Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 10, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1944
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Vcl. LXVIII, No. 186 "A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Fair Tonight Full Report On l»age 2 ESTABLISHED 1885 THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press •Price-Three Cents South Main St. Woman On St. Mary's "Danger List" After A Three-Story Fall Mrs. Catherine Nardell Found Seriously Injurec Near Her Home Mrs. Catherine N-mlello, <19 Soutl Mnin street, was found lying, badly injured, on the ground under third story window of her home nbftiK -1:30 p. m. yesterday. She wii< taken to St. Mary's hospital i.". VV'aterbtiry. where it w«j. found that she .suffered u possible iniuuii-c of the skull, a broken n^'ht leg. and lacerations on the left lug. 'tnd over the left eye. HIT name was placed on the iliinijer list this morning, Mr.<. N.vrdello, wife of Louis Nar- (icllp. was reported to have bocn in ill health, »o.r:<l is thought to have fallen from the window. Mr*. Nardello was taken to the hospital in the community '"ambulance I'.v Patrolman Wilfred Evon nntl Supernumerary Henry Ploski. Coroner Stephen A. Homlck of H'ateriniry w investi.gnting the mishap. Germans Withdraw From One Pocket Below Florence Local Doctor Took Part In Saipan Drive Captain Leo B. Tylec With Field Hospital Unit In Marianna Group Captain Leo B. Ty'.ec o' tha U.S. A'rmy Mcxiiml Corps, former local physician, uncl well Unown rcsi- nt. is now stationed on the island of Sfmpan in" the -Mric' ^roup, recently conquered by American forces, letters to IH> wife. Mrs. Mnrsrai'ct i. Reilly) Tylec indicate. Dramatic Scene Marks Pope's GI Reception (IU- United .Tress) The r.nrmJins have withdrawn from one of their two remaining' pnc-kr-tx on tHf s-Hithr-rn bunk oV ttu- Arno below Florence. ^A front dispatch says British Churchill tanks over-ran the' east pocket today, desiring out till but s(.'attr>n.'tl Naxi patrols. And Brit- i ish inf.-mrry captured a monastery! turned inrri » German fortress, tnl'- Ing 70 prisoners, uncl killing the I'ost of the garrison. Tho one remaining pocket, comprising five sqvmro miles, HCH \\ miles west of Florence. In the Allied-held .section of Flor- Uiiprocedeiiti.'d in Vatican history was tln> general a udiVnce given by His ncilitiiaat 1'opc Tins XII lo. Allied MOliiier* of :ill creeds :ind races. This romarkalilo photograph culclie.s sonii; of tin; drama of Ihi; scene as eager Gl.s recall out bared arms l;o touch Iti : liunc) (if Mis Holiness lifter tin- blessing and Ixjnc- diction. Note soldier almost leaping from the crowd. Signal Corps photo from News of the Day Newsreel. (Inler.-iatimial) Sgt Sherwinsky Reported Killed In Action June 6 CAI'TAJN LT2O «. TVMCC Or. Tylec has been in the U. S. siervi'-o since May. 19-11. and was ytationc'.l .'it Fort Devcns in Ma.s.s- cacf, some 150 Fascists have beon iiiTi'sted far snifiinj:. Allied Li-oops fll.scovored that bullct.s wcru coming From top-story windows, instead ot from the German-held iirr-a. On the Adriatic, Polish units tinve captured the vllUifce of Fran- raville, one mile north of Cc.inno river. Aiul on the American from— i nrdr f'—nrtfllcry (luellins con-i tinucH hefween Americana and Cfi.Tm/m foi'cr.s to the north. In aii- rtotion. RAF heavy bomh- I'l-s IxisiKl in Italy smashed at Rn- mnnl/m oil refineries <'U Ploe.iti liist niwht. Returning- pilots re- portetl results could net be ob- scrvd dur tn heavy clouds. Ycsti;r- '1'iy. American medium bombers nttacked unspecified tar^'otM (irountl H'.i'lapcst and communications In I ntirthi-rn ftaly and nlonp; the Ital- Local Soldier In Action On St. to Front former Cur- R'rvd. well for Private Algy floxlnt tiss struct reMirl^nt known lien?, is xjiicl to h*ve taken p'irt in ihi> fierce fig-htinK of recent d.-iys on the St. Lo front, that Aincrii.Kin forces captured recently. _ [''"ll-iwirit: tho fall of Cherbourg. iVnii'i-ic-in fni-cns wuro stymied ;i tim ( . },y the bitter Ccrmaj tlffenscs, that kept the attackln.7 f'lrci's hornmf-d into >a small area "hnilt tile city of St. Lo. The battle foi- St. .Lo wn-s one T thf- mast har<i-f ought to diUc in *'".' NcifmancLy inv.-i^ion, ;i.ncl I.M bc- lii'vpd to hnvo cost the life of Pri- v 'ite ICrlward Doyle, whose wife. •*I'^. Kmmit Doyle, Id n resident "/ Hixhl-ind avenue, and In also he- li"Vivl tn he the area whcro Pri- ''•'it'. 1 Fiohei-t McGowan and Pri- v.-iti- Janu-s Ki.a/.ill, two more >'.-iii- K'Utick soldiers, were woundod. Sovpi-jii other Is'-augatuck noldlor.-). "icUidin« Private Howard , Ash- ffircl, t-vi-n street resident, and' Corporal Irving Mi'Gowan, arc also policvprt to have been In the sector whoa the fierce fighting wjis in progress. Warranty s Filed With Town Clerk According tn a warranty 'deed "l"<l at the oiiicc of Town Clerk '"lymond J. St. John, Mary Curt in - 1 "' 111 !i house »md lot on iHotchklss »'.rect. to Angelina Martinez. In "other realty action, Irving nni-1 ".H Sjficerhox sold a lot to John Miilsari. The land is on Falrchild ' achusetts until December, ID-13. He wi.< in the Hawaiian group for many months, but iiuiications fLf; that he went into the field with the invasion forces, when the successful effort to dislodge the Jap- •anese from Saipan. was undertaker! some weeks ngo. Dr. Tylec is 'attached to a surgical division of fiuti! hospital and states that the medical men have been terrifically busy -ince the- Sai[Kin campaign got under wciy. The Saipan operation in the Mai-ianna Islands was the most Costly ,ventufc in the history of the American nation, losses in live.-:, and wounds to personnel lr:- inK staggering. However, the hiking of Suipan is belie.-v.jcl to be Uie- rcniovftcl of a dofenso cornerstonL: that will e.xpccliate greatly the fall of tho Ja paneso empire, a.s it. brings within t«!.sy bombing vango not only the Philippines but the mainland homo islands of Japan as well. Dr. Tylec does not mention having seen any soldiers from Naugatuck, but there were ». number cm Saipan, including Corporal Joseph JL-CUII-O of i.he U. S. Marines | who was wounded in action there ;.md Private Jowpli Presto, the latter in the Medloiil Corps. The War Department yesterday notified Mrs. Theodore Valcn. 2-1 I Prospect street, lha.t her brother, j Sgt, Anthony IT. Sherwinsky of] Curtiss street, wa.s killed in action | on the Normandy'front June.G. A month ago the department' informed her that S>jt. Shcrwnisky was missing in action. No details wore K'^'cn in the tolugram, but it is presumed that the death occurred during landing operations on D-Day. In the army about, five years, S^t. B l i(M-winsUy bad been overseas tv.-o yi'ars. Hi: took pnrt in the North African aacl .Sicilian c.'im- p,'n^:is, and wa.s lati;i- shij~)p(-d to IDnglancl. \vhonf:e he took pai't :r. tin: invasion. Formerly employed at tile Peter Paul. Inc.. plain on Now Haven road, ho enlisted in the army at tho ago of JS. H'. 1 is n native 1 of Pittstoii, f'cnna.. but came to Naugatuck two yours before his en- irancu into the .service. Hi: loaves besides Mrs. Valcn, throe other sisters, Mrs. Anthony Mesto. Mrs. Ray Loskoskis~.-ind Miss Frances Shnrwinsky. all 61" Pittston, and a brother, Cpl, Victor SliurwiVisky of Fort Custer, il it'll. End Of The War Report Circulates About Naugatuck A report on the; end of llio \i-jir gained sumu circulation in .Naiiguuick today, indicating how tliii gcnonil puhlic is grasping at any straw that will indicate how sunn the conflict will be over. \ Naugatuck factory's executive are said to have htMm told to plan for :i two-diiy shut-down -in, September, wht:n the wiir Is expected to end, but to niake sure that plans .wore ° made that enough reliaMe hi.'lp lie on hand during tho two-day clusiiij; SIP that the maohlncry and oilier detail* nf this na(iii-e f;<iul<I lie taken <:are of. As far as could In; astii'rtalnt'd today, there- was no fninula- linn fur Ihe slury, other than just, another bit of war hojic- fi.'lncss. School Board Session Delayed Until Next Week Kelly Reported "Slightly Improved" The contliion of William Kelly, SS, of 196 South Main street, was reported to be "slightly improved, according to his wife this morn- Sg't Grabowski To Get Leave After 34 Months Mr. Kelly is in N'cw 3-Iaven hos- I piln!, al'ler he sustained a fi'ac- ] lured skull fi-om a fall apparently, at his ho:r.e on July 2fl. l-fe was orifiinally taken to St. M.'iry's hospital in Waterbury ljut was removed to New Haven in case a bruin operation u'ys necessary. Naugatuck Flyer Now Stationed At Base In England (JSpovIal To The Xi;ws> An Air Service Command Statio.'i n England, Aug. '10—Lt. Arthur K. OomcUe, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Octncke oi' 15 Walnut ter- e, Nnugntuck, Ccnn.. recently completed an .orientation course lesignec! to bridge the gap between .raining in-the states and combat ioldioring against, the enemy in •Vance., At thi.s Air Service Command Station Lieutenant Ocmoku attend, 'd a scries of icc'tures given by veterans which includ- d instructions on chemical warfare and pertinent tips on stay- ner healthy in a combat theater. His next station will he one from \-hich America's .lighting plane.-: over oui- liberation of occupied luronc. Before entering the Army Ait' 'oi-oes, hc wa.s employed as an in- pcctor by tho Navy depui-tinent in Connecticut. According to a story The News O'irriad yesterday, Sergeant' Julius u'as repo/'ted as prl- vatc. Sgt, Gi-a.howski, who has been in the Arny. ulmo«t ' three years • Ji:rfi ha.s never been homo since induction, is expected to be in . Naugatuck soon. He was i,'tationc-i-.l_ i;i lhc" Panam.'i Canal /.one. 1'HOMINKNT KLK DTKS New Britain, Aug. 10—(UP)— Funeral services wiil be hold Friday for Timothy W. O'Brien, a prominent member of the Elks and a. past president of the Past "Exalted Rulers .'i-ssociat ion of Con- nectict. Hc died >ate yesterday at I'hc age of 02. ,Thc school board meeting scheduled for tonight at the Tuttle house has been postponed until' next Thursday, it \V:IK announced toduy. The August meeting, considered all-important because .of the_ap- 1 'p'ointmbnVof a .new' the high scliool •fncul'ty;~'" : w'as""d'elay«'d | because a. member of the group is'on vacation at the present. The board deferred action on the Question last month because of the illness of one member and the i .absence of another. | Klixabeth Mecgan, principal of • Central Avenue school, and Eliza• both Cass, high school librarian, I have boon mentioned as candidates i for the unfilled position caused by ! tho resignation of Lauriston Noyes of the high school faculty. A deadlock two months ago 'occurred in the voting. It is expected that an appointment will be made as the next meeting of the board after this one will be in the second week of September, unless, of course, a -sprcial session is callcii.. school opens shortly after Labor Day. Other business expected at tho meeting concerns probable trixr.3- fors within the grammar school system. I', is also likely another teacher will be named from the waiting list to (111 a post caused by transfers within the entire school .system. Pres. Roosevelt Held Conference In Honolulu With Our Pacific Leaders On Plans For New Attacks On Japs Yanks Said To ToBe40Miles From Paris But Rumor Is Unconfirmed; Fighting Continues At Gates Of Brest (By United Pres«) Unconfirmed Allied reports in LoiKlon tnis morning say the Americans are within "10 miles of Paris. These reports are contaned in an American broadcast (by C-B-S) which also said the Yanks were 50 miles beyond .the newly cap- .urcci iia'il city of Lo Mans, itself .12 miles southwest of the French capital. •Vllied supreme headquarters, now stationed in France, remains nt on how far the Yanks have speared, in their Paris bound of- 'ensive but field dispatches up to his hour say some columns are driving eastward in what may be i move to outflank Paris from the :outh. Sui;!-. strategy would cut France r. two and prevent Is'azi forces in he south from rushing ao the aJd it those in the north. As for dcvelopmen-ts^on France's 3ritta,ny peninsula, the Yanks to- ny surrounded the ports of L/or- ont and Nantes. Their cupture is jclievcd near. A single Nazi slrong point is holding out inside the north coastal port of St. Malo but otherwise the town is held by the Americans. Allied headquarters say a number" of German" vessels have tied up at both Brest *.nd > licfrient, presumably for an attempt to evacuate the enemy garrisons. Angers, at tile base of ths Brittany pcnin- sulu, also is surrounded. Fighting continues at the gates of Brest after the. Germans had spurned an ultimatum to surrcn- LATE *l* JAP SHIPS SCN'K Washington, Aug. 10—(UP)— The Navy announces that U. S. submarines in the Pacific have sunk 16. more enemy vessels. Their latest victims included five cargo transports, nine cargo vcs"- sels, one tanker and one escort vessel to bring the total number of enemy vessels hit by American undersea craft to 839. oOo NEW AIB-BOBXE ARMY Supreme Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forw, A«c. 10—(UP)—Supreme headquarter* today announced the formation of the flrnt entirely nlc-bornc army in military history. The force combines all Allied airborne unit* in the European lh<y ater under the command of United Suites Lieutenant General Jxjwis H. Brereton. - PRODUCTION- HALTED FATALLY IJITTJ2.V Holyoke, Muss., Aug. 10—(UP)— A medical examiner reports that 12-year-old boy who died after 'ing bitten by an eel succumbed to biood poisoning. Dr. L. C. Lo.- ric made the report :ifter performing- an autopsy on the body of Jiimcs Fourier, wjio died at a Ho.'yokc-hospital. The lad' was bitter, by the ee! Saturday while swimming. (Continued on Page 2) Sgt Farrar's New Song To Be Sung At Rubco Outing SRI. Anthony F;irr:ir's now sone. "Lovely Aiiccl," for willed thf niii.sic was written l»y Mrs. Kclll-li Nelson of Qiiinn street, will he KUIIK Iiy Ruth Shopis diirlFijr the VMiidcvillc show lit tli<> U. S. Kulilwr Co.'s fiimily outing at Linden park Sunday. The sDr^esii't's lyrics were puhllshed first in the "Around The Clock" column of Tli<v News two weeks IIR-O and Sirs. »Ison offered to collaborate. An orchestral iirninccmcnt of the sons; has not yet lx;en made, Set. Fiirrnr said, but the nrchoHtnt will attempt to follow tlie..slii|rer, Miss Shopis, Thoso who linvc heard the •.oiijr. find it to he a catchy tune, which may RO over well wild th<> pnhllc. Detroit, Au£. ' 10—(UP)—A walkout by 1,000 members o£ the CIO United Automobile Workers union today halted production of bomber sub-assemblies at the Ford Motor Company's Highland Park plant. NAZIS* NEW DECREE London, Aup. 10—(UP)—In a new and ruthleiw. "totrt, w»r". decree, the NurJti miidc further demand* on GTiu»ny'»- almost*' exhausted home front reserves today. Thry ordered _ hitherto cx- rmpt men into uniform to reinforce the reeling- wchrmacht and mobilized virtually all other civilians to \vark in the Reich's war industries. JUNCTURE EFFECTED He Is More Confident Than Ever Enemy Will Be Forced To Surrender RENEWS PROMISE GEN. MACARTHUR WILL GO BACK TO PHILIPPINES Visited Nearly Every War Installation In Hawaii; Will Report To Nation (By United Prows) President Roosevelt has been in Hawaii conferring with our Pacific leaders on plans to crush the Japanese \vith n'cw offensives. The revelation that the president spent, three days in Honolulu is accompanid by the announcement that General 5IacArthur, our Southwest Pacific commander, also was there, conferring with the president and with Admiral Nimitz. And MacArthur received from President Roosevelt, a renewal o£ the pledge that the general will return lo the Philippines with triumphant United States forces. Mr. Roosevelt says his conferences with the lop commanders' of the Pacific theater, and his firsthand inspection tours have made him more confident than ever that the Japanese will be smashed into unconditional surrender. The president sailed from Honolulu on July 29th for what is called his next destination. The location of that destination, of coui'se, is not disclosed. Before leaving Honolulu, Mr. Roosevelt said that when MacArthur was ordered to Australia from Corregidor he promised the general that he would go back. That promise,, said the president, ' ~~ " ""• London, Aug-. "10—(CJP)—The German Transocean news afrcn- cy says Canadian and British thoops below Caen have effected a juncture near Grimbosq. The enemy dispatch admits that some Xar.i troops have been trapped behind the Allied lines. Story On Beacon Falls Resident In "Herald-Tribune" Mrs. Edward Volkomcr, the former Myrtle Bronson of Beacon Falls, who-is employed at the Pennsylvania stntion in Kcw York city, ccntly made the New York Herald-Tribune. 'Following is the clip- Congressman J. E. Talbot Unanimous Choice Of Convention To Again Be The Congressional Nominee; Hits 'Pressure Groups' In Acceptance Unanimous Choice i FATAL IIKAKT ATTACH New I.oncion, Aujt. 10—CUP.)— Mrs, Gladys H. MrLaitRhlin diod of a h'Nirt attack while alonK Hi'; tihorc -u.1 Ocoan Beach park. She w;ts -12 years old. "V M'AK HONP.S AND STAMPS Tel, !i287.—Adv.' —CiiHh paid for iniisicul Inslru- nipnts, piano.x, r.-ullo.s. phonosraphs. Metro Music Mart, 88 Church St. -rosEPir TALBOT Congressman Joseph E. Tnlbot, i ont of Congressman Talbot for whose politica.1 career lias been the congress. most spcctiicuiar in the history ot" Alter referring to the duties ot NauKatuck. was the UTTanimous i a congressman to look after the choice of the Republican nth con- ' individual needs of his constitu- district convcnilon held ents, and the usual give and take at Waterbury. last night, to again [ between the candidates ot be the candidate for the office that I parties, he said: he no"' holds. both Congressman Talbot's name was placed before tho convention held lit the Hotel Elton by Attorney C'.aromont I. Tollcs. prominent 1'cl- "This year there is an entirely different shadow on the picture. If it was just a contest between the Democrats and the Republicans or.c would know how to con- low townsman of the congressman, [ duct the campaign, but this year and close personal friend, who reviewed the record of the legislator. Atty. Tolles pointed out the steady proKi-oss that Congressman Talbot has made in every department, and indicated his comprehensive frrasp and understanding of local, state' and national' affairs, but never at any time losing- sight of the individual constituent in his desire .o be o!' .service. The congressman in his acceptance speech, lost no time in dc- livei-in/.' a bristling attack, against 'pressure groups" -believed to be the CIO Political Action committee that is backing Peter Hlggins of Torrington, Democratic oppon- wc have a different picture. Every candidate for-congress is being faced by something other than his own record. "I have heard that there will be dumped into this district to dc- fe,-U jiio, $-10,000. I can't spend that much. Even if I had'-it, the law wouldn't let me. I'm limited to political expenditures of Jess than one-tenth that amount — less^than .$•1,000. "But I don't think spending.mon- ey will win or lose a contest. There.are pressure groups ope rat- ling in this district and in others. Presented Candidate "Followers of the bangtails have been buying tickets to Belmont Park in the Pennsylvania station recently have probably notice the sign, "Mr. Volkomer" at one window and tne signs, "Mrs. Volkomer" at the adjoining booth. The signs used to read "Mr. Vol- komer" and "Miss Bronson" until last June 10, when they were married at Beacon Falls. Conn. Ed- wnrd Volkomor. became acquainted with Myrtle Bronson a year ago when they sold'tickets^sidc by side in the Long Island section of the Pennsylvania station. They arc stil side by side every day except Friday, off." _ilr. ..Roosevelt visited almost every war installation on the island of Oahu from the giant- naymf, base at Pearl Harbor to tiny nYountain- top posts. He 'talked Vfp.h generals — and with wounded buck privates as their Hud's were lifted from hospital planes just in from Saipan. When lh# stretcher bearers carrying abounded Marine lieutenant atoppcd>lmtho president's automobile, Mr. KWsoVelt reached. out to take the marine's hand. "Hello, son," the president said. Then he aided, "welL you're up here now. It is good if see you — I pot here just in time." The young lieutenant didn't say a word. He just grinned. Other litters passed by the president's car and he waved or talked to each of the men they bore. Mr, Koosevelt plans to report to the American people on his trip soon — probably in a radio broadcast. They both have Friday Naugatuck's Fire Chief Named to State Committee Fire Chief John J. Sheridan has been named 3 member of the State been-named a member of the State Fire-Chief Club's legislative committee, it was learned here today. Paul Heinz, chief of the New- Haven Fire department, is chairman of the committee and hc extended an invitation to the N.- tuck fire chief to be a member, due to his extensive knowledge ol legislative affairs. Tho Fire Chief's club mcmbcr-v ship includes practically every Sire chief in the state and the membership of its important committee as a rule is made up of fire chiefs from the lai-ge communities. Continued on Page 2; ATTV, CT.AKEMONT I, TOI^LES Work On Grand List To Start Soon Work on the grand list of 19-M will commence shortly. Luke Com- iskcy, assessor, announced tliis morning 1 , as new forms for the list have been received. Tlve individual sheets in the 'grand list ought to be ready for signing in October, Mr. Comiskcy said. :.. v "Axa investigation, by the state tax department last year resulted in jeveral recommendations, which were carried out, and have placed the assessors' office in good condition, Mr. Comiskcy j<aid. A fireproof vault now keeps the records. A new card system is impossible to obtain, Mr. Comiskcy said, and a new system of transfers adds to the accuracy of the rccolxlis. —When .voiir'npiwtllc It* a bit jiid- ed, and you arc looking for »ome- IhlnR different In food, ntop at Jeffs Rostaurant, Church St,—Adv. We Can Defeat At Any Game, Roosevelt Says Honolulu, Aug. 10—(UP)—An Army reporter asked Presidcr.t Roosevelt at his press conference why the American soldier has been able to beat the Japs nt their own game of atoll and jungle fighting. The President permitted direct quotation of his reply. Said he: "Perhaps it sounds a bit like boasting-, but perhaps it is the difference between our type of civilization, and our type of fellow, and their type of civilization and- their type of fellow. We'll take them on at any panic, war or pleasure, and- we'll beat them at it. any time." —Don't niiwi the big; Having* In the Auiciwt Sale ot Fura now underway Ht Raphael'*, Nmiitatuck's Fitfthlon Center, Church Htm*.—Adv.'

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