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8F Saturday May 12 2001 www star telegram com Return From Page IF woman beginning again that ended its run May 2 Once and Again was created and is produced by Edward Zwick and Marshall Her-skovitz whose relationship with ABC goes back to thirtysomething Not that it seems to help ABC canceled Relativity and My So-Called Life a series that has yet to be matched for its realistic story lines centered on teen-age life ABC has had to make the difficult decision of dropping a series the past few years with Nothing Sacred and Sports Night and you might add The Job the terrific midseason series about a flawed cop to the list While heading ABC programming Jamie Tarses once said that because television is a hit-driven business and nobody has a crystal ball the industry better serves itself by taking chances and looking for the next breakthrough show no matter how risky it seems How many chances to take and what sort of pattern certainly remains the dilemma as networks show an increasingly quick trigger finger when it comes to shows audiences jump to right away Perhaps having the right elements that lure viewers like a Boston Public and its sexy story lines is the trick Crossing and Once and Again ought to try That or finagle a very good time slot promising look at the high school class system fell into some kind of strange creative abyss becoming downright silty- Roswell (WB) died slowly after upping its sci-fi adventure quotient and dropping its aliens in love story lines too close to call The Geena Davis Show (ABC) be on this list It be on any list actually Nikki (UPN) has few viewers and even fewer laughs but it could be good enough for this network Kate Brasher (CBS) is the lightweight drama that could a good one if it ever toned down its self-righteousness and desire to be quirky Third Watch (NBC) took a major risk by switching its focus from action sequences (raging fires big explosions) to character-driven stories that alternately spotlight each of the nine characters paid off in terms of better less busy and more intimate episodes but the audience improved only slightly It needs and deserves more time Each year a series worth fighting for this year there are two Crossing starring Andre Braugher as a rather gloomy doctor is looking like a certainty for the chopping block at ABC The network is having a tougher time deciding what to do with Once and Again its prized drama about a divorced man and ter-than-average chance of returning for a sophomore sea-soa Midseason series have fared the worst of the dozen or so that premiered between January and April only the Joan Cusack comedy on ABC What About Joan is respectable enough in ratings strength to even consider a second chance One of the reasons for the new troubles: reality series (that the genre may very well have its own Emmy category says something of its potency) So what can you expect to see again next fall and what will be gone? how it looks from here: What will return CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) was a hit before it piggybacked on Survivor: The Australian Outback Police forensics specialists tracking down evidence (favorite line: entices us with similar detailed gumshoe detective work that propels shows like Law Order The District (CBS) with Craig Nelson as a police commissioner grafts the good guys vs bad guys simplicity of the Old West with an eccentric character Could be much worse Yes Dear (CBS) is the comedy filled with stock characters who are likable It ought to bow down to the network scheduling gods for its time slot be a goner anywhere else Gilmore Girls (WB) is one ever as the economy slows and more networks make decisions based on the bottom line Dark Angel for instance is delivering an audience of 8 million every Tuesday on Fox but the series created by Titanic's James Cameron and chronicling the adventures of a genetically enhanced super girl could very well be tossed aside because the financial cost of creating a futuristic world has almost eliminated any profit the show makes And with no TV track record Cameron has yet to gain the political power of say John Wells whose second-year drama Third Watch is struggling Despite Third weaknesses NBC would rather keep the guy who gave them ER and The West Wing pleased The WB let its prized Buffy the Vampire Slayer stroll over to UPN after balking at what its studio wanted to be paid per episode a tidy sum the network said was because it meant the WB would be producing the series at a loss Now the WB could release the spinoff companion Angel because the series might lose viewers depending on what precedes or follows it Of the 34 new series that began the season last October only five are sure-shot renewals and three have a bet- Fox likely be seeing Anthony Heald Jessalyn Gilsig and Chi McBride from left on Boston Public next season SOAP OPERA UPDATE of the best shows on the air a spirited drama-comedy well-written and delightfully conceived Boston Public (Fox) which zeros in on high school teachers has pulled out every cheap trick imaginable and only the first season But it has just enough respectable elements to mike it both a little sleazy and a little good Ed (NBC) is the comedy-drama hybrid filled with kooky characters and a terrific lead actor (Tom Cavanagh) with a hound-dog presence Not near One Life to Live: After getting hair samples from Jessica Jennifer Melanie and Lindsay Bo and Hank were stunned that the hair taken from body matched sample Bo took Melanie in for questioning after she blurted out that she killed Colin Lindsay interrupted Melanie as she was about to tell Bo that she her father While talking to Jessica about disappearance Passions: Chad and Whitney were on the verge of making love when she said she is not ready and she wants to wait for marriage Gwen fumed when she looked in window and saw her about to make love with Ethan When Ethan left (because they had no protection) Gwen barged into bedroom and said she knows Theresa has been lying to Ethan Port Charles: Eve agreed to consider suggestion that they get married so her baby will have the chance it deserves in life Chris went looking for a ring Ian admitted to Arianna that he loves Eve but insisted he cares a lot about Arianna too Ian introduced Frank to the Chief who gave Frank an herb that after ingestion transported Frank back to the year 1973 The Young and the Restless: Sharon fought off attempt to rape her (again) and he split when he heard Victor who rescued Sharon arrive Matt was surprised when Tricia arrived at the cabin but jumped into the car with her to get away from Victor After telling Matt they deserve to live Tricia crashed the car After removing his own ventilator tube Matt placed the device in hand and died Nancy column appears Saturdays United Feature Syndicate ly as good as its hype but better than most What return Ihc Weber Show (NBC) the comedy with Steven Weber about what never know The Fugitive (CBS) the remake that should have remained unmade That's Life (CBS) a coming-of-age series filled with far too many Italian stereotypes fed up with Popular (WB) once a From Page IF queen she appear to be a stereotypical stage monster Browne seems more interested in experiencing the rush that one gets when overcoming obstacles than she is in any financial awards To help elevate Swan to the next level Browne enlists the services of Shane King and Michael Butler two thirtysomething guys who make a living by transforming little girls into miniature versions of Dolly Parton circa 1970 Based in Alabama these highly sought-after coaches have trained more than 500 kids in the art of head-tilting flirting freeze-smiling walking dancing and singing Their claim to fame? They can take an ugly girl and mike her beautiful had girls who were just literally butt says King being serious the truth And I take them and take their eyebrows off and put eyelashes on them put hair contour here points to the cheeks contour here points to the nose and Are you getting that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach yet? Other stories include a profile of 7-year-old Leslie Butler the daughter of a pageant coach who has won 27 titles back on the scene after a mandatory yearlong retirement following her national title win But thanks to a common childhood rite of passage she has lost one of her front teeth the chances of her winning again seem nil That is until King and Butler come to the rescue with a dental device to ensure that smile will be picture-perfect for merciless judges Reaching for the Maalox yet? Then Reed a young boy whose mother refuses to allow her human growth A review of the events- All My Children: Erica pressured Brooke to consult with David (even though he is in jail) on heart condition after her current doctor said the damage is irreversible Later Brooke panicked when Laura disappeared from the hospital (after talking Bianca into helping her escape to attend Leo and engage- ment party) With the threat of jail time Edmund got Shannon and her pals to leave Laura alone As the World Turns: At the custody trial for Curtis his biological father Leo Thompson gave up his parental rights to the boy after realizing how bad Curtis wants to be with Ben Gabe gave Ruby a mixture of herbs which she began putting in tea Later Craig was delighted to see Lucinda was acting strangely Katie hatched a plot with Henry to return to the island where Simon and Lily had been stranded and retrieve the valuable diamond that had been lost there The Bold and the Beautiful Amber defended Deacon to Eric and Rick but she upset Deacon by refusing to dump Rick Brooke refused to stop Rick and wedding even though Deacon warned Bridget would pay if she Bridget was charmed by Deacon even after she realized his identity Days of Our Lives: Jennifer confessed to Hope that she fell in love with Colin and followed him to Ireland but he refused to have anything to do with her It was revealed that Colin is Grandpa nephew Greta noticed Jack is a good father to Abby Stefano played dumb while Lexie figured out that Isaac and JT had been switched at birth General Hospital Melissa made an enemy when she refused to tell Helena about condition After Lucas went into a coma Roy felt left out when Bobbie turned to Tony for comfort Mac and Felicia had to pull Luke off Helena after she denied having anything to do with condition After being thrown into a jail cell Sonny had flashbacks of being beaten and locked up by his stepfather Guiding Light coronation went off as planned and then he shocked everyone by publicly proposing to Beth Phillip heard fighter jets intercept the seaplane that was to take Cassie and Richard off San Cristobel During a confrontation Richard shot Edmund while protecting Cassie who disappeared during the battle Later everyone was stunned Edmund was alive (because he wore a bulletproof vest) Using a court order Gus had ashes taken to the lab where it was learned they were the ashes of a dog Five-year-old Swan Brooner takes the pageant stage after undergoing grown-up beauty treatments The Living Dolls documentary follows her quest for a national title Ken Parish Perkins (817) 390-7862 kpperkmsstar-telegramcom two things It gives viewers a glimpse at how flu- some people will go to achieve a chunk of the American dream even at its most nightmarish And it serves as a viable resource for anyone considering entering a child into one of these baby-doll stag parties If after watching Living Dolls any parent wants to rob his or her child of priceless childish pleasures in exchange for worthless treasures then we all should be very afraid Mild Turner (817) 390-7046 nukitumer(a)stdr-teliram com hormone treatments to eat into her pageant budget and 18-month-old title-winning Sidney whose mom apparently made a wise investment when she bought those hair extensions The program concludes at the Gingerbread Pageant in Dallas a two-day event that packs more drama into 48 hours than The Young and the Restless does in 52 weeks It is here that find out whether Browne and Swan beat the odds and whether mouthpiece does the trick also see if the far-too-giddy King and Butler reap the rewards of their efforts And what exactly would those rewards be? Yet despite these disturbing realities Living Dolls which was written produced and directed by Shari Cookson is extremely well-done and definitely worth tuning in to This ftHSETEusem row Showing Sun Fri 1 40 louHNi y7n 250 5 10730 8 40pm Amazing asu 1230 pm f'AXCC 5at 10 10 am 12 30 aVEj 1 402 505 10730 840pm Showing tT(S 0 Sun Th 4 00 6 20 Fri Sat 4 00 620 950pm Also on Sat 1 1 20 a iteK? ATTENTION The Romance of Italy Necklace Ours exclusively from Italy llus sterling silver puffed heart tit on a twisted sterling silver 18-inch chain will he a perfect celebration from the heart $20 NIKKI REYNOLDS is a 2001 Neeley School of Business TCU Graduate 7W HALTOMS FINE JEWELERS SINCE 1893 IXiwniown hum tun S' Main 1 7 316 4051 RiixutA 6102 ami- lit voi 817 7)8 6511 Ariinoton Viiiaii nr Ini 4101 uni in 817 468 3813 Hlih-n Strut 490 lhu A iiimImm nn Mu 817 146 6711 Grapfvin) I i mm i mi Ihxr I 14 a I liny 26 817 488 5527 CONGRA TULA TIONS I pi Dad fSIwila.

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