Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 4, 1968 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1968
Page 12
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Court Dock** JOfcftSCOff ANDREWS , Sdott, Andrews, Junior •Chemistry Major at Ouachi- ,,ta Baptist University, has been notified by Dean Winston K.Shor- . 6y of his acceptance to the 1968 t Freshman Class at the Univer- ; sity of Arkansas School of Med- .ictne at Little Rock. John Scott !is the son of Mr, and Mrs. Andy 'Andrews of Hope, * While at Ouachita, John has •twice been elected Student Sena; tor where he was Chairman of .Tiger Day and Parents Day and 'also served as Sophomore Class 'President. He is a member of •the Baptist Student Union's Ex; ecutive Council and the Chemistry and Biology Clubs. He has served as Rush Chairman and 'Treasurer of Rho Sigma Social Club. , His Honors include; The Presidential Ciation for Academic Excellence; Alpha Chi Honorary 'Scholastic Society; Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society and Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemical Honor Fraternity. He is a member of the Honors Program and Coordinator of the Honors Seminar. John holds the Patterson Scholarship for outstanding male Science students. Candidates Rip Into Rockefeller By ED SHEARER Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK .(AP)~Democratic party unity "and. Republican financial irresponsibility evolved as the -probable campaign tones for Democratic. gubernatorial aspirants Wednesday as Frank Whitbeck and Marion Crank announced their candidacy for governor, ,'^ ^ Whitbeck, letoc insurance executive, and Crank, a - veteran legislator with 17 years experience in the Arkansas House, became the first Democrats to formally announce for the state's highest office. They made their announcement at separate news conferences—Crank in the morning and Whitbeck in the afternoon —but the views they expressed were closely connected, The impression they left with Capitol newsmen was that a unique summer of campaigning might be forthcoming, one in which personalities will play a minor role, if any. Crank charged the administration of Gov, Winthrop Rockefeller with poor management of state financial affairs and said the state does not need additional taxes. Whitbeck said he found no mood for a tax increase and saw no need for one until certain other avenues— belt tightening and administrative controls —were attempted, Crank said he would devote his "greatest effort" to unifying the Democratic party if he wins the nomination. Whitbeck said he hoped the party could evolve from the pri« mary without being split into fragments. Both men cited the needs for educational progress in the state and each connected it to the financial dilemma currently facing the state, Also, both men's friendship with Rep, Jack Cakes of Augusta entered the picture with Crank saying newsmen might be surprised at Cakes' answer if they asked if he was sup* porting Whitbeck, . Cdkes and Sen, den Hendrte of Proseott served as co-hosts oj a dinner at which Whitbeck was the principal speaker dur< tog the February special legislative session, Crat& made two references to the &et that a person could more easUy offer financial so- Mions when they had little per* knowledge of state gov» ',•'.(£ B* Jentsy JdRfl ft Lyons, John Ht Lyons, Drunkenness, Forfeited $16,50 cash band* Frank vttenftoe, eiarice Val« §»««§, Berry Wright. Drunkenness, Plea guilty; fined $16,50, DW A, aefrjofl, William D. Justice, No driver's license, For* felted $11,50 cash bond, Aflifi E, Moses. FlovdThom* As, Oriving while intoxicated. Plea guilty, fined $106,50 and 1 day in jail, Edward K t Adams, Joe B, Ford. Robert C. Murrah, Ed M. T 4 1 o r, Speeding, Forfeited $16,60 cash bond, Dolores MeBride, Following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. John J, Mattos, Malcolm T. Windsor, Improper passing, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Dennis Paddle, Parking on highway, Plea guilty, fined $16,50, Thomas Brewer, Johnny R, Cobbers, Improper muffler on vehicle, Forfeited $16.80 cash bond. Leon Frank Williamson, Assault and battery, Plea guilty, fined $16,50, Leon Frank Williamson, Assault with a deadly weapon, Plea guilty, fined $106.50. Norman 0. Green, Howard L. Stroud, Hazardous driving, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. James E. Fulton, Reckless driving, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Sammie Lee Mercer, Sammie Lee Mercer, Frank Valentine, Clarice Valentine, Aggravated assault, Plea guilty, fined $56.50 cash bond. James E. Fulton, Carrying concealed weapon, Forfeited $56.50 cash bond. John H. Lyons, Failure to answer summons, Forfeited $26.50 cash bond. Leon Frank Williamson, Discharging firearms in city limits, Plea guilty, fined $16.50. Leroy Walker, Assault and battery, Dismissed. STATE DOCKET Dale G. Bohannan, Bobby A. Carnicle, Allison Embry, James Hannah, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $31.15. James McGill, Etta M. Reed, Drunkenness, Forfeited $31.15 cash bond. Mack T. Cooper, Joe W. Davis, Robert Davis, Ray Loudermilk, Jr., No driver's license Plea guilty, fined $26.15. •^acK' :; :$!Vrrotter, Robert Davis, Earnest Jackson, Charles A. Sisson, Danny R. Stringer, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $136.15, and 1 day in jail. Larry Erwln, Speeding, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. John D. Nelson, Reckless driving, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Danny Shrim, Racing on highway, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Atlas Truck Lines, Chester Echart, McGeorge Contracting Co., Overweight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond, Globe Leasing Co., No ACC Authority, Forfeited $195.65 cash bond. James Hannah, Assualt and battery, Plea guilty, fined $46.15. Marriage License Issued Jimmy C. Brown, Hope, to Miss Caren M, Berry, Hope. George Willis, Hope, to Miss Garvace Muldrew, Hope. Gerald Wayne Sisson, Hope to Miss Sarah Lou Brown, Hope. David H. Grimmett, Jr., Hope, to Miss Nancy Volentin, Washington, Ark. Ethics Coda* Now for Both HOPE (AM) STAR, Mid try Offset M0UIM The remark, was interpreted »j § slap it WWtteck, but when d with the question of U was, Cr^said, "If ireaee I didn't Intend to." tended to discount bjs With Old Guard by e&ytag the term b» he had "crossed lines" with Old Guard members but that these connections were in business and not politics, With almost one month remaining before the ticket closes, several others are considered as likely candidates, Jack Yates, a lawyer from Qsark and a former legislator, said Wednesday that he is glv* ing serious thought to the possibility of running and indicated that he would make his deci* sion know by Saturday, Former Atty. Gen, Pruce Bennett says he is encouraged by his reception throughout the state and that he will announce his plans either April 13 or Aprtt 30, Atty. Gen, Joe Purcell is still considering tte race and indicated Wednesday that he will probably make up his mind within two weeks. Ted Bogwell, a Uttle Rock at- toroey, is also a possible candidate, However, his intense interest in pushing for a new constitution for the state could keep him from entering the race. Boswell says he believes the effort toward constitutional revision is the major need in the state today. Chances are that he wUi file as a candidate for a delegate's position at a convention, if one Is called by the electorate this November. By WILLIAM F, ARBOQASt Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (A1P) - Both the House and Senate now have official codes of ethics aimed at curbing conflict of interest by requiring Congress members to make public some information on their outside financial deal-* ings, The House adopted its code Wednesday on a 405 to 1 vote. The lone dissenter, Rep. Peter H. B, Freiinghuysen, R*N.J,, said the code's financial'disclo- sure provision "proves nothing and is of no value to the voter" in judging whether his congressman is honest, The Senate adopted its code March 22 on a 67 to 1 vote. The lone dissenter, Sen, George D. Aiken, R-Vt., called it a fraud on the public, too weak to mean anything. The two codes differ substantially in their public-disclosure requirements. Both codes stemmed from the clamor last year following the censure of Senator Thomas J. Dodd, D-Conn,, and exclusion of Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, D- N.Y., from the seat to which he had been elected. Major provisions of both codes deal with financial disclosure and with use of funds received from testimonial dinners. These are the main differences: Financial Disclosure - The House requires public disclosure of the names of companies doing business with the government from which the member had an interest in excess of $5,000 or income over $1,000. House members also would have to publicly name professional groups, such as law firms, from which they received more than $1,000 a year and the sources of any other outside income in excess of $5, 000 A second report by House members would list the amounts of the outside income or interest. It would be sealed and opened only in an ethics committee probe. The Senate report would list with the comptroller general all financial interests and income. It would be kept confidential and could be opened only by the Senate ethics committee. Senators would have to file for public scrutiny an accounting of all contributions and fees in excess of $300. Both House and Senate reports would be annual. Testimonial dinners- House members would consider as campaign contributions all proceeds from testimonial dinners unless otherwise specified in advance by the sponsors. These funds would have to be kept separate from personal funds and could not be used for other than campaign purposes. Senators could use money received from fund-raising events for office expenses as well as for campaign costs. They also could use private contributions to meet personal or office expenses, including travel. Cases Filed In Chancery Court H. M. Dunlap vs Grace Dunlap, Dave Reed vs Lauria Reed. Commercial Acceptance Corp. vs Arllce Pettit, et ux, Curtis Conway vs Lula Mae Conway, Ida Faye McFadden vs demon McFadden, Jr. Thomas C. Parks vs Georgia Belinda Parks, In the matter of Vincent Carl Davis, a minor. J. M, Boyd, et al vs Dallas C, Ferguson et al, Myrtle O'Rorke vs Union Casualty Co, Dorothy M. Fulton vs Old Equity Life Ins, Co, Walter R, Krousel vs HUtern R, Cochran, Mohawk Rubber Co,, vs Charles W, Key, Jr, dba The Tire Center, Luce Mfg, Co,, vs Janle Roun- savali dba Rounsavalle's Wholesale, Claude McCorkle vs United American Insurance Co, SHOP The store that cares about you! Super Right" Meats! 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