Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 9, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four . NAUGATUCK-DAILY NEWS Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Tvl<-|>lioni!» 223H mill SS39—All ln-ptirtmcnt!* Entered «.i .second clns-s nmUi>r ftt the post office in Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ^ Pnyablu in Advance 1 month $ .75 G months -,$-l.SO 3 months J2.20 1 your .....:.$0.00 Thu United Prustf has the exclusive right to use for republlcatlon in any form, nil news dispatches credited to this paper. It is filao exclusively entitled to use for I'cpubllcution all the local and undated news published herein. J'J.KDGK TO TIIK 1'I.AG—"I pledge »H»- Klunuu to tliu FI:iK of Ilic United Stutc.H of .Aini.Tieii inn) to the J{f|iubli<: for which it ItltndN. OIIB lititiOH indivisible, wltli LliH'rty uml .)notice fur all." WKHNKSIJAV, AUGUST •>. IUM DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files Of The News . 20 Years Ago Hay Cnrrlcl: of High street and Linn Moss of Orrk street spent their annual vncivtion nt Enyview in Milt'ord. o—O—o Mr. nncl Mrs. Walter Clark, daughter Elvia, and Mrs. Clark's mother, Mrs. P. O'Heurn, of Beacon Falls, left for n visit to Lowell, Mass. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Florence Bronnan and Mildred Noontin were vacationing at Block Island for several days, o—O—o Edward Conran and daughter, Alice, oC I-Iigh street, and Julia Sullivan o!' Cliff street, and Mtiry Mo ran of Galpin street returned from -a trip to Canada. JAPANESE SANDMAN TIN CAN SALVAGE 11' everyone vdio tliruws tin unns into ,'i rubbish hwip u'ould realix.e that such Around the Clock of tliu tins is an aid to tliu enemy and a di'torment !.o l ho nit-n in the arniud I'orct.'S, tin,- numlx-i- of cans sal- va.tcud would ho jvroally incrc-asud. Jt. is ht'caiisc- [K-opIc do not reaiixc how important tin is to tliu nation's war effort and flew urirunl is tliu iH'ud for it that contributions of tluit metal arc not as numerous as they should bo. .It is not because rlic-y arc- •uiipaln'i.'tic that people Jiux'luct to turn in .all their cans. They want to see the .Allies win the war which is biMiii; 1 fought for tin- pruservation of our , libel-ties and they are doini; 1 inucli to Jielp filonir that victory. Unt the idea of savini;- pans, it. seems, has not appealed to tliL-m very stmnyly. 'When it does, they will nndoiibtiM.lly be quick to join thu who • number nt' their fellow c'lrixens are s.'ilv/iidil.ii' (lie nn.'ial. It- would ho well' i!' mure si>rioiis ihou^'hl' were .given to this subject. Xf.'xt Tuesday, August lf>. another collection of prepared tin cans will be made in \uu£,':iUi<:k. (.'an USITS who have nut yet iliiiii! so should start inimediatuly In save f:\-ery can o[)ened in their kitchens. All .they have to tio is wash the cans, remove the labels, flatten the cans, and put fhen'i in a container which should 1)0 placed on the sidewalk curb where, k will be picked up by the collectors, It's so easy to do and the need for it is so great that the collodion in Xauirattick Tuesdav should break al! records. Ncreen Holmes, of Lewis street, returned from St. Mary's hospital after having her tonsils removed. The young miss is going to 'take a vacation with her mother,. Mrs. Millie Holmes, and .Mrs. Walter Gesseck, and daughter, Marilyn, up at Cape Cod. Looks like Walter G. will live the bachelor's life again for a week or so Mrs. Anna Smolkis of Maple Hill road is a surgical patient at St. Mary's, and Jacob Yablonski cf Ccok lane, Beacon Falls, is receiving his mail at Waterbury hospital. Marge Tnsogna, and Staff: SgL Sal DiVito, L'SMC, Koso Insoyna and PO 3-c 2Uikc; Vai-Miiolli, and Grace DiVito ami Dcnn Sdliniiini'lii made a joKy sextette as they toured (.he night spots the other night The Column had a headache Tuesday morning. As a Tiiattev of fact, we irniibc, p.f to be in g a slow-death. we figure 1*1' South Afain street is with a. QM'U unit. WBPKESPAY, AUQP8T 9, 1944 Broadway and Elsewhere ByJACKLAlT J" MARK HKLLTNCER Is in™' bio ..Rich, luxury-loving, well his -10's, waited on hand and fool, happily married to ' the glorified Gludys GJ.-KJ. »e left his mansion and his producer's berth at Warner's to fly to the stinloholCH ol the Pacific as a news correspondent .Emaciated, shaken by an almost nonstop flight from India <2o continuous hours in a. crate where he could .scarcely move Jin arm or leg) he landed back in New York ..In a suite -it the Waldorf-Astoria, with Gladys, .safe in his beloved Manhattan, he couldn't eat couldn't sleep...He was thinking of the GI.'J while everything fighting, sweating, dyne was here, where was so soft. .. Mark Holiinger, who got famous putting the surprise twists on the end ol his sophisticated human interest stories...He ran into one yarn he can't snap off with a wisecrack— and he doesn't want to! STRANGE BRITTANY American troops leaving Normandy to Tight through .Britlany must at times think that they are not in 1'Vnnc.e, but in a different land. In a way they are. The dukes of Brittany were long practically independent of the 'French king. Though a dialect of French is spoken, flu, 1 iyal Breton language is not French at al! but a Celtic spi-roli, related to (inclic and \\Vlsh. The 15 re t ft u fishermen were and still are hardy souls, sailing far out in stormy seas with small fishing boats. The Bretons say that their fishers knew America before Cohnnlius, and it is lilce them to have ventured so i far afield. Different as Brittany is from the rest of France, it is similar in one respect to all the occupied countries. .It will find relief, satisfaction and joy in its libc't'a- tion. Specs Spadola, "Jelly Roll" Roland, and Mickey Brcderick have .opened a new business. The three lads are repairing bicycles Waterbury hospital had on its "guest list" Mrs, Miriam Marsh, 93 North Hoadley street and Harold Sanf ord, 53 North Spring 'street, Union City, both of whom are surgical patients And over at St. Mary's Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Timler became the parents cf a baby girl Tuesday, The poppa is passing out cigars at the Waterbury Tool Co. The momma is the former. Eveline Lawton. Bill "Mnstachio" Zguxensl<i, nf Spring- street. L r . C., wo hear tell, caught a 10 pound. .1.3 and a half ounce land locked salmon at Lake Qnassapang the other day, .\l has boon reported that that variety of i'rsli hasn't been known to have been hooked in a .heck of a long time at the lake William Fernandos of Church street', aim fiancee, FJIen Diti- munt of Cliff struct arc the -guests of Sheriff and -Mrs. Anthonv Nunos of Bristol, 17, I. "YOUR MIND AND BODY" THE GREATEST GOLFER Who was tin- world's greatest golfer? T)«\'o Ogilvit!. for more- I ban a genorafjoii the- professional at the Augusta. Oa., Country club, gives a surprising answer. He (loos not, like must, people, name his fellow-Gooi'gian, Bobby Jones, but the old-time British master. Harry Vardun. ''Time was," says OgilvTe, "when Vnrdon was six to twelve strokes better than anyone else. Man, you have to have something to win the British Open six times, and the Americ;ui Open on top of that." Vanlon -was not a specially long driver. Where lie excelled was in his accuracy. Ogilvio is starting something when he jnaintains that .Jones was not a reliable putter. Putting, according to Ogilvie, is the most important item in a golfer's grime. Maybe Mr, Duffer should stop asking his opponents to concede him short putts, and work on that branch of the game. We like to see 'Charles Parker, genial executive of the Naugatuck Valley En ; graving Co., walking up the street early each morning. Mr. Parker is the living image of the spirit of peace, contentment, and congeniality John Greacen, Jr., the sad sage of Brookfield, has abandoned his post as weather prophet and temperature reporter, The Column is inclined to think that the Sage just couldn't get the weather to coincide with his predictions, and so he gave up. By LOGAN CLKNU'CNING, M. D. For Cancer Control THE EDUCATION of the public ca'ncer is proceeding npacc if one can, judge by the lit 1 eraturo Una comes to my desk. The American Society Tor the Control of Cancer publishes an article in :i weekly nuigaxinc, and it issues u bulletin of its own for general, publir: distribution, it appoints a month to be designated, cancer' control 'month, many state lic-nlth- departments start campaigns o!' explanation among- their citizens. How much should the public be educated about cancer? I confess I don't know. Enough so they use common sense, ar.d not enough to get frightened, or go off. naif cocked at anything 1 that happens to their family or relatives or. neighbors and insist on unnecessary operations or some fool quack treatment. But they should know enough to realize when there is. a rcul indication for it. afui to gut early and proper treatment. And that is a tall order. A little learning is a dangerous thing, and when they get a little learning about cancer common sense often flies out of the window, ninvront Types of Cancer I think I know something about the dilforcnt cancers. I have had a sltin cancer and I don't think I displayed any morbid fear about it. 1 had it right in my old vaccination scar and I didn't recog- nixe what it \vas for several weeks, and then when it beg-an to bleed (it never hurt) I went to a dermatologist and he .said—"Why 'that is an epitheloma," ono I went, hight out of his olllco to a surgeon's oflice who cut it out, and it was sent to a pathologist who sectioned it anil said, "Yes, it is an epitheloma," and that's the last I have worried about it since. WASHINGTON liy IIELKV ESSARV (Central Tress Columnist) Germany Still Quality Is Equipped With • Deteriorating But Plenty Of Weapons Backing Tremendous AMERICAN MILITARY CHIEF- tains do not anticipate that tile Germans will be forced to seek peace for some time because of a lack of raw materials or weapons, despite ihc fuct that Allied bombings are believed to have cut Na/.i production as much as 20 per cent. They point out that the Germans started the war with a huge buck- log of munitions and still have plenty of ground equipment, including artillery, although they havc dipped heavily into their supply of planes. American production experts say, however, that the quality of German weapons has beer, deteriorating, with the Na/is forced to use substitutes for substitutes in some instances, United States war production, steadily inching upward, was approximately one and one-half times that of the Axis last year, while the United Nations output was llg- ured at two and one-ha'.£ limes as great as Germany and Japan. Jap production has been estimated at about: a quarter to a third as large as Germany's output. Hobby's telephone bell does a chime—in throe notes, "W," "A," "C," maybe. Over'lieanl on n bus: "SlioV the kind of woman that wlmU'Vur you say to her, she savs, 'Oli'." "\Vally Gesscc'k and Dan Koonz didn't Jiavc mnc:h luck with tlicii 1 - angling' ei- I'urts ^Louc'lny. Miglita boon the worms they wore using 1 Joe Zcraaitis of Uic ^ r ani;-;iliiek Cliomical took a trip to Canada the other day on husinoss The XaiiirJituck Cominunity Band presents its last concert ol.' tlic season Wednesday iii^'ht on the Gircen. Last week Union Cityites enjoyed the music. Another lar.u'c audience is expected to be on 'hand at S p. m. ayain. How do I advise or control my j llle bagpipe? household? Well, I do not dcliber- ' utcly avoid it, but it never occurs to me to talk about cancer to them. They come to me pretty soon after any symptom pops up in them (that is perhaps the advantage of a doctor's household) anci if there THAT ANNOUNCEMENT of the forthcoming- interchange, of musical noniuses Cor is it jrenii?) of the republic of Russia and ihe republic of Ihc United States as a method of honoring the jjroa.t Serfi'e: Kach;nar.inolT will brinw hope to the hearts and relief to the cars of scn-.e Americans who are s<H- tins 1 tired of the talents of trombonists, saxophonists and crooners. Wouldn't it be pleasant if we could send some of our shouting jazz bands beside which the head waiter generally sits most of us, to the broad, desolate steppes of old Russia? .Naturally, the exchnng-c of talent 'would present us with some pretty awful numbers., for instance, is the Soviet equivalent of GLAMOR MAY PLAY A HEADLINE HOLE in the forthcoming campaign, but so far the Democrats bavun't put up a throatonir.g contender for the Republican's Citire Booth Luce. Democratic naltional commi<tec head- yuarlers are bcaling the drums for Helen Gahayan Douglas, former Broadway stu^e and Hollywood movie actress and congressional nominee from California. But on the basis of preliminary records, she isn't a formidable match the Ccjiinecitcut congress woman. Mrs. Luce's performance at the GOP convention in Chicago stamps her as a political phrasemakcr to be reckoned with. As the author of numerous plays, including the acid-tongucd "The Women," the blond canjjrcsswoman is in her ulumcnt on the speaking platform. Mrs. Douglas, wife of the former screen star. Cap!.: Melvyn Douglas, has beauty and charm to offer, but in the "battle o." words" this /all, that won't be enough. THE DATE HAD BEEN SET, and all arrangements made for :i wedding, when Jerri EJanchard, who sings at the IS Club, and Arthur Brown suddenly called the whole foolishness off. ..Hunt/: Ha.ll, former Dead ' End Kid, is tough; bill he'd better find out whether the pretty singer he's dating has an "all clear" from another he- man, Cm dr. Jack Dempsey ..The Woolworth Donahues, separated for years now, still can't agree on the " lln.-tncial settlement. ..Frank Sinatra, whose earning power h.-i.s become practically unlimited, will have to carry out an old contract with Paramount theater at S-1,000 a week, which he now considers chick..-n fe<;d. His usual terms these days arc 50 per cent of the gross receipts in picture houses, which might run as high as ten times tho aforesaid sum in theaters which go in for that sort of deal. Alex D'Arcy, former O f -ftrJcne ..While the onetime Mra. Jackie Coofcan, Parry, in getting a f.-mt and ous rush from BjJl Caldwel), the actor ..Joan Edwards' press ngent brigade wends out aji many reltaxen as the New Den], but it IS true that Irving Klein, or Brooklyn licks his age:" He has org'-.nizqij a " "Moan and Groan for" club. A .MOVJE THEATRE chain I, working on a million ramillciuiotix involved in its plan to rename SO theatres in as many cities after the late Carole Lombard .. Monte Proser is negotiating with Sidney i THE OUTLOOK for four-year- old Jackie Krumholti, the little victim if lymphatic Leukemia ror whom we sent forth a call for type O blood, appears tragic. Of th'ous- ,nds of responses, not one had what might be the lone, desperate hope—blood of that type from one who had recovered from that af- liction. The sad truth appears to ie that no one has ever recovered "rom it. The cause and cure are inknown, according to foremost lulhorilies.... Until eight weeks igo, ;hc boy had never boon sick, -le then contracted poison ivy, nd, despite medical care, the yinp'vOms soon showed the drcud yinphatic leukemia. Dr. Leo S'utinj, Cincinnati specialist, is iow at the child's bedside. We'will ie advised of developments. to write a film Htory around his Copacabana. ..The new- Cafe Za.nxibnr show, sU-irring Cab Galloway, is the costliest in Broadway history. This Is the room which saw seven disastrous flops in succession before it skyrocketed to the top...That about Danny Kaye being taken to a West Coast hospital amazed nobody more than it did Danny, who at the moment was working overtim.; in the Goldwyn studio. . .Zachary Scott, new Warner ,-:uj.r, got his start toward film fame the same way as did Erj-ol Flynn. Both made their first appearances as corpses washed a-shore—Scott in "Mask of ( Dimitrios," Flynn in "The C.ise or the Missing Bride" 10 years ago. NEW YORK CLUCKS love to be clipped. This is on<; burg where ihe slickers don't have to meet the trains...On Park Avenue a former band leader has opened a private "bottle club." Members pay i . initiation fee ;»nd cgular dues. 'They supply their own lockers with their own hooch, They come there after the 4 a. m. close, are served from their-own oottles at a buck a drink, plus tips, of course. . .There's no music or other entertainment, no dancing ...The joint is a clean-up ...The psychological angle apparently it that New Yorkers can't have a good time aj home; even their liquor doesn't taste right there. Walter Winchcll's column will IK- ri'>|iniod on liis return, S«pt. 1, During his absence .luck I^jifs column will appear on Mondays and THE TWO SWANKIEST Hol:y- vood night spots, the Mocambo ind Trocadero, may have to close •ecause they wore ruled out of jounds for uniformed personnel. Jnder California law is rounds for revocation of a liqi:or censo. . .Greta Garbo, rarely s«.-cn i public except when she goes to o he:- own marketing in Sevcrly [ills, i.s walking with a decided limp, the result of a ninternal con* dition, not an accident. . .John Ringling North, with all liis troubles, hns found the time and mood to' write a song—"I'm oh a Green Branch Now." Ella Logan- introduced it on the' air and will, sing it to the GI's abroad. Homeowners should be getting their houses ready for the winter, as it might be cold again this winter. Fuel, both oil and ccal, is expected to be not too plentiful, and winterizing one's home is a good way to save and to prolong the use of the precious stuff Beacon Falls' Ray Jones has a new-address: T-5 Raymond L, Jones, Co. "A," llth Bn,, 4th Regt., AGF Repl. Depot 2, AFO 15314, San Francisco, Cal. is, following the outline of the American Society for the Control of Cancer: 1. Any abnormal or irregular discharge from, any of the body openings. ' •' 1 2. Any sore, no matter how small ,on the skin, lips, tongue, mouth, that does not- heal within ten days. ' . ' • ' 3. Any mole wen or wart that- changes its texture or. begins to grow. • : •1. Any persistent hoarseness or | loss of voice not due to a cold. f>.. Any lump—no matter, if entirely painless—especially in the female bi-east. - ••'..' Immediate Examination . If any of those tilings -were, reported to me I would start art In-' vestigation immediately. 1 That; investigation should include removal of a piece of the tissue (biopsy)' and examination of a section of it under the microscope by a trained, pathologist. That is the final tost: fo rdiagnosis. There is no .bloodiest or electric test. Even here some common sense can be 'used,/ If the spot is on the skin and is fairly small, have it all' removed, not. just a sra.all piece for njicro- •scopic examination, an9"~whcn*. the whole growth is removed have part of it examined microscopically and then decide whether to have fol- Anyhow, it will be fun to see what Uncle Joe Stalin sends us. One way..or another, we always scorn to keep thinking about what Mr. Stalin is going to do next. INCIDENTALLY IMPORTANT —Col. Ovcta Gulp Hobby, commander of tho WAC, has had a special tinkle tuned in. on.the telephone in her office. There Js no startling twang such as that .which called you and me from.- happy oblivion of the'- outside., world. Instead, Gol. T HOPE tho very charming and intelligent Jlesdames Dewey and Hricker won't'permit themselves to bo sacrificed loo much to the determination of the Republican chiefs to present them to the public as complete homebodies. A recent shot made at Albany showed Mrs. Dewey nt the piano and -Mrs. Bricker standing behind her. Tho tone of the picture was Godey's Lady's Book, year 1SSO. Mrs. Dewey and Mrs. Bricker looked as if they might be singing "Seeing Nellie Home." Or was it maybe "Seeing Franklin Home." Anyhow the: result of the posing was as-artificial as those old views of little''Calvin Coolidge in a 40- i her"" VIM ""own gallon hat pitchin; - -- •--• ' C ' ^ M "° " mont farm. Mrs. Dewo'y and Mrs. Briefer are too clever to be used so ineptly. VIRGINIA BI-IUCE seems - to prefer a Marine major. . .Anne' Baxter seeing a Pasadena doctor (not professionally) about the state of her heart . .l^on McAl'.is tor torn'"betwecn Jeanne Grain am Marjorie Riordnn. . .Ensign Bol Stack, on leave, doesn't want to leave Eonita Granvillc . . . . Jocke> Sammy Renick in the race I'oi Jerri Hiptsrins, the ex-Mrs. Paul Douglas. ..Eleanor Hall, the "Follies" blonde, at Armando's with Fletcher Godfrey, socialite with medical army discharge . .Wnlly Wanger. Latin Quarter producer, and C;»rol King, its ballerina, are very good friends. NOT ALL THE SET-TOS come off in Hollywood. There was a beaut between Jane Eeebe and Ben Rochclle backstage at the Strand Theater, after he had stepped or. in the act. and Before 3 SCO, gold was produced by North Carolina in such quantities that n branch mint ^vas established at Charlotte. How to select a NEW YORK HOTEi low-up X-ray or radium treatments', ' But I -also know ancnt the above list.of indication's for examination, that there are a igreat many kinds and cases" of discharge from one of the -cavities of the body that are-, not .due-to cancer at all. In fact most .of'them, so I would accept a negative verdict with a placid mind. . /•.Surgery, X-ray and rad'ium are 'the 'ohly'-".me'thods of treatment of cancer th'at-'have ever been found successful.' Sometimes one is better, sometimes the other, sometimes a'combination. But they are the .only ways of treatment to trust. ". There is no serum or chemical in the blood that at the present time has any scientific ground for-reisagriftion. The best' hope for prevention of cancer-is in'the forms on the skin and in the breast. You can see or feel them. • There is not much excuse for anybody who neglects those two varieties until it is too late. You're Telling Mel By WILLIAM UITT (Central l-re*« Writer) A BRITISH photographer's model has insured her smile for S5.- 000. This puts some sen?e into the poet's phrase about -her teeth were like a row of matched pearls.' ' And them there's the chandclisr installer who s.iys lie always has charged ceiling- prices. hay on his Vcr- ,. ippe( > u ,.j.,. )n aown Ujo bnc) : TJ , c only thing she didn't throw at him was the piano—and she coulfln't lift that.".'.Jack Under, who first saw dramatic possibilities in Mac West, has another exotic iind,.He lifted Rose L:x Rose out of n. Los Angeles burlesque troupe and is starring, her .it a Hollywood theatre...Val Valentinoff is squiring Carmen Miranda, but he'd rather be with Kay Crospi of "Follow the Girls", . .Billic Chanin. twenty-four days old the day he started^ his career acting in "Casa- has been sigiied to International Mussolini's portrait has disappeared from.-Italian walls and poles—improving the scenery im- Now that tha Americans have developed an anti - aircraft pun that fires a shell 11 miles into the air, we bet the Mam in the Moon is petting- a litt'.c- nervous. That Canadian cat which has adopted two orphaned.skunks certainly is sold on the id'ea of mother love. The Japs who were always liolrlns: for more scrap iron now liavi; a point iftil supply ill that steel mill the JJ-2!)s smaxlicd! More than 00 per cent of Ohio's total area is devoted to farming-. Four-fifths' of this total amount is improved land. nova Brown a term contract by Pictures. AVA Gardner, Mickey Rooney's used-to-be, who went out steady with Metro director Willis Gold'- seems to have switched to in one easy lesson • Notorolly, you'll find the mcrf comfortable of room*.' the finest ef food*, the friendlietf cf fervie* of The Commodore ... but you'll find all thU plus the extra added attraction of supreme cccejj;6iY- ity. The Commodore'* central location, unrivalled in the cily, pull you clo»e to all Midtown. center* of business, shopping, amusement « and sightieeing. Thi* ij an important point just now . .. with transportation nof what it used to b« ond time *o vital to everybody.. • doubly important if you don't know New York any too well. Picas* make reservations tody, contel unwanted rooms promptly and check out early on departure days. / 2,000 lorj», lomloitcblt, oubid» nomt, oil wilh frivol* balk • THI lommoDORE "N.wYoric'i kit loMttd Hot*)" MAC7IN SWEENY, Pr.i;>icrt R1CH1 A? O II A NO A N 1) A t * ( [ N I «• 11 Electrical Supplies Lighting: Equipment BOMB 'EM WITH BOMBS Victor — Cotumtiiu — Deceit Records SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CIlUKCtt ST. TEL. WAtt BOWDS * A ItllY REYMONDS

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