Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 7, 1964 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1964
Page 6
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NOTES INTERLOCKING RING SETS ROSS S350 00' il-.o S?50 fc.1800 ading 39.75 • M. ncl><ii«liFidmlT>. We invite you to inspect and use our shop service developed through years of experience. Tilt quollly raquirtd with ths tconomy deiired IIS E. State Phon* 793-4806 Redlands Daily facts 6-Tuesday, Apr. 7.1964 PortabU Fragrancs When you go out for the evening, carry a purse-size container o£ your favorite perfume. Perfume is woman's most prized fashion accessory, but even the most expensive fragrances last only about four or five hours. Spring Return New for spring is the return, after many a season, of the open-back shoe. Many are in a combination of colors and set on the tiniest of heels. happier than springtime Straw Hat Bath Set Keepiog wen-broomed dnring pregnaney does jmieh for the aorde. Set tefhreom-aldet vfOia nfe, etsy retch. Legs and feet (left) get special care with a long-handled bath hnth. Vie comfertaMe-hel^ stool and rinse legs si^er shower after massage. A shower caddjr (right), suspended from the shower head, h^ soap, spooge, brashes and washcloths conTeoiently. Snbber mat in tnb or shower stall is essential safety factor. Also part of the hygienic rontine that makes the ej^ectant mother feel better is dental care. An electric-toothbrash (hiset) helps sthnnlate gmns whfle cleaning. Spring bursts into bloom as Straw Hat fills the air-with five generous ounces of refreshing Bath Powder and an ounce of matching Cologne, A lavish little gift for 4.00. •pov.'der alone, 2.75. Cologne Extraordinaire 1.75. WINN'S DRUG STORE Cor. Colton & Orange FKEE PARKING FREE GIFT WRAP 793-2804 S. & H. GREEN STAMPS Daily 8-9 Sunday 9-5 PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY FREE IN REDLANDS AREA Pregnant and in the middle of the waiting game? The ten dency at this juncture is to let down a bit in your daily groomujg routine. When you do, your spuits •will follow. A bath, a facial and an extra foot soak are effective morale builders. Also a weekly shampoo and a visit to your favorite beauty salon, prove special treats — not just necessities — because you want to feel and look attractive. Since showers rather than tub baths are recommended during the last months of pregnancy, make them luxurious with bath props. For additional safety, assemble soap, bath sponge, body brush and washcloth in a caddy suspended conveniently from the neck of the shower head. Added security comes from a nonslip rubber mat in the bottom of the tub. And with the additional nancy leg and foot fatigue are inevitable. Give them special care and you will find relaxing them makes you more com fcrtable. A long-handled back brush doubles for a foot-sudser and massager so you won't have to bend. Sit on a stool for comfortable height with your feet on a bath mat and thoroughly scrub your toes, soles, heels and ankles. Step into the pounds carried during preg-'shower to rinse. While the m>-th that a woman must lose a tooth for every cliild she bears was exploded long ago, don't be casual about tooth care. Your dentist and your diet are special guardians in this area. And, for ease and efficiency, treat yourself to an electric toothbrush. The automatic action stimulates gums as it cleans. So, instead of giving in to your indolent feeling, step up daily grooming to look your glowmg best. New Nail Saver Check brittle, dry or fragile nails with a one-step treatment. A new introduction to the nail care field is based on the ancient principle of glazing. Vfben the liquid is applied, it acts as a base sealer and clear enamel It may be used under polish, over polish or alone. Clear Complexion To protect your complexion, be sure that everything that touches your face is immacU' lately clean. Wash your hands with soap before applying cosmetics and use only clean powder puffs and cosmetic brushes. The Story of Olga the Ostrich Have Wardrobe Goal In Mind Before Buying Once upon a Spring day there lived an Ostrich named Olga. Now Olga ceufd have been beoutiful (big feet excepted) because her plumes were so gorgeous ... but ALAS Olga kept her head buried Th the sand most of the time (no doubt a deep seated inferiorty complex]! She wasn't even aware that HAIRSTYLES were CHANGING ... until one day Otto Ostrich gave her a nudge and there stood Ollie Ostrich Your wardrobe plan must be much more than a list of what you want to buy. Every sound plan is made with a goal in mind. Actually, the plan, then, must begin with a philosophy, or at least an understanding of what "look" you want to achieve for yourself. If you are the outgomg, fiam' bouyant type, admit it and then decide if you want to play up that part of your personality or if you would rather contrast it by dressing more conserva lively. The decision must rest with you and how you will feel most comfortable. Remember that whether you decide to follow the look of the extrovert, or the look of the fa- trovert, or the look of the little girl, or the mature woman — it is not necessary to be extreme. Extra-short skirts, low cut daytime dresses, and froufrou look flambouyant, but not pleasing. Simple styles in gay colors or dressed up with exciting accessories can bring off the same feeling, and do it in a much more acceptable and charming way. There are several things you can do to increase your fashion sense. Studying fashion articles is one; shopping in the better stores is another (whether you can afford to buy or not); and keeping an eye on what other Wig Wardrobe Big Business Lilly Cache, whose name is synonomous with fashion and beauty, is a believer in the hairpiece wardrobe for many reasons — one is that they can disguise a bad feature and can change a bad hairline or the shape of a head. She has in her Wig Whimseyj Studio a staff of framed spe cialists who are competent in creating individualized hairpieces, matched exactly to the patron's own hair. Each one is custom designed and can be turned out quickly for the wearer's benefit Coiffures, flats Again In Tune SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads A welcome introduction to the spring scene has been the new togetherness" of coiffure and hat — emphasis at least on the prettiness of simplicity. Smaller, neater and closely shaped hair styles, requiring the most expert skill in cutting, now make it possible for the hat to take its place again in the world of fashion. Gone are the oversized bubble hair-do's—the over- teased, unnatural, stiff tops of heads on which no hat dared to perch. For the new coiffiire beauty, body is maintained by an "easy" permanent wave. This adds to its ease of care, too. So, no wonder many women are re-discovering the fun of shopping for that just-right hat again and enjoying the feeltog of being really "dressed up" as she steps out with hat and gloves. women are wearing is another. The next part of your plan must be coordination, unless you can afford more clothes than the average woman. Even here, the world's wealthiest women coordinate their w a r d- robes. How to coordinate: Plan what you need. For example, if you need a coat for town wear, don'i pin it down to a "navy blue wool" until you have planned the rest of your wardrobe. Perhaps you need a dress that is suitable for a daytime party or a casual party after-five. Do you have a coat smtable for that occasion. Then maybe you can select a coat that will be as suitable for this type of occasion as for the needs you had in mind for that town wear coat Work out your entire list of fashions needs based on the needs and then when you go shopping you will be guided but not tied down too much. Use Tea For Tint LONDON—At No. 10 Downing St, official residence of Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas- Home, tea is not only a beverage but a dye. Lady Douglas-Home said the new use for Britam's national drink was discovered by her daughter, Meriel, 24. Meriel is marrying Adrian Darby, an economist, on Monday. Her wedding dress is of, raw silk and lace cuffs. Lady Douglas-Home said Meriel used a pot of weak tea to dye the lace to match the tint of the dress. Bulge In Wrong Places? Check Girdle If you're taking in the seams of all your last-spring dresses because you're on a diet take a look at your girdle. It's probably too big, too. Designers for The H. W. Gossard Co., warn that a girdle that fits too loosely is just as bad as one that's too tight. It bulges in the wrong places, doesn't give the firm support you need, and certainly can't do justice to your slimming silhouette. While it may seem economical to put off buying new'clothes until you've whittled down to a 12, it's a mistake to keep on wearing the same old foundations. The right degree of snugness is important to how you look today and how you will look tomorrow. Your flesh may have a tendency to become flabby while you're reducing. A properly-fitting foundation will help keep it firm. Your corsetiere comes second only to your doctor as a best friend during a diet Your doctor tells you how much weight you should lose and how quickly it's safe for you to loe it Your corsetiere steers you to girdles and bras that will keep step with your changing figure and her tape measure tells you when you've shrunk to the next smaller size. The corsetiere probably will recommend all-eleastic girdles and bras because they'll "shrink" along with you more readily than garments made of less adaptable materials. Don't wear a too-tight foundation in an attempt to convince your public that you're losing weight faster than you actually are. That's as bad as waiting too long to tighten up. You shouldn't expect your foundation to take more than an inch off your measurements. It's not consistent with good health to squeeze yourself. And the discomfort won't make your weight - reduction regime any pleasanter. Foundation garmenti don't actually make you smaller. They simply "redistribute" flesh so that your proportions are better and you have a firmer, smoother silhouette. It you "redistribute" more than an inch in one place, you'll wind up with bigger bulges somewhere else. (1) Other figure-and-diet tips: The style of your foundation is as important as its size. Your need will change along with with yoiu- measurements. Perhaps you'll switch from a combination to a girdle and bra and you may want a shorter garment than you've been wearing. (2) Even if you become positively skinny, you'll still need a girdle to achieve the smooth, well-groomed appearance you're dieting for. (3) Once your diet forces you to acquire the fitting - room habit keep it Even if you keep your ideal weight forever after your figure will change occasion- Uy. The only way to really know if a new foundation is right is to be properly fitted. Lots of Pink When Chanel proposes, the fashion world accepts. And this year be prepared to see a lot of pink. She has featured this color in tweeds, blouses and jacket limngs in her current spring collection. Don 't Skip Eyes Apply foundation over your eyelids before applying eye make-up. Experts point out that many women skip their eyes when using foundation. Tbo eyes then do not match the rest of their complexion coloring. looking absolutely ravishing with a glamorous hairstyle from PHYLLIS ADAIR'S BEAUTY STUDIO FOR OSTRICHES. Olga, who had pulled her head out of the sand . . . raced to the same beauty salon and .., has NEVER buried her head again! MORAL- — Always keep your head out of the sond so youll know what'i new in hclrslylesl from Phyllii' Fables D D hyliis d air's BEAUTY STUDIO 120 E. State Redlands 793-5255 or 793-3091 PARKING VAIIDAHON - REAR LOT Sure I do- all nny friends do— read "Beauty Notes" every Tuesday in the— DaUjiJttiFatft

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