Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 8, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 8, 1944
Page 6
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TUESDAY,AUGUST8, 1944 Page Six NAUQATUOK:PAILY-NEWS When Yanks Rode Into Rennes HOMER HITTER e Will , wild enthusiasm the lllM-rulnl P«-O|»U- of R.'imos ureot th.; first nvcl tnirli to drive Itirouifli tin; .xtrcol* of tin- Breton capital. So . wi.s I In 1 liming when tills |iloliiri- was liiki-n Hint the truck Illrrully stulle.l. Signal Corp* Kudiophoto. (UlUTimtlonal Sound- photo) Emergency News Is Delivered By The Red Cross t>,v hat- Wellington. t>. C., A tin. S- npirf ilil'U.-ullk-i Imposed by tie conditions, the -American lied Cross Man iricroased by It) per cent em«r!TC-.-.<-y im-'j/iges delivered from servicemen in staging and combat zonu.t to their families, it was announced tuday at P.ed Cross NntiGrKil Headquarteri'. During; the last -moath, 12,79-t .tiich en\ergency wore delivered in this country by the Ref! Crony. Many of thuse were rcplli'.s to niessagc-1 and inquiries svnt i>y the families of men in Hit newo.xt area of comli-it, About f> per cent of inquiries arid me:!Miiges sent tu rinjflii.-wt rould riot lit- delivered immediately, the Amerlcon Ked Cross commissioner to that c-ountry cabled, lie cited tint 1 Instance of mos«i««s to :L soldii-r whosp unit is "sealed" in a-troop conce.r.'tratlon aroa, en- lii-fly out of communication. Families tit men in combat or staging ;t:-etis should riot 'becomo unduly alarni-'tl over failure to receiv,! prompt replien to mos- jiugos, l^ed Cross official.-: pointed out. Men •A'ho aru on missions car,*not bs i-uiii'hed until thr.-ir return. Ofter mustiujfus must bt- forwarded several times ho fore they catch up v 'th thf si'i-vlcf-man. In combut xoncs Rud Cros.t field directors ('(-eminently carry tin- mo.isa^e a.i rtuic-h as 150 miles In make delivery. In onn recent instance the fit-Id director trav- . . -il i'50 rnili'S on an ammunition truck to deliver .a me.Sim.KC and return with desired informa- ! lion. i Tho Army no lonj,'- 1 !- iy liantlling | etnei-Lrency furkiiiKb atxl welfare j ini|iiiry cables to .servicemen rrx- | cejit those that come thnniKh Find | Cros.< clinnm.-ls. OICNK ON MIS OWN Gone (-Ci'upa. who had been ap- pearir,< on thnatfr anti ballroom datfr.M with Torrimy Dorscy's Or- rhestra. left the Victor maestro's cri;w to head his own band. Tni* was inevitable at'tur the fervent reception Kl'-'en him .at his appearances with T. D. Gene's fli-nt on- <uKi.'nir:iit at the ytnind theater oa 71riiadway is breaking records Ti^ht and left. The new outfit |< u. string section in addltron to the usual instrumentation. Carrier, Whose Car Was Stalled, Got Mail Through dur- and •Swampscoit, Mass.. Aug. S — (UP) — The mail must go through was HIP- jilea of letter carrier Jnmcr Flnnegan. Plmiegan wns balked -midway on his rural route because his gasoline had been siphoned ing thy nig-li. So he got ou pushed. But the first filling station he approached wa^ out of jras, ths second was closed and a third demanded ration coupons. However, the letters "U. S. Mail" printed 'on thu truck finally persuaded the- operator.; of the last station ;o "loan" an emergency tankfu! and send the rnciil through. Frenchman tocliet fat 1926 Volunteer Firemen To Keep Membership For At a recent meotinj; of the Nau- Katuck HOSTS and Hook and Lnd- cler Co., It was decided to keep tho present- membership intact, with no new additions until attar tlie war. This action was takrn 'i? enrollment in the orfranuzation is determined by priority in application. With many applicants in .the •armed forces for some time .now, it is thought that It would be. unfair to servicemen to admit any who have soug-ht membership more recently than* they. Frank Muleski was chosen ns delegate to t'.ic state firemen's convention with Capt. James J. Grant as alternate in Groton, at the Grisw&ll hotel. Sept. S and 9. Succeeding Kra-nois Calvin; who reeonly became a paid member of the fire department, in the office of second assistant foreman was Everett Donovan. Walter Gcsseck was elect-id trustee in place o'f Mr. Don a.van. Herbert Cockroft, foreman the volur.itoors, presided at msctlnR. Of the An nvi-ra^'e cumniei-c has $800 worth of tires. truck ALCAZAR TODAY - WED. - THURS. 'Uncertain Glory' and 'The Winner's Circle' NOTICE! TO OUK XAUGATL'OK STOKK f.'USTOMKKS. 1 Dm- In \viir dim- I'lindllloiiM, wo iin- rixnprlli'd to cliiMe our >*nu- giituck xtorp. CAM, US For tho iln.v our Kouti 1 Mim «'ll| be nn yniir xtri'ct. Free Telephone Service For Xnllfr'itlick Cimtonirrn Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETTvLUX — llry Clranom , K. Main St.. Wiitrrhury Main Office ii Plant, 33 Walnut St. Ext. Watcrtown — Ni«iB«tucfc Mlildli-liurv "BATHING BEAUTY" IS THE LEAD NOW AT THE STRAND Music to be seen as well as heard. That's what Harry James delivers in his current screen stint in "Pint hint' Beauty," now at the Strand theater. The •tun,d-spanK!ed Mctro-Gold r wyn-Mayer Technicolor comedy, and starring Rod Skelton and R.ithor Williams, introduces visual music. James find his musicians furnish music for an elaborate water ballet featuring Esther Williams and thirty-two afiuacuties. As the rythms of the music chfingo from sweet to hot, lighting effects within the swimming pool itself change color to harmonize with the mood of the melodies, .lames begins the sequence with hlmw rhythms behind a blue foro- gi-ound. As the music grows hotter, the lights take an incandescent hue of red and orange. The water nymphs are battled in torrid lights line] sound. This innovation was created by John Murray Anderson, New York mage director, specially signed by M-G-M to direct the water ballet sequence. Also In the star-studded cast of "Bathing Beauty" are -Bill Goodwin, of radio fame. Ethel Smith, the lithel Smith, the Hit Parade organist who makes her screen debut, Donald Meek and Xavier Cugat and his orchestra. The co-feature on the current Strand program is "Port of Forty Thieves,' f a a 11; r i n g Stephanie Bachelor and Richard Powers. Latest Pox Movietone News flashes are also a part of this Strand bill which will run through Thursday. T.H,1 M.Altl-KN.E ARRIVED rs'ot only did Perry Como's Victor disc of 'Lili Marlcno" go on sale in music store;, throughout America last week, but "Lili," herself, put in an .appearance in trade motion picture showinps. The 20- minute film depleting the story of Lili Marleno" was previewed to motion pk'ture critics prior to its. peixlinp-release. It is reported that parts of the films are actual scenes taken in N'aj-.i Germany and captured by the Allies. Big ' • William : 'Played With Bad Leg And Lost Three Out Of Five Sets In thu twilig-ht of his career, Big Bill Tllden has many thrilling ten- nii- memories. Undoubtedly, his iriind goes back often to September 16tli, 1920, Tllden was the lncumbe.nt national singles champion and' had gone to the scmi-finul round, in the 192t> tournament. • That day Bill'was 1 scheduled" to pluy Henri Coohet—-a umnll, fast Fre.ivch' player who was well known as a speed demon. Tildc-n almost -'had been forced to drop out-'of the tournament because of a badly bruised knee. Ha had been .injured -the previous week in a match with Rene La Coste. But the grit and determination that had made Tilde-m a champion would not let 'him quit. Ho looked confident as ho walked out onto the famous middle court at Forrest Hills. Bill 1 -stood over Cochef like the Rock of Gibraltar and looked like a tower of sti'L-ngth. But the crowd didn't know that Bill wasn't going to be 'aible to use his murderous cross-court long- shots because he was afraid toi put too much, strain on hla leg. He kivow Mint he couldn't give 'Ills leg- the kind of treatment he usually gave it when '-he was playing his hardest .brand of tennis. Howjver. nt the same .'time. Tilden was one of • the ismarleaf. ten- players in die world -and'he was counting a- lot on his craJti- nt'Ss on the eoirrt. . . Big Bi}l was lucky 'In the first set when Cachet elected to play the tack-line and- try to outmaneuver the -master. Tildcn -ncve-r met a man who could- beat hhn at that game. Time after time the long-, the lanky -American would--shoot -a bail to one corner or another and find Coohet going .the other, way. Thus, Tllden managed to take the first set without much trouble. .. • .- . In the second set, Cochet, seeing that Tildcn- was tiring, began to play a close, fast net game. Tildcn couldnt get around fast enough to shoot his-.long power drives past the little man. Cochet made Big Bill look like -a college player as he set him down in that set. ' • -. • The third set was faster and much closer. Tllden came to life and fought through long, hard session. Tilden ivas pushing, and pushing hard, as he tried desperately to take the set. But Cochet hung on gamely and outlasted the tall American. The drive took most .of the steam out of Cochet and he was a tired player when the fourth set began. He held a two-to-one-Ret advantage,over Tllden, but he wasn't stepping around the. court as fast as he did earlier in the match. Tilden won the fourth set. As the llnal set got underway the fans couldnt decide . what -to think about Tilden. He had looked brilliant in winning the fourth set, but he was in and out during the early part of the deciding set. The act rocked back and forth as first one, then the other .player burst forth with enough speed and skill to win a. game. Finally the set stood nt six-all and the fans edged closer to the edge of their scats. Tild«n was serving. He aced the Frenchman three times—then lost a point. With the score at forty-fifteen Cochet must hvae gotten his second wind. He suddenly whipped back with four straight points to win the game and go ahead. Ten thousand people stared and wondered if Tildcn could come back. Sadly they got their answer as Big Bill wilted and lost the next game and the match. Big Bill Tllden had made his best—and last stand—on the amateur tennis court. W. L. Pet. 02 42 .590 AMKBIC'AN tKAGUE No games yesterday. The Standing St. Louis Boston ..I..'.- '• New York Detroit Chicago Cleveland Philadelphia Washington No games today. 55 48 53 48 52 50 50 53 51 !55 47 59 4-1 59 .534 ,525 '.510 .485 .•181 .4-13 .421 NATIONAL LEAGUE No games yesterday. The Standing St. Louis .. Cincinnati Pittsburgh New York Chicago Boston Philadelphia Brooklyn •n, L. 'Pet. 72 27 .727 . 05 -13 ,!3G1 . 52 -M . .19 r,2 . -IG 49 , -II. fiS . 3S CS . -10 C2 .1542 485 .484 .•114 .396 .392 Today's Gumcs, Pitchers New York at Pittsburgh—Vois- elle (12-12) vs. Sewull (11-9). Others not 'scheduled: Hop Brook C.C. Sceneflf^Brisfol Tournament By Jack;.Sords BILL NICHOLSON, •'The Bristol "Co."'tournament ha. attracted ten two-man teams t compete. .for . the company ,.cham plonships. Hie tourney, run, on a handicap basis, is being held a the Hop Brook Country club. Three matches were played Sat urday with two others rained ou Sunday. The'team'of Roomer and Allen look-over Murphy and Miller Soliwockl and -Kalikowski defeat ed Pronovost and Orin, and the twain of "Vande Can- and Mayberry trimmed O'Donnell hntl Marcus. .The other -matches will 'be played off soon. . '' ' ' Rockingham Park To Close Saturday ' Salchv 'N. 'H., Aug.' S^Paul/Andolino's Laclys Reward, one of the most discussed maiden two-year olds in the,East, will be a definite starter in tin; $.10,000 New Hampshire Jockey Club Special, which will be run at Rockingham Park on Saturday -us.' the feature of the closing day'of the old Rock's summer meeting. ' .The young-son-of Reaping Reward and Lady Eewithus has made only two starts in his career, but on tho strength of what he showed on those occasions, and despite the fact that he will be racing against youngstres the majority of who have won races, it could be that he will be the favorite to win the .$10,000 Special. Cravath Named Coach Of All-Stars Baksi Decisions Lee SavoidlnChi. Chicago. Aug. 8—(UP)—T^cavy- weight Joe Baksi of Kulpmont. Perm., decisioned Lee Savold at Chicago last night. Promoter Jack Xoarny awarded Baksi a gaudy pewter belt, symbolical of . the duration heavyweight championship. Cochrane's Navy Team Wins Again Great Lakes, 111., Aug. 8— CUP) — Mickey Cochrane's Great Lakes Bluejackets won their fifth game of the -season from a major league team yesterday. Virgil Trucks threw a 1 to 0 two-hitter agaiintit tho Chicago White Sox. Trucks fanned eight men to run his strike-out total to 124. It was his seventh win of the year. Over 2,000.000 women of all ages have received training under public vocational and college war training programs, the War Manpower commission has annouin-ccd. Largest number received 1 training in .aircraft production. Chicago, Aug. 8—(UP>— Jeff Cravath, coach of the winning Southern California Trojans in the last year's Rose Bowl game, has been named to the college all-star conching staff. Eo McMIHin of Indiana and Henry Frnka nt'Tulsa arc other coaches of the collegiate squad which collides with the- world'* champion Chicago Bears late this month. Naugy Dusty League Playoffs Start Tonight At Rec Field tri'pl^ Ties At End Of Each Round Feature Local : Loop This Year Playoffs to decide' the winner of the first,,round of the Naugatuck Dusty'league 'will start tonight at Recreation'field : with Risdon meeting- O.-'S.'Rubbc'.-: Nuugatuck Chemical, which' -was' the third 'tea-m to claim first place at'the end o'f the initiul round, will meet the winnei Thursday. Next week the playoffs, for foe .second round lead will como about asc Chemical, the Footwear plant, and Lewis Engineering shared the lead after the firing was over in that round. • The two winners will meet in a final game to decide the championship. Eastern Boys Defeat West At Polo Grounds NetvYork. -Aug. S— CUD — In the first All-American boys baseball •ame, the Eastern Kiddy Korps. managed, 'by Connie Mack, met anul whitewashed the West-of-the- N-Iissi.^ippi boys, 6 to 0. , Lean lefty Bill Pierce, reprcscnt- ng Detroit, was the pitching sini' of tho day. He worked six innings against the WeKtcrnei's unc al,owed only three .hits—for no runs- Seven, strikeouts by Picrc.o t|ualify Tim as tho "Mr. Whiff" of tlic Tuniors. Babe- Ruin, Jimmy Walker and (Vbbott and Costello jjrovidod the jre-fjamc entertainment, for the unior version of a. big league game—staged at New York's Polo rounds. Hose Co. Softball Team Ready For Action Thursday The. N.iugatuck. Hose" and -Hook and Lndd'or Co. Softball team ha? b2cm rcorg.'inixed land, u'ill play its first game Tluirsday night .against the Citizens Hose Co. of Seymour at Linden Park. The game will get underway at 6 p.m. The club which had «a. vary good, rc.'ord last year is being coached by Copt. James J. Grant. Norcl- hiK Nan pros has the managcrirJ duties of Ihe sqund. All nu'mbers of the volunteers are invited ' to" attend and pm'tici- pate ini the contest. ON VACATION Xantuckct. jr.iss.. -AUS". ?—CUP) The former governor of New York is vacationing with his family in Nantucket. Herbert H. Lehman, who is now director general o the United Nation Relief and : habilitaiion Admira'stration. ox pact..* to remain until August 15th Brides Delight In Gifts from Clync'n . nnd sr> does everyone else. Drop in at CLYNE'S. Just a few steps from Exchange Place for restful, leisurely gift shop- CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 Harrison Ave. Wnterbiiry Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment BOMB 'KM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — pecca Record* SWAN'. ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TEL. 2574 GREATER SERVICE from your clothoH when they 'arc cle«hdd\ regularly.. by' biir expert workmen. 1'rompt service. ;D.LIEBERMAN •- 20 CHURCH STREET Oklahoma oil was first 1 produced commurcially in 390-1. Wanted J » Part or full time help, male or* 'female. No experience necessary.* CITY BAKERY 1 171 Maple Street \ TEL. 3678 I GIFTS FOI4 \VKniJlXGS, ; SHOVVEIJS, ANNlVEK-SAKIJiiS, Etc. STRISIK'S j CENTER ST. DIAL 3-S7U2 | GREAT OAK FARM i } OXFORD ROAD Tel: 5(M3 ! OXFORD ROAD T« MILK — EGGS Delivery To All Tarts Of IS'aiignliick Trompt, Expcrt v WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero -' Jeweler . 180 CHURCH ST. , — I Flight Up —. 10-Quart Cold Pack Canners •In a Limited Quantity AlKO: CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY BUILDING Tel. 5212 ' YOUR EYEGLASSES . .SHOP C. Tomlinson Neary Building Conn. STORK Cl.OSIilJ AT.T, PAY EACH MONDAY DURING JULY AND AUGUST 2-l-I>c. not Silvnr-philod r. Service for G" CREDIT JtWIllRJ o!i»fc Modi St. — «.'220* Summer Dresses CLEARANCE up i-^v-Xj'>j ) _i < uy war SOU 1 H rvlAIN i i n i » r Locals Defeat Parrel Foundry h Lop-Sided Contest, 18-1 ++&+-<9+*'++r**^^ rr ^ This V That By DUKE KA/LACSKAS (Sports Editor) The St. Louis Browns arc still making pretty K°°* progress we see by the standings today. In a little" moj-c than a week's time, they increased their lead from '2 3-2 games to 0 1-2 games. _ L.-ist night we decided to sec how Ked Hermans felt about the matter. when, prior to the start ,of the major ' league season ] spring, v.-e' picked the Browns and the Cardina.13 to play in the world scries this October, with the Browns lakinjf the world crown after six contests. Yes, Red really tore into us then. And Red hasn't subsided one little bit since, for last night he gave us another terrible rajjginjj. We saw Red first and in a triumphant manner we breezed up alongside the redhead. "Hello, Red," we said. "How do you like the Browns?" "Co 'way, brother, go a—way," Die redhead said. "Ho, ho," we said, "you can't take it. Afraid to admit you arc wrong." ".My Rood friend," the crimson- haired personage said, "the Browns come east this week and they will play 22 games, starting with the Yanks Wednesday. TJiey will also meet the Red Sox, and if Uiny .ire in llrsl place when Ihoy start their homeward trek after the Yanks and Red Sox are through with them, I'll eat raw oysters. And you know J can't stand them." That was quite a statement for the redhead to make. "Moreover," the russet-top added,' "the Senators are' going to come back after that four-straight thcv lost in St. Looey. And 3ook what the Athletics did to the t".-inks Saturday. They aren't gonna be pushovers. Heck, after this trip, the Browns will probably farm out Kramer, Caster, and Jacucki, and sell Muncrief to the Dodogers." "Let's go for a beer, Red," we cut in. "Furthermore, as soon as a couple of good pitchers tic up those Brownie 'sluggers.' with Stephens the only .300 hitter, they'll be lucky to end tip'eighth. Why, they may even wind up behind the Dodgers, and they are in an- Rado Gives Up 6 Hits On First Trip On Mound After Navy Discharge U. S. Rubber Go's Softball representatives in the' Waterbury Jndu«l triril league defeated Fair el Foundry in a One-sided ball game 38-1, and are now in a tie for th« lead with Waterbury Tool. Bill Rado. recently returned from the U. S. Navy, hurled for the locals, giving up six bit* and a lone run to the ironworkers. . His teammates gave Rada a 2-0 lead in the first inning and added more runs as the game- went on, climaxing: their efforts in th.i lagi inning with 7 tallies. Bob Rhodes and • Lou King got- seven hits between them, providing most of the Rubco power, although everybody hit the big pill hard. Capt Erownie Karaban did. a good job in the field. Both Rubco and Watco arc sporu ing a 10-3 won-lost record. The Tool takes On the Lux Clock t^ani tonight. The Rubbermen have two more ti)_j left, a postponed game with Lux and thpir last scheduled game with U. S. Time, next week. The score by innings last night. U. S. Rubber ... 201 035 7—IS 17 1 I'arrel ......... 000 030 0— 1 6 4 Rado and Booth; Carroll and Meier. Umpore, Stance. other league;" We could stand no more, und walked away, bitterly thinking "just wait until October" and then v.-o'll buy all the raw oysters available on the open market, and feed 'em vo Red. An average persons eats 31 frankfurters a year, according to the department of agriculture. Jo' i' -WORE BONDS NOW - 2nd .BATHING BEAUTV* WSKELTON tnmi WILLIAMS •TORT OK 4« THIEVES" WALTER BRENMN • LOH MeCUUSTER JEANNE GRAIN-CHARLOTTE fiREENNCSC BUY BONDS CIIAHLIE »/fi ~,. — ,,/ CHAN- in The Chinese Cat with SIDNEY* TOLER EXTRA - MARCH OF TIME BCV BONDS FRIDAY "DRAGON SEED" with Katharine Hepburn "O- When- shopping 1 or work bogs you down— and you get time out for refreshments, hop over and perch at our fountain and enjoy— FRESH LIME FREEZE... 1O* JUMBO ROOT BEER... 5* Tomato and Lettuce Sandwich lOc G. C. MURPHY CO. CHURCH STREET

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