Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 20, 1973 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1973
Page 17
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» mmh ,|elN, petty Wn* son liMl Alfred Df IicolU Funeral (or Ralph died Sunday, was Monday at 2 Rapp of Altona officiated ^ Burial was at NorWo(H) C6m tery. PiUNartiPi wei^« William TWtiiti. Winiim .stevensAli, aw % irandfilldreiL, and nint irtat^andchlinn. . She; was a ^member « Faith Ufiiiad MtlModlit Chufelr. FonerpI wHt he Saturday at h» p ,m. at Hinchliff-Fiarlait^ Welt Chalet, there frieiidsjfiiy eait thil evening. Burial will he at Memorial Parle Cemetery. EDWAIitt St. QfeOnOK Edward A. St. Geor||, M, ol 1880 Grand Ave. died Inursday at 1:45 p.m. at St. Mary's Hospital. A deliyeryman for West* eitt lUinolf ice Co. tor 40 years, he was a nntlllar figure to numerous Galesburg residents. He was bom here June 24, IIM. Wis a veteran of llf it and a memijer of the AmiMiian are ^ hrothei*, Richard St. George, Gale ^rg, Snd three sisters, Mrs, JBlmer and i/ik. Gerald Mines, Galesburg, and Mrs. Harry Thanos, Chicago. Funeral will he Satufdfiy at 10 a.m. at HirH ^iff 'Pearson- West Chapel, w )iere ffiends may call dus evenrllg. 1 - h ^iit and efrVti tn. (VPt) - A (iri Mi out tail fhon. Oti. Klir wind WIMII DfMi • WllCr 1J , Thf lira, oTtHidiitrftilhid orliliv broke out ahdut four llii iriar thi l<Mf wit dMiMiiS^Thi hulMing'i mlnklar wai lAiii lnop#iibli#llle liinaitId «i maln^ laid. ^iiliaia wii tiUinatid af nearly |l mUllon, moitly td dil oMIr of thd two lectioni of the two^tory huildiii oe^ Mpled hy the Itamltun eompany. The, olant area of that portion was a (Mai idiir Diki|i (o m mmtii piant'i space Ml the ncii /er MTtlMi, wai ailiiiatve. thire were no lii |artei« authorttlet aald. ... aaxttlary'i choice HOSPITAl NOTES (Continued From ^age 1) - 'J vlik resist and were, clitied away In iquad cars. Shsrtty hoferl thd incident, a yiniiii wan ipaahiog with ih vnitid Preas lotaMatldiial iiid iltd he was one of, A grouji ol 18 American stUddhtl Whd planned to occupy tha OVIRM. He' said thay wanted to protiist Soviet fml' gration policy toward JeWi,^ He declined to give his hama or say where he was from; the incident wai over whih newsmen arrived It the visa office, located in a iquat yellow building on an obscure Moscow aid* street. , But witnessed said a group of American youths Entered the inside Tern Is Named , ALTONA V Mlli/irtii Johrt^ lont dauitlaf of Mr. and Mri. Otia JoNiioiir df Mar Altoai* erieM UlWlf f^l Iff Auft> 'llSliiili to OIHI Itati at miiwm Csllfia; Jaohioth villi) JUMKlMI. Mill JohiMf a Junior at mk tfigh sehooi, Oi ^ida, li a membar of Fap Olubr Qirli Atlilitic Assn ^s Future Homa^ fltihiri of Amariea. the school ^horwi and tha Altona Junior AtiMryr Xlm Main, diuih>r oT Mr. iiKt Hti> 0. Clirli Wiifif alio of Mar Altona. hii .biM named altemata daiigati by the auxiliary; RICHARD BROWN ^ ROSEVItLE ^ l^neral fof Richard Brown, ^99, of Burling? ton, who died MSItday, w^i Thursday at 2 p.j^. it Raritan Baptist Church. ReV, Dan Vittitoe officiated. - Burial was at Raritan C^e- tery. PaUbearers were Spencer Corzatt, $;idon Ounciin, El^rt Duncan, W Thnish, Thompson and HerSchel Wad :^ell. - -X building, stayed Inside about three minutel and than carna out. They said police then arrived and toolc them away. An OVIRM 0l «clal told niwi^ met), "No m l» hir*. i linow nbtbing aboiit any of tbls ,r AJusload of MoiCftW mllltla- Cotttiie A0Mf8ilON8 imUHAYt Mrs. Qaila N. Carlson, IIOFiflilt/ Mrs. tdli C6laf irad t. PdrtiiM, The e) s |t across the mm (city itriet Ironi the visa office ^fter the incident;- : The d^mohitration came only a (aw dayi Mtor \JM. mm \s stdd the informed' has has suspended a controversial, so- called education tax on emi- Jewish Hot. Cold Spots NfiW YORK hi^iest temperature reported to the National Weather Service Thursday, excluding Alaslu and Haivali. waa 191 dagraai at Urido, Ten. at Ely, Nevada. affected mainly Jewish MRS. ERMINE McCONE Mrs. Grniine M\ McCone, 99. died Thursday at 8 :20 p.m: at her home, 552 Third St. She was bom Aug. 11, 1903, at Havana, and married Marion A. McCone in Galesburg on Dec. ^^^^^^^ - • emigrants, in MeiWW^m have tak^n t|le pftslubrt thdt ^spenalbil of m M7i does not solve the proWim «0n»pletely since authorities still may prohibit anyone from emigrating without giving a reason. • liever :T:t: Snow (Continued from page 2) i Y r H T • • • * Travelers* idyisories were in effect in Csfiforma as strong wlrtdp whipped up diist. F^ir sHies cgvered the southern portion of the nation» from Parts df Teias to the parts Pacific Coast. Fair the rule also HENDRICKS FUNfRAL HOME Mrs. Laura Mae Fredrlcki Altolo, III. Services: 2 P.M. SATURDAY At HENDRICKS FUNERAL HOME. Whece friendi may call this evening. Family will not be present for visitation. Burial in the Oneida Cemetery. Mempriile may be made to the Emmanuel Lutheran Church. weather was ine ruie along the Southern Atlantic Coast and in New W«nd. Early morning temperatures ranged froni 33 degrees at Lsramle, Wyo., to 77 at McAllen, Tex. $Wit0hmatt Pies James fm, 27, Blue Mound> 9 iwitehmm m the Norfdtli m Wiltih) milway, w«i iliUid by « triin Thundny night in the NAW rail yai'di here. A witness told authorities he saw Fore throw « switeb Mnd stirt nerpistr 801(1 to another, but that he slip' ped pnd fell under an oncoming truiO' mi CbrliW^;.t. Bricion, Mnr Oiftirtfdt Emsteln, 16IS W. Waters St. Mill Jinet C. Hige^ty, 17tt Bilrd Aye. Tony M. Johnson, St. Augustine Mrs. Lindi t>. Jones, Abingdon Brian J. Lee, 1026 Beechtr Ave. Mrs. Beveifiy A. Morgan 549 N. Broad St. iuiin HI PoWf 1)> Avon Mrs. Mary E. Ralston, Woodhull Mrs. EllMbeth Rich, 731 N. Iiminary |». Mrs. ROjH A. Rusidll, 1722 N. Fwirie it. Ray n, StUnforth, 1685 Tlffiham St GtrrV C. WPdgel, WifMW 573 W. Mih St. Mr». BUwl Curryi ^ New Boston Mrs. Ktthleen Myers, ftieky Ti^ Williams, 661 w. South St. S. Itewift, Xnofvillf I 4 ni It. Mrs, MoLEAN, 111. (UPI) Vilda Camp, 48, Beardstown, was killed Thursday night in a two-car collision on Illinois 136 about five miles west of thk McLean County commune ity* police said* Shot in the Bark NEW YORK (UPI) The Stately American elm miy be saved front the lethal and llblq- yitows fungHl infeetioD called Dutch elm disease by injecting a chemical called benomyl- Known ilnce 1M9, the intifuRial (!heml(;»l has provid to be high* ly active against disease. InJeption of aiufflclent Mrs.\ 439 Randy L. wition, 910 I. West St;. Sheri L. Winchell, Knoxville DanlelJ. Wolf, ^ . 7«4 Beecher Ave. Brett E. Wright, Dahinda Mrs, Catherine Kramer, 797 MapW Ave. Miss Heidi S. Gagel, 1547 Redbud Lane Miss Patricia A. Liini, 612 E. Brooks St. Harry C, Hatch, m Pine St. Mrs, Judith M. Rosenberg, 996 Locust St. Arthur C. Carley, 804 E. Third St. . Mrs. Evangalyn A. Palmer, 073 Pine St. Mrs. Solma L. Bell, 81 Lake St. Mrs. Hazel V. Wagner, Abingdon Mrs- Lola I. Mannhardt, Knoxville Mrs. Carol J. Augustson, 1022 N. Academy St. Mrs. Carol K. Welch, 1750 Bluebird Dr. tfifbert S. f arge. In Creieent, Minn. Jotvi H. DIollir, Kfiofvllle Merle L. Endress, . Williamsfleld Willis C. Edf «r. 1548 E. Mdln {Jt. Mrs. Ethel D, Gmelich, 226 Ailfm Ave, Mrs. Dixie h. Harding, 1374 E. Losey St. Mrs. Audrey M. Hughbanks, Knoxville Jon R. l6mn. Abingdon Mrs. M. June Mathews, AWnftoi Leo M. Patterson, 739 E. South St. Miss Jane A. Smith, Abingdon Mrs Ollie $J. Willtiion, Abingd<m DISMISSALS THURSDAY: Mrs. Mary R. Borden, Knoxville Lawrence E. CO0|ey^ 1639 Florenee Ave. Miss Melinle Hiekl, London Mills John Curtil, 234 N. rimham «t. Miss Dena Kelsey, 91 W. Simmons Cprl I, Mitchell, 239 Cottofte Ave. Mrs. Jean M. Thor, OpO W, Davton It, MM. Kay ci«v«n*[er, 121 W. Fremont St. MM> Dl «j# L, Clarlip, t93 Lincoln St. Mrs, iileen MoKiDip, m n. West St. Eddie G. Daley, Knoxville John Dtirlmm, 568 W. South St. Mrs. Mal'garet B. M)Uer, 879 Parkview Rd. Citv -County*(Continued from, page 2) Mrs. Ul I. Castillo m Uwn^ St. Funeral Services; U A,M. SATURDAY FOl^BY MORTUARY. Friendi may caU at the Foley Mortuary this evening where prayers will be said at 8 P.M. Burial in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Mauieicumi and Monumantf McFAll MONUMENTS Pi 1801 W. Main Nl <ialesburg, III. Pbone 841'MII amount to offer protection hai not been possible on a large scale with large trees. But two Arthur E. Alstedt, groups of sclentiiti h&ve dO' Alexis veioped a high pressure injeC' Mrs. Pearl F. Andrews, tlon technique that can intro- Altona duce 20 gallons of the chemical Mrs. Marthanna Laughlin, into large trees in 10 to 30 min< Milan utes. Renee L. West, The injection technique wti 1820 Brown Ave. developed by E. B. Himelick of Mri. Alice R. Hileman, the Illinois Natural History Sur- Gilson vey in Urbana and Wlnard K. Manson N. Roche. Hoch and associatts of the U.S. 417 E. Third St. Department of Agriculture's Mrs. Esther Emsteln. Shadetree and Ornamental plants Labwatory in Delt Ohio. the second floor. Plans for a building of about 56,000 squara feet. chairman of the Knox County Board's Jiil and Sheriff's Of^ fice CommHtw. slid he would like to see plans finalized so he e^n present them to his ccmmittee. No cost estimates have yet been disqujssed, but Herring said last night thit costs cm be estimited ifter square footage is determined. ''The cost figures may throw the whole tbmg out toe window/' Larson commented last night* "It's a fairly simple pUn/' Herring replied. NEW YORK (UPI) Musctt lar Dystrophy Associations of America, Inc., through local chapters assists in the purchase and repair of wheelchairs, hos pital beds, braeeSr lifts and other appliances needed by vie tims of muscular dystrophy. Thailand's capital, Banglcok, wa!S founded in 17Nr says Ng^ tional Geographic, HinchlifF- F 1 -bearsiin PUMfilAU »llieTOIi 1070 MKT qiiMONT •raflr uiBsMnd MR. EDWARD A. ST. GEORGE - 1 ««0 Grand Ave. Serv ices A.M. Saturday Hinchllff'Pearson-West Chapel. Friends may call at the chapel this evening. Burial In Memorial Park Cemetery. —0— MRS. MARION A. McCONE - 552 E. Third St. Services 1:30 P.M. Saturday Hinchliff-Pearson-West chapel. Friends may call at the chapel this evening. durial in Memorial Park Cemetery. sttf Gdllsbun Fridoy, April 20, 197i 15 Do It Mvtty time iwtKAlS5 ^''-mBy CAMS our DONITHIPLAT F06T WALT2". CTRCTLV V ^LO WAR ONE.» i I iMi Traffic Court Two pdrsons were each fined $200 Thursday in Traffic Division of Knox County . Circuit Court. Fiiiid Gregory E. GiblM, 21/ 1777 McMaster Ave., drlv- b)g «rhile faitoxlcated, and Ricli' ard W. Bowen, 30, 1425 Rock Island Ave., reddess driving. wen's charge was amended from driving while intoxlcat^. Fined for fiwcdini were Harold M. Doan, 21, Mobile City Trailer, Court, $15; Thomai l Lear, 9$, 201 Ciarfiald Ave,, Mary V. Loudarman, ss, 9}| 8. Semliiary St., $19; Jamas T. Miller, If, Paoria, lis ; Betty J. Morrison, 43, 1068 1.^ IBentinarv «t., $11; Keith D, John, li Oquawka, fit; Joa Carpenter, 49. 1217 MiiltMrry Stw lift; Henry 0. McGw^ 14, Gladitone, $19; Keith E. Corzatt, 53, Media; $15; John K. Griffith, 51, Fenton, Mo., Ii5y and ©onald w. Rostad, 33, Shell Rock, Iowa, |15. with forgery last Oct. 18 for passing a bad 131.09 check. Charles J. Tateman, 17, of Finied |10 for speeding were qharJas A. JoAiiaon, »^ Jm N West St.; Marilyn L. Crcwz, 37, 247 Lombard St.; Robert D. Crandall, H, Bio, and Walter D. near Monmouth, was sentenced to seven days in the Warren County Jail on a charge of driving w^ile his license was suspended. Peter M. Loscano, 36, Colchester, was fbHNl 1800 for driving while intoxicated. A 125 fine was levied against Clarence J. Stephens, Granite City, on an improper passing citation. Trae^ Tinkham, 16, Cameron, waa fhted I20 for driving too fait for conditions. Kenneth F. Pulse, 42, 1106 S. Fourth St., was fined $20 for having no valid registration. •Fined on speeding charges were Mrs. Alicia D. Dailey, 20, Charleston, $17; Thomas W. Smith, 37, 392 S. Fifth St., $15; Petar Alfano, 38, Kewanee. $t5; Victor Raider, 71, Burlington, Iowa, $12; Victor R. StoUer, 16, 405 E. Fourth Ave., $12, and James L. Wells, 20, Roseville, $10. day as she crossed South Street near its intersection with Prairie Street. Investigating officers said tlie warning lights on the bus were working when the mishap occurred. The child, Debra Rafferty, 616 S. West St., is recovering from her injuries. She was knocked unconscious by the impact, and authorities said Atwell administered aid and revived her. MONMOUTH Cars driven by James M. Buster, 18, 920 E. loth Ave., and Mrs. Adeline L. Burton, 40, 1114 East 11th Ave., collided today at 6:11 a.m. at the corner of Second Street and Tenth Avenue. Mrs. Burton was admitted to Community Memorial Hospital for what appeared to be minor injuries. Buster was driving east on Tenth Avenue when his auto was struck by the Burton car, which was northbound on Second Street. The impact caused the Busiter auto to spin around, leave the road and travel 81 -I B,. J «iA L. ....... |ieet before coming to rest in a ^ I. Fined. IIP aacb were WiUiam ys^^d fKJStfahiK, 20, lid* 9% St., jvfrs. Vivian I. Kidder, 33,1115 excessive noise; Barry C. Swen -|s. 9^ st., was charged Thurs- Dagen, 25, 1024 Bateman St. ^rry D. Anderson, II, llOl N. KeUogg St., paid $25 for driving too fast for conditions and 10 for falling to give Informa- Ion at the scene of an accident. Jerry A. Mohnen, 21, Abingdon, and Stephen R. Willson, 19, 730 N. Cedar St., were fined $10 for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Others fined $10 Thursday were Judith E, Shapiar, 22, North Henderson, traffic signal violation; Kenneth D. Brenner, 24. Roekford, hitoWiiking; William G. White, ao, Grovctown, Ga., excessive acceleration; Ml- phaal K. Klebert, 19. 1575 Meadow Dr», driving off the roadway, and Jerry M. Owen, 24. of near Galesburg. m)iffler violation. Wheel tax sticker violations resulted in IS fines for Stanley R. Harris. 19, 900 W. Dayton St.; Marvin C. Melton, 19,41 S. West St.. and Charles Allen Hen- gen, 23, 9 McEwen Court, following t close; Robert E. day at 11:20 a.m. with wrong _ „ .„ , .. , i^ne usage after the car she was Bower, 19, RoseviHe, failure to driving struck a parked auto. report an accident, and David Riddick, 20, Gibson Hall, Monmouth College, traffic signal. disobeying a Traffic Accidents A 7-year-oId Galesburg boy was knocked to the pavement Thursday when he rode his bicycle into the path of a car in the firit block of Blaine Avenue. Police said the child, Daniel Dunn, 201 Blaine Ave., was frightened but not seriously hurt after he was hit by a car drivon by Terry L. Newburgh. 25, 228 Fulton St. Newburgh was traveling slowly and \vas not at fault, according to officers. Newburgh's 2Wi'ycar-old son received a bump on the head when Mrs. Kidder was driving east in the 100 block of East Broadway when she struck the parked car of Mrs. Marilyn Mannon, 47, of near MonmouUi. Damage to boOi the cars was heavy. Fire Calls Galesburg firefighters were called to the Custer Hotel today at 1:05 a.m. when an automatic fire alarm malfunctioned. There was no fire. Divorces Granted KNOX COUNTY - Mildred Mae Covert was divorced thi» week in Circuit Court from Delbert Dale Covert. Marriage License ilty, 17, 93$ W. Loiey St , ,1 ^ .u u u KNOX COUNTY-^Miss Dianna his father applied the brakes, Goodman, 24, 673 N. Semi- No serious Injuries were rciK)rt- g^.. and ckry R. Simons, ed. The mishap occurred at 5:45 26, 204 S. Soangetaha Rd, P"'* Miss Holly Kristine Sonuner, A .ioir-. /n.. i.iiina iA ^0, and Cllfford diaries Hen- A ticket for tailing to reduce ^^^son 22 both of Peoria HENDERSON COUNTY fPJf^ J?^^^ Mrs/Glemiaya K. (StaWy) Jamei Henry Moeller. 24, Wwt ""^^^^ 34, and John S. Point, iwa/wai fined 1300 m « baT of irS o^^^^^ 1 v ^2, both of Moline. week in Traffic Division o< gj^^^^^^^^^^ Miss Mary Sue Poulson, 16, in the 800 block of North both of near Galesburg. '"gaU'««. *«. m , by a.ITsK,f DeST J. Turner. 21, Gale^ T ^Jv L Barnes 21 Altona buiv, $15; David Scott Kniibt, ^^^^ Arrests Galesburg police arrested Rob- rrvwui im« MO fli^&ri <^hargwl with falling to re- ,,Y *"''^X„lv 99 97n « u ^ n' S!ZS}%t^r iS' *«ce speeTto avoid an accident 22, 270 Highland 'I^Z^ car struck the back ^ve.. Thursday abou 4:30 p.m. ^^^i b u }^;' Of one driven by Candace L. obstructing a pohce officer mouth, forfeited her drivcfi ll-J:" i7^^^^ after Imogens reportedly gave cense on a charge o« illegtUy K^j^^^^ 3:51 p-nrat tlicifalse informalKm to police in transporting wcohol. <^ r •tonO» Piid |10 MCb on two Mickev R Simnson 17 981 chaijes of driving witti loud olite sl wasThafged ""SKI" «<A iu- ^ ^0 yieW the right of way f^JJ* ^ hfa car collided with an w«re Waiter Skilec. 43, Rose guto driven by Frances P. )iK SSi. **** Smith, 41, 913 W. Berrien St., Uoyd McOWum, W, Smllii^ Thursday shortly after 5 p.m. Sfi?' ^ SfSi The mishap occurred at the WUUam H. QfM, 57, BiggsviUe, (^mor of Henderson and Frank tadUng violition. strttti. Ttrry lurUson, n, of near OMFV I Riii^ Galesburg, was issued a cita- Mtt, 94, Aunri, pUMtd jmy ^ ^„ Jtruck one driven JSf SyA^!"5lJW byChwles R MiUer. 16, 736 N. cult Court to « diarge ol bat- Rellogg St., Thursday at 6:20 ^V ^'p.'f"^*^ *S Pm 5 the corner of Kellogg days at the State Prison Farm Ng-fth streets, at Vandalia- connection with a stolen car report. Tlie Seminole Indians elected Alice Brown Davis as their first woman chief. Jade, the only gem mineral Ivnown to exist amply on California beaches, is generally found along a two-mile stretch between Monterey and M o r r o Bay. MONMOUTH Gary L, Yoder. 21, 706 W. Sixth Ave., was fmtd $100, ordered to make restitution and placed on two years' probation when he pleaded guilty to an amtfinl ^rge of theft of under llMi Yoder was charged > Following a police investigation, a ticket for illegally passing a stopped school bus was issued today to William S. Atwell, 37, 1423 Garden Lane, the driver of a pickup truck which struck a 7 -year-old girl Wednes- Ambulant^ Serv/ee WE APPRECIATE THE PRIVILEGE OF SERVING OUR MANY CUSTOMERS N. M. SCHACTNiR/ Owntr i

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