Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 8
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»f ?PA TV! j c r--r }* ?f **•*•? A p t r- -,, ^ v^ir- ,5 r-^v ! M H's-1 i" !** f"f- Wlllls FunV *rn«- r- ht<- bu"$?>*»«« p'*r», «ii"'i fx. ' d**noU«h'"1 M- F-nk H H-pr rn.->-~ 'Mi"- i from W'**! Pflltn P'Th «J*i fr-ei'sk FunV (mr f VT-M. In T )-.r i> fh» Mrs OONG'L S. S. HAS PICNIO IN "•* flrrl 'f M Mj sn'! iiT 1 ** <>( ^'rrlintr. srt-l Ti,'r f i P f j^e rnff] in *in, n for th" cvatiM ball on Mondav rvenlng The re Tvr-rf* 400 d^leRs!* 1 * pnt?rt<dn- ... Bl.. Oft,. 2, -fSpr-clnl\ Cot»glTR*1.1on»»l Sunday h«M Its annual picnic nt Sterling., on SMurrtnv. Ovrr 1 Mt at » long table wh^n the pir- C dinner was served. Idrnl \vra~ r Hlplry am! dniiphtTS m*t JMir.. Hlalsy in nock Foil 1 ? Sunday i and nil spent th? day at the home I of Mr and Mrs, Ernest Oillmnn. j Mr. nnd Mrs. P. B. Potter and ' dauKhlrr, Jennie E!ol.«* of this place, I Mr. f<nd Mrs. Frank Rwnnson of ! N'cw Bedford and Mr. and Mr? 1 ., causing R pood dral of interest while thc children wre attracted to the slides nnd Kwincs. In thf an IOB crearn treat. The children and adults of the school all agreed tost Lawrence Park is a Rood plnrc for holding picnics. BIG YIELD FROM ONE SWEET POTATO VINE Coleta. 111., Oct. 2— (Special) — Much has been heard through The of large, cucumbers, freak potatoes, mammoth pumpkins, etc.. I tr-rtnincd Sunday nt the home of i Fair-field. I Mr. find Mrs. Karl Cleveland nnd ' Mr. Cleveland'* father. Jay Cleve| Imid of Prophete town spirit. i wiih Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard i and family. j Mr.-;. Lester Jacobs and children I of Morrison spent thc week-end at the .J. M. Jacobs home. j Mrs. Mary Foy and sisters, Mrs, 1 Nettle Loomis nnd Mrs. Ella Baldwin of Pomona, Calif., were dinner KUcsts Monday at thc home of Mr. and Mrs Claude Love and Mrs. Irene Emmons. Mary Ellen Terry nnd Gladys Hemblock students at De Knlb , , .. , but nothing yet has been said ttbout ! Nmmi11 college r-pcnt the week-end sweet potatoes. Clifton Cartrieht is relating a true story about the yield of hia sweet potato crop. From wtih their parent*. LrRoy Jacobs of Walnut visited Sunday at the home of his parents. in H \r* .. fn /n S ' t -...a X, «.v.~~ ' —rfl*. v «r> » S- th* MsrSIrn Purrl";, OUn- Or*"~® tn primary. John .Tfywph ,1, "Bfaf*. .!»}«•« B. W*rren .T Cunt, Mr Mr. sn* Mm A , n<?tt, Mr. Bnd Mm. T, P, Mr*. William Mr. snd Mr*, s»nd C.KAF /EPI'ELIN IS BIGGEST OF ALk—This graphic llliBtratton shows how the Oref Zeppelin, newest, of German airships, compares in length with the Los Angeles, pride of the United States, and the lofty j Woolworth building in New York City. The upl>er picture shows the Interior of the steering cabin, and be' low is one of the luxurious staterooms for paMengers. It is planned to fly the craft to America. one potato plant he dug four and a j Mr - nlld Mrs - J - M. Jacobs. half pounds of sweet potator:.,. j Mr. nnd Mrs. J. E, Strouss visited Enough for two or three meals for I their son Gene M. Strauss and wife the average family. Many Nutting Parties Lyndpn, 111.. Oct. 2.—(Special.)— Nutting parties have been numerous during recent days. Walnut* are quite plentiful, but there are fewer butternuts and hickory nuts than In former years, caused by the loss of BO many trees. A blight destroyed many butternut trees and whole groves of hickory trees. Acute Rheumatic Attack Lyndon, ni.. Oct: 2.—(Special.)— D, F. MtUiakn -Js suffering from an acute attack of rheumatism, his hands and arms being most painfully afflicted. '..: a Has Ivy Poisoning Lyndon, 111., Oct. 2.—(Special.)— Mrs. D. F. Mllllkan is suffering from a case of ivy poisoning,- her face being painfully swollen. IMPROVING JFARM. Lyndon, 111., Oct. 2.—(Special.) —Leonard Marcy ts having some repairs and improvements made on hla farm residence east of Lyndon on the Sterling road. LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon. 111.. Oct. 1.—Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Settles were Sterling visitors on Sunday. Mrs. Mattie Parmenter returned from Detroit where she* had been to attend the M. W. W. Convention. Albert Field of Prophetstown was a Lyndon visitor on Monday. Ralph Morris spent Sunday with friends In Chicago. > Mrs. Roy Clark and the. children of Prophetstown, camp to attend the Sunday school picnic on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira George, of Erie, were Lyndon visitors on Monday. Miss Lena Murphy was a Prophetstown visitor on Saturday. Mrs. Mahala Cady and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Settler were Prophetstown vijsitors on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hodges and family-of- Mormon, visited Sunday at the J. W. Hodges home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell visited Prophetstown friends on Saturday evening. Mr. and t Mrs. Milton E. Crowe!! and baby, Miss Margaret Crowell Joseph Pickering of Chicago, visited over Sunday at the J. tl L Oroweirhome. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pearson at- servlces town on Sunday. Mrs. B. P. Hoover and Mrs. Orton J. Chamberlain went to Ful. ton to attend the Women's Republican meeting on 'Friday. Mr. and Mrs.-.Samuel Martin, of jRy-fr TffilUVJi ^¥r^ Lyndon trailers tin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry' Thormahlen cad family were Sterling visitors on Saturday. , " " Mrs. I. O. Cross and son, Philip, oi Rock Fails, visited with friends and attended the Sunday .school picnic car Saturday. Mrs. I. J. Letherman ;•• monition continues to improve. Next Sunday, Oct. 7. will be rally day and both the Methodist and Congregational Sunday schools are making a drive to have a big m- The Methodist Sunday «CbOOl pupils are rally wearing day. budges In Polo. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Scott of Rock Falls spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mc- Comb.s. Mrs May Loudenberg returned home Saturday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gray and family at Ellsworth. Wis,. and with her son, Earl Loudenberg at Dubuque, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Foy. Mrs. J. C. Weir.-Mr. and Mrs. Ernest McKenzie, Mr. nnd Mrs. Archie Yardc. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Love and Mrs. Irene Emmons motored to Dixon Sunday and attended the meeting at Assembly Park. M. D. L. Vanovcr was thc speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Oleo George of E. Moline. Mr. and Mrs. John Batton of Annawan. Mr. and ilrs. Lloyd Delta and Oliver Batton of this place were entertained Sunday at the home of HowanJ Matton. Ed. Morse of Hooppole called at the home of Mrs. John Brants and daughter, Florence the latter part of the week. Mr. Worse has Just recently returned from a visit in Canada. • Mr. nnd Mrs. Olaf Lewis and daughter Eloise, Mrs. Nim Gosney and F. H Seymour motored to Galena Sunday where they were met by Mr nnd Mrs. L. H. Nokes and fsimily. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. D. Whitmer nnd family of Rockford and Mrs. F. H. Seymour who had been visiting at her daughters' homes in Rockford. Mrs. Oosney went to Rockford with Mr. and Mrs. Nokes for a visit. Deputy Sadie Welty of Peorla Is being entertained at the T. F. Dillon home Monday and during the county Royal Neighbor convention on Tuesxlav. . . Mr. and Mrs. R. E. McKenzie and dtiughters, Mrs. Mary Sturm and Mrs. Lovina McKenzie enjoyed a motor trip Sunday, eating dinner at Sheffield they drove to Galesburg und returned home by the way of Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Futhey and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Roeae visited, at the home of Mrs. Futhey's brother., Mr- and Mrs. Frank -Rttimussen at New Bedford Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Alton Leahy and baby of Sterling visited Friday evening at the home of Mr. and .Mrs Harold Carlson and Saturday and Sunday with Mr. Leahy's parents; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Leahy. Win. Prescott and Gid Love ro- -t«f«ed-i-heH»e— Sunday—evening-4jy- motor from Canada, where they as- FENTON BRIEFS Fenlon. 111., Oct. 7.—(Special.) — Mr. nnd Mrs. Dan Forth and daughter Arlcne, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Forth, Mr. nnd Mra. George Goodln and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chrisop and family, and wore entertained at thc homo of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones. Henry Myers and daughters Ellen of Clinton and Ethel, of Chicago were dinner guests at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Crocker Bunday. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Bcssc and son Joseph, of Erie spent Sunday Rev. and Mrs. Nenl, took well filled j wltn Mrs . Bcsse's parents, Mr. and baskets and had a picnic dinner! Mr«: .1 r Hnu'k after church in the Bert Thompson] Mrs. Phebe Edes, of Rockford is j visiting at the J. C. Hawk home for woods north of Fenton. George Stitcher of Dwight. 111., spent thc week-end with his parents, Mr, nnd Mrs. George Stitcher. a couple weeks. Mrs. Randolph Besse and Mrs. J. C. Hawk called on Henry Myers and Mrs. William Mason, motored to [daughters Sunday afternoon at thc DeKalb, Friday and her daughter, Veneita and Miss Alice Roselleb accompanied her home that evening. The girls spent the week-end with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. Mason and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Rose- Elmer Crocker home. Mr. and Mrs. John Hamm called on J. Bcnnet near Round Grove Sunday afternoon. They report Mr. Bennet as recovering from injuries sustained in a fall out of a tree. lleb. Sunday afternoon George) Ed Ewers, visited the latter part Roselleb took the girls back to school at DeKalb, Mrs. George Goodin and Mrs. Thomas Chrlsop were guests Friday In Geneseo at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roberts, parents of Mrs. Chrisop. Those who attended the James sale in Erie Saturday were Mesdames Etta Chrlsop, Hazel Goodln and Rose Bealer. Inez Likes returned home from Chicago Saturday evening and spent. Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Likes. Carl Watkins, Is now making his home with the J. K, Likes family. Mr. und Mrs. William Hussong son Clifford, and Mrs. E. A. Likes motored here from Rock Island of the week at the home of his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ewers of Union Grove, and with his (son-in-law and daughter. Mr, and Mrs: ADeh Ma the w of Round Grove, returning to the John Ewers home Monday.. Kicked By Horse Ustick, H3., Oct 2—(Special) — Friends of Mrs. C. R, McKee will be very sorry to learn that she was injured when kicked by a horse at the home of her son Arthur last Thursday. She was hit on the leg above the knee. Although no bonea were broken it is a serious bruise. She was removed to her home where she is confined to her bed. Her daughter Mrs. George Volbehr COLETA BRIEFS Sandridge. Mr. and Mrs, Harris. Slaymaker, and children of Newton and Mr- .'.and -Mrs-Paul Mason -and daughter Evelyn, of Delhi and Harold Burns had n picnic dinner In the Mason woods Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Burns and Eva Bristol motored up th?re in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Wright of McCausland and Mrs. Laura Wright spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Wright. Mrs. Laura Wrlgbt-wlU- now spend a few weeks at the L. D. Wright homg, day afternoon to quilt. Election of Coleta. III., Oct ; of ficers will also be held. Mr. and Mrs. ': Mr. and Mrs. George Goodin, en- W. G. Heide celebrated their 34th > tertalned for dinner Sunday evening wedding anniversary Tuesday even- ! Mr. nnd Mrs. Claud Sawyer of Stering by entertaining several friends ' and .relatty.ei_al__their_.hoine--. The care. ALBANY BRIEFS Albany, 111., Oct 2—William Ang- Saturday evening nnd spent Sunday | was called home to assist in her nt the E. A. Likes home. Mrs. Likes who has been helping her daughter, Mrs. Hussong for a few weeks remained nt home as her daughter is some better. Mrs. Jeanctt Barkman. Mrs. Mary Florence, Mrs. Harriett Burns, and Miss Eva Bristol, were entertained Friday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. William Pfundstein, on the Sandridge. Mr. and Mrs J. S. Burns. Mr. and Mrs Emrnett Burns, Mr. and Mrs. George Holeler, and son John, of the lese is cough. suffering with whooping Mrs. Martha Lowe Is visiting at the home of her son Frank Lowe and family at Garden Plain. Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Huggins have received the announcement of the birth of a daughter at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Drennan of Ottawa. 111. Mrs. Drennen is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. "Huggins. Marjorie Huggins. little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Huggins submitted to a tonsilectomy at a hospital in Clinton Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice VanBuer and family spent Sunday at the Mr. and Mrs. A, H. Pope were entertained at the home of Mr.'and. The Ladies Aid~wiirmeet Thurs- ~SW§r~JaThfis~~Earl Wednesday. In Mr—and-Mrs. -Harvey -Beater-of evening was pleasantly spent In a ! Hock Fulls, were dinner guests at social way and refreshments were' the home of Mr. and Mrs Albeit Ke ". ed - ... „ „ - I Barnhard Sunday. In the afternoon Mr. und Mrs. M. F. Fran K lather, i they hud callers, Mr. aim Mrs Har- Mr. andJUrs.^ George Lawrence und jry Parker, of Davenport, Mr. and " " *•""'•-'• —-'----• * -- "--- - Bi'sUer, of Morrison and Mrs. Clark Nelson and Homer Nicholas motored to Man- j Mrs. Lee hus Sunday und spent the day at Mr. and the home of Albert Schuneman. f-iughter Neva, and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. J. J. Garwick la staying a Arthur Cooi>er and family few days at the home of L. E. Dtn- i Rev. W. W. Moore and Mrs Moore nis at Sparland. The young daugh- ! spent Thursday night at the home ~ ' Improving ] of Mr. and- Mrs. W. J. Forth. Qen- ter of Mr. Df'imis is blowly from ht-r illnesa. Mrs. Eliza Grubb went to Spar- laud Sunday f01 several days' vuat at the L. E. Dennis home. Quarterly meeting was held Sat- Iff. and Mrs. Win. Diigss oi Mo- | urduy and Sunday at the Radical U. "B. church. Pi-e&iding Elder Hev. George Annan of Mt. Morris had charge of the meeting. Jocob. Hax has rented the Charles Wolf farm for the coming year. Rev. and Mrs. F. A. Lubbi. and children spent Sunday at New Bedford at the Charles Bator home. Mr. and Mrs. Dau Hoover of Savanna were visiting a lew days last w^ek at thf Hugh Brown home. Mrs. Edith Mr. and Mrs. 4. G. Lax ion oi were dinner gut-.sis of Mr. Mrs, D. P. MiWkan and lam- oo Sunday. Mr. mod Mrs. A. P. Holt who kit thr«« weeks ago on a motor trip to wtere arrivals .home 011 . Holt's eoH;- Ft Morgan, Colo. have received post frtsa Mrs. Eleanor A. Slater sever*! of the itt ttw bttffl* of her sister. W. JL ¥*m«Qt£r. Mrs. Blittt-j- & a&Je lUrrivai to her home Wt&, wad tatpttumtis uiuch In Jteavtog bcwd White visdtiug mawte* Of which will to . ,evu Moore wai. entei'talned Thursday night ut the J. K. Likes home, Nona Wagner, spt-nt the night with her friend, Arlene Forth, and on I'Yiday morning they all motored to Mills their new home ut London where H<-v, Moore will preach coining year. the Mr. und Mrs. Henry James of Lyndon s,*>nt Sunday evening at the Jack Hamm home. » L, D Wrigat entered a Clinton hospital Monday for a ton&il operation. -...-. . . «-..-.... Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Black and two sons and 6 C. Given motored to H<x-k Fails Sunday and from there of Chicago was ! they >« company with Mr. sad Mr*. visiting last week at the home of j Harry Clark and family A, E. Flock. Mr. Sunday and she returned Uom« with him. By tuhig Jt-r&yi, two of tolwcvo pkuis tuv« bttu iii oae on a eutjidgiit see.litg trip -to Rwekfotd, t*- late to the Mr. and Mrs. Estel Ne*l ect«r- tained for Sujoday dumer Ctten Orley aud Huby Doy, of Aauawsui. Mr, arid Mre. JEd fwth Jiid soil ta Ctok«iia " Sunday School Class And 0. E. Elect Officers Ttlmnty to Junior- Inland Pn1(*>r, Hnrton I>f-nn Flnnlrum, Arl^tt DoU. Bmclrrr *»nd «tnhn Junior (o Moorman. Ho? Hou«wn«*, M**««m. Rlrhftrrt MKJrfftoi. Donald Hulsenga, Keith Bare, Evans Jones, Vivian Daniel*, Edith and Ethel Petfrsen. Bftrtmra Mayhew, Oladya McBrtde, Ruth Hansen tfnd Florence Dal). ... young people's d?r partmcntr—Donald McBrids, Gail Miller, Wllbcrt Miller, Albert Turner, Paul Hltblsh. Jacob Housenga, Evelyn Fewster. Harriet Robinson, Ruth Sldlinger, Vivian James, Soe Mat-son, Ruby Eddy nnd Elizabeth Bare. The main part of thc program consisted of an excellent Bible drSl! by the girls who v,*ere promoted from the junior to the intermediate department, conducted by their teacher Alberta Turner, followed by a song by both the girls and boys ORAOTNOSTARTED FOR ORAVBL EOABS 0ol«ta, 111., Oct. 3— (Special) — Work ha« been started OTI the $12,- (XX) Mrd road bond tens. The grading S,i b«!ng dono to get the road In condition for the gratel and bids will be opened Oct. 32 for the crush- Ing and hauling of the gravel. It Is thought that three miles of gravel will be placed this fall. Coieta Man Related To Herbert Hoover Song by Joyce Anson nnd beginners and a recitation by Marilyn Burrls concluded the short program. PICNICDINNERAT PARK IN STERLING Erie, HI., Oct. 2—Special) — A number of relatives gathered at Lawrence Park In Sterling Sunday " enjoyed a picnic dinner in hon- { Coleta, 111., Oct. 2—(Special) — There is one man In Coleta who is directly interested in the election of Herbert Hoover for president and than is Adam Myer. Mr. Hoover is a distant relative of Mr. Myer on his mother's side. Donation Party For Pastor And His Wife l-'enton, 111., Oct. 2.—(Special)— The Daughters of Ruth class elected officers for thc coming year Sunday morning as' follows: Mrs. Etta Chrlsop, President; Mrr>. Edna Forth, first vice president; Mrs. Mary Florence, second vice president; Mrs. Isca Grossman, teacher; Mrs. Rcna Barnhard assistant. Mrs Barnhard was re-elected secretary and treasurer. Officers for the Christian Endeavor were elected Sunday evening ns follows: President, Marjorie Florence. "Vice Presidents. Estel Neal, and Harvey Florence. Secretary, Margaret Chrisop. Pianist, Mae Ooodln, Assistent. Marian Snyder. Corresponding secretary, Marie Likes. Coleta, 111., Oct. 2—(Special) — A large crowd attended a donation reception Thursday night for Rev. nnd Mrs. Bllmllnc at the Liberal U. They received R nice W. €K ---., -».«ftt"8 th® Wg KJ«H*— chuckin* th« bricks down M fust M I bring 'em up?» "If* all rtgM—the bo* 'Oh, yes, accidents won't they?"—BulMin, Says 4 Boxes of New Oo pound Have Completely Relieved Rheumatism of Years PROPHETSTOWN Prophetstown. 111., Oct. 2—(Special)—Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Steadman and son Burdette and Mr. and Mrs. Mortinelli and baby of Sterling were In Prophetstown Sunday, calling at the home of Mrs. Anna Reynolds. Miss Mabel Mauch of Geneseo came to Prophctstown Sunday and will be a guest of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDougal and family this week. Mrs. Bertha Wassenhove has returned home from Rock Falls where she has been helping care for her sister, Mrs. Harry Staples. Floyd Williams of LaMoiile spent the week end with his sister, Mrs. Ell Upton and other friends, Mrs. William Eldred returned home Saturday evening from Annawan where sh& has been for the past wee 1 ' with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Welden Shaw. Misses Anna McNamara and Gerdine Brown of Moline were week end visitors in Prophetstown with their parents. Mr. and Mra. Fred Allen and son ot Clinton, Iowa, were Sunday visitors in town with Mrs. William Allen.' ' Mra. R. C. Mathls U a visitor in Deeatur with relatives and friends. Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Hart of De Kalb and little daughter Josephine motored here, bringing home Mrs, Hart's mother. Mrs. Merrill who had be*n a guest in their home for some days. Frank?—Johnson daughter and son of Chicago were the afternoon they all went to Clinton on business. Mrs. Roy Jordaa has been quite ill the past week but ts a little better at this writing. Mrs. Sarah Pope ts being entertained this-week at the home of her son A. H. Pope and family. Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Edwards and family spent Sunday afternoon at Mt. Carrol with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reddick nnd family of Clinton were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Pope Sunday. Miss Vada Graliam and Mrs. Martha Lowe of Garden Plain were callers Sunday afternoon at ths home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lowe and family. Ed Reedey has rented his farm the coaxing year to RenBieletua who will move on the farm the first of March. Mr, and Mrs. Ed Hugguis ai« via- iting at Oak Park, 111., at the home of their son Walter Huggins family. Burt McBride of Milwaukee, Wis,, spent Uie week end in Albany guest of relatives aiid 'also 'ou'bua- Mr. tuad Mrs. Dick spent Sunday in Morrison the of Herctwl Mads of Garden Plata spent Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H Pope. Earl in Mr. and Mrs. Jauiea fwoily sj>em Saturday ou business. Mr. mid Mrs. George Hamilton wi» were entertained at tte of Mr. aud. Mrs. Will Rev. I. O. Campbell -of the Con- iregational church was a passenger to Chicago Monday morning where he will meet Mrs. Campbell and youngest daughter and bring them borne with him. They have been in the city about two weeka, W," J7 Thompson has been unable to obtain a room which he cap use tor disposing of his stock of goods saved from the lire. He has not even tesn able to find a house in which to live. Misses Iva and ClarabeUe I*ax- son spent Monday in Clinton. Mra. Mellett having charge of the store. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Peters of Aledo are in town, guests in the home of Mr. and will be here several days. Park Tbede. They AT DEDICATION OF NEW B1DFOED MAUS1 Tainpico, III., Oct. 8— (Special)— Mr. and Mrs. F. K, Reinagie and Rev. John C, Weir aWfcuded Httte dedicatory services of the Christian parsonage which were held at New Bedford Sunday gfteraom «t tlie Christi&ts church. The servtes were ia ciwge of Rev. Cieaver of )D4xoa. Alter tho ttrvictsd all visitor* were invited to inspect the fins place of the uiiulster. Mrs. Charles Mlckle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dennis, daughters Gladys. Irene, Erma and son Clifford, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mlckle and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Art Baxter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry James and son. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dennis and children Duane and, Donald Mlckle, Cow Founders And Dies After Getting Into Cora Lyndon, 111., Oct. 2—(Special)— A. P. Holt lost a valuable cow that broke through a fence into a cornfield on Friday night The animal had consumed so much corn during the night that the help of a veterinarian was sought but there wast ^awi no help for the cow which Mr. Holt I about prized as the best of Ms .dairy herd. Entertain 16 Friends Erie. HI., Oct. 2—SpeclaD—Gladys and Irene Dennis entertained Bix- Little Daughter Dies Albany. 111., Oct. 2 -i Mr. and Mrs. Vlnce Burden mourn the loss of their little daughter Jean. The little one passed away Saturday night at 11:30 o'clock. She had been sick a week with bowel trouble. The family have the sympathy of the entire community in their hour of sorrow. Burial was made In the cemetery at Tampico, their former home. ERIE BRIEFS Erie, 111., Oct. 2—Mrs. Carl Cocking and daughter Prlscilla Ann returned Sunday from a hospital in ~ the baby Monday -for Sterling where sha will Brown's business college. attend . Mr. and Mrs. Howard Martin and »..v. ... w.,v ju'tiuua CHIA.-I uamt:u am- son Raymond of Dwtght, 111., were teen of their friends at a party at, wee * end visitors at the home of their home Saturday evening. The I *he former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. evening was spent i? playing games. I Will Martin. They wero aocotn- Refreshments brought a delightful ! Panied home by Mrs. Martin, who *vpntno> tn n r>in«n tvenlng to a close. USTICK BRIEFS Ustlck. Ir. and 2 111.. Oct. Mrs. Margery Lucille of __„ Lake, 111., and Miss Margaret Altken. who teaches In the high school there, motored here Friday evening to spend the week end with the latter's mother. Mrs. Elizabeth Altken. The annual waffle supper, which was held in the Spring Valley Presbyterian church Friday evening, was very well attended and the proceeds which amounted to nearly $30. will be used by the missionary society towards the support of the home church. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Berge of DeKalb motored here for the supper and were entertained that night at the H. C. Cobb home. Saturday night they were entertained at' the William Eslinger home and Mr.' Berge delivered the sermon at the church Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Edlund spent Sunday at the George Howe home north of Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Sterner and daughter Evelyn, Mr. and Mra. Fay eteiner and eon Rodney all of DeWitt, Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel will remain for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin and children of Clinton were also Sunday guests of their parents. Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Swanson and family of Hooppole were Sunday guests in the .home of the former's sister, Mrs. Henry Weber. Mrs. Henry Schreiner w_._ . In Geneseo Monday. . Those from Erie attending the golden wedding anniversary at Mr. and Mrs. John Clapper at Sterling Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Will Wilt, Mrs. Worthy Matthews, daughter Margaret and son Robert. Mr. and Mrs. George Olinger and (laughter Marjorie. Mr. and Mrs. George Bolger, Mrs. Mary Martin and Isaac Young. Work was again resumed Monday In the grade and community high schools after a week's enforced va- "Hr»7 A. K. McCullagh, Mr. and Mrs. John ed at the James McCuUagh home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlws Patterson epent Sunday with their daughter Mrs. Qeors* Bechtel and husband in Morrison. Jtfrs. A.- 8. Durward. h&i £$tumetf home after spending the past lew at the borne of her daughter Mrs. Philo Slaughter in Clinton. Mrs. Susan Milnea of Monlsoo is staying at the Frank Milnea home while Mr. and Mrs. Milnes are in Dakota consulting a doctor ia regard to his health. Miss Valoris Williams, who is attending the state teachers collego at spent the week-end with DeKalb. iier due to the Installation of a mating plant. This would have been taken care of during the vacation, months, but the Old heating plant was not condemned by the state furnace Inspector until the flrst week in September. A daughter, Doris Elsie, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Allia Walllngford Saturday evening. ' and Jtfrs. Charles "It In rrnlly wonderful the tills medicine Oly-Cas Is sufferers. I do not thjnfc there Fs medicine to even compare with Mrs. Rosa CJivens, 729 W. Third Torre Houte. Ind,, recently '.firs. Givens has had full use of arm restored through this a: new compound. MRS, ROSA GIVENS. "Regardless of the many different remedies I tried, my rheumatism pains of the past several years werejfettlng; worse/' she continued, "Finally my left arm and hind became pracUcaDy useless. Ik" ~" feeling in my arm. - and I hardly bear the rheumatism . that ran from my shoulders my back. Many times I nt wrap my arm in hot towels to _». th« terrible misery. After this sttfj fering, the action of Oly-Oaa wi like something magical to me. Wit the second box taken my it tlsm became less severe and end of the fourth box I w the use of my left arm and .I use them as freely now as If never had rheumatism. Gly-Cal eliminated system poisons that hav^ restored my strength and health! too. I surely do recommend UuV 1 medicine to anyone." Oly-Cas sold In Sterling at Hendricks drug store and In Rock Falls at Daggetts. Sold Morrison, Donichy's; Tomplco. H. E. Cain; Mil" ledgevllle, dough's. family of near Fort Atkinson, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. Will Lode and family i .. _ «. vln McHenry of G«neseo, were the guesta of Mrs, Alice Lodge Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Van Fleet, Sore Throat? J t Gargle Mr anrf Qekker and Better Belief With Famous Prescription Don't suffer from the pain and soreness of sore throat—gargles and salves are too slow — they relieve only temporarily. But Thoxine, a famous physician's prescription, ia guaranteed to give relief almost instantly. Thoxine has a double action — r»«- , — Harry} relieves the soreness and goes di- SCINTILLATING 88ASON. Evening acc^sories predict glit- «ring ballroom scenes. Scarfs, bags, kerchiefs, fans and evening jackets are mast stylish when made ;leamiii« paiUettea In colors y richer thiti p*st«I shadsa. of rect to the Internal caus*. No chloroform, iron or other harmful drugs —safe and pleasant for the whole family. Also wonderfully effective f or relieving coughs. Quick reUef guaranteed or your money back. 35 60c., and $1.00. Sold by Bickforxl's Pharmacy. Sterling; Daggett's Dmg Store, Hock Falls. "The Thinkis^ Fellow Calls a Yellow" TELEPHONE SIA1N All of She*t Metal furoac* Bepvlttos oar Clutierham Tin Locate* at 510 Try U you w* uo»Sii*el witis BB- a little on * hot, Xa oi oiotb A Cleaa Healthy Scalp Mesas Good Hair Gm with Cwikuais Soao tiw «calj> with Cutj a^ifd by the tnda of n Mr. Farmipr We will pay tlJ|M* lowing prices for produce. 5 Xb. Springers and over J 4 /&«. Springers up to S Its No, 1 Brown Kgys, klmwk C$« m - —;-

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