Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 11
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lift !.«*»»*» »* "'•e-' i,,.. r'->'h r>i,"r»<»r 7 r- 1 * , I fo AU«r>*» w "i '3.'. Wb-fn 1 rwr* «, s*firch of his brpprn t*H hsfe In bufin*<ta {Hftri't flf Olivar f), SS-* ff« *! 15 ! -3 •* 1 !ff .... 3 IV.T iniv'l »! IS 15 Kf* ^ m;*^ $o fsfulfT f-nmrnit »B«ng crot * dumpTfSclf. for Fat!* lrf> that r* ns.e otb*r O in « or in ARIMAL COM PAN! A?!t«W»MI»« fflf • COM* TH and make u» pro* B that tbe*« »rs the area tent ?*lu*« we «YW offered— Jft8' ISHSEX coach, 4-wIieel bmfees, pl«t* «j«!pm*ttt, Just lite* new. KUftrftnlmKL. We n«*d iwy no «l>out tliiUi fcsetptlaimliy line aofcJle. , r _ _ e*d*n, gotxl tin-*, extra good • JtK3t&t. W* wiH actually take »35. .*, f " ''feAXtiAHD touring, good rubber, rnns • *ery feed. We wiil wstmiUjr take 9*.). T S*0rt aroaxing ralw* ever offered. 183« tudor. excellent rubber, moGptionally good. Reduced to i at once to IILB tl OLTMAN snd r«c«ntly . h«Te never *«an » huy Utes this !lpf— 475 tefces It . Mrs, O«l*JB!(Jg, Phono 1315-W. H*tp Wanted poultry ft«1 and poultry filrpct to the cnnniimer. This la ft t««l opportunity for K Mv« wlr*. Must POSSUM 5 know-ledgf of poultry culture. T&fiitory ig Duon and vicinity. 6*« Mr. Horton nt Hotel NitchucR, Dtt.on. 111., twtwwn 7 and 10 o'clock, FrHoy, Oct. 5. l(?3B. RAtlM «25 to »60 wcif lsiy~"fuif or'Fwf t tlrn» spiling D]«tlnctlve personal Chrlstmm cartis; engraved designs. Sample book free. DigUnctlva Card Co,, Akron. Ohio, YOUNG MAN for llsht" outdoor "worlc by locnl retail conctrn. Good proposition for live hustler who hits ft BiDftH amount to Invest, O»n «urt nt orice. Wrlt« C.M.B.. care aaz*U«. CO. TJS HEW OARAGE ON LOCUBT STREET LOOK tT-D-8-O-N — E-S-S-B-X IH USBD CABS QUAUTY. Jew lu pric*. fair prtea for these: wid Veil* tourtow. perfwt. — — Doit touring*. A-l luon throughout. Curtalna and - worfc. Please furnish ref«rences. Call 1713 or write Mrs. D. B. Bogaard, 205 W. B«v««nth St. furnttur* bought »nd , upholstering, r?-p*lr!wg and IHR. ,tny W. HfiutslDger. «06 K, St. Phnnn 1296-%V. CASH for or 83Jf-W. Works, 8t*rl!ng. Phnne~]«ii).'J and ftaard with Board BOARf) Rn«l room fof"two"frrrtfl« ; 'fn*n". room utul ncx>>1 jnca]« eoi'v •uit fit.. RtK-k *._.. -• ~'3 - - : -. - ... ,..„.. Rooms withoti! mourn fiS front nlcrping room. 4O4 W. Fourth 8t. SLEEPING ROOM In rnodcrn~ii'mifie' Inquire 311 East Fourth St., Hoc* In the Countv C"Urt. November Term. A !). !Q2fl Estate of M*r; K. Srotohbroofc. tl»- <"wd. S»!P of ret I estate to pay during the day. Inquire 801 West Eighth St. motlon, outside care Oawtte. work. Write "O " NfCE WARSi siwplng 'room, cioso in Very reaaonable. 404 East Fourth st _ Rooms '"£. "ounrkreoinj" 6B TWO furnished housekeeping" robn.... one sleeping room, board U desired, jcloso In. 403 Fourth Avc. UNPUMtfB I! RDr oorniT" To"? light housekeeping. 603 W. Sixth 8t. farm. M»rk Tyne, tock m«n to , miles west of wor*. emsll family. Must Ilka children. Phone 8C3-W. « ooup«, runs like new «md BORDAH 8 coupe, perfect. I / ' 0 Mdan, new Duoo, good tlrw, OTHERS priced to MJDOUEAOKO I»dj~to~~h8rn~ w. ^ Am L _ 8cotti ORlt FIVE KOOM apartment, fully modern! with garage, at 507 Avu. C. Phone J068-W._ !ITI^ r J?*I^l3^^~**'" B ** lt "~^ FARM, 100 acre*, nbrtEwMt~8t«riing, with nmpl« B. a. ptuturo and hay- land tor «tock. Very reasonable r«nt and term Icaeo to right party. W, S, McCloy, agent. Blfaatifotw Wanted" as Uou8«k«>«p«r. by iniddTS: aged, lady, in home of one or two adtUtsj. In Qschattgo for few weeks' room and board. Wriia H.H.M.. t»re StarUns or cleaning by t»« hour. Phona by day w boMr.' flail bctwyta a an<S 4 p. m. Kiooe 335. ^=^* j " ' -" —" Financial ' Ixxty. nere Ure M& tint. rtuw Uiu JU ton ebanlc and clc«<4 fc*b. rtbulu throughout sad ruas . ' , ,<3iryaJ«r~Ch*JiCller—Dlamoiul T . tOCWST BT. PHONE 682-J SIX HOOM partly modern houise". Bcroan the street from Central echool. H. i& Broderlcjc^ Phone 1341-J. MODEilN seven roonT house" oh~Bev- enth Ave. Double KarsHe. PTiona 1572-W. BITNOALOW on Avc. L W5 p»r month. Ca.ll Phone 680, Lon Phelp*. ROOMS and bath. half~doubl« bOU*e, partly modern. No garage Call Oaulrapp^e Flock. §8iini!K" R6oM~rrrodern bouse. Oct. 17th. Phone 1252-E. A. n^^i«, »*>»cntrlx of t.hs will anri t*«t«mfrit nf Mnry B. Scotchbroolt, tlecw»»«l, prtitlonrr. vs. rpp P. Srotchbrook. WlHard A, 8«;-otftlibrrxik. Bndip A. DmH, Bt-ulah llnrch. Ivy Tnyior. Bdlth (S< otchhrook Ferguson) M»irdock, IXmna Chrlf,U>n- r.«n, .Dorothy C'hrSstfntpn. r>rii«illa ChrUt«uwn, Jennie "J herrsa (r>>nl- <n;n) Harm, Carl BrotrhhrooK. Frnn- Scotchbroofe. Ruby l,ln;l«trom, Bewl* ScotchbrrxiSt. Rtiy OcotrhbrooH. Jesnnett* Carl.ior,, nncS Cecil MlUfr. defendants. Notice Is given of the filing of a petition for the tsolr of Lota 9 and 10 In Block 7 in the Vllla K r of Tnrnplco, Illinois, and Lot 13 and thr K'l of Ixit 13 In Block 4 In I'ptpr Hsgpn's Second Addition to the Village of Tampico, lllinol«, to pay dehta. in the above c»u»e pending in the abo^e entitled court, between the above named petitioner and the nbovc named dcfrndftnt*; that the «utn- monw* In wild caus* *re returnnble In the County Court of Whlteslde County, Illlnot». at Morrison. Illinol* on the lint Monday in November next, being November 5th, 1928. Jowph Mann, Clerk of the County Court. Carl E. Sheldon, attorney for petitioner. * . . 87; Nri 3 whit*, gr».»l». 7B- RJ ti. ..... No. 3 white. Jin 4 whl'i". 40 T -4] . 7 M rn hv »"'»-!, 15.40 - rwd. S23 W .•( 41 1-2 -ii 6 00, 30 ?0.' LIVE STOCK (U. we&k to Ib. Oaragei for_Reat. OARAOla in~KocirWlSrcio»e Phone 7«. -—— -_•-• ---fyst\ -MS. OtUwa, HU doing fine buaiaesf, re- OBlpta about 970 p«r day, c4oaed nlgbu. LeaMi 3H ytara. rent MO pa month, tor quick eato wul take »1&00. pwnwr going aoutb. For ttorttw* pa>i writa BTOWB-B Umoh, ais »*,, Ottatra. m. Instruction modem home, downstairs. Muot be • nlc« pl*c«. Can furnlah reference. Phoae County BSt-is, Sale , e -cordlaa, h&rmoay and compomiuoa taugh6 by Uniia itetoon. artot Dtpt.. 1307 E. ftoorta et. 0SED CABS— , ,' coach. KllahUy uaed » demonstrator, tn perfect me. condition. , excellent toasny. way. Eida to it. ; iw a««63iBtr»tor, nin IOM than nsllw and earrltt...» «tao4a«J •ntM. POBO tudor wdaa, good con~ ajut -my reawwiably prto«l. ^- CBKVBOUET touring, motor eosnptetaly reconditioned; t,JrXJUD touring, good chape, cheap. OmZPRONH 58fl . national wmttatlon. OTOT B|g*f B r«l'> Sunday ajlemoon and learn. QuJclt to benefit from. 8l3 W. aUte Ohloago. Livestock — T - -——-- «nary alngem, »w *«- malw. Chair* wantwi to can*. «07 B. Second St. Pbone 18W-M. ~4i 618.H8 toover BT. or will trade «« cMdNtiiTor wS»t havt yoat Gall at 810 w, BeTenth at. arid eonlootlonery com- blned at Thomson, HI., doing large buslnens. No comnetttlon. Priced sight. Inquire BUckell'a Cafe. Thom- ana Uuaa ror Bate si Houses tor Sate fiouss and thr«*Toir65-i: . „„. oppoalt* MennonUe church, will sell ,ai a bargain on easy terma. I. 9. Snavely, £aWrcnoB_Bld8;. CASH."balance and five room cottage*, half bloc from jaremeat I* H. ~ __ EXECUTOR'S NOTICE Briate of Maria Werle, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed executor of the last will and testament or Maria Wcrle, late of the County of . WhlteaJde, and State of Dttnol*. deoeaaed. hereby give» notice that be will appear before tha County C<»urt of WUUe«!de County, at the court House In MorrUon. at the Mo- veniber term, on the'first Mondny in Kawiab«f aexi. at wnicn time sn per»oa» having claims agmin«t aatd wtate fere noUiled and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All peraonn l&debtod to eald estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated thl* 17th d»y of September A. D. 1828. - Harry V. Werle, 16s»cutor. John JJ. Stager, AUqrnejat Sept. 18. 25, Oct. 2 State of thla T-room bunga low. New. every convenience, sun parlor. Paving aaaeweneatii j«aa. Qar a*e. Eaat tide. tto« Wenger. ruff. o«coad housa echool. of Wootuuu Wa»t««—*4»* Stock few! »t«r«, |>hon» 925-W or phon«, Shlppiat AMO. Merchandise "si QBXD 2i4ACHIKieay~33 ft. GOrt) ela- «r Comlclt rturedder. thi Tractor Men, 819 and We- model 60 eed*a. vary uaotor All in good oaclu ios ialia= woven wire Iano*. w**t«ra Barb wtra week to move them »h*p«. Cheap U ________ JTORNAOE WOOD, as |»F load; also pie puwpfclua. eoc per dozen. Piioae County 806-a. MABH road«t«», e dltc mounted on tide. fO&O touring. KASH Advanced six ou this car. itr" , .-„ ftt 4-ato» 1 LLOYD loom baby bug^y. Call at BOl W. Eighth 8t. chair, ia good . p&oaa aol-W. and PKABSr^CtfiiUuMJ plfiiitctf and ""sorted Eail*» .wetbeast of Bock «s&k&. prtetd 4o move tboa, V. lS W, TtUd 4-«K»r sedwj, good otter ettris*. . Priced IJSHAK porc«Ui cooking HOUND Its, Sights* Av«, T AM} WKltIT C18CULAT10N STATEMENT. Statement of the ownership, mas agtttaent. circulation, etc., required by Uut Act of QongnKH of Auguct 24 1913. of The Sterling Dally Gazette published dally except Sunday a atMimg. Illinois, lor October 1 State of Illinois ] County of Whltesidej Before me, a Notary to and lor the atate and county aforesaid, perconaUy appeared A. C. Oartuon, who, having ' dulyawera seaareung to rtew, d4- . —i and aay» that he ia the aaitartaat maaagw of The Bterliug Dally Ot fnilffwinr U. tn tha trxw of bl« knowiedg* and baifof, rtatement of tha awaewfctp, r—^,^ ment (ami if a daily pajwr. the circulation), etc., of the aKmaaid pubiie*- tton for the date ahowa to th« above caption, required by tha Act ol Auguat 84, 1913, embodied In aacttan 411 , rcterw of UUi form, ta wit: 1. That the namea and addr« of ' the publisher, editor, su&aaging editor, and buel&eaa ainmtger a«e: Pubuaber. Sterliag Oaxett« Co.. Sterling, in. Editor ana Manager, P. w. amadou BterUng, 111. Managing Editor, O«o. a. Oraudaa, Sterling, 111. Assistant Manager, A. C. Carlson. Sterling. 1U V 8. That the owner is: (U owned by corporation, ita name and must be stated and ulso it tliereunder tue n^mea and of atoaktoidttfffi owning or holding per cent or mare ot totjj «uaouut of stock- If act owned by a corporation, the uiuji&j and addxe«£«i a£ Uie Individual owneiv aiu** be given, tf owa#d by a firm, company, or oifae* Uttlticojriwjratad cauctrUj Ita n«un£ 1014 address, us well «*~Uu»w"Af eaclj"l»- cllviUuai member, satwt %» given.) Starllug Gazette Co., St«rliii£ Hi O. w. Onuutoa, etefiia^, iu. Georg* O. CManOota,' BiKllJHi. IUL B*lph & Itcwtea, eicrujog. ill, G. L. StoMfiAaQ, SUufUng, . 3, Thai tfes ^apwu . owning or holding 1 par c«at or of total aiuiouat of bauds, i. to bt*w). ai«: (If there ' ***• ol .»»eurtiy lEOAl AiOTlt'S LUnoUi ) fas. County of Whlteside J In .the City Court of the City of Sterling •rune Term, A. D. 1B38 Writ Trujli and aavings Bank of 'Wling, Illinois. A corporation. Complainant, .vs. »lz*b«th C. Peterson, Edward N. Peterson, Robert W. Besse. Marguerite 8. Peterson, JX_CK Klngery an ^ernngtoa C. Fosaler, Defcudanu Hotiea a, hereby given that pursu ant; to a decree entered in the abov cause ; on July 28, 1828. the under signed Maater in Chancery of aal court will «eli at public vendue fo cash to the Jilghe«t and beat bldde at the aoutb. entrance to the City Hal in the City of Sterling, lUUnola on October 30. 1828. at a o'clocfe P. U L<« One (l) and the norta half (H^4) of Lot Two (3) in BlocJc Sixty one (81) in Harvey's Addition to th cuy or Sterling, whlteeldo Couaty Lloyd H. Brown. Master IB Chancery of the City Court of the City of aterllns. mtaote .Carl E. ahaWon, solicitor for plalnant. =^===^===—=:^^^^,'^L 2 - 9 THE MARlSiW GRAIN CHICAGO OK AW RANGE (By Associated High -Wheat-Dec. 1.18% 1.16»i i igit March 1483 IMft iJaaH cilir.\U<1 MVfcisfOCK . IX'pottmcnt fit Agilciilturf t ciiiffiSd. <> t. 2— (A.r.)~HoR« mostly Rtrntly to IOc hl!?npr than MourtnylT hiifl^ fh-nllng. Vindrf' 1BO Ib. Br lowpr; tep^^Tl 1 .90, ?. inrdlum to choir* 9SO- «!0 !5<« 11.30; 300-35O Ib »102, r ) . 11.30; 160-300 Ib., »10tK)4 11.30. 1.10-1 60 Ib,, 89.350 10.6S. Paclt- Jng »owd. Sfl.JSi* 10.15. P!g«, nwliuin t<) clioitp jiO-130 Ib., $8,75,,, 1000. Cattle receipt* 7.000, calves 3.000; nisrkrt slow; dmgizy *te«r trad* Rt Monday's 5Oc to 81 dmMl««; liberal supply held over from Mondny; fr*»)i offerings getting ber«t action; top. en.&o. np So Mr-F.i- h has cast a pal! ransptw. IS-ypJir-old football player fUM in ft hospital R few minutr* aftrr h? had rnlianitrd wh)!p crawling o\n- a pair of electrically.' orer Uif The popular . hidden hffore romlni? fo C»p- has said Ihst thf Former Federal ,T«d?p R. L. Batt» of AiwiSn. a mrmber of the board of rc??nfs and nuthnr of th» rwtol- tiUon which a^knd the faculty commute? to drtprmine If all "boarding" fW*sk Inttftr orffcnieatlon* ahouSd be 4»flmln«ted a* rupWiy M dormitories can be provldfd for student*, vigorously crit!r!r*>d the fraternity system M DOW existing. The judge i« R fraternity man himself »s are all but two of the other members of the Ixsird McElroy's fraternity had lmlt*d the president to msik« a thorough Investigation of the fatal accident and of IU mock Initiation stunts. him arr ft ml»Ukf. He v.^,,.,,,,,,,,, , his mystfrlouii disappearance from iAHsn*» lart August aa actuated by 1 firs effort to pscap« from i who. !^ said, tafw of his' r«»cnrd and were attempting blackmail bJtn, to AMERICAN BAHKIRS OPEN CONVENTION St^ri-fl. good and choice 1300-1500 Ib.. »14'J8».r 17.&0; 1100-1300 Jb., *1« 26 WE 17.30; 950-1100 Ib-. »I4-a3«i7,liO, Cows, good and choice. W.OOif la.OO; common nntl medium, (7.60,^8,00, low- cutter and cutter, $0.25^7.60. Bulls, goort and choice (beef). $9 50 n 10.75, cutter to medium,. »7.00® Vealera (mllk-fed> gocd and choice. • IB.60wlfl.75; medium, »1S.60(( 18.6Q- cull and common, aa.6o ( ,t ia.50, Btocker and feeder ateere, good and choice (all weights), tll.YS® 13,60; common and medium, M.50® 11,75. Sheep recepit* 30,000; fat lamba alow, choice klnde utendy; othere weak; bulk better kind*, »18.00@ 13,60. Bheep steady. Fwdlng lamba draggy. 60 to 75 c«nt» lower than last week's close. Lambs, good and choice, 82 Ib clown, f 12 3S 3 13 05; mecllum. ER SAVED (Oontmuea Trem page oncK . , cull and common, 97.50® & 12.35; 11J5. Ewe*, medium to tholes, 160 ib. down. $*J2S 08.78; cull and common. *1.78i5?B.OO. Feeder lamb*, good and choice, »13.60 S 13.SO. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK (U. 3. Department of Agriculture) Kansas City, Mo.. Oct. a.—( , .. . ..-Bogs receipts 7.000; «t«ad.y to iOc higher, mostly steady; top 410.80, on .Choice 325-280 Ib. Butcher*, medium to CitOlew 25O-380 Ib.. «10.1Baiia.«0: 300-250 Ib., *10.35« 10.88; 100-MO Ib,, .BOe 10.78; J80-KK) Ib., $8.75«10.88. Cattle receplta 11,600; calve* ing out of the trouble between the taxicab men. manifest by the bomb- Ings Sunday. I strongly, urge you not to venture out tonight on these lonely country roads. Great personal harm may be intended for you. Dont come out until daylight, and then with a police escort." The sheriff assigned 14 deputies to guard tho place, augmenting the private guard previously employed ' Philadelphia. Oct. 1— (U.p. Philadelphia t-oday welcomed 7,«X> members and families from all part* of the nation attending the fifty-fourth annual convention of the American Bankers' association. Members generally expressed op- paStn." Howrtw has token rw this as Clmlrawa W»t of tfo* natfe^ml cfflmmittec, ted sent B fplesram of protest to Street before the matter wa.8 e«B€<! to the of. the WONT Birmingham. Ala, 'Oct. 3—<u.P.> Campaign literature tn which- tlw republican national cosnmittee objected will not be withdrawn, O. D. Street, republican national TEN MEN ARRESTED Chicago, Oct. 2.—(UJP.) —Police held ten men here today, believed to be involved In the bombing of two Yellow Cab garaeea Sunday night The oian were arrested in a raid on an apartment in which & polios squad Mired a machine run, a half dozen shot gum and rifles and quantity of ammunition. Among the men waa George "Bus" ^»iu<» jwepiui n,ouu; OUVM a.000: Moran, alleged leader of » north killing ciae*w» alow, weak; atockera sid» gtang. Th» cab company had itcady; feeder, weak; heifers, good offered $5,000 reward for those re- a.'ssar^.aa,^:; l-snsxsss ,^, were believed by police to Jrjdieate - timism rwgardinft grenwal tewiness condition regardless of a "presidential yesr." Group meetings opened activities. Three sessions of the general convention will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The annual addrwa will be made Tuesday by Thomas R. Preston, president of tiw Hamilton National Bank at Chattanooga. Tenn., president of the association, Principal speaksrs for tha three day sessions will Include Craig B. Haselwood, Chicago, prominently mentioned aa the next president; Boy A. Young, governor erf the federal reserve board, and Dean H, L. Russel or the University of Washington. mitt«?man from AJabaiwa, announced today. Str«*t e«ld hs would conttntu! to nr dtetribjite the clrculara ttespifeB a H telegram ftxan Dr. Hubert Work, re.- pabUcan naUomU chairman, to which H wms indicated the national eetnmltt«* frowned wpon the circulars as bringing the cpsaStaa of MHS OAU&W1LL TOLD TO CEASE COMMENT RoancHte. Va, Ocst. 3— (UJP.)— Th« now f«m«?ua--"R(anaaiam,and-ruBi ridden" Incident ta regarded aa clo*td by Mra. Wllto W, CaMw«ll, repubHcah national commlttwtm- man from Virginia, aha indicated. Mrs. Caldweu amflrmfta reports from Washington. D. of the republ tee, to withol thale Lyon. the * tfcafc religion into th» cansrmlgn, The national c«Binltt«eman'B fall' ure to receive Work's *m until today was by the fact that he laur been absent from Birmingham. The telegram was sent Saturday. Declaring he had "no apologies to offer,- and that he only today re- eri^ed a copy of a telegram eent to hto Saturday by Hubert Work, enalmaa of the renoblican nation- commute*, stnset "I fcaw not brought the tato tbJa earajwOgn. 1 have 9&X&& to refute *n f«aia of that qut-stion raised and. pressed by the mijsporters of Ctov- croor 8mi«t Production Of Livestock Is Seen CW<»go, Oct 8. — CA.P.> -_ A •timulus to incareaaed t %£U5f ^^^^BBU'ffHt OO. pt bile by Mr*. Clara of ^ ahecp and 4Sa4ry 1* seen by ths bunao df cultural eeonamlCR or the State* Dep*rto«rit of Agrl •a » rtauH of tesereased feed crops Cattlemen already are begtEntog j^t*£8» tbdr herd*, the October * report ef tte fcurstau said. However some ttae |» required to pro- due* end raise steers and May OaU— Sec. March .44!» May ,4514 Bye— * Dae. May i.03?i Lard— Oct. 12.20 iOV, Dec. 13.45 Rlba— Oct. Jov. H.7S Oct. *ov. Dec. 1.03H 13.15 12.40 14.45 .14.60 13.16 14.76 H.6i 14.20 CUICAtiO UK41N Ht\itVV By John f, Broughmu (Associated Preea Market Editor) CUkigO. Oct. 2. — (AJP.) — Wiiwil Ik s&aterial iMiVime^ today <N a result of an address by s^rued tm favorable to h Ttoero wa« BO partlcuiar ng p^UHWv 111 avldantss, « c wyiiig £bv«iof>ed the wh«at wh«*t bs4b from AuaUatia and acted also ta a bulUcb Ux- 13.00. Vcalera, milfc fed, medium to Choice. (B.00$>14.00; cull and coz&ao&. 86.00(»e.OO. Stacker and feeder steers, good and choice, all walghU, »10.78® 13.60; common and casdlum. 0?.7B« 10 86. Sheep receipts 15.000: iamb* very alow; practically nothing BOW early- choice range lambo held above M3.3S. l*mbs. good and choice, 825 Ib. down «13.60@ 13.40; medium, »11^5«ia^3-' cull an4 common, W.00g 11.28. ESTIMATED RECEIPTS Chicago, Oct. a.—(A.P.)_~Katlmat*d llvartoelc receipts for tonsorrow: Cattle 11,000. Hogs 13.000. Sheep 25,000. renewal of warfare between rival cab drivers, among whom there was said to be bitter dlssentlon. THEIR SECOND ESCAPE New York, Oct. 2.—(U.P.)—The escape-*! Anita Peabody and Heigh Count In the fire at Mrs. John IX HejtB 1 stable near Chicago WM their second this year. Both th« horses were at the Saratoga track last Auguat when an alleged attempt was made to fire the stable. PRODUCE CHICAGO WWHiUCE jo, Oct. S—<AJ?.)»_TodayV produce market quotation* arc aa follows: jBoqltry ateady; rwetjita 7~~ean: fowla, w; aprlijga. a0; roosters, ai- turks. 20; ducks, 23; ge«s«. 23. Butt** unchanged; receipts 13,fl« LUO9. unchanged; receipt* 6,484 receipts 189 caw. on trac* OASLSTEOMWA8 ONLY BWJTISBD wwt«, 86«85: ditto "' -------- ' " ChampAign, HI, Oct. 2—(AJP.)— Oicar Carlatrom, republican nom- ine« for attorney gtrieral, «aj oona the worsa to4«y for a «h»tMng up bo received last night whea U» automobile in which be was riding collided with anoUwr car driven by the R«v. Father T. J. 8h«edy of Paxton Tlia R«v. Sheedy, fom»ly of suffered cuts v Cobhlre*. 80^86; Blver Cjioa. ^5^100. braiska mcked IrUh Cobblers, 9; BiostJy $l.oo; tockad >iumpbj, 76 is 93, according to qual- New ¥srt. Oct. a—(A>.)~Today'a '!c<UK» market quotations a.r« aa fol- *t»ady; firm; receipt* 337JS30. poultry irregular; cWcgeoa, M t^Z^.' 1 T""» lurk *y«' old turkttyg sot quoted. ftriu; receipt* «U*, SttitfW. r Oct. 8.—(A.F.)—Hour Oc lower, in carload lot*. Family Patents quoted *« *««.»0 a bar- ei in iUt pound «xrltt«i sack* 6SMQ t»rt*ia. out today i cm of soca, tu * thai the te 7.04KJJJS10 t«d»¥ i*curtty of «y>mittii«staa . Oil* at of to&rt amrfcet. Cut* a feteek: of 2§oo a Ch * rtes Essl « of Chicago, who the car^iu-^hJteh^-Mf. I • hurt wag riding, was slightly I The accident occurred near I tf*towa-wfee»—the- -cstfsf' ft tempted to pasg on a slippery road!! in the rain. I Mr. Carlstrom, despite a few! bruises, delivered an address here l«w* night pending the arrival, for a speaking engsgemeoi of Lo»ia u SSmioe«o« r repubUeaa ntantaee t& governor who today left for Moati- eello to HU » epeakaig engagement. 411 Walks Of Life Have availed themselves of our sanitarium fa- eihties to get well and as a result they ate well today. We don't claim to perform miracles or to do the impossible but ,we have many worthy people in this district that will testify to the efficacy of our treatments. _ _ Have You A^- liquidation and such offerings t* cam« Uito the market w«r« well ab•orbed. Commercial Credit waa In brisk d«- mand. quickly soaring 1 points to a new high record »t 4i, or nearly dou- bJe the year'a low. Wright Aeronautical quickly ad- vtujccd 41-3 JK2iut-i, CauUneatal C«n «, laMsrnaUonal Nickel 3 s-8 aad AJ- Jed Chemical, American Can and Slcwc.n-Warner advanced 2 poluu or more before th* end of the Iim hour. A«n*rlcan bmsJUit,; droiipwi 3 ett tiie rust «.lts and aayuc CigWI opened tkuutt buli wfao have ttt4tftw»»6« ef e uatttat to Uwt 4e**toBtt»at« ta the timt^d b^pta to tawalc asrtfttf . Tfe* wilfa Xugiaod '«.ud ifa« w « ia fccau« -or iii* at *** f.f»Aaa ttt 1-3 £0 16 , Bwte, iiur- High Blood f>t ensure Neuritis er Rheumatism Then come to oiir office for eonsultation treatment before it is too late, Are you giving your body the same care, time and thought you do your automobile? Take nature's warning befor/it is too late —Stop the pace at which you a/e living—Slow down, ease up and let the Fossler system of treatments and sulphur baths bring you back to health again. W« ar,» provtag to u» public that the* tilings CAN be cured right bere at beam peotria whu liave spejfit terse sumj health resorts a*& S4trprls«i st the a*U}nishiag waiilta ^ * Si * ead yoar The Dr. Ftesfer ti-estment rarely faito" to tttect a care. • Th* tbtaf is to take tfas treauamt at the «tart. . Osar ol you a C-O-L*&* wiH knock a ooki risht now Consultation and advice are free. -Come to and let us talk over your individual ease, Wellington C, Fossler

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