Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 8, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 8
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, Page Eight UAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Japs Say Lone American Dropped Bombs On Shangha (Ily United Pri'iw) Ttinrc are mounting signx th:it •Avncrlca-n forces iri.thc Pacific mny bo curryins: on a cagey crim- paipn designed to keep the .I.ip- nnese gut:'sin.g us to where the next big blo>v will full. Or else our forecs actually inny be feeling out defenses pi-vlously unmolested. At any rate, Llio .kip- nnc.ic report that, a lono Am-.-ricur- B-1M Liberator raided .Shanghai todny. -It said the plane unloaded Its bombs over the city, Inn claimed damage was only slight. Only yesterday, t h o Japanese cliiimcd two American |>laiie:i hnd made whiit the enemy called an Bttcnipt to ruicl Davao on Mhv danao Island in the Philippine-.^ Neither rLipoi't has been confirmed by the Allies. Officially, further Allied- prog- res* is reported in other Pacific battle -/ones. But' In central China, thf! Japanese cliilni to -|i;ivu completed the capture of Iledfryan}? ln Hunan province. However, there is no confirmation. _^_ On Cluani, American troops and: plane's arc crowding • the enemy Into steadily on the northern ,c.r..'d of ' the island, on the northern const of Dutch New CJuinuu, Allied units arc continuing counter-attacks on the coastal sector cos 1 , or Aitiipe. There, tlie .'Japanese death toll is noai'lng 0,000. And in the western Carolines, the Far Eastern all 1 force i.s bc- liuvud to have put Yap island out ft commission as iin effective enemy air-biuse; a 30-ton attack rockj'd the base 'Sunday without ^ opposition. I The widespread 'Allied successes j ii ppti ivr.'tly have prompted Japanese Premier General Koiso into u raro confession that Japan is Cueing grave danger. In a Tokyo radio uddresV marking Japan's monthly obscrvaiwc of the Pearl Harbor, attack. Koiso warn.-jcl tiie JnpiiiiL'sc people in effect that tlin:e things must be clone right away. To stave oft what he filled vail designs- of the Allies, Koiso said the Japanese must—first—get behind the war effort with everything -they have. Sorotid. he wild Japanese military might must strike agaimst the enemy on a grand bold scale. HUV WAU IIONDS ANIJ STAMI'S Taxi Driver Pleads Guilty To Robbery Charge .Woi-ce-', Mara., Aug. 8—(UP) A taxidriver has been ordered held in $1,000 bail after pleading p-uilly to a chnrpe ot robbing a I'.-iro of $50. The t:ase of Robert C. Bates will be acted upor.i .by l-lic Worcester county grand jury. Police testified in district court I bin uatfw admi-ttcd be-'iting and robbing Wllmirtli H. Merrill, an electric supply company- official, Bute* wits quoted as saying that the altercation occurred Wednesday when Merrill allegedly gave him 55 cents for fare, i.nistead of- the $1.00 asked. Merrill is hospitalized with a compound leg fracture. Republicans Name Baldwin And Danaher (Continued from Pnpc 1) CLEARANCE CHILDREN'S SLIPPERS $1.69 and $1.89 NORWASH Shoe Store "» nominated, also by acclainatlon, And the re-nomination ot Mrs. Frances B. Kcdick as secretary of state also went through unopposed. The convention then rp-nominat- ucl State Treasurer Carl M. Shnrpc. The ticket was completed with the re-nominations of Comptroller Fred R. Zellcr. and Congressman- nt-largc Boleslaus J. Monkicwicz. BoTders of Brazil touch on every South American country except Ecuador and Chile. Local Committee t Scout Program Thirty-four .-'.-'Advancement awards were made to Scouts at Camp MaUatuck at Ml. Tobe at the Saturday evening Compflro. The Naugatuck District Advancement Committee "headed "bv Jo'li.m Harting, conducted •.the boaril'• of Review for the Scouts ;and the certificates were awarded''.at the- Campfirc by •District Commissioner Clifford Tceplc. Others 'assisting on the Board' of Review Were: Robci't Shepherd, William Davison, Francis Clarke aii'd George Hamilton: •A'bout 200 .parents attended ' the Campfirc which -was preceded by circus events land side 'shows. • :, Rev. Leslie TRowc, pastor of the Federated church, Southbury, w.ho is -also Scoutmaster, of Troop 1, Southbury, conducted, the worship service for protcstant Scouts on Sunday morning. Father John J. McGruth, pastor of .St. Tliom-oa church in Thom.'i.ston, officiated at the Mass for Catholic Si:oats. Over 100 Scouts are now .. at cnmp for the sixth week of the. season. Camp Mat Untuck operates until August 27th. , Burns' Condition • Is Unchanged The'condition of Hugh Burns.of Plc.'isnnt avenue wns unchanged, authorities at St. Mary's hospital announced this afternoon, Mr. Burns is a surgical patient at the hospital. State Republican Convention Adq Platform Today | Hertford, Aug.'8— (UP/^Thc Republican state convcntjon has adopted a platform demanding a return of state',.guaran- tecd under the federal' ConBUtuUon. "There can be 'no-true democracy" the platform mild;, ^'without strong state and local governments in. which citizens' .can '.-participate freely and effectively." -' The platform doclarea^ihat federal encroachment upon these powers and functions ia, v ;dcstruc- .tlve of the basic principal;of self- government. . ".''..* .-'• -Planks in the platform pledge the party to extend. all. «fd to I'CT turning servicemen • undV women and their dependents. ••• -'•' To-guarantee all rights-of cill- '.Kfiiishlp. regardless of race, color or creed. • •" And reaffirms the party B loyally to the'national party,-its candidates' and' its. platform, ; Under the Republican state administration, the platform .'declares that-it-sound-fiscal policy, was developed: for Connecticut; -.friendly 'relations' were developed .between industry and labor; great-.-bencfits were offered under the old: age assistance and workmen's cpmponsa tion acts,' and steps were taken to rehabilitate discharged ,vctci-"» and friendly forcgin trade r_ tions wore fostered. Particular -pains" were taken, the platform sniff,-'for- the post-war period and the re-conversion of industry and agriculture *> a peucc-timc basis ot full employment. women who wouldn't sit and IT ISN'T EASY to say "good-by" to trie-family, and to friends, and to nice long week ends. . ; It may not be natural for a'woman to salute and sland at attention and say "Yes, sir". . * But ask any Wac if she'd change places with anyone in the world—and the answer would be "No!" For deep down inside, every Wac knows the enormous satisfaction of being truly useful'at a time of critical need. The Wac spirit is a gallant spirit. TKe spirit of women who would rather be in the war;;tlian sitting and waiting for it to end. •.-. -••'.'. The Wac an honest pride. In a job well done. In being part of the'Army of the U. S. You really have to hand it to the women of the WAC.... For they symbolize everything thai is America. Helping wounded soldiers Improve their vision Good soldiers... Ktcordina %'fs "on anti-aircraft firing range WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS Debarking in Hawaii on overseas assignments >• FOR FULL INFORMATION about the Women'* Army Corpt, go to your nearest U, S, Army Recruiting Station. Or mail the coupon below. ' « under Hovc you bod Polish Patriots In Warsaw Are In Need Of Assistance (By United Prc»M) A strong American nir fleet has civcn direct support to the Russian offensive rolling toward German Silesia. ' American heavy bombers and Ciphers flew from bases In Russia yesterday to smash at the Gorman synthetic oil refinery at Trc«binla 20 miles west of Krakow—just ->l miles beyond the present Russian battle line. .It was the same force which made a shuttle flight from EpKland on Sunday. Meantime, -a British broadcast, reports the russians arc only -1 milca from Krakow. However, no details were given. More than 20,000 Polish patriots arc clinging to precarious fool- holds in burning Warsaw tod.iy. But heavy German attacks indicate the Poles must receive assistance oon or face defeat. A communique from General Bor, head of the underground, reveals 'the street battles in the Polish capital now Ijavo reached the defensive atasc. The patriots ;irc attempting to hold vital areas where they can block German supplies and cut.communications. Meantime, the Russians are reported tightening their siege arc around Praga, the eastern suburb. And other forces arc seeking to bypass the city from the north and south. The mystery of Gen, Bor, by the way, probably won't be cleared up until. the Nazis arc driven from Poland. This Identity is closely guarded, because the Germans probably could capture him easily if they knew his true name. Apparently General Eor has been within reach all the time. United Press Correspondent John Parris, whbsc beat in London is the underground, has j-rartliercd some facts about the mysterious general from Polish officials who know him. Without giving the Germans any clue, Parris reports that Eor is an Army career man, 48 years old, UiH and with a dominating'person- ality and quick wit. He is an excellent tactician and considered one ot the most brilliant soldiers in' Poland's history. Eor started or- 'ganixing the Polish underground .1 few- minutes after Warsaw fell to the Germans—in September, 1S3U. Elsewhere on the eastern front, two more Russian armies have reinforced the 'Soviets poised at the border of East Prussia. And in their- path, the Germans • arc applying the scorched earth policy to their own soil. Front dis- palches .-say villages are in flames alonj: the -East Prussian border. Canadians, British Plow Through Nazis (Continued from Page 1) This was so they could stuff their cars and avoid being deafened by their own thundering barrages. The Canadians and British today rccevicd still further heavy acri.-il nupport on the heels ot last night's tremendous RAF attxck. More than GOO American heavy bornoers blasted Nazi troop concentrations in the Caen sector. And some -100 other flying Forts and Liberators hammered German airfields and the robot ututions in northern Frnncc. Meanwhile, a German communi- que hints that the big submarine base of Loricnt, on the south Brittany coast, has fallen to Americans. The enemy war bulletin says the Germans detached themselves to sectors west of the city according to orders. And here's the action elsewhere on the French battlefronts. Fast rolling American armored columns are nearing Le Mans and Alencon, two key cities on the southwestern ro;id to Paris. At some points Yank vanguards arc believed to be only a little more than 100 miles from the French capital. In the corridor between Normandy and Brittany the Germans arc still trying to split the front with a drive to the sea. But they haven't scored a break through and tank battles continue for the second straight day in an area around Mortain. That city is back in American hands after the Yanks had lost it once in the biggest counterattack yet staged by the Germans in France. The Eighth army in Italy is fighting furious battles, with the Germans milos southeast of Florence. The Eighth Army tackled the Germans in pushing to the south banks of the Arno river despite strong Nazi, defenses. Ldist night several hundred RAF bombers, based in Italy, attacked a German airfield some 60 miles south of Vienna. William Kelly Reported Improving The condition of William Kelly, 58, 196 South Main street, who was hurt Sunday in an accident, was reported to -be improving this morning. Mr. Kelly suffered injuries, police believe, after a fall down the stairway of his home. It was thought _at first he 1 was a victim of-a hit'and run auto driver, but a check-up Boemcd to indicate that he fell down the stairs. He suffered a fractured skull. Rustic cottages in Cherokee county, S, C,, sometimes hava marble walls around them. Nearby are large deposits ot the material. A CASUAL SPORTS JACKET FOR| MEN — TAILORED FROM STROOCRS! FABRIC ALWAYS GETS A SECOND! LOOK - AND RATES IT. J The rich, soft, pleasing to the | touch fabrics — blended by f Stroock from the fleeces ofc.the •_£ South American llama and al- pack — remind you of the glorious softness of a prime, delicate, silky chinchilla fur. Despite their pleasant, soft appeal there's plenty of service to these fabrics as well as good taste, in the patterns $28.50. - VT Records I Courteous Service GENUINE CHAMOIS $1.75 $2.75 RITX Polishing Cloths 45c DUST CLOTuS 35c TEMPLETON'S WATEKBURY ' DF.M. 4080 (No Toll CharRe) LOVINE KUiCTRIC CO. ' . '.* 8 Chuich Strccl T SPECIAL TO OUR DANCING FRIENDS!! —•— Friday, Saturday .Johnny Hock 'n 1 Illn Hock and Boyn Folkas and Sweet Music Hill Luhuck ij to 9 Sunday* White Eagl»] Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member' of Connecticut Association - HOME FINANCING OR RE-FINANCING We Have a Plan To Fit Your Needs NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other fine rubber products, • both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naiigatuck Footwear Plant Ford Charcoal Briquets NOW AVAILABLE We have received the first shipment since the war began of charcoal briquets for civilian consumption. Packed in 20 Ib. bags. TJurh twice as long as ordinary lump charcoal. Quick heat in convenient smokeless form. Get a bag for that picnic before they are gone. . The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236 87 Church St.

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