Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 9, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1896
Page 6
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Gladness Comes W * ith a better understanding of the transient nature of tho many-phys- vanish before-proper t* ifforts- ffentle off o.-ts-plfa.sant efforts- directed. Thorc is comfort in Tknowledgo, that so many forms of ess aro not due to any actual dts- but simply to a constipated cond" of tho system, wliicli the pleasin.c laxative, Syrup of Fifts. prompt- ves.- That is why it is the only y with millions of fiimilies, and is Twherc esteemed so highly by all' oValuo good health. Its beneficial iiue to tho fact, that It is the TS BIu uu« w mi\j *.«..., - remedy which promotes ntcrnal -.inoss without debilitat-Tig the ..as on which it acts. It is therefore important, in order to get its bene- Al effects, to note when you pnr- !«,that you have the genuine arti- •which is manufactured by the Call- jla Fig Syrup Co. only nnd sold by reputable druggists. iln tho enjoyment of good health, tho system Is regular, laxatives, or r remedies are then not needed. II ted with any actual disease, ona be commended to tho most skillful Slleians, but if in need of a l"?^ 1 ' 0 ' Ethould have tho best, and with the .••U-lnformed everywhere, byrtip 01 Itastands highest and is roost largely ^•Sdftnd gives most poneral satisfaction. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Baih R1NQ Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose (3 Fiptf s» Id, 25c. mvenis Wetting Bead Floor or Walls. _ _:trnle.'s Water Closets. _!-• • S«nU for Catalogs Proot Wat«r ClMeW, Self-Actlnn Water CICMts, K«Uj Stop and Waste Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., aoi M»dlson Street, Chlanto. ,ib« North S«».'.. Tn tho tniddle'df the North sen. would perhaps be a curious place to find a po- licoinnn oii sliityVyet soroo 'hundreds are appointed. to keep order there, and nt other places where their services are likely to be required. Great Britain, Belgium. France, Germany and Holland each keep a certain nji'm'ber.of cruisers upon the high seas' for this purpose, whilst thev arc empowered to prosecute, ov, if necessary, take iiito .custody liny vessel boloncrliijT'to-clthcr of these countries. In inldition each cruiser carries n jud-e, in the shape of an officer in cliarge, who eiiu try tho cr.se and inflict n penalty— providing the defendant consents to his trying the ensc beforehand ' — '.ind whose decision can only be al- tcrcil by the court of appeals. Allowing- a ship -to wander about. Lhe hi^'li seas without keeping- proper control over her is far more common than. mifiht lie expected. The man whose watch it is may be asleep, and it is often a diJtlci'lt matter to prove that a large percentage .of the collisions that oceiir are directly due : to.thiscanse, • The Kibe disaster is only one example of the many nwful results of careless watching. 'However, the eagle. eye of. tin; "sea bobby," .by his V.ull's-eye Ian- tern— tvhich iii> the wise of the maritime policeman is a (Xiwcrt'iil Kearch- 1 i s .i lt _-is ; -j, keenly on the alert for cases of this sort, nnd such n heavy fine is inflicted on conviction., that charges of ••wandering without proper control" are cm-y year becoming less frequent. Plpnty of Blmetaflliim Now. \Ve have bimetallism in the United States in every sense of the term. If the tcinciii'tlio.Worldl ANEFFEC1W.SPECIFIC, (or all illwuscs <>(•>; the Liver, Summon .. nnd Spicon, . Rctriilruo tlio l.ivur nnd provunt Cllll-1-S • AND FEVI-.K, MAI.AK!T« ous'HsiVEKS, BOWEL-" • COMl'LAINTS, '.. REST-. LESSK.ES3, JAUNU1CK AND :" DAD BREATH! leasant,nothlnR so common - gold man wonts ffold, he can get it. If the silver -roan wants silver at sixteen to one, he can get it. Based on these two metals and redeemable in them, or like them, in the products of the world (tho final redeemer of all moneys) we hnve the greenback, the treasury note nnd the nationoJ bank note, so that if the citizen prefers paper to either g-old or ill- ver, it is within his reach. Most of tli« railroad statlous In. nn&s!u nre' about two miles from tho town which they respectively serve. Tills Is n prcanitlon' against lire, ns many of (nx uTeTburd'c/imil'TobbiiiK cxis«n»'of H» SJasure, .owli.K to'tliE Mcrct ^'"crinK from P ICK Act relief is i'L'Uily.ti">OioImnu ot almost rAJr.I---,..i*A n-ni net. KvstemaucnMy the rcirtcdy ffi'ir^m-Sy^S^^-U,^^ ^A^i£S^™^ CONSTIPATION SHQULU not bu rognrdcd ai t triflinif iiilmcnt—in fact, nature demands the utmost rvtr-wity ol 'the bowels, ttncl nny acvlation from this demand jmvcs tho way often to serious diinRer. H w oiiito oa necessary to rcraovo impure accumulations from tho Ijois'tls as it U to cut or sleep, and no health can be expected wliero a :oitivo rmbit of body prevail*. SICK HEADACHE This distr«sinff affliction occuri most fre- oucntlv The diiturbancc of the stomach, arisins: from tho imperfectly digested content* causes a severe.puln in the head, accompanied with disagreeable nausea, and thii constitutes «hit is wopularly known as SIck'HeBdachc; for the Vei. P c£ of which TAKE SIMMON! UVKK REOULATOH. MANUFACTURED ONLV-BY J. H. ZEILIN & CO., Philidclphl*, P«. A porllons Cent -\va.-t tierromied tiui low since by 'a bicyclist In Lyons,. Fnmw. He roile Ms wliecl ovor tin 1 coplrjKSton« of :i -house, MTty feot from ili-e groiuul In .the prtfsencc oC nu hn- nicMiw) crowd. Tho track U'Only t\vo foot wlilu. t!>e Ruswlam with straw. dwellings are tliatelieil 8. P. KI.OTZ, PASTOH O. CHURCH. rrnterioo, ind., Sept. 8,1896. Sjrnp Co.: Dear Slr:-T ,have been afflicted «>yer twenty yewi iwlth dygpepsla or BOW rtomacb. I naTe tried different renie- •ilM without much benefit. Finally 1 'toogbt a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep- rtn and fonnd .that It benefltted me. 1 UB convinced that -It'will1 doi what; It U recommended when'takenAccording to directions. I bate taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. S: P. KLOTZ. For «ale by B. F. Keesllng. . VOUK SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA TH» COAST LINE. It only cogs J13.SO. from Detroit, • JB.BO from Toledo, $18:00 from Cleveland for the round trip, Including meala and berths.' One thousands BUM of lake ride on new modern steel •teamen for the above rates. Semd 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Addreis A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. Don't trifle away time wien you have cholera roorbus or diarrhoea. Fight them in the beginning with DcWitt's Colic >& Cholera Cure. You dou't have to wait for results. They are Instantaneous and n leaves the bowels In healthy condttlon;-Jno. M. Johnston. W. F. Floww, boat and shoe dealer of Moutpeifer, lias made am assignment to Helen M. Fronds ot Stuirgte, who is bis '("rwUtOT. for $3,500. M-Ici:.. Hany a day's work Is lost by sick headache caused by Indigestion and stomach: troubles. .DeWltt's • Little Early Risers are the most cffectunl pill for overcoming such dlfflcultles.-Jno. M. Johnston. \ free silver datly .will (Won be Issued nit lUctanoiml, under 'the odfltnrfai 7i-nn- aganusnt at J. F. Snyder, wJfli I>. "as foustaosB OF ALL THINGS IN THE A toulc Is what nervous people require. To impart strength into tlie nervous ov gaulsm is to Insure its tranquillity, provided causes of Tinhealthful excitement are avoided. A medicinal- tonic that— like Hosteller's Stomach Bmers-corn- mauds the unqualified sanction of ilK- healing profession, and which institutes a seueral reform In a bilious, dyspeptic aud debilitated condition of the system, Is surely entitled to a careful trial by intelligent people, capable o£ forming a due estimate of a medicine, from emphatic and often recorded professional evidence in. its behalf. Not only are the nerves nod stomach.invig- orated by the. Bitters, but the system is also endowed with unwonted power of resistance to influences In air, water or dally avocation subversive of hcnltn. Prominently dangerous among the first named of these Is malaria, against •which Hostetter's Stomach Bitters at- fords a competent safeguard. Rheumatism and kidney troubles are alsn prevented and overcome by it. The funeral of a workman'In .lapau costs from S3 cents to .$1.25. Tlie-.corfin I.s supplied for 20 cents; for cremation, 75 coats are paid, ami the mourners cheer themselves with- refiwhment.H which-cost about 11 CCDU, and .same- times go as hlBh'as 2T, cents. 'Boys will be boys," but you can't ,afford to lose any of them. Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWrtt's CoHc & Cholera Cure in tho house— Jno.-M. Johnston. Jolm H. McCoanedl, of Wastolmglon townslilp/.to -flie vicinity,of Moore's H-lll lost Ms. handsome form, residence by ftre. The>» t« IF5.000, with 53,000 Insurance. Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruises, scalds, burns, nre quickly cured by Dc- Witfa Wlten Hazel SaJve, the great pile cure.—Jnb! M. Johnston. ' Date vinegar has been.made by the' Arabs for ages. It has recently been put on the English market,, and the English say it is far superior to. any other vinegar. i , FOB OVBB FIFTY TEARS. / lln. Wlniiow't soothing Syrup bai fcten utn-d for orer fifty years by mll- ilooj ,of mothers for. tlxJr children amb\le ', teething, ". witn perfect snccew.. n soothes the child, softens the gnins, ^•JUy* all pain, cnrei wild colic, and' "Jim the best remedy for diarrhoea. It -Will relieve tne poor little sufferer lm- ••dlately. Bold by dmgglsts In every |*rt of the 'world. Tweaty-Bve cents • bottle. Be'sote and art for "Mrs. 1 iWInmlow'i Soothing .Byriip." and take Mother kind. •- ' . • , .. , ft yon have eyer seen, a little chlld^ In the agony: of Bummer -complaint,: you can realize the danger of the trouble: and appreciate the value of Instantaneous wlief always afforded by DeWItVs Coilc 1 * Ciolera Cure. For dyeentery, 'and .diarrhoea It Is a Tell.ableVreinedy.. '•We could not afford to recommend this M a cnre unlew It were a cnre^-J'no.'M. 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'GOc and ?1.00 per bottle at .B. F. Keesltag's drug store '"A species'of'frog In Boru«o lias v long, tor*, and these are webbed to the . ••• ' •..' *^j-—n rt' 'l>T(»ll fl'Pf 1 tip-' it can lenp from a high tree spread Its toes and Is Mras supplied with four llttile pnrrichutes, which, enable 1 to easily descend-. 'For this reason I te called "the flying froB." ' ' iores. peW!lt's Witch •'' Hn^V heals them. It is the beet .pile .cure, knowh.-Jno., M; Johnston. The' Monon. railllway.' stone crusiicr,. 'mear Satei, line shut 'down, throwing uenrly oiie humdred 'man out o* 'W0i;l« It"te snild Hhnt: iihe works will not resume nniWt-aftw tlUe electilon. 'It doesn't matter'nmch whether, sick' i'eadache, blllonwiaM, Indigestion and. ' : 'nelect or MARVELOUS RESULTS. From a letter written by Rev. J. Gun dermanV. of. Dlmondnle, Micu., we ar permitted to make tWs extract: "I hhv no hestltation In recommending T>r King's New .Discovery, as'tie result were almost marvelous In the caae o • my wife. While 1 1 was. pastor of tti Baptist Churcli at Rives-Junction'sh was brought down with pneumpnla sue ceedlng la grippe. Terrible paroxysm of coughing would last hours with llttl Interruption and it seemed'ns,If-sh eould-not survive them. A friend rec ommended Dr.. King's New. Discover} It was quick In Its. work rind highly sa Mactory in results." Trial bottles fre at B, F.KeesUng'e drugstore. ..Regula size50cand! $1.00. '.',..'... . .some .naturalists,' believe"',that til whale was orlgiJially, ajan'd animal, .an -that Jt'fled.tp;the/waterc,fpr..*ofetyi '. ?;',Bu'GkLBN!8 T ABNIpA.;siLyB. '• ,. > <liie bert salre In .the worid loi: cpti, w ™»v Musea/by',neglect or ; by nnavold'able. cl'rcuiMtaiws; pe- Wltt's Little Earlj; Risers will speedily? cure taem all.-Jao. M, JohMton. IJOOD't Sawaparflia'haB over ainid'; -fl^ovePBgalh^proTed by ite cures, when all other preparations failea,;that it it the One True ILOOD Purifier. Amongst the numerous-British colonies there is none, perhaps, about which the avorap;« Englishman is more hazy than uboiit the Bahamas—tile-isle's of June—of' the' Pink Petirl—of the Oleander, as they have been variously etylcd. Several masons may account for this. The islands lie apart from the other West Inilian possessions, nnd out of the-course of the great steamships; they arc in no diJ-ect communication with England whatever, nor with the nearest. British colony, Jimiaiea, except by means of nn occa*ionsil sailiiiR vos- scil—anil from.nil low.l sch^ners may heaven p.n»crve the unwary visitor! Host of *Jie export and import trade ig with the United States. iuid theorJy regular (.•ommunication with the islands is'furnished by t.he American steamers •avlny New York fortniphtly, calling t Nassau, and prooeodinf? to Cienfuego. n the south coast of Cuba; ond by the iahama Shipping company, which runa steamer evsrv three weeks between ^ew York nnd Nassau. The islands nre largely patronized by .rnerican visitors during, the winter months, who come t.hither to enjoy the he superb climate; and as a traveling 1 Englishman is quite a rava avis, every trunger ifl assumed to be American un- il he proclaims-his nationality. • The Bahamas' consist of a group of omc 050 islands (only 20 inhabited), vidcly scattered, the extremes' being omething over 400. miles apart. Many f them are oiily partaally explored, and nme of the smaller ones scarcely nown: the population is, of course, cry scanty, t.hn last <;i.nstlR giving only .1,000-. of which about 90 per cent, arc olorccl people. Nassau, 1he capMal (and indeed the mJv town worthy tin- name), is situated in New Providence, iu> island about tho iM and' shape of 1'nla of Wight. The inest buildings t.he town possesses nre ho ja.il. the hospital nnd the Hoya.1 ictorin hotol, said to be.the best in he West, rndics. Ik is only open from Christmas till the r-iul ot April, that be- ng the times, at. which visitors comu rom the states; n.lthough as far as the .limate is concerned, (he. rains;are owr •n Ontobor and the weather is cool and elig.htful from the beginning of No- .•cmber. Tho thermometer during tJie vint«r varies between 70 and SO degrees. - \t other times of the year accommodations can lie hod a.t the Oorry house end at variousIxiarrliugostablwhrneiits, Hie hank, post, office a.nd most of the hops are in Bay st.r«-t—a long, wide trect, planted with almond trees, run- nine along the--:cofl.s»..i'3st.and west. The roads around the town and indeed Jar into the country are.c x c-cllent The sland cannot, boast of any special beauty of scenery; -with the exceptio.i of a - flatv uncultivated portions are always er/ed with vegetation, sometimes by «D ,imost impenetrable busb, uometime^ by pine trees, and sometimes by many miles of beautiful . polmcttos—planV without which no London drawing- room is complete nowadays. At the back of Nassau is a limestone ridge through or over which nre roads lending to the native towns, "''—'• teing sheltered' from the dry wind, and hence being somewhat damper and warmer thai, the cnpitnl, exhibit, the most wonderfnr-wcalthqf tropical. Tegetotion. Each cabin stantl-s in the, midst of a garden where sueh utility, trees'as cocoanut palms, ornnges, ba- gudvas, and sometimfls bread^ fruit, ore' sure to be seen; the. merely ornamental plants are nlso .not uty 01 scmiui > i v\t\.n *w*^. r~ i very low range ot hills, the country iat, in. some places swampy." The north for- nr and ' all ! skin • erupti6ns,'andspoiil-. : ' ively , :«•!• guaranteed to.- glve:p.^e%.satl§i (action 'ot • money •>refnrjdrt a: 'Pi*<* gotten; every species of row seems to run wild In'the gardens, ajid In'this land- of perpetual, summer the trees •!l,cep blooming right along." o»: .-an American might cspn-ss it. There ore four-of tJi<;se native settlcmenta-at the back of 'Xo'ssaii, .ai'd : to. V.a .botanist nothing-can : be raore-inteiesting..than a r'amblc./through.'thelsWts, '^r,- more properly 'speaking, lanes.. ;; ... ; .j ; ; The list, of trees 1 and. plants flourl»H- Ing on' 1 the Island *eemft almost .lnex r hftiistible;. besides, those beiore men- -tibiic'd, soin«vbf, the, besi .known arc: Silk, cotton, banyan, mahogany, ebony, s'itin-Tvo'oo"-' 'trees;. -. pinpapijlesi . : |rrape fruit, ,Bhafldocks,.;ma.ngoe3, yams, plan-. taJnfl, sngar;.cane,. etc. ;.;,!. . :. 'The'clilpf ; "Jid oldest lndustry ; of the place is sponging';'iin apparently endless supply of sponge is found on the reefs which' surround the'Islands. T.he 'sponge bouts nre constantly returning to Nassau with .their 'cargoes, ond large hoaps may be 'si-en almost, nny morning In the exchange.' Sponge'-is ; sold by nuc- tiori. clipped and; pressed, 1 pncltnd. In b'ales, aiiil.dispatched to ogenta in New York arid London." Several speciw* ore 'found, but! : none of them'are; of no fine rjuslity'as most; of the sorts from the Mediterranean.. "' ' '". .'.', ". .' Vast q'uantities.of live turtJe ara «m- tlnually being stiipped, wbich"figure loiter, at; Delmonico's and; the. London restaurants. Another species (the non- edible) Is also ri-buwdiiiit, nnd'furrishea an iroportan't'Industo- in Nassau.; the 'sheila-lire polished whole, and fowii very a'ttractive ornalments, or nre cut up to 'make obtnWand other small articJ«s. ' • The two great prizes for which 'every flshterman ! is'on : the lobkont : ore the "p'lnif pearls and ambergris; The former are found' In the'fleih of Uic large conch (stroinbus gigas), a. very abundant shell' which Is dived for by the boys* :i wtio : a« most expert'in this exercise. A'pearl of unusually large slze'was pur-' chasefl by a "dealer 1 ln ; NassaXi lately •for £405; 'oig, however,-only"one shell £b >ts hundred 'contains apenrl; and then probably only a small one, pearl H«blug U a decidedlypreca'ripuB means of Hye- lihood ' The natlveB jnuch'rellnh the fi- of thVconch, hut it Is somewhat an "ImbergTls: : whlch is formediJy'a'dl*... ea'ie in'th'e.iipenn| wholev.U ofcasIcnaHjr '4*"" 11 , MV**"*r>*"J™^f™ , :•:, — . '. ... * • '"' lif'*'• be 'of''great! Importance j. it' la the cultivation of «teai,.'a species of aloe (aguve americana), the fiber of which supplie* the best material for rope making. T*cre tre'se'veral plantations of it in New PrcvHence, Abaco, liiid other islands, but Andros is found most suitable for its growth. This is the largest of the Bahamas, and the one lying nearest Nassau. It is 00 mites long anJ 40 miles across the'middlc,-\vith u population of; 3,400, of whjch only 20 or 30 are white people. It has a rouky soil ond is covered almost everywhere with impenetrable bush. The few settlements are on the east coast, and the center of the island has never been explored. Thus furnishes food for tho superstitious and fanciful minds of the negroes, whore- lute wonderful talcs of n race of giants aTid various Rupernatura.1 beings who are supposed to inhabit the interior and occasionally visit the coa-skot night. Almost all 'the scOilers on this island are engaged 'in sisal cultivation, of which there ure several large plantation:-, that of Sir. Joseph Chamberlain, M. P., being notable. • . The. long straggling island of Lleu- thera bas also sisal estates, though the local specialty is the raising-of pineapples The is'land is cooler in summer than Nassau, and many of the inhabitants are glad to escape from Hie metropolis to Governor's Harbor and other settlements, where decent accommodations may be found, which is inortf than can -be sa'kl of most of the other islands. Inagua, the most southerly of the pro up, lying; close to llavti.isxomcwbat different in character. It possess?* extensive prairie lands anil numerous wild hrrrsi?s. Mention most be made of San Salvador, which was the first land touched upon by Columbus. He BUO- soqiu-r.tly visited New Providence, Oc- UiuL-r 17..M92. which he named Fernan- dinu. after Ferdinand of Spain'. The island was chiefly celebrated in early days on account.of the deeds of a daring sst of pirates who had fixed ou. X3S-.-.-UI as their headquarters. The reefs and shoals which surround the harbor made " convenient) retreat for those knowing the waters, but extreme- Iv dangerous for any unwary vessel that might be driven towards the shores. The pirates at length attracted so much attention that, at the solicitation of British merchants George I. dispatched •in nnr.-mpnt to reduce the colony to olirdi-nce. During t.he early part of the American war of independent-..- the island v.-:is t iikcn by Commodore Hopkins, but abandoned 'as untenable. It was retaken in 1TS1 by t.he Spaniards and AniPi-icr.rs, but afterwards.restored to fircpt Britain. ' Of eonrsr- the palmy days of the nana- nii'.s (lilio the other West Mies) were before t.he abolition of slavery: still during the American civil war, money -liU'-riilh- poured into Nassau. It was the principal cciih-r for blockade running, nnd all provisions ami stores were bought np'nt fabulous prices. The sishts of Nassau are certainly no; immi-rons; there a.re two. however, which the visitor should, not m-gieot. The i-rst is thi- phosphorescent, lake which l':c-s two miles rnst ot the town. ar.il only.ribout. , r .n yards from t.he sea, with whirs' it- is coniirot.-il by a channel. Tt-is s;>.id to lie the most ph-ispho- reswn', pice? ot wawr. in 'he wnrl'l. hot t |,,. ry-fr-in of t-hs.pliosp-liHrr-sccnp^ ha.s ni'vr Iwen ' satisfactorily explained. ,Thr In.ki'. or pond, is artificial, h.ivir.g 'be'-ii cut ninny years iisrc. probably for •sfoTins-1 untie.' Certain it- U that on any. dark iii"ht the wr.tor presents a. won- 'nVrfi'.l spectnclr. A boat is there fr.rtbo. •rise of visitors, nnd plenty of small boys oiwny« on "'hand to dive tinder nnd around it. As soon as the wafer i« dis- tiirlwd. it. appears simply trans/ormprt in'to liquid fire, -•Tli 1 ; other sight to be recommended is a.yisit to GraJitstown (one of the native 'settlement's) on a Saturday evening. .Stalls covered with various comestibles linr the roadway, each one brilliantly Illuminated by u-small bundle of can- dle'wood, which forms a splendid natural torch. Then there are shanties where charaterls«c.,o<tti;o,.pinjring, v and.'lanc-,; Ing may be n'eatrl and seen. "..' . ... .Surely there never was. such a place itscemsto Blood .la essential to benltb. Every nook and corner of the system is reached by the blood; »nd oa its quality the condition of every organ depends. Good blood means strong nervei, good digestion, robust health. Impure blood means scrofula, dyspepsia, rbennw- tUm,«tarrhoroUierdisoMe.. Thesurest way to have good blood is to Ulce Hood'« Sursaparllla. This medicine purifies, vitalizes, and enriches the blood, »nd sends the elements .of health and strength to every nerve, organ and tiejue. It creates a good appetite, gives refreshing Bleep and cures that tired feeling. Bemember, Sarsa| T« the best- lu fMt the On« True Blood Purifier. „„. cure Liver Ills; easy to i PIllS take, easy to operate. 25c. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. }vw the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. Tbe wperlor accommodations given ttb irtat number of patrons of the above -rain during the P 11 ^ tourist season, warrants the announcement of plans ••r nest season of finer service with •qnlpment superior to anything yet <nown in transcontinental traffic. Look for eart? re-Inauguration of •BONSET LIMITED" tbi* fall. For Home Seekers. roe Southern Pacific C». "Sun«et io.ite" In connection with the "Queen and Crescent Route" are running the only line of through tourist rullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and Ian Francisco. These excursions are specially con- .Incted, and the object Is te enable those who do not care to buy the first-claw round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy * comfortable ride with sleeping car •rlvlleges and no change of cars at the »«ry low second-class rate. ". Vot further Information, address W. 8. CONNOR, Commercial Agt 9. P. to., Cincinnati, O. W. G.-.NEIMYEB, G. W. Agt. S. P. to., Chicago, 111. g. F. MORSE, G. P. * T. Agt. 8. P. *>., New,Ofleans,.La- , .,- . TRANSPORTATION; .co: rWIOB DAILY STBAMBBSiTO <3HI- CAQO. CONNBCTINO :.WITH THB VAJJDALIA BfHf | .'.' WAY AT ST. JO^ .. .) " for psalm-singin),' r.s Nassau: 'be the only Dissipation of t.he colored; peli-, ,- .- . choral practice. The nefiroes are. not.. nbiv a muainal race, and here they .have full opportunity of cultivating, their: taste* as far as psalmody IP concerned. • ' The knowledge of the tonic sol-fa Is widely, diffused, and the part-staffing of theipeopleVis-peally admirable; the quality of the voices often leaves much to be desired, but the singing is correct and always hearty, not to say boisterous. The sailors on the sponge boats and other craft; whenlheir attention i» not. otherwise .required, usually produce their tonic sol-fa books and begin deciphering new tunes, sometimes in two or three ports, in n really extraordinary wav. In short, when the.ncgroes are not talking or cntlnpthey nre usually singing hymns. There are several races of negroes In the islands, successors of tiose originally brought by the Spaniards: ' Some of the African languages are still spoken by the older people amongst, .themselves, though English' is the only lariprunge one hears, and remarkably pure English it is, for the mpst ; porti with -but very ..lltfle ' ' ' ' ' " Beginning May '25th and continuing •ntll about Sept 80th the>teamerB ot thlt line will make two trip* each w«y tally between St. Joseph and. .Chicago, •n the following schedule: , Ixsave St Joseph at 430 p. m. «nd 10:80 p. m , dally. Including Sunday. ,L»»Te Chicago at 030 fc,m :i »n ».":m., dally, Including Sunday. Extra trip* on Saturday leave St Joseph at la. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. «n- Running time across lake 4 Aoura. • TrI- weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph Monday, Wednesday and Frlday'eyenlrgs. The equipment of this line Includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and Bneit west of Detroit), and the newly. rebuilt propeller City of LouUvIIle. Service flrst-class. Connections with all Tandalla trains. Tickets on sal* at all fandalla Line statloos. Chicago dock toot of Wabash avenue. .T. H. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, Mich. cents per feeding. box; • P. k»nore:on the 'and| 1arga"pleee : of ' it l» a email' fortune to '4K» Innlrv fil-tAmj 1 ' •' ' '••' '' the lucky finder ", .- -,-- 'Moiiqultoea are a" terrible scourge to the 'island, slill from/November td May , Nissan'- iiYprect'lcally. f ree-from 1 them. 'Snakes are plentiful in the bush, but are perfectly harmless. '•" .TaraWultt 'and: fake ttortrdublft to'lbbk for tncm: Th<*most brilliant humming birds and .butterflies are' 'always' ~^»-^-"* -T-" Mall--Magneto*. • - '••' Tall Con at F«rtlll»m.' •:.:'• The department of agriculture atetm- ihat''the>'veragp.co!it"pf'fertlHzets,jto^ 'an ncreiqf-Wbeat liij New-Ha»psU«», !• $5,59. .In"; the hewer states thls.lttm; enti little figure.;.; v, .. :; > • ,. M: Going;-'For A Lake trip? " •. ''•• ; . : You'll folly en>T 'all Of IU dellKbt* If you t^te oooorthe -ARE MOTGAH Ato LAKE SOTEWOR

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