The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 21, 1945 · Page 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 9

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 21, 1945
Page 9
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Suníut|i Äurnal ant §tar Cyclones rip Huskers, 27-7 Miz 7 X)U Slai)«i 'rniy\ aloniir I slop^ ofp .1 I • i UT;ST POTKT »/ p . by its ^ • I m touchdown twjuf—Clenn Dsvuf , *ii* Felix “Doc'’ Blsnchard— ^lMlral> Wllllim Anriv'* mighty in<Ttban tesrn t going after s jsiow irtsri S^turoay, I kfit iand ran all over the prrcioURlj MJI laSM^fl unbeaten MelviUe (R I ' Motor COLUMBIA. Mo. The Uni- TorpeKio Boat Training Center to versity of MImouti Tiger football defeat the Night Raider» 55 to 13 team pounded out a 41-7 win over Ds\'i* and Blanchard each the Willinf but outclaaeed Kansas- scored three touchdowns. Da vis State Wildcats in a Big Six game accounting for his on runs of 41. before an estimated 8.500 here 77 and 25 yards, while Blanchard Saturday. ploughed ^ er twice from the I Six Tigers shared in scoring and sprinted 25 .vards lor the touchdown* a* the Missounans other Tom "Short.v” McW'iliiams. won their second game against no former Mississippi State star, defeats. scored once and end Clyde Gnm- Halfback Lloyd Bnnkman, hero enstein. on a pas* from Bill Cus- oí Missouri's Big Six win over talson, talked the other Cadet Iowa State last week, streaked 31 touchdown. yards on a fast opening play for It w'asn’t until the síK*ond period the iruUal touchdown and Jirr- that Army revealed its strength Kekcru kicked the i>oint to pul Until then a crowd of 10,000 sat tne Tigers in front 7-0 iStunneti as the Night Raiders, tak- The Tigers recovered a Kansas*mg advantage when Army coach “* Ktate fumble late in the first Earl Blaik started his second period and drove 29 yards lor team, scored two fafft tnuchdow'us their second touchdowm Quar- hardly before the gathering was terback Leonard Bron scored T*-^tniortBbly seated. Irom BIX yards out. Kansas State couldn’t rur against the Missouri line, their passes failed to click, and Missouri pushed over two more touchdown» in the second period to give Missouri a 28-0 lead g1 the half. Sooiiers top Kansa;^ 39*7 .ANOTHER FOR IOWA 8TATE—-Frank Dedecker. Cyclone fullback is seen .»coring the second Iowa State touchdown, going over trom the two-yard line in iow's States 27 to 7 homecoming day victory over the Nebra-ska ComhusKen; The pl«v wr» set up after a long pass was ruled Ciimplete, when the officials ruled interference on Nebraska. (AP wirephoto ) MISHOFRI had added another; touchdown in the third jjeruKi oni a 24 yard pas* from Halfback; Biib Hopkins In End Don Kickell.; and pitched in seven more point»* Illirii. Whctifisin in (Oklahoma *T* to iñfi 7-7 deadioch istroiiiï to alloM' Purdue na!)s Footbdll^^ Goplier-? elij Trio Iowa Stale haekh too iiuieli for Neliraska Ful^uu•k^ 3 !<K»re and Yonns onlv I • hriiilit ^‘pols in N*arU*t offence BY WALT IKIBBINS. CLYDE \^TLUAMS FIELD. Ames, la.-—Cniversity of Nebraska visions of an ujiset victor>' over State rol- iegc before a homecoming day cn>wd of 12,(K*0 were sj*oiied here Saturday by a tno of fleet-footed scat backs, «ho answer to the names of Johnny Pflum, Dick Howard and «» the Cyelones ' " ~ ~ Iiidiaita stops Iowa 52 to 20 IlcK>s*iors* fio for 20 points in fir^t , w lOW’A Cmt la \!P. Indiana cahed back, a .^’1. sent low. reeling for a count of tion ^»enalty annulling D ck Skog * SatS^day lor the brilliant run from 16 ya^'d* on. HiKisier» third werterr, conference midway in the opening f.^rtbail victorv. 52 to 20 Coming a» it did after the find - , Cyclone marker, it wa» a heartbreaker, and the Huskers were hard by Ohio State and never again the same. Purdue on successive Saturdays. * • • kK*unced back off the floor to IN FACT, Potsy Harks gang «fore aU their pomU in the iinal played their Ivesi ball between quarter. * , * the 30-yard Ktnj>es. bogging down; I when deep in Cyclone territory AtTTALli, the game had ‘Moore’s effective line bucking been won long t^fore by the dash- wa» the lone bright spot in the w «lonP with that first-half touchdown* and Frank Dedecker romjied with * 2~ to 7 triumph for Uieir first big victory of the current sea.son Coach Mike Michalske’s grirt- der» scored in t‘\ er~\ period whiic Nebraska’s lone marker came a.' the fourth jienod <^t>ened when Fullback Gerald Moore engineered a clever ‘‘steal’' of the ball from Howard and raced some 22 yard* to pay dirt Nebraska had one touchdown called bark, a backfieid in mo- _ Husker offen.sivc, along with that J of his understudy, F’hii Young. added two more in the third. Big Six ' low« HMtr Z*. X>|»r»«k» ". SfOMWri 41, lUMiMft- HUltr (»kUttMini« Knit»)** *. Btif 10 MADISON. W^is fUP) IllinoLRlCjr TTpH Xats 30-7 and W„oon.m. each bidding lor IX*5i *111 IVOIJ -----------------------—— • NORMAN, Okl. (UP* The thfir iirst Big Ten victory of the ^ in the fourth iieriod on FToy Me- University of Oklahoma remained »«•a.son, fought to a 7 to < tie^ Henry'» touchdown and Brown’s in the forefront of the Rig Six Saturday as the Ilhni's butter .in-, conversion. conference flag chase Saturday, gered backs ref>eatedly fumbled; Trailing 0-41, Kansas State overwhelming outclassed Umver- away scoring opportunities deep in | , „ »•cnt to work alter Ted Grtmer «ty ol KanrOK. 3» to I, belore a Waconttih Wr>t"ry COLUMBUS, O- (!P. I^rdue'r SnitT,.“ 1. had returned the kickoff 11 yards crowd of 12..5(H). Playing before 33.(Hhi fans at mibeaten and untied Boiiermak- iiiinnta t. to the Wildcat* 29 and after some SmartUag from a 7-12 loss to Camp Randall stadium, Illinois gry wrote “the end’’ Saturday to >••«*»«•» «. »« W'ildcat strategy Grimes passed Texas in Dallas a wt»ek ago, the W isconsin sandwiched ai) the Qt^io State’s football winnnig to End John Watson for the score. Oklahomans tmik revenge on the scoring into the Rfsi eight nun- ^^-iíb g masterful exhibition \ IrKlnis Ptilj *1. .»Ikrvbinit 1*. Gnme* kicked the point 'inex}»enenced Kansas O. U's which Illinois retreated- v^-pich produced a 35 to 13 victory Mop "i „ sjisaotmi.T-formaiion plavs led to two b' smashed to within easy scoring,over the Bucks. who had uwdk-j uiuchdowns in the first period, distance only to have it* lumole- j.peji- last 12 games. ant«f^ m, Ka«i«a- intaMMi auii# 1 . IFuUback Sharp .luuhtd thru P‘abu«l b«'"«. ^..e «"»¡b l A hupr outpouring of 73.585 the n year old rookie from Oak- A two yard shove by Jerry Niies, 25 year oid war veteran, Frank Dedecker set up the pins ** pas.» from Nile* to Ralph « ot*d- for The opening Iowa Stale tally ard from the four and Wayne With six minutes gone in the ini- Spurbeck’s dropping on the ball kial period, he raced 56 yard? thru m the end zont after an iowm ■the entire Nebraska team for a kick-off accounted for tht Hawk*’ KANSA.* rrATK 1>E Niryor . Î.T Kin« . . . I/} HaKttn C »chrtMkdkr Rf. Nortijr . .. KT f:ivir»B .. RE Haw .... ga mrvwK ... 1JÎ OrtíivíT» .. RH pAtt#» . . FB Mhrtto ... K ama # #Ut» .. »iMAOttn Kama» StAt# •conrME Tmumntvwm WaI- back o-co^il ^ • iuniy by recovering eight of them., p 0 « r— T, THF SEi'OVD period had hard- TRAnrnON^I »erie» perfect 14 14 * }y lK,gun belore substitute full- ‘ ^ in the Ohio line and oper- Saturday’s their deadly passing combi- *«• •• Jack ’Venable broke loose The Boilermakers were almost h « i . baat is . H»rvArt ripping gaping X«APlw«» », KhHMutonrc HUM» •tjn (AUtMitttmr fw Haa#» Rtitnu fmm , _j u.'ont 5? v»rHe inr th#> third even at 10 games trr .n.r touchdnwM o«mw <p.Ac,m*mi Mid In E^me was the third t MiAKHm Aeortnr TGuehdowtut Brink O. U. touchdown. Mid-way in tik ,,,,.,. I nation of Bob DeMoss to BID MiciM'e«<t minoi7%cored‘*the first time it‘Canfield with such precision they c.pK», zs tnmn Brwti O'Conn*!! Ihw <«ih f«r!|be Bmwr. i Nickel) (luti for Omkeai, lienr> i*ub tor BrmknsAr. i Point» try After toucbdow»« Kcfceris ments) Bmwr dtlAcement _ .................... for a touchdowm without a >r™ rt»rade xcnred in everv ne- Iri-h w allon Pitt .«ihdowp „TTÎÎ *»1 l7 thî«’«™™'" pl.,er touchlns irii.n WailOp I II cobvened lor The BoUer- 39 tri 9 ¡the len-vard line ' p. - .¡makers went 50 yards for the first mu,,.,* serm*i 3 «, hamois Tr»ptowr* t. 1 Misconstn, stung by the quick OeMoss’ passes to Norman R»v«-f*ia XcAcwr» u. «owi ». PITTSBURGH i/Pi. Fought vir-‘ THE GAME Kansas crew re- Dhnois score, immediat^y struckCanfield and Norb'\;j;^4J: Trwra#« », tualiy to a standstill for two pe- fused to give up aesnite O U’s U^^ck to tie the score. The Bad- Adams setting it up for Ed »Cody WArtAnre «*, i.nti»cr « nods by a hc»ted-up Pittsburgh 32 point advantage taking a punt,E®^® returned the kickoff to their.smash over from the 3-yard „eleven. Notre Dame proved its on the Dklnhoms 41, the Kansans 37 and then used 15 play's to class by pouring acroa* four touch-¡staged a sustained march that smash thru the heavy Ilhimis line^ second period w’rote ,j dowms in the second half anti win- carried over the goal line Left ®3 yards and a touchdown, cicKim as Purdue picked up|(',m»pit u m.'« «» 14 . ning going away, 39 to 9, before » End David Schmidt set up more points wnth a devastat- ; packed crowd of 65,000 in Pitt;touchdown with an IB-yard gaink“^^^^^^. * Bendnck passing attack. Twice Can- Lmtu iiaaau , a . stadium Saturday, ion an end-around piav and Full- liimois lorw'ard '«‘aU fjej^ got ijj behind Ohio defense « ,«mi»aiA 3», WAiiiwt»n u. The Panthers, amazed even back Leroy Robinson piungeti to take DeMoss-throwm their OW'D supiJorters by holding over from the two. 38 yards in five rushes and passes for touchdowms. The first HAmltnr Zr. inwA lewlierc t. the undefeated Irish to a 12-2 Thf. Oklahoman* wound up the Euchs adding 13 yard* in two was from the 37-yard Une. The *«. score at the half and actuaUy out- touchdowm parade in the final playing the South Benders thru jyenod wnth Halfback Gsyl Pair‘ ------------------the greater part of the wicond plunging over from the tw'o, C \lc* Î \Sotaiis throH I . . X'Xr Cvrlone first down on the Ne- burned scores in the final î>en«d. everviiiiiiji ai > w braska 9 Johnny Pflum plunged Oth«’r than those late flour- MTTCWAPnT T<; ijp> Minnesota t^om three yards out. ishes h was all Indiana, previou* tried just* abour everynhing ‘the Skog brought the succeed- conqueror of Michigan and Ilünoi» fertile brain of Bcrnie Bie-man «^ip Cyclone kickoff back to the and tied by Northwestern. could think up to overwhelm Nebraska 40 and «tma u^wtkiiA tTc w * » -, ^ Northwe.stern. 30-7, t^-fore a rippmp the Cyclone line to shreds THI H<K»SIERS hit »0 fast and homecoming crowd of 56.0ÎH) Sat- 'be Huskers on five play* were so often frorn far out in the first urdav Weird plavs, deception and ^be IS 16 After Skogs half that they scjed more louch- oa«;Af*s took the* Goohcrs down ^'»*1 bad been called back, the downs than first downs—six to the‘fieid for lour touchdown* after Cyclones h^d for downs on their four^ Bob Ravensberg oiiened the thev had broken the sconnp ice '^’ber a Husker pass in the end jKiint-making w'lth two louch- with a field goal from the edu- z««® iailed to connect. downs in two minute» on an in- V. O, Marl.n K..- THlir.ATENT.D'Î,7K^,rï.r.n fyen in the st^ind j,«nod. gobbled zone Then George Taliaferro NORTHWESTERN’S expert *^P » Cyclone fumbhe on the Iowa 8{-ooj;>ed up an Indiana iumbie pasusine combination of pitcher State 19, but the veierart olub went 62 yards forv.’ard.'i w'ere equa' *- ---- gency and held on stri|»e, T'oung'» fourt on their toes all the w hile. poinu after touchdowns Morn* grabbed one pass Charles Armstrong made it 40 Farrar to put the ball on the Go- h Ji i S Îriiu ® *be half. Two pass plavg pher 48-yard line and then snared as the second under j>cri{>d finished the another one to gallop 25 yard* «'ay »coring as coach Alvm nnri îir-rMAK th#* Coal line midwav,< mg a touchdown with a divmg ..n,,». A»«xjr:n;« »;__ 1 ..,and across the goal line midway, mg « he ri ‘ McMillin started finding out in the second period. ¡^t±\e Here the Huskers held.,j . ^ » The Minnesota attack was but an interference penalty on, •’ “ geared to the Bierman formula Chick Story on a fourth dowmt^IiJ’. Bloomington. IHIA) aowktn»kl Kiirn Bniwit ,al“hlttin£ ’em in the middle "and P»s* R«vc lowans new life on the‘’2**Pww» ........ RjSitSf tatting ’em hard. Only e^gbt 2 yard strip and pedecker cr|c‘ked ^ |*^ passes were attempted. Six were tbe middle for the louchdow%. ; ^ S**"* c»mDleted How'ard’s 54 yard run pul Ro s’Anerimd rSSSdt'iiSri*”.':''.:.— l—. Tonm,y C».«, »-ho started atrthe Huaker. in a hole a<K.n after gj »p™« S..„".SaCS e. left half and Y^ic Kulbiiski, who fbe third period got under wa.t ga Nfi«» ........... H«tmnniii came into the game at fullback, and a pas* from Gene Phelps to ^ aided by Hudson‘Hockey’Meaiey, this same pesky individual gave r» »«»«, mtmm accounted lor most of the Go- the Cyclones the apple on the 19.;i»diABA ....... ....... .s» »<> is phers’ gains on the ground. Howard went around the Nebras- *«»»« • ..... «0 «is»»-» The lineups; kansap . Schmidi Bun IlKSfceTAOn quarter Not. in fact, until after the final period opened okuahoma Coach Hugh Devore of the Irish ur. Bur««n ..... able to relax and withdraw the »tar who make* hi* team click, ^ Bf*^ihAu»»r Frank Dancew'icz nc. Tir*rt . • • • . KT FrtOAV . THF PANTHERS, who entered ^ the game .30-piiini underdogs, ran up a net gain of 261 yard* from rh N«»d» ’; »cnmmage against 316 for the 8h«rp victors, and their total of first b' p»rto<i8: dowTiK was 11 compared to Notre;9^“***’'*^ ......... *K 14 1 ****** - * , n T„ V. ; TGUChdowiw tttian? W« a 1 VsnAbl» 5 The £ii^ pieriod was aD-I.ish..f»nji. Kuouison stfwrnrd Pomu; Aft»r with Fullback Frank Ruggerio touehdo»-n* Bod«nhami>r S, Robia»c®. plunging across from the one-yard ; hne after a 27-yard pa»» from HnskPr tiCO mdprS Duncew'icz to Coiella had set up the »core But the »econd quarter Igktrrt ^tntgi was different Twice the red-”*^^ Jerseyed Panthers drove from niBfftaA ». second was from the 7. C^y ». went over a iew’ plays earlier BAtdwiii-RAUiMw zs. i»««««! «. in that series but the ball was mawhm .»!.. n. called back for a penalty. South I Two more Purdue points came •. ‘when Tom Hughes, a terrific ball Mm^mm m, tmmw«*»*«*' t. „ , player all afternoon, broke thru to '*'* *' Hird INGLEWCXDD, Calif iM*i. Chal- jji^^jj Dove’s punt and Steve Atatauiw ix. «. (rt^ld (^ijp M inner e. Burhr ienge Me,. 4 year oid browm colitOTJea was downed behind the v C’ballenger second out of Cash-,g^ iij-ie. m . aia ^«T 2 4« lumpnn- sixth running of » • • MiA»MAtpii; Ht*u- is. maxwvu a.a.f. p;,i« .the mile and a quarter S75,0U0, PL.AYED EYXN for most oi the a . ^ ^ iumn«iob Miim him , Bi«nuMti I added Gold Cup Saturday at third period, Purdue suddenly; ^ ( p„|„, ][ a.c Kispert kicked the point. stiU another ui the dying moments Young ' . . .. C riActHsr RG Hov Dick Van Dusen. Gopher center,|ka left side from that point for sto€»d out on defense, intercepting ¡the third touchdown. two pasM «nd tmearmE many of verraska 'S* touchdown on^ ni Ä”‘ the " P „One of uB ...... PlP.' o' ‘Pf t'ooi period but it,™ 'Ä"" -•.■•' a 58-,ard ttu ^ ^ . oniy aereed to arouse the Cycioneej uaart ... KISPERT’? long pas» to Carley, to higher deeds for shortly there-' p »«*«!*; who raced from the ’W'ildcat 30. after Pflum found a big hole accounted tor Minnesota’s first the Husker line and raced 56 touchdown in the second jienod. ;yards to the promised land. A fumble paved the way for the! It was the most bnihant run of second Gopher counter. Minnesota the afternoon and took the rest of recovering on its own 43 Line tbe heart out of the young Ne- plunges and a pass, Cates to Kis- braskans. pert, gave the Gophers a 17-0 I ow ’B State appeared headed for Rifling 3 H«u''k tg.t • C««5 OAlialHM- . . .. I'fiUHl .. . iiowArt MArk» .. liwâsckAî a 0 » ?— 7 T 7 « 7- 21 N«brm»kA Aconng tiTUClKlPW« ÌÌ9or% ITrr for |»oinl 8tu«t) u»iAt:rm*>nt ( PÎACPIÏWritK 1 Mubvtitutiuruc N«t»rA*kA—«na» Homby, Konr Buiik<*r, Mcnn«i(i«r. tActkl«*. i< ;i Wwa»««. W'llUamt. S'r»<inck»at'i, gitard» RnlÍBíirvrT Jnlinaoii. lupp« e«nt«r Bliurl, Robtn»on 13 13 « 7—3» P » 7 »>— 7 AMES. la.—Coach Ed Weir’s Tiie time was broke loose again late in that < a ™ ii * ia i*ui»r *«. <.r«.Mi»on. round. Once more it was DeMoss’ an. Mom* Brrm« c A. A Hollyw’ofxi park. 2:00 2 S. Bull Reich ran second, half & length Irehind the winner and the heaved a 41-yard pass to Bobj AMtitend Ik. Wlitmtofirg ». ,r- .......... 7-5 favorite. Sirde, finished third!Beck to get things in shape ior,*«imHmt i». RMHUnioM * »*•#- Bob Runkei. substitute nght Another pass Williams to Judd of the game but the final gun inw« gtatf *na»‘ Armntrong; tAckkw; Ringer, scored the third Gopher sounded with the Cyclones within. touchdowm midwav in the third *-be shadow of the uprights .PheipA famu Heid«i, Lynch. rw-irvi Kioriert acain converted ' D «'«s a tough game lor PotsVi„ OffciAi» Hefer#« nwigm Kmm WA»b perioa. is.u.pen, a^am tuu^ciicu. _ ^ ^ - ¡t>um umpire Johr, Wuuiori Mwaouri after leading all the way until*pody to race 18 yard* off tackle Mtwm» IS, KwliN* 7, the later strentch run. Paperboy ^be touchdowm. i irmBiA 4», oaiifoni ». took fourth money. The Bucks finally found touch- T Cl t p.«,. dow'ii territory midway in the fi- " roL tL wSie?^ ^ • i"“* a-iih-iiis: K; t'xr.’- roue uie iiuier. iertv, ojierating from the Purdue irxA*. (hrukttan is, Tra ■Mam A. A M. IS. The victory w'as worth S48,230;S7^ faded back to midfield and !^.* ‘ de€?p in their own territory to two mile team defeated Iowa State net to Brolite farm, ow'ner of.threw a 50-vard pas* to Bud Kess-iTr*»# .iateAr n. 7 . w'lthin striking distance of the 30 to 25 at the half of the Cvcione- Challenge Me. Bull Reich took jgr, who took it on the goal hne. t««** 7. Notre Dame goal, and onb’ a se- Husker grid tih aitho the Cy- S20.000, Sirde’s third place w‘a* The Boilermaker* steamed right R«M*kx Mountain ne* of penalties set them back!clone’s BiU Arlen nosed out Hus-j worth $10,000 and Pajierboy won pack to score again, with Cody ^ ^ « once after they had gone from jjei- x>ean Kratz at the tape foi' $5,000. lagain doing the honors on a 4lP si, foio»d» (« ih - af s . their owm 26 yard line down to Brst place The track record crowd of 55-;yard sprint off left tackle. Ht.t» • the Insh IS. j The finish w'as as foliow's: Bill 621 watched the race. 1 The other Ohio touchdowm went AFTER HA*VING*been roundly Chalier^e Me paid $17.20, $7.30‘to Alex Verdova. Chuck Gandee F ar U e^l outplayed thru the quarter, the Irish struck thru the air in the ;verhov. lur the touchdown. . j- «.conde of the hell remem- De«^ ¿'iorYJr^venSi'vfw ..«,r. .. w'hipped a 10-yard'^*^p^’ bam of Ben Y^hitaker, Dallas t,-r o Brwn .......................... Tnoma» WArrw sn, a..*.» 2 « . lowa auJie, iirst; L»ean Challenge Me paid $17 20 $7.30^° Alex veraova. uouck oanoee i hi « . Nebraska. ^'■®®pnd; Don ^4 20 Bull Right rew arded; from the ® m, Nebraska, third; Jim Ed- packers with $10.40 and $5.80 staileo on the 5 t uiie«. «r CAfifi. a . 5 , aOws State, fourth; Tom $ 3 . 00 . land then flipped a lateral pas* to f»r«-Koti 2 «. WA«titn«rtut< hu»»» ix Clark’s gang to lose. NEBRASKA’S GROI"ND attack w.'a* good, WTth Moore in particu- iutwmA». Bnl> UlllAT, MtAHiun fMlfl luagr. But) K boa n«» Mom«« U. tackle, recovered a fumble early m the fourth was gooo, w'lth Moore in particu- 1 » • Gophers on the scoring crashing thru the veteran Cy-‘(x>lUnif >13 «laini^ Oil Meaiey plung^ from clone forward* for gain after gam.: ^ fc^l line. Jim Sh . (xiljiale 1111^01108 MtNNESOTA‘^’’’f’y territory the Ame* hne stif-; “ .... ijunci»i jfened and the Huskers bugged NEW YORK. iJPi. Columbia's ■ -down. I resurgent football machine totik vap i>u*ier • The first dowms were even.(advantage of every Colgate mis- ... HAnzuk each gathering in an even 12 take Saturday to defeat Colgate, ,'.'^*c7ril^ Cyclone* had a substantial 31-7. siieArar .margin in rushing with 431 yards ... . CAiw compared to Nebraska’s 201 yards, .... Ki«p«rt kick. NORTHWESTERN LE Morn* LT HASRiAnn . LG Schu*i* ... C Miller ...... RG Lecture^ .. -. RT Hanser ___ RT W'lltsec ... ga La»er LH BAinittm- ,. RH Conner« ... FB WhAi. ...... Northweeterr ... . MmneaolA ........ ing, Dancewicz the line to Bill Nebraska, eighth; Bob potei owner, came on in the last; î - g Acnling JiMrkMMivllS SAt- «I. .MUu)it NT< •hciole Not since the balmy days of ,1932 ha* a Columbia team swept M«Ai« 3 r The Husker* completed only,ji^ four starts, a feat fully ap- .© 7 0 a— 7 fi''® of 15 aerial* lor 44 yards predated bv the overflow turrj- _________________■>’ 6—3<J while the Cyclones collected fourjout of .35.0()0 w'ho jammed Baker . .11 I in six for 45 yards. i field with it* biggest crowd sinri Browniee rejMirt iiark ! Lorenz was again a standout in;sid Luckman hung up hi* uns- ST. LOUIS. (UP). The armed the line with Moore easily the'form, forces returned two players to backfieid ace. j Opportunists w’a* the wmrd for tlie St. Louui Browm* Saturday It w-as the old story of too much the Lion* who yielded a touch- with the release of Outfielder Ai speed—lowa State making long dowm to the Red Raider* in the Zarilia by the army and Pilcher runs, the Husker* short ones— first seven minute*, came bucK Maurice Newlin by the nev'y. ;and failing when within sight ofito tie, scooted ahead on a third A • A die to Herb Douglas, the latter ^ HOPELESSLY TR.AILING at racing 26 yard* after making the St — 39-2, Pitt went into the air to catch. Maurirp ^Thp A ìì ^ p F TUI p I Ipookpd ior Wpdnpsday ni^Lhí^ rasslp shotr Six Man I I * 1*1 riMMnlw*> 3A. Ljr»«ii A. which seats about 15.000. Jr FcillKlin lUilll !!€*»'-----------The $4.349,835 total wagering The $4.349,835 total wagering ^ , a «> I aa L constituted a wmrld standard for tlUlt^ (*lliitlip8 111 **.\ ▼ ^lIlKs ^aillC a seven-card race, eclipsing the ■ . * . rw^ 1 ^ $4.151.612 set here agîf ÎOWA CITY^ la. fUT»). FYank- GeOr^îa Tech 2(M> .. „ T> e^ATk.« «li«, mÌM% W» ..4 Raa«hng'» biggest attraction. “The Angei,** ha* been booked for the maun ei'cnt of Wednesday’» night’s rassle »how at the fairground* arena. Tiilet will oppose the roughiwt of the row'dy Onaha clan, Joe Dusek. The witty and w'e’l-educated French “Great Stone Face” ha* dropped only lour matches in over 1,000 exhibition* since coming to America Hi* manager, Karl Pt>- jello, discovered him when he was a top-billed actor with a ■etich mo’nte company and after had accustomed the big body to the catch-as-catch-can art of wrestling he started him on the w’BV to » gold mine. With Tillet on the card promoter Aaam Krieger is lining up an all new supporting cast. He w ill announce the remainder of the card Monday. *L, Finn down* RiÄhir« , . 'The dav * handle boosted the 15 bn high of Ledar Rapids de- 'day meetings total to $ 46 , 729 . 854 |throned Eart Des Moines in the BALTIMORE. i/P). Navy aiert- for 8 w’orid record dailv average d®**' A mile run held at took full advantage of the __ of $3,115.328 for a me^ng with University of low-a cinder track break* Saturday night to beat j pAwii^ seven race* daily. The daily dou- Saturday morning. Paul Sloan of Georgia Tech, 20-6, but the ble pool of $251,682 also was East Des Moines turned in a emers raised doubt a* 10 the Ner yarii« pim^in*: .............. a universal record, w’hiie the dazaiing 4:38.3 to finish first, fol- Middies’ greatness by stopping $760,111) bet on the fourth event low’ed by Dean Pieper of Clinton the Sailors' attack cold. jPA**«* imnrc«pt«<s by....................... F wa* a single race track record. Franklin runners finished third,; This was the game m which the I! The other tr&ck mfirk, End e I so fourth and fifth. 'Middies were going to avenge last ft«tum*c by ................ a stage high, was the $448.9661 East De* Moine* finished sec- the Georgian* wagered accro«* the board on Mrs ond, North De* Moines, tiurd; and Navy had to rely or, * Kicaofii The Browm* now' have rec’eived the double stripe, three player* from the service in Summary; i-ecent day*. Newlin and Zarilla.iNEBRARKA one of the Browns’ leading hit- wm^jW * ter* during their drive to the 1944 lg ldtai « <* c i American league pennant, join;____________________ Joe Grace, outfielder and catcher, who w’as recently discharged from the nav-y. Hutike.r-Cyclone KtatUtic» (lenod field goal by Len Will, n 27-year-Oid w-ar veteran, and ran IOWA FTATT;!hog wild in the gloaming of tht 1 fourth period on fumble*, pas* 111 i... HuiiDAo .terception* and punt runbacks. number .«* * <» Eazabeth’* Graham* entr> of Lord Ames and Clinton tied for fourth, blocked punt, an intcrcept'ed pas* BofW'ell and Star Pilot MECHANICSVILLE retained its and * Tech fumble for it* scores . ! Class C title by scoring 10 point* • • • |ie Central City’» 16 Calvin Rob- WITH BOB TENKINS, Punt AT«rA|t* Fumi» II PWïAltiW first. brother junes, Navy did not spark a Î .03.6. sustained offensive, and early m,conwmon» followed by hi* The time was Citv finished second;;the second half Clyde Scott, scat- r”“r,--=i7=== 1 * K < 12 12! 10 11 2 1 431 aoi I 2fe i 46 *4 j * to 4 ti 2 1»! 13 t 4 7 S 2 c fi 2fi3? 70 f)7 s 61 0 f> Hf. 403ti A 3 ■ e 0 »6 AC m. 27 ? i « 1 3I 8 milh mi|rht rejoin Minnesota grid aquad MINNEAPOLIS (/P). Lt. Bruce Smith, All-American University Casper of Minnesota left halfback to 1941. Central said Saturday he might return Milford consolidated of Nevada, back, was hurt anc earned off tie* which might have changed' to the Gopher lineup third; and Charlotte, fourth the field. the result. A navy fighter pilot on terminal Crttict^ nosed out Manon and Behind bj 14-0 at haiftime due In the final analysis, it wa* «ifirMT «»»nma rx; v*-»tp a.wk a r- 1,1 leave. Smith added that altho he University high of Iowa City in to two Navy second-penoc touch- Na\T k line that *avec the Mid- ^ BRIGHT sPDTh IN NEBRASKA íHT*ENSf were Gerald was considering fcHitbato contract, ftne and he (.ER.Al.D MOORE PHIL YOUNG, THE ANGiX* Rignee Ithai he would. d that altho he University high of Iowa City in to two Navy second-penoc touch- Na\T k line mat *avec me mio- * n-, rxc.oiL.'crMv.n \.»r»«..-’»ft** were Lreiiuc’ a profes.sionai the class B race by scoring 14 down? within two minutes of play, dies' record, oncic rising to superb Moore of WaJthill and Oakland'* Phil Young They accounted loi he has not points Marion finished second the Georgian* earned the fight height* by crushing Tech's at- a gwid number of the 12 Husker first down* Moore also tallied le was not sure with 14 and U-high, third with to their heftier opponents but tack when the Georgians’ had a the Scarlet and Cream’* only touchdowm w'hen he stole tht' bn’J 116. The urne wa* 5.10.6, icouidn’t quite convert opportuni- first down on the 1-yard Ime. | from lowa Stale’s Dick Howard and raced 22 yard* to pay dUn

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