The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas on February 26, 1922 · Page 17
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The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas · Page 17

Topeka, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 26, 1922
Page 17
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2 B THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL Sunday, February 26, 1922. it 1 ' b f! DR. O. O. WOLF ISE-APPOEVJED Dr. O. O. Wolf, of Ottawa,. has been re-appointed on the state board of veterinary examiners for a three' year term, Gov. Henry J. Allen announced yesterday. ..Doctor Wolfs term" expires March 2fl. FIND YANKEE SKELETON , St Nazaire, France. A skeleton surrounded by the decayed uniform of an officer of the American expeditionary forces has been found near here. Between the fingers of the .right hand was a revolver. American representatives are investigating. Lowest Prices In Topeka MARIAN'S MARCH CLEAN-UP SALE! Hundreds of Pieces Offered at Less Than Cost . Si55 chit t nnn rai.iM ... G17.Y.T.17DC Cabinet mrm Good Health Good HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA GIVES THE 'SURE FOUNDATION. "My health is good, thanks to Hood s Sarsaparilla. 1 am able a o t n e work on a large farm and besides can walk four or five miles a day, although my age is 69 years. I give H o o d's and. otberllood medicines to all in ray family and we should be lost without them on hand ready to use. My husband had the grip last RedPe to Neal la going to show the other candidates a fast pace before the primaries, and If successful at the primaries, the ouly thing that will keep Uim from being-governor la death. Mr. McNeal carries an exceptionally strong agricultural following aud plenty of folks In town and cities have a firm belief In his good Judgment. Sam Beaton In Olathe Democrat. The Democrats of Kansas celebrated Washington's birthday at Topeka by holding one of the largest and most enthusiastic Democratic state conventions which ever assembled in Kansas. The delegates were noisy and wore their fighting clothes. Every county in the state was represented, which was also unusual. As an example of the convention was a success, but it may well be doubted that it contributed anything toward party success at the polls in November. The editor of this paper went to Topeka, Inclined to favor the restoration of the old convention system, and came back much in favor of the primary system. There was an attempt to force the nomination of one candidate only for each office, and .there were out croppings of old party factional differences. Fortunately an overwhelming majority favored an open primary with convention recommendations as merely advisory. ' - The platform Is disappointing It deals superficially with the matters touched uj)on and most of the planks are of second rate importance. There is a pledge of tax reduction and right along side of it the soldiers' bonus is indorsed. Will some statesman please tell us how the people of Kansas or any political party is going to reduce taxes in Kansas, and at the same time vote the soldiers of the state a bonus of $i",000,000. Taking the platform as a whole, it does not contain a single stick of constructive material, or outline a program of legislation worth while. Fortunately thox Topeka document is not the last word. The months which must intervene between ' now and the primaries will develop much valuable discussion of public questions and let us hope that the official platform will develop a constructive program which will command the respectful attention and consideration of the people of the 8tate" - LEAVES TOR WASHINGTON WHAT THEY ME DOING AND SAYING IN STATE POLITICS Gov. Allen to Confer With Kan-sans in Washington. Will White on Democrat Boost for MrNcal Sam .Seaton Given Ad-Tire to Democrats. WlilU In Washington this wrek for hU lelte with Governor Miller, of New York, over the St. Iawrcncf water ay projwt. Governor Allen will n doubt ro orrr th Kansas political itnation with Ui? monitors of the Kan-.t di-l'Tatin In ronprcsn. lTp to thU tinit th delegation has Miowu no tli.H-pnnition to take a hand In the governorship fisht. Of rourM each of the senators and congressmen has his person.! 1 chwi'-e. tmt no attempt Is bring jnab to dictate who the Itcpnhllcana ha'l nominate. .Ml of the eight eon-prcuHmon also have thoir own affairs to look after. All are candidates for re-election. Most of them will have no opposition in Uu primary, unless prr-hanfe they got tangled up In pome of th political deals at home, (iov-rrnor Alien has o far withstood the peadinCT of his friends to run again.' He prefers not to run. Dut If he dem It aJsolutfly necessary to pave tin lndnstrial court ho will do no. His cunferenr with the Kansas delegation at Wahington may have some bearing on the a.e. At any rate It Is expected that h will reach a final decision in the matter shortly after his return borne. W A. White la Bnrporl Gazette, Tt Democrat of Kansas have made a had mesa if they thiDk the lUpub-li mis will not rally to the support of the Industrial court If the Democrats persist In their attack upon It. The court Is a Kansas Idea. It Is working. ATtrr a hard fight it Is getting thru th couru and will eventually win. Tb lda that industrial disputes shoLl.l Ikj adjudicated rather than ar-Mt rated is fundamentally right, and a civillAd ixople must accept it. In Kansns the Uepuhlkan primary la nearly six months off. Nothing can prevent Governor Allen from defending th court on the hturup and he Is a powerful debater. He ha. carried Kansas new as a candidate debating the Idea and he can hold Kansas to the Kappnrt of the Idea. More than that tt. r will be at least one candidate In tho Ucpuhllcan primaries who will defend th court, whether Governor Allen undertakes to defend It as a candidate or not. And that is Stnbbs. Six months ago In talking to the ex-governor be told us that he was for the Industrial court without reservations. Talking with Blm over the phone today. 1 said ho was still for it without any lf or and. The court may or may not t thol.miue In October. The Pori! will decide that for themselvea. They and cot the statesmen will nay what the major Issue of the campaign hall be. r.ut no UepuMlcan can get a Republican nomination who la dubious atotit the court. And the man who got-5 about the state campaigning with the head of the American Federation of I-abor. the chief enemy of the court, should realize that the indusTial court Is one of the things that no candidate ran afford to try to neglect Trm the Uuu Independent. There are a lot of candidates for the nomination for governor, but Tom Mc- SELLERS jl?;?.'. come apart CCT T T?TC have a" new OlLJLLiriilVO ioable Bne Shelf Extender. QVJ mm ' d heumatic Pains Rub It on Sore, Stiff Joints and Muscles, and Rheumatism, Lumbago and Pain Vanish Try It and Seel r 'll $1. QITY sellers .- ' jSli Red Tepper Rub takes the "ouch" from sore, stiff, aching joints. It cannot hurt you, and it certainly ends that old rehumatism torture at once. 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Hritry J. Allen and Tarty to Hear Howat Caee. . Gov. Henry J. Allen left Topeka last night for Washington, D. C, where he will arrive In time to hear the arguments in the Howat case before the United States supreme court Monday. On Tuesday he will debate with Governor Miller, of New York, the question of improvement of the St. Lawrence river waterway to afford a channel for deep ea vessels to enter the Great Lakes. Th debate will be held before the Rivers and Harbors com mission. Sec J. O. Mohler, of the Rtate board of agriculture. Sen. O. O. Wolf, of Ottawa, who went with Governor Allen on the Inspection trip over the proposed waterway, Italph Snyder, president of the Kansas farm bureau, and C. IJ. Merrlam, farm investment banker of Toieka, will also attend the meeting of the commission. Secretary Mohler will stay for a conference with the American Marine association Thursday. This association is also interested In the project. It is estimated the project will save Kansas wheat growers millions of dollars as It will bring the sea ports 1,000 miles nearer Kansas. tralnlng course will be completed Tues day evening. At the close of this meet ing leaders will be given an examination In the technical side of scoutiDg. All found to be proficient will deceive permanent commissions. The troop organized at the industrial school to be sponsored by the Rotary club, has succeeded in securing permanent leadership, T. W. Williamson has conscuted to serve as scoutmaster, and will be assisted by Cecil Howes, and Major Maclean. The Old Tenderfoot Says. "Now Is the time to trt saving up for your trip to camp this summer." The executive board, of the local council, had a very enthusiastic meeting, Friday at the. Elks dub. Further details regarding the summer camp were dlHcussed. The Topeka scouts will enjoy a real camp this coming snmmer. Kvery detail is being scieu-tlflcnlly worked out, with the idea of establishing the camp upon the highest standards. The menu, which will be used. Is Ixdug planued out by an expert dietician. Every moment of the time spent at camp, will be filled with a constructive program, to build up the boy, physically, mentally and morally. A new troop is being foruied at the Second Fnlted I'resbx ferian church. Kev. H. ;. Muim, pastor, reports that the oficial Iwxird has adopted the boy scout program, in order that the institution may be of greater nrvice to its boys. David II. Wallace is ucting deputy commissioner of the North Topeka district. Commissioner Wallace has five active troops in North Topeka. and several more in course of organisation, lie is planuing a regular monthly rally for the loys on the North Side, In the hepo of receiving greater cooperation. Troop 14 started out on an all-day hike Washingtons birthday, and when they had advanced to a point about two miles southwest of Topeka they were forced to halt, because of the Mg rain. The only shelter they could find was a hog shod and it was four hours before the gang could start on their homeward Journey. The follow-ing the iit of mud-dabhers. who returned safely home: Scoutmaster John l Richardson. Assistant Kenneth deacon, and scouts. Hart. Wcese, Hassett. Elliott, Robertson. Dumnrs. Willett. Walker. Beck. Coats. Comfort . America's Greatest Health Resort The wonderful curative properties of the many waters at this famous resort are well known to many Kansas people and ar used for Rheumatism, Sciatica Neuritis, Anemia. Diabetes. Kidney. Liver, Stomach. Bowel and other chronic diseases. If you are fortunate enough to be free from these troubles, but need rest and quiet, away from business cares a wtel or two at Exce'.sior Springs will do you a world of good. Mineral Haths for Ladles and Gentlemen. Write for detailed information. Tou will . like the Koyal Hotel. A. EL Oooper. MoT. Did It Ever Happen to You? A beautiful day the afternoon off a Kodak a roll of films the sport of taking pictures hurry the roll down to be finished the expectation hurry down to get them and 1 am sorry sir, but your pictures were all failures. 33 " FREE Your Purchases Will Be 0Zi rmwum Mm m ma ess Fireproof American Plan Prices Reasonable 100 at $20 Single S4.50 Double I'er Day 150 at $3.00 Single $5.00 Double Ver Day 100 at $1.00 Single SI 'Hi Double I'er Iay 50 at $5.00 Single $7.00 Double Fer Day With Twin Beds $5.00 to $7.00 Per Day 100 In Suite $5.00 to $8.00 Double I'er Day - EUROPEAN PLAN 600 ROOMS 600 BATHS Headquarters in Detroit for Old Colony Club Detroit Automobile Club Detroit Transportation Club JjyJNT try to raisa theaa Under cbicka on grains, ataia bread, meal and such grain products, any mora than you'd feed baby cornbraad. 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