Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 9, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1944^ Page Eight NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS New Haven Man Admits Falsifying Draft Registration .- Hartford, Aug. 0— (UP)— Plend- itig guilty in Federal court to falsifying his draft registration, Thom- nn P. Mesiny of New 1-lnvcn, will be sentenced next week in Federal court. ' Men ny— wild to be wanted in New York on a murder- charge— is reported to have registered for Selective Service at Waterbiiry tin- dor «n iilUs, and to have failed to keep the dr«ft board informed of his whereabouts. Thomas Collins, also of New Haven, pleaded guilty in Federal court ot Impersonating an Army 'officer with intent to defraud. Collins, discharged from the Army last spring, is said to have cashed several bad checks on his representation he was an olllcer returned from foreign service. Also In Federal court was the case of Howard Patrick Murray of St. Johnsbury, Newfoundland who Is reported A-W-O-L from the Canadian Air Corps. Murray allegedly impersonated «i second lieutenant .of the American Army Air Corps, pleaded guilty to the charge and his case will come up later for sentencing. Golden Gleaners Hold Weeky Session Today The Golden Gleaners of Beacon Valley Grange met this, morning at the home of Mrs. Emma Moeck- cl of New Haven road, with Mrs. Ethel Witty as hostess. Th-> annual prance services will .be held Sunday at Grange hall. Charles M. Gardner of Springfield. Mans., high priest oT DemiHer in the National grange, will sp- :ik at t l ic service •. Rev. T. Bradley Loni:staff, pastor of tho Methodist .church, will also be hc.-ird. lUfY WATl BONDS AN1> STAMJ'S Pilot Killed In Plane Crash Is Identified Luncnhurg, Mass., 'A'.ig. !>—(UP) The Navy has identified the pilot of a Devil' Diver plane who wa,<, killed whotv' his parachute failed to open as he bailed out. Ensign Henry C. Youhgdoff of Houston, Texas, 'had to .bail out because of engine trouble. His plane was on a routine flight with Hi others from Quonset Point, R. T. A Navy soarohlrag party found the body near the Lunonburg-Shir- lev line where the crash occurred. New Haven Man Is Renominated New Haven, Aug. 0—(UP)—The third district Republican convention has re-nominated Major Rnn- ulC Compton for asccond term. He was unopposed. Compton was nominated by Mcri- clen Mayor Francis Danahcr, a I brother of Senator John A. Dan- j iihcr who was renominatcd for the j icmite at yesterday's state convention. And fit Willinifintic, the Republicans of ihc second congressional district nominated former Congressman John B. McWilliams to again run for that ofllcc. His nomination also was by acclamation. n.ANfSH BKI'OBT Yanks Ready For, Snipers In Italy Stockholm, AUR. 9—CUP)—The Danish Press Service says Field Marshal Rnrnmcl soon will undergo another brain opnrnUon. The report rinoLos Oorrmin circles in Coponlin«i;n .is snylr.K the Naxi marshal is Sf.-rkinK [\i<! from Pro- .'essor Eusch—a fcotcd D:in:sth brnin sui'KCon. Rommel was injured n Knincc when ;m Allied plane is automobile. Croucl.lnir lH.-l.iml :i vehicle. Cpl. IJiwno T. Moon. Minneapolis, Ml**., Is on tho »l.-rt for snipers while his Firth Army liiiddleH set off omny mines planted In one of the main streets lending to LcBhorn, Italv. Tht. pull of smoke Is from tainm located anil cx|H«x «,l >.v Yai k Kappcrs. Official U, S. Slcnal Corps Itmllophoto. (Intcnwtloiwl bound- photo) KARTHQUAKIS UKCOKDKD \Veston, aias.s., Aujr. 0—(UP) slight earthquake somewhere the vicinity of the Caribbean has bo^r. recorded at "Wcston cul- IcRC observatory. The Reverend Edward Powers, a seismologist, said the 'quake wsis recorded shortly after midnipht, and lasted 30 minutes. The tomblnr is nsti- m.ited '-'.' have bnnii marc, than .1.000 miles south of Boston. Russians Start I Battle For Riga, Latvian Capital •M. FREEDMAN CO. ODDS and ENDS •••• $' ^-T'f 43 ALL-WOOL MEN'S SUITS $07175 ' H P^^ \4:y * -w •) t \*^ , - 1 V V ': 24 VALUES TO ,$39.50 MEN'S SHIRTS 1.89 (•A|-'K COD MAKK — YALTKS TO $-.!>"> §J Men's ;£ Sports Shirts I '1.00 $.1.50 Values Men's Ties 95c Values to $2.00 30 Pairs of Men's Slippers 1.95 5-I.OO Values Men's Sport Shoes '4.95 .?(.!.00 Values Men's Straw Hats '1.95 Values to SG.OO Boys' School Shirts 1.00 Values to $1.50 .Men's Polo Shirts 59c 89c Values Men's ?\ Work Shirts Jf Blue and Khaki (Uy United Pretis) • Tho ' Rusisans hnvc opened the h.-utk' for Riga, tho Latvian capital at the edge or the Baltic sen. Two Rc;d armies are converging on Riga from Krustpils, the important rail city captured yestcr- diiy, and from the Birzai nrea. The drive from. Biraai rolled forward 14 miles yesterday after the Russians trirow; buck desperate Gernuin counter-attacks. Naxi troops attacked n.t 1' 40 times at Bir/.ai alone in an Ill-fated at- tempt'to break out of the Russian wall how stretching'to the Baltic sen. The remnants of 20 to 30 German divisions are trapped In the Baltic states.' However,, the Nazis arc fighting for every inch of ground on the approaches to Riga. The Russians are able to execute sweeping flanking moves . only by penetrating rtiirshos ^nd. forests -lacing t'ne T_ub»n plains. A German. DNB broadcast• says Russian forces captured the Lithuanian highway center of Raselnai' SI mill's east of Memol. The report claims the Soviets then were pushed back into the eastern part of the town. Elsewhere on Russia's 1,000-milc enstcrn front, other desperate German counter-attacks are slowing down thu swift pace of the Soviet offensive toward the Reich. Ir. the bHttle for Warsaw, Ccn- en-T. Bor reports the Nazis, are attempting to cleat- the Polish capital's two main thoroughfares— Volska and Jerusalem avenue. The enemy also is directing heavy fire against the Zolibora district from positions on the east bank of the Vistula. See-saw battles continued without decisive change in Warsaw's rfmi suburb of Pr.apa, Despite opposition, Che Russians extended the bulge across the Vistula below Warsaw, and widened their arc paralleling the Czechoslovak border to 380 miles. Turning to the diplomatic front: Negotiations between the two rival Polish government were suspended temporarily while Premier Mikolajc-/,,ik of the governmcnt-in- exlle returns from Moscow to London 'for conferences-with'his cabinet. The premier is expected to submit proposals for the formation ot a coalition government, repudiation of the n ,93!5 constitution, and re-establishment of the democratic Polish constitution of 1921/ In Finland, there are indications the new government of President Mannerheim may be peace-minded. Two cabinet members are known to favor peace. The other five at least never have openly opposed pence demands. j Paris and Algiers broadcasts soy the- Finnish cabinet will hold its first meeting today. Chinese Refute Japs'-aaimThat Hengyang Has Fallen '"Chungking saya - jap heavy artll- •IclT'poundcd Chinese positions inside Hcngynng yesterday, ''The announcement refutes the Tnpancs'c claim that the key junction of''the Hankow-Canton railway lias been captured. . The 1 Chinese central news'agency tcports the Hongyanp commander is personally leading his remaining trooops in hand-to-hand lighting on the city's streets. .The general notified Chiang-Kai-Shek.two days ago.-that he would hold on until death. .Radio Tokyo claims that several American liaison officers were .captured at Hengyang, .:Over on the Burma frontier, the Chinese are consolidating their positions inside the ancient wall around Tcngchunjj. They are being supported by planes of the American 14th Air Force. .American planes have scored direct hits on the Conte Verde—the 18,000-ton Italian liner which was undergoing repairs in Shanghai harbor. Turning to the war in the western Pacific—American Army and Marine troops on Guam are all set LO finish off the surviving Jap remnants. The enemy is compressed in an 18-square-milc area at the northern tip of the island—and is under •constant attack by United States carrier based planes. ' On. the political .front—25 mem- bcrs L of .the all-India congress were arrested early today, after trying to hold a public meeting in commemoration of the second anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi's arrest by the British. Gandhi had predicted such action by the' government would lead to widespread civil disobedience outbreaks throughout India. Naugatuck Eating Places Must List (Continued from Page 1) In addition to the forty basic items which include such staples ;ts apnle flic, roast b'ecf, hamburger, bacon and cfrgs, combination salad, and cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, the prices of all other foods remain frozen at the -Apr:" •1-10 level in tho various restaurants. If the rostaif«.nl docs not list the '10 specified staple food items on- its mer.v., it must add sufficient items from its own menu, to brir.p the total to -10 the -p. P. A. ordered. The O. P. A. order particularly on the price of.-coffee, is causing a great deal of comment among restaurant heads here it was in'"/- cated, but the general interpretation is said not to be too drastic. Many Workers Are On Strike In Detroit, Mich. Americans Take City Of Le Mans (Continued -from Papc' 1) FIFTH OPERATION 1.00 Values to $1.50 M. FREEDMAN CO. NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK, CONN. Shrewsbury, Mass., Aug. 9— (UP) —A three-year-old boy is leaving for Philadelphia for his fifth operation to remove a safety pin that has been lodged in his throat for a month. Richard Hasseltine of Shrewsbury was accompanied by his parents. The boy has been operated on four times at a Worcester ' hospital. Now, Philadelphia specialists will try to remove the pfn with a bronchoscope. PILOT KILLED I-uncnburg, Mass., Aug. 9—(UP) —The pilot of & navy Devil Diver plane lias been killed in a crash. The youth was forced to bail from his .-'hip because ot engine trouble during a flight with 15 other planes from Fort Devons. He was killed •"'hen his r^racluits failed to open. Identification:, was withheld pending notification of kin. SUBMARINE LAUNCHED /,,' •: Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 9—(UP) —A United States submarine has been launched at the Portsmouth Navy Yard. The wife of Commander William B. Sieglaff, who is on . .duty at the yard, sponsored the ";;; tiubmannc Tirante, • _ - - In the r.arrow corridor between Normandy and Brittany, the German . counter -,-u.t;icl<s a.ppcar to have petered out. However, today, the Germans claimed the recapture of Mortain. They admiUfid 'an- Allied breakth rough on the Caen front and said the-A'.ncricanp had penetrated to the streets of Lc Mans. There's little late news from Brittany, where the Germans have fired the ports of St. Malo and Dorient, an indic-ationi that a retreat from ther.-; cities is planned soon. At. last reports, the Americans we're fiphtinfr in the outskirts of St. M«!o, were fiphtinp four miles from BroMt, and less thin five miles from Loricnt. On the front in western Europe, 1500 American planes bombed th-j German railway and industrial city of Stuttgart in the southern Reich today. The attack wwJs carried out despite thick clouds, and German fighter pilots put up their first ssr- itous opposition in days. Targets elsewhere . in southern' Germany .also were bombed, and the Naxis said other American , formations, presumably from Italy, , attacked targets in the Danube' | valley aroa. I Powerful forces of bombers and fig-.hters from England swept toward France in what first dispatches described as the bijrpef.t aerial operations against .the continent •since the days, just before the invasion took place. 'There's one other ah- development-to. report, A few of the 600 American heavy bombers which a.ttaclicd: German positions fouth of Caen . yesterday let their explosives £0 by -accident or error. As a- result n. ; few Canadians were killed/ Others were wounded, in- cludinp a. high staff officer. . ; On;the Italian- land front, the British have token a dominating ;hill cast of Florence. But there's jlittle fighting inside the ancic.nt -city. .. '. :,,. DEGREES AWARDED •JDurham, N. H., Aug. 9—(UP)— T,he. University of New Hampshire 'holds its 79th commencement to- ,dny; .Thirty-one undergraduates and,..graduate students are scheduled to receive their degrees. Too Late To Classify FOR SALE — Four-family hon»n, .central location, in excellent condition. Brass piping throughout: oil .burner; frontage sufficient for ' extra lot. Priced reasonably. Ad: . dr.ess Box "J" Naupatuck Daily News. (By United Twenty-two hundred workers :U the BriKKT, Manufacturing company's outer drive pAinl in Detroit— which mokes ball turrets for bombers —want om strike today. A company spokesman rnys tlio workers quit without Bribing a reason'for the walkout. And union leader* arc not available for comment. The Brings walkout comes while the National W«LT Labor board ir. preparing to. act in another critical labor dispute at five General Motors plants where production hits been-halted Cor a second time since July 26th by a strike of 7,000 em- ployes. Army spokesmen say that since the flow of aircraft engine and truck parts ttaa halted completely tha.t lack- of materials may shut down.''five' more General Motors plants. These plants are located (it Tonawanda, New York; Norwood, "Ohio; Pontiac, Michigan; and Atlanta and St. Louiy. Three Men Plead Guilty To Theft From The Mails Hartford, -Aug. 0—(tTP>— Three persons have pleaded guilty in Federal court to charges of stealing from the mails. All were giver continuances until September when they will be sentenced. John A. Bivclacquc of Milford was charged with stealing ten letters from the mail. He has been called up for Army induction Friday. Fna C. Peterson of N'oank, admitted taking- six letters containing $•112. And 'Robert Franklin Abbott of Bridgeport, admitted two counts of Healing, mail. Action On New P. O. Appointment Delayed Action on the filling of a position, at the Post Office since the resignation of Lawrene ' Footc, who will remove to California, will be delayed until the return of Po-a- m-ast:r Frank Green. Edward Mc- Cartry, assistant postmaster, said thi;\ morning. It was reported that many likely successors in the armed forces, a fact which further postponed, an appointment. The local post office has been hard hit -'uid has bad difficulty in replacing men who have gone into the armed forces. AUTO STOI-K.V Boston -Aug. 0—(UP)—The automobile of Lieutenant Joseph 1 s ". Kennedy has been .-'toler., Kennedy's u'-ar was uikcn from in front of a Back Bay hotel last night. The naval lieutenant is the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, former ambassador to Britain. v BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Cash Waiting FOR YOUR USED MACHINERY Table SJ«WK, Jointers, Band Saws, Metal LiithrK, Motors, and Electrical Appliances Phone 3-5030 WATERBURY A»k for MR. ANDREWS BUY AND SAVE AT THE HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TKf.. 4«80 ROCCO RADO, Prop. Buy More War Bonds Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenftigs Only After 9 P. M. WAY DOWN SOUTH IN NEW OR.f I FANS FAMOUS FOR MANY THINGS^ —NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH-SEER-i SUCKER SUITS THAT LEAD A HAPPY.? SUMMER LIFE WITH MANY CON-I TENTED MEN. | This gay old city of the old south ;.$ with its generous sprinkling of .% light-hearted Latin races — its ."• splendid southern cooking and '• \ hospitality to the stranger with- j, in her gates — tailor these seer- * sucker suits as well as they mix | a sazzerac cocktail or a ramos , gin phizz —and that's right smart — $15- i«* .N-K ELECTRIC CO. 8 Church Street COM) ROl.l-.EI> •STKEI- FRY PANS _*Sfe- 'SAUCE PANS 1 Quart $1.49 2 Quart S1.69 3 Quart $1.99 TEMPLETON'S TKJVU'r/KTON'S WATEKBURY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Charge) SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' Ifl» Rock, and Rye Boyn Polkas and Sxvcct Music 1)111 JUihack Polka Orchcntr»| 5 to 9 .Suntl.-iyn White Eagle] Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut KcsUurant AsM>ciatlon • HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service . For over 100 years this plant has con tinuously served our nation with quality, footwear and other fine rubber products,both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war began of charcoal briquets for civilian consumption. Packed in 20 Ib, bags. .'• Bum twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag for that picnic before they . are gone. • ' The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236

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