Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1928
Page 10
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7f*rmtifi£«,l Mark A.nd. Monday of front 81 St. r>f prising W Cfctho'lic ot ti:« o! thf of 1-wld Sn l>Ka?b Bunds-,- and Monday. Rrv. Fr, A. .?. Btirn* »n<l R»v. Fr. M. B, Krus, pa^nr* of the local churches, and » mtmbrr «>f other th*n th* ur-iffrstrs were in frtlendsHM* «T the Kwtintr. j TTw Bt. Rrv. Kdwartl F. Hotmn, I), j I), bishop of thf Rock lord riloccsr, j Tva* thr cplfbrsnt at ivo TOS.WP*. ciw i t!if- pantifica! mass p,t. 10,30 o'clock) roorruns and the other R j h*r> if MAETIN OF WITHE In Oonif'l Chmrh At, n*i«Tv sn- n. l>?tw(H?*r of will h» nf illn^ssi. tr?~ ehUTClTTfcrd ,*!*rr1c* of anwpml hwufy rtwspit* ss 34 t*> fir?* gs.tws of mm. f?* Port. Waytw, ta «m?* on at the Ersnston grim clitsi roore of th? Congrega - tiorml ehwrr.h Rt S;19 o'cJcK-k Sunday afternoon. f !r*p!*c* was pr ed with » fire re?.<1y to b*» lighted. and flowers udon.wl tb« room to ) SCHOOL ! OF AOO of the to sborw urrtU they g DEAVIE STORE ' Th* C^ntrnl Trust swS SAMOR* I wmy ^ r?. Clara Orwrf *rr« , ^ RTsd crawl- GvikJdcn of sU of Mra. pontifical requiem mass on i bank which was appointed rrceiv-lAnn* Popplno In Rodt Falls Sun-' ' — " '' 1 by f tlK , " morning Jot the late Bishop Pctrr «?. Muldoon nnd other <lc- rr* of the dicers*". Bls- a mirier to Hn ihe etfilirw i t>rr Goods has f,on of 'WnshinRton, D. C.. Held re- prtr-cntAtivr for the National Ca'ho- !ic Welfare Council; Miss E, F. Murphy of Rockford; A. B. Tracy of Frwport; Walter T. Johnson of Kenton. Ohio, and Rrv. F. J. Brumm?l of 5t. Joseph's church of Elgin. Kcv. J. A. Solon preached the sermon during the Sunday morning maw. The Sunday morning program began with a procession Irom the rcc- tory to the church, in which were the visiting priests nnd many others. As the Ut. Rev. Bishop Koban eu- tetfd the crmrrh the choir sang -Eccc Saoerd'oi Magnus," which iii English is "Behold the Great Priest." After the clergy had entered the sanctuary the solemn pontical m&rs was celebrated by Bishop Hoban. Fr. Bams Deacon of Honor Rev. D. J. Conway of Woodstock was the assistant priest and the deacons of honor were Vicar General A. J. Burns ol Sterling aiid Rev. J. P. McQuire of Aurora. Rev. P. S. Masterson of Sycamore was the sub- deacon and Rev. John O'Crotty of the St. Mary's cnurt-h of DeKalb was the deacon. The master of ceremonies was Rev. F. F. Connor of Rockford. At noon Sunday the delegates and visitors were guests at dinner which was served In the church liall, following which all were taken on an automobile tour over the city. The afternoon session was opened by Bishop Hoban. who turned it over to D. F. Quinlan of Woodstock, president of the diocesan council. The sectional meetings and reports occupied most of the ume of this session. In the evening a musical program by the children was followed by an address by Walter T. Johnson of Kenton, Ohio, who spoke on the subject. "Welfare Work, Its Advantages and Benefits." The Monday morning session opened with the observance of the solemn pontifical requiem mass for the late Bishop Muldoon end other members of the diocese. The convention %'as re-convened and parisn reports were heard following the religious service. Rev. F. J. Brummel of St. Joseph's church of Elgin gave a splendid address on "The Young Workers." Tlie convention was scheduled to come to a close early this- sHerntxm with the election of officers. the * TTP ' FvtCT Prtrmm of in Popular Grove, friends Grov, thc cMfKntr-- Bt th? Sunday cvrning j currd thc services of O. H. Martin ; Poppino nnd Mr. Pftcrson weir, old fission. Speakers during tho two day moetlivii iiifludfd Miss Anne Nirhol- with the bo.v; A team »1- tolcoB its worst when hwlnr . twrc r>ext, Saturday then the local* will step. TT» fighting Apwrtlcs of Po!o CtHRHinnity high ^rre not to be de • nkN! Saturday. The gmine was featured hy spectacular nims. Including the re««m of » punt 8R ysj<i.«. ' by' DmTis for » and a fil CHGGT.9 panya store in Sterling Housinga of the company's store to?clhrr m ihirtv-Utree Fulton will remain in chni«i> of the . store there, under direction of HW petition for a receiver by J. W. Wync awt C. J. btaru, , !nw , was made in ortler to dissolve corprntion DtiTlnj: his boyhood Mr. in StrrlitiR and graduated from thc old Wallace school. The old school friends enjoyed E fine many happenings yard nan by Kroh for a touchdown. After «vrr*l exchanges of punts in the first quarter the Polo boys trrtdcr through M*d blocked Blum's) piant, getting thc tell on Sterling's 27 yard line Gmtns of 13, 5 and 3 yards by Kroh, Gilbert and Rclncrt and a penalty on Sterling put thc ball withta striking distance of thc igoal and Gilbert of Polo went Pastors and Several Laymen of Lutheran Church Will do To Erie, Fenn. Dr. E. C. Harris, pastor of the St. John's Lutheran church, ami Rev. ( of their school days. A theatre p«rty farmed in the eveninE. after through UW.""Vft sld« of the local Jonhnj X.utherRn chH«h, -have.been chosen as two of the 27 delegates who will represent the Lutheran congregations of the state of Illinois at the sixth biennial convention of that body, meeting in Erie, Pa., from Oct. 9 to 16. line for the , -Jrt. touchdown. An I Dr. Harris plans to attend thc place kick fatted but Ster- j convention, but will be unable to be poratlon will be turned into - Poppmo for supper. ,«nled. The first fonnnl P«ss o? !n*v. Boywn expects to go to the of teene. fireplace w»« ddnRtwl by Mrs- Christian Burkhokter R," a mpmorisi! to l»r lat« lumbarid, Christian Burkholdcr, former mayor of St«r~ ling. Mayor Harry E. Burkholdcr, sjn of the former mayor, presented thf fireplace on behalf of his mother and Mrs. Harvey Kwfer of Lusfc, WyominK, daughter of Mrs. Biark- hohler presented a basket of flowers for the occasion. There was a larjcc attendance and and the corporation be Tills will mean thc eventual closing j of the Wyne-De«vsT stores in boUi Sterling and Fulton. C. J. SUM and J, W.r,rrrH.who s ol the c&tau- DAMAGES FOR the game netted Poto another touchdown in the second period but the RECKLESS DRIVING P 1 ** kick . for thc cxtra ! unsuccessful. **» of Mr. Deaver of Bloomington and , of J. W. Wyne of Macomb. havt. not, announced their plans as to the • ^ w H " , Davrnnort WT ar h^ tK he' had nar ki n ir n iaa> in In. thc third quarter a fumble cost "•» "! ^ lr pol ° marched down touchdown. future. Under the plan of a receivership, they turn thc ment of the business entirely the Mr. presented to the court, for only one member of the firm to sign the petition. Neither the officials of the Ccn- acd6<t the extra point. R««m la last Period. fourth Qf Rock Fifteenth ave- NinUt ^.j Tcntn j ltcd , n ^^^^^ ; . to both machines involved. | broke through the left side of the « When arraigned in the police court Une on a trtple lateral pass and ii«u admitted that the fault of the traced 61 yartte with almost perfect ' meeting providing his health permits. Thc latter was chosen as a delegate to represent thc Wartburg synod, which includes a number of German churches which are scattered over Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Other delegates chosen from this vicinity are Christian Hummel of north of Sterling, Rev. C. H. Hightower of Mt. Morris and Harry Currens of Franklin Grove. The biennial convention which is Ws> tral trust conspa nor Mr Marto . "**"* jfor the damage done to Mr. Long's car. Mr. Long in return refused to offered to , lntcrfercncc for a touchdown'. Reta- drlving ert. Polo's fuUbadc. plunged through center for the extra point. A little later, after had drawn two pen- with the payment of the $3.40 court altie*. one for holding and the other ' ' - ..... reteasKL long it will take to fulfill the of the receivership and dissolve the; corporation. The building on First] ntMMFB> ftABTII?C ' avenue *as sold some time ago by! UM1HBR rfmilta Use company. The lease on the — | building held by the company will Mrs. Ida be disposed "of. as well as the stock entertained for and other assets. \ chicken dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Murray of St. Louis, for slo&dng. Community high punted to Polo's 14 yard line where Davis, the Polo quarterback gathered it in and ran through the entire local team for a touchdown. Fine showed of Rock Falls. MRS. NELSON DYSON [ Mo - » nd Mr - antl Mrs - John Muray DIBS AFTER ILLNESS i OP SEVERAL YEARS- ie eluded tin ters, A pass for point was incomplete. Polo gained many yards on their Word has that Nelson Dyson, aged 77 years, mother of Norman Dyson of MitchelL S. D.. and the late Walter Dyson of this city, passed away at her home n New Providence. Pa» Saturday afternoon. She had been in impaired health for a number of years. suffering from dropsy. Mrs. Dyson is survived by her husband, who was 80 years old month, and by three sons. Norman ALEX GRABBLING FUNERAL HELD IN ST. JOHN'S CHURCH ...:,.The auditorium of St. John's Lutheran church was filled Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock by relatives and friends gathered to pay tribute to the memory of Alexander Graehling, following a service at the family home, 1001 Third avenue at 2 o'cloc-K- Dr. E. C. Harris. i>astor of the church and long tune friend of the deceased. f.poke feelingly of th« character and worth of Mr. Graehling and reiid comforting passages most of their gains. Blum punted __ ._ i well hut the line? failed to hold for Cwrk.ihjin several times and his punts were blocked Community high « a _. - ^ »•_**. j i tooted the best in the third quarter Entertains On Birtnday ] during which period they got away all of Rock Miss Betty Meyer, daughter of Mr. on some nice runs. The and Mrs. John Meyer of West Eleventh street, celebrated her tenth J birthday anniversary on Saturday. S The young lady was hostess dur- the afternoon to fifteen of her girl friends. The afternoon was of Mitchell. S. D.. who visited his ' spent in playing various games. At parents recently, Ernest Polnts. Pa- and Herbert of Nine, I a late hour n the afternoon delici- of Lays- ; ous refreshments were served. All ville. Pa., both of whom live near j had a very pleasant' time. MBS theiri»rentev-She also leave* a toe-1Bettvreceived many pretty ter daughter, Mrs. Chsurks Helm. I * fans hn/1» c hu,Sf is CHUlCn, IS IVin coSno COmpOSCQ of Ul 550 clerical and lay delegates from all parts of the United States and Canada, apportioned according to membership among the 34 district aynods. These tynoda with a total baptized membership of 1,555,645, are grouped In 5,416 congregations and served by 3,252 ordained pastors. In addition, the Evangelical Lu- theriaa church in the Andhra country of India, which was received at the last biennial convention as. an associate synod of the United Lutheran church, will be represented for the first Ume at Erie by one lay and one clerical delegate. The complete list of the delegates from niinoU includes the following: Otto Niemann, Arenzvlllc; John P. Sectarian. Carthage; Re?. A. J. Bell, 201 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign; Rev. J. M. Bramteamp, 860 Cass street, Chicago; C. J. Driever, 40 N. Dearborn street, Chicago; Rev. R. B. Garten, 5302 S. Maplewood 500 n.11 were Impressed by the and appropriate service. After an organ prelude and hymn. R litany of commcrnornlion WBS recited while thc congregation stood and thc Gloria was sung at Its closed Miss EUa O. Richards sang R solo. "Tlie Holy CltyT Hy Attems. Rev: Cart A. Olover offered prayer and nmd the Moffatt translation of thc thirteenth chapter of Corinthians. "God's Candles We," was the title of R pretty verse recited by Mary Jane Geyer and Mary Glover, as they brought forth candles and lit them. .John Burkho!d*r, grandson of Mrs. Burkholdcr, responded to thc verse. The formal presentation of the fireplace was then made and A. J. Powelson, chairman of the ward of trustees, acknowledged the gift on behalf of the church. Rev. Carl A. Glover gave an address on "Thc Ptre Kindled unto Him," using as his text, Jeremiah 38:22, "And there was fire on the iiearth burning before him." John Qurkholdcr then knelt and lit thc tire upon the hearth while Wayne Geyer recited thc following "Sacrament of Fire," by John Oxenham, an especially appropriate verse for this season of the year. "Kneel always when you light a fire. Kneel reverently and thankful be--For God's unfailing charity • And on the ascending flame Inspire A little prayer that shall upbear The incense ot your thankfulness For this sweet grace Of warmth and light, ! For here again is sacrifice For your delight." The service was concluded with a petition for purity, an expression of devotion and the benediction. The beautifully engraved brass candlesticks used in the service were gifts to the church from Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Geyer. Following the dedicatory service a social time was observed. The hostesses serving tea were Mrs. Frank Wheeler; Mrs. E. T. Austin, Mrs. J, W. Platt and Mrs. Charles Randall; the reception committee was composed ol Mrs. Christian BurkhoWer, Mrs. Warren Powers and Mrs. J. K. Chester. he tucked it under his arm and reeled off & H yard gain for a first down. The taeups at the start of the game were: St. £&ary*s ...!£.... P. Preston . Bhim _',.,_- = , I JJcCoxmick in the home, and «ght graneichil-» Polo Reynolds ., I T., ,,,,,, Croueli -LO Naylon *?t*>al Tire Off Car |v»aiauey ...c Brown dren. two of whom are -Joseph- -Mad- 1 —--• -^^ - *^ -"r ^ T «, .» !R**sn ., = ,,„,, ,R3_........ sweet liriam Dyson of this city. Glen Shaw of 906 West S«th, sleeper OT Dissinger Mr and Mrs Dyscm have made siffei reported to the police Sat-iweich .RE Pollock several trips here to visit among ""lay ni«»t "»»t a spare tire hadjD. Preston ....LH Kroh relatives during p^>t years, and-***? «<>>*a *ro»-*u»^w-Kluc^M*Isohl ^JBH^.^... OlMsert _ frotn " parfced in front of his house. There ij K nis QB denU *Uo formerly came fy^,were two raea in a car ^lutOnito\".'.''.'.n'.. Pennsylvania. Fnends will be grtev- stole the tire. They started to jack j Officials—Referee. knew many of the Sterling . Davis Reinsrt R. L. Akey, ed to leani of Mrs. Dj^on's death, tiie car up to remove a tire from j Rock Falls: umpire. Chester "Re<! The funeral is to be heki W^diws-" thlt wheel, but were frightened awmyro~Hare, Sterling. HeadXinesman E. day afternoon at 2 oclocfc in the >*** neighbors, who saw them. lEmfekU, Polo. family home. BIG ATTENDANCE AT SUNDAY Brother Passes Away H. W. Moats of Rock Falls re- One hundred and forty-three of the 164 enrolled in the Sunday school at the Trinity church were present for Rally day itiad passed away Sunday night at his home la Maryland. Mr. Moats m&y leave tonight to attend the funeral. of scripture. A mixed quartet com- on Sunday. The goal of 150. set for _._^^j _* *•.». i^., crn .ti 'T'Krtw^&E Vf»-« lh#» atf# i lirisii>r** f^i! s.hnr(f isin^ «»%-tfMn posed of Mrs. Russell Thomas, Mrs. Mertie Longfellow, Harold Eldred and Lloyd Andreas sang two beautiful hymns. "The Old Rugged Cross." and "Sometime We'll Understand." A great number of beautilui floral tributts etttsted the esteem in which Mr. Graehling was held by many Ineud:- Bert Ports. John Swath, William A. Stoeckle. Lewis RtUz«l. Harvey R. CariH-ntfi and Henry J Bt^wen, all uki frieiids »••< Mr. Graehiaig. as hit. pull bcartfrs ind he ^tis 10 trst in the beauiilul niem- lirial mau.sukt::u at Riverside. Painting Mail Boxes Bert Craps*r is engaged in painting the mail boxes at the various .su<rtt inu-r!vfcci:u!ii tluoughout the Tiie green. to PAY FINES OE GO TO JAIL, ORDER OF CHIEF Chief Pucber la oontiuuinc bin roundup of persons who have neg- Unable to Pay, Sent To Jail Roy Stewart of Joplin. Mo., was fined $50 and costs by Justice of the the attendance, fell short just However, the Sunday ichool dhcers, teachers and pastor. Rev. J. I_ Lc- baugh. were much pleased with the j Peace J. G. Limerick ia Rock Falls response to the Rally day services j Saturday on a disorderly charge. The fir$t of Hie series of strrocats. i He was unable to pay the fiae and which will be d«l«*wrf by R«. F.! CSiiel of Police A. E. Berbn. Jr, Brandf ellner of Dutoa duriiig the £ took him to the county jail at Mor- revi*-al Bjertings at tiie churcfa. »t-' racted a good eras d Sunday suxht, I I -i si * lected to pay fines m'ich were assessed some Ume ago. Each and every peraoa who has not paid ta loll will be compelled to meet th» obligation. Some have not ing are bc- Aii of Uw throughout tiie city will be U-S OOUM ti H IS get arouiid to liieni.' >our tur c&ii be ctearitd iieitar by Kk-ta- cteau furj totd linings iite » <w s«ri"i« trucfc.- Wt£lt% BAGS Will p»y Sc per Ut fa*r uieo nip. StsariUJS Daib' mm SSAWS I* M Si y*nfc, S* ' ; will be conducted at 7 p m. ces. DIES AT THE HOME Rock Falls fire department 2:S6 the residence, 1115 West Fifth [ Street, A blase near *tiws b«rn ' t&raLiened to cmtch the turikting 00 OF HSR DAUGHTER 5 *"* but was wxwi avyy Sunday moramg at 6;45 o'clact | Eesides In Eock Judge William Leach, ' , the honi* of her son-in-law uuij judge ot Lot' equity, weut to Kiaek daughter. Mr, and Mrs.- Ptask Pig- nat«lh -of 708 Palls. caumy today to teoM ootut the trial of four liquor case**, in Shs h&ol tn&tn ill tax mm,* J whfadi chafi£«% of \*mie wer« ta^ssa time. TJif t'uiaKcaJ servke will Iwjiafit week. Judge Leach ia&bes tt srotu lite Pigitatelli boave *t} ptoisy uwigu lor 5;30 o'clock "fiyaaF^sfey mt^yssy^ ^^^ jg J —__.___. o'clock at tl»e Sae«4 Itourt cfaaw*!. Rev. Fattoer M. B. JfCru* mill oaf- .„«.«, mV w»* *i. M «±Sr" * " - a ^ -££"^>'». T?TuS about Istur ii*tja m xtm&t&t til {or iwtuty-iwo o &IM; h«d UtitiS » St. Paul Uoair of Uiolit Jii, daughter Ute -. Sui»i*y began to a very tixm day. tls* st&te *t tte was CsiS- Tbe dii j*i,i«f . t»»t» John Puas *s U»« M. . AMI* camr for Use police to pick them up, but hate slipped to the local justices OJt p«c« and pcdd up. Lyfc KeJUy pod J. Deets have paid up in Live In Anson* Mrs, n, Si^snte te here for * J " days ox fm«ttKit8B, Mr. Denoia and ratsaimti in Dezjver. Colo,, white his vife returioed here to Ttsey *ce tmmute to Art*. wb«e ti*ey expect to reside for a year w so in the ol Mr. Ueiinis 1 fataith. They have bad Quit* wa uitersssUjag trip and have experienced both good and lad weather euaditfora. Mrs. Dcaai* 'sill relura in « day or two they will eajittaue oa their trip Dieover. Or, Wm. J, Mauri's mm/swam Mortgage 6% Chicago; Rev. A. Kaitschuk. 4211 W. End ave., Chicago; P. T. Lazarus, 4839 N. Claremont avenue. Chicago; Rev. 8. Uchner, 4048 N. Crawford avenue. Chicago; Paulus List, 860 Cass street. Chicago; Rev. John F. Seibert. 860 Cass street, Chicago; C. G. Swan&on, 911 Beuna Park Terrace, Chicagor Rev. W. A. Kteer v 1933 8. 50th avenue, Cicero; Rev. Roy G. Catlin. 1632 N. Union street. Decatur; Chr. Hummel, Sterling; Henry Berhenke, Lena; Rev. J. J. Gent, 114 E. 8th street, Mt. Carmel; Rev. C. H. Hightower. 4 S. Seminary street, Mt; Morris; ReT.-Wm.--J.- Boatman, Box 508, Murphy sboro; John Ruppert, Murphysboro; Harry Currens. Franklin Grove; C. A. EXTREME IGNORANCE. "I believe a horse understands more than a dog." "I don't." "Very likely—but I was speaking of the horse."—Nagels Lustlge Welt. Berlin. Mr. ftnd Mr?. Barry Wert? «f Chtrsito nmter»«! to Sterling 8«t«r- d«y to sp?nd ft few rtsys with rela- t-lVPS. Mr,", C. N. llmmons, dPP.t Of thP Tn-jp.R m*?nt of 1he Wobnn'R Foreipi Mis-' sionary Society of Northwwrtern bratich left this morning for La.n- iring, Michigan, to attend the annual meeting o* Northwestern branch. <>n Tliurnday evening, the young people's department will sponsor a banquet for five hundred fifty guests. Try our homemade candles, home dipped rnarahmsltows, chocolate filberts, thocoiatft English walnut-'!, dipped in milk chocolate. Prophet's Confectionery.—adv. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Ashling of Rock Falls, and George H. Stone of Sterling, have returned from Burt. la., where they visited over thc Wfek-cnd with relatives. Mr. and Mrs, O. E. Newburn and daughter, Mra. Jennie Wright and Miss Mary L. Manser of Rock Falls went to New Bedford Sunday, where they attended the dedication of the new Christian church parsonage. Mr. and Mrs. John Forney of Qraymont, 111., visited in the home of Charles Gulp on Fourth avenue on Sunday. Miss Madallne Wade has returned to Evanston to resume her studies at the National Kindergarten school after upending the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mra. Harry Wade. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Murray left today for their home in St. Louis, Mo., after visiting for the past week with relatives and friends In the Twin Cities. Mrs. Fred Eberlcy and son Richard and Mrs. E. A. Cramberg and daughter, Mary Jane, and sons Jack and Larry motored to Maquoketa, Iowa, on Sunday. Marcello or shampoo. 50c. Phone 1103-W for appointment. Pollyanna Marcelle Shop, Mrs. Frank Elmendorf, licensed operator, 405 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls.—adv. Mr. and Mrs. G, M. Warner and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Kidd and daughters motored to Galena Sunday in the former's car. They visited General Grant's home and various other places of interest Saturday evening earn driven by Fred Steward and Charles Lease collided at the intersection of Second avenue and Fourth streets. Both cars were damaged, but no one was injured. Mrs. Will Hughson and Mrs. Cash Bowman of Chicago were weekend guests of Mr, and rMs. Glenn Furiderburg in Rock Falls. Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Hill arrived home this morning from St. Louis, Mo., where they spent the past several days oa a businsM and pleasure trip. They report that a. big celebration was held in the city Saturday night over St. I<ouia nlng the b*e*b*S* 'ptotfafcttt. ' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonnell and daughter Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Bonnell and children of Rock Falls motored to Mendote Sunday and visited at the home of Mrs. Adam Stevenson. Sotn® skip. Miss June We^ton Mr. Mrs. Clifford the week-end. Miss Wcston .. hen? en route to ClJics«0 to her work as government typM, ter spending a two with her parent*. Mr. «M| Ralph Weston. st Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs, George Is and daughter of RocWwd Sunday guests at thc home st and Mrs. R. L. Ford In Boc Edward Dcrwent and son Chicago visited over the in the Twin Cities. Mrs. Clara Alderfer Misses Bella Shifter, R, N., Vetter and Leol» Stevens motor trip to Moossheart Mrs. Lily Coats and children Miss Lily Zimmerman motored , la,. Sunday where ited at the K. B. Zimmerman ; Mrs. Earl Adalr of Kvanston ! Sunday with her brother, Clavln. SUPREME COURT OPENED SESSION Washington, Oct. 1.—< U. S. Supreme court oatmeal annual session today, a large ber of notables including James A. Walker and Mabel er Willebrandt crowding the '. room in the capltol where the justices gathered. The first act of the eotrtt admit Mayor Walker to the the court. The New York executive to be able to argue in tea 1 subway 7-cent fare case. he said he was not now to take a very active part case. Other cases of national ance to be taken up this elude the lake cargo cool clduous fruit rats cages, and OTallon case including the Interstate Commerce sion'a system of v&luatiag for rate-making purposes. More than 50 criminal scores of patent, personal and maritime cases, and emmtnt's appeal mer. Ford peace ship teadw pacifist, are included In UK ON WIFE: Did you «JJp? EXASPERATED HOBBY: what do Listening Opinion, you for think footsteps? BteeJevJUe; Rev. P. C. Boy- cen> Sterling; Rev. E. C. Harris, 708 Second avenue. Sterling; H. A. Klngsbury, Washington. Merton Hayes of Rock Falle, who submitted to a serious operation at a hospital in Bixon last week, ia making & splendid recovery. <« ; ZJi Winter Underwear, -..Shirts-or' Ikawers for COOPERS 85c UNION SUITS $1.50 $6.00 For mle Hi Obermiller's IMi Sky High in Valme Bottom in Price E FFICIENCY has worked mif- Nof regular $25.00 sutiji, muul acles in the aviation industry. and in the tailoring industry. No longer is it necessary to pay mit $35.00 to $40.00 to get a good suit of dbtfiea. New Mid better meth- oda of manfJ^octure as employed by Chicago Kahn Bros, make it pos* siblc to gee a real fine suit of clothes for at little as $25,00. AU Wool AM Qm Price Not by a long shot, Equxl in respect to the clothes y«m ily pay $3&00 to $40.00 for. All wool fJabric*—made high grade tai! than you have ever been able K»! before* Look them over i convince yotirsell See Oar nmtitfit&r EAif THtltBt J* R* BELL WXS

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