The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 18, 1945 · Page 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1945
Page 9
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êunim5,Jpi^l einâétar Huskers beat NOVEMBER 18, 1945 Hawkeves defeat iiiighly Golden Go|)liers, 20-19 Sliiif; of ilrfral« wiprti fnil as Miniirsola *:oi‘s i I ohii IOWA CITY. la. (Al*). Downtrodden Iowa, kicked ^ about the Western conference without a football victory since 1942, shocked Minnesota’s once Golden Gophers, 20 to 19, Saturday. Not since Iowa crushed Wisconsin's title hofjes, 0 to 0, Nov. 7, 1942, had the Hawks won a confer- ♦■nrt; c inii*st. '>nly a tie with In- ^ dian^t in 1943 had rewarded their efforts thruout 18 «ame.s. IVUIlScIS KUU S But the ;ting of many defeat, wa. wified out a« the battling H r £ Hawk,, eame from behind to hand |4 Minnesota itJ? fourth draight con- \ f. I Mm# ference lo;-.. IOWA, TRAIIJ.NO 13 to 19 late llaiul W ¡Ilh’cllS the fourth quarter, struck , quickly when Jerry Nik., the 26 Vy I year old war veteran, and NoKson Smith combined their talents for a; LAWRENCE, Kas. i/l’). Kansas 61 yard touihdown play, the lat-iuniversity performing before a ter lialloping 40 yard« after tak- 15,700 homecoming crowd; Ing a pa, r Nile« kicked the extra sma.shed it. way to a 27-0 foot-, point for the low;^ l=Md. ;ball victory over Kansas State) The (kspher-., however, were far in an intra-slate contest that from finished with a little more mirefl the Wildcats in the cellar than four minute« remaining, they.yf the Big Six conference, headed toward the Iowa goal. Oiv The Wildcats, who count no they w-ent, five yardi., 10 yaids at sea.son a failure if they can wing a crack as many of the 13,800 ex-:^,p Kansas Jayhawker, had citefl f.tnr. sjalled from the standi>:f||.jvf.n to their rival’s three-yard onto the sidelirus. Finally the ||,^p jgt^ jn the half before drive halted after the Gopher* ^j.|e home team expbided its first had reached the Iowa 10 A touchdown dynamite. Cecil Lang- ¡lenalty cost Minne.sota five yards Kansas’ thin man renter, and then Merlin Kisperls at- j^uocked dowm a pass from Karl tempted field goal from the *'*' Kramer to Dale ToHn as the jard line wa^ v;u\v. only serious K-State threat fizzled MINNESOT.A. ITS lineup re- out. , * * vi.sed after the 49 to 0 loss to ln-1 m'lj. of a five- diana opened the *! yard penalty, the Jayhawks touchdown ll,‘if with^a^ 97 yards without losing pushed into a 13 to : first the ball. Dick Bertuzzi sparked 59-yiird march latt march Only 30 seconds The'of the first half remained when Iowa refused t« ^ thek the Girard. Kas., halfback crossed Hawks covered 75 yards for Iheir fu^t touchd()wn. Art (Wison^ Leroy Robison, injured Kansa.s nlher lad back (on ‘h' „.„bark who not played »Ince ^;‘my'dr hd" oil fields, ripped off igiiwinl after tourhdown Coyotes, 53-0 Nebraska siilis [»lay iiiosl (if tilt ajsaiiist Dakotans Nloorr. 4»ration ¡lie. Vrkf«‘lil. Ilarriii^loii. Ktmr. Tiiik srori* BV W.\I T IxmiUNS. With hi.s first string varsity playing only one quarter and with the R team squad handling the assignment during the last two {Huiods. Coach Potsy Clark's Cniversity of Nebraska Cornhuskers toyed with undermanned South Dakota at Memorial stadium Saturday afternoon, winning in a romp by a 53 to 0 ; core. ¡ -- ■■ - ........— It took the reguliif f just right; pm _ _ g i j ft *' uMlTflk minutes to march 85 viirds fot'' 1 their initial marker in the oj ;'n-, ■ Ri#" ■■ i , ing period, a 17 yard flip from ^ Cletus Fischer to etui Willard' Jrliii# Bunker putting the leather on the " ' " ‘ '.......'..... 8-yard stripe from which point jj* Gerald Moore plung-d over the ^ ' .... Coyote right tackle for the tou. h- ,Y; •’ down. Bill Sloan converted, ihnn»«« -’t, h.o«.« « «. ■ Nebraska started it .a-cond •••«“ »• drive from it:. 27 with Alex Fink, i»¡ 'I'|.|| subbing for Fi :cher, racing 2. ^ yurd, b. th.. si>. II ic, i d up th.' 1 score. This lime Minire rammed Mirhu.n »7. eun!«. i.i. over from the 1-yard line and Sloan again made good on his |„». i.'.««, .Minnr-ka» i». t>lacement attempt. « • • r.ilst BOB COSTELLO'S pass inter-! \rm, «n. t>«n o ' ception gave the Hu,«ker regulars J , their third scoring opt>orturnty in 7 . s:i,ra>iik<- « r,; the waning minutes of the Pe riod., ^ " the N.U. center getting back to;i,,hi*h 1 ». nnxii » Dakota’s 19 Thi.s time il war, Fink uumiip m> > v«. n. 1 , at , 1 Í j 1 . .11 ..... Ilarkarrt M, llrutvn 7. T who pedaled his way to the piom-¡n„„„ h ised land, the ex-Lincoln high < •••nif<n< m i. ;n. i 0 . ball toter traveling 14 yards 'V. M'ore. Again Sloan’s kick split the ■’«. jnim iiopkin« is. jllMl«* 41, Oiinrit «i. I eriu<i*ti»n ;ift, Hcriitii J.4 . 0. .4'^ . Ä», - -..... FIT.LBACK GERAI.n .MOORE crashed the Coyote forwards for two touchdowns in the opening qu<yter of Saturday’s 53 to 0 rout. 2t-0 a.s the period ended, Coach Clark sent in a ^t^'ond ¡unit of Bob Korte and Paul Kip-! Here the Walthill Uather toter is cru.shing over for N. U.’s second touchdown. for tOII4*lHÍOHIIS zle-du 7 .zle “T” plays, romped to a jumped up and par.>ed to Brown i 14-point halftime lead and then on the four yard line. Hopkins AxrikT Afinnn Mu-n HTP 7 withstood a wild pas.sing splurge then crashed over on the next M 1 a-k ’ FllioH \ Kerkcris converted. i^yLlr"«l<r''Sb,,rte ^Lli£ck>o™, » to «. -Su.urduy. and win; foiirlli pay.s off COLUMBUS, ' I Jayhawks scored again in ^‘'Minne.sota added'its third anri'the third period and twicejn the last touchdown on Vic Kulbitski’s f«nal canto for their 2<-point 3 yard smash, but Johnson came back later in the second period for another score on a pass from Niles on the 9-yard line. It was Iowa’s first victory over Mmne.sola since 1939 when the late Nile Kinnick led the Hawks to a 13 to 9 triumph. Lineups; ir>\v A l.n I.ofhleln ........... l.T K av ........... 1.0 K hü ’ rllml .. .. UC, SimrOecK .. ... HT H Ammonii ....... i;--; Hh»^hi»n ........... tjH Nllf* l.n Simon« ....... km c.o.den ............ •« KB JohntxHi ................ ............. InVkrt . ■ ■ ■ • • Minn»'»<>t« urortnp:: Touchdown«, MINNKPOTA Kinncr Ktt.-h .... RunKel ... O*lorio«ikt ..... C*Arl»on Carlcy Bnihn ... Lawrence KUpert ................lAit« la A 0 a 19 on 0 7 30 i.ut*. final canto count. Thereafter the Wildcats merely struggled to hold down the score. In the first period they showed some of their famed first-half blitz tactics but the Hawk line was too much for the outclassed Manhattanites. passed for three touchdowns and .scored the fourth one himself Saturday to whip Purdue, 27 to 13. and keep Michigan in the running for the Big ’I’en football championship. Oklahoma struck for its lone the 1945 Big Six football cham-jtouchdown in the third quarter of Illinois’ football pionship before 24.000 homecom- when Johnny West HiPped a 39- Saturday and the Bucks ing fans. iyurd pass to Aubrey McCall, who ... Oklahoma and Missouri took the took it on the seven and scored ¡smashed their way to an impres- field undefeated in conferenceislanding up. The lineups: isive 27 to 2 victory over the Illini from Red Cloud, tmik over at TuAhc8i-#> si, n. m «< iriiHiia «. fi'inW’« iitifit Eri flrndovillc* rp-i *, !• il V\*I* ta t ntlcif T. f ink s spot ano v»raao\mt re U|„r*an t«, lumpton it Ohio placed Phil Young at fullback. ilhai h«*niurk) i>«chcrii si, Kirkioiiie State’s fourth period power . ««'p ia*- i«. HNinhri<u<- 0 , O. KANHAS I.K ¡»chmlrtt ..................... l.T Biift ........... L<î IHckiiAon .......... <: IjinKfiird ....... RO Burk« ........................ KT Mix.r« ..................... RK Pumphriy ....... qB ............... lai Paitf ............. RH Bert 11*7,1 ............. KB Harmon ............ Katioas ....................... K 8tst« . ... KAnisas touchduwrui : Point leBwrenrp. KulbHrtkl (for Lut»» After n, KUp^ff (pîaceklrk ». los^A ernhnK Toih ^<îowt^», Johnfw»n ilK Smith. Doint« «fier toucïulovkn, Nlie« (2) (ireeley blasts Wesleyan, 71-6 BY RED BAER. GREELEY, Colo.—Final score; Greelev Slate Teachers 71, Nebraska Wesleyan 6 That’s the story, all in one sentence. Greeley completed a perfect homecoming day here Saturday by snowing under the Wesleyan Plainsmen in one of the most lopsided games ever witnessed on Jackson field KA.N'SAH STATK H a «« . KmK Nrrhy NU’ho!»on .............. Hiirdtn ...... rowan ................... Jonrs Patternon .............. Bandy ........... Hollinner Kramrr 0 7 « H 37 0 (I 0 0 - C Hertuïzl. Pum- play and Missouri was determined!Missorui ■Bë'iorë' (ans on a water- !» »i" 'hi? »no for Dun Faurot. wan.K.r soaRorl (lold, Flllo.t catno of, thoibr-ad i' ^ 0 ^ ivft c rfisR • • A LATTERAI. FROM Brown toi oakr«“.*:: bench to take the place of injured Walt Tening and sparked the entire Michigan team to a Llovd Brinkman gave Mi.ssouri it.s yK Kmwn comeback after its trouncing from touchdown in the first period Kkm«" as Brinkman did a tight-ropei kb o’Conneii .... dance down the left sidelines for' score by period«; 29 yards and the score. iMiA.wuri .......... Uktahuma ....... OKLAHOMA ¡to slay right behind Indiana in UurKert ,/ o ................ the race for the Western conference championship before a chilled crowd of 70,287. The Bucks scored the first time they had the ball and then nursed a slim lead until the final period when superior manpower again paid off and they hammered ., Tallrhlef . ., Tiilman Botiiohamrr Tiyart Friday ,. . . . McCall Harvell Richardson .......... WMt , . . , anarp Jim Kekeris, giant tackle who 7 7 0 U ’ across the goal line three times. Navy last week. m • * MICHIGAN took the field, soggy after an all-morning rain, as a one-touchdown favorite. Rut the! omi fe*«**“ a,ormK; Touchdown«. Brinkman. Hop-; Wolverines played hstless, unin- opened gaping holes for Mis- Pmm« attrr touchdown «T-YARIl march produced ".b'l ob. ,ou..baow„ «„ h „ai whipped a 40-yard Nussbaumer for Michigan . touchdown. m^d saved the game by throwing stover, suard*. i>avi«; minutes and 34 seconds old The Michigan line, then confi-'Oklahoma’s passers fiance ARc? thTtho^ dent it had a man at left halfback before they could uncork their _ ipverv Ohio threat until the final When r.iiioit KKKCU u.i. exwc «enter,.Daugherty sprinting off right pass to Bob Kekcns who spearheaded theiuenderstm; Bfmrci«, cutfe, bAck#. fUp cmre from the 11- irhiP'in’s first I Missouri line in the final half, tattou«. Bonne«. cio,Ueiier. ihm, Okia- tackle lor the score irorn me ii ichigans tackle».'yard line when the game was and saved the game by throwing stover, suard«. i>avi«; c'fter.i minutes and 34 seconds old e then ronfi-iOklahoma’s uassers off balance voyei.Bark.t. b-ck., sieward. Pair., ¡»even Minutes and 34 scconds om^ ptirey, Hchmidt, Green <»ub for Hirmonl Point* «Her touchdown: Robtsun («uh for Hkrmiin) 3 tplacekick*». Pumphrey tplace kick). Oklalioiiia A{:«; h \ s rtaiiaiii iiiihraUMi STILLWATER, Okl. (UP). Oklahoma A. & M. remained among the unbeaten teams of the nation Saturday as it crushed Texas Tech 46-6. All-American Bob Fenimore, halfback, scored two of the Aggie counters, breaking loose for a 44 yard gallop in the first period and driving over tackle in the third period who could carry the offensive throws, load, settled down to throttling the hcrc’ded passing of Purdue’s Bob DeMoss in addition to opening gaping holes for Michigan’;, backs. The Wolverine forw'ard wall, spearheaded by the alert, diagnostic play of end Art Renner, yielded one touchdown in the second period after Michigan had scored 20 points. Then after Elliott had piled up a 27 point lead in the fourth period, it gave way to the second Purdue touchdown. WHEN .MISSOURI’S attack bogged down in the second period. ELLIOTT scored his one touchdown ftnd passed for another in the second period. Michigan moved 65 yards in 14 plays with Elliott going over from the 1-yard a chance for a New Y'ear’s day • ELMO ( RO.MLR, a 32 year old returned prisoner of war, .scored four touchdowns aiul kicked three coHversions to lead the Colo­ radoans. I. , r*» I • *1 The Bears scored twice in the, ill liriKMil BKiriillsIl The Aggies dominated play in ¡line, and then the red-haired every period as they won Iheu jNavy studepl, came back to toss 17lh straight game and clinchedia 29-yard pass to Nussbaumer on StaplrtoiL Siillierlaiiil opening quarter and had piled up a 39-0 margin at halftimc. Crom- NORTH PLATTE.—Stapleton and Sutherland, two of the state’s the Purdue 25 and he carried over for the touchdown. Michigan’s final touchdown came in the fourth period when Elliott climaxed a 54-yard march with a bullet throw to Renner in the end zone. George Chiames converted three times. Ed “Catfoot” Cody was the only HAwktnc Stone, Hill. Official«. Referee, DwiKht Ream , (Wa«htiurTi>: umpire, Jack North (Hlkh- period, lanrt PnrKl; head Mne«man. Clay Van Keen < Bradley); field Judge. Richard Sklar (Kansa«). Cadets rout (Quaker rlaii Navy sleaiii rolls past Wisconsin BALTIMORE, Md, Navy’s Dick F'isher set up the second touchdown. His 46-yard punt went out of bounds on the four-yard line. On the return kick he grabbed the ball on the dead run and ran 29 yards to the three, from where Ollic Cline went over in three plays. Five minutes later the Bucks naled the backfield play with Ihei JJ:,,,''K,„,’;.,u/."»,GiuA,,,.ri stati. « 1 . latter scoring Nebraska’s fourthj K<n«n-k> mi. ;u. M.irn* itmHn «, marker on a plunge from the;»*«'*'•'!»«, n».«!,, i. «. Coyote seven. The Hu.skers vvere penalized five yards on their try;*^ iwi . i for point attempt but Sloan con- I'"'» 2«- B«>i»r 7 . , .r . ICAII« 3«. Ir\«» < hrUtinn O. verted for his fourth in a row. N„„o,.rn h . \rkHn*«* e. • • * * OklnluMUi* %. A M. IH, li’Vrt» Icch #, W'EAK 1*1’NT hv Gene *’• ^'• * '• •• I I .Nl I Oy 'B-; rollcuc ID, llllotNoii 0 . Owens gave a combination of second and third stringers the apple on the Coyote 26 and young. „ Holland lx»we from Wolbach was. >ur,m*>ffp m, K.',ituvkt i;i. the fair-haired kid this time.o.f'“** •^r'* .i'-VV t ,1 ,r 'Ohki t . II. I\i‘<il \ IriUniH )l. scampering across from the 1 n su. Hiaic Bill’s boot was wide this time, i «• The fourth team, with Do., H.rr-! ""''i""”.,;,',;-,,'........ ringlon carrying the mail, counted i «mi-ri« in ij, tiiibm 7 . again before the end of the po-j •'•»»i* «•" huimii* 1 », i*rki»ih TrMriirr» 14 . riod, the cx-Northea.d leather .. lugger slipping thru from the five , *'*” Sloan and Jim Wiess had helped¡V,"'"'’*«''' «•"'»'«*• f. «'•»f tp»». tppH 1 » the cause with two substantial! "*"“*'•* •*"’ “• gains and Harrington went ovor, once from the 10 only to havci the ball called back on a pen-%«*>•« 7 . alty. 3«, I kilfornt» i:«. The half ended with the Scarlet n. orp«..n suip 0 . ... . A(\ A .w) .......... ' kUmnj Ni»\> Ik. < »lifttP uf I’nrifl«' 13. .shirts sporting a 40-0 advantage. „ • • • 11 unip Bfatlp 21, Frrorui Mu»«- IJ. HARRINGTON i’lIAI.KEIl up his second touchdown from thev'lill** <*<»1 7-yard stripe midway in the third or.pip> Tp».inrH 7 i, .\phr»*k« wxipynn «. quarter, a Saladen to Alton Kieii-' . kcr pass for 25 yards, selling upT'lill«* llljllil the score. Jim Wicss’ kick vvas. < rpiKiiion iTrp ii, ouuthH T p H i «. .• j p t another touchdown. ^ blocked Harrington recovering < i«ubri(i«p «. i uiitprtHmi «. iundefealed and once-lied foot-,had hammered their way and dashing across the final chalkj its claim to gridiron immortality by overwhelming a supptisedly iball team rolled over a highly their 43 to the Illinois 36 and then PHII ADEI PHIA (iP) Army’s spiritf’d hut overmatched Wiscon-¡Cline broke off left tackle and incredible team just about clinched sin eleven Saturday by a score went all the way. o. ..I.,;,« »A «PiaiPAA iTAnTAPiDiifv of 36 to 7 in a game featuring touchdown runs oy two previous- THE I INAL touchdown was tallied with less than a minute Chuck Gandee intercepted Illinois desneration nass and^ „ , ,iy, a.s me miusiiipmvu v;u.ivx.v^-v.¡i20 yards to the Illini 10. Clyde fiirioii« mir Glenn Davisifive touchdowns and a safety on Marshall lost five but Paul Sar- und Do^“rr„’cfa;d, "each s^or^d- Wisconsir. punt bluckud by left Hn„ha„. n.andnn fnr thn three touchdowms before they,8uard Jirn Carrinton. Jack Cur were withdrawn from the carnage ranee added four , extra points in the third period. What the final,‘rom placement in five tries. score might have been had the __ Cadets’ magnificent first team the outset and nev^r iiguredjn line for the point. j.Npiwtn 27 . < ia> i pntir «. Clyde Reninger’s recovery of '■*""* < "r South Dakota fumble on the t’uy- «¿i.,«., ole 29, gave the Huskcrs the appie late in the third period and ___ Johnny Arkfelt of Battle Creek, |i|*| 4 • ««f plunged over for the final tally of, A ^ \ I «. % III ll|lSt 1 fll the game from the one yard line.j^ > - • I *> *7 South Dakota never .seriously iTllirV S* I «>-4 ringhaus passed to Gandee for the score. Illinois made only two serious scoring threats. The first was on the final play of the second period when Stan- been permitted to go the route the contest. Their big line was ley Stasica intercepted one of Deen perm uca 10 go me luuie «hmH« hv the hard run-: nnM 0 he.-tv’.; nn his .35 and was anybody’s guess. i I "4*0 ei's 27 points in the game fiavej stx-rnan finnbaU, will pxjrdue back Michigan couldn't him a total of 71 tor the »‘^“soti.j Thank.«giving day in a' stop. He smashed over from the tops in the Rocky Mountain 877 -benefit battle for the North Platteli-yard line in the second period Jensen and Hiskasky p^rduc’s first touchdown and Cromer in the rout of the utHier-| officials of both schoolsjihcn came back in the final period manned Nebraska Methodists.l of the battle to dive to the 1-yard line from BLANCIIAKD .AM) Davis were,!off*’nse simply never functioned as usual, superb. For the third ¡«^K^hnst Army s forwards. ripped to shreds by the hard run-1 Daugherty’s passes on his 35 and ning Cadets backs, and their own ran 60 yards to the Ohio five "as the gun fired. time against a major opponent PFNN LK JcnklD* The second Illini threat was ARMY shortly after the start of the third IMiicr ■ Coulter both ramming over for a pair of tallies late last week. Wesleyan s only score came downs came out 29 to 11.; where Dave Shaw scored. Tackle Tom Hughes converted once. 'the fourth period with Darrel! Berg completing four straight pa.sses. the last one going 15 yards for a touchdown into the waiting arms of Don French in the end zone. JDIIN KNHIIIT once again stood out on the offense for the victims, with Berg and Gerald Fly helping shoulder the offense. Cromer was the big gun in the Ri«ko*kv 3. jen*m 2 . .vi«iin guiiiin. Kiri- v.inning attack, helping the Tutors amass 663 yards in passing and rushing to 238 for Wesleyan. I «‘111 pit* gliatlerH i.riiwuh'r» GREKI.KY , . « « « .r Owfn ll«»p«*S With I l-O Will rtVMiio » WORCESTER. (UP). Temple’s ,brand of football lightning struck AnTok! twice in the same place Saturday Mfllin TovRfto . Shaw .. Hta Weoer period. Ueruinetta hcaVed Summary, WKHLKYAN LK KrffU'h .................... l.T Brftnflt................... UJ Hl*K« ............................................ C WlRi'man ................ RG .VcOlnUhy .............. RT K ............................ RK Miller ................................. t > i .”'’"" shatter the cherished bowl LH li'/r« ..i.,!. Auguktyn dreams of Holy Cross and handj RH Kniseiy’.’',’.*' . ..i. ., ;the favorcd Cru.saders their first Kninht ........................ crotnrr „f the SCason, 14 tO 6. scoring touchdown» r.rciley. Croniir 4. | wbile 25,000 fans and representatives of both the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl looked on] bev/ilderment at this year Davis figured in an savtuky Army score on the second play, ag »>icK«rson ....... from scrimmage when he raced ‘ 27 yards around right end for a rt Rcichcnhncii , touchdown after only 2.28 of play. RE spona«igi............ Each of the Cadet.s' All-America; Kvan»*..'.V.'.'.V. twins had scored 16 touchdowns; rh ocuber ........... during the season. *7 ^ 7 *« ".’h.V* The Quakers, barely beaten by! ' Navy and generally regarded asjpj^jfn^ ‘!!!!!!'!' ! the eastern team most likely to Touchdown«: navu ,___, ...orA'Chabot, Grimenateln, Richmond. roint extend the West lointeis, (,,ychdown. Waterhou»* 7 lall place- knocked back on their heels at ment»). 13 0 3, Ku»on .,. .Oreen, J. .... Nemet« .., Koldberg ..... Tucker ...... Davi* McWilllam* . . Blanchard 7 28 1.3 -61 0 0 0—0 Blanchard 3. From his own 43 Stasica a pass to Ray Ciszek which was good for 47 yards to the Buck 10. FOUR PLAYS gained a net of only six yards, however, and Ohio took the ball on downs, only to yield a safety to the Illini. Bob threatened and Iheir only sustained attack of any sort came late in the fourth period after Potsy Clark had cleared the Huskt'i* bench. So hopeless w’as the Coyote that llie Huskers vv-ere deliberately pa.ssing to the Dakota safety to give them a chance to carry the ball. * • • THE SCORE was .the largest recorded by a Nebraska team .since the Rose Bowl squad’s 53 to 2 triumph over Kansas au Lawrence in 1940. Nebraska marked up 22 first downs seven for the in- LOS ANGELES. (UP). The Univcr.sity of California at L<»s Angele,s Saturday upset St. Mary’s coliege football team 13 to 7 before 90,000 spectators at the Los Angeles .Memorial Coliseum. Fourteen point uruierdogs to the St. Mary's team, expected to com- plclo its undefeated season in 53 years and cinch a bid for the Sugar Bowl, U.C.L.A. yielded a p'criod touchdown on a fumble, then stormed back to win in the last minute of play. It was a great victory for the fighting U.C.L.A. team, which al- Iho outplaying St. Mary’s for al- Weal«yao , , ® ,t" 7 ,;in button-eyed • ÍFitton Field, Temple struck on ’"CROSS ( OI NTRY CILV.MPS—Ed Weir’s University of Nebraska cross country track team is the unofficial Big Six champion this fall. The Husker runners defeated Iowa State, Kansas and Missouri. The Oklahoma and Kansas State squads have bowed to Nebra.ska victims, leaving the Scarlet clad lads with the only unblemished record. The squad is a.s follows; Left to right. Gerald Kolbo, Springfield; Joe Martin, Broken Bow; Tom Whipple, Nebraska City; Wayne Roads, Scottsbluff; Don Y’ocum, North Platte and Dean Kralz* Lincoln, I the ground twice in the second pe- :riod and again in the final stanza to end their season in a blaze of glory. Tho they had won six of their , seven games, the Owls faced the kickoff on the short end of 3 to 1 ixids against the Holy Cross team that had not dropped a game in collegiate competition since November, 1943. Jake Leielil pare» Oregon to Hill over ('alifoniia BERKELEY, Calif. (UP). Jake lx*icht carried the “come back kids’’ from the University of Ore-! gon to a 20-13 victory over Uni-j versity of California before 35,000 fans Saturday. Given able assistance by Walt Donovan^^ hard-hitting freshman haPback from Siinta Ana. Calif., who scored all three Oregon touchdowns, Leicht overcame a 13 point deficit at halftime to trounce! the Bears. liasketball resulta sT\T4 HH.H«. St. Efklry 22, ( 4)1.1 I OKS. URitkuftb M. lH4Tolt 41. vaders, five of the Coyote downs corning in the last few minutes of ¡most the whole game, fell victim the final quarter. to bad breaks in the first half that Net yards gained from scvim-iseemed destined to give St. Mary’s Dove,“attempting "io ‘kick (rorai‘"i«K>-* ""'ored the Huskers, 450 t.),its e.ghth victory of tho year. ^ the end zone, dropped a pspj Nebraska B sauad which TotiihiiDwn«:«* 2 , n»rrinKt<m 2 , from center which was 0 littlei ? if v. ui .ctrAA i-«'»«-, Gr«<iovin»>. Arkf.i.i, low and was downed bv Ciszek P^^yed at least half tht ball k.imo, Try 't>r f«iint Hi-.nn 4 (i>iacpnn.'nu; low ana was aowneu uy Waync Stale Teachers at MarrinRt-Ht o-tin). ,, , T I 1 AVI J. - r< Siiliit II lit iurit; Hout h PiikDln: Kml« Grand Island Thursday afttrnoon. Ashtfir»: tfifki«"«, Ad«m*«n; guard», Ri»tf=i*nd. «filMay; Iwcka, V. I.d»mhrrt, ('tihalan. Ho«»»4*n, Atuirraon. Net/rHSka Kmis. K«irtr, Hurnliy, Ohrl«»rn- M'tt, Kipt*»r, Ba«lli(irn, Klffikcr, t'ol- ♦on, turklc«, Tf'Kt, WllhelnjB, KtlHtik, Hrl- ilrn, Wlrmcr«, U»riink*'r. .Mrhidnfi.Ht; guards, Siifk. Hmittt, HuRnea, Htiyt, M«.v«r; ftsitrra. Short, liurhanari. HI rr «, Hatrtai»; <|Ui»rtt*rhnrka, Baiirr. f ailnajii»', Carrtkfr; lialflsttrk«, I'Tnk, Saiadan, l4»we, Lalkina, SkftR, Sloan, 8 Bmllrr. Wle«*, fullha<k«, YuunR, OrartovlllP, llarrlnRton, Arkf»W. Official*: Hcf«re«, Pick I'ulllam Ur«' laland ffdlcRp, umrlrc, Joe Weir .Nc» tiraaka ; lincaman, Cornic Collin, CrctRhton; field Judge, BUI Keefer, York cwilcge. The summary; .NKBRA.'^KA 801 : th dakii TA LK Hutiker ........... . , J smith LT JfihnKOii ......... ......... Cave Ui Lip(>* ........... .......... Hflkc* C Costello .......... ........... . . R. Owen# RG Holfameyer ... Mitteer RT SedlatPk ......... ...........G.'trvlit (CCi KK Kailor«........... ........... Kloslerciifiril gB Story ............ ...........,t; Ovtens LH Ktsrher ........... ....... . . Rifhurtls KH Rohinson ....... ...........___ Moist,'id KB M.tore ............ ......... ... Mumford Sf-ore by perio-l«; 0 0 0 0 South Dakota . . 0 Nebraska 21 H» 7 6 - .'.3 llusker-Coyotii slatistics SI BSTITl TE El 1 LH.At'K DON II.ARRlNTiTO.N shared scoring honors with Jerry Moore, rhaiking up a pair of touchdowns. Here he has just driven thru the middle for his first marker m the third penod. IQ Nebraska 2 <i 3 f| 4 Q TtlIQ So. Dakoiu 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q Til First down.s earned ......... 10 55 2 22 I 10 5 7 First dnw ns penalty . .. ., 0 1 00 1 0 0 0 0 0 Ball lost on dou n.s ...... 01 0 0 10I 00I Yards lost rushing .............. . 14 977 5 391 2 23 14 57 96 Yards lost rushing.............. .,14 9 00 23 26 3 19 30 Passes attempted .............. . 3 3 4 8 18 35 16 15 Passes incomplete ............ 1 3 2 3 9 1 4 I 4 10 Own intercepted . . « 0 1 34 11 0 0 3 Passes completed . . . 2 0 I 2 5 1 00 2 3 Yards gained on passes.. . 33 » 2.52482 10 0 0 26 36 Net yards gained ................. .188 131 102 29 450 10 17 11 64 102 Punts ................................. 0 022 4 2 3 2 3 10 Punts average ..................... 0 0 2925375331 35 31 34 PuntH returned .............. . . 19 27 38 16 100 0 0 9 0 9 Punts blocked by opts.,,. 0 000 0 0 0 0 00 Kickoffs ............................... . 4 3 1 1 9 0 0 1 01 Kickoff yardage ........ 178143 44 44409 0 0 60 0 60 Kickoff returned ....... , 0 0 000 483825 11 122 Fumbles .............. « 1 00 1 0 0 2 0 2 Ball lost on fumbles........., 0 0 000 0 0 2 0 2 Own fumbles recovered .. 0 I 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 Penalties ................ 1 7 12112 3 10 6 Penalty yardage ...... . U 4515 20 95 10 25 5 0 10 Field goals attempted .... 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Field goals successful.,.. 0 0 000 0 00 0 0

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