Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 2, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
Page 2
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. \ ~ r -*"* "iT"h >*, ^1% yw-fi f^*? 4 -* i"™"!!, * ht'MraEfe * i -hi I!-'f ' K % I * » 't« If\l »US * I H- S* *""* ft* •V '1 , -»u , *( * * HI AVI? T Ff»i ...US la Tft* Tftd^Strf-M I -•"*< }•'-.''-- •'•'* r-**^: strict Join Fur j^<>-f-:-H n, - I »?! U-n*!f ,-1':>-:(» (yj f l.clrt 50 '"! Fir** PrT)t«f;llrjR j trf-.r^--.-.^^^. nr- „ ] ih« r^Mirf-rnsrjt* for 'he rrrF*n$£»t!f>n of st rnytwU c^mt'sssTi'^ for' f|i** f^rs^f_?-'t}£*-i fcj^ friMT* • (M.JfTi Wfrt snaJrt'JWtTsrf of s. «rnt?r th* tiv^T frtint |n e*?* of asy em- ifi S»..*p of s, »PT~ The Initial Ftf-p in t-Hta iJirwticti !>M h**?i ta>.rfi hv Ihs Industrial <xmrem<. tb*> rnil"- jtwds, wholesale 1 hows*-?, »nd oihrr M«;r It I" prtssSfcK w-rt W, Tk* manager of th«? tur*r« fhr tTtnt's.^.! b^iif ws.tfr plant f.of f1b*i c^*** r?t &ny u'f M F. Triii^n fl f " r , A'isl S« union MiU^n O, Bavly , of f*iT*ft M- f.. rttnrch. O. S»or#r r,t Itw church snrf P*-*-. 8, H, f»f th** oR^k Fsll* M. 3E. rhurch Ofl t».. «»--r-^- *.h* I*?T, fir" prolfcUon !n of tb«? fsftorr disfrirf., *tkm of tt» fiimn h*s fines lh« f!r*», which to » Jmif BtSlHoS dollars durn- lo the Kortlr^tstern B*rb Wtrp mlH Isst Maf, Without nny iiira. of placing any h!am» for tho low «<*trr pressure whirh hnnrilcap- pfd t?ip tlsht of thr h!nw, th" rrsrrj- f rs of th* property In thr rivr-r front district tafllrred thst sotnp steps should bt taken to mwt any ««m- rrfzcncy that mlcht arise in the Juturp. It Js poStitwl out, th«t If Tire had broken out In another factory whll« the wire ni!15 b!a?w WM rjigir.R, the watpr prcvmns wmtld Isnvc been insufficient to copo with thf> situaUon. 80, it Is with thp view of providing an fiusiliary water supply for Just such emergencies that the owners of the pro- ptrties In this district proposa to •lake the precaution to establish Center tanks and standpipes and lay •water mains with a view of Turnlsh- The first official more to carry out the plans was token Monday hight when Attorney C. E. Sheldon, representing tho interested parties Appeared before the city council with a petition n.ikfng for permission to erect «nd malntnin, or maintain existing water tanks and etandplpcs, or such additional water tanks and standplpcs as may be necwsary and convenient for the purpose of providing additional fire protection to the factory district and emergency locomotive water supply for the two.railroads which pass through Sterling. Permission was also asked to lay and maintain water service pipes In and upon or across the following streets and avenues of the city of Sterling: First avenue, between Lawrence Bros, and the National Manufacturing Company; Wallace street, between the Sterling Foundry Company and the Novelty Iron Works; Avenue B, on the Chicago and Northwestern Railway company's right of way, and Avenue B, from the south line of said right of way to, at or near the southerly terminus of Avenue B; Bass otreet, from C. and N. W. right of way to, at or near the southerly line of the Charter Gas Engine Co. On Mutoal Basis. The petition declared that tho plant and pipes arc to be Installed, maintained and operated on a mutual basis for the use and benefit of the petitioners as may desire to co-operate In the enterprise, or such others as may want to join in the proposed plan. It adds that it Is not the purpose to establish or operate a public utility, or an organization for profit. The signers of the petition are Peerless Level and Tool company, National Manufacturing company, Charter Gas Engine company, Franta Manufacturing company, Lawrence Bros., Novelty Iron Works, Northwestern Barb Wire company, Sterling Foundry company, Chicago and Northwestern Railway company, **HE rMMG^ "STERLING" fac'ory district on •?* of th* rlwr He statTl th»t. the Intf'nisfionftt Hsr- vr«trr rnniptnv JIBS twd tindor ton- skirration for ?onw> tlrn? th*> build- in ft rtf a itefydpip? nf s»t;»<j'it 7ft.PM capacity, Tid that it was th* compftny, along with o-tiers In Rock Falls, may desire to co-nj)*rfttc in the- plnns for the M- ?ab!)«hrripjit nf a vJ«nt. Borne of the piants i!r«ad7 have small tanks for ntp in ronnectlon with their sprink- linjf system, hut are not ot f,ufficl- cnt si?c to kf*p the system running for rtn extended nrrlCKl. These con- fr?rns, said Mr. L-one, rso doubt will prefer joining in 11m proiyj^d for a centra! plant for mutual flM of «ii subsrrlbfrs. Mr. Long states that nothing definite has been decided anrt no engineer's estimate has be?n obtaln- p<l on the proposed, improvement, as tnis trouble and expense would have been useless until permission had been given by the city for the establishment of the water plant. However, he ventured the opinion that 100 foot standpipe would furnish sufficient pressure to meet any errorfeivey. No details as to the operation have been considered, he added, but it is possible that the necessary machinery for the operation of the plant would be available in any one or several of the factories. However, it may be ultimately decided to construct a 'separate power house. Asked if the proposal to construct, operate and maintain a water plant was Induced any way by the announcement of the Illinois Water Company's movo to put a 50 per cent higher rate for service in effect here, Mr. Long replied that It was not; that the plan had been under consideration tor some time before the new rate schedule had been filed However, Mr. Long 'stated that If exorbitant rates became effective here, the concerns Identified with the proposed new water plant would bft In position to equip their plants and places of business for full service and not be dependent on the Illinois Water Service company. of tbs in Wednesday rnrun- in th« Morfsn P*rT :? continue ov»r Sun trhirh will Ifif »l 9 JM.' E. church Or?.. 7. L. V. PiHjfr of •--- ,,„,.„,.! R»v. M. D. Bayly to Chicago. Dr. Ford A. Smith * wii gst«. John Myers belnf tha a!t«r nnt* fmm th« Fourth Street church Bishop Ed«ln Holt Hughes wit preside over the conference sessions Prof. Hany F. Wan!, of Union Theological wmlnary, N»w York prwent lectures on Wedn«ia3Uiy Thursday and Friday afternoons There will b*> many religious speakers of prominence besides a great religious drama. "St. Claudia" gtv*r» from t!i»» church house stage. Saturday evening and "By the Oato Beautiful" on Sunday evening by the Morgan Park Methodist Dramatic club. There will be group luncheon*, banquets and smalJer gatherings and special msulc. .Social, educational and other problems of the day will be dealt with a the conference sessions, Proralnen T. B. Clinic Oct. 9 The Whiteslde County Sanatorium, board will hold the regular monthly tuberculosis clinic in the city court room at Sterling on Tuesday, Oct. 9, from 8 a. m. to 4 p.. nu, Dr! Ocorgo T. Palmer of Springfield will conduct tha examinations. Anyone who plans to attend this dinio should notify tt» county nurse, Mise Kirk, at Finger Broken By Ball Ralph, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Sommerville of Rock PtallsT'mst with a painful accident last week when a bone, was fractured In tha second finger on his right hand while playing baseball. Tha ball was thrown by one of hia playmates and struck him on the end ol tha finger. Big Night Tuesday Chicken Special Sandwjches. "WTiere? Sinnissippi Barbecue Also Regular Barbecued meats you all like. Chicken 25c, Beef 15c, Pork 15c Sinnissippi Barbecue LINCOLN LAST TIMES TONIGHT, He: "Listen, honey, hurry and get your wraps on and we'll have a glorious meal at Ye Coffee Shop." She: "Watch my speed," They must have dined at Ye Coffee Shop before as they both seem anxious to come again. We **K mOy mj that the tooS Si ae<S you must to*re «ac* to ktuiw it* ¥o«rtl Jjfee wit fa ^ Cttd fWKtotel, tfi& AJl,^ L -1 ttft *rtoks If yea '" Dix* latest Warning up" Tomorrow and Thursd* ANNE NICHOt RUTH TAYLOR Double Ric BLACK WALNUT "Full of.Meats'" Eveiylxxsy Mkai black wataut& Thi» Is just on* of the choice dainties that you'll flud to our special box of The Chocolate Shop Homemade DEUGMTS "Made for Lovers of Better Candies** 65cBox The Chocolate S Sirvtt BACK FBOIHBIT1ON, SRO, Oet »— <A SPSS * '*'*><* *« t •- of th" emu' F« TO'd m h<* «o!.i! Is raliwnl*. hftssj-s*' as to 5** (Cental ,s-'- -«*.,«, the presldentlft! eampaifn, and the public jXiSlcy committ«« re$(>lutlon ing ,bi dry that through Hi». rt?«*h and rsrar- rpotion rrmn raisht b§ mle^msdl unto Himself. . but It was believed its? ehurehmrn would make plula that thty would tolerate no campaign bawd on religious belief* or prejti- His application iirt^d all who are on whtrh th*. " >entlfied * uh the ch«rch to show V * " lllf jt!ip!r appreciation of this love, to for forty yrars-lp;,^^ j n ac ts ve sen-ics for Him, Rev. BrandfnJhwr's subject for tot^, "Man's ** A strong sentiment, for a clean-up of Ohleago snd Cook county •*!« ami erSrse was «mpwt«d to crystal- te* la ths adoption of definite rec- omm«ndatlona for the wiping out of political corruption. for Man, or A ?4i«sSng Link." Bang wvicp begins at 7:30 p. m. All mre lnvit*d to attend, MISJ3 EMMOHS QUITS COUNTY NURSE WOEK Miss Florence Kmmons, R. N,, who has been assistant county nurso for a number of years and has bad u«~j_ i » . . .."..."v. v,4 jcnia JM4U liw ^^gnnlnftonlthtchnrge of ichool visitation ^"Ky^L!BH!3WK5SlSK5if.*!jKp^ •nmwiin , «, _ Tonight and Tomorrow All Who Saw it Yesterday Were Well DON'T FAIL TO SEE THIS! mm DANCING* JQAM CRAWFORD J Lady Baltimore Lots/ Cake >/ 2 Do*. White Mountain Holh 1 Loaf Bread % Doz. Cinnamon Sticks Vi Doz. Butter Cookies All For 49c WEDNESDAY, OCT. 3rd Federal Bakery 214 First Avenue f«t W* ts * C**f '1 !*•» cnsto !I» ;- f? • l- Bny§ O, W. Hnnfftte Home f^ttl E. iFernmftD h»s putrfcs'^'l ?M nSI'ienw of Q. W. thmsiue ftl West Thlrti »tn«t Aventi*? H. to ^te jwwsssfiaios aKjoutt J*n. 3. In » J. R, lAfrwncn -W««t Third street, Is bgittf rtmo^ted for th* wcup*« firm**. TjiiirBetft.y ffon. John P, Bevlm. nn ''Farm SJmrtm@4 Wmn m "Veteran J. /. Cnntltn r*m "General All Farmers Are especially Invitee! to 70,000 an tat s way t» t&* Sottfb Pel* witk tbt \ Byrd Aatarttic Exp&dttism ] T" 1 f 1 C\" "*"' i rail Specials Continue \ Make an appointmenl mw with the Crystal- We guarantee all our work. Marcelling, Water wa»fa& Your^Choice Shampooing, Manicuring, Hnger Waving, Plain Facials* , ' , "' fcemsntnt Wavteg—Hair Cut, 40c. Crystal Barber Shop Central Truet Bidg. of the Byrd Expedition: think you for your vote of «uchaa!ndicadoaofyoojrpt«fiureac«. , T » confidence. 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MILD BNOUGH FOR ANYBODY*^ AND YBT THBY SATIi! ffi Worth White TBS other night we HAPPENED out by the FOOTBALL field where rBC Sterling high IQSOQI. football squad IB prtwtldBg wad if EVSB you e»w a hard* WOBKJKa bunch of lad*, COACH Badea and his SQUAD were that buacli AND it reminded us OP & remark we read SOUK plaea which was &ZADE by one of our BIO coaches and went SOMETHING Ufce thia— "IT do««Vt matter so MCC»-wt»trtfae wsers Is, rrs bow you play (he OAMEI" and we maintain THAT any sport which TEACgES that can't Men's SHk We sold for 7Sc per pair- AND what'a more that FOOTBALL, team up at THE high ecliool deserves OUR support mid gttendan AT ^anea— 5a«ald8« playicg GOOD football, theyre DOWQ » lot to advertlso Genuine thread glik hose, 91/2 to ll*/2 —one of America's best makes. We've sold them for years, You can have them in blsek, brown or blue; also pearl, the 13. & W. never offered anythi»f like it for the price—one day only.

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