Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 9, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1944 NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS Page Seven, Steel Pennies Fool Many Mot NEWS WANT ADS A Real Barg-ain! fur imlv ' 63 (,'ia ssific'd Act You (re I T 5 \\'m'ds. Too • Announcements I hi ON or ivCtyr Aiig. T. I-M.| I w lie responsible for any bill tracted by anyone other myself, Edward A. Hermonot. not con- than Automotive Auto,-, Ji\>r Su 12 Employment Foniulo MAI') ' for iti'iiorul ImtiNtwork cl !>>' ailult family in MUldle- hui-v. I 'horn- Wntry. •l-SS'JG. In Ili-lp \V;uiti'd—Male or l-'cnuile MAN 01' wotrum u r :mti'i! Jo clean fiuir hours weekly. Apply Naufraiuck Wnter company. TKl.KI'HONK solicitor to work from t! in '.' p. ni. from own home. Nationally adverti.fed product. No sMil<\< i>r collections. Good puy. Add:rss I'.ox C in care of News. MONUMENTS spuclal prices on AH Memorials V. RICHARDS 260 So. Wain St. Nnugatuck About 90- percent of American homes arc of wood frame. DODUE — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm W. Starr Coi-p. •ISS Watcrtown Avc. Dial 5-11-I6 Autos Wlintoil "A safe place to buy" PMck,'inl-"\TMtcrl)iiiy, ..Inc. •182 Wntortown Avenue Dial -1-C109 Contractors 1'itl filing W. Tel, HANGING F, Cotn, 17 5-15S. niul fulntlnj, Cedar Stree Merchandise Feed And Fuel WOOD for stove, furnace and flreplcice. Harry Edwards Burton Koacl, Beacon Falls Phone Naiigatuck 44-17. Da-kar harbor, on the west coast of Africa, /fiiccs to the. east.. Planes Sent Home Used As Guinea Pigs On The Air Today J'AICT TI.MK H HI,I 1 FOK S A US- AC 1 , K r-'ACTORY, ARMOUR & CO, WATHRBl'RY. Orlando, Fla.—(UP)— After the photographers have gone and the crews have received their citations and everyone knows iibout v the feats of some of the Flyin. resses and Liberators that For Sale r;itf(! mi North I'urnaCt', family lioiist* lo- Mnin street, hot hardwood floors, evenings. J.'IOHT rixun, ^-family'. All inipi'ovi-nn-nfs. in Kood condition. 2-car sarnsi: and '.ar.W'i' lot. Price .J.-.T'H). Also J2-r(inm 2-:'amily house. Kurn^'r and uxtr:i build- in:; Int. Pi-ice .$ii,300. A, Shupley. T.-l. L'-IS;:. •la • Fort- flntilly return to United States bases — what happens to the planes? O.'llciuls at tht? Army Air Forces cently revealed one ol' the borne- tactical trainiiif,' center here ro- fcont jobs t given the groat war weni'ies. They arc made into giant guinea pigs. Take the "Typhoon McGoon," K-17 veteran of the Pacific war theater. It is credited with the Japanese bomber, five lighter and innumerable search, reconnaissance and navigation missons r.o\v in tho ship's log, Little evidence of the wear and tear o!' missions and thousands o;' miles of air travel can be seen | about the bomber today, but carc- I fu! inspection of the intricat; mc- chanical gadgets about the "Ty• phoon McGoon" reveals inCorma- t,,wn. Price. ?ii..',nO. 1'atay i tion valuilble ''°i' improving weapons a.'icl lor training men who win bo crews of other Fortresses. At present the Air Inspectors School hero holds forth in the spaces whore wheels turn and levers jerk. This bomber was put into action in 1!M2. By tho time the men j<ti:dy:ng its capabilities go into action they will have newer planes to fly. but all that they learn while Clambering over t ho "Typhoon .McGoon" will tit them fo;- the task of taking out the latest thing in United States "heavies". Most of those Air Forces men working in and out of tho plane hrtvu scon combat duty before. They are now learning why soino instrument decided to bo stubborn at a crucial moment —• or if it didn't, why it didn't. •l:<>0 p. in. WOR—Humbling ivii.h G'anVbllng WAEC—Broadway Matinee WHN—Dodgers vs. Cubs WATR-WJZ—Ethel and Albert WEAF-WTIC—Backstage W i to 4:15 p. in. WEAF-W.TIC—Stella Dallas 'rKrs"-ri)tnit, U-famlty linu. pnnvnior-.ts. l,ot 77x130. n. All lin- We-st side Labi'iola, realtor, 17'J Mi^h street, XaiiKatucii Cun:i. Phono 5S3-1 or 3-Ui. TU'O family (IUIIM- on Highland av(;.ni:i\ Two family house on Scott street. Four room, one family house, 1 acre land on Woostor street. I-rice Si',200. John Healy, Trl. r.Ool. T1UCKK year old four-room modern house fni- sale in Naugatuck with t.-oal furnace. Venetian blinds and inlaid linoleum in kitchen and bathroom included. Price $3.800. Cull "Kilo, Naugatuck. Real Estate"Wanted WOR— Can You Top This? WABC— Easy Aeos WTTC— Glee Club WJ 55— Lone Rang-ar WEAF — Roth Orch.; and Chorus \VATK — Phone Your Answer 7:45 p. m, WTIC — Studio Program K:(H) p. m. . WATK-W.7Z— Watch World Go : By ' i WOR— News ! WEAF-WTIC— Mr. and Mrs. North WABC — A. Jonas-. Orch. 8:15 p. m. , ! WOR — Xavior CUJMU •"••'• WABC— Dr. Christxin . \VJX-\VATR-My Best Girls ;• 9:00 p. jii. : WABC— J.iclc Oil-son Show WEA'F-WTIC— Alan Younj,' Show WOR — Onbriel Hc.-itter WATR-WJZ— Danninpcr Show p. m. WOR— Screen Test ' ' ' Merchandise COMPtETE Ii o in v Air bought for cu'sh. HigfiesL prices paid for electric . refrigerators, washers, and stoves, regardless of condition. Francis Furniture Co. 419 NORTH MAIN STRRET Telephone 3000 Merchandise Wanted Jro Iluy JJIAMONDS-Aml Old Gold Bought. Watch repairing' our specialty. GRAND JEWELRY 112 Grand Street Dial 5-0032 BABY—Car .senis, Play pens, butlil nctts, cribs', high chairs, Kantwet mattresses, • toys, THE KADIO 'SHOP • 180 Grand St Wntorbury CASH ror Vour MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co, 203 Bank 4-1422 Education 3.1 Local And J'rlvntc InslriictorM , DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC . STUDIOS—WATBY. 4-C028 553 South Main—11 Wilson Street . ' Piano — Voice — Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults Services 1'rofcHitional Scrvicm MlNceflnncoiiK ONJ2 white enamel kitchen range, oil. T. J, Montambault. Union City. Tel. 2CS3. '• . SLACK Glemvooil combination oil and jriis range. Silent Glow burner. .Hot water heater. Call 2652. Wanted To Buy BANK safe OTupoKft boxes wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to .offer. J. E. Murphcy, Republic COS-), 815 Yeatman Ave., Wcbstei"'G-i-oves 19, Mo. CRIBS — YoiithbedN, clilfforobcs, carriages,. Play Pens, Bassinets. Lai'STC seJeetion of toys. Lowest pricea In town. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. Animals Cattle And Swim; COOI.ERATOn. store Ice »>ov for sale. Good bargain for quick sale. Apply 198 Meadow strict. TWO NEW SALE: .12 SHOT GUNS FOR •AND .16. TEL. Musical I'IGS for sale, .$5.M) and up. Also pullet and , broilers, 3 months and up. J. Mezzo. Tel. 0378, Pond Hill. Services Professional Services GJIA BOSK IK'S Radio Repair Shop. Radios expertly repaired, inc-der- •ite vices. Phone 5GJ.7. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We buy, sell, exchange, and repair all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city, 3SO-382 So. Main St., Watby, Conn. CUSTOM RJCUI'HOI-SXKIUNG — Special 2-piece Suite S59 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naugatuck -JG90 MIKE'S Bicycle Shop. We repair, p.-unt, cu-: Call 5-J76. Excellent . workmanship. 155 So. Main. EXCELLENT ING and slip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Mastcrcr.ift urtistji. 1 Grand St. Watcrbury. Dlai 4-0645 3!» Wanted To Render Service* ELECTRICAL Acpalrln* Scrvlc* Appliances n. specialty. Bay Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. <OW. ODD JOB PAINTING A. J. Kudzma. Call ffaugr. 426« after 5 p ,m. ATTENTION Klectrofux O» —Repairs, genuine purl*, •ervice. By bonded Elcctrolux Man. I. Nlsscn, 3 Tireom A"«. Telephone 4622. Cleaning And Dyeing KIEVMAS'S Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers i'^s first class dry cleaning not only in family garments, but blankets, rugs and other specialties in Ihis field. KIEVMAN'S 76 Church Street "Blondic." starring Penny Sinfrlc- Ion. shown here, has moved. The popular program about the Sunny family Is now bc'.ni; heard in n ne« radio niche—on Fridays nt 7 p. m. e. w. t.. over the Blue network—bu' rv'.t.h the same cast of favorites. Norman Show Wmilrtl To ISiiv ON'K, T\vi> and thrrc family |II wanted. Also farms and Tel, 5031. lots \VK IIAVK BL'YKKsi for 1-2-3 family hotise.s, JOM. V. Rosho, 3 Union St. Tel. •ID2S-2952. Wanted To Kent JIATl'KKI) man and wlfi- desire 3 or -1 room rent in Xaufrntucic. P,nx A, News. T1IKKK or l-'niir rooms wanted by working couple with or.e child. [ Phum- 2rr[r>. Chig-g-ers, He Says, Go For Blondes For Rent To Kent SMALL l!()[.-S|<; with ,'< roiun.s tn i-i-nt, Iiu|iiiiv .It! Sheffield Lane. Ki-n V'irtnr Chmiolinski. Announcements Lout Ami l''oii'ifl SUM i<l Mioni-y lost brtwi-i-n Stiilr Hifhu-ay GfiiviKc on ICIm St. and South Main St. Reward. James Whiilen, L'l!> Park avenue, Tel. •I 2,'! I, I'OCKKT hook, lost. fl;is rini[ions, auto ri:£istnitinn, driver's license, nifjiii-y. Cull nt 3!)7 North Main *'.. Union Citv. Lincoln. Xeb. -—(L'P)— The ubi ciuilous chiKjrcr, like gentlemen o two docfides apro, profers blondes and has an unerring ability to locate anme. The pesky buj;s seek and find thln-dlcinnccl victims, according: to extension ontymolocist Don B. WhoUiu of tho state .'ijjricultural ™Ucz°. and their keen sense of location Icad.s them directly to tho most likely source ot food. The majority of people fail to rciLlixi* they havo provided feedinfr trround until several hours after the unhappy event, ho said, when small, rod, itchy spots appear. Whclan Musfrestm! a Him of sulphur dust around the ankles, on thi; clothing, and all likely points of contact to discourage the fdrfi.uurs' appetilcs. After exposure to the tiny tormentors, a drop of fly-spray on onch bite will tnnd to kill the chljfKcrs and soothe tin; itchiiif,-. he said. A warm, soapy hath was next on the entyrnolofrist's list of recommendations for scratching sufferers. "If they have used sulphur on their skins, they'll need it," l\c commented, "and if they haven't, hoy'll n^od it even more." WATR-WJZ—Dor WABC—-Matinee; News •I:HO p. m. A'ABC—Off the Record; Neighbors U'ATR-WJZ—News VOR—Detective Stories VEAF—Lon'tixo Jones 4:45 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—YOUHK wuicier Brown WABC— K'.iy Scott Orch. \VATR—Susl-alninv; Music WJZ—Hop Ha-rriRan 5:iiO p. in. WAEC—"Fur. with Dunn W.IJ2-WATR—Terry ar.'f! V'irales WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Marries WOK—Undo "Don ij:in p. ill. \VOR-Chi..-k Cartoi- WATR—Melody Revue WJZ— Dick Tracy WEAF-WTIC—Love and Learn S.-.'iO p. in. WAEC—Three Sisters WOR—Tom Mix Show WATR-WJZ—Jack Armstrong WTIC-WEAF—Just Plain Bill 5-.-I3 p. in. WOR—-Supermini WATR-WJZ—Sea Hound WA EC—Wilderness Road WEAF—Front P.'iEC Fan-ell fi:l)0 p. 111. ,V'OR— Hendlino?; Prayer WATR-WTiC—N o ws V E A F- W.T IC-W AT R-\VJX— (1:15 p. in. WAEC—Murray Orch. a.nd Chorus W-A'TR—Music for Dilwr.x WEAF—Serenade to America WOR-WTIC--News WJX—Ethel «nd Albert r;:;io p. m. WOR—News .... . VEAF—Serenade; Bill Stern VABC—Jcri.! Sullavan . PRIVATE BUCK uuz SAWVICR ROV CRAXB BY THE WAY, I TOOK THE PRECAUTION TO CUT YOUR TELEPHONE WIRES, THE LINE'S DEAD WAS JUST WONDERING KEPT A GUN. SHOOTIN6, P1EASE TRYING TO ^VEAF — Mr. District Attorney,- INSTCAD SHE OCIVES; OFF WITW THc WOLF/* AM I GOING TO 6AVJL HE(? OUT, Pnujcc, sr.own nere, is om af the "World uf -Sons's" most wcl- :omc guests. The lovely mezzo- ol Uic Metropolitan Opera Is already signed for nor fourth appearance on the Sunday Blue r.Ct- ,vo;'k program lute In Aucusr.. By HOBERT STOKM KIND OF "OZAl" O0f5 H£ TlJlNK H£ CAM WITH Ti US, JACK T; A1EANWH/I.E, S'9, Att RIGMT, BLUE-JAW. ..WE'LL WHAT TH— THAT'S NOT TALK WITH YOU .' CO,V!= OUT WITH WABC—Mildred B'liley Show •\VATR-\VJZ—Spotlight on Pastor WOR—First Nighter 10:00 p. m, WEAF- WABC-WOK.- VV-ATR.— Kews p. m. WATR—Dancing Difcs: News WJZ—Pages of ile'.ody, lQ;4~i p. in. \VATF-—Carl Ravsixza Orch. 11 MID |>. m. ALL Stations—News ll.-l.j p. in. WJZ—Songs; PoTtraits EAST...WEU. TEU. VC'J BABNEV COOGI.E S.NDFFY SMITH By BII.IA- DE BECK ,-- ves. j.e.--- A ORAVWING>-ROONVUWN\- SOUTHERN EXPOSURE--- OH.BUT, moueiTfte-vs-- IXL SEND W^^^ UV&WT OOVWN \N (V\N CftU . 1 CANT EVEN GCT THE TUT-TUT. GOO&LEH VJ6 SHftU. RESORT TO STRING-PULLING If the nent bothers you, trjr tho pet remedies of Rencc Terry, "Bright Horizon" actress shown, nore. Kenoe, who Is n Nurses' Aid, suggests light meals, refreshing lemonades m'- the afternoon, continuance of exercise — and less talk .ibnn: thn nnof.i Mllo Botilton, shown here, nas a new se: of golf clubs, thanks to a newspaper clipping his wife saw. The story told how the "We, the People" cm ccc years ago hnd tc pawn his clubs to cat, so Mrs. B. took the hint and eot him n spilly bagful lor his birthdnv. WAEC— Harold Stern Orch. ' WATR— -N aw s 11:3(1 p. m. . WABC — Invitation to Music WEAF-WTIC— Arthur Hopkins' WJZ— CU-Li-idge Orch.: J. Smith WATR — Claridge Orch.; News WOR— Shop Fields Orch. • • .1S:(H> Midnight WEAF-WTIC— Hopkins; Dcsig'n WABC— News; Chicago Program WJZ — News; Johnny Olson Orch, WOR — Cori-ca, Rogers Orch. WATR— Sign Off i "> not taking any chances! There's a great/ big 'spider, lin thwwK^i-: ".-----^I-iwi* WATR—News; Songs 0:-15 p. in. WOR—Stan Lomax WABC—World Today WATR—Pleasure and Profit WEAF-WTIC—Lowcl-1 Thomas WJZ—News 7:00 WABC—I Ijovc •», Mystery > WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WJZ-WATR—Scram-by Am by WOR—News 7:13 p. in, WOR—Answer Man WABC—Passing Parade WEAF-WTJC—World News WATR—For the Girls Drought Cut Deep Into Texas Cotton - Dallas, Tex. —(UP)— The' 1944 Texas cotton crop is lowest since 18S9. , . ' Official figures from the Department of Agriculture place total cotton acrca.RC in the state at 7,320,000 .ncrcK — a seven per cent drop,from last year. The greatest Texas cotton . crop was 1S.-I-13,000 in 1925. .Di-y weather during the planting Mason was blamed for .the slump. The U, S. division of forestry was established in -1880, • By WILLIAM RTTT and CLARENCE GRAt LET'6 H^E T NOT YET-BOY-' A LOOK OUT- A GUARD SIDE .' ^ MS6H7 HAVr. ('--^&^^S»?ff&<f^K!-^S ( ] • hw ^& *w ! ' 6M i .^ 'A?'/* *.'3d /!/"^! MUGGS I WAS NO SHOUT FROM BELOW - GUESS ONE SAW THF-: WINDOW 50, LET'6 TAKE A (iUlCK LOOK AT W BELOW J SKEETJSU EFFIE MAES GOKIE TEMPERA MENTAL AGAIN- SUE WONT PITCU FOP THE TEAM UNLESS SUE- UAS.SPIKE SHOES LIKE. THE REST OF US ' WE CANT AFFQPD To" LOSE UEC?~VJELLl-" " TO GET MEC SOME SPJKES- Oy \VALLV BISHOP SPIKES.YES /TMATS EASY EjOTpN" WUEPELL WE EVER DIG UP A 1 PA\C OF SHOES TO FIT FLAPPERS OF

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