Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 8, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY/AUGUST 8, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Pag« Sevan WANT ADS Remember, IfYpto Can't Travel, a WANT AD Can! A Kcal Bargain! . for till I V A .'i-Liiu.' -'!-D;iy 'lMssii'ii'il Ad Volt Gel 15 \\'ni'ds, Too Announcements And Futiiul SIJM of •iiioiu>v lost IH.-UVOOII; Highway Canine on IDlm St. and South Main St. Kewiml. Jamca Whrilon. 23J) Park avenue. Tel. •123-1. Employment Help il— I'Vnmle JI.A1I) for gnu-nil tionn«<worh wanted by adult family In Miilclle- hui-v. Phono Wutry. -l-S32ti. 2a lli-U' Wsintcd—Miilo or l-'oniiilo 3I.AN i>r woman »v:int«-il' to'an offnv four hours weekly. AI>- Nauirntuck \V'a:er company. , . solicitor to work froni (l t» P p, m. from own homo. Nationally advertised product .N'o sali's or collections. Good pay Adilri'.is I'ox C In euro of News For Sale Moiws For Olf'ilIT ri>i>ni. '.J-fiimlly hixiNiv All iniprovi-nii-nts. In good condition. 2-cnr t,'fii"'Ke "ncl large lot. Price j,\7iYi. Also 12-room 2-fiimiIy house, .iriirage nnd extra build- ir.f l-'t. Price S6.300. A. Shcpley. Tel. 2-13". TKX-roont, 2-.f:unl|y iiotitc. All im- provi-monts. Lot 77x130. West side of to«-n. ['rice. $ti,r>00. Patsy Iwtbi'iolii, realtor, IT- High street, X.'iuirntucl; Conn. Phone 5S3-1 or 3-lW. Tel. 4-2762 for a LOAN (Ask for Mr. Wall) These are busiy clays ... if you have nan 1'or CASH to meet seasonal needs: Fuel, Clothings, Emergencies, you will find this telephone a great limo-snvcr. A loan ot $100 costs J19.00 when repaid in 32 equal principal consecutive monthly installments, PHONE 4-2762 Announcements Contractors lla ON or :»fti-r An«r. 1, l!)-l-l I will mil bo reispoiisiLilu fur any hills contracted liy anyone other than inysolf. KJwai-d A. Hcrmonot, Special prices On. All IV. IUCHARDS 200 So. Wum St. Nausntuck I'alntln^ VAI'ICK HANGING W. F. Cota, 17 To). 5-1S&. and I'aliitln Cedar Stree Merchandise l r ucil And Automotive M Autos For ,1)01)0.1-: —- PIA'MOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service Part:;, Accessories Malcolm M'. SCiirr Corp. •ISS Watartown Avc. .Oiiil 0-11-IG Autos Wauled PAOK.'VRD "A safe place to bu •IS2 Watortown Avenue Dial -1-0100 VVOO11 for suit' fur'stovci'fiirimc and fii'opli'icc, Harry Edwards Burton Road, Beacon••' Falls Phone N.-itifintuc Household Arclcle»' ONj; wliito enamel kitchen nun:'' oil. T. J. MontnmbauH, .Union Cily. Tel. 2BS3. " ' , BLACK Glr'nwnncl ooinhlnution oil and ifiia i-anpc. Silvnt CJoiv.burn- er. Hot water.healer.. Call 2G.">2 WAR BONDS Merchandise Artic.'p.s COMPLETE Ii-oinu . friir bought' for c.'ish. Highest prices paid for electric^ rorriKorjilors, washers, and stoves, regard less of condition. .Ff.incis Fomitnro Co. •MO NORTH MAIN.STRKET' Telephone 3000 .' Merchandise Wantcil -To Jliiy Education DIAMONDS And Old Gold li.iui;!it. Watch rep:iii-injf our specialty. GRAND JEWEL-KY 132 C:-:ind Street ' Dial 0-OOS2 CAS H ' for Your MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Music Co. 203 J3ank -1-I422 3.1 I,oc:il And I'rivuic Instructors . DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC . SXUDJOS—WATJ3Y. 4-5028 553 South'Main—11 Wilson Street Piano — Voice — Mandolin Children; Adults, Advanced, Bc;;in| ners. Rapid Course for Adults Services Service* . BABY—Ciir scald, 1'Iny pens, hathi- nutls, cl'ibs, h'lglv chairs, Kantwet mattresses, toys: THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. \Vatorbury ciiiunc) K".ia iunl oil combination :;tOvo. One year old. Tel, OOS9. VVantoil To Buy IANK Mifo deposit l>nx.i'.n w:i.ntod. Hiyhcsl casii price's paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you. < have to offer. J, E. Murpbey, Kc- public 008-1, 8.1.5 Yeatrnar. Avc., Webster Groves 3.0, Mo. CIMIJS — Youtlihcil.s,' cliifforolius, carriages! Play Pens, Bassinets. Lartfu selection of toya. Lowest pi-ices in to\vn. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE' 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. Animals CnttU; And Swine TIGS for- Male, l?Ti.<HI :m<] lip. Also pullet and broilers, 3 months ,-ind up. J. Mezzo. Tel. 5373, Pond Hill. TWO NEW SHOT GUNS .FORJ SALE. .32 AND .16. TEL. 4501. I Services JOHN'S MUSIC SJIOr Vc: buy. Hull, e.\:ch;in,7e, anj rop;i!r al! kinds of instruments. Lowest pi-ices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Mu/n St., Wat by. Conn. Water flow or Niajrru falls avcr- TCS 000,000 tons a minute. The av- C drop of the falls is ostimat- 1 ai 167 fact. Lemon trees yield from 200 to 300 pounds of fruit each if:-o\vln;; si;u:ion, Lemons are classified by botanists as berries. 1'rofOKSioiiiil Services K'S Radio R.-p:iirSliop, Radios expertly repaired, moderate ni'icos. Phone 0617. CUSTOM HE Special 2-piece Suite 559 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naugatuck 4G90 MIKE'S Bicycle Slioj). W« repair, paint, on:. Call 5-176. Excellent •workmanship. 155 So. Main. KKUPHOIJ4TER- and Blip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allcn'« Upholslcrinc Studio. Mastcrcraft artists. I Grand St. Walcrbury. Dial -f'-OC-IS 39 Wuntcd To Kcndcr Hcrvlco* Kt-ECTHlCAt, Rcpnlrtng Scrvlc* Appliances n. specialty. rtay Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. 40W. ODD JOB PAINTING A. J, Kudzma, Call Is'aug-.. 42WJ after 5 p .m. VTTKNT1ON Mw*rofux Owaera —Repnin, ifenuin* purl* ..and ecrvlce. By bonded dectroluz Man. I. .Nlnscn, 3 T'.reea Av«. Tc'.fiphone 4822. Cleaning And Dyeing KIEVMAN'S Great Drj' Cleaning Firm, offers its first class dry cleaning not only -in family gar- ncnts, but, blankets, ru^s and other specinlt-es in Ibis field. KIEVMAN'S 76 Church Street TWO fiimlly nonw on .Highland (tvcniif. Tu-o family hoimc on Scoit stivrt. Four roorn, one ffun- tly house, 1 acre land on \Voostor "fi-rot. Price $3,300. John Heaiy. TV:. 5031. ,'flt To IJuv (INK, T\v<> and three family hoiiM** wanted. Also farms and lots", Tel. ."'031. Real Estate Wanted 7a \Vanti'(l To Kent World War A Year Aiyo August S, 1943 Cliy United Vri-ss) British Eighth Army captures Adrano and Bronte in Sicily; U. S. troops find Troina a mass of ruins. In Russia, Red army threatens I both Kharkov nncl Sumy. " Madrid reports that a military trlumvit-ato has taken ow;- control in Germany, with powers of enormous magnitude" centered in Marshal Hermann Goering. In Cnsablanc.'i, Con. Charlesl de Gaulle declares that the Vichy leaders will be iiunishuc! as -traitors; pleads again :'or Anglo-Amor- ican recognition of the French Committee lor National Liberation Soldiers Insure Safe Bus Riding- In Philly MATl.'KKI) man and wife doslr 3 of -t room rent in Xaugatucr Box A, News. TJIKKK r>r Knur rooms wnntoil li, tvork/nf,' couple u-ith one chile Phone 2G'1T). For Rent .Rooms To I4ent SM.AI.r. IIOi;SK with K ronuw t rriu, Inriuire K; Sheffield Lam. Son Victor Chmielinskl, TIIRKK year old four-room mod cm house for sale in Xaugatuck with coal furnace, Venetian blinds nnrl inlaid linoleum in kitchen nnd hnthroom included. Price .S'i.800, Call 5510. Announcements Lost And Found f'Otl.Vf), Defecl.sf Stittiip.H In f,-;iluek store. Address Box D' In care .VCWM, Owner may have same hv p.-iylng for this and and idcnti- tying. .".V.M.f.Hiint <if money found. O«'n- fl r may I-A'LVO .Mfirrio hy paying for fiMvci-iiypinent, Call 2UJ Meaduw St. Jci.-tfph f-engyel. Buster, World's Richest Cat, Is Getting Nervous Brookline, Mass., Aug. S— (UP) — Butter, the richest cat in the world, is under a doctor's care today. His r.itn-ves are go:ie. Buster is the cat who rcecntly . inhoritud henvnon $-!0,OOO and SI 00.- ! 00f> from his late master, Woodbury P-and of Erook'.ini\ M-is ; . Overnight, IBustcr became a headliner - ~ sought .'iftci 1 by newsmen and photographers. Mrs. Miirjrarot T. T h o m s o :; whose full-time jnb is Buster's care, says she had to turn dowrv the r.ewsreel cameramen. Euster was ger:ir.g too upset to oat. what with all the fuss. She said Buster was sitting in his .armchair near the window, listening to his favorite radio pro•am, when a photographer «neaked up and snapped his picture. Buster jumped sky-high., and lasr.'t beer, back in his chaii The doctors ?;t and quiet. prescribe complete LOST—Itniik Hook NIL H,!>U7 tin the savings department of the .\aui;iilucl< -Vntlonal Bank haw lict-n liiMt. Any person hnvltig fliilms r>n .said hook is cnJIcd up- f'li I" present the snrrie to thfi l»ir,k wirhln two months or the sum i- hook will be declared cHiici.'llrtl and extinguished and a now nut. Issued in liou thereof, r>u!i-c| nf .Vausrauick, Conn., Aug. "• I!M-I. g-22 & Q-r,. IVHutlveji Trouble* Borokllno. Mass., AUK. S—(UP) — Relatives troubles ore plaguing no- world's richest cut. A Baltidiare woman c.'>'iim.s th-it :r cat may be related to the • Busier and liencr: Ciivlitleil to a share in tho estate upon his de'i'h. The worp'-in said her cat was obtnlnecl in Greater Boston sovpral yo.' apo. Ho waver, Attorney John E. P.ofr- nrson, exccutof of the late millionaire Woobdury Kand's will- warns ih-it re/'Uionship will be hard to provo. Said 'Ro£rcr.«on of the plutocrat who was left $-10,000: "Busier was strictly a homebody." BUZ SAWVEB AND A LONG WAY FROM HOME, ANSEL. BY THE WAY. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT HERE.' THIS ISLAND'S JAPANESE/ GO/ GET OUT/ NOW, LOOK, ANGEL. I KNOW I'M IN THE WRONG PEW, BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE LONELY. DON'T LET ME FRIGHTEN ONE, BUT VOUR SERVANTS HAVE GONE. THEY FOLLOWED THE JAP. SCREAM YANKEE: ANKAH.' YOU-YOU'RE AN AMERICAN! AMERICAN SONGS? JUMP1N' JIVE." ITS SLEEP//I'LL HAVE TO TUBN ON THE CWACM AND HOLD HIM TILL SUQXE GOMES-' WlYATALUjAN AM'TERRIFIC' I BURKE GETS BACK 6ERDPE )!""• Altliun^h strikrrs mi (lie I'hil.-Klrlfiliia Traiisimrjation S.vsli-m llm-s liavi- yii'lrlcd jifli-r a rive-tiny tii-up, U. ^. snUlii'rs niiilsi: eerUiin that lravi'1 — wliirh is Mmvly ri'l-tirniiiu l<i normal— is itiaili- satV. f[iTi.- ;t i'lji.s H u'iMtian pjtssrn^rr nn a liu*. T'nuips h.-U'r roniainrd aciii-c iiltlimi^li tin- Army's "rrturti In wnrU" nltitntit inn accepted. Tlic wnlk-iiiit was a iinili-M, a'.'ain^ i-mpluyi-.s, (Intci'iKilinnal) ROBEBTSTORM THEN, CJRING A BKIE? uutt, SLDH-JAW'S vcicf i_. BOOMS OUT INTO WE STIU MOUNTAIN A'.C VCD2 ?!.", MB 5JT WATCH T^i-5 ...7s'£ FROM VARIOUS POINTS lias bren of Negro OP SWOOT/N6 CC/MW O MAKS A DE, WITH YOU.' On The Air Today 7:lij p. m. \\'KAF-WTiC -.Vcws \VOP-—Ted stee'.e WAEC—Date Hue in. won—Confidentially Yours WEAF—EvuryihiiiR for the \VATR—Green 1-Iornet WTJC—Dick j-Iaymcs WABC --Amcrifyin Melody Hou UMX—Di;Li:o and Jcstarsi PARNKV GOOCI.K AM] 6E5T TO OARS. SfVUTH ,'Le'eTLE NVICAb" --rs'ews \\'OR —Answer Man -Don't J3o'.iovo \VT!C-- I'rice Cniui'i.l 8:011 p, n \VATR W.1Z—VVutcli V/orld LONG^ GENERftL-VU. WRFTft SCOOT TO CPTCH TWftT I400TIN' HOLLER \V1M.IAM RITT imj CLARENCE GRA< HEY . YOU'RE W.KON.G , BRICK- NO' WINDOW,'JU5T:PLAIN 1 , SOLID STONE'PANELS DON'T G1VS UP UNTIL WE'VE COVERED EVERY INCH OF • EVERY WALL. 1 WHAT A GIMMICK IT A LITTLE BUT IT V/ASNT SMART WAV GET EVEN) GOT A DIME CUTTIMG- THE LAVJK) AMD TWE C3CASS SEED COST THIRTY CENTS/ YOU A DIKF FOC MOVOJM' HER LflWNU AFTEP ' SO YOU PLAWTED Gt?ASS SEED To MAkTE \T6KCM FASTEP?.' •1:1)0 |). in. \VA13C— Broad v.-;iy Matiiv.-c VV O R - -N e «•« ; C • -i n 1 1 j 1 i ;: «• \VJZ-\VATR-Ethcl and A'.-berl. \V I2AF-\S'TIC- -Backstuffo Wife •t:lS p. m. U'OH— Rambling with Gnmblin; U'ATR-Don No.-mon. Show \VEAF-\VT1C— Ste-lln Dallas m. \VKAF-\VTIC -l,orim::o Jones W ABC— Off .Record . U'GR Full Speed W-ATK \\-J7. News WEAF-WTIC— Yuun Brown WJZ — Ho[i Horrigan \VAT.R~Music WAEC— Raymond Scon WJJ!— SC.-.L ,7-h.und 5:0(1 1 1, in. WEAF-WTIC ---U'hon a Girl WABC — Funr and Dunn j WOR— Uncle 'Don WJZ-WATR --Terry and rates 5:1:^ 1 1. in. WABC — Mother and Dad WJZ— Dick Tracy WATR— Melody Keytio" WOK— Chick Carter ~>;'M p. in. VVO.R — Tom Mix Show WAEC— Thrue 'Si.ners WJ3AF'-\VTtC— Jusl Pl;iin the Pi Bill ~>:A~t |i. Ml, WJZ—Sen Mouncl WTfC—Front .Ba^'e Fan-jll VV'A-BC—\VJulei-ness Road WATR-V.'OR— Superman 6:»M» p. in. WOP.—News: Prayer WATR WT.1 C-\VEAF-\VJZ— News (!:|-j p. m. WABC—News WEAF—Serenade WATR—Air Force Show .VTIC—Prof. Schcn.k:jr .VJZ--Ethel and Albert \VO.R-New.srne! (i:.'<() [,. m. WOR—-News WEAF—The Moorl U Muiiic A'ABC—Jci-i Sultaviiiv, Sontts \VJZ~-\Vhosc War? J3nnd of Wcok WTIC—Sports WATR—Neu-s: Serenade (i:;15 p. m. WOR—Stan Lonvix VABC—\Vorld Today WJZ—Honrv Tavlor. News WTIC-WE-A-F- Lowell Thom.-is, News 7:00 p. in. WEAF-WT1C-Music Shop WABC—]' Love a MysU'ry WATR-^VJZ— i;and of Uio I.OJt \VOK-Kay licnle-; IS T OV,- S - \VICA F-WTIC—J oh n ny WABC— Big Town WOR--News \VOJ1--Nuws * ,S:I;5 WJZ-WATR— Lur P '\VOR-Nick Oiirtc-r WTIC-W1SAP—Date with Judy V.'A'BC—Theater of Romnnce \VATR-WJZ—N(t Wit Court WOK—pj.n'fc ni c t to >. in. WT.fC-WKA.F-'Mystory Theater WABC—Jack Pupper Show WOR.—Gabriel -HotiUer; W.1JJ-WATR—Jury Trial's !)::JO. p, in. \VATn-WJZ-.SpotliglH Band \VABC-The Dontor Fights" II): IW WOR —American Forum ' WTJ.C-WEA'F—Words nl War .10:0(1 p. m. \VA13C—Presenting Corwin WATR—Raymond' G. Swing- VVEAF-WTJC—Loltie Greenwood SMO^V .10:13 p. WJZ—Ted Malone WO'K— N.JWS V'ATR—.D.-Lncing Discs; Xcw« •• Jl):30. p. in. WABC—Cor.'press Spn.-i.ks A']iAF-WTJC—Hildcyrardo Show ~ WOR—Symplionette \VJZ-VVATR-Let Yourself Go 11 .'00 p, in. \LL Stations—'News '11:15 p. in. WRAF-WTIC—Harkness ^VABC— Harold Stern Orch. WJZ-WOR-WATR—News; Weather Jl.'.'io p. in. WAT'n—Creeps' 11 by Night WOR—Prima Orch. I.?:»() Midnight W-A-TR—Si).rn Ol'i' \VOU-MeGrar.o, Rollini Orclv? \VJZ~Ncw.-i; Olson Orch. WT1C-WEAF—News; Shields' Orch.

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