Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 20, 1973 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 27
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Market Reports Today sumvno Mumi BuvKiH M^^Uk^Mg^^ IhftAMSlMite tkMlA^j^^^im^^ BsmBiw nvimni vivcBjanni Market: st «ad3r t« He high' «r. No. 1-2: 200^230 - |35 00.$35.25 QiMtationk: Nd. 2-3: Packing Sows: steady i27.75>$31.25 MONMotrnt Avetioit RCVOIIT _ . Aytll 19,^1191 RMtlftlf Caltto Calvtt Han Sl|Mp This Week aiO is 14S1 o Last week «3S 2 10«S 2 LMt Veer 442 3 Ull o CATTUC: Receipts mainly feeder eattie. j&em«ftd igoftd. faMer stetM Mut^hiiteM .M-1.00 hifMt. cows 680 Ibi OMd 4W-9W Ift. ... «» lb. 48.S0; ^ ^ ment eo#s 349.(nf'-lfO.(IO ter lictd; same, #ith eii««l ^it iiM IN .W- Cdmmwt! lltty and " Can[OOS: RMalpti faedet pits. Datnimd good, ffriees l.M-2.00 IR BOARS: 400-«M lb. -I MOS: U.S. M 28 lb. 27 .80; 40-80 lb.. 38.00 -31 .78: SO 'M tb. 33.80-41.00; 00-70 lb. 40.'fS-43.00; 70-80 lb. 42.78-46.00; 80-90 lb. 48.78* 48.00; 100*120 lb. 88,78-89.00; U.S. 1-3 80-00 lb. 38.00-30.00; all sold by the head; 128-140 lb. 38.2S-41.00; sold by weight; bred sows 148.00170.00 per head. READ THE WANT ADSl Knoxville Communify Sole Co., Inc. KNOXVIUI, ILL. "Wl DONT MIIT COMPiTITION Wl MAKE IT" Crtifitd UvMtock Mark«tin0 C«n««r. Stat* A BendMl ff«r Your PratMtion. SALE-MON., APRIL 23, 1973 Starting At 12 OXIock Noon 20 Mixed yearling steers, 675 lbs. 20 Black and BI. W/faced steers, 500 lbs. 25 BI. siteer calves, 450 lbs. 25 Angus and Hereford steers, 800 lbs. 20 Hereford steers and tieifers, 400 lbs. 20 Mixed heifers, 600 lbs. 100 Mixed cattle, 300-800 lbs. ISO Fancy hybred Shoats, 100 lbs. 100 Fancy hybred pigs, 40 lbs. Roland Bell l»hen« 2IM446 W. E. Bruniga Phen. 28M128 Day or Night If you hav* fat cattl. or f .Ml .r cattto, contact ut for an appraisal. Auctionoort: Lan. Hyatt, Don Wolf. CMICACIO STOCRYAROS AmigON MAMtifr Volume: 1,IW. Butehet Trend: opened 25* SOc higher, cloied steady. No. M: MO'226 936.75-I37.10 No. 2-4: 200-240 $85.7M3«.75 240^270 ..|3S.2S^$30.25 210-300 $34.50-135.25 Sow Trend: steady. 300-MO ..,$31.7^33.50 Boars: 350 lbs. up... $30.00-$31.00 Jollt» LivMfock JOLIET, 111. (UPl) Live* Stock: Cattle 300; steers and heifers fully steady; 1 load high choice and prime ste^s 4S.S0 • 40.75; good,and choice 44.75-45.50; 1 load choice heifers 45.00 - 45.75; no oanner or cutter cows. Hogs 500; SO-75'higher; No 1-3 220-250 lb 36.00-30.75; No 2-3 250-260 lb 35.50-36.00. Ptorta LIvaitaetc PEOftlA, III. (UPt) - Livestock: Cattle SO; insufficient volufne any grade to establish market. Hogs 3,300; 2^d0 higher; No 1-2 200-240 lb m.miM; No 1-3 200-250 lb 36.0O>3$.50; No 2-3 240270 lb 33.50-36.00, 270-260 lb 39.00-35.50, 280400 lb 34.50-35.00, 300-325 ^ 34.00-34.50. Galesburfl Rcgistcr'MQjJ, Gdtfsbufg, IJL, Fridoy, April 20, 1973 2B IniiBMptih LivMtotk INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 2,100; steady to mostly 26 higher; No 1-2 200-240 H) 36.25-30.75; tbout 100 head 3t.O0; No 1^ 200^240 lb 35.75^.50; No 2-3 240-270 lb 3S.00-35.7S; No 2-4 260-290 lb 34.00-35.00. Monday estimated receipts cattle 2,200, hogs 800. WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! CURIOSITY SHO^ 1IS8 ROBBRTSON AVB. (2 blks. 8. of Oiand, 2 blks. E. al ratnham) Wed..Sat. 10 AM . 5 PM Metal sculptures, paintints, macrame, poly-domes candles, lots ot gift ideas. FOR SALE IMS rORD COMET Fair Condition 8300.00 20 INCH OIRL'i BICYCLE Brand New SM.OO Phone 34^2468 Or Sea Al 418 Montea Th orm oijas BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Only $1.19 '(Piystix) RANDMcNALLY ROAD ATLAS (a $2.95 retail value) New 1973 Atlas in full color. Size, irx 15". Road maps of 50 states plus all Canadian provinces. Tourist information. Offer good while supplies last. CHECK THIS VALUE WHILE AT OUR STOHE ARKLA "ROUSTABOUT" fiASGRILL RllM now you cin lavi on a no-mm Arlila Oufirlll St Thirnioiit. In addition to the "Houitabour' aliewn lura, UN liave a oofflplita ailiotion of portable and poat-mountid modola. Come In soon and look tliini over. FiirstanliplaB «m appeal, fee aura and. get our deal I 1242 S. West St. Ph. 343-3145 FOR SALE 20 SILICT CHARQLAIS HEIFERS Open, % to Purebred All are tattooed, ear tapsed. and ready for realstratlon. Kxcellent herd foundation stock. See or Call DON HAMILTON Phone 59«'2S94 BVEHIMOa or 5M-2102 DAYS OEPARTIMUBNT of THE TREASURY -;-lnternal Revenue Servica~-143-P. Notice of Sealed Bid Sale. Under auuiorlty contained in saetion 6331 of the Internal Ravenua Code, tha property deecribad l)elo# haa been aaized for nonpayment of delin- duent internal revanue taxes due from Shirley O.^Bemand, d/b/a Bob'B Place. 392 S. Saminary St., Oalaaburff. ill. 61401. Tha pr^rty win ba sold at publie auction uridar sealed bids in accordance with the provisions of sactloti 633S of the Internal Revenue Code and pertinent regulations. Date Bids will be opened, April 30, 1973. Time bids will ba qpanad, lO a.m. CDT. Place of sala, an S. seminary St., Galesburg, III. 61401, 1. 75 cases of various brands of beer, in 12 ot, cans & bottles, including Pabst Blue Ribbon, Budweiser, Drewrys, Falstaff, Hamms, Millers High Life, Schlitz, it SUg. 60 quarts, 16 pints & 54 half pints of whiskeys, gin, vodka, brandy, mm, it wine. 190 bottles of assorted sizes of 7 UP, Squirt, ginger ale, & club soda, quarts of bloody mary mix it quart of lemon mix. Property will be offered for sale In the aggregate only. Property may be inspected at: 392 S. Seminary St,, Galesburg, III. 61401. Submission of bids: All bids must be submitted on Internal Rev. enue Service Form 2222, Sealed Bid for Purchase of Seized Property. Contact office below for Forms 2222 and information concerning the property. Submit bids to the Revenue official named below prior to the opening of the bids. Payment terms: Bids must be accompanied by the full amount of the bid If it totals $200 or less. If tha total bid is more than $200, submit 20 percent of the bid or $200, whichever is greater. Upon acceptance of the highest bid, the balance due. if any, will be required in full. Type of payment: All payments must be by casn, certified check, cashier's or treasurer's check, or by a United States postal, express or telegraph money order. Make checks and money orders payable to "Internal Revenue Service." Title offered: Only the right, title, and interest of Shirley, O. Bernand in and to the property will be offered for aala. C. J. Torrance, Revenue Officer, Rm. 238, Bank of Galasburg Bldg., 304'E. Main 9ist Oaleaburg. 111. 61401. Phone 309-342-2101. April 17, 1973. WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! Cattle and calves 100; not enough to test market. Sheep 100; not enough for test. The highest point in the prairie state of Oklahoma is the summit of the Black Mesa, which rises 4,976 feet above sea level. 8 FAMILY GARAGE SALE 950 LAWRENCE AVE. Thursday 4 p.m.*? — Friclay 7 a.m. t Saturday 7 a .m. Men's clothing, all sizes; women's clothing, from the smallest sizes to 56 including underwear, gowns, slips, dresses, slack suits and tops; teen-age girls and > children and babies clothes; shoes, all sizes, many new ones; new cobbler aprons; pillow cases; satin cases; curtains; rugs; new afgahan; crocheted shawl; boxes of remnants, SOc a bag; buttons and material Xt^m•, leather scraps; zippers; IS wigs, all colors; electrical appliances; TVi broiler; toaster, etc.; 3 electric sweepers and a Bissell hand sweeper; round holder: child's desk and chair; children's toys, dolls and stuffed animals; Jewelry; hand painted pictures on wood, others framed; books — paper backs and technical books; many other articles. PUBLIC AUCTION FRIDAY, APRIL 27 — 2 P.M. 256 Acra WARREN CO. FARM 140 Acre* Tillable, Lois of Xmpfavomanti Vt Mile East of Swan Creek, III. Possession At Closing Owntf—CHESTER O. HALE Sale Held at Premises BOULTINGHOUSE AUCTION CO. Aledo, III. - 309-582-5136 WEIR REALTY, Molfne III. ~ 309-797-1173 CAU. rOR BROCHURE Over tft Outdoor cJHivlnt^ four tea Trees Are The Backbone Of Your Landataping .... They Provide A Natural Environment, Shade You, Screen You From Ugly- ness, and, of Course, Add Beauty to Your Home. LAFAYETTE HOME NUR, SERV Grows Thousands of Trees of Different Shapes and Sizes so That You May Plant A Tree to Fit Your Needs. FREE DELIVERY to the GALESBURG AREA, or Have Our EXPERIENCED PLANTING CREW Install the Trees For You. PIN OAK 6-8' $10.00 LONDON PLANE TREE 8-10' $16.25 RED MAPLE 6-8' $13.50 WHITE BIRCH 6-8' $13.50 SUGAR MAPLE 6-8' $ 8.00 OHIO BUCKEYE 5' $19.50 ASK ABOUT OUR FREE LANDSCAPE DESIGN SERVICE tte PHONE 30M99-3911 HOME NURSERY INC. Since 1887 LA FAYETTE, ILLINOIS Located on Rt. 17 in Stark County APRIL Office Hours: Moo. thru Sat. %-\%; 1.4 Sunday 1-4 Rtmovol of Trtat TRIMMlNCt ^ rEEDIItO SHADE TRBEa FOR BALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE 343-7aU - 84I-4IIM Mr. Farmer Mr. Controcror, too! Before you order CONCRETE for your next project .... we invite you to CHECK —"OUR PRICE Phone Concrete Ditpotcher 342-4155 for g QUALITY READY MIXED CONCRETE Prompt & refioble delivery CHECK GALESBURG BuUders Supply €o before you buy 600 E. Main, Oaltiburg 12 WAKTED Unfurnished lower opartment near Cottage Hospital for retired gentlemen. Will sign lease and can furnish "excellent references. Will ppy premium rent for nice place. Pleoie coll 342-6787 or 342-0413 between 8:00 o.m. - 4:30 p.m. FURNITURE AUQION The hoasehold effects of tbe late Oerda Zaek, West Washington St., Avon* III. Saturdoy Morning, April 28 9:30 A.M. Admiral 15 ft. freezer refrgierator; GE electric stove; RCA 21 Inch TV; Two davenports and chairs; Two bedroom sultei; Kitchen table with four chairs; 11x15 green rug; Three 9x12 rugs; 8x10 rug; Antique chest of drawers; Two electric mixers; Electric skillet; Mobile Cart; Folding step stool. Two end tables; Two window fans; Card tables; Folding chairs; Electrolux tank type sweeper and attachments; Hoover upright sweeper and attachments; Lamps; Mirrors; Two arm chairs; Lawn furniture; Porch swing; Oil conversion burner with controls; Shallow well pump and pressure tank; Clothes rack; Flower stands; Two mowers; Garden tools; Extension ladder; Step ladder; Garden cart; steel tote cart; Garden hose; Drapes and curtains; Quilts; Blankets; Linens; Electric irons; Kitchen utensils; Dishes; Throw rugs; Two snow tires, 7:75x14; Many other articles too numerous to list. TWO CAH GARAGE AND BOARD FENCE TO BE REMOVED BERWYN G. ZUCK tERMS — CASH LOWELL BUCK, Auctioneer Not ResponsUile For Accidents JACK QORDON, Clerk FOR LEASE 1000 so. PT. 0PPIC8 OH SHOPPi In The New Pire Reiitftiif LUNDIEN BUILOINQ One of the Lowest Fire Insurance Ratei in GileilMri At 1052 E. Letey St. Coll R. D. Lundeon af 343.t975 lifore 10 AM or Writo Box S4S Oolosliwre ESTATE AUaiON , Antiques Furniture -- Tools — Automobile Sofurdoy, April 21st, 11:00 o.m. 216 Cools St. » Wotogo, III. To settle the estate of George H. Garrard, deceased, we will sell the following chattel property: AUTOMOBILE! 1967 Belalre Chevrolet 4-door sedan In good condition. ANTIQUES: Oval walnUt lamp table; walnut comb case; combination bookcase and drop front desk; pine commode; railroad lanterns; some antique dishes; library table; walnut bench; ladder badk chairs; hall seat with mirror and hat rack; storage chest; wall mirror and hat rack; picture frames; doll parts and doU heads; kerosene lamp; antique bed; side board; traditional sofa; sewing cabinet; quilts; books and old newspapers; lots of stone jars; spool leg table; Morris chairj coffee grinder; trunks; rocker; coffee mill; corner what-not shelf; pitcher and bowl set; ball fruit jars; shaving mug and brush; school bell; wool carders; large wooden bowl; depression glass; cruet; pitcher pump; some primitives; clock; 1 combinettes; old beds and dressers; lots of other antique articles including walnut living room table; granlt milk can. FURNITURE: Club chairs; rocker; studio lounge; end tables; coffee tables; Sears black and white TV set; 4SH,P.M. record play, er; 2 matching 8x12 rugs: magazine racKsi clactrlo console sewing machine; radio; mirror; book case; lighted scenic picture; record cabinet; mahogany Duaean-Phyfa drop axtanilon table and I malohlng ehalvat Singer sweeper, with all attachments; 3 pc. mahogany Chippendale styla bodioom auila. cempleto) wardrobe; bouldour lamps; several other beds and dressers; chest-a-robe; cedar chest: hassock; fan; Kelvlnator chest type deep freeze; Hot Point frostfree refrigerator with large deep freeze at the bottom; 30" electric range; 5 pc. dinette set; dish cabinet; pots; pans; dishes; kitchen cabinet; ironer; small electrical appliances; kitchen stool; new 41" cabinet sink; bathroom heater; silverware and chest; card table. TOOLS: Garden and yard tools; Sears Custom 7 H.P. riding mowar; M-W garden tractor with attachments; orchard sprayer; gasoline engine; several yard carts to pull behind yard tractors; 2 other garden tractors; log chain; wheel barrow; shovels; spades and other garden and yard tools Including hose; Coleman camp stove; Step ladders. SHOP and CARPENTER. TOOLS: Table saw, drill press and stand; lathe: large work bench; furniture clamps; lots of small hand tools: large meat saw in case; lots of lumber including some walnut; 4" pine flooring; cream can; lots of other misc. msde, found in a closing out sale. CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE Phona 341-1013 COOK and WOODS - AuelienaafB Oalana Cook — Clerk Bonnie Boughten — Cashier Bank of Galesburg as Executor of the Estate of Oeoiga H. Garrard, Daeaaaad, Phoaa 141-4141 Barasb and Sloarabach. Attys., Phoaa 341-4111 ' The Executors and Auctioneers- assume no responsibility for accidents should any occur. THIS SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE FwHAITAYAGir WHENVA CROSSABA6OFA20O SEED CORN \MTH A BUCK PRIVATE? EXECUTORS PUBLIC SALE The undersigned executors oi the estate of Jamet A. ffaff will sell at auction, 10 mile East of Avon, or one hill mile South and one and one half mile West of London MUlf, on the Avon-London Mills road. Saturday, April 28 1 P.Ma MACHINERY — 1960 IHC 8278 D Induftrtal type tractor with Freeman loader; John Deere No. 39, 3 Pt. mowtr, two y«ar« Old; IHC No. 37, 12 ft. disk; John Deere 3 pt. rotary hoej Ford 3 pt. blade; Ford 3 pt. rotary mower; IHC wafon with holat; John IlMr« waton wtih hoist; IHC No. 7A combine; Continental post hole digger: Field sprayer; Two wheel trailer; Bachtold weed mower; Ola apreader; Milk cooler; Two unit Surge milker; KUen hog feeder, nearly new; Two gas tank heaters; Three steel water tanks; Two fence atreteh- em; Creep feeder; Six stall pull together hof house; Pickets; Some hand tools; Butchering kettle; Anvil; Lota of old iron; Cross cut saw; Numerous other articles; 1962 Ford Falrlane, V-8 motor, automatic; 1954 Ford V-8, 4 speed, pickup track. HOUSEHOLD OOODS AND ANTIQUES - Westinfhouae automatic washer; Westinghouse automatic dryer; Westinghouse electric stove; GE automatic defrost refrigerator; Two food S^ler oU heaters; Round dining table and chairs; Buffet; RCA Tw; Kneahole desk; Davenport and chair; Rockers; Cabinet base; Porcelain top kitchen table; Kitchen cabinet; Metal wall cabinet; Two metal cabinets; sunbeam mix master: Some kitchen utensils; Oiahes; BUver- ware; Telephone stand; Beds; Chests of drawers; Window fan; Lamps; Folding picnic table; Lawn cart; Some bedding; Sleigh bells; Antique pie cupboard; Old Oak cupboard! AUadin lamp; Gasoline lamp; Gas iron; Kerosene lamps; Some old dishes; Set of Warwick china; Clocks; Several 10 gal. milk cans; Sausage grinder; Lard paddle; Kerosene lantern; Old trunk; Pictures; Picture frames; 20 gal. stone jar; Pitcher pump; Ice tongs; Commodes; Meat saw; Stone jars; Top for Model T windshield; Model T running board; Soap stone foot warmer; Many other items. TERMS — CASH Not RosponaUila For Accidents LOWELL BUCK, Auctlonaar JACK OORDON, Cloik CRISBEY, XOST and DOWNS, AtleraeyB HUBERT HUM DORIS BHL Co -Exoeutert oi tha Eatale of JAMES A. HUFF, Daeaaaed CLOSING OUT SALE Due to the death of my hoshand, I will sell the following personal property at farm located miles East of Standard Service Station on Route 41 in Avon, 111., then miles North, then V2 mile East and up lane. MONDAY, APRIL 23, 1973 AT 12:30 O'CLOCK MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT 1957. Int. Farmall 480 gas tractor with power steering, torque, hydraulic In good condition; good Int. 4 row front mount cultivator with select lift and rear gang; John Deere 45 combine with cab, 210 corn head, and 10 ft. grain head; Int. 4 bottom plow; Kewanee 11" wheel disc; 8 ft. cultimulcher; Int. tandem disc; 4 section harrow; J.D. 2 row hoe; J.D. No. S mower; 2 New Idea side rakes; Int. quick hitch 4 row plantar with tert. attach.; J.D. 4M planter with herb. & Insect, attach.; Ezee Flow 10 ft. fert. spreader; tractor moiint sprayer with tank and drops; old 4 wheel spreader; A.C. combine with P.T.O. and aCour klceif; food Warda Lo,tMd wide axel wafon with barge box; wagon Wtih Btishnell cravity flow box; Dearborn wagon gear: old pull road grader; old .wood hay loader; cab for Int. tractor; scrap iron and old machinery. MISCELLANEOUS, COLLECTOR and HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Aprox. 40 new pelces of 10 ft. galv. roofing; hyd. cylinder; hof feeders and pans; feed bunk; pump jack; calf feeder; cattle neck chains; leather cattle show halter; show stick; bull lead; ear markers; blankets: barn broom; bushel basket; grinder and motor; electric fan; log chains; pipe wrenches and other wrenches; other small hand tools; soldering iron; planter stakes; kerosene lantern; oil burner; wood pulley; horse walking plow; blacksmith anvil; Forbes coffee barrel!; maple jars. Old iron bed; ant. dresser; 1 other ant. dresser base; ant. 8 drawer chest with mirror; large ant. framed mirror; Hide-a-bed; 8 oak dining chairs; other kitchen chairs; occasional chair; foot stool; clothing and shoe rack; like new vaporizer; some old bona handled forks. OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION Toims: Cash. No ptepatty to ba remoyad until paid for. Not rasponsUtls for accldanls. No lunch on grounds MABEL REUTER, Owner CARL STECX, Auctlonaar LAWRENCE COOK, Clark Maquon, lU. Ph. 875-3571 KEITH BROWN, Caahlaff Cross over to ACCO SEED and Icsep right on smiling. As your ACCO S6ED dealer i have tha varieties you need to produce top yields this fail. Stop by and sea me today. ANDEnsoH cunoN & ca Thot's Com. ALTONA CO-OP. AUona KENNETH EMKEN Maquon GENE GOFF GUson JERRY D. JOHNSON Gladitons AREA DEALERS XALB FEED SERVICE Ablaadon MONMOUTH GRAIN k DRYER Monmouth RIVOLI GRAIN CO. New Windsor LOREN SMITH GiUon DEWANE SLY Stionghuist GARY WISSLEAO Smithshiia PUBLIC AUCTION Corpenter Toolt, Other Tools, Miscellontout Due to the death of my husband, I will sell the followlBg Personal Property at residence located West of Fire Station in Henderson, III.; 3 miles North of Galesburg on Seminary Road. Saturday, April 28, 1973 At 12 O'CLOCK CrafUman V4 In. electric drill; Craftsman 8 in. power saw; Shopmate sabre saw 4c caae; Craftsman elect, sander; Shopmate vibrating sander; Crattaman tilting level transit & tripod, Ikie new; Craftsman miter box; Craftsman »/« horse grinder; 36 ft. aluminum ext. ladder; 38 ft. Wood ext. ladder: other ladoers; step ladders: 2 seta of ladder Jacks; 10 rooflnf brackets; 3 siding jacks; 12 scaifla lacks: shingle atapler tor copper bound shingles; double side tool box for pickup truok;^ S cable clamps; power pull; small locking cable winch;, cable outter; Baara 78,000 B.T.U. space heater; Several heavy duty drop corda; dye threader set up to in.; pipe tuba GUttfnf & flanging aet; 100 ft. Lufkln steel tape; some galv. pipe fittings; air compreaaor; bench vise; small oil heater; elect, tank heater; 3 gal. hand aprayar; grinder & motor; several ropes; Plum- mera pot; large screw jack; large rachet jack; other jacks; basement floor jack; gaaN torch; several hand saws; levels; planes; squares; files; axes; hammers; malls: bars; clamps; screwdrivers; nails; chisels; pipe vise; pipe wrenciiee; pipe cutter; 3 socket wrench sets; crescent wrenches; vise grips; box end & open end wrenches; bolt cutters: brace & bits; breast drill; several drill bits: set of mason .drill bits; set ot easy out«; set of melal markers; plastermg trowels: 4x8 peg board; large fan on stand; elect, motor; chalk lines: 7 post anchors; bottle gas tank; rope block & tackle; service station bell; meter base Sc switch box; some scrap iron; 8x14 3 stall hog shed: other small tools Ac misc. items. 1SS> Evinrude iO H.P, outboaid aaetor, in good condition. ANTIQUES, COLLECrOR & HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Ant. china closet with curved glsss front, mirror on top, and paw feet with castors in vary good condition: ant. walnut base cupboard; walnut lumber; 28 walnut doors: screens; 6 oak dining chairs; Maple single bed; occasional ai-m chair; maple magazine rack; Hoover upright sweeper & attaclunenU; foot stool: bathroom lealeB: flower stand; sun lamp; Dormeyer deep fryer; 2 iron skillats; 8 gal. stone jar; dishes & pans: Ant. wood storage chest; old shinfling hatchet: old draw knife; buzz saw blade; wood keg: 2 horse smgle trees; old buck saw; Row-ho post hole auger; silage fork; ice tongs; grinding atone; old wood pump epout; old wood vise; blacksmith anvil; nors* shoeing rasp, knife, hammer ic nails; butcherinf gambles; old hay knife; good horse hide robe; other items. SET Of SINGLE KACING HARNESS stable Sheet 8e Cooling Blanket. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Tins is a large sale with a variety of many items in very good condition. TERMS — CASH No Piopsrty To Be Rsmoved Until Paid Pot Not Responsible tor Accidenis- Lur«h by Henderson rUeman Aux. VIRGINIA K. SMITH, Owner Auctioneer: CARL STECK, Msquon, ;ivVi ?*t^».r.«M Clerk: LAWRENCE COOK Csshler: CARLINE JfOKKSON Read the Want Ads I

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