The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 4, 1945 · Page 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 4, 1945
Page 9
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uniraiJ0untal anil !ar NOV Huskers trip Kansas, .. HtjiBr ' - . sLft ' . - m . wt - j ; rt fMdm MAC K KOB1NMJN halt a Kansas march by leaping in front el Jayhawk end, Humphrey, and uitercepung uears pass iate in tne j rwu - r . first half. (Staff photo.) I mm. - . w : - v . . t ' rm j4 l . . ' . - ' ' ...M - JS.lJl - J - - I W . - - - - - ry 'Mr ER 4, 1915 iIizzou upset by Spartans SCOREf Tigers onlplayeil Big ix mmi m, K IS. in J i io (id cui lVie Tvn EAST LANSINU. Mirn. (in An underdog Michigan State "'XIJ'h ball team 5aturoy gn't a nomr itii tt. wanted by upsetting University, of Missouri J 4 - 7 in Mackiin Lat The Spartans completely out - ,vfi played the Tigers, scoring 13 first im i4iri clowns to the visitors' seven and VTi" a" running up 143 yards by ru&hing i. . STATE PET IT Its first score nrmty s. midway in the third quart er when End Nik Ziecler blocked s fourth iw.inrr t. trn is. t',iri ruin V.w Onrjrfr - Hrwt Imiond S. Knt ". bat k Leonard Brown on the Mis - i. mi is. sauri 25. After four pays, war - . i. cjver for the score trom me i - yara wnMliW MIPV Marytail 14. line. End Bob Malaga kicked the 4tar is. tW ,4 jltak. 14. f.nornt Trrfc Pt,,nl - , . (1 , . . IMmcm Ml. arURs A, 4 T. Missouri scored Its lone touch - . u. t imum 1. down a few minutes later - after . njjj VSv, sustained 80 - yard march, witn ltarh, i4 nhmmw , the ball on State's 18, Left Half ' k'taVu"" " Tiob HoDkins dropped back and touwh. 14. mmmmhi is. flipped a long pass to Znd Roland , JJJJ JT X vaKes in ine enu ww. nut amt riwottriMi 9. VctrM - i rnv.r1d. tvinff the SCOre r'HM Mate . . M. I.. S " !fcmtMe ttrfta - c . Alabama KtM T State went ahead to stay early In the last period. Left Half Russ v.futifv tittmnted to nass from the iwt. is. r. . . 1 no vttfuxi ttrr ' (wru S, TV MM JV11SSOUII iuunu w Ijmw 41. AlainMi A. A M. t. open and then ran, svehng his hmtnrkr it v mmim . kicked the extra point. j Midwest . Mm Motl S, HawoHI . vr.ITHER TEAM scored in a Mrrm fcrtry m. on.. 1. is. dogged first half battle playl r", ? mid a snasmodic snowstorm. 1 st. tm i Missouri twice made goal iire; stands, however, thwarting one ai.inm m. km . t - v.f,itt tn tKa a.varii line " S. SMkMorta - Haltof S. 1WI tail 4!illi hi HmvH ........ C Sf'J Imii4t KT F!auK& fK Hury 1 M Rrt.r I5lat ................ Frinhman B rauB O ConoaU iit mata ........... T T 14 14. MISiMM'ni . , trftwt try trart 0K fturk 0 Fntnu ftr wuiJxiyB. . na. Badgers in Iowa easy t arttiam Stt. I - rank I in I Tw4Mra t. ltlr ft. I la Hratrya 14, Southwest Rocky Mountain wr ti. is. A. A M. SS. 4whT 14. .ora A. A M. SS. I SWato SS Far West m. mux over Trim A, A M. S4 IOWA CITY. Ia. UP). Wiscon - iRw is. iru. t . sin's Badgers, on the prowl all fall for western conierence iooi - B,af is, bail prey, finally snared a victim Saturday. Th Badcers. defeated by Ohio State and Purdue and tied by Il linois, didn't have too much trou ble as they romped to a xo victor over the clawless Iowa Hawks, who went down to their fifth straight defeat before a ma jor foe, WISCONSIN, with Don Kindt pacing the attack, spurted into a 14 to 0 had midway in the second quarter, Kindt getting both touchdowns from the 2 - yard line. Coach Stuhldreher promptly sent in a flock of Badger substitutes on whom the Hawks immediately pounced for their only touchdown and threatened another. ...... wiu.1 . . , ,,m luii tn ffarold t.t.L.t id ttt mrsA Bona wwwlucvtl tl SI. IWwart 14. tou hoowo p4. Rwimnii laiar. anotdrr f lta Pim Into fnJ tuna Iilel a tUklt Mlt. atuMdrrher fpn with hit nrat ariir tn tbr arn4 haif but UM Kadwft liln't art wamied ur tor th aprm rtlwm untu tua fourth ierwa wrie hHr ttirlr flea) touctwsmn. 27 - 13 Fischer, Moore, Young cop poilighi in NU?s vielory Jayliauks lape brilliant rally in fourth period razzle - dazzle BY WALT DOBBINS. Nebraska's iwpired CornhuKkers broke their victory drouth before a colorful Homecoming Day crowd of 15.000 rabid football fans at Memorinl Stadium Saturday by trouncing the University of Kansas Jayhaks. 27 to 1.1. in one of the most torrid, thriil packed pigskin battles mm mm KU sod in years. Sporting a 14 - 0 halfti me lead ie nt and wUh m mmxiU ss a result of Cleius cnrr left to play, dazzling 69 yard run in the open - j Hardly h'ad the crowd settled ing quarter and Jerry Muore m tneir Sf.tttg fefter Moore's 17 - econd period plunge, the Husker vard punt rrturn than Fhtl suddenly went into a tasispm iaie,Youne. his successor, picked up in the third period and early in, the fourth as Kansas quickly en - ; gineered a pair of touchdowns. HARDLY HAD THE Jawhawk - , 1 V. t 4 k. a 11. H I a u 1 V raced the rest of the way to the within four and a half minutes; ised and It was A beautiful of play in the final canto than U Sri e& ariai trxurikf aaj4 fttvl ...... Sioan missed his first eonver - his own fumble, drove thru a b.g hole in the middle and cut for the sidelines. He appeared to be bottled up but picked his ground, reversed his field somewhat and f ti. nMt a . Ifi, HarttMire Ottrrtwte 14. t apital . nMtM 4S. !srib uakwta mm 9. l - h. Trarbrn M. Mmttanrt S. H trfcita , kunM Miatr liaram it. Mtatr Tr terra 1, RatW X. 14. Phil Young f Oakland picked up his own fumble and raced 63 yards to pay dirt. Kansas threatened immediately afterward but the Jays' aerial assault bogged down and Nebraska took the leather on downs on their own 24. Minutes later Art Bauer plucked off Pat tee's aerial and raced 57 yards to the Kansas 4 where Big Harmon hauled him down. Phil Young plowed over from the 1 foot line on the third down. Chock full of thrills from start to finish, the crowd was on its vV - f Ieei rnoyr oi xne imai period wnen C.! touchdowns. NEBRASKA EASILY dominated the opening half, stopping the KU attack cold and advancing into Kansas territory early in the period. The first Husker march starting from the Nebraska 37 and featured by Chick Story's 31 yard flip to Alec Schneider, wa halted by Kansas on the 11 and Bob Test's attempted field goal from thf 19 fi77lpd mit 3 IT y' 4 Shortly after Fischer swept m w lr' - m SrZ arouna xne jvansas jen siae, re - Ci' ' versed his field and with the aid J. c. is. Mary' 8. 1. tn 1. C a. riat4 4. State Colleges Mnlr)U 14, Haslinc 7. State High 2a. lm t, Oraat IR, !, Atana 1. urtt AsrMa S. Slate Six Man the thiftf U mctwm t ort and Bn Bndni k man4 IS yard tor tha final cwiiniar latr tn tna lrut Iowa, beprteaair behind tmt attll rh - Irte to avprr anttfir lop toaavy yra. a; ru k to tha Wiafonaln 3 yartt lin oa an IK vartf iaa. Nit to tn Shaahaa. but Niiati p:un on final luajr tnt - hn short of a toocoaoaa. Th rrauit la ft low a withnot a nr vlirtdrv to IS Same siiKa 1548 tha Haaaa avantually euat Uta liadicara a ronrrvncr tttta ith I I I) upart Tha Baucera S St. M. SS. Ma4rt4 18. Vara IS. CLLTIS HtilEK geU started oa his 6 - yard touchdown romp in the first quarter of the Kansas - Nebraska tilt without a hand be ing placed on mm. (is tan photo.; Sooncrs bow to TCU 13 - 7 Joslin passes spill Oklahoma Nebraska - Kansas came statistics V. , ... NEBRASKA 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q T. First downs earned ...... 3 1 2 f S First downs penalty 0 Ball lost on downs ...... t 0 t i Yards rained rushing 106 30 18 75 229 Yards lost rushing , 8 S 8 1 22 Passes attempted 1 4 2 7 Passes incomplete t i 1 Aggie win with ean FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (UP) Texas A. & M., capitalizing on fre quent first - half fumbles, romped to a 34 to 0 victory over Arkansas Saturday in the Razorbacks 24th annual homecoming game. Piling up three touchdowns in the first period and adding one each in the second and third, the Texan never gave Arkansas a chance to launch a sustained march. Own passes intercepted .9 2 1 0 3 NORMAN, Okl. 6F1. Leon Jos - Passes completed ....... 1 1 1 t 3 lin. Texas Christian's bundle of Yards gained on passes. . 31 28 15 t 74 i 11' tfmi i aerial football dynamite, blasted the University of Oklahoma Saturday with two touchdown passes that gave the Horned Frogs a 13 to 7 victory. Joslin, backed by a hard charging, viciously blocking line, lived up to a bundle of p re - game notices as he spearheaded an amazingly tricky T.C.U. offense. He hit seven of ten passes for 103 yards. Oklahoma bottled UO bv the T.C.U. line, showed only one Held goals attempted sparkle of offensive power when it scored in the third period. Another touchdown on a 76 yard pass play in the second quarter from John West to Al Needs was called back because of a back - field in motion penalty, a a THE CROWD OF 21.000 didn't have long to wait for action as the Christians took the opening kick - off and started rolling to the Oklahoma 16 on beautiful passing by Joslin who unwound a 36 - yard pass to Beekie Ezeli waiting on the goal line. The kick for extra point by Harry Mullins was wide. Joslin culminated the Texas scoring in the final minutes of the first quarter when he hit Norman Cox for a 12 - yard touchdown pass. The aerial ended a T.C.U. 54 - yard drive that had picked up three first downs. In the third period Oklahoma's Basil Sharp crashed over and Bob Bodenhamer kicked the extra noint to make the score 13 - 7. Both jf teams bogged down in the final period. Starting lineups: TKXAS CHRISTIAN OKLAHOMA LE EwU ,. . Ruj - kmI LT O Neal Bnndley Kto HarvaU C Conpar RO Nlac RT Brvaa RC J one alt - Call QB J nalia Stttna Uf at anon eat RH afulllna Needs rs cox ...,. a&arT Texas Net yards gained 129 Punts 2 Punts average .......... 37 Punts returned , . 5 Punts blocked by opts... 6 Kickoffs Kickoff yardage ........ 93 Kick off returned ....... Fumbles Ball lost on fumble t Own fumbles recovered . . Penalties 2 Penalty yardage 20 . 1 nala eMMCcfHl S3 35 32 40 25 32 21 74 281 2 7 43 3 17 48 0 2 5 KANSAS 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 6 2 7 8 B 0 ft 0 11 26 97 118 252 10 16 . 13 9 48 7 6 9 16 5938 9 19 2 3 9 10 4 5 9 19 1 20 Cyclones rip ''Kansas State Howard sparkles in 10 to 13 win AMES, la. (UP). Fullback Dick : - .... M 9 40 50 nowara gave one oi inc iikim 84 149 254 brilliant periormances ox nis coi 9 119 235 9 20 20 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 12 1 S 12 5 0 65 0 0 1 0 0 0 40 19 20 29 20 45 15 34 27 95 140 23 48 15 Local forecasters hit nail on head Nebraska's win over Kansas at Lincoln Saturday will most likely be billed as a big upset in most of the sports writers' camps, but right here in Lincoln two of the socalled "prophets" called the Husker win right on the nose, so to speak. Below are several of the sports authorities who were mighty wrong: Grid turnouts AT I J.N CO l.X, I KB.! HaroM t Uuuhk - brli." ' l'ul B. WlHtamaeti: "Kasaaa t. St.S Kvbraaba !.." Arrk Hard of ttia Chicago THbvna: "Kaaaaa to fftwt etnrak 13 Ui Fal - rda AT EAT LAXSINC: M 14.S7S. AT CHAMPAIGN, iMMMMi - Mif - hiraii IlUnate - tinwt at eon Miira, o.t eatrn, 14, - S. AT AKN ARBOR, MICH.: Umrawt, SA.1IU. AT ri.rVEl.AND, O. Navy, BZ.tHKI. AT 1.AFAVETTE. IND.I StaU - Nort - AT WrT POINT, K. V.l Antiy - V AT BUK1M1NOTON, IND.I AT 1XH IMVILXJE, KT.: AT ATLANTA, CA - ! CfertaUaji It IS Ofciabom ................ S 7 1 T C.V. eortRt: Towehdwtta, Ssalt, Cos. t - uvt aftar touchdown, Muiitna. OK iahma mrm' Tochtwtm. Sharp touchdown, ltodenha,mr Jhitttl aftT after NEBRASKA STARSStandouU on the Shattuck football team of Faribault, Minn., are these two Nebraska born lads. Richard Lau of Lincoln, weighing 174 pounds, is one of the guards who has been a mainstay in the Shattuck line, while James Gibson f Lincoln also has made his 198 pounds known in the Shattuck for ward. wadL Alabama roll onwartl LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Ah Ala bama playing true to expectations. raak A. Korck: "N NOW TO RANDY BLAKE writ ing for the Lincoln Star: Ne - braska will beat Kansas here Saturday for victory cumber one of the season. "RED" BAER of "Gridiron Pre dictions": Yes hold onto your chairs Husker fans, Nebraska will gain their first win of the season stopping the Kansas Jayhawks. This should complete a perfect day for homecoming. George Saner on Monday session Lt (sg) George Sauer, former Cornhusker All American, will share honors with Coach "Potsy" Clark at the Monday noon session (oi the Quarterbacks at the Uni versity club. These "Nebraska Football Enthusiasts have been behind the Huskers 100 percent and are AT MILKArKEE: MarqnH S.OtM. AT BrRKFXFT. Calif. J i t aifturaia, SS.Mt ;at KNoxviu.r. is. leeiate career Saturday as he spearheaded a second half rally to lead Iowa State to a 40 to 13 victory over Kansas State. It was the second Big Six vic tory for the Cyclones and the third straight conference defeat for the Kansans. a AFTER KANSAS STATE took a 13 to 12 halftime lead, Howard flashed to two touchdowns. He took the opening third period u kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown ! . . ..1. a I...... ana came oacs. a snon unie iuict to go 103 yards for another score. Kansas State drove to the Iowa State 1 - yard line midway in the third period when Howard intercepted a pass in his own end zone and dashed the length of the field to score. HOWARD'S foot - loose running broke Kansas State's challenge and Iowa State scored twice in the final period on passes. Bob Jensen and Jim Deman taking aerials in the end zone. The lineup: IOWA STATE KANSAS STATE LB Pans Haaf LT Pusch Kin LO Kufmaa Norby C Riding ,. ., HsmilB R Mouclt , Hardin RT Cole Co an RK R":iingrr . Novca WB 7fium &tes LH H.arrodt Bandy hH Fmt , Pated FB Howard Harm - olt. " i of some beautiful downfield blocking, raced 69 yards for the initial tally. Bill Sloan converted. A fumble by Chuck Conroy, KU Q m signal caller, set up the pins for M Nebraska second marker midway a ; in the second quarter, End Don Sailors recovering for the Scarlet on the Jay hawk 21. i; ArTLR BEING set back 15 i yards on a penalty. Chick Storv connected to Dick Shog for 28 yards and a first down on the Kansas 7, Moore cracked the Kansas left tackle for the touchdown on the third down from four yards out and again Sloan converted from placement The complexion of the game changed completely midway ir. the third period. Kansas, fight ing desperately to come back, started their first touchdown march from then own 5 - yard stripe. Rex Marx miller got his mates out of a hole with a 22 yard run and on an end around Dave Schmidt picked up 20, getting up to the Husker 40. Marxmiller was loose for 13 more and with a minute left in the quarter, Pattee plunged for a first down on the Nebraska two. HERE THE IIL'SKERS put up a gallant stand, knocking the Kansans back to the 7 - yard line as the period ended. Using the same tricky end around formation, Schmidt tallied on the final down, going over standing up. The stands breathed little easier when Norm Pum - phrey's attempted conversion went haywire. Three minutes later KU had another touchdown with Dick Bertuzzi and Harmon showing the way. The most important run was a lateral engineered by George Gear to LeRoy Harmon which netted 26 yards and gave the Kansans a first down on the Husker 25. Frank Pattee tore around the Husker right side for 24, being knocked out of bounds on the 1 and Gear sneaked over from that point on the succeeding play. a a WHEN PUMPHREY8 kick split the uprights the Kansans found themselves very much in the ball game, trailing by only sion of the season but the Hunkers were in front, 20 to 13, and it appeared that the worst they could get would be a tie, REFUSING TO admit defeat, the Jayhawks rallied again with an overhead assault that kept moving the Huskers back into their own territory. Getting up to the NU 24 the attack fizzled and Nebraska took over. Forcing a Nebraska punt the Jayhawks started their last futile drive, getting as far as the Husker 44 when Bauer plucked off Frank Pattee's aerial and scampered 57 yards to the 4 - yard stripe with Harmon in hot pursuit. Young fumbled but recovered for a 3 yard gain and appeared to have scored, the officials put ting the ball down a foot from the double stripe. Young failed on the next play but crashed over the middle on the third down and Sloan converted. Mack Robinson intercepted Don Jervis' long pass as the gamt ended. It was a great victory for the Huskers who had been defeated on successive Saturdays by Okla homa, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa State and Missouri. It also kept the Husker bib clean as far as permitting a KU victory on NU sod for some 29 seasons, the last one being run up by Potsy Clark's Kansans in 1916. KANSAS OITDOWNED the Huskers 17 to 6 largely because of their two fourth period touchdown drives and outyarded the Scarlet. 252 to 229 on the ground. The Huskers completed 3 out of 7 passes for 74 yards while Kan sas clicked on 5 out of 16 for 50 yards. On net yardage Nebraska was in front, 281 to 254. Nebraska's line played great ball in the first half with Bunker and Schneider showing especially well at the wings. PHIL YOUNG, subbing for Jerry Moore, who left the game several times with injuries, was the "fair haired" boy in the back - field, clicking off both touchdowns in the hectic fourth quarter. Cletus Fischer didn't let Potsy Clark down at left half, either, for it was his mad gallop in the first period that set off the Husker SDark. N KB HA SKA KANSAS L& Kur.Ker Bciimirtt LT Trrt Rurt LG Lorrna (gr Dtcaerson C CoatrU ........... c) Lantftordi R'i Hoy Burke RT SeOlarett R. Moora RE Sfhnctdar Pumphrff (jH Stroy Conroy I,H Ftariwr ,. . . . fattra KU Kiioe: ............... MrxrfliHr J - B G. Moor Scors by Nebraska ,. T t IS St Kansas OSS 13 IS Nhrka acortnc: Touchdowns. Piarhrr, Mxr, 1'uung 2. pntii!, atr touchdown. Btoaa S iarmMts). Kansas scoring : Tourhdowns, Schmidt, G&r. Point alter touciiaimaa, Furophrry piamflHnit. NrliraslL aubatltutlon r Soda. Knrte, Hat tors, tatrluea, Vliiiiams, Wlamara; guards, jcthnsoe, Lapps, cent?, Khort; backs, RulMjnsuo, Stuaa. ic Fit!., Dvorak, Chasa, larktes, Jarratt, Wilson, Bimth, ruartis, Channel!, Oova, Katier, Oay; center. Hlrfl ; backs, Oaar, Graen. Jervw. Ned Day rolls perfect game MILWAUKEE. (JP). Ned Day, former individual match game bowling champion, rolled the 23rd 300 game of his career and the second of the week Saturday while practicing for a forthcoming match with Tony Sperando in New York, AT I .OS ANGMJRS. CaMf.t atmtarm CaUterai, ?, AT NORMAN, OfcLi safeum. 11 m. AT PORTLAND, Ore. j WaaataKt Tws.1 AT HOI' i TON, 1,M). 14 14 40 . a 13 o i ia Score by periods Icwa Stat ...... Kansas S:aU .... Tourhdnwns : Pflura, Bandy tes. Howard 2. Jensen, I mart. Foltits after touchdown : Harris, Marks . crushed a scrapping University of Cornhusker football. Kentucky football team under a; Lieutenant Sauer has been vis - 60 - 19 score before 10,000 specta - Siting relatives in Lincoln but will tors here Saturday, leave coon lor New Hampshire, St. Mary's pounds U.S.C. by 26 to 0 LOS ANGELES. (UP). Light ning - fast and amazingly tricky, St. Mary's college trampled the University of Southern California Saturday, 26 to 0, before 75,000 stunned fans at the Los Angeles Memorial stadium. As in each of St. Mary's five previous victories, it was the sen sational Hawaiian duo of Herman squaring away to do bigger and Wedemeyer and Spike Cordeiro, a better things in the interest of pair of versatile and virtually un stoppable backs, who paced the youthful northern team to its one sided drubbing of the three - point underdogs. Marquette skins Detroit 32 to 11 MILWAUKEE. (UP). Marquette university made its homecoming perfect Saturday with a 32 to 34 triumph on the gridiron over Detroit university before 9,000 shivering fans. Both teams featured spectacular runs. William Rickey, on Mar quette's 25, threw a pass which Orlando Palesse caught on his 45 and carried over for Marquette's third touchdown, Paul Copoulos made three touchdowns to become the highest scorer of the game. Trapped behind the line of scrimmage while trying to pass. Buzz Bomb Brown, Detroit's fleet Negro halfback, escaped tacklers and ran 50 yards for the visitors' first touchdown li 45 - '. ' JOHN PESEK HAS A GRUDGE TO SETTLE with Henri Piers, who refereed his match with Abe Coleman last week, so it's the main event on Wednesday night's rassle, show at the fairgrounds arena to square things. Supporting the event will be Joe Dufk and El Pulpo in the semi - windup, while Emil Dusek will raise the curtain against New York City's Abe Colemaxu

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