Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 5, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1968
Page 2
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Friday, April 5,19B8 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Calendar of Events SATURDAY, APRIL 6 The Hempstead County Republican Women will have a White Elephant Sale Saturday, April 6 from 10 a.m, until 4 p.m. in the building formerly occupied by West's Department Store on South Main, A bake sale will also be held at the same location and at the same time. attended at which time the Gar* denia Garden Club received 8 a» wards, Mrs, Carey had the "Have You Heard?" feature and gave tips on flower arranging she had learned at the state meeting. Nominating committee chair" man, Mrs. Lyle McMahen, pres* ented the following slate of offi* cers which was accepted unani* mously: president, Mrs, Lon* nie Crow; vice-president, Mrs. Charles Carey; secretary, Mrs, Charles Johnson; treasurer, Mrs. James Connelly; historian, Mrs. Earl Whitaker; pariiamen* Mrs. Ned Ray Purtle. Three guests, Mrs. Jerry Alexander, Mrs. Verdon Kennedy, and Miss Kim Connelly, and *.^ ~ ,,i i 18 members were served a des- Chapter AE, P.E.p., will meet sert plate with an Easter theme, coffee or cold drinks. HOPE (ARK) STAR, Pfinttd By Offset p.m. in the home of Miss Ploy Honea, 621 So, Hervey. Co»hos* tesses will be Mrs. Alice Roach and Mrs, Mable Hanson. Mem* bers and associate members please attend. The Hope Junior Auxiliary will have Easter parties in the local tarian nursing homes at 2p,m.Tuesday, Thr g April 9. Members are asked to check their schedules. at 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 9 in the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. MONDAY, APRIL 8 The Builders Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday even- j" 6 mau utuueu -^iuu «ui — ing, April 8 at 7:30 in the home mee i Wednesday April 10 in the th elr regular meeting Thursday, of Mrs. George Young, _ 1501 S. home O f Mrs. R 0 y Taylor with April 4, at the Youth Center. Nine ™ ""' "" ' ' ' Mrs. Curtiss Urrey and Mrs. J. W. Fulton, co-hostesses. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10 The Lilac Garden Club will SENIOR CITIZENS Senior Citizen Club held Pine with Mrs. Armin Ayers as co-hostess. All members and associate members are urged to attend. members were present, and one new member Mrs. PhelmaSmith. The meeting was opened by the The Rev. Tom Spalding, Naza- president T. L. Smith, reading .... _ .. 21 Psalm. The minutes were rine missionary to Bolivia, South rine missionary to tsonvia, somu i»c ^ * ocu«,. me uiu.u«.o T,^*. •• Circles of the First Methodist America will speak at the Hope read and approved. Plans were "Church will meet Monday April .'..._ »r__ ~i en marie for the p.tnh fr> ffoto'Mel- •Church of the Namene at 513 made for the club to p to-Mel S. Elm, Monday, April 8 at 7:30 bourne to May, an invitation was pm The Rev. Mr. Spaldmgbuilt recieved from the Melbourne a missionary homo, a medical Club. Mr. Ben Lacount won the clinic and a pastor's horn, door prize. Meeting was closed while serving at Tiquina. Mrs. and the Lords Prayer was reci- Siding is a Jegistered nurse ted in unison Bingo was played and worked in the clinic. ^ enjoyed by the members. T^o years ago they were The next meeting will be April transferred to the jungle areas 18t h. where they continued their work. OWSHIP DINNER The service Monday will feature FELLOWSHIP UUWLK this work in Bolivia. Slides will April 1, 1968 the Garrett Chabe shown. George C. Prentice pe l Baptist Church, Missionary is pastor of the Hope church. Society had their quarterly Pel-7:30 in the home of Mrs. Ferrel lowship Dinner in the Church annex. They had as their special guest Mrs. Ella Robertson, from the Lonoke Baptist Church Hope, Mrs. Lonnie Crow's home on Arkansas. She summerized the the Rosston Road was the scene quarterly lesson from the of a meeting of the Gardenia Gar- worker. The theme was "Guide den Club on Thursday, April 4, For Successful Living." The and Mrs. Dale Flowers was dinner was enjoyed by all. Mrs. the co-hostess. The president, Georgia R. Hickles President Mrs. Ned Ray Purtle, led the R 6Vo F. R. Williams is the pas- group in repeating the collect to tor. open the meeting. Members brought flowers and containers they had made, and they fashioned 25 pretty arrangements which they took to shut- ins or hospitalized friends. "There are many benefits •8th as follows: 1. 2:00 p.m. - Mrs. Charles •Ilarrell. v 2. 2:00 p.m. - Mrs. R. M. "LaGrone Jr. 3. 12:30p.tn. -Heritage House. 4. 2:00 p.m. - Mrs. John L. _ Wilson Jr. .' 5. 7:30 p.m. - Mrs. Lyle Me..Mahen. .', The Faith Sunday School Class "of the First Baptist church will .meet Monday night April 8 at Baker with Mrs. Herbert Dodson and Mrs. Dayton Thomason as co,.hostesses. All members and as- ."sociate members are urged to be "present. TUESDAY, APRIL 9 The Hope Iris Club will meet Tuesday, April 9 at 2:30 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Owen Nix. Mrs. A. A. Halbert will have the program, "Herbs for the Kitchen Gardens." Members are asked to bring a Line Arrangement. GARDENIA CLUB HOLDS MEETING atl »bsfetele& lifer totttg mmnr ticket to s m color teie-vtetoti set, Yon teftr-lfllrflWSLtip sffioktot, at least AM that 4m em> ef eeftef, . <.;• , i Spring dees «onte*tf ffltt** af fle beeft 1 batteted ' afotiiRl W wtotef months, b6gto flextaf their eles, popplftf out buds aM IMt soon will pfoduae shady leases and colorful flowers as though they were blasting of their ?ie? tery oftu* the <SdId, icy Wlfttet, Green sprigs of grass begin fighting their way through the layer of dead grass and leaves, the victims of winter. : Birds begin dourtfflg the spring with their delicate Whistles as though they desperately feared 'it would fade awa& They ttence across the lawrtg pouncing upon new signs of life so th.it they imy survive themselves, : Those ego guys in their con« vertibles seem to pop out from everywhere as though they had been stored for the winter and suddenly turned loose to p?ey upon the hot pavements arid sport the young girls around, who will ride while knowing the winds Will knock the tease out of their hairdos. All this, however, cotoes with the first signs of spring. It isn't long before the temperatures become warmer, the grass grows higher and you have :to guide the lawnmower around the yard more often. And before you know it, you catch yourself wishing for an early fall With Its cooler temperatures and dead grass. Negro Files In St. Francis Co. FORREST CITY, Ark. (AP) — Ralph Nesbitt of Palestine, .an/. unsuccessful candidate for; the legislature in 1966, announced; Monday he would run for • St. Francis County representative . in the Democratic primary this summer. . Nesbitt is a Negro. . The Guernsey PTA will meet Tuesday, April 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. New officers for 1968-09 will be installed. We will have classroom -visitation. The students will have their science projects and art exhibits on display. The Ruth Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will MELROSE HD CLUB MEETS The Melrose Extension Homemakers Club met the second Tuesday in March at the home of Mrs. Lyle Allen. The club's President, Mrs. A. C. Kirby, HEMISFAIR '68, scheduled for April 6-Oct. 6, is set in downtown San Antonio, Tex., just two blocks from the historic Alamo, above left. The 622-foot Tower of the Americas, theme structure of the world's fair, can be seen in the background. At top left, a mini-monorail sweeps past the tower. From the top at right, photos show the Swiss sky ride; an aerial view of the fair site; and the Hall of Texas History pavilion. \([Y t S derived from working in the gar- presided" 1 over 'the meeting. A "bed caddie" and how to sew it was illustrated by Mrs. Sam Betts. A lesson "Family Dis- den," Mrs. Frank Ward told the club when she presented a program, "Garden Therapy." The roll call was answered by each person telling how she made her flower container. Mrs.Crow and Mrs. Charles Carey repor- eases" was given by Mrs. Virgie Robertson and Mrs. Allen gave some Family Life Hi-Lights. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel of the First Baptist Church will and Mrs. Charles Carey repor- "A club project of selling mag- meet Tuesday April 9. at 7:30 ted on the state meeting they had netlc soap holders was d is--- cussed. The "' ------ 1J " * »*«* Saenger THEATRE TONITE-SATURDAY Sat. Mat. 1:15 Adm. .50-.90 TRUE-LIFE I ADVENTURE! Tnmu...onatrailof EXCITEMENT into unknown Northern British Columbia ...to the Lair of Nature's most Dangerous Animal. GORDON EASTMAN SCREEN- C QUO It He's The Bipgest Hero In The Whole Wide World Of Adventure! f Vice-president, Mrs. T. L. Smith, read a very interesting poem, "New Tomorrow". A delicious dessert and cold drinks were served by the hostess to eight members. The next meeting is to be held on April 16 at the homo of Mrs. Smith. YObTH ASKED FORTH This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help US! this newspaper. and, .ufi until I heard of this mother's neat tricks, my worst has been dumping all their drawers on their beds and emptying their closets on top of that. ' I admit I was tempted to dump the garbage and trash in the hoarse and he looked terrible. He told her he was going to the doctor and he must have laid it on thick as she sent over a whole dinner that night. I was so embarrassed I could have died. What would you have said? — MAD Dear Mad: , , very much," to Much more blistering words to your husband., — H Life in Arkansas Coming, Going visiting friends the week. it when I realized they'd just pick it all up and toss sheets, garbage and all down the clothes chute. My kids even throw clean clothes on the fllor to be wash- By TOMMY YATES Associated Press Writer It's amazing how spring weather perks up a person, ft's as'?thought it awakens a, dormant „ "Thank you supply of energy, which begins the neighbor, gushing through a person like snow melting and running down the hills to the streams. For awhile, it seems you don't This column is dedicated to actually mind hearing the family living so if you're having alarm in the mornings. You kid trouble or just plain trouble, stretch as if your new found let Helen help YOU. energy will help you go out and PITCHED BATTLE WITH KIDS .. a , _ a Dear Helen: Your answer to _ Mrs Ched Hall is returning the daughter whose mother piled ed, just because I folded them home to Balsvme Friday atr the dirty dishes in her bed is and put them .on, their beds, and - in Hope during really far out. (Note -=rom H: The mother also tore a strip from the daughter's new formal handed it to her for a dust fed her parakeet to Miss Katherine Arnold, Ft. Worth, and Mrs. A. T. Jewell, cloth; also Little Rock, have been guests of the cat,,) Mr. and Mrs. Evan Wray. I say Mom doesn't need psychiatric care. Sis and Dad do! is that mother smartl I not away in their drawers. My high school girl walks in and goes immediately to her room, comes down to eat - after I have set the table—and then leaves to watch TV. When I ask her to load the dishwasher she growls, "I have to study." Kids today are fantastic. My Chamber of Commerce meeting Little Rock today (Friday). most common mini- voting age in the • in : The mum B. N. Holt, secretary-manager Boy, is that mother smartl i "•-- ---< -" :.-„, m \ • of the Hope Chamber of wls h I'd thought of the "dishes only salvation Js^ myhus Commerce, is attending a state in the bed" routine, I doubt if this girl is an only child, but she probably pretends she is. All eight of mine do 0 I have to make nine beds, pick up | United Statel isTl although ™ clothes . was f. ir ° n » f^ ! it is 18 in Kentucky and fl ° ors > cook meals » wa f ^f f too. I don't get one bit of help unless I do something drastic ******** ********** it is 18 in Kentucky and i Georgia, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. ***** DIXIE Drive-In Theatre TONITE-SATURDAY Showtime 7:15 Admission .90 LATE SHOW SAT. SUNDAY - MONDAY- TUESDAY The action is so fast.... it's a wonder he stays alive. • • A COOL PRIVATE EYE WHO TURNS ON FOR ALL THE RIGHT SCENES AND WRONG WOMEN! THIS PICTURE IS A "SCREAMER' THAT MEANS IT'S A "HOWLER",.. AND "HOWLER" IS A TOP COMEDY! i Plus Hud take onaiiuona. anytime .../t ttav only mmmttmr •irttho ommm flmtl STEVE EDWARD G. ANN- McQUEEN-ROBINSON-MARGRET KARL MAIDEN-TUESDAY WELD ,A MARTIN RANSOHOff PRODUCTION CIHC1HHAT1 mine when they go to bed on dishes and garbage or find all their clothes either in the Good Will shop or in a bonfire in the back yard. - TIRED MOM Dear Tired: No comment, except that a long vacation away from your family might do everyone in it a lot of good. You can't teach kids pride in themselves, their home —or their parents -with childish get • even schemes. Are you so busy at your role of self-pitying servant you've forgotten how a real mother operates?— H Dear Helan: I'm constantly getting those "lucky numbers" in the mail saying I may already be a winner because the winning numbers have been drawn —all I need do is "check here" if I wish to buy (huge letters), and "check here" (tiny print) if I don't want to buy. Either way, it says there, I'm still eligible for my prize if my number appears on the "lucky" list. Well, I'm an optimist. I always check the "No, I don't want any" box and send ray number back. But I never win. Do you or any of your readers know anyone who has ever won when he checked the "No" box ? DOUBTFUL Dear Doubtful: Nope, I've never met that lucky person. Has anyone out there? Would be encouraging to know there's hope for us "No" people. — H Dear Helen: My husband stayed ; out until 4:30 a.ro. as usual,, The i next morning a lady neighbor cal' led while 1 wasn't home. He was 2 Day* Only! B«9ln* Men. enneiff IAIAVO CICCT 01 IAI nv ™ ALWAYS RRST QUALITY BUILD BABY'S PHOTO ALBUM WITH Beautiful 5x7" photograph, for only 59 C PJXY m-vn fxciysiv&Y AT PHQTOORAPHWS HOURS: 9:00-5:30 Itghtf 0ft , nptvral your b»by«bragging with ft tiful photo ,,»"worth msre thaa ft thousand words," Get a comptetety finished photograph for only 594, You will not be urged to bu? bul II you wish the remaining poaea they're yours for 1.85 for the first, 135 fa? the-2nd end $1 for any 6<i4itiQPAl A9f UMJT S years. One or two ptr f»jniiy will b* piMrtograpte for 59^ e^h for the first picture tdditional child uader |yf,

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