Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 9, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY; Watco's Brownell Has No-Hitter Against Lux Clock The Waterhury Tool Co.'n softball team 1* a huU' K'ame Lip on tho U. S. Kubber Co. in the league standing, us 11 result of Hardy Bi-owneH'M no-hit, runle.s.s pitching' the Lux Clock Co, last Tho Tool has an lt-3 record. while Kubco han onti loss In the victory column. .Browr.wll's teammates pot (lv<> runs on nine hits, while Browntll allowed cinly one mini to reach— on a walk — and .struck out 11. AMF.niCAN LKAGUE ye.-Jturday. Tlio . Stuntllng St. Louis .. Boston N«w York . Detroit ... . Chicago ... Cleveland Philadelphia Washington W. L. Pet. 02 42 .596 05 -IS .534 03 48 52 DO 50 53 SI 50 47 59 4-1 59. ,525 ,510 .435 .481 .443 .41'7 S Kt\ M K .V \V A H N K I) Boston, AUK. 0 —tU P)—Marino authorities have, warned NHW England shipping to T'.ay cU.-ar of certain capr areas where live nilni-'K Imve bt-i-n laid. Thn.v said that the rniru'.M wtM'fr planted in restricted areas off Capo Ann and off Rac'. 1 Voint on Cap*- Cod. I'alrol craft WBC placed on duty '.o prevent possible disaster. Toduy'H Game*, • iMIchoM St. Louis at New York—Muncrlef f!2-6 >vs. Borowy (H-G). Detroit nt Washington (nlylit)— Newhou;er U7-C) or Gentry (5-11) vs. Nijfjfiilinjr (S-l). Chicago nt Boston—Dietrich" (139) vs. Hughson (17-5). Cleveland nt Philadelphia (r.ilRht) —Smith (5-CU vs. Nt'wsom (S-1.1). Foremen Challenged By Dusty Loop So 7 IMPROVES WITH AGE - By Jack Sords NATIONAL LEAGUE Yt'Htoriliiy'M Results New York S,' Pittsburgh •(. Only };amc scheduled . The Salvation Army was organized in London in 18C4. NOTICE! TO OUK NAUOATUCK STORK CUSTOMKUS! I>un to wur time nuiiilUioiiH, wo lire coni|«'llrd tu clout; our Nan* .storo, CAM. US For the day our.Rmita Man will lie uii your otrt'rt. Free Telephone Service I-'or Nuii^atiick Custoincr.H Call Enterprise 4700 Tito SUuidlne St. Louis .. Cincinnati PHt^buryh N't-w York . Chicago Boston Philadelphia Brooklyn .. 72 27 . Or. 43 . 52 40 . 50 02 . -1C '19 . -n r>s . 38 58 . .-10 02 L, Pet. ,727 ,561 .530 .490 .434 .•114 Iron Co. Regular^ Seek To Meet Foremen In "Intra- Mural" Tilt The Naugatuck Dusty league entry of tho Eastern Malleable Iron .Co. has issued, a. challenge through its able . manager, Joe 'Whip" Valcnti, to .the company 'oremen's y.>n to cross softball bats. Manager Valcnti would like to have his charges 'meet . Captain George ;'Speed" Behrendt'.s .team uny time, preferably ut the annual outing" that will be held soon. . If the match is arranged, "Fireball Joe" Berno would face "Speed" .Behrcndt on the hill. A bloody, but interesting, nevertheless, contest will likely result. Homer And Bad Leg .392 TuiIuy'N Gamr.H, Pitcher* Brooklvn at Chicago—Chapman (1-0) vs/Wyse (10-9). New York -at Pittbsurph (nlffht) —Fisciior M-S) vs. Ostermiieller t9-3).. Boston at Cim-bmatl—Barrett (610) vs. Konstiitity (-1-3) or Carter (U-l). Philadelphia at St. Louis (nijfht) — P.affensberjrer <9-l-l) or Gt>r- hcauser (G-ll) vs. Brccheem (10- 10-Quart Cold Pack Canners in a Limited Quantity Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NKAUY JILIIJJING Tel. 5212 FINE DOUBLE BILL NOW. AT STRAND THEATER Rdckingham Tap Closes N. H. Season Salem, N. H., vUift. 9—Max Marmorstein's 'hard - rapping Castlo- man, who trailed Firm Draft and Coronal by til roe parts of <i length In the Granite State Handicap last Saturday, will go back to the wel ayain on Saturday nuxt wlioii li will appear in the SO.OOO-uddei Kockingiiam Park Handicap, ono of the closing day features at tht picturesque New M afn p .? h i >r i course. Castleman, o n that, ocrssion spotted First Dra/t a doxen pounds and Coronel 35, vis ho packed top weight' of. 120 pounds, yet it took the fastest mile and ' a sixteanth of the meeting, ' a/spectacular 1,-46:4 over this- racing'strip, to'.overcome the blistering- early pace provided by Castleman, vtide Hollywood h'na at.-last ,bcen in-J w ho traveled wiuh -his party. She iKid won the post of chairman of the entertainment committee ar.d this marked 'her first trip Lo Latin. America. It served to whet her appetite for subsequent visits. In addition to starring Rod Skol- ton and Esther Williams, and fea- luring Ethel Smith, "Bathing fill-TSS J''OU •V SIIOWKKS, AN-MVIOKSSAItlKS, Ktc. ST. J)1AJ. 1 by an amber-haired, tuixcl- eyi.-d personality who is a» warmly colorful as the Latln-AYncrica-in music she plays. Virtuoso of the electric organ, her name- is Ethel Smith -and her musical career sweeps from Carnegie Toch to.Car- negie Hall. She is featured in the Fled Skelton-Esther Williams M-GM Technicolor musical, "Bathing Beauty," which closes it's inunt tomorrow at the Strand theater. . . • •• : To the radio fans''.and the New York Night Spot 'habitues 'who have long- been familrar. wiuh .her sizzling music. Ethel is known "as the number pno Manhattan Latin, There's a-reason. Ethol pines for Latin America like a high school girl does for Frantic .Sinatra. "I was in love with its countries since I waj'.'tor, years old," she confesses. "My childhood desire was to some day go south of t'hc Equator." Pittsburgh born, Ethol fu'.fillod tfiat desire when she way 23. As a student at Carnegie Tech, sha majored In Spanish, music and languages, Whom Cordell Hull uuilf'd southward to attend the ! ^ first Pan - An]-i:rirari conference, I .^j> K'lhrl was oni: of the few women , Beauty" also boasL* such . u.s 'Basil Ratihbone," Donald Meek a?id Harry'James and his Music Makers and Xavler Cugrit and his orchestra. '.The cb-fcaturo" on 'the Strand bill'Is'"Port of Forty Thieves," and features Stephanie Bachelor and I^ichard. Powers.' Latest Movietone News completes this program, closing at the Strand theater tomorrow, Thursday. CALL1CD SUICIDK New Havura, Conn., Aug. 9—(UP) —A medical examiner's certificate reveals that William Shaw of New Caa.aam committed sulddo at New Haven hospital last Friday. Shaw ihC'd been a patient at the hospital only five days before his death. The suicide was not disclosed until the doath certificate wa.- filed with the registrar of vital statistics. Not Impossible! to visit, the moon ;ili!o to g'Cl; _j>'ooc] Want ills. They arc as sure as dc-ath and taxes, ii-ii yi,n call 2:223 you are posifivo that yon will I In 1 lii'st, \ve ha\'e tu offer I'm- the least charge, a matti'i- of fact we will ij'ive you a .'3 line Ad days for only C.'ic. That iilso means yon haw I'irtiM'ii words to accurately describe t.he ariielc ymi want to sell or buy. ANYTHING bo boiiii'lit or sold tlirong-li a ll may DC irnnossiohj yon t-an bet it isn't Ad \\'\ ,HX't As ' for can Naugatuck Daily News Classified Ad Buy War Bonds, remember: "A War Bond today is a Freedom Bond tomorrow." When Al. Simmons didn't appear on the field for the second game of a. doubleheader. between the Philadelphia Athletics u.nd tho Washing-ton Senators . on Memor- ia.1 Day, 3<)30, the fans wondered Vh> Al jj.mmons—there's a name that bi'ings hack memories of great days In Philadelphia. They culled •him tho Duke of Milwaukee—and with yood reason. Al'y play for the A's was in the noble style. His strictly unorthodox, baui'trg 1 stance wns tho despair of every base-boil', manager. They couldn't understand how a guy could pull one foot away—put it in the bucket, so to speak—and xtlll.hit big league pitr.liing. .But A-. Allowed them it could be done. Tho" Senators and thu. A's had a morning-afternoon doublehoadur lodulfd at Philadelphia, on that Memorial Day ]•) years ago. Al was the hero of Ihe morning ga.mi:. "-Us homer Lied the score with two out it'., olio ninth. Tn the fifteenth lie doubled and ca;ni_' around . t'O scory the winning run. But something happened on l.ha.t play. Al twisted his riK r liL linee— 'a blood vessel broke and the knoo begun to swell. The A's club doctor took a quick look and ordered cold compresses. He told Al that the swelling /-would go down—eventually. Then he broke the bad news to -Manager Connie Mack. | Mack learned that Simmons was ! through for the day—.lio couldn't run on that leg. The veteran manager asked .if the • doctor wanted to take Al lo a hospital. The doctor ^said yes—yes he did want 10 take AI Simmons to a hospital—but not that afternoon. Tt wasn't necessary. Ho said he had come out to soe a double header— and he to see ,'t double header. He told Mack to put Simmons aack into uniform and keep him'on .lie bench for. the second game. The doctor chuckled as he told Mack lhal Simmons couldn't run, but he might com* in handy as a pinch- hitter. The medico said: "We'll il.v that knee up later." The first ganie had lasted so long that it was nearly timn for the afternoon conlost. to begin. Simmons •ec:i;is that George Earnshaw •staried for the A's—-and Bumps •ladIcy wont to the mound for the Senators. There wasn't much for tho Phi!, adelphia fans to r.hcer about :is tho game moved along. Hadley had it—and Earnshaw didn't. The Philadelphia fans groaned as the Senaiors waclod into Earnshaw's sluf;'—they treated him like a long lost cousin. When the last half of the seventh innini- rolled around tho. ScnnLors led 7 to 3, Joe Boley was rlue Lo lead o!f for the Athletics—but Mack dur- rickod Eoloy and sent in a pinch hitter. The pinch-hitler got on. Then suddenly there was a base on balls and i\ hit. Th« bases were loaded. Something elcclHc gripped the fans. Their I.eam sLill was four runs behind, but something told them that this was their chance. On lh<: Phil.-u.'e-phia bunch Connie Mack looked rtown the lino and crooked his linger at Al Simmons. Mack told his sluggof to get in there and hit. HP lold Al to hit that ball, and walk' ' around bases if necessary. Simmons hobbled to the plate und tho roaring fans nhoorcd as he went back into action. They callo.d for another one of those homers, On tho mound Harloy . carefully lookod LoTiis catcher for a sign. On the bench Connie Mack uat ca'lm- ly, and waitorl. Bumps.. Hadley took plenty of time with that first pitch. It was ball one. Then Bumps tried another one in the same spot—and again Al let it go by—ball two. Then Hadley changed his tactics and came in to try for a strike. Bumps rammed the ball clown and this time A| Simmons was hitting, noi looking. He r :u .u K ht that ball just right—with tho meat end'of his bat. The roar from Hie stands shook the roof as- the b'ait foil in the left field seats. Al hobbled iroiincl the bases lo score the lying •un. The A's then wont on to win coring the deciding tally in the linth. MIKE RVBA, Gallagher Hurls Two Hitter; tes Get 14 Off Mascola 'li' !«y .JMJKE .KAJ5l.AUS.KAS . • (Sports liditor) of, VoiseJIe Chalks Up 14th Win As Giants Take Pirates, 8-4 (By United Vr.-ss) Only one game wns plnyed in tho major leagues yesterday. Tho Now York Giants backed up rookie pit.cher .Bill Voisolle by splattering Ifj bnso hits ;il! over the PiLUsbtirgh Ijnli park.. The Giants drove Max Butcher from -the mound and \vor.t. on to win an 3 LO -I victory over Fmrtkie Prisch's "Piralcs. The win was Voisclle's 1'llh n gainst ^2 losses. Tho Dodgers from Brooklyn did the uncommon and won a hall game. It was an exhibition with the Bluejackets of Great T-'ikes. and doesn't count in tho standings. However, the Groat Lakes veteran-spangled team has levelled live major league clubs !.his season. Until tho Dodgers licked them, they had won 39 of -iO games. Two Dodger puchcrs s;?lit the chore for Brooklyn, allowing the s.i i lot's just four runs. Tom Warren and Cal McT^ish pitched, with Warren taking the game, 7 to -1. The league-leading St. J^ouis Cardinals trundled off with n 10 to 3 win over the Foi-L Leonard Wood service Tt was an unusual day in '..hat tho Cardinals nommitlcd four mis- pluys or. tho fiekl. Volunteers' Game Changed From Linden Park To Hopkins' Lot The scene of the softbnil Riime be- iwoiin !.he Ts'augatuck Hose and I.'nnk and Ladder Co. and tho Citixons Hose Co. of Seymour has buen changed from Linden Park td IJo-.ikins lot or. Scott stroeL, Xord- hill NniiKOs, mnnajrer, announced '.his morning It was reported . that Linden niii-k was unavailable at the prcs- ont as arrangements for the U. S. Rubber Co. outini,' aro being made, and the bal! wame would interfere u-Hh the -v\'0rk there. However, Coach "Garry" Grant said .this morning, that. it. would mako no differer.ce where . the game was played as his charges -•an piny good ball anywhere. Although no o!')icial announcement of umpires has yet been made, indications are tlwit Firemen iid Calvin will be the robber behind the plate, while Francis Galvin,, another smoke-eater, will cul! the plays on the bases and baspaths. All volunteers arc asked to attend and lake part in the contest. Refreshments will be served after thu contest to revive the tired warriors. Oa.sie Elucgc . and his hand somewhat less than 40 thieves ara running between the base paths I | in the American league .so much J without tlj2 base hit benefit— thru. rival manajjcrs urc thinking of calling: out the rialfeet. The Se-r.ators of the Junior 'Icayue arc piling togcttwtr an am;jji- iny base-stealing record. The layman' might .soy "Hah, any team with George C.'isc can set such a record." But Case is only half of it: Just half in fact. The entire team has turned to diamond larceny this seasoiv. Until now the team has swiped 71 American league bags-r- and younjf Pcathcrfoot Case has MO of these. Owner'' Clark . Grifmh. of the Washington* — called the Old Fox. though this quality has. deserted him at lho trading blo^.k mon> i.han .once— probably would bo vary happy if the authorities would let runners steal first. Jf this came to pass Washington would bo somew-liere up the American !ea.gue trolley line— in- d of in l.xsi place. For you can't do much good stealing bases without first hiitiny safely — or i!vvn drawing a walk or error — to land on the first, to boffin operations from there. The Senators are troubled with a flurry of low batUng averages. George Washington Case is, of course, the leading man in the Senator robbery band. He's having trouble heading the league, however, what with New- York'.> Snuffy Stirnweiss laying smoke screens from base to base. Old Fox Griffith mu.=i have written a clause in the contract saying i.hc eighth commandment .ran be broken, if second or third base, or better ye;, home pl,iie is the object stolen. The Senators rest in last position — yes. But the rival managers figure the only way they keep llie Washington Speedsters from stealing a bas« is to down the sack, or post a Marine guard around it. Stack Homers With 2 On In 4th; Rawley Gets Four For Four - U. S. P-ubber won the first leg of the local Dusty league's first round dispute by defeating UT: Risdon Co.. 8-3, at Kocreal'on field last night. Kubco will meet th<: Chemical tomorrow night to d<:- f.idc the first round winner. Rubco.5 J'Viul Gallagher threw two-hit ball last flight, although he was in a. bit of trouble in the first inning, .as bin teamm-it'-'K had difficulty in holding tho big apple. Two men got on ba^c through misplays- and then catcher Wally Stack .Hipped a peg out to the centorficlder, <allo\ying two men; to got on the promised land. Stack however vindicated himself, latfcr when in the third fr;une hr; drove in the tie breaking run, and bang**! i four-bagger with two on. to clinch the contest in the fourth. Hubco got its first, two run?; in the fir.;4 -inning ax Pug Rawley singled after two men had received walks. In Uif-.- third, with the score. 2-.2, Rawley Mingled, Farrar laid dowr. a sacrifice bunt, •and then Strick singled Rawl«y home. The fourth inning saw five Itub- ber ran a ci'oss the jx:nl--igon. A sing.'e by Gallagher, an error allowing Gojda to got on, b;LSe and scoring U;.> pitcher, another single for Rawley, that sent G*:-jda across the plate, another bingle by Farrar, and then Stack's homer netted five runs for 'uh.e Rub- co cause. The- Risdor. Co. added or.a more run in the Inst of the .-^eventh with Pomp driving th c willy in with the second .liit that Gallagher allowed. M;i_s<'ola got the first hit in the fiftii inning. Pug Rawley got four for four for the winr.ors. The score by innings: Rube o , 2 0 1 S 0 0 0—S 14 2 Risdon . ... 2 0 0 0 0 0 1—3 2 5 BUY MORE BONDS Dodgers Obtain Ex-Moors' Hiirler FILM. "HOME IN INDIANA" TWO MORE DAYS AT LOEW'S METHODIST LKADKK DEAD Providence, 'R.I., Aug. 9—(UP)— One of tho nation's foremost Moth- idist leaiYrs is dead at San Diego, Cal. The Reverend Doctor Richard D. Holington' was 73 years old. He vas pastor of the Methewson treet Methodist church in Provi- encc from 191G to 1927. "Homo in Indiana" which hns •two days loft to run nt Loow Poli theater is the beautiful romance and drama of horse racing. Featuring Waiter Brennan, Lon McCallister, Jeanne Grain, Charlotte Greenwood, June Haver and outstanding supporting cast, the picture is •based on the celebrated Saturday Evening Post serial, "The Phantom Filly," by George Agnnw Chamberlain. "1-Tnme In Indiana" tells its beautiful and exciting story of spirited youth, lovely women, fast horses and proud mnn against t,he brilliantly colorful background of county fairs and the great "apple pie" country in the most dazzling beautiful Technicolor this reviewer has ever seen. Walter Brennnn gives what is easily his most outstanding, character portrayal to date. His role—that of "Thunder" Bolt, the proud horse trainer whose shattered dreams are revived by a young and impetuous boy and a "secret" filly—is tailor-made to the three-time "winner who plnys it with deep understanding and warmth. In other important roles, three comparative newcomers to the screen provide one of the most refreshing treats of the year. Lon MoCallistei- whose performance as "California" in "Stage Door ' Canteen," marked him as a truly exciting discovery, firmly establishes his right to stardom with his winning portrayal of Sparkc, the boy who has so much to learn about women and horses. Aces Lose In Father Shea League The Aces lost another game in. the Father Shea league in Waterbury yesterday. The strong Hill- Lops club with Frank Massimo giving ii]) only three hits outscored the locals 6-1. -Three runs in each of the second ar.d third frames was more than enough to win. The Aces scored their lone marker in the last of tho seventh. Mas-coin, and Schuster formed the battery ior the Aces. Twilight Tear Upset By Vienna At Belmont New York, Aug. 9—(U-P)—In what will proljably rank as the sports upset, of t'he season, Twi- 'ight wns licked at BelmoEt Park—after the filly of the year raced to 11 straight wins, Vienna, loser . of six straight, turned t.he track in the Aiabam: stake at Eclmont. finishing fas to heat the-Tear by a'short nose Twiiight Tour carried 1 top weigh of J2C pounds. Vienna paid S1S.20 Chicago. Aug. 5 — (UP)—T!i Brooklyn Dodders "have finallj brought in a pitcher with majo league experieVica. Lefty T o m Sunkel from UK Dodgers' Montreal farm" club the Internationa! league will re port to Manager Loo burochcr immediately. Tom -has pitched bif laaguo ball with the St. Louis Card- inais .-ind t.'ie Now York Giants. Rightliander, Charley Fuchs goes to Montreal in axehanpe. The move will quiet—at loast foi a while— the critic? who insist that Dodger President Branch Rickey won't look at ,-v player over IS. Sunkel brings the Dodgers some badly-needed left-handed pitching strength. And oni the face of his International league rooord lie should give the doddering Dodgers some help, Tom won 11 and lost six in the tough International eague, a,:x! racked up 77 strikeouts in 131'innings. One of Rickey's Kiddy Koi-ps, young Claude Crocker, has been optioned to Richmond, of the Piedmont league. The young pitcher was of no use to the Dodgers. ACTING PRESIDENT Hartford, A:ug. 9—(U P)—State Athletic Commissioner Frank S. Coskey has been elected acting president of the Connecticut chapter of the National Retail Jewelers association. Charles J. Michaels of Hartford has been named as honorary president of the chapter. NO W - 2nd WEEK >•— "#<?*: iTHING €AUTV/> M COLD* MM X^SKEITON ItTMM WILLIAMS "1'OKT OF -10 THIEVES'* Slrpli:m[<* • Chrysler and Plymouth G: M. C; Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing; 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4096 . Silvpr-)il:iu>d .Service for. G. CREDIT JfWCLIRS South Moil» Sf. — 4 Summer Dresses CLEARANCE YOUR EYEGLASSES SHOP C. Tomlinson Neary Building Naugutuck, Conn. STORK CF.OSJ2D AIX DAY EACH MONDAY DURING JULY AND AUGUST GREAT OAK FARM OXFORD KOAD Tel. SMS MILK — EGGS Delivery -To AH Parts Of . . Js'uxigatuck > Prompt, Expert . WATCH <t JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero Jeweler 180 CHURCH ST. *,. —- 1 Upper and lower .Canada reunited February 30, 18-10. ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY Glory 11 and 'The Winner's Circle' « '3 „„ .. — 2nd ,HIT- CHARLIE „—. ^. - : "•• cnA.vm The Chinese Cot With SIDNEY XOLER EXTRA. -.MARCH.OF TIME " FRIDAY BUY BONDS

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