Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 6, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1968
Page 2
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-'},:,;> Saturday, April 6,1968 (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset SOCIETY Television Schedule Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Calendar of Evenis MONDAY, APRIL 8 The Builders Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday even* ing, April 8 at 7:30 in the home of Mrs, George Young, 1G01 S. Pine with Mrs. Arroin Ayers as co-hostess, All members and associate members are urged to attend, Circles of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday April 8th as follows: 1. 2:00 p.m. - Mrs, Charles Harrell. 2. 2:00 p.m. - Mrs. 11. M. LaGrone Jr, 3. 12:30 p.m.-Heritage House. 4. 2:00 p.m. - Mrs. John L. Wilson Jr. 5. 7:30 p.m. - Mrs. Lyle Me- Mahen. The Faith Sunday School Class of the First Baptist church will meet Monday night April 8 at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. Ferrel Baker with Mrs. Herbert Dodson and Mrs. Dayton Thomason as co- hostesses. All members and associate members are urged to be present. TUESDAY, APRIL 0 The Hope Iris Club will meet Tuesday, April 9 at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Owen Nix. Mrs. A. A. Halbert will have the program, "Herbs for the Kitchen Gardens." Members are asked to bring a Line Arrangement. The Guernsey PTA will meet Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. New officers for 19G8-69 will be installed. We will have classroom visitation. The students will have their science projects and art exhibits on display. The Ruth Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Tuesday April 9, at 7;30 P.m. in the home of Miss Floy Honea, 621 So, Hervey. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Alice Roach and Mrs. Mable Hanson. Members and associate members please attend. The Hope Junior Auxiliary will have Easter parties in the local nursing homes at 2p.m.Tuesday, April 9. Members are asked to check their schedules. Chapter AE, P.E.O., will meet at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 9 in the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 The Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday, April 10 in the home of Mrs. Roy Taylor with Mrs. Curtiss Urrey and Mrs. J. W. Fulton, co-hostesses. The Rev. Tom Spalding, Nazarine missionary to Bolivia, South America, will speak at the Hope Church of the Nazarene at 513 S. Elm, Monday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m. The Rev. Mr. Spalding built a missionary homo, a medical clinic and a pastor's homo while serving at Tiquina. Mrs. Spaldtng is a registered nurse and worked in the clinic. Two years ago they were transferred to the jungle areas where they continued their work. The service Monday will feature this work in Bolivia. Slides will be shown. George C. Prentice is pastor of the Hope church. The Brookwood PTA will meet Wednesday, April 10 at 3:15 p.m. preceded by the Executive Board meeting at 2:45. The program speaker will be Charles Gough, All parents are urged to attend. Monday, April 8 Beat B THE NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING Computer, Computer, Tell Me All: Liberal arts colleges (now) and high schools (next) heading for computer training on a broad scale. Not just for those in training to be experts. It has been factually supported that all of the yearlong calculations it took in around-the-clock work at Los Alamos in 1945 developing the atom bomb could be accomplished today in an afternoon by one student. Further, the computer could be shared with 30 other students with separate projects. Dartmouth college has its computer tied in via telephone with secondary schools in six states. Industry should open its doors and minds to join forces with truly advanced education at the high school level. PHONEY LAW SUIT: Irate parents reported joining forces to sue D.J. of Utah radio station. Plattcr-inun encourages teens to "dial a pal." Huge bills have resulted in many homes. One reached $2,750. A nine-hour talkathon was reported. The I)../, may be the "lonesome" one before the fireworks subside. Teens are rallying to his cause. Have suggested the phone company offer him a job. SUKVEY OF -120 AMERICAN C'/T/K.S confirms acceleration of major crimes m major (.•idea. Typical city has one policeman fur each 700 citizens. Full-time police officers on the line. Tou'its under 100,000 ice re 86 per cent tree of racial incidents. Majority of communities), large ami small, hare no programs lor promoting community po lice understanding. Motorola, sponsor of the surrey, is supporting the use ot two-way- radio C(inipped cars as a crime deterrent. I'luk-rground t'lubs Sponsor .\i>H (irmips: lU-cordiny I'oin- panies are encouraging "underground clubs" to bring new rock groups into the open. "Can be as important as tup 40 sta'ions." says one executive oi a major record company. Individual labels move into, a town with organi/ed , i>.Michy campaign and layout between $1(1.(«)()•$;')().(KM) for radio and TV. newspapers and promo parties. The word of mouth that results Incalh spreads with astounding speed across country via the underground musical railway! NINETEENTH CENTURY DOMESTIC TRANQU1L1TY: Until early 20th century everyone in family generally "knew" his place: men exercised power over women; and adults over the young. Increased geographic mobility has speeded up the "disrespectful" regard for traditional sources of "authority." Today typical U.S. family stays put for only five years. However, even in 19th century, signs were up that respect for authority was not an American virtue. Alexis de Tocqueville in 1825 remarked, "American parents are more permissive, and American children are less obedient and less docile than European counterparts." LOS ANGELES TEEN STUDY RED HOT: Board of Supervisors' 171-page report shows that MOST city and county recreational facilities arc closed at night. Small wonder Sunset Strip booms. Where, else? Child G 11 i d a n c e Spoof: Medics pooh-pooh the idea that rocking babies can be habit-forming and dangerous to the infant. They ask: Has deprivation during infancy of soft rock (ing l led to over comp en sat ion during the teen years in the form of hard rock! ! ! ! MOP NOT ODD: New method of class scheduling at Cherry Creek High School in Denver, Colo., divides classes into 14 30 - m i n u t e units. Classes are easily tailored to meet the individuals. Students have 30 per cent to 40 per cent more time for individual endeavor. This method closely resembles univer- sits arrangements but has not yet been used in secondary schools. I'VHSES /-'ON HOYS: It's true —nii'ii's purses are here'. /You' being shown are two stijlcs~--onc similar to a satchel the oihci i cscmbluni a mult Question — trill it <jo'.' —By Rober' MacLeod Editor, 'Tcqn Magazine tntetpri%v Ass" ' SATURDAY. APRIL 6. 1969 6:30 (COLOR) THE DATING GAME 7:00 (COLOR) NEWLYWED GAME 7:30 (COLOR) LAWRENCE WELK SHOW 3:30 (COLOR) HOLLYWOOD PALACE 9:30 (COLOR) FELOJ.T 3QUAD 10:00 (COLOR) TEN O'CLOCK REPORT 10:15 THE BIG KCVIE "Black Widow" Ginger Rogers, Var. Heflir. 12:00 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP SHOW 1:30 (COLOR) ABC V."EEK3:D KEW3 SI?:£ OFF TEST PATTERN THIS COtORFUL WORLD ALLEN REVIVAL HOUR CHILDREN'S GOSPEL HOUR MILTON THE MONSTER LINUS THE LIONHEARTED BUGS BUNNY BULLWINKLE BROADMOOR BAPTIST CHURCH THE FINAL INGREDIENT l:00(Color) NBA PLAYOFFS 3:00(Color) AMERICAN SPORTSMAN *4:00(Color) LONE STAR SPORTSMAN *4:30 BRONCO *5:30(Color) RAT PATROL 6:00(Color) VOYAGE TO BOTTOM OF SEA 7:00(Color) THE F. B. I. *8:00 SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE "Hudd" Paul Newman 10:00(Color) TEN O'CLOCK REPORT *10:20 THE BIG MOVIE "Louisiana Purchase" Zorina, Bob Hope 12:00( c olor) ABC WEEKEND NEWS 12:15 AM SINE OFF MONDAY. APRIL 8 6:A5 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00(Color) BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW 8:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Sealed Verdict" Ray Milland,Florence Marly 10:00(Color) THIS MORNING 11:00 BEWITCHED ll:30(Color) TREASURE ISLE 12:00(Color) DREAM HOUSE 12:30(Color) WEDDING PARTY l-.OO(Color) ' THE NEWLYWED GAME 1:30(Color) THE BABY GAME l:55(Color) CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00(Color) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30(Color) DARK SHADOWS 3:00(Color) THE DATING GAME 3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Medal for Benny" Arturo De Cordova,J.Carroll Naish 5:00(Color) ABC NEWS 5:30(Color) 5:30 REPORT 6:00 THE RIFLEMAN 6: 30(Color) 6:30 MOVIE "The Racers" Kirk Douglas,Lee J.Cobb, Katy Jurado 8:30(Color) THE GREAT MATING GAME 9:00(Color) THE ACADEMY AWARDS 12:OOM SINE OFF SATURDAY , APIUL6, 1968 4:30 Porter Wagoner (C) 5:00 FlaU & Scruggs (C) 5:30 JJriuuU-d "Bar Sinister" 6:00 Novs & Weather Report (C) 6:115 Arkansas Outdoors (C) 6:30 The Saint NBC (C) 7:30 Get Smart NBC (C) 8:00 Saturday Night at the Movies "Tiie Thrill of it All" with Doris Day 10:15 News is Weather (C) 10:30 Tite Million Dollar Movie "Di;il 1119" Marshall Thompson 7: 7; 7; 6:45 6:55 :00 :25 :30 8:00 8:25 8:30 9:00 9:25 9:30 10:00 10:30 1.1:00 11:30 11:55 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 4:30 00 30 00 6:30 7: 8: 9: :00 :00 :00 10:00 10:15 10:30 12:00 UFO v.'it-.;-, r,os i-ujco (c) Koj-nl'.- D.-vcUi.o'iS (C) The Toda> £.';K.'-; lirtC (C) Arknncrs *•.:*:;•. and Von Clio;• Tno Today f,i r.-u i'liC (C) The Today Slio-.; '.T.'.C (C) Arkansas tfowp and V'c t ?t,;-,or Thr? Toe'ay Shoi; >:P,C (C) Snap Jud^f•.;•:;it: N11C (C) Nancy Dj.ckcrjon \;ith l:ho Ncv.-s Concentration Mr.C (G) Pcrno; it '.lity rC-C (C) The Hollywood Squares MhC Jeopardy WC (C) Eye Guoas NRG (C) Edwin Nev.'man with the News Little Rock Today (C) Let's Make a Deal NBC (C) Days of Our Lives NBC (C) The Doctors NBC (C) Another-World MJiC (C) You Don't Soy NBC (C) "The Mike Douglas -Show (C) I Love Lucy "Cuban Pals" F Troop Huntley Iirinklcy Report News find Weather ftoport The Konk«ea Isl'.C (G) Rowan and Martin Lau^h-I.n The Danny Thomas Show NBC The Bill Cosby Special NBC News and Weather (C) Lormir Gibbons Sports Show The Tonight Show NBC (C) Si S n Off Kfaltv SATURDAY, APRIL 6 5:30 PORTER WAGONER SHOW - C 6:00 WILBURN BROTHERS - C f:30 THE SAINT - C 7:30 GET SMART - C 8:00 YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE "THE 300 SPARTANS" - C RICHARD REGAN-DIANE BAKER 10:00 NEWSCOPE - (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS) - C 10:20 CHILLER "SON OF FRANKENSTEIN" B&W - BORIS KARLOFF,BASIL RATHBONE 12:00 EVENlNu LEvuTlUNAL SUNDAY, APRIL 7 6:55 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 7:00 SPIRITUAL HOUR - C 7:30 AMERICA SINGS - C 8:00 GLORY ROAD - C 8:30 GOSPEL' SINGING JUBILEE - C 9s30 HERALD OF TRUTH - C 10:00 TEXARKANA TOWN TOPICS - C 10:30 INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:45 CHURCH SERVICES 11:45 ARK LA TEX FORUM - C 12:00 N MEET THE PRESS - C 12:30 PM WAGON TRAIN - C 2:00 SHELL GOLF - C 3:00 EXPERIMENT IN TELEVISION - 4s00 GRAND PRIX - C 5:00 GE COLLEGE BOWL - C 5:30 FLIPPER - C 6:00 WILD KINGDOM - C 6:30 WALT DISNEY - C 7:30 MOTHERS-IN-LAW - C 8:00 BONANZA - C 9:00 THE HIGH CHAPARRAL - C 10s00 NEWSCOPE - (NEW, WEATHER, SPORTS) - C 10s30 SUNDAY TONIGHT SHOW - C 12s00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL MONDAY , APRIL 8 6:20 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 6:25 TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C 6:45 FARM DIGEST - C 7:00 TODAY SHOW - C 7:25 TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C 7:30 TODAY SHOW - C 8:25 TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C 8:30 TODAY SHOW - C 9:00 SNAP JUDGMENT - C 9:25 NBC NEWS - C 9 s 30 CONCENTRATION - C 10s00 PERSONALITY - C 10s30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C 11s00 JEOPARDY - C 11$30 EYE GUESS - C 12s00 N TV PARTYLINE - C 12s30 PM LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C Is 00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C Is 30 THE DOCTORS - C 2s 00 ANOTHER WORLD - C 2:30 YOU DON'T SAY - C 3jOO THE MATCH GAME - C 3j25 LAFFALOT CLUB - C 4s30 HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL - C 5500 MARSHALL DILLON - B&W 5; 30 HUNTLEY-RRINKLEY - C 6$00 NEWSCOPE - (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS) - C 6j30 PM THE MONKEES - C 7jOO ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN 81 00 THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR - C 9sOO I SPY - C 10s00 NEWSCOPE - (NEWS, WEATHER SPORTS) - C 10s30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12s00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV 4:00 V14t World of Sport* - ABC (C) 5:30 6:00 6:30 7: 7: :00 :30 8:30 9:30 10:00 10:15 11:15 Th* Flying ri»h«rm*n (C) N*V*, V*«ch»r «nd Sportf (C) Th* P«tia« C«M> - ABC (C) Ttv» N*vlyv«d C«IM - ABC (C) U«»nc« V*lk - ABC (C) Hollyvood F«l«c* - 4BC (C) H«rfh«l Dillon N*M* «ad ¥«*ch,r (C) Covfeoy IB Airic* - ABC (C) Joty iiftpp Stay - ABC <C) SUNDAY. APRIL 7 7:30^ the Venable fmartet (C) 9 9 10 11 12 12 .1 :00- fiuilwinkle - ABC :30 Milton the Monster •>'ABC (C) :00 Linus the Lionhearted •* ABC (C) :30 House Hunting with Judy Ptyot (C) :30 Dlscovety '68 - ABC (C) :00 First Bantist Church - Pine Bluff 00 Bus's Bunnv - ABC •30 Church of Christ (C) 00 NBA Basketball * ABC (C) 3:00 American Sportsman - ABC (C) 4:00 Sunday Afternoon Movie - "Paw tdee" Porv Calhouti, News and Weather - Ask Orville Henry Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - ABC The F.B.I. - ABC (C) ABC Sunday Night Movie - "HUD" Paul Newman Arkansas News - Weather (C) World News (C) Bud Camnbell Snorts (C) The Late Show - "PARIS DOES STRANGE THINGS" insrld Bergman, Mel Perrer 5:30 6:00 7:00 8:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 MONDAY. APRIL 8 6s 30 ?;00 8: 00 8*30 9 too 11« 00 12 too 12.- 15 12j 30 Is 00 4:00 Si 30 6 {00 6 1 30 7 j 00 8:00 9iOO 10; 00 10 slS I0s30 11; 30 12 s 00 The GftflstspHefi ,..y> Sdb & His fdft & ?h* st. Mark's Episcopal SeMto* Ldftg IKifTdtt LSD fteport * Df, John «aoe the MAtjLett % \ NHL Stanley Sup W. C. Fields "The Bank fii . Channel 11 News/Weather Lassie *• Gefttle Bett Dick van Dyke the Stfiotfcef* Mission lffl{§01slble News/Noftott CBS NeWs/ReaS6fte1f Secret Agettt The MorKiof Vespers 7:30 8:30 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 00 30 55 00 30 00 30 00 30 00 15 20 6:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 Bozo's Bis TOP Comics The Fugitive - ABC This Mornine - ABC iC) Bewitched - ABC Treasure Isle - A8C (C) The Noon Show - Live (C) Newlywed Rame - ABC (C) The Baby r.ame - ABC (C) The Children's Doctor - ABC General Hosoital - ABC (C) Dark Shadows - ABC (C) Dating Game - ABC (C) Bozo's Big TOD Comics - Live Bob Young News - ABC (C) Truth or Consequences - (C) Arkansas News and Weather World News (C) Bud Camobell Snorts (C) KATV Monday Night Movie "MIRACLE IN THE RAIN" The Great Mating Game - ABC (C) AOth Academy Awards Presentation Arkansas News and Weather - (C) World News (C) Bud Campbell Snorts (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) KSLA-TVGI2 SATURDAY APRIL 6 5:30 CBS Evening News 6:00 Channel 12 News/Weather 6:30 Jackie Gleason 7s30 Charlie Brown's All-Stars 8:00 Hogan's Heroes 8:30 Petticoat Junction 9:00 Mannix 10:00 Channel 12 News/Weather 10:30 The Late Movie "The Counterfeit Plan," Zachary Scott, Peggy Castle 12:00 Weather/Vespers MONDAY APRIL 8 _ 6s25 Economics (Mott-fhtiff) 6125 Across The Pence (Fjfi) 6$55 Your Pastor 7$05 CBS News/Benti 7:30 Bob & His Buddies 8;00 Captain Kangaroo 9s00 Candid Camera 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10 : 00 Andy Of Mflyberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love Of Life 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News/Owen 12:30 As The World Turns 1:00 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell The Truth 2:25 CBS News/Edwards 2:30 Edge Of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Gilligan's Island 4:00 Rawhide 5:00 McHale's Navy 5:30 CBS News/Cronkite 6:00 News/Owen 6:25 Weather/BoIton 6:30 Gunsmoke 7:30 The Lucy Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 The Monday Night Movie "Revolt At Fort Laramie," John Dehner, Gregg Palmer 10:00 News/Dodson 10:25 Weather/Bolton 10:30 Carol Burnett Show 11:30 Sea Hunt 12:00 Weather/Vespers HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! This column is for young people, their problems and plea, sures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US1, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USl this newspaper, MY READERS ANSWER THE MAIL Dear Helen: Pro the guy who wrote in about "goingcollective" — having one special girl, but also a mutual igreement to date others. You said so many people have written they like the idea that it may be the phrase which replaces "going steady." Hope so. Well, now I'd like to answer "Discouraged," whose brother The Way to Beauty ciaims boys only date girls for: 1, What they can get; or 2. The security and status of going steady. The guy is out of his skull. It may be what HE's after, but not me. If I wanted security I wouldn't have suggested "going collective"; and if a guy takes a girl out for what he can get, he generally finds as his reputation grows, his popularity declines— at least with nice girls. — RICK Dear Rick: As Pve said before, I wish you'd identify yourself so that I could give you credit for originating a catchy phrase. The way "going collective" is catching on, you might even go down in history. — H Dear Helen: "Discouraged" shouldn't be. My friends and I go out with girls to have a good time — and I don't mean it in the sense of "fun and games," but just plain enjoying each other's company. I know most boys agree with me. Of course there are some who want all they can get, and there are also girls who want to give all they can. They think they're being "cool," and more grown-up. They're mainly being stupid, ~ G.T.L, Dear Helen: I am a college student with a word for "Discouraged," Most fellows my age date girls for two reasons; For the pleasure of fraternizing with members of the opposite sex — but not for sex alone; or because they are looking tor a wife. We try comparison shopping to determine which one We'dwant for life. -GERALD Dear Helen: I'm disgusted with "Discouraged VMetteiv There's something wrong with a boy who dates only for sex, or security and status. I am 18, and can say I have never dated for any of these reasons, nor have any of my friends. The main reason we date girls is that we like them, and want to show it. The second reason is to have fun with someone who has a groovy personality. — GREG Dear Girls Out There: "Discouraged" really heard it from the boys— hundreds of them 1 Not one who wrote agreed with her brother . . . Which should encourage her— and others-- to trot right out and search for thera.-H Want an S.O.S. (Stamp Out Steadying) Button? Send one dime for each button, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Helen Bottel's S.O.S. Club> Box 9997, Sacramento, California, 95823. Personal to Wants A Pen Pal:" Send your name, address, age, and country-preference to World Pen Pals, University of Minnesota, 2001 Riverside Aye., Minneapolis, Minn., 55404, Enclose 35 cents for each pea pal requested, * Hoot, Mon! Not to be outdone by young men .who are adopting Wits, girls V are going Scottish in their choice of .pom pom berets, matching gloves and scarves for cold weather wear. Created of woolly tex* tured fibers, these colorful stretchknits will continue to fit an4 look jaunty after any number of outings and suds- ings. A WHOl.K \K\V 1DKA in faco-iuuking are tho water color palnt-ons. Actually, iht'.v'je pastt'l pretty eye make-up shades. Why -"•>» a heart on your cheek or Mowers on your ^adobes? Your own paint bo.\ •[ colors, plus a brush and tiny well lor water will do Hie job. YOU can own a prof itable wholesaling business In the booming automotive parts aftermarket! Huge, rapidly growing market serving replacement mrfe nseds of service stations, repair shops, fleets aoj fajws, Your own independent business*.* not a friikcMse*fbjjt you get all the advantages oi executive training, sjtd selection, inventory control, advertising, financial profit pjaijfttag, warehouse service, group insurance awJ many »ore btjjs, fits of nationwide network of NAP4 automotive parts 4is- tributiou system. Minimum capital iftvestflisq! required, fcr National Automotive Parts Assn. NAPA (Little Rack) WAREHOUSE 8601 Forbint Kad, UtUe. toft, Art, TJW4

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