Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 10
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'•^L •C -•£(. t v- - *$*f? V**l1 "Tt-T^; r- -T-^Jj, -'-.,,«, r ,__ ^ ^ ™*3 &«^Sr* 4- i,, i-SS:^ 4v~- & -T-W -*ve^-^J> « TL^ ^ j/> $ "B i •"» g „ t-.-' °-**-5» ft*.,- .. .**_-*«.. .. r f V ' M & nn o;;r xr *'"**• »»*•* «>»*» H Wl 4*ej4*Ht In YM frsm might «•-««««<• hint. r»1 p*rh«p* ^ Mr*. Rsnv- 00 OH WITH THK STORY I wj bro*-m XXXV. ! Rut '*" -r '- - * - , , i •» *• tr- -'—,•-• i ,.i , ' K~«« *i*f«ia-" *• TI r* ««*,-» n > £., i ,^ r ».., »v_ ,,,,, „,. .„ , ,«„ I A " '"> t »«""r>- .1 . f r ,.- . ~,» -, ,,| l-f.-, r-,, «,,„ ,.„,. ,,! At-, p,,^,.,. , f,,,^ ..,,,V ^ * , . , , 5. r -~- R »' j C"--Vi*JrtV»»^Sr11 ' 1 roiirw ~n» I! |>h"n* ftn-i pUjrH. But rrr i! fUh > fatf ... 'ii pr! th^r? fir*!." Of h»r All IlSht ybil , Dol T. *h* if '! R-h!l hsri nor-. ,• A Jjtt•# ^jx-rri, .TSCk on High! !hf niov i "If/! husband's shnuldfr. drive in, I'll E<~> down to New Haven tonight. Thank* for telling ro* about I!. Doll. You meant we!l. T EIJW-. Perhaps it's for th* br-sf I'll M-f what T can rlo «nvhow. Don't worry about mv ritaKemg vou !n!« u. And HOII i <«•!! Dot' r« son's crowd." Doliv turned ^ ;de eyrs on her friends. "Why, Sybil!" she reproached CPntly. "don't you know yp\i can truM me? I'm awfully fond of Val — really. Wile! horses couldn't drat- a word out of me I'll run a!on? now. YOU and Mrs. ?.5oore will want to tw> making firrAnEementt. Valerie will thank you some, day lor tins." Dolly winkrd back surprising tears, and jwwdrred her nose resolutely j '•Good-by." >lie said. "You're pt«xl j kitls — !.'<i!li of you " ! "My dear." wild Mabel when she cone, "that pirl's been in ft jam herself. And Tom Weston raised the drvll. it's plain as the no-.e on your facr. Did you ever know a Rirl to gne hcrfci; awav ho? "Ill bet Turn had her on her kiicr*. ir s n wonder to rnt he. ever took her back. But he put the fear of God In her. sure as you live, That's why she wants to save Val. She's brcn through the mill her/ .self. "Say. lhc;>e modern wives! What's become of pood old-fasJhloned mor- r.lity? They make happiness their (;od. Then they spit in virtue's face. No wonder they're di:,contented The blind fools!" Sybil sighed. "It's a di?.zy world. Mab. Have you seen Tom Weston lately? Old uclorp ' Ins time. Grftvcr limn tii'H ' —•-•* ^— -- ^ »•»«>•« ^»,.JL onvn,.i father. Lines like M:ar* Poor ' ! s R runset cairfi ' ci n pump. Intricate^ ' stit c!i«3 wit RiJHtled Ms•' flRsim.t hr-r Sib. thp virt- VR!> the (n- tf thf hpro, . rfsr.uing the Innocent tn- from the \il!,iin at Gposins." Pres-rnflv thpy wrrr Mitre. Standing In the doorway. I-ifp snd love rsirptd by, staBRrririR fiomrtltnps Miry pussrd. youth in youth', 1 ! ftrnv. And youth in age's rmbrnce. Pr«tf.y rowgr-d rhwks against heavy (owls. find thf« corruBatfd «skin 'of ok! elunclriR fools. Traci-comedy. Ilie- bu.nlnrvs of having a Rood timr. Sybil's glance embraced the great dining room, "There thry are—over in the corner booth. Val's facinR us_, pow- deriiiK her nose." Like n flash r,hr had Irft them. A slim little figure in a plaid sport skirt and beaver Jncquette threading her way between the dancers. "Sybil! what arc you doing here?" Valerie swayed H !m unsteadily. Clutching the table cloth, dragginp the china perilously. "Clod Almighty!"" The man *lth her was on his feet. White as death. Facing Sybil across the empty glasses and the sUlned linen. The words were coming fnim dry lips, choked from a palsied throat— "Where did you come from?" (To Be Continued) (The man with Valerie? Drama and tragedy In the startling chapter ahead, i BOW PUMPS. One of the season's smartest shoe.-, IM BACH AilEYS-d, '\ UV^'THE "FIRST OF AIM 3 3!*toE I iU.P WAV -C ,, ) A ME id I MAV EV/EM (jirT , 5 . HAIR BOBBEP VE-f/y "TME ErTeRAiAL Si i ' \ t ^— • «f x ___ ^i^._-» . , . /I TE.AX{Kl»Al^ ____ I ,,,« virtert site MOAiEV «? ?ftOMEA!APf-p I GRASS t^AP, 5 (.t* ttHVlCI 'Bt. SALESMAN SAM . Tommy. If a fool woman can hurt ! ^ ' stit c!i«3. with a chic little bow of a man that much. then. Mab. I'm i salfsktn instead of a buckle. going to bring Val home again." ~-~~-~-~~~~~~~->~~~-.^ w _ FLAPPER FANNY S4YS on the Post Rood is a ' nelanous place. Blatant as a circus. | In the semi-privacy of crimson ! booths men and girls made love. Un- ' der a red and green striped awning an orchestra made strident noise. And In the liul«* space between th* double row of painted booths couples danced and laughed, and continued to make love. Valerie raised her glass, and , smiled provocatively into the flush- ' ed face .so to her own. | "Here's to the movies," she cried. ', "and fame!" j Their glares clicked. "To Valerie West." he responded i gravely, "on the billboards!" j She dimpled demurely. I I always did think," she admit- i ?«}.-• that I have a nice, euphonious name—effective, you know, for posters and electric lights. The girls at >chool uacd to say it sounded exactly like H movie star's. And I don't mean to brag. But. honestly, I DO take the best pictures. They flatter me outrageously. Everyone says I photograph like Billy Dove." "My dear." he protested, "you'll make your Biily look like a washout." "Oh. Darl! You adorable flatterer." Ana then, staring speculstlvely into her empty glass—"You know, Darl, they say blond beauty fades soonest, but I don't think so—do you? I think it all depends on the woman hcrwlf. "Doily Wcston's been mining round for years and she still looks like a china doll. And there's my M-stcr-in-law. Sybil. She is awfully- dark, and she's been through a whole lot. But there are times you'd swear .she wasn't a day over 20." •^1 knew a girl named Sybil once." lie intwttjHedr^Whetiever I think or her I take another drink." H£-dreaL-SL_Oa5k_lrcui-Jiis jjocke L i \ k THINK. OF RectTfvnoMS ' f=>. That Goes With It! FKECKLES AND HIS FEIEMDI LePvR-MED VJHeni \ VJftS tW SCHOOU — WO. U. ». MT. 0«T. Nothing braces a moonbeams. romance _.- "Qinger at?. Sweet?" "Just a little. Did you love her Darl?" "Sure did, honey." Valerie i>outed. "I think you're liornd ' "Well, you asked me " "BUT """you" don't love her anv more?" "I'll say I don't! She walked out on rue, Sweet. I'm off her for Jife. 1 hop* sh* has lumps m her mashed potatoes." 'Oh, Darl, don't joke. Tel! me a tout her." "That's all there is old dear. The righteous 8ybi) smeiled my well- known breath one night, and left me flat. Mr^t outrageous thing ever happened to a man" He reached for her glass, and his lingers found her wrist. Dull red suffused his face, aud his eves burned with an unholy fire, ' "Val. I never wanted a -woman »o much in ali my life." "How about Sybil?" "The devij with Sybil i" A girl in a criaison skating amt cotton snowballs. >A girl tn tarlatan kicked and whiried 9. girl in a rush sikin ehun- Waiters huirried about, dc- z wall bottle* of raak folded »^j%im Tea o-ctodk. . ' . . EJeven H*e ^»ce w*» wild %ud aoby. Its* girl in tbe ruah akin kt&ssd DAY CICCOS /^\_y DAYS ALL OF AIS PCI&NDS ACS j/0 READINESS FOR7U.& BIS DAY-^ OASLVTWREB DAYS Aifl«W r - A Letter S A LETTER ... . -_, „, ,„ f-Tft^ y ^soow suppose - COULD BE VWClDA^e FROM A^H&V OM£R. ' IT Like YEARS girt ia tetetoa w«* out bwt dacfetd her lu ih* indesoeut * *• # tte &te>r*« The way you turn out oftea depends upon the time you turn in BOOTS AND HZR BUDDIES Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! MOM'N POi Woi-se Aud More of It FOR T'WIGHT'. I'LLROClTe: Uft CftSH OF THE LIGHT v BR!0*KOe." RIGHT CREOIT! \>*OOLOM < T (T BE. IFDADOy VWCXJLO COMC: TO AMSfilCA. ?? X Uk.S IT AB2EAA«iO TWAT eor Tree's TurniS THAT'S v^PPEHfet)

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