Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 20, 1973 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

JblglbMte RiiQliWi^MQil, Golasburo. Ill" Friday. AMI 20. 1^3 Chef Educating jAommm ^ tv> teu tut iiniJt 'tMom'fl pi«*' and loo^'«lilM mottter itted to »pRibil)ty couMn't hoM a liat's Jbebitf dotte by aoma lonMth ai «a, woman. N<0» M mom down. Not aiiKiiiiite. But Just to^ admit t, cHkicai ai«, Jlie hasnH had t^N^totage ol b6ii« taught <Wk«n<i <Una contlnantatty a nxmnranai cncr ona ' DM aamad Hw fi||ht to uaailib "eeidon Blau" hehas on (he lattaHMMl of hit ttih tfiwait^T Vnife '^CHBV'i who is training mwi^lnd mdfia waa- rasMcnta to hi^tfounnet cooks, Is Paul Cf«|)par, pcaatdant o( Profas- lionM-aMfS. inc., ag PiAUe Ottppetia cuffantly teaching a begiiiAiAg couraa In entartain- nf«ift'<aeookbig on Vniaaday evenings; an advance entertain- lent-ffloking dass on Wednes- yTveniigs. ami a gourmet dng class f<Hr men on Thurs^ , evenings. f He also itcenUy instnioted at I. In Streator and Id for the Illinois NUTS' MONMOUTH Correspondent Mrs. Lorraine Stauth For News 411 S. 10th St. Phone 734-4721 For Missed Copies Before 6 P. M. Phone 7d4-4Ul ing Home Association; spoke at tha Great Lakes Health Cbn- grass last week an Finding Time tor Pi«4>lanned In^ervice Training, and will piMiah a phampMet Mav » entitled Nutrition for Foodservice Woricers. Oopper is a retired Atmy oomniiasafy apacialist who studied continental ouUnaiy arts ki GemMffy during one period of his service career. Orapper instructs his cooking students in an attractively decorated seoondHoor restaurant on the norttiwest comer ol the square. The tiny restaurant (it seats only 24 guests) is not open to the public, and it does not operate as a restaurant except hy advance reserv«itk)ns on Fri day and Skurday nights. The distinctive diiUng spot is iprimarily a training school for institutional cooks who wish to learn to prepare nutritious, Appetizing, tasty foods for hospitals, nursing homes, schows and industry. Cropper is interested in everything that has to do with food and dining. He would like to see courses in nutrition taught at all grade levels hi public schools. "Training our children to understand and appreciate good nutrition wouU help them live better lives." HE IS CEiflTAIN that more attention should be paid to the psychology of food service. "Neither children • nor adults should be forced to eat when they are tense from a morning of school or work." He feels igh Winds wnstate Arm ^CAItiONDALE, IB. (UPI) «^wd Ithplanes at the Southern l^lino^^ Airport west of here f^er^Amaged l^ursday nij ^t ^y hipfT winds. M An viirport spokesman said l^ne plane was blown over on its •4op while another aircraft was %lown under a third aiiplane. ^ R$nfall during thunderstorms Measured 2% inches in a 24- ;^ouf. period at Carbondale, tem- ^rai% flooding some streets. ^ A county road between Jacob ind Gorham in western Jackon County remained closed, to^ lay because of flooding. In Gor- lam it was necessary to erect ^andbag barricades to keep rising water from flooding out ^umps at the sewage disposal ^lant. MM AUJti Quoin, District 13 state t liOkw headquarters said the iifHrhursday afternoon produced a rash <^ traffic accidents ^ith 11 involving property damage and injuries within a 2^ ^ur period. Wind Struck Two automobiles were crushed by a tree blown over yesterday during a brief afternoon windstorm. The vehicles are shown parked at A Street and Archer Avenue and belong to David Hallam, 908 E. First Ave., and Denis Olson, 319 S. Fifth: St. The tree was situated on property at a residence occupied by William Maney at 208 W. Archer Ave. school chUdren shouM be al^ I6wed to pUy tor a while be< tween tha time they are dis^ missed from classes and the time they eat. "Iliat way they wouldn't take out their aggres* sions by deciding they hate most of the food placed before them." He thoroughly enjoys instructing institutional cooks. "Dining, whether in a home, restaurant, or hospital, should be a plea* sant event." People who have enjoyed a gourmet dinner at Cropper's charming little restaurant are mon apt to describe it as a "memorable" event. The four-hour, seven-course dinners begin in the kitchen where guests are invited to sample wines, cheeses and French bread while Cropper cooks. Following the preparation of the six courses that are to follow, Cropper doffs his chef's hat and dons his black tie and officiates over the serv^ ing in the red-carpeted dining I room. At his advanced entertainment cooking class this week, Cropper instructed In how to prepare a dinner the hostess could serve by herself without having to leave the table after she sat down with her guests. During the first hour of the d^ss, Cropper explahied how he had set fiie table and prepared some of the ba^ food higredients in advance. THE MENU INCLUDED cMcken tetrazzkii, peas, grapefruit aiid avocado salad, toasted French bread with gaiik: butter, cheese caie wHh strawberries, wkie mid coffee. Advance prepar^fons, other «han setting the table, included cooking the ducken aai«uttJng it into chunks, pedkiflli quar- tedng the grapefruits and avocados, and preparing the lettuce that would be used on the salad plates. The remainder of the dinner preparatiiMi, including baking the chicken casserole for 35 minutes, was completed in one hour — and Cropper to<* time to instruct, as he worked. Instructions included the nutritive values of the foods involved; the final appearance of the various dishes; selecting the proper cookhig and serving equipment; the actual food 1) Tiisie Test Mrs. Dan Kistler, a member of Paul Cropper's cooking , class, samples a piece of spaghetti being prepared by the chef. Cropper asked each student fo sample the spa­ ghetti in order to determine how it should taste when cooked for the proper length of time. preparation, and the choice of Iwines. IWhile the students were enjoying their meal in the dining room, Cropper passed along tips <m serving and being a gracious hostess. "Being a gracious hostess," he said, "is nothing more than common sense - putting the welfare of your guests above your own." Area Student Wins Library Scbblarship MONMOUTH - An Illinois State Library scfaoler^p for graduate library study has been awarded to Miss A. KatMeen CosteUo, of near Monmouth. Miss Costello is one of 10 recipients bf the $3,000 award for graduate,, study library science, funded under the Library Services and Construction Act, and administered by the Illinois State Library. A June graduate of Western Illinois University, Miss'Cos- telfo specialized in English, Library Science, and Instructional Media, and plans to attend the university of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign. She expects to work in the field of reference service in public li­ braries in Illinois upon graduation. Among the nine other recipients of the award are: Mrs. Wayne D. OoU^, Carbondale; Mrs; AHen E. Ek- Hospital Notes Admlssiona W e d n esday: Miss Angela Lodwick, Mrs. Bemice Donninger, Baby Joseph Scott Miller, Mrs. Wallace Chambers, Monmouth. Dismissals Wednesday: Miss Pamela Brownlee, Mrs. Helen Pearl Taylor, Mrs. Fred Sells, Dr. Ora Sterett, Mrs. Roger Barron, Monmouth; Charles Holton, Arbella, Mo.; Mrs. Alice Donaldson, Seaton; Ronald Hale, Oquawka; Mrs. Ethel Chinn, Rio. baiiflj whan |Mf6!a xkiiimmm jitii^ crucifitei;and iitaf scenes in all tbt tmirebii a! ,JUMne as a sign of lAoifmlng «fti^inini Christ's detth M the cresst llii^ of tha «aramoi^ is by a iaii«'paselit ciiMlla Into Which the pontiff InseMs. five Mfeifis of tocansa to .npresent -m five woundiofChristi : The Pope Jcarries tha' Candle dovm the: Itt^ isi«i of the darkened .^ilica the prodamiitioh !!Lumeii Ghristi," (ChHst is ii^ht) is repeated kNKHythiiee^times. On th« third time) the lights of the bSsUica blaze up, signifying Christ's return to Ufe. On ^ter Sunday, the Pape officiates at a Second 11 a.m; mass in St. Peter'a and immediately afterwards, re<{ tums' to the Vatican to deliver the "Urbi et; Orbi,"^ his Easter blessing to the city of Rome and the world. Italian Ministry of Tourism officials estimated the number of tourists and pilgrims in Rome for the celebrati<ms at more than 100,000. Pilgrims(Continued From Page 1) Wailing Wall, for Sabbath and Passover services. Other Christians left the procession to visit souvenir shops and cafes before rejoining the mile-and-a-half route. The pilgrims filed quietly through the pillared entrance of the church for brief prayers at the Stone of the Unction, where the young Nazarene's body was anointed before buria^. In front of the Holy Sepul­ chre, they knelt before entering single file for a moment of silent meditation at the tomb of Christ. Shows A rea A m bulan ce program Is Operating in Black ^ ROSEVILLE — A progress re- on the operation of the new viUe area ambulance serv- . showed that the service op- •^ated in the black for the first .$iTee TooaOa of this year. Funds on a proportionate ba- ^is were advanced from the %mi funds of Roseville, EUi- "Jm, Point Pleasant and Swan _i^*ips last January to pur- ^|hase a station wagon and to '«quip it as an amt)ulance. Cost mi the vehicle was $4,950, a it the project would be seriously hampered," he said. According to the report, progress is being made toward piecing a short-wave radk> call system in operation to speed contact of drivars. Drivers serve ki teams of two for a 4S4iour shift. Twenty-nfaie ambulance calls have been made tfaroui^ March 31. ExceUeatJob "These men have done an excellent job and deserve com- Roseville MRS. IRA LAND Correspondent Roseville P. 0. Box 145 Phone 426-2642 •^Ipolcesman for the organization imendation for taking on this re^id today. j sponsibiiity beca\ise they must ^ "We are indebted to the man- *«gemeiit and personnel of the XaMoine Christian Nursing ^ome, Roseville, for their co- ;20peration in taking the calls 4nd contacting the drivers. Tias % a 24-hour service and without be available period," ttie during the spokesman shift said Rob^ Adams, Gene- Bagley, Jerry Becrait, James Carlbeng, John Chewning, Mike Cook, V, Rudy Corman, Robert Cummings, Don Farr, Austin Felt, George Janus, Marion Lewis, Stuart Mayhew, Glen Morath, jArthur Ray, William Schisler, The drivers bave taken a besicjjerry Schrader, Frank Stever first aid course and most of and Dewey Trwie. them plan to take more ad-j The RIA has separated all am- vJiaaaa^ Charies Kiricpatnck, Leighton^s Sundries CHAMIERS A lEWIIIN ST. (Sadler • Mode to Order And • Moki Yourtflf Botkfft • Grotf • Sond Foils Chocolatt Effi «fid Bunnitf Noytltift • Sfufftd Animoii • Ctnttrpitcti N«w White Neckloees CroM0i Dove of Peace — Notary Service — License & Title Service »«» a is charge of the account mfcr-.itt«l the progress report cf .9er .ag she period of January The arsbtilance service has was a guest. Announcements included the mother-daughter tea for Brownies and Ghrl Scouts May 12 at 1:30 p.m. at the legion home. Members were asked to donate cookies. The Evening Bridge Club will meet May 8. Hostesses will be Mrs. Dale Lybarger and Mrs. Bill Jenkuis. The Afternoon Club will have a luncheon May 1. Reports were given by Mrs. Iva Sanderson, Mrs. Harold Winters, Mrs. George Rankin and Mrs. Charles Paull. Mrs. James Adkisson said that the unit is just two members short of being 100 per cent membership. Mrs. Ruth McCuUough said that credit for the Easter party and for the substantial amount of crafts sold by the unit has been received. Give Donations Members voted to contribute to the Red Cross and to the Heart Fund. They also voted to with a Toro? Operating insbructions on handle' Vacuum bag eliminates nidng itarts with key (optional) Zfnf-^/^ E^'give $5 to the girl who will be ^S ^jiSh ^Uored at Girls" State this totaled^ll.222. le.v..g a balaiu^ ^^^.^^^^^ The spokesman rMnd that ^"'^^ "^^^ ^n-uu^'^' ^f'f many persons helped th.e project f 'M 'lton C"bb. Mrs. John by collecting donations. ThBha.=5 ^^J*/i' Mff- Harry Thurman made the service possible until ^^"^ ^^'^^^ P^ull. arrangements for another type of financing can be made, he .SpfirtHmail • said. ' ' _ I (Continued from page 21) Mrs. Marjorie Hook, Mon-jthat waH ^inl^wM^'' Al called mouth, district child welfare to the youthful looking Chi- chairman, spoke of schools mj^^^^ ' » the 14th District, at the April 17 meeting of the Roseville American Legion Auxiliary. Members met at the legion home, Chil dren of veterans and other children are taught at the schools, Mrs. Hook said. She also told of crafts taught in the schools and cited some of the accomplishments of the students. She read an article, "The Ten Commandments for Teen-agers." Mrs. Herman Hall, Monmouth, cago police officer. "Thank you," the officer called back, "but we also got a boat in trouble off Bryn Mawr." The officer waved as the police boat continued ahead to help the other stranded boat. Al had finally gotten a thank you. I wondered if the occupants of the boat in trouble off Bryn Mawr would thank their rescuers. But most of all I wondered if those smaller boats Fold-down handle for easystorago^ :HandIel)ar> esigned for firm grip etyshieldhdpil protect toes Visible gas gauge Safety bar helps deflect stones Visible oil gauga is easy to read 'Anti-scalping cup helps prevent gouging Tilted blade cuts clean "Sail" on blade aids vacuum action Front wheel drive (optional) Patented "Wind-Tunnel"* housing vacuums lawn ^ mm Haven't you done without a Toro long enough? first vice president and mem-1 would ever again chance the bcrship chairman of the district. Hake under such conditions. The Toro Company promises to repair any TORO product for the original purchaser if defective ill materials or workmanship. The following time periods from the date of purchase apply: The Toro Promise Kesidential products lyear Residential products used commercially 45 days Institutional products 90 days Costs of parts and labor included, but customer pays transportation costs. Return any residential product to an authorized TORO Service Dealer, or any institutional product to aTORO Distributor. See the Yellow Pages for your nearest Toro Dealer,

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