot twelve U2> and thence vua- niaf North on tlie East line of said lot eight (8) feet, thence running West 19 fefit to the lnt«r»*ction of the South line of tho North half of said lat No. twelve (18>, thenc« in a Southe§«ierly direction akmg the South line to the place ol begsnrung, and also excepting therftrom the following described tract, coouaeadng at the Northwest comer of Lot twelve (12) which comer is 34B !^t Soutli of t**e Northwest coin«r of the Mortheut qaartcr of Section eighteen (18), beto|r ia the City of MorriM.Hi, theace runaiiiiE SouOi along; the West line of said L«t twelve (13) a distance of 108^ feet, thi»ce ruoniii Southtastorly, parallel to the North line of aforesaid Lot twelve (13) 557 f*si. theuce Nctith«aeteriy at right angle, to th» Nortli liiws of wid Lot tw«l\e (12), theoc* Nurth- w««t«rJy along &«id Nortii line of said tot twelve (12) to the place of " at 4'ejotk F. M., of said day, TERMS OF SALE: Ten per cent cash in hand at time of sale and balance on or before Harjeh I t 1929. cau be weu at oSim of McO&kwsiiJ & Euo»y or H. J. GEQJtGE PB ARSON*

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