Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 9, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, August 9, 1944
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Vol. LXVIII, No. 185 ESTABLISHED 1885" A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community 1 ' WEATHER Fair, Cooler Tonight Full Report On P«ffc * WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents May Get First Leave In 34 Months pvt. Julius Grabowski In Army Since October, 1941 Never Been Home Afi-tr 3-1 mon-trs of absence from N'<uiKii!uc'k nnd hl.i home, Jprivnto Julius Civitiowc'KI, Cherry is expected to visit the borough »;i fiirloiigh shortly, according to wurd iToeived by his wife. Helen, private Grabowski has been stu- lionvd in t'lit' Panama Civrwil £onc sine.- he loft Fort Sivigg find ft point »>f embarkation In December, 19-11. :uul recently arrived in California. He Ls attached to an nnti-'iiforaCt unit with a signal Corp.* otitfir. since his departure for duty with tho U. S. Army In October, IP-It two months before Pear! Hfirhor Privnte- Ornhowski has not hei-n home. He h<i» wrKlen fri-quontly to his wife, mentioning that ih<> climate "itt time.*, in al-. moM unbearable." However, T'rU viiti' Gi-uhow.iki found relief occasionally in the cool ocoiin water 1 . •!io siid in his let-tcr.N. According to a tok'gram Ills' wife rocfivcd. Private Grabowski l.i in C'im'f"rr.iH, awaiting the granting of u. .'iirlouirh. The tclegivmi was not very informative, and Mrs, c.rahowski is awaiting f u r t h e i word. }'i-iwi-:o Or.-ihow.tki was employee' a: the Nruigutuck Chcmlciil Co prior to hi.-.- cnti-.'inc-; into the Army. He attended tho lnc'il gram- nu-r .schools and Naugatuck High. Florence Under Fire—Nazis Hold Historic Shrines Field Events Are Listed At The Itnllan eit.y uf rurcnc.— tho world's (, iir vordinj; In rr|iorts. Sniiikf iitid dust rise ii) til <if this historic livii.siirr chest— tin; urea ariuitiil Mr rli-spin- assuraiicTs that r CK) an- hfld hy C;i-rin:(ii winch the .V:i/.ls have lu- center—hus In-come "a museum battleground" ac- foi-egroiind of tlilj. panoramic air view, In-tlie heart famous nuonio (I) German forces have taken over' rene.c would be an open city. The Vecehlo .IMIaee (2) mid the Uffly.1 Galleries us Allied troops cross the Ai-nu river Ml lij- way of tin; Veecliio l)ridge (S) ii shrliiiiR: in an effort to halt the thoto. — internal! nial Si Allied Advance, (Official Army Air Forces MoJion Pictures Tonight At Rotary Club Meeting Tho roirular wnokly moctlnc of the iVnusriituck Rotary Club will take plfn-e tonight at c o'clock at Sti\itton's nestauriuU In P-tirU Plucc. .'Vrotion picuico.x will he /i fr-i- tore at the meeting, with tho tuih- ji'tit to ho "Ciiiarcliiin.M of Plenty." ' ..... .-'KlTif Konneth Johnson ro- pnrts Rtitlatficlion with thp ,Tttoiul- niice rocord.s for the past two nir.r.lhs. Tho rccorc!.M> for June fhowcd nn jivcrnjre attendance of lfii.22 linci tliilt for July wus g.t.lX. Both marks wore hljfhcr than for- the corro.-;pondins months of IO-1S anr! Indicate that .Rotary In- trr/ h,M-e tltirlnfi- tho p:-c«ont ,sum- rni-r is -fit a very hlsh poLn.t. Hr. Krlwvirrl rr. Klrschb-ium. hist vrvvk'H spo/tkof befot-e the Rotary i-:uh. wn,- one of tt-.T most Intor- '•i'inK to appear horc In some time. Tho prominent U'atcrhury filtysii'i^ri jintl surxreon revu/ilc<l tn.-iny of the miraculou.i recoveries lhai have been effected In tli" fii'M of rno'lurn medicine and ,su:-- K"ry. One r,r tho hiRhllRhts of last wp(>i;-,s meetirif,- was tho fact that pi'nMpsit for thn first time In mnny wvk.s wnti r.. Is", Tomlinv.on, local rtot-irian who iintlorwant a. .-'cr- Imis operation performed by Dr. iMt-xr-lttiaurn. and the local husi- neMman is n-ow maklnR mpicl "trulos iilonj: tho road to compiotc r'-c( 1V (.|._v. tr , thl , Rot!lt . y B u i| 0 tin. -Hr.^TomliriMon in called "Tlir, jf.-in of rhl ' Week." a tribute to his l'<'|nil!irity, and fortitude-. Counterfeit Gas Coupons Reported Passed At Many Stations In Naugatuck Bcroug-h Station Heads Reported Ti Be Much The Alert In Matter On Four More New Babies Listed SKCO.VIl KSCAl'K l"». -N', H,, Aug. 9—.(UP) —Two inn war prisoner.* from Camp < in I'crcy have escaped for second time In. five w.~oks P'lli- flee) yesterday afternoon » ^woodcutting project at ^ .Nfilfm. Borh had .-.-vfidod t.s July lnt, but were caught «incastep police two days Inter, ley wore identified na 32-yocu'- ol 'l Johnny E, Sarstedt and 18- y.'iir-old Oldvcrhard W, Prugcr. r 'l After having roccivod a number of counLerfeit Ka.solino coupons in the past week. N;iu£Muck gasoline service :;Uition heads aru reported nnicti on the alert those days Ui •irotect themselves against any further inroads of this nature on their !ou* gasoline sufiply. Some rs'auvautck stations h;ive already r.'fused certain types c gasoline coupons pi'eseil'.o.d by ou of-stato dri\'er.s sinco ihe fraucli lent coupons came onto the miirke and each local stntion is nov.- ask in?,' for coupons before the gii line is pumped into the car. The counterfeit coupons are s;i to -b<: mainly A-lOs and the clit fercnce between the valid and th counterfeit is unit) in be in th sixc of a printed figure. Reports h«vi! i' that tho counter fcit coupons wore for sale in vnri ous out-of-tou'n pl.-ico.s fur 20 Callon, which in Lho case of A coupons woulii make the cost oach, 00 c'.n'.s.. The public in the main i.s definitely behind war restrictions of any kind thai will shorten tho war and brin^ the nation's arino<" ! forces back into civil Tito."just as soon as possible, However, much criticism has been heard here recently in regard to the operation of a motor boat for public-use at a nearby lake resort, and tho fact. that once n^ain commercial airplanes arc in operation jit r. ear by airports, inking up passengers. Thesi; manors whon motorists fire having such a great deal of difficulty securing l>?friU<TKit<;ly. frajio- line enough (o keep their cars in operation, contribute toward a very unsatisfactory situation, many; persons fool. Naui;atiie.U's population Is steadily on the eliinli these days with four mure new cill-' wns of tin 1 hiirotiijh having eoine iritii tin; world within the p:ist fi-w days at hospitals hereabout, (wo of th<. tiulidl, >, from U«'avi'ii, arriving only today. A baby girl, Nanny Cheryl, Ura.s Imrn Tuesday at St. Mary's hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Artlnir Timler of llo'ad/ey street. Mrs. Tiinlcr is the former Mi-ss Jive- line l.awton. A son was horn Saturday at the Waterbury hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Anlholly S, I'riic.linlckl of Millvilli: avenue. Mr s . I'ruelinieki was formerly Miss Helen y.eransld of Ansonia. A son was horn today at the Wiitcrln/ry hospital to Mr, and .Mrs. Ira M. Stumin of M.e:ulnw slrc:i;t. A hnhy girl was born today at ,St. Mary's ho.sfiitiil to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 1'into of Hill strei-l. All mothers and habics arc reporti:d to lie doing very well. . . . JL/^l J. Jl/ . , -- oOo •Xi'H- York. Aug. 0— (UP)— Unconfirmed reports from the -Italian front today said that German Field Marshal Albert Ke«- sclring has been seriously wo'und- e'd" 'ii'iul tlia't' "lti>li:m" Miirshal 'Kit- dolfo Grazian! has (al.en over lliij conimand, The report came from the HBC liuropean service, (and was recorded this morning by N11C.) ---- oOo— YANKS NKAIi UKEST Supi-cnic Headr|U.-irtcrs. American Expeditionary I^oi-cc, Aug. 9 — (UP)- American troops arc a!.-' tackinK the outer defenses of JSresi after the German garrison rejected an ultimatum to surrender. - oOo GERMAN' IlKPORT Fine Athletic Program For Factory Picnic Sunday At Linden Park Twelve field events arc schcd uled to take -place between 12:30 and 2:00 p. m. on Sunday, August ,3th, at tile United States Rubber Company i Family Outing which, is to be held at Linden Park. Chairman of the Children's committee, Mn'ry Withers, and 'Adult Entertainment, committee chairman, Frank Wood, have announced the following- program: • 12:30 to 12;.|0 p. m. Sack race Cor boys up to 11 years old. 12:40 to ]2:50 p.m. Peanut race for girls up to 11 years old. 12:50 to 1:00 p.m. Human wheelbarrow race (2-man teams) boys. 1:00 to 1:15 p. m. Watermelon race, boys and girls, 9 to 16. 1:15 to 1:20 p. m. Necktie race for men And- women. • 1:20 to 1:25-p.- m. 213-ymrd dash for boys up to 11 years old. j 1:25 to 1:30 p, m. 25-yard dash for gii-ls up to 11 years old. 1:30 to 1:35 p. m. 25-yard dash for boys 12 to 16 years oJd. 1:35 to 1MO p. m. 135-yard da?b for girls 12 to 16 years old. 1:-10 to 1:45 p. m. Shoe scramble for boys 12 to 16 years old. 1:45 to 1:50 p. m.- Shoe scramble for girls 12 to 16 years old. 1:50 to 2:00 p. m. Three-logged race," bojvrf and girls' team, 12 to 16 years old. Pri/.cs. will .be awarded for fii \t, second and third place winneis. When two-man teams arc entered there will be two first prizes awarded. The pt-iKos 1 ' will bo as follows: first' place prizes will be S-'.OO War Stamps: second . place prices, 51.50 War Stamps: third pl.ii-o, $1.00 War Stamp.-. The judges win be: Barbara Himbach, -vaary Grant, Thomas Connelly, Earl. Douty, Cliff Jacobs, William Dickinson. Dino .Sbrocca, Frank Wylong -and George Froch- Jieh.- • -'•-- -•-:..,-— -....-. .. The starters v.-ill be Barbara Stone, Bertha Rycwski, Stephen Knapick, and Earl Douty. Those who will take care of signing up contestants and distribute prizes will be: Genevieve Pajcski, N-allic LoRusso, April e* Blomberpr. and Sophie" Lantieri. John Banno will be in charge of equipment. Nazis Fail To Stem Paris Drive, ENGLISH CHANNEL Despite Ntr/.l efforts .to impede the American drive on Ixs Mann through stiff counter-attack* on U.. S. supply roads to the north, the toward Pari.s continues. Meanwhile, coupled with reports that Gen. On Gaulle's forces were a lion t to join the Allies "in great force," rumors spread of activity In the Bordeuax-Vlchy areas (lower arrow) with the big French port mentioned :«s a potential target. (International) Americans Take Important Rail City Of Le Mans, 112 Miles Southwest Of Paris New York, Alls:, n—(III')—A German hroadeast (recorded hy I''CC inoniinrs) said today that American troops arf less than K~ miles from Paris in their drive eastward from Brittany. CANADIANS ADVANCE Millville Residents Meet In Protest Against Dump Stone Workers Busy High Up In The Air Here Stono. workers and masons arc still husy these days pointing up thi: p.xl«rior of the ConcreRatlonal church with much of the work helnc done several hundred feet in the air In the nelKhlwrhood of the church steeple. Ropes have been, attached to the .ve.ry.tiip of • the xtoeplc and' work will soon he carried on In that precarious area. The workers carry on their duties high up in. the air with a nonchalance, usually asROcated with projects on • term flrmn. The ehureh repair work is expected to lie a financial item running Into sonic hundreds of dollars. JtEI'OJlTiiD ILL Supremo J-Icndquartors, Amor- icnn Expeditionary Force, A up. 9 — (UP)—Oinfidinn .shock ti'oops brcilic ihrouprh !.hc first and second defense lines more than 15 miles JJL-IOW Caen today.-' -—oOo PKATI-I- REPORTED The Main Question: Are You On The Team? '••(•ttcf than om; Jap plane a nimiitp- .thaf.M tho historic fr> Ht. or t.ln> crnw of tho Battln- •'''ip South Dakota, which "'•fut-ht down 32 Nipponese ci-ai't within thirty minute."! \Vhrn a .ship faces thn """my," said Roar Admiral Thomas r., Catch in com- mnndlnK tho men. "it makes no (llffonmoc who docs the job ri r st . I didn't ovon know whether ,-m officer was a ropr- "I'M- fij^fi reserve, and J didn't fj-irn. Thi; main r|uestlon wa», ""I hi. p| ily wUh |no tonm .- A|1 o you playinj; with tho. ^mo,-, C!m tparn? You ai . c ft >'"i''rc uHlnK every mcJin.i to. ''•Use rrifin. War Bond dollars, p News F 01 . y aln ad wl;) "'•'IK spot cash fot- that Idle - ^mcra, bike oi< cnno..-. Phone Local Resident To Lecture In Shelton, On Friday Miss 'Dorothy Mr)."is, Naufrituck High school teacher and ojir.ning demonstrator will lecture to all interested valley women Friday evening at ~:30o'clock at tho Shcl- ton Community center building. Anyone who has a pressure coc*l<- Cr which who wants tested :s asked to bring along the cooker's covers. Miss Moss will also ditribute canning literature. Sidney, Australia, Aug. 0—(UP) —Carole L;indis—\vho has been (Hiring American outposts in the outh Pacific—is reported ill in idnoy. Australia. Thy actress a.r- ived by plane from New Guinea ufl'oring from fatigue and a cold. New Y^ork, Aug. <)—(UP)—Berlin radio (recorded hy >'BC> says British Air Marshal Owen T. Uoyd, was killed in action yesterday, liovd escaped In iiM2 from an Italian jiri^on camp. He as captured in HMO whe,n his plane «vas forced down in Sicily (tnroiife to the Middle East. Residents of Millvil-e—about 50 of them—mot last night nt the .Millville library ;md expressed opposition to the borough's intention of loating the public dlimp in that section. , The exact site of the dump was not reported but the gathering protested against the securing of a dump in Mfllvillc. It has been reported that the borough board committee, whicTi is seeking -land for the dump, has under consideration three areas in Millville. Warden Leo J. Brophy said that no action or arrangements have been made to obtain any one of the areas as yet. The gathering appointed a committee of six to confer with the 50rouph boord connmiuec concern- thc dump. The names of tho com- niCleomen wore not disclosed. The borough has no dump nt all it the present. Expect Cong. Talbot To Be Nominated Fifth Congressional District Convention Tonight At Hotel Elton, Waterbury Bristol's Is Awarded SeconjrE'' Formal Presentation To Take Place On Saturday Afternoon At Plant The War Production committee ot the Briutol Co. SH sponsoring: n. formal event Saturday to celebrate he receiving' of the second Army- Navy "E" .star by the factory. The first star was presented last vintcr and the flag the previous luly. The program, known as the 3. -B. E., "Bristol's Backs the Boys," will commence at 12 noon nd will continue throughout the .afternoon. ^ Capt. C. W. Slyer, USN from the "Cew London Submarine Base will e the main speaker and wjj] also jrcsent the award. Located on the baseball field of Be Bristol Co", is a Me. E. 10-1 German airplane which was shot down >ver Sicily. The plane arrived at he field Monday, coming from ;pringfield, Mass., by u-ailer truck, nd will remain there until after he program Saturday. During the afternoon there will e athletic events sponsored by the Recorder club and refreshments will be served. J. A. H. Peterson, personal di- recor, is the able chairman and Slyer to present the award. British And Canadians Blast Nazis' Northern Or Right Flank Below Caen DOUBLE ALLIED DRIVE ON PARIS IS PROGRESSING American Planes Bomb German Industrial Stuttgart City Of Naugatuck Eating Places Must Post 40 Food Prices Memorial Certificate Received By The Family Of Frank Adamaitis, Naugatuck Soldier Killed In Action ACCIDENTAL DKATIf Byron. Maine. Aug. 9—(UP)— The body of n. 71-year-old woman has been found at the foot of her cellar stair.*. Mrs. Anna H. Arris apparently fell clown the s'wiirs and struck her head against a stone wall ia_t the bottom. A. mod cal examiner said the woman died Instantly and that cleat-li wuc occidental. —Cash paid for muslcjtl Instrument H, pianos, radios, phonographs. Metro Miiftlr Mart, 88 Church St. Tel. 3287.—Adv. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adamaitis of .135 Golden Hill street,- Union City, whose son, 'Pvt..Frank J. Adair.atis, was killed in action oh the Italian /ront in May. received a coi'liJlcate from the Wai 1 Department awarding the Purple Heart modal to the deceased soldier. Accompanying the ccrtilicnte was a memorial token from President Franklin D. Roosevelt, The President's certificate reads: "In grateful memory of Pvt, Frank J .Adnmaitis, who . died in tho service of his 'country in t.hc North African, area, May 25, 10-M, Ho stands in the-unbroken li.'le of patriots who have dared to die that Freedom might live, and grow, and increase its blessings. Freedom lives, and through it, he lives—in a way that humbles the undertakings of most men. -(Signed} Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States of America." The Purple Heart award, "for military merit and for wounds re- ceived in action resulting in his death," .was signed by Henry L Stimsoh. secretary of wnr, and J. A. Ulio, adjutant general. Private Adamaitis had been in the army since Aug. IS, 1CH3 and went overseas in March of this year . Prior to his entrance into the service, he was employed at the Lewis Engineering Co. At the time of the casualty, there was great Allied activity on the approaches to Rome, and it is presumed that he was killed there. DESTRUCTIVE FIRK Windsor. Aug. 9— acre tobacco shed (UP)—A scvcn- and two other PVT, FrtA.VK J. ADAMAITIS buildings on the tobacco plantation of William E. Hastings have boon leveled by fire. Loss is estimated at more than J25.000. The fire started during cut-ing operations, destroying the shed filled with tobacco and causing extensive damage to tent cloth and nearby growing cropa, . ....-' With the opening of the Republican congressional convention of tho Oth district tonight at The Eiton in Waterbury, it is expected thnt Congressman Joseph E. Talbot will be nominated for re-election. Mr. Talbot was first elected in .1 special election in 19-12 to 1111 the vacancy caused by the resignation of. J. Joseph Smith, who was appointed a judge in the Federal Court system, Mr. Talbot was reelected for a full term in the fall o 19-12. Xo candidate has been men tioned or considered to oppose th nomination of the local man, am it is expected that the nomination will be given unanimously. The convention will start at 6 p m., with a dinner following th meeting for all delegates, . GOP town.chairmen of the 5th district nnd state central committee mem bers. A finance committee is expectcc to be named after the nominatior tor the purpose of raising funds foi the congressional campaign. Delegates from Nnugatuck who will n.ttend are: Judge Thomas Ncary, Mrs. Helen T. Russell, Fred D. Nawrath «ud William "G. Boies with Mrs. Myrtle Hotchkiss and Raymond Stinson alternates. (By United Press) The double Allied drive on Pari is going ahead steadily. The British and Canadians have nil but shattered the Germans northern or right flank below Caen. The Americans have captures tho important rail city of Le Mans H2 miles southwest of thu French capital. A late report from the Germans says tho Americans have driven beyond Lc Mans and are forging ahencj to the oast and southwest- United Press War Correspondent R-chard D. McMillan, who is with the Canadians, emphasizes the speed of General Crerar's advance. He says the British and Canadian break-in has uprooted the Nazis from their strong points so swiftly thai the Germans arc abandoning large numbers of their most deadly weapon—the famed SS millimeter gun. A Can.idinn general, in describing tho offensive, says: "This looks like tho real thing. It's a break-in first of all, then break out. The enemy looks as if he has been on the run, that is, where he is still able to run." And field officers tell the United Press war correspondent that the crust of German resistance has boon smashed. The Germans, they say, are having great difficulty pulling out below Caen because the. Allies dominate the roads and their transport is crippled... Tho British and Canadians have Placards listing the ceiling prices of 40 basic food items must be posted by all Naugatuck restaurants, not later than August 16, the Office of Price Administration has announced. The .order established tivc cenl« us: thc..price. of a cup of hot -coffee. sugar and cream • included in- all eating places unless more than five cents was charge din the period. from Octobcd 4 to 10. 19-»2, and. unless a statement 10 that effect has been filed by the restaurant with the local rationing Coard, The poster on which the food items and the ceiling prices arc listed must be 25 inches by 21 inches in size and must bo prominently displayed in all restaurants, cafes, hotels, cafeterias, -delicatessens, soda fountains, boarding houses, bars, and other eating establishments. Blank posters will bo supplied by the O. P. S. and win bo about tha size ot two pages of. The Naugatuck News, loss two columns in width. (Continued on Page S) Former Naugatuck News Carrier, Is Home From Pacific AWARD ANXOt/XCED South Portl-and, Maine, Aug. 9— (UP)—Roar Admiral H. L. Vickory of the Uroited'States Mnritime commission announces that the New England Shipbuilding Corporation has been awarded its ninth gold star for outstanding production' in ship construction. The. South Portland shipyard wu-? iwardcd its original pqnnant last fVugtisi: 31st. —Don't miss the h\g savings In th<? August Sole of Furw now underway it Kaphael's, Naugaruck's Fanhioii Center, Church -otrcct,—Adv, advanced five more miles southeastward from Caen in the second day of the offensive. Their artillery is shelling the highway center of Falnise, 20 miles from Caen, and advanced units already arc within' six miles of Falaiso. Tho Canadians, it develops, broke the back of German defenses in heavy fighting nine miles south- cast of Caen. And Canadian staff officers indic.itc that the Canadians and- British now are in open country and will strike directly toward Paris. The capture of Lc Mans by the Amej'icans is described in a front line dispatch by Henry T. Gorrcll, another United Press correspondent. Winning Lc Mans meant that the Americans had blown a 'hole n the Germans' Sarthc river lino, the best natural defense barriar jetweeji Brittany n.r,d Paris. And l means, too, that the Yante hold ull control of l-l major .roads-and "' secondary roads that fan put n the Lo Mans area. In pca'cc- imc Lc Mans had a population of 8,000. Gorrcll says crowds of French men, women and children line.d he roads to cheer the Americans their advance. The dust covered anks were decorated by garlands flowers... .and whenever tile 'anks paused, evan momentarily, hey were showered with wine, ood, flowers nnd kisses. Torpedoniftn 3-c Jack Middauph of the United States Navy is spending a 38-day leave with his mother, Mrs. Mildred MiddauRh of Aetna, street, following a long tour ol active service in the Pacific war zone. The last time Torpedoman Middaugh was homo was in March. 19-13. and since, that timo he has been on active service against the Japanese. The former Xaujratuck Daily News carrier boy, wears two campaign ribbons indicating his participation in some of the stirring war events of the past 17 months in the Pacific ocean scene of action. The local sailor on reporting back fos- duty will be stationed at the San Diego Navy Yard Torpedo school for advanced study in this field. Torpcdomnn Mtddaugh, during his stay i\t home, with his mother, is entertaining Miss An»ctto Skow- ranski of Chicago. 111. (Continued on Page 8) Land Obtained To Improve Corner 'Petroni Kasputis sold a parcel of land to the Borough of Naugatuck, according to a warranty deed filed at the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John. The land which is on the coAer of Andrew avenue and Scott street will be \incd hy the borough to improve the condition of the road. It not reported when the work will start. —When your appetite Is a bit jaded, and you are looking- for something different In food, »to|> at Jeffs Restaurant, Church St—Adv.

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