Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on June 10, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1974
Page 9
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Thoughts Turn to Insects in Spring By Vivian Brown AP Newsfeatures Writer Big black ants streaking across your kitchen counter? Flies tuning up on your warm window panes? It's all part of the hot weather harassment that begins its finale when mosquitoes hatch out of the rain barrel or drain spout to do their annual sting. What to do about the itching, crawling, winging pests'? 9 "The only escape might be to Antarctica. But even that might be too late. The German cockroach has gone everywhere man has gone." So says Dr. Douglass Mampe, entomologist of Elizabeth, N.J. In the United States the farther south you go, the buggier it gets. But in the North where they have biting flies and mosquitoes, they make up in numbers what they lack in variety. tlie new sex attractants haven't been too much help in foiling the average pest, he says. Nobody even knows what attracts the cockroach, whoapparentlysn't as sexy as his numbers might imply. Sex attractants are useful only when insects have strong hormones, Mampe says. Even then they might develop strains that would be as resistant to the attractants as they are to some insecticides. Clothes moths and carpet beetles have almost disappeared with the advent of synthetic fibers and treated woolens, he points out. "But insects have learned to live on every crop man has grown. In 20 years they will have learned to enjoy rayon or whatever." Mampe is director of technical services for the National Pest Control Assn. for whose 2,000 members he oversees research. Cleanliness is the first key to keeping insects and rodents away. Proper garbage disposal, careful food storage — in metal or glass — and disposal of junk will help eliminate favorite breeding places of insects, he advises. He offers these addtional pointers: Big black ants...They come to your house for food and water from a tree perhaps 100 feet away. The best way to keep them out is to treat the base of your building with materials containing chlordane. Times Herald, Carroll, la. Monday, June 10, 1974 Mosquitoes...Some species have even developed a resistance to DDT. The best route is cleanliness and removal of breeding spots — stagnant water, wet garbage and the like. The mosquito is man's biggest insect enemy. Fleas...Rid the pet of them before going off on vacation. Otherwise fleas mature and are hungry when the family returns. Pest control people often get calls late at night when returning family members find they cannot sleep in the house. Flies.. .Disease-carriers. The best way to handle: use screens, and resin strips. Wasps...Below 55 degrees they are lethargic. Above that you may need to spray. Termites...After three days of 60-degree temperature you may spot them in a mating flight when they swarm to a basement or first-floor window. Hundreds of wings on a sill may be an indication of an infestation. Unlike flying ants, which they resemble, termites do not have pinched waists. Homeowners shouldn't panic. Call a pest controller. Mice...They travel only 10 or 20 feet in a livetime. The old-fashioned mouse trap is best. Mice may have developed resistance to certain chemicals. Squirrels...Even the pest industry has difficulty ridding a house of squirrels. They use the have-a-heart kind of trap-and-release cage. Bait is moved farther in until the squirrel becomes confident and walks in. Then the trap is set. Choose the pest controller carefully, Mampe advises. After talking to three or so, check out the one liked with the local Better Business Bureau. Reliable companies are members of state of national associations and are supporting a code of ethics of their organization. Dogs and cats should be kept tick and flea-free. Keep in mind that the tick spread bubonic plague over Europe. "The house should be simultaneously rid of the pests a.s they are removed from aViimals. Contrary to popular opinion, the American tick always lives outside. The brown dog tick always lives indoors. After it feeds on the dog, it drops off, hides in a crack in the baseboard or the edge of the carpet or behind a picture frame or in the recesses of upholstered furniture until it sheds its skin — one of three times it does — and returns to look for the dog." Materials containing pyrethrins or malathion are considered best for use on the dog. The house may be treated at the same time with diazinon or dursban. When pest While I wouldn't say the phone rang off the hook last month when we announced our free Energy House Call, a number of people have commented they were happy to hear their utility company was doing more than just talking about the energy situation. As I see it, the Energy House Call not only provides a great potential for energy savings, but also a good way to conserve on the pocketbook too. And, at today's cost of living that's pretty important. The extent of savings realized by analyzing your home, of course, will depend on how many energy saving procedures are actually implemented. Experience has shown that it's easy to exceed the national goal of 7% and possible savings of 20% to 30% can be achieved if the proper approach is taken toward energy conservation. If you're planning on air conditioning this summer, it's not too soon to check some of those areas in your home that could help lighten your cooling load . . . like ceiling insulation, air conditioner filters and caulking around windows and doors. If you're interested in a complete energy check of your home, give us a call. We'd be glad to visit with you, and of course you're under absolutely no obligation. ********** While on the subject of balancing your energy budget, this might be a good time to again remind you of our Total-12 Plan. Under this plan, you can taper off those peaks in your annual utility budget (like summer air conditioning) by dividing your utility charges into 12 equal payments. Any IPS residential or rural customer qualifies. And there's no interest or carrying charge for this service. For complete information, give us a call or stop by. DREES Home Appliance Center AMANA Refrigerators — Freezers — Radar Ranges Only Amana Has 5 Yr. Total Appliance Warranty Where Qualify Comes Ends June 28th First"-After Service We Service All Our Appliances Coppertone Special Priced Air Conditioners - Dehumidifiers Refrigerators Carry Extra Discounts Compare Quality Before You Compare Price! As another school year ends, life takes on a new twist for millions of young people throughout the nation. For many, the transition from the classroom to the working world will be filled with uncertainty and apprehension. From all of us at IPS to this year's graduates, our very' best wishes as you begin the task of helping shape the destiny of the world that will be yours. ********** Garageman giving estimate to car owner: "First the good news — your glove compartment and sun visor are in excellent condition." SIDE-BY-SIDE REFRIGERATOR. ..Made The Way A Refrigerator Should Be Made T16M Amana Coppertone Refrigerator 16 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Only 329 Gold & White STOR-MOR s REFRIGERATOR STOR-MOR^ REFRIGERATOR 25.4 cu. ft. Amana quality features. Model SR-25N. $000.00 • Amana Power Saver Switch- energy saver • Two automatic cold controls —one in freezer and one in refrigerator • Refrigerator within a refrigerator just for fresh meat • Exclusive Hi-Humidity Compartment • Adjustable Cantilever Shelves • Smoky, see-through, tough Modified Acrylic in the Meat Keeper, Fresh Fruit Bin, and High Humidity Compartment 'ana. REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER Ice Maker With Side By Side On, y$ 29°° This Sale Only Model TR-16N 16.0 cu. ft. only 32" wide Family Coppertone Size Deluxe Only Amana Convertible Doors -Change to right or left hand opening anytime Two Automatic Cold Controls, Set one independently of the other Add-On Optional Amana Automatic Ice Maker (at extra cost) « "Refrigerator Within A Refrigerator"-Just for fresh meat • Completely Free-O 1 -Frost Amana Frost Magnet Stops Frost From Forming • Amana Wide Rollers With Brake • Two Glide-Out 'Wall-To- Wall" Shelves • Stor-Mor®Door holds tall bottles and awkward items • Amana "Power Saver" Energy Saver W.T. Model TC-18N 18.2cu.ft. only 32" wide Amana Convertible Doors —Change to right or left hand opening anytime Two Automatic Cold Controls. Set one independently of the other Amana "Power Saver" Switch — Saves Energy 1 "Refrigerator Within A Refrigerator" — Just for fresh meat ' Completely Free-O'-Frost Amana Frost Magnet Stops Frost From Forming • Amana Wide Rollers With Brake • Patented Cantilever Adjustable Shelves • Stor-Mor®Door holds tall bottles and awkward items • Add-On Optional Amana Automatic Ice Maker (at extra cost) Large Size Coppertone *4b9 Sale W.T. ONE Only *429 Damaged . 22.3 cu. ft. Store meat twice as long, keep vegetables three weeks full featured. 22.3 cu. ft. Model SR-22N. J 699 95 W.T. 19.4 cu. ft. You'll love its convenience and features. 19.4 cu. ft. Model SR-19N. '629 95 w .T. 17.3 cu. ft. Only 32" wide, big 17.3 cu. ft. Mod.ISR.17N. *549 95 W.T. Exclusive Amana 5-Year Warranty Covers parts and related labor for Shears. AMANA FREEZER 7cu.ft.'199 95 9cu.ft. 21 9 95 11 cu.ft 259 95 i5cu.ft. 289 95 329 95 Also Upright Sale Priced Too with the 6.5 CM. ft. Freaier ON THE BOTTOM! Model BC-20N 2.01 Cu. Ft. Capacity Only By AMANA Sale Price Reg. $654.95 '545% MIC R O W A V E fo V E N made only by IN t VV economy all around... • Cook most foods 3 times faster than normal! • Save 50% to 75°/o of the electricity you use in cooking • Cooks a 5 Ib. roast in 8Yi minutes a pound, baked potato in 4 minutes, hamburger in 1 minute! 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Model DH-14 AMANA DEHUMIDIFIER ONLY 94 95 AMANA Window & Central Air Conditioners Sale Priced Free Estimates trash can replaces 3 trash cans Jjj WITH AN ' . /mana. STOR-MOR COMPACTOR Only $26995 Model SMC-1 Compacts bottles, cans, cartons.,. just about any household trash. 5-YEAR WARRANTY Amana warrants lor five years from date of original purchase, parts and related labor when product is used for normal home use within the U.S. and warranty service performed by an authorized Amana servicer. Owner's responsibility is for serviceman's travel charges, local cartage, replacement of gaskets, plastic parts, and normal maintenance. Warranty wold where product is misused, damaged or altered, or serial plate defaced. Warranty applies In Canada except for taxes, duties, and assessments levied at time of part export. ; AMANA REFRIGERATION, INC. • AMANA, IOWA OPEN EVENINGS 7 to 9 P.M. Monday through Saturday, June 10-15th Heating Plumbing Air Conditioning Drees Ce. Home Appliance Center Phone 792-2863 NOTE: We Service Our Appliances Only. All Units Shipped In Need Shipped In Service

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