Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 3
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09 «* 8,3, f»r «* in St*TMr«r. Four of ttv f!«> iflwd by th* rntrsp*"? wn d*- Utery imstaws in BMTilnsr-Hnrlc rath, o the- nup*riDt*! J dsn* of Tb? t*» tww win iwtmbty to of ths» rspw motor trucks to fee ?»ed hereafter in making local express deliveries, arrived her? Friday, a large Diamond T two-ton truck and a Ford truck. They were given a trial Saturday afternoon, the horses/' being fed us usual at noon ftnd tine drivers mounting the trucks after dinner *and making the is if they had tae*n us«i dsUwSea all thtir lives, official IwginnSng of the motor service was on Monday. Oct 6. F. Bowman, A. E. Prltz and yniond Eldrmkamp, the drivers or the express company, are ell in the handling of BU- motoll** and arc having no dtffi- ilty !n using the trucks. Another truck is expected to arrive to- orrow, and the delivery service 'here will then be completely motor- tod, Ahead of Larger Towns. Sterling Is regarded as fortunate securing this motor delivery serv- fice for express, as Jollet, Aurora, Kankakee, Elgin and Oalesburg are among the cities of northern Illinois tha* are still using horses for at least part of their deliveries. The -jBloomington service wa* motorized }hls week, at the same time the Dtor service was started here, /hffirever three wagons can be sup- fplanted by two trucks, it to the pol- rlcy of the express company to us« motor trucks. The change here was made advisable at this time by reason of the extension of the express delivery service from Twelfth street north to the LeFevrc road, including the Sterling public hospital. The extra territory covered by this change warranted the company in eeodlng three motor trucks to the ^pcal office. Wot the least noteworthy feature the up-to-date ^trucks now ln^ rlirthe" admonition "pistil^" printed on the door where the Iver must see It every time he ata his seat, warning him that express company gives the pedestrian the right of way under all conditions, regardlcs of stop lights and traffic rules. This rule in other cities has been commend-ed by the press as worthy of emulation by drivers of trucks of other kinds. r tho th* thro-ieh to bp made and th*» iifh almo«' th*> prerlsfon of drill Mf*nv a merchant Rnd lift's pftt^ thf oM hor^"' 1 ? frlTdly nnto £<! H* frait«Hl for {?>» driver *o unload th* daily invoice of goods, and hi* going was not, unlike the dep»rtUT* of »n old and fried friend who hfcs b?en called to distant p«rts by circumstances over which he had no control. "Jack" WM another friendly horse known to scores of p?ople who greeted him frequently in the residence parts of town. "Boy" »nd "Girl" were the names of the team that' hauled the blfr wagon, visiting the factories, warehouses, railroad stations snd other places where heavy loads wrre taken on or delivered. Today "Old Bill" is »lonn In his glory, trundling his covered wagon probably for the last time up and down the broad streets of Sterling. The truck to replace him is expected tomorrow and "Bill" will leave for parts unknown. The horses will be kept In the company's barns in Chicago until the superintendent of stables receives a call for a horse or 'team needed someplace along the line, either in Chicago or downstnte. Few Horses Left. There are stil la few horses left In the delivery service of other concerns in Sterling-Rock Falls, milk wagons being heralded by the metallic clank of iron shod hoofs echoing through the stillness of early morning along the pavements, and bread wagons later in the day add the Jangle of bells to -the clatter of horseshoes. There is still a faint echo of the "whoa" and "gcddap" of other days and a few teamsters are still st the service of the public for Reneral hauling. Jim Ryan continues to hold the reins over the backs of his team as he makes his daily rounds with hia dray and old timers come back to Sterling for a visit have at tlmra beggcd-lilnv to -let-them KcBellul Partings. The passing of the express horses baa been a subject of interested com- beside him and again hold the lines and drive a team. But the horse is a fast disappearing feature of the city streets and thousands of men and women who have from their youth up loved the sight of these true friends of man, feel Just a little bit more that times are changing and they are getting, old and out of fashion as they say goodbye to the long familiar express horses that wen the last of the equine race to complete the horse drawn express service started here more than 70 years ago. ~ ~»«*Tf'"r»** s T$ tR W> ~*~ w «-' s >*' < sr'^^ V^T) f & r; t L- I •>s^r-rm r»r BOY SLAIN—Though his father, wealthy banker of Honolulu, paid $4000 for the boy'B safe return, 10- year-old Gill Jamieson was'slain by kidnapers. Tills picture was taken a few days before the boy was abducted. The difference between a college and a university Is that the latter includes a college and out.- or mora p^uato_.or_professipnal schools. Standard Since 1915 J10W WE HELP Of'R CTlSTOMKRS WITH STTLK The fashionable woman r>f f.mfay seeks individuality. 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Now White d Colors »rr • ' The Newest Styles Our New York buying office 1* ln*tr«srtf«l to boy for u« all of the desirable lft*w styles of ladies' apparel as thfy appear on, the market and which arc within our price range. This gives «* at all times the newest and most desirable style*. The New Gloves The question of smart glove* comes np again with autumn'* entry, for a chic fall frock or coat calls for perfection in every small costume detail. Our newest fall collection ahonid attract for it covers all kinds of new styles In favorite materials. Sketched on the left are two typical styles. All styles priced. French-Kid- WaihaUe_Cape..'. $2.95 3.50 .& 4.50 Two Syringe Attachments, Long Rubber Hose and Bottle. For Wednesday 9:30 a. m. Radiant Fountain Syringe Sets Made of flne quality red rubber, well molded and shaped. The attachments are of black bard robber and the hoic is soft and has *t*el clamp control. 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