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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 3, 1928
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BY A ME Iramlgratioti Agents Take Him In Charge And Find Loot In His Shirt Windsor, Ont., Oct. 3.—<U.P).—A young American rn»!l train bandit fac«6 a possible d**th sentence to- <t*yj**fWr rifling registered sucks of a'p«R*dlan National Railways train as? it sped between Windsor Cttatham, Ont. The loot was nnated between $30,000 and $50,000. (^N^SSIJMMAEYJ if. — Youth money few hmrr* Canadian frraln. Albany, N. T.-~ campaign tour. Ala. — Ro? returns from GENE TUNNEY LAITOER, AMERICAN MARRIED H h compentona; ww eetmprs after flre on It near New York— Louis Mmrshsll, pr^~ idsnt of American Jewish commit - iff, demands »po!w?y from Mayor HRWP? of Maiwrm. N. Y.. for »!!ps*f! questioning of rabbi on "ritual murder" charge. New York — Injunction prevt-nts further ix>liw Interference with Mac West's play, "PJra.'tur*! Man." AUantn — Bapti.U Missions Board seeks to recover $14.000 Cftrnws Bd- vanml to girls for careers in moviw. A "dumb break" WRS blamed by j Battle Cne?k. Mich.—Clarence W. the bandit. John Oibbs, of Los An- Barton, editor of Wait Street Journal, dips. Kansas City—August F. See.sted. president of Kansas City Star Company, dies. Huntsville, Tex.— Convicts burn Charles Evans Hughes To Share Speaking Program With, The Candidate By James L. West (A.t?ftei8t*d Press Staff Writer) Washington. Oct. 3.—(AP.t—Hrr- l bert Hoover's visit tn New York A large part of which was recovered, j ' A * lf rftt*nlt l^t-ftftk- 1 * wr* n Vtln tvi j*rt V»i. . for his capture by American immigration officers, two hours after the daring holdup. Oibbs' crime is punishable by death, although this penalty never 'has been invoked in Ontario. Officials said that as an example to w mail train bandits It might be Mked / to this case. job was easy as pic," Oibbs ted to his captors. "I boarded train at Chatham, quietly :ed my way to the mall car. >r was open and In I went." Held tp The Clerks. With a pistol, u-hlrJi 'police found as loaded with soft-nosed bullets, Gibbs forced three mall clerks to open registered packages, stuffing the contents in his grimy shirt, When the train stopped at a siding 10 miles west of Chatham, the bandit leaped out. Then in s businesslike manner, he climbed back aboard the train rods. Consequently he arrived at the next station simultaneously with news of the robbery, which was t«legraj>h«I back to Chatham and on to Windsor. He continued to Windsor and boarded a train ferry for Detroit. To Too five prison buildings, angry at discovery of escape plot. Foreign Lowestoft, England—Graf Zeppelin passes overhead in test flight. Cheltenham. England—Bishop of Gloucester tells church congress church--must be dJaPstabltebPtJ or! will fJmre the speaking platform OSIITII Flf PI OFF* SMITH PLEASED CAMPAIGN LOCI Civil Serrice Performed 111 Drawing Room of Hotrl Rome And. Religions Osrroiony in Adjoining Room in s-d by v? 3, mtjf? !nUaM$ffi;m<tn •nisetl hirn»if M n wnltpr fronds *nd !n th» jrrpntf.M timyl&-}*l Uie winding br»»akfa«!t but Trns rity. Ofw T«nrt«y r»fjr*»d h#My-j so<wi dtecovrrwl and was forced tn weight crmmplon. and Miss Story i TOOTmirr Ms boiled shirt *nd swjiJ- .Tow>ph!?w LftudT. of Greenwich, j K>« t*il«vi coat, end take his p!s,cr Conn., vrrf marriM tod.iy »t .fixe[with the others waiting below. Hot?! Russia. r f The wetldinsr hnrchrnn was n long Two salons of th" "Royal apart- jftrswn-out affair. It was late in the merit." normally reserved for visiting sovereigns, wrre uwd, 0110 for, Irw civil rrrrmony which was per- Cfmdidate Greeted With Torchlight Parade On Return To Albany a. lRnnr Profferio. n Fascist, ami thn other for l*rfonn*d ftftprnoon before coffee and Jlqufrr. *i>re srrwd and sometime later be- forf Die last of the jruf^fs had departed. t*wj Con-.cqitfnUr it was six o'clwk. in'campaign speak! tie tour ami the oy|the evrninit when Mr. and Mrs. I ticket r,rlrcted vr-.trrdav at Bv D. Harold Oliver fAs-octatcd rrf^s .Staff Albany. N. Y. Oft 3—<AP.» with th* resuH* of his cclphnitton will b<»ein early on the morning of Monday. October 22, with the arrival of the rfpiibli- rari presidential candidate from Washington and will reach its climax in a mass mwttng in Madison _ MonslRnor Joseph A. Breslln of th*! Tunney rnnniftrd to Marl their j norhrMrr' during American Collejp? In Rome and «W»-'noncymo'm, Thry cippnrt^d in time parish priest of the Tunaey! automobile for an unannounced to !j\r» r^qu^-'-t of th* ch !n -Ttisla, Ok'a . j -^ in*ol^-rBr.f-** ?*nf< *n^ rrT-^M- farm fPiiff pian Biort? w.ih th" ffp'MWifun claims of pro*prrl'v. Prf-idr 1 ?!* 1 , Coolidg" hn« no in'en- Hot) of making R political *.p«Th in Massachusetts, rontrpf.Il--.tinc rt!Tn. r »T*? }>** would *p><*sik jn N*I>M- hftrrtpto-ii ft frw flays bf forr (n<- ei'-<-- tton. William Alk-n While, Kansas editor, offered Senator Jo-f-ph Rob- {nwm H.noo for proof that White Herbert Hoover wa« "a rapon ort ?%%n." Hoover plannW to Capt, Fried Who Won World Acclaim For Rescue In 1020, Sfcks Vessel 4*5.1" Kort.h 3430 Went. i A r. i — P Governor was family in New York, tinatkm. After the ceremony a lunchtonj Reports hud it that they were goat which there were twenty-ftvc • Ing to Perugia or Florence. guests was srrvrd. nnd it was fen- j nounced that the couple planned to. leave shortly by automobile for an'] on their! York speech on October 23 an! back home today looking (or a trolf. one of the most important of the pnrtwr. i republican campaign brcauw be had His first big task of thf prrslden-j Jward opttmlslic reports of chances in whole SUirh rough fnl but harp to n-itcii > in dls'rfwi *n'l northwest Kci-" 1 . radto r am . .I-i-MBO J ..W»1» The j Laudcr, who Is wealthy and Coolidge cabinet, and himself the I msuvc , trimmed with lace. ^S«„ M^urt'^^n,,,? »»*«:!• ^,^™^*^ , r hc of given "spiritual independence." Manasun—Body found at. Mn-4n- was is ldcntliit.-d as tliat of George Marihall. Baltimore—Barnes beats Armour, Ear&Ecn downs Mehlhorn. Los Angeles—Boussus and Landry. of French Davis cup team, advance in Pacific southwest championships. Budapest—Capablanca wins international chess; Marshall second. State Lincoln—Ctis P. Glenn, republican candidate for U. S. senator, said Tho "du^b luck- occurred on the I^S^r^^T'^.i^ farry. A brakeman saw the bandit / and reported to Immigration ofli- ; cens. Neither the txata crew nor ' the officers were aware at the time that a robbery had occurred. They surprised the bandit and overpowered him before he could draw i* gun. He was taken to head- ami **adi3y confessed. \ George Marshall, Long In Hands of Sandiao Band, Victim of Fever its place as a major issue in the campaign. Spring Valley — The Antl-Saloon League and the eighteenth amendment were attacked by A. J. Cennak, democratic candidate for U. 8. senator, who declared for farm relief. Quincy—Rustel Brackensicfc. former Univarsitv of Illinois student 3. was convtetad of manslaughter. Kankatoe—The former owner of the farm where Billy Ranlert. Chicago boy, was beltf for ranaom acar Bourboniials,was found to bs cturg- » cents to see tha room where tbe youth was kept a prisoner. Metropolis—Damage estimated at $150,000 was done when fire destroyed th* saw mill plant of the Arttnan Lumber Company. with the presidential nominee, a program that will consume approximately two hours and be carried to the country over a radio hookup second only to that in use when Hoover delivered his acceptance address at Palo Alto on August 11. Hoover will leave Washington by special train on the night of Sunday. October 21, reaching New York early Monday. Full details of his reception have not yet been worked out. During the day tlie nominee will confer with republican workers in the metropolitan area and with New York state leaders, including Chas. D. Hilles. national committeeman. and H. Bdmond MachoM, the new state chairman, who probably will preside at Madison Square Garden. To Stop at HartfonL While on his trip to Boston, where he is to speak" Monday. October 15, in Mechanics' Hall, the republican candidate will take occasion to meet with leaders in that state and also will stop over et | a medieval chatelaine. Tunney worr a blue sack suit which brought out his superb physique .•strikingly, a black and white tie, white spats andj black shoes. , I The famous Roman cerullan blue I sky was at its best for "Polly" Lau- der'a bridal day and Just when Tunney was putting the ring upon her Tells Farmers Democratic Party Has Promised To Give Them Relief Kankakee, 111., Oct. 3—(A.P.) — "Agriculture, the foundation Indus- Fried (Captain.) tial drive to line up votes for thf ! for a republican victory In New York ; Bmlth-Rohinson .Mate had bwn state. completed and he tvn< nnxiom for ; Govrrnor Smith refumed to Pbove nrs-sajre wa.s 'sent t Associated Prcs by Captain Al- Pried at 5 *. m" tod'av. cMtern - re at *. m todav. cMtern «Un«! a refit and a round or two of hlsjbany to rwit. prior to his second ard time. The position oMlw Amn- favorltc pastime or. the nearby , westward trip and was greeted by tn , 8 Rp p rox!lnste iv 1,000 miles emH " club links. When the democratic pnrsiden-1 tion. tiftl nominee will start out again on j the stump v;!ll bo decided sometime j this week. Many cities in the south, the middle west and border states have been mentioned for speeches on the second trip, but only in a tentative way. A definite schedule probably will not be forthcoming for several days or until the week end. Torchlight Parade. Both at thn railroad station and at the executive mansion, crowds turned out last night to welcome Juimlrccl „ try of our whole economic structure ' tho nomlnct> ni ) d his party home. finger a ray of sunlight shot through is finding itself at a disadvantage in' Bcar!n K torches and banners read- the window of the royal salon mak-'competition with government pro-i lng " Welcomc ' "~" " ing tt glitter for all the witnesses iectcd and subsidized -interests."- e WPst> thc ' to see. As thf» rpiiaHnim n»n>mr>nn winvrt v TnT^,«r,^««« j »i" i gathering sent subsidized interests." to see. As the religious ceremony, Floyd E. Thompson. democratic | was finished Tunney kissed his nominee for governor, tald in an ad- Welcome home, you have won east ia yours," a large up a whoop when he his ~ of Newfoundland The Olacno rd for Boston from Rotterdam tember 25. Graf Zeppelin Flew to England And Back A^ a Test For Ocean Flight GAINED WORLD ACCLAIM, New York. Oct. 3—(A.P.)—Captain George Fried, now driving his ship. | the 8. S. America, to the rescue of the crew of the Kinking Dutch Steamer Colaeno. gained world wi«J? acclaim when in January of 182fi ha superintended tbe rescue of the captain and 4 members of the crew of the British Freighter Antinoe. It was during the great storm of 1928 on the north Atlantic daring; which several boats were sunk ant! even the big ocean liners were badly battered. Captain Fried and Ms cr*w to confer with republican county and state officers in Con- nswttcut Managua. Nicaragua. Oct. 3 — ^UJP.)—George Marshall. American mining engineer captured by 8an- dlno rebels in April, died in the midlands of Nicaragua near Mastawas, it became known today. Officials Identified the body of a man found near Mastawas as that of .Marshall, through a description ' furnished them by Mrs. Marshall who is in Porto Rico. The identification cleared up the mystery that had marked the disappearance of Marshall after Sandlno rebels raided the La Luz mine in eastern Nicaragua on April 13. Marshall was manager of the gold mine. His American assistant escaped, but the rebels seized Marshall, tried to work the mine andjthen fled after burning most of the mine structures. Marshall was taken with them. From spring until mid-summer there were no reports of Marshall and fears were felt for his safety, la August came reports that Marr«hall still was a captive of the rebel band in the interior-of Nicaragua. Rg«!QU£j7nltfft Statea-authori- pes in Nicaragua received reports that Marshall had died of a Jungle fever and that his body had been •toandoned by tbe rebels. A few day* ago natives found the body near M&iaawas and reported Uw Dnlted States authorities, description was obtained and WeatJihation followed. «A» ,New BAWDY HOUSES -PAID §11,000 WEEK TO THE POLICE Sob Dickerson, Notorious Bank Robber, Led Break From Alabama Prison Philadelphia. Oct. 3.™ (A.P.) — i Payments of $11,000 a week by dls-' orderly houses in one police district have been uncovered by District Attorney Mohaghan. who is conduct- Ing a grand jury Investigation of rum runners and gangsters' activi-' ties. Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 3—(AP.) —Hob Dickerson, bank robber of notorious reputation and golfer of undetermined skill today was play- At the civil ceremony Tunney's witnesses wero Attorney Del Prate, a lawyer for the American embassy who had assisted to making the ne- Bcrllu. Oct. 3— fAP.J— After pay"* i Sag a friendly visit to Bigland. the awarded King George medals by tha new German dirigible Graf Zeppc- British government and ' 9:00 a. m., to- Fried th On party and the democratic candidate cessary arrangements for a rapid ' for president. Governor Alfred E dispatch of the formalities, and Leon ; Smith, have pledged their farm re- Dominlan. American consul here.! lief legislation, and this pledge will "— ' — " while those for Miss Lauder were Vice Consul Wesley Jones and Mrs. Thomaa L. Daniels, wife of the secretary of the American crab At the religious, cereraoaar &»*>_ 'lit I • . M , _™ Weeks of New York, white JMtiis Lau- dcr's was her steter. Mrs. Edwin Be- wing. Exchanged Rowers. Mendelssohn's wedding march was played'at the beginning of the re- candidate";" Ugioua ceremony. The bride and canmaates bridegroom exchanged flowers. Tun- be kept. "If the farmers do not support the party and the candidate that gave them a courteous and sympathetic bearing and adopted their program ttagrTWU confirm the-MeHon-Hoover view that th« Illinois fanner will vote the republican ticket no matter how he is insulted and abused. crew were given an ovation sei- _f sands flocked to the streets and saw dom accorded merchant seamm. A. driveway. Likes The Hcket Coming from Rochester after attending the democratic state convention, Governor Smith said that he could not have for a bet- tcr ticket, with Franklin D. Roosevelt, the man who nominatJed him , and so he can be ignored in fram- h favorite ™ Iavonte o ° r f ro from photographers fex>m even The revelations came with the arrest of four detectives, charged with extorting money from the proprietor of a disorderly house. They were alleged to hava collected $220 a week from a single disorderly house in a police district In The convict whose circus acrobatics in prison breaks haw gained for him a wide reputation, risked his life under a charged wire at Kllby prison last night and fled In a limousine with two fellow convicts and three outside confederates. True to his often repeated boast , ney giving Miss Lauder a bouquet of orange blossoms and receiving from her mauve roses the same color as the (Hide's dress. At the lunch which followed the rites, Slgnor Brofferio. raising a champagne glass toasted the couple and Tunney answered in Italian grazie tante," or many thanks. The marriage was the chief topic of conversation in Rome during the day and newspapers throughout Italy besieged the official agency to rush all possible details. American correspondents and cameramen fared badJy at the hotel itself and If the farmers want to make "* regulattons SHADES, SLAYER . which fifty such establishments were that he never had "put a man on ' reported by the district commander to have been Mr. Monaghan said one police captain had accumulated nearly (250,000 in the last two and a half years, "My Investigators also found that one captain of police druing the period of two and a half-years he has held than $81,000 in bank and had secreted in his home 120,000 In cash." LABOR KEEPS HANDS OFF GOVERNORSHIP 'SPLAY ro RUN BY OOtrBT ORDER by a miittjsg^ c ticn returnable Friday •"lice-raided play*—' stinues to show ?.-(A.P.)~pro- injunc- West's l" by )»ef»iKBsl to arrest anyone stopped over the bounds of aw no arrests w«re made. The injunction restraiaing tb« |>altoci from ioterferiflg with toe play obtaimd by Nathan Burfcas, for Miss Wtst, author of the tJOJ Supreme Court Justice si the latter's home about >J»fc«w l»lt»e the evening's per- A*Ca%A0dl . ia west si<te wlic* MM^|«riMi^'*'iaftmK>ou the play- la §839 feaJI *teb for a hearing to-«« oflice of tor at- W*r teM the pkj tjprtngneld. 111.. Oct 3~(UJ».) — The joint labor legislative board of the Illinois Federation of Labor will endorse neither of the two candidates for governor. John H. Walker, president aa- the federation's nounoes. Walker said the i«coida oi! both nominees will be given to laboring people of tha state with live suggestion they make their own decision. Names of all candidates for state. _ ____ ^^ district, and county officers, whojgiven in tribal reco^Tas'm WtrtH VAitAatwu +K& f*&-j*AK*t.wt.ft. v <i*tt.*>.»»•* j-^6 : I^W^M» *•** A.«*V the spot and never would," there was no bloodshed. A stranger approached A. G. Richards, guard at a strategic comer of tits "walls" at dusk last night «ith word that he had been sent to relieve the guard. Instead of a promised note from the warden, a pistol was shoved at the guard. Tsa other men overpowered Richards, and ad- nedge-tape-was stmchfd-acmaa his eyes and mouth. A rope was thrown over the wall from tiie outside, and Dickerson S?,-J^?^?I?"**-. Birmingham bootlegger "kia« M and coavtetetf of robbery and Frank Cook, alias J. M. Cooley, Alabama burgler. scaled the walls. Flattening to avoid certain death, they squirmed under a hteh tension wire and Joined their confederates in a large closed automobile. They were shot at near Tuskegee, Ala., but evaded detention. California, Indian Is At Age of 130 Yrs. ValievLsta. Calif., Oct, 3— (A-P)— An Indian chief OF DEPUTY, WILL HANG OCTOBER 10 Springfield, m.. Oct. 3,«(U.P )— Charlea Shader. convicted slayer of Deputy Warden Peter Klein at Joliet peaitentiary several years ago wul nang between sunrise and sunset Oct 10, the supreme court decided here today. Shader was convicted with several others of the brutal murder of Deputy Klein but escaped before the sentence of death, found against him by a Will county jury, could be ear__ ___ ___ __ He was~at ~larjw~tor~ia munber of months but was recognized and arrested by a policeman in Chicago The officer was off duty and in street tiotaes when he saw and recapiaed fihader catering a store Without seeking aid. the officer fol- the recommcadaUon of ;was here today — —w — -—- j— m •«<vw« * V« ™ tbe kUler, said to be tto most ate e?er held ai Joliet prison. Inasmuch as Siuuter was at large i the 6ay ortsinauy set for his execution, the attorney-general and state's attorney of Will countv petiUoaed the supreme court towt a new date for the hanging It vas upon ShU petition that Uic supreme court acted today. their Influence felt in politics, they had better vote for their friends, regardless 6l party labels. These are national Issues and I do not have time to discuss to your earnest consideration the utterances of our great national leader, the next president of the United States. "As govpmor of this state I can be of service to our farmers by coordinating the efforts of voluntary farm bodies and state agencies. The state department of agriculture can- downtown. OCEAN TRIP NEXT. London. Oct. 3—(AJP.) — Having paid a friendly visit to a section of ernor and Mrs. Smith in plain view I u describe a graceful !cop over Wil- week of banquets and reoepUaas swept into the executive mansion helmstrasse and thc newspaper row climaxed by a reception in Carnegie Hall when Secretary of the Navy Wilbur awarded Captain Pried the navy cross. He was given a gold watca by Tha Associated and made an England frequently troubled by air, orary reporter for his fore- raida during the war. Graf new Q*naaax dirigible, today j thought m se&dUoff »;atii»H nB O j tun w&s; re$ei#J efforts to The Aasadatton • —-» »••-•* ••»*^»-» n*ivr F"."Bf ^HimatT-T-t »U-t44 --«-—-™ »™-- n^t---"v* w-»n»nn^.. * n a*** . — • r.-.-rve. T^ «•»-•» w-ni KU m. t*no <i»i"»>fr«^t<i«Pi«na**.fc tor the presidency at Houston and so&rtng toward Berlin on ft thirty- i through which, they "were relay&d la four years ago at Madison Square i six hour ^s 1 flight This will be Dr. the world. Garden, heading the slate as guber- Hu # o Eckecer's last long trial flight natorinl nominee. i before he starts for tbe The povcrnor said he believed ; States. United Roosevelt, who was democratic vice ' presidential nominee in 1920, would ! LINES 280 MILES AWAY New York. Oct. 3—<U.P.)—Radio A dispatch to The Daily Mail from reports received at the offices of Uie Hague said the airship on its U. 8. Steamship Line today said , conduct an active campaign even!*'*? to England flew over the m»n-i the Dutch Freighter Celaeno was though this in his opinion, \i-as 1 ston at Doom where former Kaiser! sinking in mid-ocean at & point ap- ! WiUielm Is in exile and that the last ' proximately 1160 miles east by north unnecessary. "As I look at the two tickets/' monarch and his family; of Cape Race, N. not control the weather, fertilize the soil or cultivate the crops, but it can MISSOURI SYNOD OF THE LUTHERAN CHURCH OPENS declared, "the people of the state j Joined in cheering the passing diri- will be able to make their decision " without much campaigning, but they will get it anyway. The airship, staging the first The report cam« from the line's Steamer America which said it was speeding to the ship's rescue al- Zcppclin invasion of England since i though it was at that time appro- April, 1918. reached the Suffolk i ximately 280 miles N. by E. of tho coast at Lowestoft, northeast ofjCelaeno. London. Inhabitants marvelled at! User Terns Back. the vastness of the dirigible as Later Information said Captain sketched in the sky by her lights. I Fried had turned his ship back into CALLESUKELY TO TEACH AGAIN He Will Argue Politics With His Foes Instead Of Shooting Them Mexico City. Oct, 3. — (AP) — Pluttreo OaHes,-- country school teacher . principal speaker at today's opening program! of the annual convention of tlie Missouri Synod of Lutheran churches! Dr. Dallman Is second vice president of the synod. The purposes of the convention were described in the call as follows : "To preserve and promote unity of pure confession and Joint rejection of all separistic and settarlaniz- ing disorders. | "To train future preachers and! teachers for service in the Evangel:-' cal Lutheran church. j "To unite in spreading of Gods' kingdom. j "To publish and disseminate! bombs. They recalled the war time air in- j its course to Plymouth when he _ Pt-oria, 111 Oct 3 — <AP>'—Her ! vadera wh * u Uve y dived into bomb j learned the 8 S. Albert Ballin of give practical aid to the : 'ttgricul»ur" : Willinm Dallman, 43. D.. (A Milwau-i H! s ,, W L ll it "^n'tehts and artil-jthe Hamburg-American Use was a! interests in this state." kee. Wls.. will be the principal' ^7 ^^."7 sk j " tne hostilc *'" much nearer the Celaeno. " " "" ~ • • Tne messiige saijj. "Northeast gale. Proceeding to Plymouth. S. a Albeit Ballin 150 miles nearer S. 8, Celae- no." It was signed at 9:50 a. m. This would indicate the America had learned of the Baliin's position shortly after it had turned cm of its course to aid the CeUeno. Senator Robinson Tells His Tulsa Audience Oil Is No Longer Profitable wu ..«, ^ llyol Bibles ---Church books, school books, Tulaa, Okla.. Oct. 30.—(A.P.>- who became president and rel!gious fxriodicals and other pub- / Senau>r_Joe Robinson has started —tfl—uf^ t^ Til*" I tin tr t**\ t-n. ' t ftt^F Ji t f t*<o, r»i fin in»« i ti * W i „ _*.,,e^ *..77 to-bfr dictator, uiay go to school again. will not be called professor « he accepts the new job offered him when he leaves the presidency "•"—liber 30. His school will not be in any department of educa- title will be head of a "To effect the greatest uniformity in church practice, in church forms and in congregational affairs. "To promote Christian schools, and thorough instruction catechisms. state that if he "don't puncture tliis republican prosperity balloon floating over Oklahoma— j well, go your own way, vote that ' ticket and take the consequences." TRAWLER IS SINKING. New York. Oct. 3~(AJ».) — The Radio Corporation of America picked up an SOS call this afternoon from the Steam Trawler Fillet* say- tag that she was sinking fast and expected to be able to keep afloat only 15 minutes after its message was seat. K&- »ew political party his job the no ' supervise official actmues ofi ^ampaisning nere ui the heart uiteal organisation' of the people " j pre ? chers and teachers of the synod, j of the rich oil region, the democrat- But.- actually, it will be a newj co ";.?, , P | )ai>tors - ^artwrs and; ic vice presidential nominee lias de- kind of scliooi tparhirnr oil «i,,, ""%' l B«i»Jons in exercise of duties.; „. ,.^,,j .i.,,* ... v.i .'.;... OF THK GEANB JUBY JAHMN1S AND HULL TO BROADCAST TALES board, i Portea, chief of the &uit» B*s* 'lu- dians. Portes »a5 teought here from his mouiiuua retreat vbeo he became cntically ill two weeks ago. He died yesterday. Besides i c.etes*o's special of scliooi teaching— all the Mexican republic for a, class-room • aU its fifteen milliois inhabitants as pupils. Tlie blackboard will be election ballot. The lesson will try to teach will be that >us and complicated one of doajestic constitutional government ana political party organization Caltes has been asked to become the leader and director of a pro- Posed new -gran parttdo nacional," SMKUoited to preserve the "revolu- »" ef the Obregon' of tlie Waatjii^toa, Oct ^-CAJfJ-Tar-igraudchUdreji survive him. «t m is affects the A0*al»u fam-1 , m«po«d Oooiidges Married Years Agta Washiogtou. Oct 3~(AP.>—The i»njj Mis. CouMt^ii row wiii observe the Of llicir W«I^U]£. oxtitr to be -t^eihcr Ice tkw Mn>. Couluige left tor jre*t*rd*y Iroa* prttiiary ekctioti W an oiigiiial suit filed lu court. years, to co-ordu»te the var- "revalutionary parties." to with political opponents in- of pumping Uieai fuij O f bul- to J'ecoyuiae and iji- within tittir group con- to teach, y clared that repoi'ts reaching him The synod's financial atta-rs will 8 *" 6 l< ! tlie e " ect Umt the ° U U1 be discussed by lay delegates to-1 dustry has not been " very ProH^ble night at a session to be over by Edwin Taster, president of the Lutheran League. The convention, delegates expected. \uli through next Tuesdav. nV^'ded' m lhe Jiil fCW yearb -" ' "*":,", "You kr.ow mere •» ' 1 • penty in the oil "that will enable the ublican continue to ciiuni your support." This atau-ment. 'made m his ad- Holsteia Herd of MEL Both McCormick Produces Pre- veatative For Goitre he lught, brought GEORGE RBMTJS WILL PROBABLY STAY IM US ! ludl aild out Washiagtoii, Oct. 3 -iA.P>—Im- portation procetfiUigs agaiiiii George Eemufi. the Ohio from au audience that teat ni the city's convention of the crowd cried chief, have become dormant at the "Four u on Vm. Joe; pour it on "ci«. Joe: make 'em like u." Hobmsuti in Chicago. Oct. 3 — <A.P.>~-Mrs. Ruth Huuna McCormicfs Hobteta herd, one of the tlneit tu the midwest, has been turned over to science, seeking a preventative and cure for common goitre. Slntt; July 1 the herd of Mrs. McCormick. republican nominee tor congreisni«ui-at-large. have be*a the subject of experiments conducted under the direction oi Prof. George W. Cavaiiaugh. head of the department, oi cheuujtry at Coru*;ll Oai- dejairtment of labor and if " By leedjug powdered ^eaweed to claimed tlie far- j the cows the scientists have oraduc- as; tiiat tiie nun- j «i nulk with au iodme content suf- "liajj labored under ; iicetit to serve as a preventative aad *" wet vttbeut %ultojri!y ., . . - - « that he would ever be Uie Ucdted Stains, After the various crtmiu&l court « t» i * ' mfllculue5 lor J1Lany years -" and HM "probably more ttianthrw, mil- ? i»«'W»*er4- we« uimbie to cbtam! ft'ior ds a cure for autiouaceti: the iesjii th« terd was ftuf. from teee el . fana*liy c*ar«edjpcmit toa to tot ml tether, a s fi Usat h^l by mmu»-. lad I is toriuiia" oi - -«• - To* uiar .ieed.' ^mpi-ra oi _„ aailk wet* tomsd to reiuaa sMk tc-ui be

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