Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 1, 1928 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
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Monday, October 1, 1928
Page 7
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Yotk Yankees sre ! f«rM«tilftrt|' h*rd to best thty will enter the toe tmdtr V 1,~ 1-i dogs the. Yankees have i that tbelr bit« is -m>rm to win the com- hardly oiw en thtlr lift of rfniny-Biiad ttj« best utait may be cxp«ct«d of club when H faces i is to be found in recol- . of ih* last series which the i jiktyed with the Philadelphia felng the (second we*k »r. h«d wfctehed a lead 1% 1-3 games wither away. fAnd then the Yankees, not much intrinsically than st the arose and spanked ssuae White Elephants until equaled for mercy. Hard To Beat. When "they start anything as un- th« Yankees are cscwd- hard to bent. The Cardinals logical favorites on form, but American League rivals are ' to mangte the dope. th t*ains are working out at !•»**» Stadium today. Soth managers fear the bad ef- of a let-down af, this time, and . to keep their men on their tor the next three days. with the National . champions accorded a bettor Moan *ren chance to via, mad the descent of the Yankees the baseball heights in pros- Haw Mill*? fi' Bin M-R> — Bj--«t. fniir I Th«y Art i l«l rilj According T-i g On Three Oftia? $<b<*dH!e •— Fir?! st Yfsn't!*? af and Friday: fhinf, fourth M«l fifth rtirr.M! at at. uvlny. M>ffidsy sixth *»nd R?. VgnkM Ttviinstlay. October 11, and Friday, October IS, • . PwtponemsntB — te want of postponement*. tcvmi TrtU r?- msln !n wlwWrwr ftlty th<*y chance to lw until f*is» sehwt- fdr tftUt city haw betn DfttW a! following • g*m«f» will be shifted ticeordint- iy. of QftJB*»~M«w York will start at 1:30 p. m,. ea»t«m standard tlnw in St. Lmfls ftt 1:SO p. m. standard lime. It meant A Lot To Hoyt For He WOE $2,OQO Bonus For His 22ndTVictory n i Ics grown apace. The Cardinals, tae*e grizzled bad boys of base"Pete" Alexander and "Rib- it" Mawnvill*, on their roster Bleh also includes cuch nationwide u Frankie Prlsch and Jim have a club with color The Yankees have had things for some yean figures may be broken Already all the reserved Hew York and St. (Men fiold~*jxl petal* FINAL STANDINGS AMERICAN LEAGUE _,.. Hew York *b!I»delphi* I*, Pet. 53 55 73 79 83 86 B2 ,6M ,841 .487 .468 .443 .403 75 72 88 62 57 96 .373 Results. Philadelphia 0. -6.- — f, Cleveland 2. ashington 9, st Louis 1, By Herbert W. Barker. (Associated Press Bports Writer) The major league drama Is done for another season but the Yankees and the Cardinals stiU have an epilogue to ofler, They meet in the world's series starting at New York on Thursday and ending when one team has won four games. With both, pennant campaigns already decided, there was not jnuch to Interest the baseball fan In yesterday's closing engagements. With a $2,000 bonus as incentive, WalU) Hoyt, right handed ace of Miller Hoggins' Yanks, pitched the American League champions to a 7 to 8 victory over the eDtrolt Tigers. Hoyt had bean promited "two grand" »S they say in the very best pugilistte circles, II he Won 32 games Uua year. Be wat cuffed about rather freely by the Tigers but von hie reward with the aid of Babe Ruth's 54th and Lou Gehrlg'a 37th home runs. The Philadelphia Atnletycs finished the season two and a half games back of the Yanks when they were thrown for a loss by the Chicago White Sox. The Box ecored the only run of the game in the seventh when Kamm singled, home Reynolds from base. Geilln's homer with two on in th* fifth was the Ugh spot of Washington 1 * 9 to 1 victory, over the St. Louis Browns. ' The Boston Bed Sox romped to an easy 1 to 3 win over the Cleveland Indiana, Phil Todt getting a nm tad three at^iglea. i t, r ' "Mil, , rfltftth"? mor* Th*t U. not b* ship t short. i front in hy n \-2 of twim than the when *h*y «r* s-hote stid crippled, the Yanks may o mttttw thf flnvc. in that swept tb«n wit the Am<*rSca.n liswru? flatly in July. The July would be top- heavy favorlt** to crtt«h the Curds in the oominst •world s*rS(«, but the Yankees of October are els* With r*ll»bl« Karl Combs d«fin- o«fc of the Drifts »r«l Bate Ruth, MsrSt Koenlg and Tony Lsz- »ert nunring jnjtrrtes, the Yhnkses' attack may wilt away to * whU>pcr. Tlie YankM«' two guna, Huth nnt! Oi?hr!g, Rr« better th«n th« Cards' two b!« guot, Bottomley imd Hefpy, Oshrig lias the best butting aver- »g8 of any player on filthcr t«am. with a mark of .389, H»f«y is t Cards' leading hitter and stands wcond to Ochrift on both teams, with a mark of .340. Frankie Frisch. who took part in four world series when he was with the Giants, had the best record of any player as a hitter in the animal classic. Fri*ch batt«d .300 against the Yank* In 1921, .471 against the Yanks In 1822, .400 agalnat the Yanks in 1923 and .333 against the Senators Sn 1924. Ruth has batted over .300 in four world series, but his maarks arc not as high as Prisch'a and he has playrd of for rn""n th* Cards » f ri, I«?ft field. r*nt»>r Both rt*f ulsr TIC R*-nir';«iah *»rrc< thP h«?t. hi'Hpg r-fr<',fr iif\!]"i $f Comb* wcr? In tb n ssw" The Cards hn^p th<* l^tlnf f«<ini, excelling the Yanks in stolen b*» Frisch Is the best base stonier on cither team, having 28 to his cred C SPORT Tuesday morning the sun rises at 5:57 a. m., and sets at 5:42 p. m. Tomorrow is three minutes shorter on daylight than today. During th« entire month of October we lose an hour and twenty*three minutes of daylight. DIXQQ high school sure met with an upMt at the hands and feet of heavy epeedy-Amboy high The 6t. Louis Cardinals, their second National League championship tucked away, did little but go through the motions at the Polo Grounds and lost to the runner-up New York Giant*. 4 to 2. The Chicago Cubs, in third place took the Cincinnati Reds into camp, 6 to 1, behind good pitching by Percy Jonea. The Brooklyn Dodgers, although no higher than sixth place, ended th» season with one more victory than defeats when the Phillies were met and eonquwe. 5 to I. COLLEGE SCORES 59 Pet. .ei7 4S13 Lafayette, 78; Albright. 0. lAhitfh. u: Bt. Johns, o. Army, 33; Boston U., 0. New York U., ai; Niagara o. Thi«!. o. U;j3aiea,o. Malm. 20; Khod« Island, 0. Oolumbla, 20; Vermont, o. Bowdoln, 18; Ma«, Aggies. 0. Paanaylvwiia, 34; Ursinua, a. Oeorgetown. 81,; Mount St. Marys, t, ' Amherst, ie; itlddl^btiry. 7, ~8yHcuiB, "14; Hotoart, e. Williams, 20; OlarkBoo, 0. Davis ElWoa, 2; K*vy. 0, Dartmouth. 88; Nonrtoh, 6. W, &%J^ 24; BeOuuiy, 0. New HampshUe, 13; Colby, 7. Colgate. S3; 8t, Tjawreoce, 6. €^u±«gte Tech, 32; Westminster, 6.*, Wast Vlrgina U., i?; W. Virginii 0. South Omroluia, 6; Chicago, 0. Ripon, 13; Chicago, & IB; Loyola two f i D*aje r Havy Aggtos, 32; Bethany, 7, MUUkln, S; Lfryola. 0, Detroit, 88; He Paul, o.. Orinnell, 18; peon College, 6. - - - - • II; tMSerlin. 0. Kentucky State, 25; Kenyon, 6. Axiiluid, 90; Wooeter, 13. Srmdtey. 38; Mscomb, e. Meomoutli, 21; North Central, o. ttsdiaaa, U; WaJwsh, 0. HasJwll, 3$; Simpsoji, 7. NA1IONAL LKAGUK. st. Louis, ^ aj -- school eleven at Amboy Saturday afternoon. The final gun found Amboy in the lead, ,32 to 0. Olxon was outclassed all the way through the game. The fans could hardly believe their eyes as Dixon wa* counted upon as a real Rock River conference contender this season. It was Amboy'a first contest alnca be- Lag admitted to the conference. Captain Blackburn of Bison's football team was injured in the game at Amboy Saturday afternoon. hi« knee being thrown out of Joint. It will probably be two or three weeks before he can get back in the game again. His loss was * eevere handicap to the Dlxon team. This is the last week in which to enter the Y. M. C. A, bowling league. Several teams have entered and are all ready to get started next ! week. If you have a team enter it at once with "Heck" or at the Y. M. O. A. It Is not necessary to be a member of the Y. M. C. A. in order to play. The alleys are in fine shape. RocheUe high appeara to have th real threat of the Rock River con ference this season. A week ago th> team defeated DeKalb, 7 to 6 end last Friday the ttocheUe w&rriors swamped Genoa S3 to 13. Coach Birks used three different teams and when hla flwt string men were in the-fray it was LEADERS NAMED IN EVERY UNI OP BIG LEAGUE New York, October 1.—(AP.) Major I/CB^IIC leaders for the sensi ended yesterday follow: National L^ftftse. Bftttinst—Hornsby, Braves. 337. Rxuta scored—P. Waner, Pirate*. 141. Runs Batted In—Bottomlev, Cardinal*, 133. Tot$l Hits — Llndstrom, Giant*, 231. Doubles—P. Waner, Pirates, 51. Triples—Bottomley, Cardinals. 20, Home Runs—Botlomlcy, Cnrdlnala Wilson. Cubs, 31. Stolen Bases—Cuylcr, Cubs, 36, Pitching—Bcnlon, Giants—Won 23; lost 9; per ccntnge. 739. American LPHRUP. BatUnK—OosUn. Senator, ,379. Runs Scored—Ruth. Yankees, 103. Runs Batted In—Qehrig, Yanks, 145. Total Hits—Manush. Browns. 241. Doublcs^-Manush, Browns, 47. Triples—Combs, Yankees, 21. Home Runs—Ruth, Yankees, 54. Stolen Bases—Mycr, Red Sox, 29. Filching—Crowder. Browns—Won 31; lost 5; per ccntagc .808. Home Eon Leaders (By United Press) American League. Huth. Yankees, Ei. Qehrig, Yankees. 27. Goslln. Senators, 17. Huuser, Athletics. 16. Simmons. Athletics. 15. Blue, Browns, 14. National League, Bottomley, Cards, 31. Wilson, Cubs, 31. Hafey, Cards, 37. BUsonette, Robins. 25. Horosby, Braves. 31. Hum, Phillies. 19, Harper. Cards. 19. .OU.JGUirnts.-l6.-...- Yesterday'* Homers, Kuth, Yankees, 1. Oehrig. Yankees, 1. Heilmaxm. Tigers, l. Oosllii. Senators, l. Todt, Red Sox, l. OTXml, Giants, X. OTarren. Giants, i. League Totals. American League, 483. National League, 611. Season's total IN LITTLE WORLD 8E»IES— Here are rival members of the Indianapolis (American Associittlon )nnd Rochester (International League) baseball teams who arc battling In n "little world aerie*" to determine the championship of both leagues. They arc the pennant winners of their respective leagues. All players shown here are former major leaguers. Hank Oowdy, Vie Keen and HennaiV'Bell am with Rochester, and 8t«ve fiwetonic and Walter Holke are with Indianapolis. Swetonic bested K*cn in thfi first. of the series, Coach Bob Reitach had his St Thomas high school warriors o EockJord going strong JMfay thsy defeated the ~ ' ' 14 to 12 ws», « to ft—eoHta RelUch,; Jomer Illiaoia university football captain will brtog his team her» oji Oct. 19 for ft game with Community high. This sbouM attract s '' ~ log crowd, Oa Saturday Oct. 13 the National same* Graham __ r MoNamee will broadcast the Notre *t SoMiers' in Chicago smd PhiUlpe <Jarlin will give » pl«y by jtoy dwaalpttoB oi the Yate and Oeotgla Bwne Haven. During the «$4Bca 16 Boyd Beghtol, formerly of this city and now of tt»p_ shoot apan thto Kalb. He shot 61 out of I?; MoiiUt Morris 7. 40; Nortii¥N*te*iJ Ccl., u, K»l«nn»wo, o. 0. 0. Ce- will tola men « reel workout this wtek in pr*p»ration for tba iag game with Lyoes high a ^BtooaSatuntoy, aUrUie defect* which showed up to tSPgmme Oregon will be «*wrt*d and the wtu to ttttoftd to teto the goes to ITthi number af tTrf Iowa teop. Prtaoeton a«tt tort. .91. a «re«Q waa »t aieaa anything, ut t£tt' so bad fch*t it vm ' the o/tidals grnma and get e^aa oould be has » good team ' - win SPORT TABLOIDS (By United Press) Houston, Ttw.—The Houston Buffaloes, Texas League champions, tied the count at two games each against Birmingham, champions of the Southern Association, in the Dixie championship ccriea by a 6 to 0 defeat over the Barons Sunday. Chicago—American tftrr Sterling Shoe Pitchers Win 20 to 16 In Game At Lawrence Park Sunday Princeton failed to show up Sunday for the horseshoe game at Lawrnce park and BO a contest between the two "friendly caeinlpj," Sterling and Rock Falls, was arranged. Sterling won, 20 to 18 after a strenuous battle. A good sized audience watched the members of both teams, battling for first honors. Prom the start of the game, a hot contest was on. Sterling won the .first inning four to two and at the I end of the Second toning the score was eeven to five hr favor of Sterling. Bock Falte perked up and the third ended 9 all and the fourth inning 12 all. Sterling went ahead, 18 to W in the fifth inning and the final ended, 20 to IS. The high score for Rock Falls was made by Lester Plautx. • He won five out of six games and tossed 130 rtngers and 23 doubles. August Plautz was second with five out of eix games, tossing 114 ringer and 17 doubles. Henry "Hink" Pfundsteln topped the Sterling pitchers with fiva out of six games on the win sido and be shot 113 ringers and 21 doubles. These two teams always have a good time despUe_ths fact that Sterling usually has the edge. Plans are being made for a prize tournament in the near future between the ?*f ru *« Bnd **«* Falls teams, and thin should be an interesting affair. Little 19 Ohampionff Took Western Teachers Into Camp by 25-6 Score 0ii?ttr« In IDotre B^aig Th« Bodprs Chicmgn, Oct. 1,— ( A.P..i in th« Western Gonfetrnr* wtli bfttwt' into f«U Tt»1mn* nftt 8»t.«rd«y. with eTin !ce!wd in ct>mb»l, and i* epetlifht tiJtrn«*d oa the bttwe^n Notr» Dsme All o! the JfSf Ten prsss.gern.wts, with on* exception, will te rntrely imrm'Up ««nt«t-g, Ths on* «ot- wptioti will be th« WLiconain-Notre Dame afTatr which probably -will b* productive of football of !nid.-g»««en caiiber. Th« game will attract a j-eeord breaking crowd for the Camp Rands!! field,. Upward* of 40,000 attempt to squees? info the It will be Wi«coitsln's first game of the season and the second for Wotre Damt, whtch barciy t<-«yk n JS to 8 ¥ictory onsr Loyola University of Hew Ortltsujn Saturday. By Robert Read Overaker. (United Press Staff Correspondent) SpringHeUl, 111., Oct. 1.— pJres for the world aeries will be O R Owen and W, A, McCtowan,-^ 8. Barnard, jweeldejit of the I«8f gue announced here. Barnard »L»o named George Hilderbrand and Hany-C. Cleisel as Chicago city series between the Cubs and White Scat. Chicago—Johnny Squire*, South African - hfnvywlplghli "arrived here today to complete training for hla bout Oct 8 with Lea Msnlnar, form- E. Boyungs: It— 3* 10 13 25 21 20 P.— 49 27 S3 45 80 50 G. x. D Sending to defeat of two outstand. ing contenders for the mythical championship, and the corning to the fore of an unheralded eleven, marked the opening games of the 192S football season of the Little 19 Conference. Western Teachers (Macomb) rated by followers of the conference as one ot the most promising teams for the title, fell before the smashing attack of Bradley 25-6. The game stamped the Peoria eleven as dangerous and dimmed the Teachers' hopes for the coveted championship. Probably the most outstanding feature of tho opening round of play was Augustana's 8-0 win over Knox. The Vikings everlastingly followed the ball which netted them a victory and resulted in placing them In the front ranks in the tltte contender class. The defeat aulfer- ed by Knox likewise put a crimp in the Biwasher's hopes for a till* team. James Millikin punch. displayed power . ._,-_ 0 victory over the powerful Loyola (Chicago,) eleven at D^atur. Corbett. fleet back oa the Big Blue eleven, scored a fleM goal jo bring er Uilnola University footbaU star. Baltimore, Mdv-48xty fear pro- fewitenal golfers set out today over the live ¥tL?wa F&irwayc of Mtoy- Jand to of th# held by the sixty JiftU mwaber of party, - Wa-tter~$K$«v Sritteh open and p. G. A. Utli-holder, Prafawional Oolf«r» «a»mpion«bJp has be«j woa by P^~--SO 60 60 SO 27 5Q 5 R— SI 18 10 17 16 17 P.— 80 41 11 50 50 28 S O. Doden: R.— 15 16 12 II P.— 88 38 19 a 0 BowJesljy: IB 21 Heist; 18 21 SO SO 16 18 18 1 14 P.-* 60 50 50 29 13 50 4 Mr Mealy: ».-r 18 18 J5 16 18 11 JW SB .50 24 50 50 34 4 100 54 37 Waltei* few yew* ineneceekaj m usual ha is a strong favarits to retain his crowu. «MU . Kansas City, Mo.— Otoly one arfd- ron team in the Big 8ix Conf ewissa «*w regular scheduled action Saturday. Kwaa» Awtoi, the Big Si* entry, had Uttla towmto ia downing the Bethany Swede* 32 to 7. OUwr twms in the Big Six either played their freshmen or,<waii thru tke N. y., — The in the "Itttte world sertea vere en route \a ^nriinraariolis early prejwued to reaume their fetttte rer the €flaas AA c wop to on«. gauies t»kea the S to 1, *nd lead th* f feed Wtags, two gam %« ftrsfc toun to ^^ fi¥e Totals ... 20 11 76 cheer to the MiUnsin crowd. Milll kin -has a-number : of -froshr is th* lineup this year, but however, has a typical Millikin team-* lighting o»e~«nd will be plenty tough for any conference foe. St. Viator fought gamely against .tha-Marquette elegen.-but-wag-de^ feated 13-5. MeKendree* although defeated 6-0 by St. Louis Unlvewity. at St. Louis, displayed a wonderful defensive. Monniouth as was expected, defeated North Central handily 21-0 Wheaton had little difficulty with the Aurora College eleven netting a 31-0 win, Mt. Morris was defeated by Bcloit 13-7. Chicago, ^hlch was dealt a. doubjg setback In. its twin bili opener Saturday by the University of South Carotin* and Ripon College of Wisconsin, will clash with another heavy, itrong eleven, the Un» i varsity of Wyoming, on SUBf Field. Coach Stage's line was miserably weak Jn the first battle and the South Carolina Gamecocks ripped it almost to shreds In winning « to 0. Then Ripon followed up the destruction • by drubbing th^ Maroon Reserves, 12 to 0. Coach Pat Page's heavy Indiana squad, fc'hlch opened its season auspiciously with » double victory Saturday, defeating Wabash College, 14 to 0, and Terre Houte State Normal. 39 to 0, will stack up against stlffer competition at BJoomington this week-end In the University of Oklahoma. The Sooncrs always have a good defensive team and one of the best aerial attacks in the southwest. Saturday's games revealed that the Hoottert hav» the sum* type of crashing line p.s Page used to turn out with less material at Butler College. liltaola nays Bradley. Bradley College will give Coach Bob Suppke and his mini their Initial test fit Champaign. "2up" has been telling many bear stories this season and the contest wil lattract comiderftbie attention. Ohio Wesieyan, which showed great power in cruching MarietU College, 33 to 0, Saturday, will ln« vttde Michigan, which so far has showed little promise in training workouts. Lut Saturday, the Wolverines beat the second string squad, Ancthwj lnt«?ft,5Uiig gxma will b« on bstwe*a Minnesota end Creigb- ton CSoUegc of Omahft at Mlnwe- upelis. Ooach "Doo" Spear* of the Gopher*, has met with several dis- apopintmenU this year, but one bright spot has illuminated the Minnesota camp—Bronko Magurskl, full back, who Is being hailed as another Herb Joesttag. Other Big Ten teams, which start their season Saturday are not expected to have snueh opposition. Mpnmouth College tackles Iowa nt Ismfc City, Butler Invsdea North- j western, Bepauw mixes with Por- dae at tafayette. and Ohio State bus. Thrte Browntd la Lyons, PfBBS», Oct. 1—CU,P,? Thrc* Italian flyw irhen th«r airplane tha Ilhon* M th«y flew «sn trnfftjeccgsfwl !«>»3rch for ft spot, when thair ift«Wfi« . high.tcaaton wires. Tw0 Cidignoto and Bftrrcdtiin jured but were pulled frsw river. They were repcBtsd to fe* covering today.- The bodies of three had not be«n recoves«S. Major Pensaj was AetertfeeS Major Ferrarin, th« man osntly flew from Koass to as or\e of th® niost daring ian avlatora, in- tb» re- Airpl&ne Eaca Dsath Failcrc Chicago. Oct. 1—(A.P.)—TrsJ««h it nhot through th« air l»u«» to Waterloo, Iowa, 100 mllea mn hear, Dr. J. R. Buchblnder*» alrplaj» yws- tcrdny trailed death by four mis- utes. 0r. Buchbinder was speedias to the bedaide of T. F. Br«dy t Hilt end Company plant maaaf«r at Waterloo, who had been iojtbwt tn an automobile accident. Barely two hours were required tes ttoe niBht, but the physician w*» tea lat«. Carol Ha§ Socaped Last From Dci-«ctives -octri Crown Prince Carol of has escaped Irota hj« the Aid of ft Carol appealed to a trttti deliver him from the uttcnttoro off » Rumanian d«tectlv* wtatt bad 'teen trailing him for » month. The former crown prince, who -ww' Bpendlng o fet* d«y» In '"fjiV, »- sSated that he WM • privet oiti- »n sln<» h« had ebdic*t*4 his rights to the thron« tag privacy. ......... -— ..... - H MINER WAS KflAEO. Ttt, Oct. l»~«fP John Buettnar. 34, » B*EUwUte miner, died Sunday of tajwfes fered when o»vcr«l tcsai <^T eeel feu on him At the Little Ofik HtB* Ko, 7, Saturday. ftOAtHV WIFE ON TELEPHQKB i% her voic«): Gww who ttote to? HUSBAND; It's—um—Edn»? WIFE (furtoasly): Skteat!! HUSBAND (<U6gtti*i&f 5s$s who this is G. E. 0. I till to S.-* 3J 16 2-2 19 20 16 P.-« 80 30 50 60 50 50 5 L. QltOMUi: R.— U IB IS 25 8 15 _P£- 31 60 50 60 21 43 3 H. Plautz: R— 18 14 e 13 10 1 P.— 41 SO 21 30 -19 17 1 R— U'i3 24 84 28 23 P.— 80 35 80 50 80 80 5 P. Piatits: R.— U H 14 5.10.15 P.— St 33 SO 10 38 30 1 H. Oltman: , R~ 7 :a s 10 s 10 P.— S3 143 1!) at 33 27 1 -Towls ,. 114 14 Ambassador Houghton WUl Run For Senator 130 S39 n BtlSAMNG tHEm gf uri' London, Oct. 1—<u. P.)—United States Ambassador Alamort B. Houghton «nnou»c«d to da, y be would accepr the nomination as republican senatorial candidate ia New York state andi would return home «£ soon as he could settle outstanding matters ia the embassy here, Houghtoa did not indicate whether he contemplated resigaiog as am- naaaador. He was nomtaateti at Syracuse, N. y, Saturday, MOC fun ANOTifEB. ,S? B JS ( !?^ "^ w ^°n ; W* ^^iJ 1 *"**^ **»•* «^ ovg spilled milkmen.—Judge. The cooler days call for & thin oil tftat will keep your motor in the best of condition. We have the proper grade. Auto Greasing Oetrthe habit of"driving to ''IxssfirSaf^iaf Station every hundred miles and well gtiam&« tee you will know many more comfortable miles of driving at less cost FAN BELTS for ell Cor* Alcohol Prestone Ivo Glycerine . DAYTON TtRBS • ACCESSOMJSS We //at^ 1 IAf Bmlmw that

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