Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 12
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Wnh ntl Action If Relief I Ho Tf-r sv. nnr-f "rnnrr Ti-scH Mr. R»d "';s ! iriRni for * to th* R-fftf? -d t"-' !n rfiPrtied irriiTi'~i>i'i tr'y. A >T(»r or w> Mr Ride? filed to givf him relief Irom th" j dralnncr. whkh h" riTtsrrd j ««<! dafnftCiTlK rn* properly. At th-af ; time on ssnr-r-mrnt was reached with, Mr. Ridsrr as *o Hi" (mule and thr nlley was put in mnclition that, np- parently wss *nt!<.fp,ctory to him. Pome time Inlrt the alley breams r>o muddy that 11 was almost 1m- vwssable. ntid pprliei ur>inK the P.llf'V asked permKMoii to haul In material.-; to fix i! KO Cmt it would foe available for traffic-. Tills perrnls- non was Riven by W. L. Hendricks. commissioner of strrcts nnd alleys. Now It sef-Ttw that the several loads of stone which were hauled there have changed the established grade, and again Mr. Ridge, is filing complaint, accompanied by thrtnts of n mandamus nnd a damage F.uit. Commissioner Hendricks Ktnt<*r, That he hns about exhausted his patience in trying to solve the problem for the property owners along the nlley, but thus far has been unable to get them Into an agreement. Mr. Hendricks reports that he has offered to establish the proper {fiade in the alley, furnish and deliver the brick for the paving of the alley, providing the. property owners would obtain the sand for the cushion and pay the expense of laying the brick. Tills, Mr, Hendricks states. Mr. Ridge has declined to agree to, although the remainder of the property owners have expressed themselves as being satisfied with the proposed Improvement. Mr, Ridge, he declares, insists that concrete th= pxTtfnw of the injured part". "As it, spurns lnip <W! i''l ?> . after two vrars or so of IKKo't.iUnsr, to w- cure a just and nmlrnhle settlement. Mr. FUrSsre has reached the limit of his patience .1111! jvryvrrnnre nlong nmlcable lui'-s, and hns instructed me to proceed against the city in he mandamus suit, nnd nlr-o to iritiR set Ion for damages nuninst he city for thf flamagrs which he )p, r , Kurtatned tn his property, which bflirve we ran r-stnblish to the. unount- of thousands nt dollars, ["he rnfindnrmi 1 ; suit will !«•• pressed, •nid such suit startrd in the near ulure. unless immediate relief Is insured by the course I have indicated." pavement be put assessment. The in by other a special property RALLY DAY BEINGS ATTENDANCE OF 646 TO ST. JOHN'S CHURCH nn/* <;\7,rnr is abl« to iafce Jn- of food tmeh day* rstnp fnr Mm to mors^y Riiln' to in of In u girwri of orchid fecr- ette crepe elaborately be».d*d BIT! ecessoriea to tn«trh.. Her sister :ore an attractive light blue cirpe trlmrnffj tclth gold bmirf. |TT~?\t*?l&tlfJt1?? 5^?^d b^sfc Wlf>h r ^ or « h*ppy mirrir-d life wfire T*- hy the newly married pisir y after the ceremony, a sumptuous wedding dinner was served nt two tables, whers cov- 13 were laid fnr 18 wedding guests, owners are not in accord with this plan, according to Mr. Hendrlcka. who declared that he was at his wit's end in an effort-to. obtain an amicable settlement of the difficulty. Upon his suggestion, the matter was referred to City Attorney E. F. Mee for investigation and consideration. Attorney C. E. Sheldon, representing N. B. Ridge, brought the matter before the city council In a communication, in which the complainant's case was set forth, and in which the threats of a mandamus proceeding and a damage suit were made unless Immediate relief is assured by the method he has outlined. Attorney Sheldon's communication to the council follows: "Since going over the matter of the conditions in the cast and west alley in Block 18 in Wallace's Addition to the City of Sterling, we have not been called into conference at the alley, as was stated by the Mayor would be done, but I have had a call trom commissioner Hendricks, who has stated to me that the city would be willing to put the alley down to the new grade established by ordinance, and deliver and furnish free the brick requirec to pave "he same, ihe property own- prs to furni&h the sand and the labor necessary to lay the brick, this to be done by u voluntary agreement. "To begin with, this would not make a hatisiactory pavement, to lay the brick on dirt. And in the second place, to secure a voluntary agreement of this kind is quite impracticable. I think where there are so many property owners Involved, some of whom would not be interested in the pavement. "Furtnermore, biich a plan would call for an immediate cash outlay of the entire expense, and it would cither have to be advanced, or someone would have to guarantee the payment of u. A lot of work would devolve upon someone in bringing about .such an agreement, -- looking-after-the- collection of the moneys, and adjusting' the equities _as_a_naj:meni "I suggested that a concrete pavement be put in by a special assessment, tn vftiich case the cost would be distributed over a period of ten veal's, and the ainoaut payable each vear by each property owner would be very nominal. I am sure that such a pavement^ would be one tli&t would be satisfactory, and one that most of the property owners would not think ol having taken out. if once put in. "As two of the objecting property owners are the caut* of the present condition which is damaging Ridge's pioperty, I think their objections to; such a program should not be considered. As the city was a party lo the. transact ion which materially changed the coati.siioiis existing in the alley in order to accommodate and Llewellyn at the expense of Ridge, I think in all fairness to Ridge, who is oue of tiie largest taxpayers iu the city, tlutt the city thould light a serious vtraig by putting to sucb a pavement at once by tpecial asse&s&ieat. It will cost Ridge &s much iu proportion as auy other owner, aud he would uot TWO STERLING MEN IF AUTO ACCIDENT ARRESTED IN IOWA Charged for the second time within lew than a yrar with driv- tip, an automobile while Intoxicated. Ira Forrsticr of Sterling, la- >orer. aged 38 yean-, was arrestr-d in Clinton, Iowa by iwlicc last Saturday night nftrr hi 1 ; automobile smashed into one owned by Chris Madsen, Low Moor farmer, while Madscn's automobile was parked at the curb. Madscn's automobile was heavily damaged. Henry Eberhardt. uged 20 years, of Sterling, who was with Forestier, was arrested on a charge of Intoxication. He told police he accepted a ride with Forcstier not knowing the latter was intoxicated. A third man in the party escaped before police arrived. Foresticr was arrested in Clinton last Feb. 12 for driving while Intoxicated, ... In municipal court Monday morn- Haliy clay was observed Sunday morning in St. John's Lutheran church with n regular meeting of the Sunday school at 0:30 o'clock nrifl odjournmcnt to the church auditorium at 10 o'clock for that, took the place of the regular morning church service. There were 6W people In attendance at the service and an offering of $72 wns made for Sunday school purposes. Tiie average attendance at Sunday school during the yemr since the last rally day wns 507, the smallest attendance berns 375, on Jan. G, when the temperature was right below zero. Eight children were promoted from the primary to the junior department ot the rally day exercises, Mrs. Ncvln Loux being superintendent of the primary department. The junior department, of which Miss Fannie Gish Is superintendent, promoted 35 pupils Into the intermediate department. There nre 157 pupils now In the intermediate, department. Thirty-five were promoted from the cradle roll. In charge of Mrs. Ed Mowry, to the beginners' department, in charge of Mrs. Reuben Ramsdeli. There will probably be a change in the Sunday school organization, as a new department to be known a; the young people's department li being organized, to make a separate place for young men and women from 18 to 24 years of age. - The junior department exhibited a very Interesting collection of maps charts, pictures and other work, were pretty bouquets of pink and whUe carnations. Mr. nnd Mrs. Weaver are mown in this community and havr many friends, who wish them joy in hc-ir wedded life. They have taken jp their residence at 12U W. Third treet. Sterling. which was displayed in the vestibule of the church and caused much ing. Forestier asked for a nrellm-1 favorable comment from those who inary hearing which wns continued. He went to jail, being unable to furnish a bond of $1,000. Foresticr told officers he had a "shot in the arm" at the time of the accident, blaming this condition for the crash. COUPLE MARRIED HERE BY REV. BAYLY Last Saturday afternoon at '3 oclock the wedding of an out of town couple. Miss Esther C. swan- son of Utica and Franklin A. Stevens of Chicago, formerly of La Salle. took place in. the parsonage of the Fourth Street, Methodist church. Rev. M. D. Bayly officiated, performing the single ring ceremony. The couple was attended by their friends. Miss Stri Johnson of Utica and Robert A. Dietz of Chicago. The bride und groom were members of the choir at the First Methodist church in La Salle when Rev. Bayly was pastor .there. The bride examined It. A replica of the ark of the covenant, made by one of the junior boys, George Davis, and a carved and burnt wood tablet on which were written the ten com mandments, made by the same pupil were features of the exhibit Miss Helen Hamm taught the re view lesson in the intermediate, young people's and adult departments. "Paul the Missionary" being the subject. The Folkers family orchestra furnished music. FOUR FROM AT ORA1?|> OHAPT1E OF STAR Th« of Eastern 8t«r datives nnd friends of the fertile (n t-jw f?ran<1 chapter, which Is convening this ago. at M«:dinmh Tsmple, Chi- They J*ft parly thl» morning to b* present at thfi opening session et 10 o'clock, and will remain until after the installation ceremony at, the closing session Thuriwiay nrt groom and the ofTlciaUnfr roin- livening. Those from Sterling are ster. The centerpieces on the table 1 Mrs - Robert Mitchell, worthy tna- SIX INDICTED BY OCT. GRAND JURY tron and Mrs. R. E. Cnshman, associate matron, prid from Rock Falls, Mrs, C, W. Mott, past worthy matron, and Mrs. A. E. Deem, matron. YOUNG COUPLE TAKE VOWS ON BATURBAY The October grand jury had a ort session at this term. Five indictments were returned against six persons. One of the six. a local mnn, lad not been apprehended as yet this morning. •John Shechey was Indicted on! a charge of murder of Ralph Jackson. Walter Brown and Herbert Spencer were indicted on a charge of larceny of the L«) Potts car. harles Htintlcy was indicted on the charge of burglary of the Oltmanns store in Rock Falls and Ernest Schrader was indicted on a charge of larceny or chickens at Erie. One other indictment was returned and it is expected that the party will be apprehended during the day. When arraigned today Brown and Huntlcy entered pleas of guilty. The others declared themselves not guilty. Attorney Edward F. Mee was appointed by the court to defend Spencer. Chadwick, 111., Oct. 2.—(Special)-, Mrryl Spencer of this place and Miss Helen Katzenbergcr, formerly of Mt. Carioll, but who has been residing for the past year with her parents in JoDaviess county, were united In marriage Saturday evening. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Katzen- borger. She Is a graduate of the Mt. Can-oil school and is a young lady who has the respect and es- trcm of all who know her. The groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Spencer of this place, and in a young man who stands well In this community. The young couple will go to housekeeping In the Mrs. Rummers rooms on North Main street. AGRICULTURE CLUB ELECTS OFFICERS tm tsntll th* entire 8m<mnt hss b**!-n hfa^ burs bwm 9(tt sub- fo d*.te. M*ny of the rp- Tibpfs, Nw*ti«« of sb*»r>c<» from the dty, bars pot yp seen ».nd woikers to for all of th* «ibscrib»rs during the sis dsvs of ol the cmffipaigu. Hrr.drle.ks, Mwrtfi Jr., Miss S>i# Rj»d»l »TK! Mhst. Ksrr motorpd to ChtesRtj Mi*3 Karr will irmaln in that foj- a, wink's visit with JI^T stater and brother-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest 8ftfK?w«. Mrs. .1. E. Barlhelme Rnd mm John of Colet* ha%-e .retumwl horn€ OHADWICK WOMAN u ftPT Kppnrtesf u» TO* with BUS AT HOSPITAL! W?nd«_and relnUww In Chicmto Chtdwlck, UK, Oct. 2,—(Specials — Mr?,, D. I*. Tommans. who underwent a very serious operation at » hospital »t Preeport about R week ago, passed away Sunday at 9:30 p. m. P4rs. Tommans leaves to mourn her departure three sons, Reuben and Harold of this place, Walter ot Lanark, and one daughter, Mrs. Dorothy Cunningham of Lanark. Hew Anri^ml to Mr. and Mm Arthurl UTTLE LOCALS Telephone No. 42—Tws tratnk lines. Tow Hailed Inti Court William Locey was fined $5 and costs yesterday by Judge W, A. Stoeckle on a charge of being intoxicated. He was arrested by the local police. Guy Schillito of Freeport, who was arrested by State Policeman Robert Card, was taken before Judge Stoeckle and his case was continued for 10 days. The car driven by Schillito collided with cars owned by Paul Philips and Stat Bowman Saturday night. Schillito agreed to pay the damages. Infant Is Buried The infant daughter of Mr. and Mre. J. J. Finn of Chicago, who pased away at the Sterling hospital FOR STORM RELIEF Monday morning, was buried In I Riverside cemetery this morning The Agriculture club of the Rock Falls township high scnool met Monday afternoon, and was called to order by Prof. O. E. Newburn. Officers were elected for the new year as follows: President, Ernest Miner; vice-president, Warren Palmer; sec- Msroi'lle or shampoo, 50c. Phone 1103-W for appointment, Pollyanna Marcclle Shop. Mrs. Frank Elmendorf, licensed operator, 400 Seventh Avc., Rock Falls.—adv. Mrs. P. J. Rrcnwinkle and daughter Marguerite of Rock Falls spent Sunday in Chicago with relatives and witnessed the big Knights Templar parade. Fresh homemade liver sausage and pon hausc. 2ue per Ib. Horn and Morath.—adv. Miss Edith Rukgaber. teaclier in the Junior high school at Rocfc Falls, spent Sunday in Chicago. Misses Ruth Freese of Chicago and Capitola Olmsted of Byron. 111., were over the week-end visitors at the M. E. Olmstcd home in Milled gevl lie. Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Olmstead and Dr, and Mns. C. A. Stout have its- turned Irom a business and pleasure trip to Chicago. w> are. just what you want. Sims delicious doughnuts. Phone your order to 1258-j not Is.ter than 10 m. m. Wednesday.—adv. Mr. And Mrs. Henry Dusing of Sterling »nd Mr. and Mrs. John Peters, daughter Margaret and son Wlllatd, Miss Irene Myers and Vs- Koy Hinriehs, of Coleta, went to Davenport Sunday nnd visited the WOC radio station. Tlwy were dinner guests at the home of Adolph Pefera in Durant, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cohftnotsr, Mrs. Rose Owens and granddaughter, Dorothy Owens, end Mr. and Mis. William Anderson of Rock Falls arrived home Sunday from Blue River, Wlr,., where they spent a week with relatives. R N A. public dinner, Wednesday, 11 to 1, Woodman hall. Rock Falls, 3">c—adv. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kecney of Detroit, Mich., were gwsti over the week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Overly In Sterling. They left Monday accompanied by Mrs. Overly who will visit with them In Detroit. Enroutc they will stop to visit relatives at Rockfont Miss Hazel Relgcr has returned from Denver, Colo., where she has LOCAL RED CROSS SENDS SUM OF $300 i r rhr» «?t«M-iini7 Rnrk VA!IK rhantrr' {rom the Melvin funeral chapel at fhe oterllng-Rock Falls chapter 1Q _^ tfcloct Mrs , Finn _ the moth . er. was formerly Mary Whltley of this city. of the Red Cross has sent to the Florida and West Indies relief fund the sum of $300. which is S10Q more than the quota asked of the chapter. Returns in answer to the early appeals were rather slow in coming in, but as. the news accounts showed is the daughter of Mr. and Mns. An- Increasing death lists and suffering drew J. Swanson of Utica and was graduated from the La Salle-Peru nigh school. She has recently been cashier at the Zimmerman grocery La Salle. The groom is the son of Mrs. Jesse Stevens of La Salie, and has an excellent position with the Tobin Plastering Co. in Chicago. The young folk* remained in Sterling over the week-end and were guests for dinner Sunday at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Bayly. Mr. ^nd Mrs. Stevens left on u. short honeymoon trip by motor through northern Illinois, after which they will locate m Chicago. caused by the hurricane, money began to come in to the chapter office and the quota was more than subscribed. Tills has always been the history of Red Cross appeals .in Sterling-Rock Palls, this community never having failed to go over the top. Just now Miss Pearl Morris, secretary of the chapter, is receiving a number of local calls for children's clothing, suitable for boys and girls of school age. An especially urgent need is for .winter coats for two girls, Coal Bids Laid Over The time for the submitting of bids for the furnishing the city of Sterling with two carloads of coal was extended until Oct. 8, due to the fact that only two bids had been presented for consideration at Monday night's session of the council. Car Caught On Fire Shortly after 1 o'clock this afternoon the Mre department was called to the home of Rev. E. O. Storer. at 507 Broadway. Rev. Storer'a car backfired and caught aflre. No damage was done. and treasurer, Fred Yeoward. The club dues were discussed and it wjwj voted to tax each member $1 for the semester or $2 for the year. An agriculture club basket ball team will be "organized, the members of which are to be announced later. Eighteen members were present at the first meeting. PRAIRIEVILLE P. T. A. MEETS THURSDAY EVE. The PralriBVllle P. T. A. will hold its October meeting Thursday evening, Oct. 4, at the PralrievlUe school house. Dr. Wqrsley of Dixon will talk on the "Care of the Teeth," n subject of vital importance to both pupils and parents. There will be chorus singing by the pupils of both rooms and Miss Marion Myers will play a piano solo. All members of the association and all patrons who are not members are urged to attend this meeting. WILL INVESTIGATE STOEI1S OF Morrison. 1)1.. Oct. 2, —In the person of Roy Stawm youth from the east end of county who is confined In the coi ty jail on a charge of conduct, for which he was 1 fifty dollars which he coukl liquidate, the officiate Jmve enigma. The young man since imprisonment has done quite a tie taixtiif and claims to have other acts In the past which put him in bad with the author! who are now checking his find out how much dependence be placed In them. Among things Stewart claims to en a coat nt the Ford gar Morrison which he took to and sold for $1.50. been visiting for the past two months with friends. Mrs. B. T. Morehouse and Miss Nova Morehousc are expected to arrive home Wednesday afternoon, from a month's vacation spent in Attending Gonfer«n4 Morrison. III.. Oct. 2.—(6f —nev. II. T. Chenowcfh left to attend the annual conferenc M. E church which will ope: sessions Wednesday at Morgan : Chicago. Rev. chenoweth docs anticipate any great number changes In pastorates, due to US recent tragic and sudden death oil Rev. -Ernest C. Lumsden of Dlx<Snj superintendent of the Jollct-Di^or.| district, which occurred a week yesterday when his auto was by a fast passenger on the "Q™ California and other western points, road a little way east of Hi nek: i DINNER PARTIES seven and nine years of whose SMALL DAUGHTER CALLED BY DEATH The home «rf -M-r. --and Kirs. Wtlham Wclber, T08 Wallace street, was s>ad- youngest child. Marion Lucille, aged four years, passed away. Since last May, when she was taken ill with the measles, the child had been suffering with a complication of dis- eas>es. Besides her bereaved parents, one brother. William, Jr.. 12 years. and four sisters, Dorothy, aged 15 years, Velma, 14 years, Nada, nine years, and Adulme. seven years, survive. , The funeral service*, will be held Wednesday afternoon ut two o'clock in the Melvin iuneral chuix'l Rev. Harry K. Hosteller will officiate and iiUerrnent is- to be made m Rivc-r- side cemetery. mother is too ill to do any sewing or altering of garments for them. Anyone having children's clothing not needed at home may leave same with Miss Morris at her ofticejn the Sterling city hall, and it whl be placed where it will be a help to school -ohildr-ett— new in - need trf warmer clothing. MANY ATTEND OPEN HOUSE AT Y. M. C. A. it more tha,n.;jJb£y . do, lud the tity nol brought about which now "i t&mk ii would be ju&t au> fair tor * jtidfe ta &*y. it Pom. owued of lUc Uit tus Jud#e wioited to have UM*B. fetid U-tueea IMS wouid ef m Juil paytoeut ui to accept Will Build New Sidewalk The old' adewulk at 3U'J-311-'J13- 315 Fir&t avenue, which is m u state oi poor repair, will be replaced with ruforcfid car.mrte walk. ior which hit;, been Many adulus and a large number of young folks attended the open house at the Sterling Y. M. C. A. last evening. The program was carried out as arranged and was very nne. The building has been put In th« best of shape and fall activities will soon be well underway. Those, who looked over the various departments of the institution last evening, were very well pleased with everything. Following the program and tour of the building delicious refreshments were served. granted by the city eounc:i. COATS— COATS— C'OA'i'S Before you decide on yoirr Dialer coat be sure you visjt the Gait losi Shop. Uiul iur —adv. New siupay-jtit-s ol bcau- coats at unuaua! pric*a. GAt 1 FASHION SHUi 1 oficruigsi suui hsjw the a.bly paced.— adv. 4t* W-i bttu w; tlghU'd ami FOB Scmtdt 11 aud apacial t-.iit.-a. lUc Ib. Th« Djily Gsieit* ofisce,— adv. IVHITit iij W >uld VOWS AEE TAKEK AT THE TRINITY MANSE Elsie Behrens aud Fred Fields ot near Morrison were united in marriage Satui'day aiteroooa at the parsonage to the Trinity "Evangelical church here. Rev. J. L. Lobaugh' ofiiciated, miug tiie beauti- Sul ruig sei-vioe, Tiie couple tended by Mrs. Olive Hawk and Mrs. J. L. Lybaugh ol this city. Mr. oiul. Mrs. Fields art. their home for the present OKI a farm near Mormon, but later to UiUk iu Uit-iici Wide. !ttc 1OUN M. STAGER FARM Aft>'l> Mr. and Mrs. Jolin WoK entertained for dinner Sunday at their home near Coleta., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wolf, Mr. and Mre. Clarence Wolf and children, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wolf and children. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Powell and son, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Wolber and Elmer Wolf. Call Docket In Morning Deviating from the usual custom of calling the docket for the setting of cases at the afternoon session of the circuit court of Whiteside county, it is announced that hereafter the court will schedule the cases at 10 o'clock each morning. Will Build Garages Two petitions for permission to construct frame garages were granted by the city council on Monday night, one to Louis Marine at 408 Sixth avenue and the other to George Thum at 1809 Twelfth avenue. New Arrival -Born,-to Mr, tle of Rock Falls, a daughter, Menday evening at the Sterling Public hospital. Mrs. Uttle was fornwrtjr Miss Evelyn Gettle. Leal Weather At 6: SO o'clock tide niornisg U>* mercury registered 47 and at 1 o'clock this afternoon it was 76. It has been a very fine day. Gets Permit For New Homo Mervyn Reed li&s been granted permission by the city authorities to erect a new one story brick vender residence and a brick garage si KM East Fourth street. Dr. Wm. J. Maurit* £ SURGEON In th ot rectal diseases. Jl Lawyer* J, 4. Wurd. t». HA. J. ScfadtM»tw*a W. C. WJMni, W. J. —always look your best— wear --------------- Kuppenheimer Good Clothes Ready to wear, $30.00 to $50.00 :"-jf''-^*" : .^ni " •••' §'•'"•''/T*''- •-"•'/ i»' Obermillefs Sitt 11^,111. Arrow i flCf C S a special display in our window this wefkj which is attracting a lot of tention^and ing out of your way to see. shows the answers to all questions on home-heating which people are asking, is part of the nation-wide demonstration of"the'Ests1 Heatrola which was advertised in five pages of the Sept 29th SATURDAY EVENING POST. Be sure to see display; then come in for further information, or tel< phone and invite us to call at your home. Ask Them Owner* HOW and WHY They Like the Heatrola Frank Reitzel Freeport Road Sterling, 111. Sterling, III W. C. Obondorf Dedrick Reins Chas. Miller Aaron Bushman A. N. Sier 906 Third Ave. Route 6 R. F.: , Sterling, III Milledgeville, ~" Rock F»l A ctnut A

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