Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 7
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tt*? Dixmt hwpltM fo fh«* ^hTs _ hf drove to this nn- s»m? tf-r srtate pfrtJo* no1if!«l htni fo in «t L#>» county sheriff's nf,"Vp n} 1 fe* did on his rrhnn trip. Be *M hfld under *3,noo «n charge of Kpr««v!inf and r*v*)»t. 4rlvinx «iwf £3,QW for driving th» bus wlthmit IHtrmis lic*rw», The tons had Missouri llwns* plat?*. Ens *o«tKS. 1 jms^igsrs were 4*tay»«} #»KHJ five ttw^wf^hji e B byg ^jth company offlclaW, p* cwt from Chicago, Mts. ,._Jcli was Rlmost 1ft ra>*h fnnt tcfB|>1e to t . l«mct«d by broken glass" as ih( was pitehct! Into the ditch. Mrs was? also badly mi ebon »«I sm1 bnils^l about thi Mr. Bollman suffered a frac ! Of his collar bon». Junior, new fmn, escaped wlOi R Bisght ru i bis face and h&d both kgs r,kin- condition of the injured was reported aboat the same morning. ftwwcms ItiUs 111 jTO ¥ISIT MOTH1E IK VIEONA, ITALY Rtid Mrs. Angelo Pcttorinl well known gtocers of Wallace left today for New York on Oct. 5 they will lake « i liner for Italy. They ex- to be gone for two months and dpate » very cnjoj-Rblo vi&iL Pettorinl Is especially eager reach her old home in Verona. IJ where she is looking forward to a 'j visit with her mother, whom she i has not seen for 21 years. They will ! visit In Rome and other places bc- • *— returning. ! Hew Arrivals j - Born, to Mr. and Mra. Ralph Mc- pwmlofc ft zon at the Sterling pub^o hostel thlj morninf. S" 1 - to Mr - * && ****• keo Snavcly Koute 3. a son, Sunday at tho paibllo hospital. , to Mr. and Mrs. W. G. iceiuaaii, * son, Sanday at the ««Un« public hospital , »»n. Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. ,;LeRoy Keeker of Morrison. Route |. 2. a^eon, at the Sterling public hos- • pltal. six rnot-sAND FOITKDS or BHARK--A vimie of « shark r < vsin Htisro Pnlodinl. nw-trr of n pnciflc Coajt ftahlnc trawler when hi.s CTCW haulpil nbosni this fifKKi-jxnind shark after a HvrThour battle 2aO milps off Point R<-yes. Calif. Twenty shots were fired into its body nnd thp fKh leaped as hi*h nr, 30 feet out of the water several times during the . cooking very much. B. H. K.: That Us tho rcason.- Show. SCCIAI AFFAIRS T*5rs. F. E. Durr entertained at nn afternoon party last Frlt'ny honor- inc the eighty-seventh birthday of her grand-mother, Mrs. Anna Hoogeboom which occurred thnt day. The quests were a few old friends of Mrs. Hoogeboom. who en- Jodgrd rcmintsrlnK tnc yfivrs thai d»vc gone by. Late in the. afternoon Mrs. Durr served refreshments. * I" <", «'ii.» i»*j'* f """"I""" T~ to r'aft «-o"k at *fi» t THE CAMFAIdN LOO • T'n;*r 1 r «•• > c ' -n r-f »"•',' 1 m!»*•!» r 'Hi"- ri fs-r^ 4f Albin ! ?i'if Building Sidewalk C. C. Grady. street superintendent n Rock Palls, nnd his force of men are engaged in building a sidewalk on the east side of Avenue C. bc- ;weent East Fourth street and Dixon Avenue. The cement was poured Monday. Don't Wait Too Long . Place orders now for these good CoaIS—- TOO EXPENSIVE. BOARDING'HOUSE KEEPER: T am afraid I must give you notice to at the end of UJE month. COOK: Why? The guests like my Hospital Notes MujtT *y ol Tarapico, a nursc * ho *>M been canto the Starling public hospital of illness, has been dis- '•«»•» patient, Mrs. Dyson 1 Of Tmmpied, Lawrence Cap- Rock Falls. Mrs. Corliss an<S inCaat wm William Ojr- Mrs. John Onckcn, Mrs. Overly Infant daughter Donna Sue McCormick hate been dia^ Mrs. Joe Shank naa been itted for medical treatment. / V. C. freeman Is confined to his sac on Dlxon Avonup. Rock FalLs, _ fflfcess and unable to be at the f gggmM Hemstitch Shop, Guam Many Sariast* if Left to Become Cfcroftte Merer 1st a Ciy pa by. Ooo«t»t«oon H«>rb*rl Hoover harf onlv s c*!lrrs t/wiay «nd writ r,K--.t of M-f (!mi? working on thn fins) rtrsfl «f thfl is?>«fch IIP will rtelim- n .. Trim., Saturdnv. Willinm Allrn Whitr prni.- AlTffrt K. .Smith for ' high of courage, wisdom and. honesty." White termed himself R "free lance*' republican. Senator Chsrlr-, cmt!-; •Rent to Olhrnuo to disown uhnt further; part he is to jijay in the republican : campaign. ; i Senator Joseph T. Robinson accused Senator Curtis and other re-' publican leaders of "trifling" with thg fnnn ryllpf problrm. ' WIN'S S?n,f500_Q U inii t ^ BpScknall ,', n bo-ikkrf }>^," employed by a Kan*^* ; City life -insurance company, l>i' f lir liiii'--.; pay his divorced' wife $2<l.r>')0 in n JUJHP sum MI'R. Spick- null, al-ovr. won « divorce on a pc- tUiriti allrgind general indignities nplrlsn«!l, Mill drawing a krrprrr, snlary. Invested in the com- pniiy sonip years ngo ant! now hns 100 shares of stock worth $1350 a shorr. , . br«»Ui— imply or 9*Jlo*r complexion. C»ri«ri LJtUflpvor Pills are y>e old, t!tnp-ip»»Mi r«l!<-J tor caB*ttt»linti. Kara and B A FK --* ftttflf vc«ec«i>!« formulm; mild y#t thoroiuiii. Adult* and (-Ulldrcn flntt th*»* ttuy, white, *u««r-c(,alfd plHs alsB. OverSOO.o&OD our dr »»8l»t lor «"*-*«r « yearn xatlva {.ilia n, th« World. You'll recucnl«« the tsnioua old !£., Jf TIV> J >0 ^ lhat you've known »)nc« clilldbiioil. Conuitu «0 pnis «ud sells ***tywnet* torjoniy K CEUIA, Glow and Black Briar Order now and be sure of delivery from cars direct from the mines. Car of 12 inch kindling and slab wood just arrived. Telephone 1108 Eckman Coal Co* East Second St. at Third STERLING MAKES BAKING EASIIR DOUBLE ACTING —than you ever thoughtposaiblc. The always de* pendabtequalicyj of Calumet en* ables you to accomplish better results with less efi^t Try it. LESS THAN PSift BAKING )$.'Q& "You Buy Fuel To Get Heat" WHEN YOU BUY Air is the ideal deaner of fabrics. It sweetens and purifies as well as cleanses. The more air and thfc faster it tnmres, the deeper it cleans. This la one of the great accrete of Eureka Vacuum Cleaner popularity—the ^e«tar volume and velocity of sir it forces through the carpets or uphdstery, carrying with it ev«y particle of dirt em^d|4e4 in tfaft fataic, and carpet swccpcra j^ only surface dirt. Eur^un Vacuum €le*ne£« _iet-4itt the ^irt. ----- -'- ^ of the moat convenient ways of borrowing money Is on what is calJed a collateral note. The borrower takes his securities, such as bonds, stocks, etc., to the bank and deposits them as security for the loan. These securities are known as collateral and are left with the banker as assurance that the note will be paid. Sound, well known securities can be borrowed on for 75 or 80 per cent of their value. Invest some of your money in sound securities so you will be in a position to use them as collateral when you need to borrow money. Come in and consult us about it. ,r' Central Trust and ; Bank a. V. Bttlorf, PretUent Ezra Mathew, Vice President C. A. Burr, Ass't Cashier Win, L. Frye, Cashier E. T. Janssen, Ass't Cashier ULD And it provides perform***** GL. Thomas 1LECTRICAL Ml. fka AM*. til. YOU GET HEAT Ton Real fuel is left after a high quality coal has been distilled and purified—that's Sterling Koppera Coke. Having made this Coke in jmr own modern plant we mow iMexceptional quality. Ef TlW ™ e ^f T^r with its style and luxury -£SlS£S£^^ sttivoguifihnewbodieaby ;-***"^ »* vc » D«*u»nc Fisher. Fine-car luxury ^^^^^taiai&n results m evidenced by rich up- ^^^^^ soecial fu*1 Kolsteries and appoint- without special fuel. But you cannot fully _ —^-jg-i--—— » w - —- -.v w j •+* %• <«^ D* **a&«« v A «4 J|A y mtnts. 3Fine-carc<Mnfort appreciate this car untU ua^aredbydeep- ^o-nooKsimAH V^« ««« >'t and S2S?£*!!5 TJSSfS^ ^v^tyou^elf, fitting seats and four Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorber*. '925 /. o. b. Then'you'll know \vhy \ve «ay, <t WhatcouW be smarter?" Hlinois Nortliern Utilities Company TUNI IN JBf<««- J. W. McDonald m Third Twnm *»

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