Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 12, 1963 · Page 18
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 18

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1963
Page 18
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It Golesburq Reaister-Maif, Gdesbura, ill, Friday,. July )2. 1963 Market Reports Today New York Stexki NEW YORK <UtH) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 18 3 /4 Int Paper 29 Aldens 26% Int T&T 5044 Allegh Lud 10% Iowa Pitt — Alld Chem 49% Johns-Man 47% Alld Strs 52 Allis Chal 17% Alum Ltd 27 Alcoa 67% Am Air 26% ABC Pmt 30'/4 Am Can 45 7 / 8 Am Cyan 59% Am M&F 20'A Am Mtrs 18Vs Am T&T 121% Am Tob 28% Anaconda 49% Armour 41% Atchison 29% Avco 28V4 Bendix 51% Beth Stl 30% Boeing 35% Borden 62-V4 Borg War 45 Case 9 Catplr 45% Celanese 48 Celotex 27% Cent Soya 29% C&NW 26% Chi RI 25% Chrysler 58% Cities Svc 67'A Coca Cola 95'A Colum Gas 29% Comm Ed 49 Cons Ed 85% Cont Can 47% ' Cont Oil 60V4 Deere 63% Douglas 23 V* Dow Chem 59% Du Pont 243% Eastman 109V4 El Auto Li 25% Erie 3% Fairbks M 12% Firestone 34% Flintkt 21% Ford Mtrs 51% Friden 34% Fruehauf 29V* Gen Dyna 25Vi Gen El 79 7 / 8 Gen Fds 82 Gen Mtrs 70 Gen Tel 24% Goodrich 47% Goodyear 33% Grant WT 23% Gt Nor 53 Greyhound 40% Gulf Oil 48% Homestake 52V4 Hupp 7'/H HI Cent 55 111 Pwr 38 V\ Inland Stl 39 IBM 435% Int Harv 57% Int Nick 60% Kennecott 72% Kresge 23% Kroger 30 Lib McN 15 Lockhd 54% Mar Oil 57% Maytag 35% Min Hnywl 103% Minn Min 58% Monsanto 50% Mont Ward 37% Nat Bis 53 Nat Can 16 Nat Dairy 65% Nat Gyps 46Vi Nat Ld 73 NYC 21% No Amn 57 1 /Nor Pac 46 Nor St Pwr 36% Olin Math 42 Outbd M 11% Pac Tel 31% Penney 42 Penn RR 19% Pepsi Cola 54 Phil Pet 52% Piper Air 28% Pure Oil 44% RCA 70 Rep Stl 36% Revlon 42% Rexall 35% Reyn Tob 39 Safeway 59 7 /s Schenley 22% Sears 89% Shell Oil 45% Simmons 41'A Sinclair 45% So Pac 36% Sperry 14% Sq D 45% Std Bds 74% SO Cal 65% SO Ind 60'A SO NJ 69% SO Ohio 61% Stude Pack 6% Swift 40 Texaco 72% Texas Inst 75% Un Carb 105% Un El 27% Un Pac 41% Unt Air L 37% Utd Corp 8% Utd Fruit 26% Utd Gas 38% US Gyps 85% US Play C 26% US Rub 45% US Stl 46% Wstghs Ab 30% Wstghs El 35% Woolworth 70% Yng S&T 100% 19.00-19.25; mixed 1-3 190-230 lbs 18.50-19.00; 230-260 lbs 18.00-18.50; 2-3 250-270 lbs 17.75-18.25; 270-300 lbs'17.25-17.75; 1-3 325-350 lb sows 15.25-16.25 ; 350-400 lbs 14.50-15.50; 400-450 lbs 13.50-14.75; 2-3 450-550 lbs 12.75-13.75. Cattle 7,500; calves none; slaughter steers 50 to 75 lower; couple loads mostly prime 1,250- 1,275'lb slaughter steers 27.00; mixed high choice and prime 1,100-1,450 lbs 25.75-26.75; choice 900-1,450 lbs 24.75-26.00; load high choice 1,496 lbs 25.25; good 9001,250 lbs 22.00-24.00; choice 8001,100 lb slaughter heifers 24.0025.00; several loads high choice with some prime 1,000-1,050 lbs 25.50; utility and commercial cows 14.00-16.00; utility and commercial bulls 19.50-20.75. ( Sheep 200; spring slaughter lambs steady but hardly enough for a market test; half deck choice and prime 98 lb spring slaughter lambs 22.00; good and choice 80-100 lbs 20.00-21.50; cul to good slaughter ewes 4.50-6.50 nels filling up pipelines quickly. Speculators noted that lenders on July contracts in the pit had begun to circulate fairly freely. Wheat was % cent a bushel higher to 1 cent lower, July $1.79 %; corn % higher to % lower, July $1.30%; oats unchanged to V\ lower, July 66% cents; rye % higher to % lower, July $2.26%; soybeans % to 1% lower, July $2.63%. Braves and Cards Split Doubleheader Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP) — (USDA) —Hogs 3,800; moderately active butchers about steady with an in complete clearance; sows steady to 25 lower; 1-2 190-230 lb butch ers 18.75-19.00;. mixed 1-3 180-240 lbs 18.25-18.75; limited volume 2-3 240-270 lbs 17.75-18.25; 2-3 270-300 lbs 17.00-17.75; 1-3 270-380 lb sows 14.75-15.75; 1-3 380-450 lbs 13.7514.75; 2-3 450-550 lbs 13.00-13.75; 2-3 550-650 lbs 12.50-13.00. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — (USDA)—Interior Illinois hog pric es (Stale-Federal): Receipts 20,000; 1-3 190-240 lb butchers 17.7518.50, mostly 17.75-18.25; 1-2 190230 lbs 18.50-18.75, around 475 head at 18.75; 1-3 240-260 lbs 17.0017.75; 2-3 260-300 lbs limited vol ume unevenly 16.25-17.00; 1-3 280330 lb sows 15.00-16.00;. 1-3 300-400 bs 14.00-15.00; 2-3 400-500 lbs 13.00-14.00; 2-3 500-600 lbs mostly 12.25-13.00. Eggs and Poultry Red Rowe, Hatchery Knoxville Road, Galcsburg Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD—Produce: Live poultry too few receipts to report prices. Cheese processed loaf 39-44; brick 39-43%; Swiss Grade A 5055; B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57'-; 92 score 57 1 -j; 90 score 55%; 89 score 54%. E^gs steady; white kir^e extras 31; mixed kirge extras 30'-; mediums 25%; standards 28%. Galesburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. & Q. Stockyards Market 25 cents lower. Best bulk of eastern shipping hogs, 18-$18.25: top, $18.50. Quotations: 200-230 $17.75-$18.50 230-250 $17.25-$18.25 250-300 $16.00-$17.75 Packing sows ...$12.50-$15.25, Monday's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - Estimated livestock receipts for Monday arc 12.000 cattle, 7,000 hogs and 700 sheep. Bushnell Livestock Market is steady. Top $18.50; 190-250 pounds, $17.75-$18.25; 250300, $l(i:75-$17.75; sows steady, bulking at $13.50-$16; cattle, steady; lambs, steady. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP) - lUSDA) Hogs 6,000; butchers weak to 25 lower; 1-2 190-225 lb butchers FOR SALE ANGUS BULLS. Farmers price. G. R. GAMES, Victoria Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) - Transactions in the grain futures market were mixed with prices rather unsettled today on the Board of Trade. Wheat and soybeans started off under moderate pressure but prices quickly recovered somewhat from the opening lows. Corn started steady to firm then turned mixed. Trade was only moderately active with no significant new factors. Brokers said wheat may be undergoing its peak of harvest time pressure just now with movement into commercial chan- ST. LOUIS (AP)-An attempt by the St. Louis baseball Cardinals to duplicate their first game efforts in a twi-night doubleheader failed, as the Milwaukee Braves turned on their old teammate Lew Burdette to salvage the nightcap. The Cardinals thrilled a capacity crowd in the first game Thursday night by hacking away for five runs in the seventh to win 6-3. The fans were let down in the second game when their favorites, seemingly on their, way back in the eighth, couldn't quite catch the Braves who triumphed, 5-3. A two-run double by Dick Groat and a home run by Bill White- all in that fabulous seventh—were the crowning points in the Cardinals' opening win. The Braves had led 3-1 going into the seventh, but the rebounding Cardinals caught them off guard. Cardinal fans thought the Redbirds were about to duplicate their first game efforts when they came back with two runs. But the rally was still one shy needed for the victory. The Braves, facing old teammate Burdette for the first- time, showed little mercy as they got to him for four runs and seven :iils. Lee Maye's seventh inning lome run proved the deciding^ un. It came with none aboard. The Cardinals and Braves will face each other tonight at Busch Stadium. Tony Cloninger (5-4) is expected to face the Cardinals' Bob Gibson (8-4). Market* of o Glance By United Press International Stocks lower in moderate trading. Bonds irregular. U. S. government bonds firm in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly lower. Midwest stocks lower. Cotton futures irregular. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye, soybeans mixed. Hogs weak to 25 lower, top 19.50; cattle 50 to 75 lower, top 27.00; sheep steady, top 22.00. Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain * Supply Co. 12:15 P. M. Wheat $1.78 Corn (old) $1.21 Corn (new) $1.05 Oats 58c Soybeans (old) $2.45 Soybeans (new) ...$2.43 DeForest Feed A Seed Co. Wheat $1.80 Corn $1.20 Oats 58c Soybeans $2.45 Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (AP)— Prev. High Low Close close Wheat Prev. High Low Close close 1.80'/fe 1.78y 8 1.78% 1.80 1.82 J A 1.80 1.81 1.81% 1.89V 2 1.86V 8 1.89V4 1.87% 1.91V4 1.89 1.90y 8 l .90 1 /<! Jul Sep Dec Mar May 1964 Jul Sep Corn Jul Sep Dec Mar May Oats Jul Sep Dec Mar May Rye Jul Sep Dec Mai- May 1.86 1.83V4 1.86 1.84% 1.61 V-i 1.62 V 2 1.30V;; 1 95 Vo 1.59'/ 8 1.60V4 1.61 V4 1.60% 1.61% 1 .62V2 1.29 3 / 8 1.29% 1.23% 1.24 1.301/ 1.24T 1.18i/i 1.17 1.21% 1.20% 1 .241 /4 1.23% .67% .70% .72% .72% .66 .67% .70% .72% .72% 1.17% 1.18% 1.20% 1.21i/t 1.23% 1.23% .66% .66% .67% .67% :70% .70% .72% .72% .72V4 .72% 1.30% 1.33% 1.36% 1.26% 1.26% 1.26% 1.30 1.30 1.33% 1.34 1.36 1.36% 1.29 1 / 1.33 1.36 1.34% 1.34% 1.34% 1.34% FOR SALE COOKING APPLES H. B. REYNOLDS ORCHARD Oneida, III. Phone 483-3881 Sportsman's Park CHICAGO (UPD—Byrd Yates, reined by Jacques Grcnier, matched the meet's best mile clocking for a 3 -year-old pacer at Sportsman's Park Thursday night in winning the feature race. The time was 2:02.4. Mighty G. E. ran a length behind in second place and whipped O. F. Brady by a neck. First Gold Cup NEW YORK (UPD—The first Gold Cup race for motor boats in 1904 was won by C. C. Riotte, whose fastest heat was at 23.6 miles per hour. HEAD t'HE WAN'l ADS' Soybeans Jul Aug Sep Nov Jan Mai- May 2.65% 2.61% 2.62% 2.65 2.67 2.62% 2.63% 2.66% 2.66 2.61% 2.63% 2.65% 2.66% 2.61% 2.63% 2.65% 2.69% 2.65 2.67 2.69 2.72% 2.68 2.69% 2.71% 2.74% 2.69% 2.72 2.74 TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION -CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 ' Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE, INC. over 10 yrs. dependable service TERMITES ROACHES — WATER BUGS Other Pest Control Free Inspection estimates and • Locally owned and operated • Insured Frantz Chemical Co. PHONE 342-5713 FRONTYARD SALE 27 MICHIGAN SATURDAY, JULY 13 Fiefrigerntor. slove, bed, dishes. Pans and Misc. items. 10 A.M. til Sold Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must 12 noon runs. be in our office day before ad Call 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. SUMMER SPECIAL! July lst-August 15th Furnace & Warm & Cold Air Ducts $| 75O Cleaned Furnace & Chimney All Work Insured and Guaranteed! SERVICE CLEAN ELDON AUTEN, Owner Ph. Galesburg 342-5016 Avon 465-3940 M7 $]05O ! I 4 ipdroom, Carpeted Living Room, Paneled Recreation Room, Kitchen with Built-in Stova •nd Oven, Hi Bath, Basement. $3000 IHOW APPBAISAl PRICE - LOW DOWN PAYMENT - PHONE 343-5068 1 MACHINERY USED 1—540 Utility Case Tractor with industrial loader (160 hrs.). See us on this one. New guarantee. 1—John Daere'4010 Tractor. 1—John Deere A Tractor. 1—841 Case Tractor (only 410 hours). 1—400 Int. Diesel Tractor (complete overhaul on engine and torque converter). i— 1 SI Int. Soli propelled Combine with 14-il. grain head with hune reel and 4-row corn head, used one season. 1—12A John Deere Combine. 1—No. 25 John Deere Combine. }—Case 331 ocute rake. Abovo Machinery is in very good condition- GRAIN BELT EQUIP. CO. Wesi edge New Windsor. 111. Dealers in Case Farm Machinery Telephone New Windsor Z-40. €Meete Cattt Ofihtf CHICAGO (AP)-Wheat No. 1 red 1.83%; Nd. 1 hard 1.96tt! No. l yellow hard i.M %46ttt No. 4 yellow hard 1.93V4. Corn No. 1 yellow 1.35'A; sample grade yellow 1.24. Oats No. 1 extra heavy white 74. No soybean sales. Soybean oil 9>/fen. Dew Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones I p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 707.31 Off 2.45 20 rails 174.23 off 0.64 15 Utils 139.61 Up 0.22 65 stocks 255.59 off 0.65 final Orchn Review CHICAGO (AP) - The grain futures market was mostly sharply lower in the early afternoon today as liquidation became general in all commodities on the Board of Trade. Setbacks in wheat ranged to more than two cents a bushel and in soybeans to around three cents. Corn was down more than a cent on new crop months and other grains off major fractions. Carlot receipts today were estimated at: wheat 331 cars, corn 119, oats 5, rye.none, barley 19, soybeans 34, Wheat fihished 1 cent a bushel lower to 1% higher, July $1.7978%; corn %*1 cent lower, July $1.29%-%; oats Vs-% lower, July 66 ft /s cents; rye V* higher to % lower, July $1.26 7 / B ; soybeans 1%2% lower, July $2.62%-%. Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)—The stock market weakened, taking a mod- irate loss late this afternoon, as Chrysler slid* Volume for the 1 day was estimated at 1? million shires compared with 4.13 million Thursday. Losses of most key stocks went from fractions to about a point. Chrysler, however, dropped about 2 points and was unloaded on a series of sizable blocks, Earlier in the session Chrysler had held fairly well, absorbing a fractional loss while the list as a whole was Irregular, showing a slight gain on average. The market 's gain was washed out in the afternoon as a number of stocks took sharp losses. Beckman Instruments dropped more than 3, MGM about 2, and Boeing more than a point. Control Data was a 2-point loser. Losses of a point or so were taken by IBM, Du Pont, and Merck. American Smelting also was off around 2. Oils, which had been strong in early trading, held to the plus side. Xerox was up about 5 points. Steels Were narrowly mixed, SMORGASBORD Spoon River Cafe LONDON MILLS, ILL. — Every Sunday — Serving 11:38 A.M. to 4 P.M. 75c - Child under 12 $1.50 — Adults STUMP CUTTING May cost lew than you think to gat rid of that unsightly •tump. Call DeWAYNE JOHNSON EXCAVATING Phona 342-0I1S GOOD—3 bdrm. at bath, amall Knox Co. village. BETTER—3 bdrm. a: bath, Knoxville, block to itorei. BEST—3 bdrm. * bath, 1 acre, hot water heat, Knoxville. $2500.00 - $6500.00 $9500.00 Also, real good 2-bdrm., gaa ht. Galesburg prop. See Dole H. Bragg Phone 289-2121 FURNITURE AUCTION 960 North Cherry Street Saturday, July 13 — 1:30 P.M. (DST) As I have sold my home, I will sell my furniture as follows: 1 drawer walnut table; 2 matching couches; marble top coffee table; pie crust table; occ. table; club chair; floor lamps; table lamps; figurines and bric-a-brac; combination Philco radio and record player; love seat; tea cart; Seth Thomas mantle chime clock, spinet desk and chair, sewing rocker, ladder back chair, mirrors, books, spool legged table; 2 caned walnut ladder back chairs; drop front desk; seven head hand carved chair; glass door roll top secretary; 9-pc. round table dining room suite; china cabinet; chaise lounge; marble top dresser and commode; 48" spool bed, Birdseye maple chest of drawers; 42" bed complete; triple mirror vanity and chair; boudoir chair; 4-drawer chest; gold chair; 2 cedar chests; some bedding and linens; wardrobe; 2 hampers; shoe storage box; throw rugs; bamboo shades; Detroit Jewel gas stove; cabinet base; step stools; easy spin dry washer; apt. size washer; pictures and frames; filing cabinet; trunks; electric heater; some antique dishes; some cut glass; China head doll; costume jewelry; other jewelry; copper tea kettles; cider press; girls' bicycle; wagon wheelbarrow; step ladder; ladders; garden and yard tools; hand tools; log chain; iron kettle; fruit jars; set of 6 dining chair; piece of white marble; dishes; some club aluminum, and other items too numerous to mention. JAMES E. WEBSTER—Owner CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE KENT and COOK, Auctioneers — Phone 343-9033 " FREDERICK ERICKSON—Clerk REMEMBER THIS SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE HOUSEHOLD AUCTION SATURDAY, JULY 13 7:00 P.M. (DST) 559 N. CHAMBERS ST. SALE WILL BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE The following merchandise will be sold to the highest bidder: 2 nice matching lamps, turquoise 2-pc. modern liv, rm. suite; 3-pc. blond end table set; blond full stereo console record player; tan sofa lounge; 19" blond Admiral TV (works good); blond kneehole desk and chair; 9-drawer child's chest; 3-pc. charcoal modern bedroom suite, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. dresser, chest of drawers and bed with box spring and innerspring mattress; 11 or 12' '61 model Coronado refrigerator. This refrigerator looks like new, 5-pc. yellow chrome set; white '60 model apt. size gas stove, (visador oven); child's swing set; bought new at Easter, cost $40.00 new; child's toys; '63 model Honda 110-motorcycle. OWNER—WAYNE DAWSON JR. DALE F. COFFEY—Auctioneer AUCT. COMMENT: This furniture is all lale model and In nice condition. Don't forget the time—7 p.m. sharp. Par Annum Payable Semi-Annuaily Investments by the 15th Earn from the First with Insured Safety AT AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 250 EAST MAIN ST. WANTED TO RENT 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom Homes for Gale Products Management Employees, being trans* ferred to Galesburg. Call Gale Products, 342-2131, Personnel Dept., between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. nils unchanged to tow «r, motors Prices oft itie America Stotk mostly lower. Rubbers and building materials maintained narrow advance*. Radio Corp. held a fractional gain while General Electric canceled an early rise arid showed a fractional net loss. Exchange wf ft fnlxeoY Corporate bonds were rhlxed, U.S. government bonds wert un* changed to a shade higher. Angus Ctittlt FOR SALE Unlit, cawft *ftfi ctltet, epee •id bred heifen. Ross E. Honito Little York, 111. Phona HA t-*ltt WANTED TO BUY Storm windows, combination storm doors, glass doors, old window shutters, stools and tanks, lavatorys, windows, lumber all sizes, no oak; stokers, furnaces, hot water Yienters and odds and ends at miscellaneous Items. We have a nice hot water boiler and Xew radiators for sale—and some building material. We wreck all type of houses, buildings, farms, sheds, garages, so If you have a building you want off of your lot give Us a call—note this phone number, daytime 342-6226; evenings after 6 o'clock 343-3816, CALL or WRITE ' MAY & SON WRECKING and USED LUMBER CO. Our Naw Location—1353 Monmouth Blvd.— Olfic* at 951 W. Main AUCTION SATURDAY, JULY 13th 10 A.M. Good Income Property 2 APARTMENT HOUSE 784 Ella St. 5 rooms and bath down, 4 rooms and bath up. Private entrance, double garage, gas heat, large beautiful lot. Lovely screened and glassed-in porches (both up and down.) Immediate possession. To be Sold by CORBIN AND KENT AUCTIONEERS (If not sold before sale date) ' Shown by appointment call Dick Wilcoxen 343-4979 or auctioneer KNOXVILLE COMMUNITY SALE INC. KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS "Your First Local Auction. Your Best Local Market." PHONE 289-9213 "SALE EVERY MONDAY" MONDAY, JULY 15, 1963 SALE STARTS AT 12 O'CLOCK SHARP 1 Registered Black Angus bull. 100 Head of Black & Hereford steers, wt. 950 lbs. Two way cattle all from one man. 32 Choice Black steers and heifers, wt. 850 : 950 lbs. 30 Black and Whiteface steers, wt. 750-900 lbs. 15 steers and heifers, wt. 500-550 lbs. 12 Black heifers out of Registered cows, 650-700 lbs. Some Black cows with calves at side. 50 Mixed pigs, wt. 60-70 lbs. 60 Hamp pigs, wt. 80-90 lbs. 30 White pigs, wt. 70-80 lbs. Unthrifty Hogs Will Not Be Accepted IF YOU HAVE LIVESTOCK TO SELL — Call Us for An Estimate or An Appraisal W. E. Brunlga Bill Reynolds Knoxville Sale Co. Farmington CH 5-2054 Galesburg, 111. 342-09M 289-9213 AUCTIONEERS Lewis Marks — Carl Steck Baler Twine Prices hove advanced $1.50 per bole But NOT at DeForest FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (Money Bock Guarantee) BALER TWINE each $7.70 10 Bales or more --each 7.50 ROTO BALER TWINE each 8.80 10 Bales or more each 8.60 BINDER TWINE each $10,15 10 Bales or more each 9.95 Stronger - Uniform - Knotless • Treated DeForest Feed & Seed Co. GALESBURG ABINGDON i

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