Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 4, 1968 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1968
Page 13
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', Hflfil 4,1968 fAistondutt W Convicts Under Study ^LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Prose. c «{ 0 r Richard Adkisson is 4necktog into" a complaint alleged misconduct of 3 employed in demolition j'a 'building on Missouri Pad* Railroad property here, The crew of convicts has moved across the river to North dttle Rock and is now en- iiged in tearing down a build* jig in the Missouri Pacific pitching yard. Lflobert Van Winkle, assistant prison superintendent in charge & Tucker prison farm, said the cioavicts worked in Little Rock at the MoPac station for several months and that he had heard a complaint about two l$rls trying to talk to convicts, "They were asked to leave and, if they hadn't, we would fjive notified police," Van tyinkle said. ! The superintendent said that hjo had not heard reports that tte convicts had entered a residence near the station to meet with women and that he would have stopped this practice if it had started. Adkisson said he did not want to discuss his investigation because comment might hamper iij He said he was not aware that convicts were working in Little Rock until two men escaped from the work detail two weeks ago. Van Winkle said that former Prison Supt. Thomas 0. Murton bought two buildings, one in Little Rock and one in North Little Rock, from MoPac for $1 each. Convicts ware sent to tear down and reclaim ma- which might be used for construction at Tucker Farm, he said. The size of the crew has ranged from four to six men, he said, and they have been supervised at all timo by a salaried guard. 'For a while the convicts spent the night in the Pulaski County jail but they are now being transported back to the prison in the evening, he said. The convicts have salavaged a large quantity of brick, conduit and lumber, Van Winkle said. 'Adkisson reportedly was told tHat the convicts were loosely supervised on the Little Rock job and" that they had been seen entering a house on West Second Street and meeting a wpman there. •Van Winkle said the two girls h| knew about reportedly were o| high school age and that he wfes told they were "standing atound and trying to talk to the fallows." iThis activity was reported to him by the paid guard, he said. FLOOR PLAN tnem THE HOUSE FOR COMFORT Here is the house for a family living in the country or suburban areas. The house is framed to allow liberal use of glass to take advantage of scenic views. The post and beam construction in the kitchen, family area, and living room makes it possible to obtain exposed beam ceilings and random placement of glass. Dependent on finish, this house can either have a modern or rustic appearance. It is designed to fit a spacious wooded site in rural areas or a sixty foot wide lot in suburban areas. The floor plan is arranged to save steps, to cut down on housework, and reduce traffic through the kitchen. It is designed to meet your needs. This three bedroom plan provides a moderate living room, large family area and kitchen with a utility closet in the hall. Room sizes and closets are generous, and the rectangular shape reduces building costs. The bedrooms are of medium size and arranged to reduce hall space. The combined kitchen and family area is spacious enough to provide easy movement throughout the area with the U- shaped cabinets designed to reduce traffic through the work area. If you are interesting in this plan, No. 647604, working drawings r,iay be obtained from the Hempstead County Agricultural Extension Office. These complete working drawings, which are free of charge, can be used by your local contractor or material dealer indetermining building costs for such a house in your community. Mysterious Signals in Space Could Be From Advanced Civilization Montgomery We Deliver Phone 7-3361 WEINERS PORK CHOPS CATFISH STEAKS CHAR LOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — A government space scientist says it's remotely possible newly detected mysterious signals from outer space may represent "galactic navigational beacons" being employed by an advanced civilization to guide their manned spaceships along the Milky Way. Another admittedly far-out possibility, says Dr. Kenneth Kellermann, is that the radio wave signals may represent communications signals between four inhabited planets, as w ell as attempts by each to contact still other planets such as the earth. Kellermann, of the government's National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Green Bank, W.Va., described the concepts in an interview Tuesday while attending a meeting of the American Astronomical Society at the University of Virginia. He did so after first declaring that while it's much more likely the strange radio signals are coming from uninhabited star- like objects, the alternative possibility that they may represent signals from intelligent beings has not yet been definitely ruled out. The discussion concerned recently discovered "pulsars" — four celestial objects of some kind that have been detected by pulsating radio waves they are GROCERY — AND — MARKET 223 South Main St. Hope, Ark. FRESH GROUND BEEF 3 DECKERS SOLID OLEO LB. LB. LBS. 6 1 LB. 1 Blocks •• 591 89(5 1.39 ]0 SMOKED PICNICS LB. HOLSUM m Bread 4 LOAVES MIXED 5, 1.00 SAUSAGE 10 1.75 LET US PROCESS YOUR MEAT IT MAKES A "DIFFERENCE" WHEN IT IS QUICK FROZEN AHOJHER SERVICE OFFERED lef t/s Cure end Smoke Your Ham* & Middlings DUNCAN MINES Cake Mix 3 BOXES 1.00 AUSTEX SPAGHETTI & Meat Balls 2 is'. 2 oz. CANS MRS. TUCKERS Shortening 3 CARTON STARKBT Tuna 3 '. CAHS $1.00 Potatoes 10 "»• 45<S MIDWEST PURE Ice Cream '/i JUMBO-PAC Napkins 200 Ct. Delsey 27(5 WHITE TWIN PAC Cut Rite 125 FT. ROLL FOLGERS KKAFT I Coffee CAN 79C KRAFT Tomato Juice $1.00 lemons 39C DOZ. Barbeque Sauce 39C JACKSONS Vanilla Wafers 39c Value 35V Carrots 15C BAG emitting. British radio astronomers discovered them last summer but didn't report their findings to the scientific world until late in February. Since then, American- scientists have also detected them. Declaring the discovery has astounded astronomers throughout the world, Kellermann said most radio astronomers in the United States and abroad—including himself—believe the signals are probably coming from "neutron states." The latter are previously postulated celestial objects presumed to be a form of wreckage from supernovae or exploding stars. Some other scientists, he indicated, believe the signals may be coming from other types of dying stars known as "white dwarfs." ... "^ "But," he added, "it's proba : bly fair to say that all of these scientists continue to think, in their own minds, of the possibility, however remote, that these signals may be artificial ones produced as a means of communication by some advanced civilization ..." In this connection, Kellermann disclosed tentative plans for a government-sponsored, unique doubleheader radio telescope experiment aimed at trying to help pinpoint more definitely the nature of the strange pulsating objects. Mrs. WR to Be Honored By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (AP) - Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller w.Ul be one of eight wives of Republican governors who will be honored at the "Victory '68 Kickoff Luncheon" of the 16th Annual Republican Woman's Conference in Washington April 22-25. marches into German hotel with great dig nit >. Hird and keeper are on world tour promoting tourism to Greece and Rhodes COUNTRY STYLE Mixed Sausage DECKER QUALITY SLICED Slab Bacon HEAVY SMOKED Bacon Squares 4 $1 Bologna . BABY BEEF LB 59(5 Short Ribs FRESH CUT OUT 5 $1 Neck Bones 0 L8S, <p I 5 3 1 9Q? V LBS. I •{.*> Q • 5 95tf? Round Steak 89C Sirloin Steak Lb. Spring BA Baby Beef Chuck Roast Lb. 591 Fresh Lean Ground Beef 0 Lt>s. I .ft] &AINS in Carrots FRESH K.Y. Beans TEXAS SWEET Oranges 1 LB. CELLO BAG 10C 29(5 49(5 TOEiR LB. DOZ U.S. NO. l.-,. AM c.r 5,i*'-i WUA -jo'f ali'i c" ^J^biuov,' e-i^JjfijjSj i-ro,-r.->fi Red Potatoes FRESH Green Cabbage 3 LBS 25(5 FRESH Green Onions 2 19P SHORTENING Crisco WASHING POWDER Tide GAINT BOX 79d SALAD DRESSING Miracle Whip Q , 49(1 AUSTEX SPAGHETTI AND Meat Balls 4 303 C1 CANS $ I DEL MONTE YELLOW CREAM Corn 4 DEL MONTE CHUNK Tuna 3 FLAT CANS DEL MONTE Sugar Peas: • 4 303 QQfj • CANS U JV » DEL MONTE Catsup 4 140Z. BOTTLES BOX OF 12 KLEENEX - 125 COUNT Kotex KLEENEX Tissue BLEACH Purex MEYERS Bread 2 BOX BOXES 35(5 25(5 33(5 5 LARGE C1 LOAVES <P I Va GAL. JUG LARGE White Eggs MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee MAXWELL HOUSE Instant Coffee 10 COUNT Biscuits DOZ. I LB. CAN 60Z, JAR 69*1 79(5; w Q 9Rf*S 0 CANS £v)y Z Hunt's Peaches 3 LARGE 2V 3 CAN JACKSON - REG. 39c PKG. Vanilla Wafers PKGS. $1 MIDWEST PURE Ice Cream '2 GAL. CTN r . 59P MIDWEST Mellorine 1 -_ t • SHOWBOAT • Pork& Beans • 5 LARGE IM • *k SIZE \ I § CANS 4M 5 WI DiUVSR PHONE 7*4404 Mont HIS, MAIN ST. HOPS, ARK,

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