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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 10

The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri • Page 10

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:

THE KANSAS CITY TIMES. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13. 1023. 10 IFHimiCMIL AM B1SM3 GOOD DEMAND IT HAIL BONDS. 1 KANStS CITY TO lit GOODS, her daughter, Mrs. Walter Robinson, Snl-a-bar road and Eastwood drive. She was born in 146 in Aurora, (A. and was the widow of Prof E. B. Wakefield, formerly dean of Hiram college, Hiram, O. Professor ake-field died here in 1921. Besides her daughter pjie leaves three anna, Ir. E. F. Wakefield. Chagrin Falls, O. A. S. Wakefield. Lockwood, and Dr. Paul Wakefield, a medical missionary In chaise of Boone university. Wuchang, China. Burial in Cleveland, O. Funeral of Aim1! Jean Coots, Funeral of Alma Jean Coots, 5, who died Sunday night at the home of her narents, Mr. and Mrs. John Coots, 8601 Independence road, will be at 3 oclock today at the Forster chapel burial at Mount Washington cemetery. PI 91 85 RISE IN STOCKS CHECKED et 4 a 4 Itelg Cans Paper ttt Tlai.di hs Mexico ItuN-lan 5s Swiss i. ha Aloxuo 4s Average of prtcra of forty leading bond wa 81.83, up .08 for tbe day. higher than a month ago. and 2.3U wer than a year ago, A MODERATE SETBACK AFTER TWO WEEKS' CONTINUOUS ADVANCE. FIRST MORTGAGE REAL ESTATE LOANS 5 y2 and 6 S-year or 15.year payment plan wanted on improved city property. Choice Mortgages a lira or city properly lor MORTGAGE LOAN DEPT. (ommcrccjrus! (ompany RAViK OF STO KM 1 NEW YORK. Tfrlinliil Condition Urtrlj tor I Selllmt. ThonRh I nfuTornble Oil en Factor Sterling I. oxter. Nbw York, Nov. 12. Uuying orders for all classes of railroad mortgage were plentiful in todays market and flnc.1 prices generally showed gains. With the exception of a fair demand for the copper company liens, few buyers were in evidence in the industrial group and prices were easier. Commission houses reported a brisk dc-j mand for public utility company liens, with 1 the market rather narrow. Withdrawal by the government of 000 from member blinks in the New York federal reserve district next Thursday was announced, the date coinciding with the November 15 payment of approximately 68 million dollars interest on the 4 per cent second liberty loan bonds of anu 4U per cent second liberty bonds of the same Issue. PruwUml transaction io bonds in thousand of duitar, aa.l ih high, hnv auu i losing tiuoutUous, are here shoviu: IIlgiiMt. lowest a riit closing price Manila and tU closing prior Saturday of the principal at ka on the New York market, together Mth the number of shares sold in minimis ttmo upbore omitted), as reported by St Me-or eery are hers showo: lontd. Sales. High. Low. 'Mon. Sat. AdT-Rwn Rubber 11 Sugar Oil Corp Kef. Foundries Kef, c. Trig Miuiug pta Corp Indira Loro re Hap Tr. SujMrtur a' 4 77 r.i- Mi. 2 31 31 31 4 12 1 2 12 12 ID 17 PIN, ld ldT 4 DEATHS IN GREATER KANSAS CITY. Gbter Mrs. Corilla N. Cleyer, 66, died at her home near Raytown Sunday night. She was horn in Carter County, Kentucky, and had lived near Raytown twentv-flve years She is survived by her husband, Christian Oeyer; a sister, Mrs. Clara Beli Parker, New York; and two brothers, Kliner NVthercutt. Portland, Ore. and L-nuin Nethercutt, Kansas City. Funeral at 1:30 clock today at Raytown Baptist church; burial at Brooking cemetery. Fredkrickron Mrs. Laura Frederirkson, 50, whosre hme was in Carson, dUd Monday at the home of her sister, 1 Mra. Robert Kemp, 1213 West Walnut, Independence. Mrs. Frederlckson had been visiting in Independence about two months. She Is survived also by a brother, Frank Green, of Tabor, la. Burial in Carson. Harritt William H. Harrtty, 3 months old, died yesterday at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Harrlty, 1304 south Thirty-second, Kansas City, Kas. Funeral at 10 oclock this morning at St. John's Roman Catholic church; burial at Maple Hill cemetery. Klein Mrs. Haxel Klein, 23 1920 Nor-i wood, Englewood station, died yesterday at the Independence sanitarium. She is survived by her husband, Harold R. Klein; one son, Jack Klein, of the home one slater, Helen Keith; one brother, Teddy Keith, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keith, all of Goodman, Mo. Funeral at 2 o'clock tomorrow at the Ben union Baptist church; burial al Mt. Was-hlngton cemeterv. Ofkitt Doris Mae Offutt, 9 months old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Offutt, died yesterday at the home, R. F. D. No. 5, Rosed. ile. Funeral at the home at 1 1 o'clock tomorrow burial at Maple Hill cemetery. Petersxk Mrs. Augusta Petersen, 51, died esterday at her home in Wolcott, after a long illness. She is survived by her husband, Marinus Petersen. Mrs. Petersen was born in Denmark and came to Kansas Cltv, in 1893. Funeral at 3 o'clock Wednesday at Our Saviors Danish Lutheran church, 73t Rivervicw avenue, Kansas City, Kas. burial at Oak Grove cemetery. Rrsssf.i. Mrs. Nannie E. Russell, 69. CTlftv, died yesterday at the home of her brother, J. M. Pate, Hickman Mills Mo. She is survived by her husband, Samuel P. Russel; two daughters. Mrs. Maud Powell. Cliftv, Ark and Mrs. Bessie Heslm, Rnmadsll, OV two sons. Harvev M. Russell, Bakersfield. and E. R. Russell, 5s3t5 Lawn; and another brother, Robert R. Pate, 6306 Oak. Burial in Lees Summit, Mo. Wakehbt.o Mrs. Martha Ann Wakefield, 77 years old, died yesterday at the heme of A partial list of uut-of-town buyers who visited Kansas City wholesale houses yesterday to buy merchandise, as compiled by the Kansas City Wholesalers Association, follows Front Jtfbaoarl. 0. C. Tnnn. drv ol. Muiv in mr. firy gtnel. Lmllw, W. H'ftliwnHa A bn, drv goods. Bolivar. Mima Menautil dry HvUuiuy. PiW A Bundy, dry Drexcl. W. F. Iturmev drug and utltun. Miller. Dry Gouda Ifo SmuruU. A. ltoa.r A tn)tHur. I.eltou. lUaciec Bra, fmdaear. Butler. Miller A Dwltoo. footwear. Cleveland. 11. IltO, loutarut Libert Y. Halter Kliimiu, fvitwear, Bahor. rout wear. Carnev. lerkina A tacmeuta. dry goH, Hartlaonvllle. Grurtie Nueser. dry good Lexingt'-n. Mra. 1. UuK. drv gotNU. uak Grove. H. 11. Geoige. ry good. tbk 4ruvo. Smith A JoltuaiHi, Mra Sm.tU. dry sd. Garden City. Wuvirlr Mercantile Co, dry cootl. Waverlv. J. Wllkon. dr giNx lGirdin, Ahtietia. 0. Smith. rK-crU8, Salina. Harry Kane, groceries, Ijwrnee. L. L. Hart, giouenea. Bourn Spring. 1.arl Juim. dry gowip Areatlm. I J. Ii sury. dry goods, ionganoxie. Barton Kldor. lry gowi. INniglas. Suuoo Mcnmntlic CX dry gol. Turon. 1 F. Patferaou, general uiercbnudiae. Blue MiKlDd Dm Clavpoot, mrilnery, Topeka. tx.ston Sure, Mr. Herr, millinery, llutchln CD Stephen A lem. dry good. EUlnwood. Ouoga CSdlilng Co. ouagu. 8 D. smith clothing Princeton Lina County Cavh Store, dry good. La Cygne. Hippie Lair Store, dry goovis. Dm me titj. Griffin A Sou. dry goods. Nortoinille. Kagle Sbiie A CUdhlug Co, drv good. Topeka. A W. Holly, Paul Holly, dry emnls. liultow Caibouo Dry touda Girard and Fort Scott. Hi'mleriw-vn A Stowe, dry goevts. Lane. Y. A. Kiuitb. lrv goods, Otunute. From t))r Sio'fi I. Walter, clothing. 11dd nrille Ok. Couri A Lo. dry good. Sxlatook. 'k. Kwpe A Son, dry guod. Beeiucr. Nb. 4o Kautuiuu, Kaug itv. imri bat mllllnerT for branch utore in Little ltock. Hot Springs hurt Mm tli, Toteka. Wield in. Tlil, Meinpiii and SbreTetrt As-iateJ Variety II. Van Dorpen. Amarillo. Tt Deasoaa Economy Store, Mr. Deasoa. Shawnee. ok. S. A. Taylor, Nolan. M. LONDON' SlEAKKR FOR MILLEIIS. IS VEST IS OUR 7 FIRST MORTGAGE GOLD BONDS Secured on Highly Improved Income-Producing Kansas City, Real Estate. Convenient Units $100 $500 $1,000 Choice of Maturities 6 Months to 5 Years Collections and Service to Investors Without Charge. Arthur Fels Real Estate Mortgage Co. 1010 Baltimore Ave. Never a Loss to Any Investor Most people are. Nearly earn. Some save. Few in vest. Spent money deprive them of their rightful earn irtfts. David Dickson gets all he earns. Hie book reveals the plan. Ask for Sensible Dsvld Send) our name and address on the margin of this age. Tear it out now. LEIGHT, HOLZER CC 4b. 4-i 21 21 21a 143 143 143 14' 14 14 41 41 61 41 614 294-111 W. Washington Chlcap, Petro la. jftc Leather. Fskco Mot onto Alton Northwestern. 10 62 esiero 2 4 10 134 31 2 Pacific. 10o 23 4 0s 7 71 i 7a 3 82 .9 4 .102 22 3 143 14 27 74 4 ui 4 5 11S -'4 61 4 22 4 7f4 734 2lv NEBRASKA POWER COMPANY Preferred Stock Dividend No. The rK'Unr quarG rly dHiiW-ivl of 1 on the jrtfTrel ttn of I- I winy hi1 Ihij ilethuetl, p.rahl In ivit-t 1 iu fi prtft'mtl t4M IdioMers of rt-toril tit jl of buKiuvM Novfiur 11. V23 8 V. fit'HWm7rn or 4 13 4 23 4 7u a 2 174 US 73 4 8U4 4 BUY FARMS NOW Writ for tie complete lint of real farm bargain, it mill par vnu. no cot MANSFIELD LAND LOAN 41 7 Bonflla BUli? K. G. Mo. mim Odder tTirett Peabody 27 174 74 r'h 34 17 1 tS 0 74 2 23 ..11 33 S't Its 81 mt 1M'4 177 J7 .64 7 7 13(W 328 123 Established 1880 the Northwestern Miller, with offices in Iondon, Is In Kansas City to address tlie heiuu Kansas City Millers Club tonight at a dinner at the Kansas City Club. Flour exports from the United States, 51 1 2U Iron Flep Oraph A Textile 'o St! Mnrar Sue Sit Cbeui Bat Jobna 4 46 41 3 ..126 ..7 62 35 6(1 45 2UH 63 7 2 6d 3i)t4 11K 47 U't prices. 1H 'Vi In the United Kingdom on account of the 6.. 5 largo overproduction. Holland and Nor- 107 nrt v4 o7 way are still taking good quantities of JJ Mrxdotn 37 48 3i joi, 101 lol Player 1 13 bti -j 7 4i 44 Vs 44 44 44 sinter wheat flour In prefemnee to Cana-; iy- E- dlan. An especially good business Is being 5h done by United Statea mills with Greece, i AND MISCELL OJIrR Many have been reluctant to place anAro Ae ru 7u. 10 ir, ptu, oth 97K, stock in the numerous reports coming from5 rh db 6 3 92i 92 92 92G Russia, but it is true that larfte quantUles JJH of grain are being shipped and will be 1 Am Sugar l0o loo, loo 101m ya'n a ta trsr i Once you have asked a Jones expert to furnish you the protection you need, you are entirely relieved from all fur- ther worry. Phone Main 1230 R. B. JONES SONS Insurance Underwriters and Engineers 17th Floor Federal Reserve Bank Bldg. v.ratre nf t-rot- lnrfntrit. 91 lo. f.p jie dj. .15 Ui ji. -B 'Averiee of tw-ntv rsMrMil ln nr iiir day. hurt for thu jer. J0.51 U.w, JO 03. Xr.n- York, Nov. 12. Tho advance in stocks which has been under way for nearly two weeks, with only a tew minor interruptions, was halted in the late dealings today by rather tree -selling, much of which apparently was due to technical conditions. The market closed somewhat unsettled, with small net losses predominating throughout the list. At the outset an active demand was in evidence and a large number of stocks made substantial gains, but the support lasted only a short time. Transactions exceeded a tnillion shares. Much of the early buying apparently was in reflection of Secretary Mellons proposal for a reduction of federal income taxes, which met with favor in the financial community. Extension of the gasoline price cutting war to New England and other eastern states, had a somewhat depressing effect on the oil shares throughout the session, but It was the report that the Consolidated Gas Company of New York was preparing to issue 30 million dollars of additional common stock at $50 a share, that turned the general course of prices downward, that stock dropping 4 points. IMPROVED DEMAND IX COPPER. Copper shares developed moderate strength on reports of another increase in the price of the red metal, which is now selling at 131- to 13 cents a pound for delivery in the first Quarter of next year, or about a cent above the recent low. Gains in this group, however, were not maintained. Heavy buying of the Erie issues, approximately seventy-five thousand shares of -which changed hands, was influenced by reports of high October earnings. New Haven also strengthened on publication of a report for the third quarter showing a surplus of $339,412, compared with a deficit of $1,411,141 in the corresponding period last year. ANOTHER BREAK IN STERLING. Heavy offerings of cotton bills, transfer of balances from London to New York because of the coming British general election and continued unsettle-nient of the reparations situation forced sterling down nearly 3 cents to $4.35 1-16, the lowest price since the middle of March, 1922. A large part of the days loss was regained. Most of the Continental and South American exchanges also moved downward. XRW 10RK CTHB TRANSACTIONS. New Nov. 12. Extension of the gasoline price cutting war enfribinedv wltu the passing of the Crescent Ftpe dividend and the reduhtlon in the quarterly payment of Ohio Cill Imparted a reactionary tone to today curb market after an Irregularly higher opening. Ohio Oil broke 7 points, to 57, and Standard Oil of Nebraska sold IS points below the previous transaction. Losses of 1 to 2 Vj points were registered by Prairie Oil and Gas, Imperial of Canada, Standard Oils of Kansas and New York and a few others. Industrial Issues sagged in sympathy. Gillette Safety Kaxor dropping 2 points. Yellow Taxi jumped 6 points to 130, following the announcement of the acquisi-tloiuof other properties, but reacted slightly ftward the close. Total sales were 403,200 shares; bonds, $251,000. Principal transaction in tbe rnrb market, wit tbe number of sale nud tbe range of prices, err here shown INDUSTRIALS. Closed- Sate. High. Low. M.m. Kit. Bridgeport Mach. lo. 1 1 1 10 I. lu-) Lrtt Am Tob, red PMt 21 21 B-Am. Tob, coup l.innt 22 Curtiss Aero (tls tod Id '5 Dob I ond Radio 1 1,00 12 Da Pont Mtr. 2.200 4-n Durant Motors 29 Gillette ltsiur. 30 2'-2 Aided I. pin Am Agrl Am Heet Am Can, Am Au Cottou Am II A Am Internal Am Loco, Atu Smelt Am Si eel Atu Mgjr Am 8 imatru Am Trie A Am Wooieu Am Zinc, Auttcoutia Armour, Aeaore Oil A It hlFou, Atchison, Atl t.uif A Paldvriu halt Oulo. Bethlehem Bosch Magneto Brooklyn Butte A a)inhau I. alifornia uuadian Cetjtiai Ce'ro Chandler he A Chicago A hi A Chicago A St A St 11 I A I A I A hi Copler Cola ol Fuel A cd Has A ohmrhia Computnig Conjrtiiputo Cin'l tonaol orn Peoilucte Cont! t'an Ci-ntl Motor Coden A Cnidble Cuban Am uban Cuban Darieon lu iont Klee Stop Kndieott Frie Kamoua Fhk Knbber Fieieliii)an report, t.puoral treuprai 7.1 pnera Goodrich t.rrat tirpat Omf Stiitra Harere Houston H'ldtHin Htif.p Motors Iruniration Inter ('ottibun Inter Mere Inter Mere Interl Interl Paper Intlnoiblo Julina Southern Kley. Kennncott Lehigh Lima Loco l.ewa Inc. Loo-WiUm, omKT A Mnefc Tm Magma Maxwell Muriand Mex Seaboard Mex Kealwarl Miami Midale A Mo Par, Mo Pae, Montgomery Moon Motor Natl Biaclit Natl Knauiei National Nerala Kay Coiwd Kc-uling. Rpplogle Kepiiblic erimlda Itoyil Dutch Tex Mutore Asphalt Motors Northern 3S Northern Ore 35 Steel. .14 heel 1 Oil 6 Motor Minin Eur Mar c. Mar Jlurreater 22 80 Mil 31 4 31i 81 T4 364 31 814 35 4 60 80 SO 8tl4 60 Grain, Provisions Stocks and Cotton Member Chicago Board nf Trado 2W York Stock Exchange New York Colton Exchaago 332 South La Salle Street, Chicago ST. LOUIS-. Private Wlreo PEOBIA 811 Merchants Exchange 11 Board ol Trado GRAIN SHIPHENTS SOLICITED Orders Executed In AH Markets BRANCHES 414 Beard el Trade, Kansas City, Me. 404 Chamber ol Commerce, Minneapolis 721.17th DENVER, Colorado 1104 Baltimore KANSAS CITY, MO-, Tel. Main 6110 FA'ID, OKLAHOMA I OKLAHOMA CITY I WICHITA, KAN. I HUTCHINSON. K.N. Enid Nat. Bank I Grain Exchange I UOSo. MarkriSt I u-3 D. n. Local 973 1.D.4SS.HjI4M I LR.ia.HortutlSM I L. D. eo! Locsi rj being In rye." i Ain col 4 Anaconda lop 7a. WHAT LIVESTOCK MEX ARE DOING. Armour Co 4 A 8 gtn 4 ne ATASF adj xtiKl Saturday morning, November 17, American Royal Livestock Show and Ex position will open Its door AH detail jjj and preliminary arrangements have been iit-tu st cnVa. er A Can Iac deb 4 parison that can be made now is that the lited entries are 25 per cent larger in ur oil Karaer Springfield 1 upper Valey Naab Copper Motors A uii ctfa. Copper and eight ac prizes total Know the Great Southwest Steel Tuesday night, Nov. 20, the night horse chu show, lasting through the week. Officers and directors of the American Royal, the four beef breed associations. ref swine growers associations and horsemen i began work on thin years African Royal 7'a the first of December last year, so that 6 4 7 ct'fa is this years exhibition is the most care-lii 6if fully planned Royal ever held. It has; Full Knife taken nearly year of hard work. thV The question naturally arises: RTiat the purport of all this preparation and ef fort? There are only a few objects possible for such an exposition. They are i Uerebey choc" V. 2'J 27 2H- Ward. 34 24 23 23 4 214 82 22 27 51 50 51 3 41? 41 41 Lead, 6 124 124 123 Gl 1 11 Con Copper 27 11 11 fmeriHiniiirm anu 1., The fact that the American Humble advertising. that the services of officials and directors factors are present In varying degrees, jn lapr ref 5 catinnAl rrt 0 outhrn 3 cationai part. I Terminal 4. Kansas City is the gateway into the Hr corn belt for the large and sheep that are produced Also Kansas City is the distributing point a 5 31 and the center of the purebred cattle thatiji, i-SjuU'? TV. lliT4 go into the West and Southwest for in- Snjar 7e. 1 ms creafcing the quality of the western cattle. Iff It I- no more than natural that the eorn hh mTu? 1 1M lfw iot'4 I 12 12H 70 Copper. com Steel 0 4M 9H 78 4 no 86 86 494 49a 9-'4 96 12 7m i 4ku; 18 IAS com S3 94 7H4 6014, 804 40 954 79 47 47 I 70 leading cifics of the Qreat Southwest, served, by the Misscuri-Kansas-Texas Lines. Others will follow in rapid succession-watch for them. belt feeder and breeder of purebred JivejT pr hn stock and his herd should meet the pro i mkt new ijn A 94 ducer of livestock from the West and Mo pacific con 6. 6 864 Southwest and each learn, by actual com- 4a. 2ft parison, what is going on in both ends of in. 5s! fl 7d production. Such a condition naturally IJ deb 6..... 98 IJJf lob 20 71 15 40 fjoiila 50 21 40 10 4HK 1HA 794 failed to bring large numbers of pro- to 1 Lust Corp. fOKlreor lire urtitoB Co, lmpenal Tobu-co liiiercotiti Uubier lutl toucrete lud Kreage I Store. 1ark A I'eerleaa Fyrece Mf lladk Corp Kadio Con. 0 7,500 3 15 itl 8 14 10 3 13 10 lieading tool tr i Heading rta i. Jteo Motor Irmk South Coal Iron Timken Detroit Tob Product Kx. Todd Shipianle 1 mted Prof Shar Id Letall Tandy I a Shoe Mch Villys Corp. 1 pr Yel laxl Cab NY 1 th0 130 127 128 livestock. Mexican Hanchera Organise. LaH week in the state of Coahuila, Sexra-Roelmck bfll rnn Simma Pitm Slnt'lnir com kepg on Sheffield Southern Ia iflc Sort hem By, c. Of Cal nf Stewart Ma'Oer StrnnOerg Carb Studcbaker Tewm A Toxaa Co Tex Golf A Sulph. Timken Tub Prn1H-t Tob Product Tratiacfint (Ml nUm pielf'c Tniteil Fruit 8 Cat 1 P-ne. 8 Foml Pro.1 Id Alcohol. nnliber. fT 8 Steel com 8 Steel, ttih opper Vanadlnin Steel Piedrav Negras. This organization ST1AMAH1 OILS and New Me.xU-0. In addition provisions 40, 4T4 Rn in; 9 lo 844 51 22 terial increase. WcNanb. com WnMah nfl A Wi Kttiu'hooH Kli Mhlte Fash White Motor $VIt'Oy erlniht. Dipping Cattle Proved Effective. One of tiie outstandfng features of the grazing season in Kansas, just closed, was that nu Texas fever ticks or tick infec- InuJ1 "4 rv? 'mvJ an tlon was discovered In any of the large 1 Unn lc cr 4 7 wm, 96J 9d4 numbers of cattle brought Into Kansas 3 104 104 lo4t 104 this spring from below the quarantine line. Knbber r. s4 S4A 844 844 70 los 1i2x4 12 H'2 a year axo. IJIADIXG CHICAGO STOCK 4. tntsV irerete.4h4 Quotations for the leading storks of tlie Chi-cajto Stock Rxchanse nd tbe number of share old, as reported by Lamson Bna, Co are here shown: Cloned 8les. High. Dw. Mon. 8at. Albert Pick A Co. 22 21 21. 2li Ar Co.p of 79 7 78 7 Ar of 50 91 91, mi. pt MtfwOek 2,80 86 84 'M 85 Den tel Hon 20 864 aflti jjt Bork Bwk ....860 28 274 27U 1 1224 1214 121 J2ii 1274 J27 127W 128 7. Ami 1 ore I 400 Agricultural and Industrial Centre By the Secretary of The Muskogee Chamber of Commerce A good, clean, home city. Pop- faced roads. $3,000,000 electrical aa. Amodel gov- plant supplies cheap current for eminent managerial form. On power and domestic use. The best city in the Southwest in which to live. Here you will feel at home at once. You will receive Ac fullest cooperation of a live, active Chamber of Commerce. Write the C. C. Lydick. Travel and Ship Via Yi five trunk lines of railroad. The Arkansas, Grand and Verdigris rivers meet at the citys edge. Thirty thousand acres of rich bottom land give Muskogee county the lead in potato and truck gardening. Principal farm crops, cotton, com, wheat, alfalfa and fruit. Ideal, mild climate. Magnificent homes and business structures. Splendid boulevard, 64. 2 3i 14 2 65 14 MV, '3 38 Creme Svndh'ato. 1 muY C.nlf Oil 50 64 Mar Ot! of Me Metieo Oil Mount Prml Mutual Oil New Bradford iloral (anadtan. Itrao Consolidated Salt Creek Salt Creek Com. Sapn-pa Kef Sea1v8rd I) A O. 7h South Stages 0U.22H0 11 for this condition. The bureau of anim.ii fhn Industry, under whose supervision the cat- Vrjr.nia Hr 5 tie were dipped before they moved to 5 juWSmi' it? il northern grass, followed the cattle through Western la tfic 5 the summer end onto the markets and did "JmJhmeK "'i4 not find any trace of Infection. juiuon mi In several Instances corn belt eedere Win who bought cattle direct from producers! sale. tmnrf. nno ronf-tn areas outalde of the quarantine line had immi wit). Su set.uoo prevhms (l.y sud $14,000. tiie cattle held up at shipping and feeding 1 uuu points for scabies, and had to stand the! Ur rroflt la Arlanna rattan, expense of dipping and holding. Fhqrnix. Nov. 12. Farmers in Yesterday B. H. Gentry, head busing department of Armour headquarters Chicago, left Chicago on a trip around the world, lie is accompanies by Mrs, Ocntry. The hog buying th ha mrnt of Armour Co. In Mr. Gentry, ab- bale to sence will be in charge of Joe M. Waters. tlmes the. t0T entl" Eck" Gentry and Joe Water are bothCotton arca the country. Kansas City boy. Mr. Gentry started as Ktinnn City Firm Irorporfa, offlca boy with Armour Co. in Kansas jRFrxasoN Citt, Nov. 12. The following City when a lad 13 years of age. He has Kansas City concern has filed articles of been the head of Armours hog depart-1 incorporation with the secretary of state: ment for the past six years, oriental Laboratories Corp. 619,900. In- Colorado 1-amb. From Lye Cr II 2 64 sC 14 SS 65 3 4 10 08 104 4 into 2o 000 12 Motors, Kddy I'er 88 GdthfHix Sugars, 10 )rt G)a rd IIS 24 28 Hupp Motor, ..7.400 ji 20 ia Illirou Brick 80 77 77 nil. ctf 85 4" I'tll, ctf 10 83 Mont C. .3,800 23 Narmnal L'th To 230 2 Public Service, 20 90 QiiRk-r Gat, 60 984 K. MoK-r ('ar 17 8 id i t'o. 28 Strew War Speed. 7 800 89 Sw.ft Co lOO 102 Swift lotrernatlonsl .30 18 Thmp, t'o, e.l'lS 60 I t'ar f'arbon. .3 880 574 IT Crprewn 73 88 TLA Kail lt, 20 7 Tn Iron Works, c. 50 5 Wolff Mfe 2 500 16 i2i 13 wu Wr Jr, Wm Co, c.5 230 123 122 122 io- Yellow Cab Mfg las .5,000 100 98 Total sales were 62.000 sharea. 07 48 6 1 park and school system. Home of the Oklahoma Free State Fair. Within 35 miles of unlimited coal areas whose low volatile coal equals the best in the United States. Abundant natural gas for farm and domestic use. Sixty industrial plants. Two great oil refineries. Large creameries paying farmers $1,000,000 annually. Many jobbing houses. On four National Highways; hard sur- 1K 63 1 4 08 43 60 8V4 0 2 2 16 17 3 5 07 40 fi WUcoS Oil Crerenofi Gold Formna Goldfield God Jm-kpot Goldfield Florence Mecla Mining Hilltop Mining Jndep Lead Mine Kerr Lake National Tin New 'omeia New Pomioiott Nipieein Spearhead norb Bdmmt ToiK'pab Tontali Et Con Mine. 1 nltr Gold Vndfed Kaatern otted Verde Et Allied Parker Anaconda CP oa .37 Monday the highest prtce paid fur lambs was 1S a hundred pounds. In the bunch were 751 that averaged 81 pounds. They 8 "07 60 No Export Trade la Grata. Chicago, Nov. 12 Weakness In foreign were marketed by Haines Bros Rockv I exchange has cheeked export business In Ford. who had fattened them "in corn-! cornl from the seaboard claimed sales of 1 1 20 19 84 J' 141916 27 27 Kemner Kellv A vi, 'Res field. Kemper, Keny Kltch, also of wheat in all positions Rocky I'ord, topped the live market at 1 100 000 bushels 50 with some ewes that had been 'hog. glng down corn. 300 3 300 19 10 200 27 BGNDS 1 67 67 65 8 jot 100 loi 102 Ml 8H 103 103 96 95 to Kid through the Southwest and to Mexico. jeieL dependable passenger nd freight service between St. Louis, Kansas City and the largest cities in Oklahoma and of information of service, address Assistant General Freight Agent, ir.J Mn, Division Passenger Agent, 7 13 Walnut Kansas City, Mo. la tha Dry Goode Market. Xrw York. Nov. 12. -Cotton KnrKj, were steady today with Remand for fin. lhed cottons improved. Yarns at high prices sold slowly, but there was considerable small lot trading in stock yarns at concessions from contract levels. Biirlars were quiet. Pome spring silks sold much better, but staples still were slow. Wool overcoatings and suitings were cleaned up for the season in first hands at Investors Everywhere use MOODYS RATINGS Nine per cent of this years Missouri corn acreage will be "hogged off. 7 p.r cent was put in silos and 84 per-cent husked according to a report of the state board of agriculture. The total crop is uz million bushels, averaging 30 bushels to the acre, and 14 million mure than vrar but only 160 million will be hUbked. ml-cording to tiie reports, St Oil I Kt Oil Bt on St Gli loo 91 i 91 99 99 VI' I Itt-M miH,

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