Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1928 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1928
Page 9
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lp*"»nt. . no | this weepiionMly line River OMor ?i oo,.. ! o,t; Ohio*. m *i rnunrt HrhrsMt.* .gjrk Irish rMffi * 8S - 1 00; fsnry sedtn, good tires, « , goe^i m!>b«r. wtll -, excellent nsbher. . R*<!«c*c| U) »«dan, hsu been rscent- «k«(J recently rep*Jni«!. n«rfr seen n buy like this it. OMTMAW MOTOR CO. RKW OABAOE ON NORTH JXXITJST STREET , __.,, -, — high pwfe ifiie oi poultry fwi find poultry supplies dlrrct to the consume-! 1 . This In s r«U opportunity for R \\vt wlr*. Must poagws* a hnowltdg* of poultry culture. Territory Is Dijan and vicinity. B«e Mr. Hort<m «t Mots! Mac hum.' Dlxon, 111., t« 1 tw»pr> 7 Riid 10 o'clock, Friday, Oct. fi, 1MB. MAN tti book order 1 ! for riuf»*ry"sfiw* anrt hire ngrnts! tea weekly. "Exclusive territory. Free outfit. Rmmons Co., Hewurk, Ntw York. motion, outside work. Write''a," care BoASB"«nd ro0m~ for rtKim «nrt First Arc. BOAROEBH. rrivftW"hT5rii*r"S07 Pi«>»V- farm. Mark Tyne. 154 Roclc Pailg. w*»S of work, small tarnlly. Wiwt Hfto chil dren. Phone 8S3-W. HI CHIT Tnvcrn. ttonim wit bent ~~D<MirA eg ! FOtmfH AVK-, 601 — Frnrff"«tri«!»» : tsmm t in quiet modern borne in, for - - • front Rlrrpnig I-IKJDI 404 W ICourth St. . Inquire 311 K»»t Fourth 8t , Roc* Fnlls. " WUJE WARM" sleVp'trfi' r.Kiin, c-fos'cTr .;'."T. """wanabi*-. 404 East Fourth St "the country's b*st economic wel- fart." "It would fe* a graw* m^ j take to interrupt existing and trade our advantages fer doubtful ^ ; under dif^er^nt at*, i Clsf 1 spices," he s«!d. 37 1-2 .-. I, IM USED CARS _-,^_ IM QUALITY, low Jn prlca. S«»e a fair price lor these: and Veil* tourings, me- atui Port tourings, -._,--.- throughout. Curtain* *WJf j|ood. 6 eo^ipo, jtmA lik$ n^w 6 coupe, perfect. —-— ~-w Cuco, good tuc*. 1 0. y priced to Mil. J TRUCKS) TRUCKS I Cafeteria. Apply In parcon. PrMby, Call early la morning. TfOUNU Uerjniii "girl V»rjta place to do housework, Ws» Mtnnl* Scbpti- der. Call Hennan Serg, 757-J, at time. __ want* hou*ewbTk by the day or hour. Can furnUh referenca 1484. between 9 and 4 p, m. Phone 3i8 Instruction Muilcairttancinii, bntnuTtio 44 BAJfJo, mandolin, gult«7~pJaBo ~ac- •cordian, harxno&y and composition, taught... by - koui* B<sl»oj5, artist of . »aUoa«l ren«t«tlon. over SicfcTord'a every Sunfiay »tt«raooo eiud Mon- body, «pare tir« Uk« new. «wd you tuag*. ^^ **" 'o>»««i«' and timtughout *nd k'k J£& flier— DUtnooa T ST. PHOHZ 6KJ-J Buy to <«m. Quick to benefit from. Write. Molir, D13 K. BUte. Chicago. livestock CBKD CAB&— J CHSVHOUrr coach, allghtly ««,„ a ticmoactrater. in perfect me -i condition. CHBVEOJuEl 1 sedan, escelknt "i la OTWT way. Rlda to it. Uvwitoek orjtwln; llgnt work horse, chmp; 100 B. O. Shoda X*lantl K«<J iwas *nd pullat*; a fino eo ; «fc••«, Kffl»». comer !4xuxsla JW «» Mlflwrml Bprlngs «»d. ling. tor THHlSB nr four i urnlahed or "unfur- nlshwt rooms in modern home. 808 ™,??Z *!*•• Hoc* _T*Us. Call S84-W TWO fu>ni(ih"«i~hous«kwpi'nK""roorhs erne MecpinK room, boartl if declred /•SoM*Jn. 403 Fourth Avo. TWO ROOMS." furriifihwl "for* Tight housekeeping, over store B I. " OroJf^ 331 Locust St. UNFURW18HET3 rooaw~"~"f'6r~~iiRht housekeeping. 60.1 w. Birth at. JIVE ROOM dpurtrnent, fully . with garage. »t 507 Ave. c. Phone 1008-W. _ ^ PARMTTSd acres, northwest BtcirUng with ample B. a. pasture and h»y- tend for «k»k. V«ry reswonsble rent and terra lease to right party. W. S McCloy._agcnt. BOOM cott&ge wiOTeGStrto Jights, on Woodburn Aw.. «is p«r rooaOi UBMI April 1st, asulrapp acroas the atreet frous Centra! school. a ¥r Drod . ( !L lc £ < Pbona 1341-J. BUNGALOW oh AVC. . W5 per mouth. CaU ton PUeloa. Phono 680. HoSSiS 6«ji au montiw old. one on* qulolt months old. August Poatnach. MJU Chicago. Orl. 1. — <A.r. I — «i«h Rrnln mnrkct quoutinrut are «, loliow*: -No. 2 rpd. g) 52; No. '4 HM*. J9; Ko 3 hard. 8! l<> l-4,{ l.lg 1-2; No. 3 harrt. 11.11 3-4 . 1 17 K O 4 hard. SMO; No. 5 hurtt. 99; No. I northern f-prtr.z. 81,183-4; Na S northern spring. 91.171-2; Kn « northern epriiiR. SI.13; No. s'northern •prlne, »I-09 1-2; sample grata nort*- ern spring. $1 O.i; No. 1 mixed. Cl 17 1-2; No. 2 mixed. 91.10 1-2. Corn—No. 3 rtilx«J. 9O«?Hl-2; Bo. No. 8 mixi-d.'a*: No. 2 yelkw! 05«8« : Wo. 3 yellow. i»S«t4; H<»_ 4 yellow'. 8S M63; No. 5 yellow. 9O: Ko. K yrllow*. ^ 1-2 »> 89 1-2: No. !J vhtle. 93^36;-Ko 4 white. 91; No. 5 whUr, 85;" winpk grade, 76^87. O»t»—No. a white, 43 1-2 <| 45 Ho. 4 white, 381-2041. Bye—Ho. 1. 81.141-4; No. 2 $1 09 Barley. &9*f71. Timothy seed. »5.30.a5SO. Clover need. 62a.00«3000. fe:. Oct. ! — (A.P.)—Today , rady; r(-rp!pt« 73,765; RUf. f ! ^.?E, frr^h. fanry to fftn- JT^ae; ditto. Jun> Butter nnwtt!w5: rrrfipin 4 1 nr«inrry pxtrs. 82 ecor«, 47 1-3. ' 31 S7«40; pjttra .. 33; Seconds, Drrsurd r»oult»y «t«at!y; chickens, pFti 48 ; 40. frown not quoted- frrsh 23^30, frown 21^33; oki -s 38»>3S; uprlnij turkeys. 60; ^ turkeys, f rMh as330. frosun 30j,» Ilvp poultry finn; chickens, by freight as.-? 34, by fcxprcM so«37- fowls. fn-iRht 20 ,-.-34. express 28f, 30 : okl itKws^rn, Ifl, ' Onrago. Oct. l._(A.P.)-ButS«r f (( . many " Wheat-Dec. .-! CHICAGO GRAIN (By Associated Prcsa) High May 1.25 Corn- Bee. .84', .43 Low 1 20 ' doce .7814 May .80> a .83 1WO OS, a«xlem horn*, dawtwt»lre. tw binea at Thomwn. m., doiag buslnew. No ccmpetition. r4Jtc « right. Inquire Stlckell'a CWe, Thom- Dac, March M*j Rye— Dec. Maich May L*rd— Oct. Nov. 1.02% 12.15 1.01'i 102 1205 .45 1 01 v; F1.01R MARKET Minneapolis, Oct. 1.—(AP) unchangwt. In carload lots Patents quoted at *8.B5«7.05 fe\ In 98 pound eottoa esclu. menus 46,810 barrel*. -Flour bar- Snip- HNANCE NEW YORK „« „»,,»,, Kcw York, Oct. 1.—(A.P.)—A h«»vr accumulation of w««k-end buyina er- — Imparted * ,tron« und^^, u> . e ot t«S*r« stock market < l • point* bj«ber high rtcord Xni- 3 jxxlnu wen* «g. by Itodlo, Atmcond* Otaiplr. inc. . Wrattnghouse XSectrtc lUrveater »nd Tb« .pirtusd recovery in ™ WOT ,. market brought a flood ot new buying orders Into the market. Poola aUo operations oa a large acale, Oct. Kov. Bell!**— Oct. 14.45 Wow. M.70 H.4O 34JSJ 14.40 which are believed By nodiwy Dutchcr, <^fEA Service Writer > (Copyright, IJI28. NKA Srrviro I tic i WBaJi!nr;ton, Oc!, i_m Uio first presidential riRht, John Adams Uo feat«d Ttioma,-; Jcfrcrson by thrw «!l«!tor!nl vofps. Tliat wiw in 1795 after Washingtcn had rrfuecd & thlrtl term. Washington doubtless could have been re-elected ns his prestige remained great, but >plp had gun to :,oiir on him. He h'n c! tone over so completely to the Federalists and Alcsandcr Hamilton's conception of government by the aristocrats that Jeffersonian edl- tora wte branding him "treach- eroiw;- "Inemcl- ent" and -what- Joha Ad«mn not. Even Tom Pnlnc wrote to describe Washington's administration *s "deceitful, if not even perfidious" and accused him of permitting corruption and allowing his former troops to be sola out. Washington complained that his enemies were attacking him as if nc were "a common pickpocket" All -of which indicates the intensity of party feeling at the twne, Jefferson and his Deinocrate who favorc4 rule by the common people were regarded as barbari- !S _T *•««£ Washington once THREE PREHIDENT* MISS SrCCEHSORS' INAl'Gt-BAI, RITES - - —w «— ~t — *•* *.** «* u VCWC «Cu to- *»rtw * Uwg* «bort tot«w»t. Owen a YouBgli eta^nwat that proaperttr wU ocfjiUnuB under either Hoover or Smith «« pnsald^nt had a bullish ef-ln.^- _^:""T r" ^t on epscuteUvc seatuneat,, I OJUB8 were cprtnelng Mootgomery ward, wjiica recunwd I P?UUcal war on the "- (A - S '-*- T1 *' vu. , very M demoMtritbr, run lea tbao and carries a FQBO tador wdan. good co»"- MXS *«y rwMKmably priced. totuinar, motos- rwxsrwUtioaed. ' j 4>«KM wLOTXMtlOTS! 1K>0 ibs.; alco two mala Whlfca oiint '. C. Becker, phone 1711-J.! JPama aad Land f«- Sato _L~~— "" "• •"• »*>-vj»e«. CUUUD illl-j. i n r n--j *,_„ «•>. ------ ,~* -— •—•! •••«- Pooltry «ai Suppllea ruff, wscond bouw went oi Woodiide school. . thy'a feed atorn. Phou» 03S-W <xe — wheat incntascd 0.«J5,«X)e; corn de- CTWiaed «04«»; «ats decreased 533 000: rye Increased 478.00O; barley ln- XWHSD MACHOnmy-as ft, com el«. Wtor. McOonnlsk Pwyrtug com pick. with pow«r takeoff, 4-roli Mc- ^k_«ftr«Sd«r. Myiin nmt Kwd, Tractor Men, 319 S. Third 8t —r-, lifc* «... „ .1, tourto«», AU w*«k la mava th«m f «rrr MOTOR coasoKA-noN E* WKlaa, A-l ahAp«, w«ch« A-l 8top*,-4H7S. "* «***». timiwl m«t^ , with I«Dr« motor tractor hittsh. w«l Mil with or without motor. , Rout* J, *»«tory term* can be and thwt* lau on oppoalt« Menaonit« church. Will mil «t a bargain on easy Uraas. J. «*ea biOancc . flM yobm txittagtw, baif block Jrora Bawjaeat. fc. «. wire ^Wtt9_oompauy. T!£T5r§iKwi cheap at |loa. - iwujw, *^ tba^ «OHP«, A-l KLBOT»JC •bape. Av*. K. (U. 8. Department of Agriculture) Chicago, Oct. 1,— (AO».)— Hoax re- Ctlpta 30000; markefe opMiwt-I&to-aa cent* higher; Ht*r trad* seuasdy to ISc bl«h«r; t^> fliae. paid f«- » losd P* choice around asj ib. ««ighia. — Butcbetit. medium to cfeoloe aso- 3M jb., »io^«iiao- aoo-aso uT. jOmporaUon was bid Carbide. Lambert, and' Purity •old 2 to 4 point* lugher. Motors again changed hands large volume on reports of la 130-160 Packing sowe. C*tlle receipts aa^CO; cslve* neiml trade at g^^Uitai en rounda ;all factors 28 to 75 ceatM Iow«r about w«at«rn earnlnga and persistent rumoro oi new consoHdaUons in the industry General Motors. Kwsh and Studebaker were «01 bid up a point oar more. Ow>- Jpsr «lso attracted-* larg^ ftSiewSg M « of tha recent «U«entag la ty prices, and report* th»t ealea and prodo^ttsBj ««, alj recorda. Ralla moved slowly forwawj under baulereiiip of Rock Island, wnich «a is» to s new high record, and Canadian ^^ .-- -. -.-r-,-.,,*£} ~u*« vj*v*^i called them "Uie filthy Democrats." But all through the 14 or more Jefferson and Democratic up for this - — — ruling party tl.1 a ™ t< f ratji - merchants. New Bagland clergymen and ex-Tories, The party was really solidified by thef&ll of the PrencH king in 1783, when Euroiie's coalition of kings turned against the French republic. Jeffersonlans were hot tor.Uw Pfench; Httmiltonians for the fallen regime. Mass meetings were held everywhere. Streets were icnamed. Thousands called «aeh - other "outran" and "Citi - wness" after,the new French man- Neither of the two President* Adams. John and Quincy, attended the Inauguration ol his eucccssor.''No other president has been absent from the ccremonifg except Andrew Johnson, whom President Grant refused to allow to accompany him In the carriage to the CapitoL _ John Adamg drove out of Washington early on inauguration morning In 1891. He Imitated that ho was "too busy" to sec Jefferson inaugurated, but he was known to be greatly humiliated by his defeat John Quincy Adams apparently refrained because Jackson had neglected tc visit him after h^ia election aad arrival in Washington. congressional caucus and Aaron Burr, then the political toss of New was named as his running York, mate. The campaign, beginning early In October, wa* bitter. Scurrilous and unfair attacks were hurled at Adams, "the monarchist," and Jefferson, "the atheiirt." Charges of French and British "slush funds- were part of the campaign. The federalists won the northern states except Pennsylvania, and Jofferaon'* party that and the rest. This time Hamilton schemed to defeat Adama with Pinckney — for it was then possible to manipulate electors so as to ewitch vice presidential candidates into the white House. He thought Pinckney might pick up a few southern electors who wouldn't vote for In nOfr-Tfai* f OPT of „ ttl •»*» J»y Mat ««i*y after J*««mn had _^^. the unfavorable treaties Jay mtto abroad, lay afforded on* <tf tit* fetu twest isreea of the AdastS'Jeffor.. aunpaJffn of '—' must gtve way to the gmt of Jeffcwia" But ntunoroiis New England electors refused to vote for Plnctaay. and so enabled the hated Jefferson to become vice president under his bitter eiwtny. The vote w*a A4ama 71. Jeffenranu «8, Plncknty 8S, »^i Burr 30. six of J« States had allowed a, popular vote for electors. There was question whether Vermont's four votes for Adams were legal— her legislature had appatat- ?<J electors without first pawing « law for It. The Federalists had obtained ^wo electors from ej'Ivanla. One of them, Sam , , oted for Jefferson and Pinetaey, and BO stands ., Allied C3&emlc»l. which fell 3 polnta. wch * n *«» opened «t«*dy be- IOCAL MARKETS ta.OOt* 14.60. MARKETS <Beftort*d by DUIaa Elevator) com, I left cbolt* YES, IND££!». *^3*»SSOR: W«lt«r. say h«t SB»«. W*R: J*o, but your Mend, nor X has been waiting for three hours for you. H*Ot«BSOB: Tb*r*r I cOUdiUon^Jr^ulre^^l B«vwith Ave. said Se WjOw. 613 A»«, CMICAUO OttAlN REVIEW By Jotui P. Bough Market Editor) Chl«go, Oct. 1.— (AJP.) — increa»9 domestic wheat vimble supplies to 110,047,000 bu., the largest mnowt *wu? kuowa »t thia tuiw ttf y«»r, w*ifh*d wheat *&*&* flown today." Ajf*iii»t thU »howljig, totel United m»* wtw«t *teck * mr ceo wS« wJy 78«3XKX) bu, osi thi oths* t tauHeeu la Woith Anwr. «««»* WM el Wf voluiiw. com <* . but and aaedium, Cutt«ar aiiit cutter. • @ Bull*, good and chx»l«» (beef) W.1S; cutter to coll Stodu* and oica («tt . v« tfic lower; fairly acttwt bi4OUj« on western nuos «*»: bulk •« M liteiul mipply af "W tot trade »Jew. *cux to Me Lamb*, good and a»k*, 83 Oown. The T¥ench called for military aid under the treaty which helped "• * ij * our own reYoluUon.- Hsm Oton refused it. Mora mass meet lags and more Democratic howls Th* Federalists howled back, call toe the Democrats "Jacobinical atiwlstlc. anarchistic ami imn ni. rtHe charge of atheism, utterly taijusttfted. was forever be- tog hurled at the Deist Jefferson) Meanwhile, the "rabble" bawled for war with England • The J*y Treaty. Jefferson had long since retired cabinet, Hamilton left it but continued to pull the - . Existing cabinet members FederaJista In Congress, 30 or of whom had directly bene- by his financial policies, were ISO ib. , T. H Irwla. Vhoae 881-W. Wil* em Arg«»U»* tractive mucl» uf the tint* today ; other article. sides the ataount of wocat Oak More campaign material was jWMed when John Jay brought back hu sorry treaty with England laid such heavy restrictions "ce. ., England had i -M - iiour hew n * Uott to InoigwUes and Jay was - .—te an end to The Federalist Beruite rati- ««.«*^!!? 8ty "^-trted U. keep it ««cm. Jeffersonlan senators made it public. Up and down the statea, f p*«$ - piittlic outcry went UD CbJef Justice Butledije himself let I «~,* t*rriWe blast against the B*aty. Everywhwe Jay was buriq«d in effigy. ^HUc^ campaigns Uien were (tin with jMumphUjts and news- «rs. Jeflerson had early seen Jl^«n of cstabllahine his OW i> ! Philip Frene«u. Tlie inost prom- j at Itradaia, among whom Ham-' prolilic. wrote! congressional' ai e d Adam, j so«ss by MI party & , Hany | SuJ?***»* lld *«*• ^^ loyiil'to' MaUtoi, tboagh be wa* later to * WmJj» fc iUetWu»at»"Mn ul a ^^^te-" ^ JQlKht h« V e J •t ehaw*, beehive-ot the desir- My of carrying Hew York, imd ttot fawa for Uie treaty, »rrH arctio , SAIL SOUm-Tfae main serial arm of h«« u shown being touted aboard, the Sf ^^f^ 0 bs5€ ft"" Hwuntoi Roadv W * Wp ' <<Floyd %i»iett." largest of fW «^v Alt ' I ' vbetng reaAseinb! «l to the south* it will be the unknown regions from the «ir. " — ni Ww Unu*^ *« GIANT W466HW HUGE MW *i*o l|*c left Si s.hi>wik Hi* ish^c > fi'eMidwte *Ill S! « T-~ '"~~~'~ .IK-" •—'•"'"•--'. «-"- J»-UJW»*. J4ii§i' CT^lifa^' t|C*jtt^|l ^ ww by ...^SU-I^SS" 8 *** ^ ^^^^^

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