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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Tuesday, October 2, 1928
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-s 4 r CENSUS SHOWS Smith Willing Tit Campaign On I Associates? He Asks There Are 261 Wore Than 30,000 Population, Of Tfeem In Hie State Of Illinois Washington. »ei 2—(A.P.> —CHy ] estimate of th«lr !ol*l Jn 1938. Th*> populnUom wf tb* United States, j following list, girra cities of Illinois • ~ - - ""~ " the 1928 estimate of thfir pop- as of I, by fow- ulation : lie. MJsnw Oct. 2.~(U.P.> B. Bwrmh. wf !*&,- Iwfisre 13.000 persons night, pmwntfd R repiih- tots of issues raJsPd h>* Oov- Alfred E. Smith during th« ratle presidential candidate's speaking tour. u his CR tana If?; for the nations*! ticket. Borah the challenge o! Gov, and faced questions hurled ram. FST?» Afaerle&.n metropolitan Illinois--Aurora, 47,100; centers, bended by New York with! 3.157.400; Ciwro. 71.600; a total of &017.500 persons. irerei 38,800; DeoMur, f»7,100: with more than a million Chlcagn, Danvllte, East 8t .... ..„..., .Lewis. 74.0W; EU?tn, .3S.OOO; Eram- Chlcssfo with 3.157.400: | tan. 47.COO; Joiipt, 41.900; Molinc, Philadelphia with 2.0*54,200; Detroit j 3S.600; Oak Park VlHagr, 57,700; with 1.378,900; smd Cleveland with; Pforia. 84,500; Quincy. 39.800; Rock- 1.010,300 : Island. 42,700; Rock ford, 82,800: and A growth 8n poptilAtkm «*» indl-j Sprin R Oeld. 67500. for nearly pvrry orw of the; In tl«! 30000 population class' reported, though one of the most roous city renters. Manhattan Bor- j rough In New York City was. m-[ tually estimated to have tost 200.000 j people between 1925 and 1888, when i . RB5 . — : , : —^ £:|f NEWS SUMMARY) state enumeration was made.! <By thc Associated Press» Domestic Rochester, N. Y.—Smith at demo^ ____ _ . Ihe republican' camp concern- I The census tareau explained that Crat1c state convention assails slate Addressing Convention .At Rochester He Baps Th« • • 0. 0. P. Platform By D. Harold Oliver fAssociated Press StnfT Writer.) Rochester. N. Y., Oct. 2—fA.P.)— flhtriff Thinks Firebugs Caused $200,000 Lmn In New Taxicab War C'ary, 111., Oct. 3. — tA.P.) — The John it. HTta racing stable near €ary. III., in which were quartered Wlth R two-fisted attack on the York Mate republican platform t»n$ an earnest plea to the vot"rs wfei have elrc'.rd him thrlr chief executive four times, to return 'the 8' n democrats to power at Albany fn vindication of their progressive policies. Governor Smith has t>ouo4Wt| the keynote of a state-wide Count. JOTS KfntueJty Derby and 34 other thoroughbreds, w»s destroyed last night by fire possibly incendiary. the Q r O. P. stand on farm re- inland waterways and prohibl- , modification. Declaring Herbert Hoover, the re- presidenltel nominee, had Its 1928 estimates were based In part en caleulatlocs of population republican record; leaders agree on i have an important bearing in thoroughbreds, valued fit fnore than I200.0GQ, were burned to death. Relgh Count, who Is generally regarded as the premier threc- paign that may in the final analysts, year-old of the American track, was __ ^ Franklin D. Roosevelt &s fruberna- ratis tiwlicated by the 1920 tortnl nominee. federal censos. by the rerolts of in- j Minneapolis — Borah says Hoover tervenlng state census returns and I la as innocent of fellow cablnet- ' members' nets as Smith of ,Tam- himself to uphold the con- by studies of local conditions, by enforcing the eighteenth j After t)tc leading flye cities, "the | ma "y ^raft. Borah attacked Smith's Rsasrtkm that he would enforce the estimate showed a large group of | Washington—Work rebukes Ala- American cities possessing more j bama cotnmitteeinan for circular at- flght for the presidency. Addressing the delegates to tito democratic stale convention hew brought unscathed from the burn ins ham by a quick-thinking stable boy. Jimmy Allen. Anita Peabody. another star of the Hertz string and FORMER FOE OF TAMMANY WILL RUN FOE GOVERNOR OF . .Platform Calls For Riforotis And Enforcement Of Slate And 'Federal Dry Laws 2.— f A r.l—Frank- by Of New state Great of the rmvy. w».n nornin- flrrbmstton for governor Tori; by the democratic i today. ^m srrr<*!»x1 Ui<» pre- wntation of Mr. nooscvclt'o name to the convention by Mayor -Tames J. Wftlker of Nr-w York, who made the nominating speech. Seconding sjwrches were made by farmer Lieutenant Oovr-rnor George R. Lurm. an (spirant for the nomination and Mrs. Danioi O Day, vice- chairman of the state committee. Mayor Walker wild Mr. Roosevelt i Had ."rifvny of thc same characteristics as Governor Smith, and would v*It of Hyde For Herbert Ijttvmsm of New ' For comptroller—Morris m.Rlne of Buffalo, For attorney peneral Convay of Brooklyn. For associate Judge of the court of appeals—Supreme Cottrt J\istlce Leonard C. Crouch of Byrstwse. For United States Senator—RorssI B. Copel.n.nd of New To.fle, Incum- Trr- Albert es To Withdraw His Religious Attack By .Tam«s L. West. PTKM BteR Wr!t«r> Oct. 3.—tA.P.>~Her» bert Hoover will speak In Boston mi Tlte prohibition plank in the irUte. October 15 and In New York City platform calls for rigorous and trn- on October 23, insteftd of October imrtlal enforcement of the laws to "eight years? of republican attempt* to enforce the Volstead law, if elected, although ndvo- 'than half a million people, the list Stacking Smith's religion; Oliver D. j leaders of the state for alleged ob~" " " last night, the -democratic pns*-| kno *' n RS thc two-year-old chom- dential nominee challenged state- i P' on of 1927. also WES saved, ment after statement in the opposition platform adopted last week st Syracuse, attacked the republican tts repeal. Scientific Intoxication nHh .vants legalization of Jil- content. in beverages on n basis." the speaker said. i oaxilnary drinker does riot care ttoe alcoholic content is 'scienU- Intosicating. , . including St. Louis. Wa.100; B»1U- ! Street, author of circular, upholds RtrucUon of hls Policies and _ _ . ««.«, ..M, <**. . .u.^ «. — ._.._.... *, - ,, ! rtTiarAs) "t^rtf t» fclviflrlA ^^rittt^ more. S30.400: Bfjston. Pite- contention religion is issue. buigh. 673.K»: San Francisco. 585,- San Diego—Brock and Schlcc. sip 300; Buffalo. 555.800; Washington, 59 hourSi raU to brcttk endurance D. C^ 552,000; and Milwaukee, 5M.-, night record. 200. „ . k ,™» „ .. „-.' Reno—-Mrs. Raymond T. Bafeer, In all, .the 1K8 report listed 3621 rffow of Alfred Owynnc Vanderbilt, American cities Itavtng more than' ffranted* divorce caBBpaign manager. R*s- ^^ poputetioajn 1820. and ^j* 11 ""*™* 0 "*- /kob, has ^t the prohibition law ss a •damnahte affliction." Can imagine Go\Tnior Smith and i .in the White House, calling prohibiUon agents and Uliing to go out and enforce this arflicUon?" i defended Hoover in connec- ith OM post-war wheat price. : blame for $1.50 wheat dur- war on post war deflation Umlf rwood tariff bill. Hoo- tog tne Wilg&n administra- vas thwarted by the cabinet in f efforts to keep the government's to the American farmer, i the Idaho senator said. \ Ftorn Bcitef Bill aaUii.Jsak! be favorrd thc UUl tout did not ac- TO REPLY Tennessee Senator Wants To Know If Will Appoint MelJcm If Elected tlas equalization fee," Boiah iwwd. "H«i cccepta tte prind- Jfcwt would resulate tbe mechan- Sow. If I know anything about, bill, tb« me- Parts, United Si&tes Senator Kenneth D. McKellar of Tennessee, in a speech i exporessed belief that -Smith oppose the St. Lawrence waif elected, and asked proof the project to -consider ; accomplishments as an en- and his d«lai-stlon in favor waterway development. "Gwerao.- SmlUj, at Helena and &. Paul, referred to the oil scan- "dals daring the republican adminls- toation and was disappointed be- «utse Hoover had not spoken, oat," -Bomb coiitinutxL — "Must Herbert Hoover be IwkJ re- Cor the sins of his felktw Is Gov. Smith at a democratic meeting bore yesterday, addressed several questions at Herbert Hoover, republican presidential nomiaee. with a re<aacst that tfaesr^nB teoawayed bs? Mr. Stover in his KS&abethton address Saturday. The questions follow: dared "not a single constructive achievement that took place to the- government of this state in fhe test six years had republican support until they were beaten down to the earth." Claim Credit He said the attitude of the ter which endorsed Smith. Boston — Commander Byrd entrains for const OB first leg of south f polar voyage. New York—Police arrest cast of "Pleasure Man" at Broadway premiere; also Mae West, its author. Foreign Naples—Miss Lauder arrives. London—Rumor current th»t DC Rivera may be deposed as dictator j of Spain, Winnipeg—Atlanta police arrive to get Carncs. Bio De" JaDeiro—y^Bow tovcr per- oalttes in brush with bandits. Halifax—Conservative government returned to pBwer in provincial legislature election. licans of the Empire state was rate of defiance, that they unjuiAIy claimed credit lor reforms sponsored The Hor«e» Lo»l AN EARLSER REPORT. By Percy n. Scott (United Pres Rochester, Franklin D. Roosevelt, « former foei of T»mmnny Hall but now u clown i 1 Ing." D1DNT WANT IT. Atlanta, Oct. 2—(A.P.)—Prank- from The Associated Press rffi fc ^^S^Sf±2rL^»^r«^^"K Among the animals lost were Leo- ] E - Sm!lh - hns consented to accept na Ett, named for Leona Hfrtz. and being groomed for the 1929 Kfen- the democratic nomination for governor of New York. •tr^.a*«^ ^tvrv/i*(VS« *V/fc b>4V A47AC7 *».V»J • _^ 4 « . . _ lucky Derby; Sandal Fan, Insula, Out of nnesrly morning confer- Sandal Bar. St. Lucia, fillies by Black Sen-ant, Kohnkona and Sir Galahad; and fillies out of Whiskbroom and Luanna. ence came the word that Koose- velt's reluctance to make the race had been overcome and that he would be nominated today. J6hn D. Herts, owner of the mo- I William Bray, democratic state del stables, la chairman of the board I chairman, emerged from a confer- of directors of the Yellow Cab Com- i en . c ?. Bt J B " 5 n A, and sald: pany of Chicago. Two large garages of the cab company were bombed- Bumlay aigbL The fire tfee Hertz farm, following within and fought for by democrats agaiftslj less tlian 24 hours of thc two bomb- a hostile legislature, and that tbc j ings, was seen by Chicago police es record of progress could be con- «npther violent gesture In the "taxi Unued only by the election of the war" which flared a week ago when candidates to come out of the con-! a taxicab driver was shot dead "Mr: RooseVelt's name will be presented to the convention today. His home at Warm Springs, Oa.: "Told governor my position remains unchanged. Cannot consent to be a candidate !n fairness to mf family and myself." The Associated Press telegraphed Mr. Roosevelt early this morning and his reply was received shortly before noon, central time. And a few minutes later a second message was received from-him saying: "Sincerely hope convention in Rochester will understand and re- venUon here. "Irreparable injury can come loj Indications of Oil Gary officers found several indica- the state by any other course," nations of incendiarism. Fire broke said, "and I earnestly hope, *nd chit simultaneously at opposite ends "If eWetcd. «ia appofnt or to tie his campaign on his continue Andrew W. Helton, commonly held to be more interested in the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors than any other man in the country, as your secretary of the treasury, and by virtue of his office, chief prohibition enforcement officer? "Should you not appoint Mr. Mel- toa. would you appoint any -one else, directly or indirectly interested In the liquor business, as jour secretary ot the treasury? Party Calls On The Government To Abandon Anglo-French Fact England. Oct. 2.— CoBuusiKter J. l proBupent Mwcite, waraed of tbe between Great Britain «nd States and between tmd ItiO? ia vu address to aaaansl conference of tiie labor today. dau$«r Is as real as was tbe war between Britaiu and in tSUS," Keuwofilsy mid. lasadtog etraOght Jar toe *Jy as Ifii4." i of tbe govenuaetifs fm-UHS An^io-F^ifiidi reject«d by the of tine iuU text sal and *ll Question "Do you believe in the intermingling of the white and colored-races on terms of equality? "Did you issue au order providing for such equality In the department «E commerce., mer which you then presided, last winter or spring? "Did yoa give out a number of interviews while in the Mississippi valley in the spring of 1927, declaring that federal government should take over and entirely at its own expense the problem ot flood control? _"Affcer SQS-V&Jmt&. to Washington. did you ebaate jour mind and urge that a bill be passed providing tor twenty per cent local oontribu- tkms OA ftood control? "Do you agprore of the leases Baltimore—AI Espinosa wins qualifying medal in P. O. A. golf. Los Angeles—Singles matches fall to French Davis cup players. Princeton, N. J.—Tiger shelves, its huddle. Houston—Houston's Texas League champs win third game in Dixie world's series. Oklahoma CHy—Tulsa cops Western League flag. State Whealon — Margaret and Helen Bottweg were burned to death when the gas tank of their car exploded after it was struck by a train at Warrenville. Gary—Eleven thoroughbred horses j were burned to death and Heigh Count, Kentucky derby winner, was saved when fire of incendiary origin destroyed the ^Tohn Herts stables. Champaign—Oscar Carlstrom, at~ iaraey general, was slightly injured in an automobile accident Aurora—The Rev. William Hindman. Hrst Presbyterian pastor, an- Bounoed he had accepted a call to Onioaviibe. Pa. pray that the sixth of November will be s vindication of progressive, democratic policies and a repodift- tion of republican, stand-pat, Uonary policies." With party responsibility text, one upon, wbich he picked at platfsrm item by item, reviewed what he said were the "facts" as to legislative accomplishments of hi* admlnlstra- simultaneously at opposite of the long brick barn, they said. There were indications that oil had been used to give the flames quick lifiadway. A gate some distance from the stable was found to have broken down. and bis farm suparinten- as l&yiOT, bom bad no gusptetoas as to the origin of j the fire, and both were reluctant to see any connection between it and the trouble between employes . _. • . tioa and declared "nothing would be] of Hertz 1 Yellow Cab Company and more regretful than to tet the rec- drivers of Checker cabs. ord I have laid out before you tonight get the approval of the people of the biggest state hi the union." ION PAYS TOAL TUNNEY AND TO WED TOMORROW made by soar two associates fn President Hardias's cafctaet, A. B. *aH and fichtrin DeBby. of the gov- msroenl oil pr^erves to Doheny and Sinclair or to their corporations? "Have yow ever exjiressed of their suets in these leases? "Oo yeu of the ewsduet of Will H. H«ya «cd John w. Weeks, two more of your associates in tbe fbuding cabinet, in ueusg boads ob- tatoed from Harry p. ftirvifir in paying the debts of the republican party to which you now bkoag?" BALEED FLJEKS A EEGOEB Stm C«Mf., Oct. 2— (A.P.) by a tecktof j&soiiae tbeir efl(Ht to th« Sclik* ytsxm toe mmstoee fitess, a to lii* Bwjck and ssaon. By Thomas B. Morgan (United Press Staff Correspondent) Rome. Oct. 3 — (UP.)— The marriage of Gene Tmraey Josephme set for tomorrow. and lias Miss Big Question In State Is Reasonable Rate For Utility Service Galesburg. 111.. Oct.. 2— (AP.)— Tribute to -Oovonior Alfred E. Smith was paid by Floyd E. Thompson, democratic nominee. for gov- jrnor of Illinois, in a speech prepared for delivery today. "1 shall not undertake a discus-i sion of national issues," he said, "but I commend to your consideration the acceptance speech of Hon. Alfred E. Smith, the great progressive governor of the Empire-state. who will lead us to victory this fall! It is a great state paper and rings true to the fundamental American principles." Mr, Thompson said Ctov. Smith's life was an taapu-atton to every American boy in that he was born in humble circumstances on the East Side of New York, forced to quit school in tbe seventh grade, Tons of hay were the tinder that gave the flames a start which resisted »11 efforts of fighters. Authora Naylor, 10-year-old daughter of the farm superintendent, was the first to see the fire, which even then was sending a border of flames from four sides. Called for Father "Daddy!" she screamed, "Relgh Count's stable's on fire!" Jimmy Allen, a stable boy, was the first to reach the barn. Through the smoke he grossed his way to Relgh Count's stall. All about him the high strung thoroughbreds were stomping in the fright. Allen placed a blindfold about Reigh Count's eyes, vaulted to the nervous animal's back and drove the derby winner to safety. Sheriff Sanford. after an investigation early today, telephoned to Herts in Chicago: undoubtedly is a plot grqw- anpwer to the draft will be givcnlspect my oft repeated statements." after thc convention acts upon his nomination. .We would not try to nominate a man whom we did nol have some reason to believe would accept." Roosevelt, a crippto, placed Gov. Smith's name in nomination at thc democratic national convention in Houston, Texas. The democratic slate follows: For Rovcrnor—Franklin D. Roose- 11A1L Cocktail Histers Of Tammany Hall, Prepare His Speeches, Charge (Continued an page nine) . a place of highest honor and awsat- The civil ceremony will be held at) est iofiuea@e amoog his fellow cit- 1 p. m. and the reUgious ceremony ! tens. the same afternoon, it waa au- IKttHtes tfatstoea nounced today. Tussney will go to] "The CSJB question of great ira- for the toaignt in parepamtloa '• portance to tbe ot m&trimou|r, A IH has beca ob- to pettuit him to marry a Tunuey spent the afternoon reat- iug after an exciting flight with his bride-to-be from Napks to Borne, pumtgd by tlie newspapermen. Tue entire party seemed fatigued. They ail stayed up late last i%ht to ts&e Txtoney on the dock when tbe Sat- with , and thea arose «arly to to Sttwa*. Tunney aioof twsbs raaintauied toward his lit waived his caae tmutitaily eaaieraitica who tried to taap Lauder HS aise ^JNa^n4ed the giosg- BY MUL Me»«* City,. Oct.' S ~ vtt&l federal uoots rgeAiit, w«« kiibd sack by 250 rebels on to The to 1 of Emporia, K»n.. Oct. 2.—iU.P.)— William Allen White, Emporia editor, today charged the "cocktail histers of Tammany Hall" with preparing the speeches of Senator Joseph T. Robinson, democratic candidate for vice-president. While's statement was in keeping with his promise to have "something interestlng^to say?' Senator RoBtn&on was quoted by White as saying that White had accused Oov. Alfred E. Smith of being in sympathy with immorality and Vice "I do not believe." White said. "that Senator Robinson would issue a. deliberate. jmlklQUs and lie. He is a square man. But I do believe that the cocktail histers of Tammany Hall wh.Q_arfi__preparing his speeches for him have placed him in a most embarrassing position. I have never said what he charged me with." This denial by White had reference to portions of Senator Robinson's speech delivered at Wichita last night. "Let Senator Robisison produce & single anti-Tammany vote of young Al Smith on the saloon. "Tammany stood for the liquor interests when Smith was in the assembly and so poisoned his mind that honest as he was and is, courageous and smart, he thought those votes were right, and. considering bis political background and lus political salvation, they were right: I have no criticism and never had. of Smith as a man, but as a voice of Tammany, as a Tammany leader in 13 ss odelnally planned. The Boston spwch «?H1 b? d*- Jivered in Mechanics Mali at S o'clock eastern standard time, while that at New YOT": will be in Madison Stjttftrs Garden at the fame hour. Both speeches will foe broadcast over a nation wide hookup. Besides these two addresses In tha east Rsovet probas^ wffl make &n-« other on October ". at some place yet to be selected, before he for California to vote on November 6. The republican presidential c&n« didftte also will deliver two next Saturday, one at Ttnn,. and the other at the soldiers home on the outskirts of City, Tenn. S OF LAW Author Of Indecent Pky And Fifty-Five" i Nabbed After Show istration of the public utility law so Topeka. Kans. waat the wnsumers of public utti-1 8011 tired from his strenuous it?" amice shall have assured to | western campaign, the 68-year-old inem adequate service at a reason-j senator told representatives of the Too Tired To Deliver Any More Speeches Before Next Week, He Says Mjf Kenneth G. Crawford (United Press Stuff Correspondent) Chicago, Oct. 2~(U.P.)—Senator Charles Curtis, republican nominee for nice president, cancelled all hie'" 16 legislature and as a Tammanv engagements for this week j candidate for president, 1m Tsm- be arrived here today from 0131 '*" record stands as an evidence I of the Tammany taint in 'his mind. Joe Robinson knows this." able rate. i national committee lie would •The administration of the public! »ev» stml days of complete mfbe- utility law is vested in a commerce j comaUsston which should be composed of men of unimpeachable integrity, and nave th« training and ability Baeeaau-y te discharge the fora resuaaiug hts camp&igu. "I dttjo't know how tired I wiu» until tlte ten&ion let down during WILL NOT REOPEN THE WAE DEBT ISSUE Wast, actress and author.-«rh»:ftw*. ed ten days in jaU last ywr for taking part in an Jndecent performance, was again arrested early today after police raided the Broadway premiere of her latest play, "Pleasure Man." , Fifty-five men «$£. women comprising the play's cOfr were loaded in patrol wagons at the close of the evening's performance and taken to a police station a block away where after several hours th»y were released on bail. Miss West, who Is author of the play but not & member of Its cast, WRJ. arrested at another theatre where she is starring in "Diamond HI". She posted. $600 ball for a hearing. All were charged with producing or taking part in an indecent performance. • The raid caused considerable excitement nmong the crowded Broadway throngs. Guard Elite. Acting on reports from suburban towns where the play was given preliminary showings, tha police de~ partment had a half dozen officials TO TALK ON TARIFF. By James L. West (Associated Press Staff Writer.) Washington, pet. 2~-(AJ».)~-Tariff Is to forrn the keynote of Herbert Hoover's address in Industrial New England thc latter part of th^s month. He now ia gathering the material for this as well as tli?t other speeches he is to make to the east and west before hla final appeal to the voters over the radio from his California home on election eve, Nov. 5. Business conditions and interna* tional trade will form themes ia the New York City speech : on th* night «f October 13, but the wpub> lican. presidential candidate had cot yat definitely decided upon tbe top.- Ic^citfB&vBmh major adtfraa to ba deliywed 4n some imtern city dur- Ja« hl« >oara*y to Btanlord ttatver- aity mtxut he win ea*t bJa b»lfa)t. "' With * of* crowding upon him In a fairly llm r fftBd space of Mme. Hoover ia changing his policy about preparing thenS in advance, His EUabfthtan, Tenn., speech of next Saturday ia 1 - t ~- shortened and will not ba At the ®ua«f time Hoover Is mak» ins ready the text of ,th» addresa which he is to dslim- to toe veterans at the Johnson City, TE^nr., soldiers on the sains dsy. It probably will d«al with o»tt&* of veterans' relief .and kiodred «pbjects, Hoover also la devoting conaid* erabte time to details of the conduct of the campaign in the states which generally have been Ikied as doubtful, and also to the «tuaH6n In the southern states; o» his *a- gagement Iht today was c. Bascom Slemp, national committeeman fop Vlrginiar who ia in ehariw of tha campaign to the Old Dominica. Undoubtedly for Visit the . iscent letter .. ., . heaudjenc «- - --- ---- . ----which was «nt out over the signa- 10:30 o'clock ture of Mrs. -Willie W. CantweU na- i,« ^, . . whUe_the_pl*y was still in progms ! tional mmmlttwiroman for M' " a signal was given to a score of plain clothes men stationed outside and all exits were placed under guard. Patrons, however, wer* unaware of the police activity until they began to leave the theatre. No effort was made to interfere with them, but at the conclusion of the show the entire cast was confined back stage to await patrol wagons. Mis* West, after being taken into custody at her theatre, was detained at the police station several hours. \ < Frank Otlmore, secretary of the Actors Equity Association, declared the arrest of the cast was a "dis- ' Miss West, who gave her age as 28, was appearing Lu a play called "Sex" of which she also was the author, when she was arrested last year. She carried her e&se to trial m- _.- „ —-"•—-'-• - •»*•-»- W A* ^*,1J "• ia, calling upon thc women to sava (Continued on page n!ne> With Permanent Waves, Perfumes And Eedaeers, No Longer Uncoath Washington. Oct. 2—(U.P.)--Pres- lay two days at home," he said. , ident Coolidge considers the war . ,. - — Cwti* still ettwtes ids right liaiidfdebt issue closed and tuts uo iuten- <fuu«s ef the office. At m a sdiag to ease the pain of a' tiou of reopening it, it was stated at we liave a couttuisaioji of 15 ta&shed thumb, caught in the door j th* White House today persoos, more than half of whom "* " " ...... . . . i »** me** payroitors who devote their tira* to Baa»iBtainin« the state bouse ciiusiaj ia power. EIGHT RALLIES ARE PLANNIP BY G O;P: SPEAKERS Pwnpaign. 111., Oct. 3~(AP)— Eight republican rallies faced state ouididati's today as Ui*y began the •second day of a week's sclwdule es hi 23 counnes for . My fln« a£t will be to recom- to H® was met at the Bock Island itrthe law so as 08 Use «ad my n set witt be to time ta oj meu competent to this impwtftnt public ter- wad who will devote their full ta of ma ntuuwm Oct. astto tu »i«J robbery to t *3*.tHjy station his arrtvau it£tc by Senator Charles Deueeu. Mrs. Bertha aatioaal comaiitlt* wo- stop Mt. care broadly suggested that the; Lincoln stocf' Decatur. could not be «ttted until there was a re- adjustmeot of mil the war in~ ™._-,,,._- , • - - " ' " — ' — »-•-. i '-— ww — •— , vtMJl*ft**-M*%*«V W* S^ll Vl^CJ WflU UCU*,« Hi" ma» I ram Uliuota, and a dekgauon ! eluding principally Uwss owed to western headquarters of the j the United republican etpunitte*. He Mr. Coolidge was epresented as went 4»setty to tbe Uutoa Lwgtte * feeling that Anneiican taxpayers Club fer a necepiiou. |w«uM not «>unt«iwnee auy pro- Hm will to a guest this afternoon)gram whereby they were ,.i....i__j_jL.i s | ,|^ fea^s al.Jtifest.' " ttr chairm&n of the board u\ Lake ttutsi, 1U_ aw he wtil Ute up tfee to for i«mj|ifid«r of Ms Cfhi<2aia Efforts to tiuli rsjiiufatiofis obh 1 onto SJTB toted uji- Mi tH&"comitof, the A the en- )fe>«b5.toii mil bg coaUnwd, as Tbtt of Herbert Hoover Oovwnor Alfred E. Smith were , ed in nOliM here aad at Dan. last nifiu. IxwUs L. i debt O»E @f untf ti» tei^er ctste sf t|» to By Frederick C. Othm&n (United Press staff CowapoadenW Chicago. Oct. 2. —Me« $uy ani men, but what with""permanent waves, perfumes and reducing machines, they are not the unooutM creatures they were years ago, it waa indicated at the national barbers supply dealers convention here today. Katfa« -they are better because they are better to look ^ said one of the sj>eakers before tho gathered purveyor of hair totika and manage ere&ms. M»ny of the delegates were to. toward baldtieis. The of hair teauj to'mankiad toss was eae of the laaperteat suit. ••j*et»- discussed in the room. "Tftus ludr t«»ik bittioess." jssiiil one «ao listed to setuiiii '"is tetter tfaaw it ever has scare advsrUaU* about worry in the old days—now '

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