Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 8, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 8, 1968
Page 2
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Monday, April 8,1968. SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Engagement Announced Calendar of Events MONDAY, APRIL 8 The Builders Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday evening, April 8 at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. George Young, 1501 S. Pine with Mrs. Armin Ayers as co-hostess, All members and associate members are urged to attend. The Faith Sunday School Class of the First Baptist church will meet Monday night April 8 at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Ferrel Baker with Mrs. Herbert Dodson and Mrs. Dayton Thomason as co- hostesses. All mombers and associate members are urged to be present. The Rev. Tom Spalding, Nazarine missionary to Bolivia, South America, will speak at the Hope Church of the Nazarene at 513 S. Elm, Monday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m. The Rov. Mr. Spalding built a missionary homo, a medical clinic and a pastor's homn while serving at Tiquina. Mrs. Spalding is a registered nurse and worked in the clinic. Two years ago they were transferred to the jungle areas where they continued their wurk. The service Monday will feature this wurk in Bolivia. Slides will be shown. George C. Prentice is pastor of the Hope church. TUESDAY, APRIL 9 The Hope Iris Club will meet Tuesday, April 9 at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Owen Nix. Mrs. A. A. Halbert will have the program, "Herbs for the Kitchen Gardens." Members are asked to bring a Line Arrangement. The Hope Junior Auxiliary will have Easter parties in the local nursing homes at 2p.m.Tuesday, April 9. Members are asked to check their schedules. : Chapter AE, P.E.O., will meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 9 in the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. ; The Circles of the First Presbyterian Church will meet Tuesday April 9 as follows: Circle No. 1 at 10 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr. Chairman. Circle No. 2 at 10 a.m. in the Senior Room, Mrs, Marion Holder, Chairman. Circle No. 3 at 10 a,m, at the home of Miss Genie Chamberlain and Mrs, W. P. Roberts, Mrs. G. B. Hughes, Chairman, Circle No, 4 will not meet due to the Pre-Easter Services, Circle No. 5 at 2:30 p,m, at the home of Mrs. Hamilton Hanegan, Mrs. W. E. White, Chairman, There will be no WOC work day this month. The Guernsey PTA will meet Tuesday, April 9, at 7j30 p.m. in the school auditorium. New officers for 1908-69 will be installed. We will have classroom visitation. The students will have their science projects and art exhibits on display. Ruth Sunday School _. of the First Baptist Church meet Tuesday April 9. at ' P.m. in the home of Miss . . w , Honea, 621 So. Hervey. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Alice Roach and Mrs. Mable Hanson, Members and associate members please attend. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 The Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday, April 10 in the home of Mrs. Roy Taylor with Mrs. Curtiss Urrey and Mrs. J. W. Fulton, co-hostesses. The Brookwood PTA will meet Wednesday, April 10 at 3:15 p.m. preceded by the Executive Board meeting at 2:45. The program speaker will be Charles Gough. All parents are urged to attend. The John Cain Chapter, DAR, will have a luncheon at 12 noon Wednesday, April 10 at the Heritage House. For reservations call Mrs. Frank McLartybynoon Tuesday, April 9. Regent Mrs. Paul Klipsch will give a report on the state conference as part of the program. Garland School PTA will meet Wednesday, April 10 at 3:15 in the school auditorium. The guest speaker will be Mr. James Harden. He will be speaking on the subject, "Quality in What We See, Hear, and Read". Plans for the hamburger supper will be discussed at this meeting. All parents are urged to attend. HOPE (ARK) STAR* Pfintftd ft Offset Bob Thomas at the Movies LARAE WHITENER TONITE Showtime 7:15 Adm. .25-.90 TRUE-LIFE I ADVENTURE: THRILL ... on a trail of ' EXCITEMENT \ into unknown ' Northern British Columbia J ...to the Lair of Nature's most Dangerous Animal... Mr. and Mrs. Roy S. Whitener of Texarkana, Tex 1,5 announce the engagement of their daughter LaRae to Charles Ray Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Clark of Hope, The wiling will take place July G at 8:00 p.m. in the First Baptist Church of Texarkana with THURSDAY, APRIL 11 The Hope Ladies Golf Association will meet at the Hope Country Club at 12 noon Thursday, April 11. Members are asked to bring a sack lunch. ALPHA DELTA MEETS School Music Director Richard Keyton presented 7 of his Junior High pupils at the Alpha Delta Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma, meeting on Tuesday, April 2 in the home of Mrs. Edith Brown. After the director's comments on music periods, from Early Classical to Modern, Bill and Bob Arterbury, Ken Allen, Jimmy Langston, Jackie Easterling, Becky Huff, and Melody Kyler illustrated the periods with solos and ensembles using flute, alto sax, cornet, and trumpet. The soloists were accompanied by Mrs. Keyton at the piano. The president, Mrs. Mary Nell Turner, appointed a scholarship committee and heard a report from the nominating committee. The following slate of officers for next year was accepted unanimously: president, Mrs. Edith Brown; first vice-president, Mrs. Margaret Medders; second vice-president, Mrs. Pal Whitmarsh; recording secretary, Miss Mary Roy Moses; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Bobbie Rae Brown; treasurer, Mrs. Marie Holt; parliamentarian, Mrs. Mary Nell Turner. To close the meeting all joined in singing "The Delta Kappa Gamma Song." Upon their arrival the 25 members, performers and guest, Miss Doris Thomas, were served pie and coffee by Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Helen Hays, Dr. Leroy Hildreth conducting the ceremony. Miss Whitener is a graduate of Texas High in Texarkana and of Texarkana Junior College. Mr. Clark is a graduate of Hope High School and spent three years in the Navy. Both are now employed in Texarkana. VICTORY HD CLUB MEETS "Making and Using a Nylon Net Laundry Big" was the Eye Opener which Mrs. Eva McKinney had for the Victory Extension Ho mo makers Club meeting April 3 in the home of Mrs. Robert Cash. The Lesson continued this theme with the topic, "Understanding Your Fabrics' Personality." The club also discussed a proposed "Laundry Fair" in Hope. In the absence of the dent, the vice-president, o'ames Ellis, had charge of the meeting. After routine business was transpired, including the treasurer's report by Mrs. Gracie Alford, several members gave ideas for Recreation Club Day in August. It was announced that Mrs. Alford is helping to tabulate names and dates of people buried in local cemeteries, and this information will be put into a book that will be helpful in tracing family records. "Easter Morn" was the poem which Mrs. Ellis read, and Mrs, McKinney directed a newspaper , "Front Page Story." Hampton and Mrs. ..ittle received gi their Secret Pals, and Mrs. Rosi- lae Willett won the Surprise Pack- By BOB f HOMAS AP Mo vie-television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Seldom since "Citizen Kane" has a major film been so identified as the work of one man as has "2001: A Space Odyssey," foal, lay any doubt about who is re* sponslble, the name of Stanley Kubrick appears repeatedly in the credits. Kubrick rose fast in the film world, As the result of hisdirec« tion of a quickie crime movie. "The Killing," he caught the attention of Kirk Douglas. Ku« brick directed the actor in a haunting antiwar film, "Paths of Glory," and a pretentious, unrealized epic, "Spartacus," The director then dipped into black comedy with a somewhat censored "Lolita" (imagine if it were filmed today!) and the wild, wooly "Dr. Strag- love." Next Kubrick was given virtual carte blance by MGM to create the definitive space epic. He worked at his own pace. When I visited England in early summer of 1966, Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood were finishing their starring roles. Not until this month was "2001: A Space Odyssey" premiered in New York and Hollywood. The reported cost: $9 million, more than $2 million over budget. From a purely technical standpoint, the expense and the delay seem worth It. Never have space travel and the magnificence of space been portrayed with such convincing detail as in this Cinerama film. But in other respects, "2001" is a maddening riddle. One insider said at the premiere: "I've seen it three times, and I still don't know what it's all about." Most of the other first-nighters wer equally puzzled. The film opens with a sequence entitled "The Origin of Man." Groups of primates (Midgets in monkey suits?) scrounge for food, then show the first signs of aggression by fussing over the use of a water hole. In time a monolithic black slab appears out of the earth. The monkeys finger it with wonder, and their puzzlement is nothing to the filmgoer's as this well- formed slab recurs in the film, usually with frightening results. Obviously the monolith is a symbol. But of What? Moral force? Kubrick doesn't take •.us into his confidence. In space "2001" flies best. The milk-white interiors of the crafts, the permanent weightlessness, the cool precision of the computer-brains these elements combine to depict space adventure in the next century with remarkable reality. Memorial Scholarship FAYEffEVlLLE, Afk, (AP) «A scholarship Ut fhemflfy; of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, has been established at the Unlvef* sity of Arkansas by a group o* faculty members and students, The group said the scholarship would be awarded annual* ly to a student of any race "who had professed and shown an interest in human and race relations and who has an active social conscience." Lyrell Thompson, a professor at the university, said the group hoped the scholarship coald be awarded for the first time this fall, Television and THANKS . To Our Many Friends and To The Folks of Hempstead and Surrounding Counties For Making Our Opening Day So Successful. A Special Thanks to Joe's City Bakery For Supplying Us With a Necessary Ingredient. WE EXTEND AN INVITATION TO COME SEE US AT- DO-NUT CHEF George & Faiba lively Mrs. Alvin Hart, Pine Bluff, • h visited relatives and friends in 1 ' Hope over the weekend. • • • • • • • ' An Easter plate was served to 7 members and 1 guest, Mrs. Earl Schooley. Mrs. Jerry Brown will be hostess for the next meeting, May 1. Coming, Going Mrs, Roy Prather, Little Rock, spent the weekend with her in .'th- er, Mrs, Steve Carrigan, Jr. Help Keep Your Diet If it's lunch or dinner at a restaurant and you're dieting safe choices for appetizers include tomato, clam or sauerkraut juice, fruit cup or one- half grapefruit or a shrimp cocktail with lemon juice, clear consomme or bouillon. Main dishes might be any roasted or broiled meat or chicken, fish or main dish salad. For dessert choose fresh fruit, small serving of ice cream or gelatin. If You're in the Swim . . . If you're an avid swimmer, now's the time to take a short cut a la Twiggy. Short hair dries quickly, requires a minimum of upkeep and looks neat even at the beach. For dress-up evenings, a fall or a wig is an easy way to achieve a glamorous look. 1'IC'Tl UKStJl i: seitiug iu Israel is t> a h a u c e d by natural beauty of Miriam Doinkiu. 17, \thu stauds ou a hillside near her home. Saenger THEATRE TONITE-TUESDAY 20. Sinatra "tonu rome The action is so fast ...it's a wonder Tony Rome stays; alive; -andl ingle!! HELEN HELP U by H*l*rt 0*tt*1 •- * - j ,\ plfase pftnf YOUTH ASKED FOR n \ This column is fof ybuitg people, their problems and plel» sures, thelf troubles and fan, As with the fest of Helen Help USt, It welcomes lautfis but WM't m Dene, wife Rarf/o By CYNTHIA LOVVRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AS) ~ The d-sath of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and the violence and apprehension that flared after his assassination dominated broadcasting over the weekend. Amid all the tensions, the television broadcasters handled the tragedy and the racial disturbances in responsible fashion, without adding fuel to feed hot tempers. There were reports of hemo- rlal programs, of speeches, and, of coarse, the racial strife that dominated all the regular news programs. The major networks handled the situation with a flexibility and a concern for peoples' reactions. There were many last-minute changes—and there probably will be more in the early part of this week. NBC's Sunday "Meet the Press" was an interview with Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark on the King death instead of a talk with the British chancellor of the exchequer. Its regular "Vietnam: The War This Week" gave way to a news program concerned primarily with matters connected with the King murder. One of the most impressive yet simplest programs was CBS's "Some Friends of Martin Luther King" Sunday afternoon. It was an informal session among associates, aides and admirers of the slain civil rights leader who reminisced warmly about the man and his character. "PBL" the Sunday night educational network program da-voted almost all of its timn> to King and his career in a documentary it had developed for use in connection with his proposed Washington march. Some sports events were postponed, Oscar awards, scheduled for tonight in Hollywood, were postponed until Wednesday. ABC also postponed its special Wayne Newton program until Wednesday. A 11 networks resumed regular programming during the Sunday night primw-timfi hours. Will Lftftdoifier".... ._. can tape it above the sink?- flKEBOF """ """" Dear TOG; . .- - , Why doft t v — —, ,— — dodge a serious auestion with & a bf ac fc making peftcft* the Mftd brush-off, th^i works on metaT? fte she Send your teendgeauestions to can relabel a§ she dfrfatefe YOUTH ASKED FOR if, care of caflg , Helen Help US! this newspaper, jfot e { 0 wives? Men just ddft't FEMININE INTUITION NO? ALWAYS SIGHT Dear Helens We have been happily married for 25 years and have always shared and enjoyed things together. Our two children are grown and gone. 1 have never had any cause for doubt until lately, Our son, his wife and tiny baby have been coming to stay with us weekends, I'm a light sleeper. Twice when our daughter*in*law got up with the baby, 1 could also hear my husband get up. 1 sense there is more to It than this. I asked him if he had ever kissed her in an unfatherly way, and he brushed it off. Then I asked her if he ever made advances to her, understand, do they? So htinw 'em whenever possible.- H, Dear Helen: 1 like my neigh* bor, but not constantly, She doesn't get along with her husband very well, so she afld her baby are over here from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. She even invites herself on my shopping sprees when I'd enjoy being unhampered, I have plenty to keep me busy, what with a small baby and house* work, but there she sits, talk, talk, talking, mostly about her problems, I'd like to tell her most of them would dissolve/if PESTY NEIGHBOR > Dear Tired J Why not? You and she said not in the way 1 have nothing to lose but a pest- thought. Well, how did she know "• which way 1 was thinking, unless This column is dedicated to she was guilty? They certainly family living/so if you're having act very friendly. Wd trouble or just plain trouble, My husband looks at her with let Helen nel P YotJ . She will also glances like a lovesick teen-ager, welcome your own amusing ex- He says he still loves me; and perlences. Address Helen Bottel the "smooching" has stopped in care of The Hope Star, since I called them on it. But then I don't give them any chance any more. I lie awake nights and worry. My husband doesn't seem the same. It's as though he were forcing him sell to treat me as usual, but his heart isn't in it. I hate to see our son and family come, and I'm so nervous while they're here I want to scream. How can I get my husband back where he belongs?— NO VERY HAPPY WIFE Dear NVHW: By makingyour- self admit that sometimes "feminine intuition" is nothing more than an overactive imagination. If your husband "doesn't seem the same" it's because your suspicions have turned you Into a different woman. Any normal man perks up when a pretty girl accepts him as a "nice guy." Smile and agree with her, and youll soon be back to your old relationship.— H. Dear Helen: My wife! She is so hung "up on free offers, that every time she gets a package of breakfast food, she saves the box top, just in case they'll come up with something she wants. She has a drawer full of box tops she probably will never use. And the cans! Half of them don't have labels because she has torn them off to send for free offers. I opened a can of cat food the other day, thinking it was people-type tuna. All I could go on was the size of the bare can. I don't recommend it in By ' SUZIE BUTLER ^ SPRINGTIME'S DOGWOOD BLOSSOMS The flowering dogwood is probably the most welcome blossom in America. When it appears we all know that springtime has arrived. Blooming early in the spring before the leaves appear, 'the blossom is really a tiny cluster of flowers surrounded by four white leaves that only look like petals. .Whether . wSjin^topldltg at Irmve* or bitwsbnw —It* l» aliTl America's most beautiful aiflit In ««rly spring. Flowers or potted plants are always most welcome to a shut- in, and sending them is a very spscial way to say, "Get well soon." Call FK7-2631, we'll deliver them. BUTLER'S FLORIST tosston Highway Hope, Arkansas 1 NOYICE! We Will Close At Noon Tuesday Getting Ready For Our Big Annual Anniversary Sale Which Starts Wednesday Morning At9:A.M. ^Bi ^R^ •RIMBMi MB Mitt 4BP

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