The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on June 9, 1925 · 4
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · 4

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1925
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r THE KANSAS A PICTURE HERE, A PICTURE THERE. V- vi f 1 '! 1 I 1J t; i. , t: it ; ;- 1 I, I. I f i I U t I J i 1 i I . j 4 j j ; i ; t . i t i ; i.i- ? ? 4 r ;!: f I . U : J! i 5 SHRINERS PLAY TO BIG HOUSE. The Los Angeles coliseum, which seats ninety thousand persons, with the head of the three hours parade of aU the temples attending the national conclave just entering. Most of the Shrine ceremonials were In the coliseum. A FUNNY BIRD, AND yachtsmen and boatmen at he doesnt bother to dive for FATHER, FATHER, TURN THE HOSE ON ME." Whereat the city fathers of New Yorlc ordered all fountains and firehouse sprinklers into service as a measure of relief for hundreds of Ghetto children when the merqury reached 100 degrees.' CALLS LABOR BOARD VSELESS. VbIob HfBd Says Snpraia Csvrt Has Destroyed Tribunal. (Bu th Aocictrd Press.) Detroit, June 8. The supreme court decision today that a federal district court cannot compel a person living in another district to appear as a witness before the railroad labor board makes the board a useless and expensive federal tribunal, according to David B. Robertson, president of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Englnemen. The functions of the labor board are virtually destroyed as far as dealing with controversies arising between railways and their employees' are concerned, he added. - - ' Xtbtukaa region Quota EseeeleH. Indianapolis. June 8. (A. P.) The quota assigned to Nebraska in the American Legions national 5-mllllon-dollar endowment drive for World War veteran orphans and disabled veterans A HUNGRY BIRD IS THE PELICAN. Thin la 'Bill, mancot of Key West, Fla., who receives so much food and attention that It himself. has been exceeded, James A. Drain, legion national commander, announced today. YELLOW PIKE 30c PER POUND & Tortrortr-! 100 should serve Sea foods Djilv MARRIAGE LICENSES. ISSUED Iff KANSAS C1TT. Ckirl J. Smith, Kansas Ctty 99 Ftorese E. Hocking. Kansas City 23 Jatwpb E Lawther. Dallas. Tex w..vr 21 Aona Florence Walden. Kansas City over 21 Rirbtrd J. Jackson. Kansas City. . 24 Ladle McGilvrtj, Kansas City 21 Phillip Ppringer. AIM, Ia 22 Viola fiautee, Chiago... 20 Lester E. RsnsdeU, Kansas City............ 29 Reha L, Dotkia. Kansas City. . . . . 22 Ray C. Major. Kansas City 22 Ceils M. Fowler. Kansas City 18 George P. OUo. Kansas Ctty 21 Hary Gladys Mackey. Kansas City. ...... .over 21 Bernard B. Zahner, Kansas City 19 Margaret Morley. Kansas City. 19 John F. Bonner. Kansas City .....over 21 Lather F. Prescott. Kansas City sever 18 James E. Cardwell. Needles. Cal 86 Mary Josephine Friar. Kansas City. Kaa... 80 Charles C. Cfaver. Jr., Kansas City 26 Bertha Elolse Jobostone, Kansas City 22 Ambrose Young. Kansas City. Kas 21 France Vale. Kansas Ctty, Kaa. ........... 18 John A. Martin. Kansas City 41 Marie H. Dement. Kansas City 4U Hngh F. O'Neill. Webb Ofty. Mo 21 Irene Ernestine Gardner. Kansas City 19 Oscar King, Katina City 85 Linda Nit, Kansas City 95 J. Herbert Lawrence. Kansas City 21 Corn Blossom Ferster. Kansas City.......... 20 Enia J. Hamilton. Kansas City 21 Dorothy G. Cosby. Kansas City.... 18 George M. O'Donnell. Kansas City. 23 Helen Deckelmayer. Kansas City 22 Edgar P. Moore. Kansas City 83 Vera Hammond. Kansas City. Kaa 24 Stanley Q Milliron. Kansas City 24 Elsa 9. Byner, Kansas City 22 Taylor G. Burton. Kansan City..... ...over 21 Crescena Hayes, Kansas City over 21 Bnssell J- Griffin. Kansas City 29 Alta M. Buck. Kansas City 19 Henry E. Rowe, Kansan City...... 23 Elsia Kincaid. Kansas City 17 Clyde Benjamin, Kansas City 21 Minnie Fawcett. Kaasas City...,. 21 ISSUED IN WYANDOTTE COUNTY. William L. Wray. Richmond. Mo 22 Helen F. Kincaid. Richmond. Mo 21 James B. Hauls. Kansas City. Kas 23 Anna LeksU. Kansas City, Kas 22 DeWttt Chambers. Kansas City. Kas.. 84 Josephin Coleman. Kansas City. Kaa....... 29 Bernard L. Harper. Adrian. Mo 23 Myrtle M. Stotts. Adrian. Mo 18 James R. Mnrpby, Cowgfll, Mo. ........... . 2t Velma St. MrBee, CowgUL Mo 19 Clinton B. Cnllmuher, Kansas City, Kaa.... 23 Mary A. Brown. Kansas City, Kas.......... 19 John D. Griffin, Smithton. Mo 21 Delia D. Glenn. Bedalla. Mo.. 19 ISSUED IN INDEPENDENCE. Joseph F. Brynes. Kansas City 23 Goldie Yeager, Kansas City 21 William Tndor, Independence 82 Ethel Eagle, independence SI Clyde L. Warren, Marietta. O. ............ 23 Cathareea Moffatt. Woorifleld, O. 27 Carlton, Ind., Bank Loot, $30,000. Terre Haute, Ind., June 8. The Bank of Carbon at Carbon, Ind., was held up by three bandits today and robbed of $30,000. TUESDAY WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY ONLY 20c iffe payment on a purchase of 2 . .. Yellow Pike. These delicious flak are direct from northern waters. This Coupon Redeemable Only at Our SIdDF4dSHP RETAIL 1 MARKET Main, Spring, Wyandotte Sts., at 32nd MID-CENTRAL FISH CO. ......fc f CITY TIMES, TUESDAY, JUNE 9. 1925. HAGANS BONDS FORFEITED pounds. Officers believe Randall might have become temporarily deranged as the result of shell shock received In the Argonne with the 137th Infantry, 35th division. ! , Tk Saearltlea la (ha North Kaaaaa City Bamk Robbery, Tolltnr 25,-OOO Were Signed by Frank Fried bars. Libebtt, Mo., June 8. Bonds of .$25,-000 placed by John Hagan, former head of the defunct Midwest Detective Bureau, Kansas City, charged with', the robbery November 10 of the Peoples National Bank of North Kansas City, we're ordered forfeited today by Judge Ralph Hughes of the circuit court. When court was called early today Hagan did not appear. Judge Hughes ordered the clerk to wait until 6 oclock tonight before taking over the bonds. At 6 o'clock Hagan had not appeared. Frank Frledberg, who gave his address as Kansas City had signed the bonds. Hagan was arrested last year and connected with Kansas City robberies by police. The next step In the collection of the bond money, according to Forest V. Hanna, Jackson County proseoutor, will be for the court to issue a summons for Frledberg for his appearance at the first of the next term of the court In Liberty. Frledberg then will be asked to show cause why a Judgment for the amount of the bond should not be entered against him. Topeka Veteran Songht Here. Police here have been asked to search for Emil A. Randall, Topeka war veteran, missing since Saturday night. Randall left his home to look, at the Kaw Porch and Garden Furniture Now that the Out-of-Door Days are here, make the Porch, Lawn and Garden attractive and comfortable with Keith Quality Summer Furniture. On our first floor is displayed a full line of Hammocks, Settees, Swings, Tables, Chairs, etc., in maple, old hickory, fibre and reed moderately priced. Make your selections now. RpberfKeithSS Eleventh and Grand Factory Job Sale t $2.98 48 Successor to THE 5 New York Life Insurance Co. Desire loans on privets real ferny . anirtmonts and basin prow - .at us refund poor present loss. rtl ia Grtr Kso, 737 N. T. Lift BM. H Clearance! Summer Hats 1 ,a 2 Just 200 attractive summer hats In our Popular Price Section will be placed on sale today at this radical reduction. Writ Floor Ko exckatutu. return or refund t 120&.10-12.M Main SL Theres Pride ike possession of a Cooper Pump Tweniy-fow Cases , 864 Pairs New Style Slippers on sale for a song. None Sold tor less than $ 3.50 at wholesale Patents, Satins, White Kids High and Low Heels Women's Deb and Crowing Girl Sizes and styles for Dance, Street and Sport Wear CUTPKICE $2.98 it East 12th St. STORE PACKARD SHOE CO. 55 H MOORE Victor 1889. THE BARGAIN SPOT GOODS Between 7th and 8th Sts., Lac. tad EakroU- arv, TarJ. 3c Overturning of High Hope Bleached 1 1n MUSLIN, Yard vv Omaln. HOPE ttnlabaS oft tor tha aaa41a; $6 Inehaa wida. Bartaia Spol SpaeiaL yard ISc 38-ta. SCOUT PERCALE, yard ..13 32-tack GINGHAM, yard lie 27-ia. UNBLEACHED MUSUN, yard.... 7c 38-ia. LL UNBLEACHED MUSLIN Be 81-iack UNBLEACHED SHEETING, yd. .37c 17-iach TOWELING CRASH, yard c Maw PRINTED DRESS VOILES, yard...lfc CrawLar Cretan MARQUISETTES, yd.. 10c 33-inch All Silk Jap Pongee, IiDDorOd trow jrpra sorwament torprctaS; ja-momow wrtght; utonl porfM color; Halt IS yard. u cotom i yard Me. 30-is. $175 CANTON CREPE, yard... $1.00 38-tack $2 ALL SILK TAFFETA, yard. $1.00 30-ta. $3 SATIN CANTON, yard $1.79 $lAt All Silk NOVaTT PONGEE, yL$U9 SOio. SILK MIXED PRINTS, yard 59c 72x90 Bleached Sheets, Each 65c White Novelty Curtains MARQUISETTE : DAINTT RUFFLED EDGES ytrdg loog; pair 59c Mens and Women $5 All Wool Bathing Suit $2.95 DtMt l jrtMW tyW with kirta; variaty of color and combination ; a ism 86 to 44; each $2.96. Mai aad Waaaai CD. Cottoa Balktaf Sait. BfM. ftr BATHING CAPS ,. lUb Up to 75c Golf Ball Repainted; , Baby Dimple, Spaldings and other; each 29c Mens White Canvas Ox fords, pair How, flrat cits: Muebr aM ball fkxlbie laatbor aolaa; rubbar heal ; also 7 to 11 away underpriced pair $2.48. Waawa. 1 -Stray COMFORT SLIP PERS Cakarttta ayyarii ilaxikta laatker satati tixaa S to 8; pair. Your Fear of lost daintiness-. . . at times 6 6 6' This new way, that scientifically solves womans oldest hygienic problem, will-end it T? ERE is now .way In . It Is as easily dispose dol as a piece of tissue ending the-old embarrassment of disposal. It is deodorised. And that prevents danger of offense. Its at every drug store, every department store. You ask for it, without hesitancy, under its trade name of "Kotex. 8 In 10 women of the-better classes have adopted it. Doctors urge it Hygienic authorities employ it . It will mean modi to . . . will make a great difi enee in your life. Going-on ' with old ways is a folly. personal hygiene that is safe and sure. That warrants immaculacy under any and all conditions. The old-time sanitary pad has been supplanted . . . scientifically. j Wear your lightest silks, your daintiest frocks without a second thought. Dance, motor, accept social invitations, any day, every day. Live your life unhandicapped. The name la Kotex.' Its made of cellucotton, the wars great absorbent. It,absorbs 16 times its own weight in moisture 5 times that of the ordinary cotton pad! K O T X DEODORIZED IPrwtectteei 6 tin m iV wrbeml M ott p6. Aborb 1$ tim ttv wq lfbt la mstitun aad KiiRtiflealljr 4dor1s4, Unra. 2 K, laanery. Dlaearl - aaaily aa a plaea ol (law No laundry discard as Owning American, Canadian and European Ketones enables us to develop and interchange the latest acientific ideas and mthoda Id eonatroet rodtaSon and beaEtag bed frrlil imr nm tfi rili ir l nm irti itiii im Lnnrf to inaAa oar pnxfacta secnralaip and ka grant vein. Wo Hot Water Radiator Heat , WM AHjxmtnil Eattlk2ni Wrlb? 1 Xlh Sdsur Do filho TTraivcIISiBii TTOT KANS AS C1 Y COMPANY on Main and Delaware the Temple Prices Women $2 Permanent Dot Voile v?tic Dresses Dainty whit, rnttalllo dot, an aaaortad color frtmnd. GUARANTEED EAST COLOR; aiwa SS to ; nch $r. Waaaai $3 Enyluk Ckaramia Al Qr DraaM aixai 3 to 44; auk..V I iuD is 79c Ayrea DretMti fiatly wavta ta(kaa; aack VtMti Kkaki Ksickcrt aad Middies, aack Weasa't Mailim PrtacaM Slip; rs ktdow proof; tack. ............. 0UC Wtatti Blaainara ; diauty, crepe, QQ . antlis; pair diJC WoaMaa Mailia Taddire; laca ar QQ aatkroidcry trtaaed; aack WdC GirU VoUa Drawer ; pitta ar 7Q dottad; tiir, 2 ta ; aack.; I tJC CkBdraat 1-piaca Kkaki Play Sait,; 7Q tile, 2 to S aack I uC Cash Capture Mens Fine $40 to $50 All Wool $j C.00 Suits Hart Sckaffaar k Marx, Kap. paakeiwer, Society Brind, Stytapha, J. Cappt, Mickatla Stan. Plenty of Tonne M Sport model,; alter SS to (2 la tht lot. Mea'a Gaaaiaa Pair, Brack PQ BP Saha; aewatt color,; aack.-. ... V i Qj Maaa Paha Baack tad Tropical 4Q BP Wonlod PanU, pair VWiu3 Meaa Atkiatic Uaioa Salto; firtt IP qeality; aack 43C Meaa Balkrinaa aad Ptoroaa Mt,k Q Q - Skirto ar Drawer, 0 DC Meaa $2 Straw Halt ; Sailor, ia P 4 late,! akapea; rack V I Mtaa OVERALLS; klaa desin aad P4 ktavy wkito drill; pair V I Boyt Sampla Oliver Tari,t Waak BJj. Sait t Miat 2 to 8; tick DDC Boy, $1 Siaaaia Walk Hat,; latott PJj. kapaa aad color,; aack wUC Varnish and 1DrirA VamishStains, gdVNt Pint .... 2 So Qusrt . . . .60c V Gal. .Si. 23 Gallon ..$2.00 From salvage toek: eoutal&ar ar discolored but Yarnltb ia cot damaged. Screen Doors $2 QQ Slat fret 8 Inrtiw wide I 10 by 6 feet Inches long; natural wood finish ; good keTj black cmo; each o l.Iur ta bar, aaywbara, J Tou aak ter tMm by aama, Nur ateraa kaa than raaSy-wrappaS halp yaunalt pay j tba dark, that la alt. easily aa a piece ot tissue

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